AU Report finally out: Juba mass killings were ‘state policy’, ‘coordinated’


The African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan has released its final report concluding that “widespread and systematic” killings took place in Juba in December 2013, with violence later spreading elsewhere. The AU investigation found that the killings in Juba were carried out pursuant to a state policy and were coordinated and possibly also planned.


464. The evidence gathered by the Commission suggests that there were killings committed by elements of security forces from 16th December 2013 in residential areas like Muniki 107, Khor Williams, New Site, Gudele one, Mangaten, Mio Saba, Customs, Nyakuren. The Commission was informed that Juba was subdivided into four operation sectors which are Maharat, commanded by General SALVA MATOK; Gudele and Mio Saba which was commanded by General BOL AKOT; Mangaten which was commanded by General GARANG MABIR; and Khor William which was commanded by General MARIAL CHANUANG306. Roadblocks were set up around Juba and were manned by policemen and soldiers. The officers were checking identities and arresting suspected Nuer men.

AU investigators found no evidence of a coup attempt as claimed by President Salva Kiir but instead concluded that a gunfight within the Presidential Guards was the immediate trigger for further violence in which “Dinka members of the Presidential guard and other security forces targeted Nuer soldiers and civilians… killing Nuer soldiers and civilians in and near their homes.”

A number of Kiir’s personal associates and presidential guard commanders are named in the report as operational sector commanders who led the operations that the AU Commission said resulted in mass killings in residential areas mid-December 2013 including Munuki 107, Khor William, New Site, Gudele One, Mangaten, Mia Saba, Custom and Nyakuron. Tens of thousands of members of the Nuer ethnic group fled to the UN Tongping base in the wake of these killings and still remain under UN protection today.


The Commission also received evidence of possible torture or ill treatment of civilians in Gudele One area. According to witnesses, SPLA soldiers gathered Nuer civilians on 16th December 2013 and subjected them to beatings before compelling them to jump into a lit bonfire. The Commission also heard evidence that some of the people who had been gathered were compelled to eat human flesh while others were forced to drink human blood belonging to a victim who had been slaughtered and his blood collected on a plate308. This evidence finds corroboration in witness JWA’s statement who said that she saw SPLA soldiers burning dead bodies and compelling Nuer women to eat burnt flesh of burnt victims. According to the witness, one of the people who were forced to eat this flesh has reportedly lost his mind and is at a refugee camp in Kenya.
476. The Commission was also informed about rapes that were perpetrated against civilians in Juba between 16th and 18th December 2013. The Commission spoke with witnesses who averred that they had been raped by SPLA soldiers. Witness Martha testified that she was raped by SPLA soldiers between 17th and 18th December 2013. Additionally, she described the coercive circumstances surrounding the rape incident including the killings and how she lost people related to her and observing acts of inhumane nature309. Another witness, JWY testified that she was in Juba when the conflict erupted and she fled when she realized that government soldiers were targeting Nuer women and raping them310. Witness JWB and witness JWS both testified that while at UNMISS PoC Site in Juba they came into contact with women who had been raped by soldiers when they tried to go outside the camp to look for food.

The AU report details numerous accounts of murders, rapes, torture and other atrocities including alleged cases of forced cannibalism perpetrated by members of the army and security forces. Articles 810, 811, 812, 813 and 814 of the report make the case that such acts were carried out with a degree of organization and planning.

In Article 810 the report notes that attacks against civilians in Juba “could have been planned,” according to some of the Commission’s informants. “Suggestions of evidence of planning are varied and the Commission has considered all the suggestions carefully weighing it with the totality of the information it has, and testimony it heard,” the report notes.

Indications of planning and coordination include testimonies that irregular forces disguised as “street cleaners” allegedly scouted areas of Juba in the weeks before the massacres, as well as division of Juba into “four operational zones” and the setting up of roadblocks and checkpoints around the city.

“House to house searches were undertaken by security forces. During this operation male Nuers were targeted, identified, killed on the spot or gathered in one place and killed,” states the Commission report.

The AU report identifies the four operational sector commanders as General Salva Mathok for Amarat neighborhood, General Bol Akot for Gudele and Mia Saba neighborhoods, General Garang Mabir for Mangaten and General Marial Chanuong for Khor William. Salva Mathok is a relative of Salva Kiir and Marial Chanuong is the head of Kiir’s presidential guards. Bol Akot has been identified in previous reports as a “civilian” who led militia at the time of the massacres and whom Kiir later gave a senior rank in the army.

