Bakosoro’s SSNMC troubled by Kiir’s barbaric Parajok massacre

The Chairman of South Sudan National Movement for Change [SSNMC), Col. Joseph Bangasi
Bakosoro and the entire leadership are deeply troubled by the barbaric door-to-door massacre of
innocent civilians conducted on 04th April 2017 by the SPLA and its affiliated tribal militia known as Mathiang Anyoor in Acholi Land (Parajok) County of Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan.

These heinous crimes of genocide, rape of women and children, looting and destruction to
properties in Equatoria, Western Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile cannot go without the knowledge
of the world.

It is worth noting that this barbaric act by the regime is a clear message to the regional leaders and indeed the whole world that President Salva Kiir cannot be trusted in whatever statement of commitments to peace he made, therefore he and his JCE are not ready for peace.

The world is reminded that, on 25th March 2017, at the IGAD summit held in Nairobi Kenya, President Salva Kiir announced a unilateral ceasefire and offered amnesty to all the oppositions while calling upon all actors to join the national dialogued.

However, no one would have expected that barely two weeks later, the same President Salva Kiir has unleashed his tribal militia against innocent civilians in the Acholi land in Pajok where thousands of civilians has been brutally murdered, tortured, and properties either looted or destroyed.

It is to be noted that any government that kills its own civil population cannot claim to be
legitimate. This killing is part of planned genocide perpetrated against the people of Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile.

The SSNMC leadership and the entire members condemn in the strongest terms possible this
barbaric and senseless massacre of innocent civilians in Pajok, Kajokeji and other parts of the

We call upon President Salva Kiir to halt the on-going military operations against
civilians in Kajo keji, Yei and other parts of the country forthwith.

The SSNMC further calls on the international community, the regional bodies and all concerned
peace loving people to intervene to stop the looming genocide in South Sudan and work for a
speedy genuine and lasting peace.

Given the escalating violence in South Sudan, we urged the international community and the
regional body, IGAD, to agree with us that there is no peace in the county therefore, the need for renegotiation of peace that is inclusive and comprehensive becomes inevitable.

Contact: Daniel Zingifuaboro
Phone: +61474047016

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  1. waunar says:

    The Opposition leaders only issue statements and asking for Salva Kirr to hand the country over to them. Why should SK give you the seat when you are well aware that he will never leave only if he gets forced out. Why don’t you leaders unite and call on the “we the people” to take matters into our own hands? the country is ours and we don’t need to beg, let’s go and take it. Supply us with the armament and we will do the biding.

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