Author Kuir ë Garang launches his new book: “South Sudan: The Dying Optimist in Me.”

For Immediate Release: Book Launch & Presentation: South Sudan & the Crisis of Leadership
(Calgary, Alberta)

South Sudanese author, poet and political commentator, Kuir ë Garang, will be launching his new book, South Sudan: The Dying Optimist in Me, on December 15, 2017 (6 pm-8 pm) at Calgary, Alberta, Genesis Centre, Multipurpose Room A. He will also be hosting another event at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, on December 30, 2017 (3pm – 6pm).

Garang will be presenting and leading the discussion on the crisis of leadership, the ongoing civil war, and the possible way forward for the South Sudanese community at home and abroad.
Garang is a prolific author, poet and political commentator whose writings and research focus on South Sudanese politics, race issues, the horrors of war, and the challenges of living in multicultural societies.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from McGill University and a Master’s degree from Athabasca University, Garang has turned his negative experiences into externalized introspection. He attempts to advise the youth not to be discriminatory through his fair-minded and critical articles. He’s also a regular contributor to the Lagos-based Television Continental (TVC). He’s appeared on CBC Radio, featured on Calgary Herald and Winnipeg Free Press, and quoted in East African Newspapers regarding South Sudanese political issues.

“We have been autonomous for nearly 10 years and independent for nearly five years but we’ve not put in place any semblance of institutional structures that make a nation functional. Kiir and Riek will sign the peace deal once each one of them gets the required bargain. That’s all that matters to them — power.”
~Kuir ë Garang (quoted in The East African)

“The inspiration behind most of the poems in Twilight Murders, Garang’s eighth self-published book, were issues of identity and the refugee experience, whether it be in Kenya, Ethiopia or Calgary.”
~ Calgary Herald, 2016
South Sudanese and all interested parties are invited to take part in this open intellectual environment to discuss some ideas about the ways forward in the South Sudanese community.

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  1. info@southsudannation says:

    Mr. Kuir Garang,
    Congrat’s, on your latest book which I look forward to reading as I have enjoyed some of your previous books.
    You aren’t the only ‘dying optimist,’ we all are, in this now accursed nation of South Sudan.
    However. instead, we should hopefully anticipate and urge for the prosecution of these so-called ‘SPLM/A leaders, specifically, Kiir, Machar and the rest of their co-conspirators in the now-disgraced monstrosity, aka, SPLM/A. Some small island prison in the Indian Ocean would be a good place for their final days of their lives.
    As always, kudos for your great effort.

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