‘The violence was organized’

The AU report goes on to quote the Minister of Defense Kuol Manyang as saying that a militia loyal to Salva Kiir known as Rescue the President (Dut Ku Beny in Dinka) “killed most people here [in Juba] — from 15th to 18th.” This refers to a force that other witnesses describe as Kiir’s “personal army”, which he allegedly recruited and based at his private farm at Luri near Juba.

Radio Tamazuj earlier this year interviewed ex-combatants of this militia recruited in Kiir’s home region Bahr al Ghazal who confirmed that they participated in operations in Juba and also reported disciplinary and morale problems owing to poor training and consumption of alcohol.

“They were not part of the SPLA, they were not part of the police, they were not part of the National Security. It was a private army which Salva trained… The fighting in Giada was just to provoke. It was just only to be a signal for these guys to start their work,” says one witness quoted in the AU report. “So immediately when this fighting started in the others, these guys were now deployed and they did the killing… So it was a deliberate, it was something planned.”

Other testimonies in the report, however, point more to the role of organized forces in the killings rather than the so-called private army.

Article 812 of the Commission of Inquiry report concludes, “The evidence thus suggests that these crimes were committed pursuant to or in furtherance of a State policy. Indeed, the method under which these crimes were committed prove the ‘widespread or systematic nature’ of the attacks. The evidence also shows that it was an organized military operation that could not have been successful without concerted efforts from various actors in the military and government circles.”

Professor Mahmood Mamdani, a Member of the AU Commission who authored a separate opinion on the Inquiry report stated, “The targeted violence was organized, not spontaneous. It was directed from a center.”

Massacres at presidential palace and police station

According to the African Union report, there were at least two large massacres perpetrated in Juba, including one at the so-called ‘J2 palace’ and another at the Gudele Joint Operation Centre, a police station.

“The Commission was informed about an incident that took place at J2 palace (which is adjacent to the Presidential palace) on 16th December 2013 where about 90 Nuers and 21 soldiers were gathered by soldiers and executed with only 13 soldiers escaping with their lives. It was alleged that the 90 Nuers were civilians who were running away from the fighting that had erupted all over Juba.”

“The 21 soldiers, the Commission heard, were Nuers who were part of the President’s first ring of protection and had earlier on been disarmed by a senior military officer. It was alleged that the person who ordered the killing of the civilians and the disarmed soldiers was Lt. Colonel Lual Maroldit who was attached to the VIP close protection unit otherwise known as Tiger Battalion or Presidential Guard,” adds the report.

Forensic evidence and witness testimony further pointed to “the targeted killing of about 134 Nuer men in Gudele joint operation centre” on 16 December. This massacre has previously been reported by the United Nations and other rights investigators.

War crimes in Bor and Malakal

The AU Commission of Inquiry says that war crimes and atrocities were also committed by rebel forces later in the war: “The Commission believes that war crimes were committed in Bor town through indiscriminate killings of civilians by the SPLA/IO and White Army forces allied to Dr. Riek Machar.”

Atrocities were also reported to have been committed by Machar’s forces or allied forces also in Malakal and outside Malakal in Baliet County where the AU Commission reported “much carnage.” For example, the Commission cited a witness who said that SPLA-IO killed 10 hospital patients in Malakal in January. Female civilians who were sheltering in the hospital at the same time were also abducted by the rebels and have not been seen again.

“Gang rape was (and continues to be) a common feature of the atrocities committed during the on-going conflict in South Sudan. Women and men as witnesses and survivors have given statements with reference to rapes of women and girls by more than one person… There were reports by respondents on the wide use of objects such as stones, guns and sticks to rape women. In most instances, that was reported as a new and horrifying phenomenon.”

“There are clear patterns of a vicious cycle of violence within violence developing,” reads the AU report.

The African Union report was produced after research by investigators in 2014 but its release was repeatedly delayed by the AU Commission and AU Peace and Security Council for almost a year.

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  1. Alier-kon says:

    Dear AU & Radio Tamazuj
    these report lacks a lot of evidences and true that justified the crimes committed by those individuals mentioned in the report.
    the report also missed a lot of things done by the Rebel in details which mean it was done on one side as communication reports and they did not have full informations. they did not mentioned the killing of Dinka in Akobo, Bentiu, malakal, Bor, Baliet and Dolep when Dinka soldiers assembled in one place and killed by Nuer. the mass grave in Bor witness by Bishop of cantovary at church and hospital. if the are not appear in the reports then it is useless reports lacking informations and evidences in greater Upper Nile.

