Bagari and Bazia Atrocities in Western Bahr-el-Ghazel

Breaking News, JUN/21/2014, SSN;

(From Eyewitnesses in Wau) Once again, the vampire Rezik Zacharia, governor of Western Bahr al Gazal has been bugged by Paul Malong, the military chief of staff who is thirsting for the blood of the Balanda people.

This time he has sent the military personnel to Balanda villages; Bagari, Faragalla, and Bazia, whereby they are beating people and asking for the whereabouts of the rebels. Not only that, but they are also looting people’s properties of whatever kind they can see.

They are looting the Balanda properties as if it is the Balanda people who refuse to pay them, the soldiers, their salaries.

Because of these atrocities people are leaving their villages and running to Wau city.

The main aim of Gov. Rezik is to provoke the Balanda in such a way that if they react against those SPLA troops then they will have an excuse to massacre them like what they did in Wau in December 2012.

Even though the country is supposedly on a ceasefire between the government troops and SPLM-in-Opposition rebels, there is no peace in Balanda villages.

Moreover, this is happening during the farming season and it is chasing people away from their farms, forgetting that the Balanda farmers basically feed Wau city and the consequence will be starvation in Wau next year.

Kalwendu Gbaga Gbaga


  1. monychol says:

    Now Kiir’s defense minister Kuol Manyang has resigned after seeing the writting on the wall.
    Malong Awan is also defying the orders, sidelining Kuol and the man is isolated in the current administration of Kiir.
    Malong is a real threat to everybody including Kiir in Juba because he is the architect of all that what happened in Juba.
    Malong and Aleu are the internal conspirators who recruited their Dootkubany militia.
    Kiir is in serious danger of real coup from Malong and Aleu.
    The sidelined old dogs such as Wani Igga, Kuol Manyang and Makuei are barking at the pheriphery and it is too late before Kiir is thrown into the river Nile.

  2. Eli says:

    Mr Kalwendu Gbaga Gbaga
    I am deeply saddened with this news of what the SPLA forces are doing in those areas of WBG, in fact we are also praying for protection of the innocent civilians. This is exactly the typical mentality of SPLA from its inception to date we have heard nothing but same mistreatments in the hands of the SPLA soldiers.
    The only way we can rescue our peoples from this murderous regime in Juba is to rise up against them and defeat them.

    * We all are capable of pulling triggers and we should all arm ourselves to completely obliterate SPLA and flush them out of SS. Even the SPLA IO, SPLA DC, or SPLA whatever, any association with the SPLA names are the same people.

    *We need new names and new ideas that unites and brings peace in our midst.

    *We in Equatoria are now officially lounging our grassroots revolutions, we are fighting for federal system, freedom, democracy, justice and inclusivity of all the people of South Sudan.

    *We are asking everyone who felt left out, discriminated, marginalized, or whatever injustices done to you to join hands with us in bringing down everything to do with the useless name call SPLA/M.

    *WE ARE SSNLF which stands for South Sudan National Liberation Front and WE MEAN BUSINESS



    • malclum x says:

      the Society is in danger when those who have not learn how to obey are given the Right to Command …….federal system is the answer to all problems.

  3. Shamga says:

    Stop your witch hunt, Kuol has not resigned. And I hope you are not talking about that Sudan tribune cooked anecdote.

    • monychol says:

      Shamga, Kuol resigned but Kiir and Bor community talked him out of it for fear of embarassment(gamki liok) after the cooked up coup narrative was discredited by all including your pay agent Museveni whose ally remains?
      Only resignation out of shame and to avoid being drag naked in the street of Juba like Muamar Gadhaffi.

  4. I hate Kiir BECUASE he has made all us Dinkas hated all over South Sudan. He does not appoint educated Dinkas and other tribes but illiterates ones to spoil our names. Rise all dinkas world push out Kiir and let us work for centralised South Sudan rulled bu by good policies and not intimidations.

  5. cos says:

    Eli,why do you yarn for bloody change of government in the name of EQuatorians.
    Do you know how much we have invested for our lifes.
    Please shy away if you are for military advocacy.
    How can you change the name what ever is called SPLA;M;DC.;……………………………

  6. Duer says:

    Thank u bro for the update. one thing missing from Balanda in Wu plus euatorians is that they are talking with their mouth; don’t u know that the pgan called Dinka don’t hear their ear but with their eye. if u don’t fight them by telling them that they r fool they will not listen……and that is why u will alwys remain useless to them. one thing to prove; now in Wau Dinka r more populous than anybody, they r like flies. so its their right to kill u….because u gave them freedom here. why don’t u

  7. Elijah Samuel says:

    It seems the most affected of this Dinka Government includes the Balandas! Why do the Dinka hate the Balandas? Can someone enlighten me?

  8. Eli says:

    No government lasts forever, SPLA was started after Anynya 1 &2, the aim was to fight for independence, now south Sudan is independent, we don’t need SPLA anymore. Remember Roman Empire collapsed, British Empire was defeated, Apartheid in South Africa was defeated, Muanmur Gadaffi was killed by Libyans like a dog, the list goes on and on. SPLA too shall be defeated, we will wage this war until real peace is achieved.

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