Bakasoro of SSNMC calls for Coalition of all anti-Kiir Opposition Groups

Message from the Chairman of SSNMC: To: All opposition groups including G10

Greetings to you all in the name of our savior Jesus Christ. I believe all of us are aware and continue to experience the untold suffering of the people of South Sudan. Man-made famine has engulfed our entire country with more severity reported in Upper Nile State. But of recent we have also heard reports that our people are dying from famine even in the home State of the President, Warrap State.

While people are dying of famine, South Sudan Government is purchasing antinovs and guns of mass destruction instead of buying food to feed the hungry. There is bombardment of villages, killing and rapping of innocent civilians.

The humanitarian and security crisis is beyond comprehension with millions of people seeking protection in neighboring countries and in the United Nations Protection of Civilians Centre inside the country. There are numerous human rights watchdogs’ reports warning of looming genocide.

There are extra-judicial killings by the secret agents. There is no freedom of speech and association. The
economy and social order have crumbled. Physical infrastructure has fallen apart, road networks deteriorated and transport or movement of goods/services and persons grounded to a halt.

The agenda for nation-building has been abandoned, leadership for common good has been forsaken, there is no social cohesion, and so South Sudanese are disintegrating into their ethnicities.

The Agreement for Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) has been intentionally trashed or derailed, with no intention to renegotiate it to make it more inclusive and bias. The geopolitics of the region is affecting the speedy resolution to the conflict. The list goes on.

Amidst this untold suffering our people are resilient. They want us leaders to come together and get this matter sorted out so that they can all return to their normal lives. To make this happen, I solely believe we need to compose ourselves.

We need to coordinate, consult, collaborate and cooperate as a united opposition to the Government. We need a
concerted effort of all oppositions and circumvent by all means and costs any sort of friction. We must do everything possible to evade falling into the trap of “ethnic superiority” or the psychology of “superiority

The geopolitics in the region is very complicated that if we don’t play it prudently, we will jeopardize any effort we are aiming to achieve. We need to understand why our neighbors behave, so that we draw a clear
agenda to address the concerns of the people of South Sudan and also the reasons that drive such interventions.

By doing so, we will eschew emotional reactions and handle matters rationally, with care and diligence.

Let us also use media prudently because media is like a double-edged sword.

The best approach for all of us is to join hands and forge a new direction (road map) to change the governance system in Juba. Our supporters and friends would like to hear that a round table conference is held for all oppositions to agree to collaborate and work jointly while respecting each other establishment in case we decide not to merge.

I am calling for all of us (oppositions) to have a discussion about formation of coalition of South Sudan oppositions. Consultations between us is paramount, as we are all in the same boat, in which if one opposition group fails, it is a failure for all of us.

I am sure we are all aware of the politics of “divide and rule”. Let us avoid past mistakes by accepting and recognizing the strength of each other and move-on as a united opposition to deliver liberty, justice and prosperity to the all people of South Sudan who have longed for these for the last 60 years.

Let us avoid the dirty politics of master Vs slave. We should also avoid at least for now which position we hold or fighting for. It is the people of South Sudan who will decide who will be their leaders after liberation.

SSNMC will continue to advocate for peaceful resolution to the problem of South Sudan. May God bless our intention.

Date: 24 March 2017;
Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro


  1. Wow, this now an excellent intuitive thinking that we really expected for a long period of time from our political leaders regardless of what front or movement you belong to. This is the only out for the opposition movements to gear their vision, mission, objectives and means of operating with the same big goal apart from the minor ones. The commonality matters here, either we be or not to be since the enemy is only one but powerful, we need to rethink positively. Great thanks to SSNMC-CC for posting this very important article calling his brothers to start thinking divergently outside the bedroom and dining room, but the street of Juba, Malakal, and Wau so as to relief Southerners from injustice, oppression, marginalization, looting, raping and killing for no good reason at all. Long live oppositions groups, long live true leaders and long live South Sudan.

  2. the opposition needs to really think out of the box, you guys need to do something different than before, you need to take this war to Warrap and Aweil and those dinka areas, so that they’re also displaced and taste living in the POC, and seek refuge in another country, so that they also know the experiences and how tough is it.and also by doing that you will stop the recruitment of their local militia (mathiang anyoor), they will stop coming to other states and those who are already here.
    They will be finish and that will be called liberation, if not then you should forget about these opposition groups.

    • johnjerry says:

      Brother Malcolm x do you really know who Malcolm x was and why he became who he was. What people need is changed that all people will benefit from and not be punishing them for the wrong they have done. “Forgiveness” is what we want good governance and a lasting peace which can only be achieved through the wise word of Bakasoro.The law of Moses is since long gone. Love your enemies just as you would like to be loved.

  3. Gatdarwich says:

    Good call SSNMC chairman, the True Patriot, Bakosoro!

    You’re absolutely correct. The so-called patriot forces need to collectively fight their arch common enemies—Killer Nyankiir–and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils together. I hope the self-proclaimed Equatorians’ sole SAVIOR, forest gangs leader, Cirrilos, and his internet warriors commanders–The Editor, Kokora II, and Nikalongo listen to your wise call.

  4. Mading says:

    Malcum, or who ever you are keep fighting on the internet where you are, but don’t think about those places you mentioned. Those places are not like hunting monkeys in the bushes,you get a hell to pay if you go there.

  5. titikeci says:

    let opposition come together to throw away the rubbish govt

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