  2. Nyabeka Bongo says:

    Surely if a regime and the so called elected leader can plan to eliminate a community because one of it’s sons has shown interest in leadership, then where is our safety as other sixty-two remaining tribes? The AU report has just brought back the mayhem of 2013 December very fresh.No wonder the was a lot of travels on the eve tending to December 15th. Truth Never dies though it leads a tortured life, may the perpetrators of this genocide face the book and should be a lesson to all.

    • Nyabeka Bongo,

      Thanks so much for sharing sympathy with Nuer and thanks a lot for your good words.

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      Dear Nyabeka Bongo,

      Let us be the justices of peace, but not justices for war because war would never bring back those who are killed in Juba and Bor, but International Justice would claim their live. Do you know how many are still dying today? There are thousands of children and women are dying from disease and lack of nutrition in the camp. Stop AU business and welcome the peace that signed in Juba and Ethiopia and besides this reported would never help those political victims under the tree. Thousand children and women in Upper Nile are suffering and this Radio Tamazuj would never bring them home, but you are only one to rescue them when you implement that peace signed in last month.

      Do you think that beating war drum will bring the united and peace to our people? Dr. Reik Machar is eating and showering in Ethiopia while thousands of children and women in Upper Nile are suffering in refugee camps. Please stop beating war drum and think what to do in order to bring peace and development to our country. Sudan and Ethiopia now are weighting war in the border, who do you think will continue support this stupid political war? Stop listening to the nonsenses and think how to rescues those innocent’s children. As a peace lover, I think peace is the only solution than war.

      • Nyabeka Bongo says:

        Dear Francis
        Thanks for the concern and emphasizing on the implementation of the peace agreement. Most of us ordinary citizens love peace and it is peace that we have been looking for, Nobody is beating the war drum, but the same clique including the infamous JCE (Jieng Council Of Elders) have been on that game through out. If someone really is up for peace, would they go ahead to divide the country along such lines at the moment? This trend of dividing Juba secretly into zone put the country in 2013 into chaos, and now the 28 state, do we really need this at the moment or we need to implement the peace that has been signed? South Sudan at the moment is in a very terrible situation,Economically were done, regionally and internationally we have killed the brand #SouthSudan but has any of the stakeholders taken any step to revers this? What they know is keep the country poor and ignorant so as to draw their forces from the already desperate youth, and continue with the looting of our national resources.
        I am not in support of anyone with violent intention, but those who plunged this country into such uncalled for situation should pay for the tune that they requested.
        We are tired of being threatened with death, enough is enough,if we still want to deceive ourselves that the AU report was cooked or doctored then why are we refusing to implement the peace.
        Francis I am not enjoying my youth because of these blood thirsty individual in our country unless we get rid of these savages we shall never be a nation at peace.

  3. Choromke Jas says:

    Kiir is in a deep hole with this report. Yet, yet, he keeps on digging the hole by creation of 28 states, dissolving SPLM etc. Let the wheel of justice start to roll. Ambrose Thick should be quacking in his boots, if he is normal.

  4. cos says:

    Its so painful indeed that may take time to heal the broken hearts of our fellow brothers.
    And here there is no doubt that report is true.
    As I speak now,I am still traumatised for what had happened. For he or she who claims is a lie,then he/she is the victim who was responsible for all these.
    God forgive Us and our Country.For donot know what we were/are doing before.

  5. Mafai says:

    This is an excellent Report. Now the believers who want us to believe that there was a coup should defend themselves. The report also noted that Kiir is the Major cause of the conflict and he started propagating this war when he visited greater Bahr Ghazal. He talked in his mother tongue urging his Dinka people not to let power go off him. His right hand man Malong then started to mobilize those militias and gangs for the plan operation. What a report !!! Kiir and those mentioned remain to answer some questions in times to came. They could be proud of the immunity they have while in the government but there will be a time to string them.

  6. jok lual says:

    nayabeka ithink your from that side we all the people of south sudan need justice but not by that way why you forget what peter Gadet doing in Bor plus Baliet Bentiu and Pariang those are not the human bieng?we want peace but that language can not bring peace so is good to change that language
    thank you i monyjang thondit

  7. Alier-kon says:

    Years after a 1991 massacre that killed an estimated 2,000 Sudanese civilians in the town of Bor, Machar apologized publicly for the attack that was carried out by rebels reporting to him. When asked about that apology on Tuesday, Machar said he was not on the ground in Bor but apologized and shouldered the blame to help move toward reconciliation. “I did not kill a fly,” he said, to which He wants me to be slaughtered by Salva, then I would be a good person,” he said. “‘Go to Juba, sign your death,’” he added, mocking Booth’s suggestion he go back to the capital even if the Ugandan troops do not retreat. “Why would I return to a killing ground?”s wife responded with a laugh.
    for those who are talking about this can you read the statement of Riek Machar and Both in united state so no body will be free from this Game.

    • Southdn says:

      Dear brothers: Alier kon and Alier Gain, I think both of you from Dinka Bor. According to my knowledge Dinka Bor are the one causing troubles in south Sudan since Able Alier became a President Higher Exacative for South Sudan 1972. Able Alier also a mentor to Dr Garang De-Mabiour he had sent him to make a coup 1983 against AnyAnya tow a separatists movement lead by Nuer Heros example Samuel Gain Tut and Choul Deng. Pleases brothers I beg your pardon don’t ever screeching a wound which you Dinka Bor had inflicted upon yourselves, I myself would not tolerate your lies in which you repeatedly accuses and blaming Dr. Riek Machar Teny of killing 2000 people. This is redicliouse guys, please think positive, the incident of 1991 was not caused by Riek Machar Nor by Nuer people and Dinka people. But you don’t realize the facts that the current prepteutors of this mingle chiastic situation are caused by sons of Dinka Bor.example, Able Alier and Dr. Garang De-Maboiur. I don’t actually agree with you brothers you two Aliers if you would like mentioning 1991 incident you would sounds like a women in eye’s of Southerns. You’re contradicting yourselves. I don’t even know who of you are a big lier. In his book Able Alier ( South Sudan too many Agreements Dishonoured): page 15 “quote that incident was met with server reaction from the government resulted in the death of 500 people only 373 were officially admitted ” dear brother Alier kon and Alier Gai it’s a shame to you reapply lieing about 1991 incident that Dr. Riek Machar had killed 2000 people. What about Dr.Garang De-Maboiur and who many of Nuers people he had killed? I think Dr.Garang had killed so many Nuers in thousands.But he was forgiven by Nuers that’s, why you would never hear Nuer crying like women in the media for sack of love and forgiveness. Never even mention 1991 incident again because it was caused by Dr John Garang De-Maboiur crowd dictatorial Bor Dinka are the one had instigated conspiracy on Dr. John Garang death for the sack Dinka would rule South Sudan for 100yrs that was plagiarized vision which Will cause you a crisis of identity in which your propaganda had reaching higher summit by taking a way identity of cushitic people (Ethiopians, North Sudan and Somalians are Biblical known as cuch or cush. Before Dr. John would called south sudan new cush read the Ashoka kingdom of Hindus cush.

  8. GatCharwearbol says:

    The report is at large in place. I’m very proud of the producers for touching many chords of what led to this civil war. I’m also very proud of my Nuer people for their quick response to Dinka ethnic cleansing mission against them. It is their quick response that reduced the damage that could have badly consumed more than 20,000 lives loss in Juba. As Micheal Paul stated in his song, may God keeps on empowering Nuer with heart of bravery.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Mr CJ,
    I read one of your comments some time back and u were upbeat saying that what was to be done by the SPL-IO with it’s allies in relation to the application of the compromise peace agreement would have nothing semilar to the 1980s KOKORA in terms of severity against jieng masses.
    Now Kiir proposes 28 states facilitating the task for u.
    What’s the contradiction to your wishes in it that makes u bitter?!!!

    • Choromke Jas says:


      I did not know my writings were that significant to influence action in Juba. I am not bitter but I leave it to you to check the difference between the 21 and 28 states, qualitatively and quantitatively.

  10. Chief Abako of Missouri ,

    Did you read this report? You always say there was not Nuer massacre in Juba, but those Nuer died in a cross fire.

  11. Nuer Weu,

    Are you are reading this report?

    • Nikalongo says:

      You forgot one thing. Dinka guathne. Are they also reading?
      The Au report is saying nothing we didn’t know from before. The killers of both Nuer and Dinka civilians live larger than life in Juba and Pagak. They continue to be protected by the relatives and friends of the very people whose relatives and friends were murdered. What a comedy.

    • Hard Target says:

      Whether they like it or yes, there will be accountability .

      It comes to the following
      • If they fail to expedite the CPA, they will be done, AU with the help of powerful western Powers will hammer them out and direct to court or gallows
      • Now there is panic with release of the report and approval of 4 drones to monitor the beasts
      • That explains why the Western powers reluctance and neutrality of late. They know A Dinka or Nuer at the helm of affairs only prepares ground for final show down, they wanted to avoid the Angola like catastrophe. Rather, use the less expensive and effective way employed in
      Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Cost, Mali

      The leaders are now worried coz they know well;

      Charles Taylor paid, Col, Bugaseru the Hutu power interrahameh architect paid, Foday Shankoh the RUF warlord paid. Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory cost Paid,

      They must also pay.

      We will witness lords reduced to slaves, mark my words. Not even Museveni will save them this time, never

      Sorry for the spelling errors in the same earlier post

  12. Hoiloom says:


    I recall one of your comments in this very website in the beginning of the conflict when the Editor wrote an article by the tittle “Riek did it again”. In your response you said something like this;”Lies run faster than the truth but will eventually get tired and the truth merge”. I cannot remember the exact words however within weeks, Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba reputed the coup narrative among others. The AU report also conclude that there was no coup attempt by Riek Machar. There was however a well planned Jang conspiracy to massacre our people. At last the truth is out and thanks to our people for self sacrifices they’ve made to resist mercenaries.


    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Your memory serve you correctly. Truth has its own way of revealing itself. Lies are always the first to grasp the stage while truth is in its way in its usual snail pace. Viola! here it is.

  13. Alier Gai says:

    The so called AU reports look like criminals representing themselves in the reports and furnishing it to public. All the dots of the crimes committed on both sides are lacking connection here. Let assume that the killings took place in juba alone with no other co-ordinated rebellion in bor, bentiu and malkal. Will this reports make sense to all of us? That would have been a big YES. In other hand, let assume that the killings started in juba and spreading all over the south with the intention of revenging against the foe. Will this reports make sense to all of us? The report is a big NO. This is macher-AU reports, but not the independent AU reports we have been waiting to accept wholehearedly with all sort of verifications in place. Riek macher, however, is trying to stay ahead in his crime race and that is why he is faking this reports out of AU. The report is far from over, just to let you know.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Alier Gai,
      Wake up, brother!!!
      Your delusion and state of mental paralysis will not help your Bengdit, criminal Kiir.
      General Obasanjo is a man of impeccable character and highly trusted by the world community of leaders (UN) and his report has been widely accepted by the world community including the United States.
      I only hope you are not one of the criminals who committed the crimes on December 13, 2013, otherwise if you are, then watch out for the INTERPOL (international police) coming around soon to apprehend the perpetrators of these crimes.

      • Chol A. Ajak says:

        If you truly believe that the killing and the defeat of soldiers who tries to overthrow the government in Juba at the night of December 14th/15th 2013 is “a war crime”; then the phrase “war crime” have lost its true definition! And second of all; if you think; Riek Machar have never committed any crime in Bor, Bentiu, Akobo and Malakal; then you’re the true definition of “mental paralysis” to use your own phrase. Even the UN admitted that Riek Machar whitearmy committed serious war crimes civilians in those regions I mention above. You don’t have to deny your own “mental retardation” but your own words and logic utterly inserted there automatically.
        Remember; to just read and write or owning a website doesn’t make you rational but the logical contents of what you write make you one!

  14. Nuer-Another Israel in East AFrica says:

    Bentiu Ramara,

    The shameless Bul Nuer who constitutes the bulk of Nuer weu need to read this report. Nuer in general were fighting self-defense war. But our brainless Bul Nuer didn’t see it. They came up with many unthinkable reasons in order for them to run after money. The history will judge us this time. Bul Nuer will have no place in the history of Nuer struggle for survival. What a section of Nuer made up of idiots!

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:


      I would like you to go for peace, but not for war. Better to rescue more than killing more. Bul Nuer are rescuing South Sudanese live not only Bul. Do you know how many Nuer and Dinka are still dying because of this stupid war you people are supporting? Do you know how many children and women are dying in the camps in Upper Nile? I do not know what is in your mind you South Sudanese. Why would you like to kill one another? I love to see those Upper Nile children and women are coming back home and go to school.

  15. gatdarwich says:

    The incompetent, tribal warlord, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer Kiir, the Dinka warlords-Generals, Malong Awan, Kuol Manyany, Marial Chinuong, Malual Ayom, Mabek Lang BilKuey, and JCE(Dinka council of National Resources Looters,-Ambrose Riiny-Bona Malual-makuei Liar-Philip Aguer), are in some real deep shits. These treacherous are destined to ICC period

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:


      These people are drinking tea in Juba, but many children and women are suffering in Upper Nile. Dr. Reik is drinking tea and watching TV in Ethiopia, but thousands of Upper Nile children and women are dying in the camps. Let us support the peace and make them to implement this peace and stop crying on them. Do you know politicians are gang groups who do not care about people, but they care about position. God is only care for us and I hope God will bring peace to our people.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        I will support peace when the supervisors and perpetrators of December 2013, Nuer Genocide in Juba (Dinka warlords-Generals, Killer Kiir, Kuol Manyany, Malong Awan, Salva Mathok, Garang Mabir, Marial Chanuong, Bol Akot, and cohorts), are catastrophically castrated and cremated period

    • Alier Gai says:

      The more you hate others, the more you open the door for no-no from them. Riek cultivated this hatred among the people and you are a spoiled puppet running after him. Tell riek, gadget, tinganya, kong, gahoth and other criminals to report themselves icc before anyone. That is the moral reasoning any fair-minded human would wage.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Alier Gai,

        Sober up first so you can productively put your points across. A pot cannot call kettle black. Think before you start accusing other for you what are also known for.

  16. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Radio Tamauj,
    Please stay with facts, I don’t buy this bogus report … why, because they are toothless … “African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan has released its final report concluding that “widespread and systematic” killings took place in Juba in December 2013, with violence later spreading elsewhere”. Yeah someone need to remind these buffoon idiot, it was a coup d’etat by the butcher and the fight broke out, and people get killed when some moron thinks he/she can over throw elected government by force. These are the consequences of being foolish and mentally weak. AU should do a report about the butcher of Khartoum Bashir who killed one million in Darfur. Everything they report is all big lies.

    • hardtatrget says:

      Wake up Guet,
      Did I hear you say toothless!

      let’s bet, your uncles and you will be haunted for life once the security council or a few of the Western powers take it upon them selves to discipline you ugly savages

      For now start plan B. the game is almost up.

      What can be more credible if the former head of security testified against the monster??

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      We understand you are allergic to truth.

  17. Pasquina says:

    I am speechless! God help us as people of one country. We need policy change, we need to realize something has to change-A C C O U N T I B I L I T Y.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Hi, Pasquina,
      Unfortunately, the AU commission deliberately and irresponsibly evaded the issue of accountability for the egregious crimes committed by both sides, so it seems neither side will face any penalty for those acts of inhumanity.
      Instead, the AU Commission went to great length in the report to recommend ways how the two sides should speedily reconcile and continue with domination of the leadership in the country.
      Surely, most South Sudanese would have been satisfied and pacified if the AU commission had recommended that neither president Kiir nor Riek Machar and including all those of both sides accused of committing war crimes, should hold any executive posts in the government until they are tried by an internationally supported court of law, like a tribunal.
      Your worry is genuine, there will never be any ACCOUNTABILITY for the crimes against the people of South Sudan.

      • Nyabeka Bongo says:

        Dear Editor,
        Even if the AU report has evaded the issue of accountability but it has made us to know the kind of human beings we have been calling leaders. I want this time the Elias, The Iggas, to explain the use of Helicopter in Wonduruba.
        We were ignorant but now have a full knowledge of what happened. Kudos to AU

  18. Lo Bari says:

    Dear AU,

    Thank you for this accurate and excellent report about the mass killings of the Nuer Innocent civilians organized by the Jieng Council of Elders head master (Salva Kirr Mayar Dit) Therefore,apart from the those zonal commanders mentioned in report ,AU panel must also include Makkuei Lueth as he was responsibly for spreading lies in the name of false coup on South Sudan Television .

    We are also waiting for the report of mass killings in WUNDURUBA and the two Mundiri counties of Western Equatorian State and this time VP James Wani and Elias Lomuro must be held responsible for supporting the rotten regime of Salva Kirr and VERY BIG ” NO” to the 28 useless states created by the useless president instead of following the South Sudan Constitution PROCEDURES
    signed by Kirr himself during the 2011 independence celebrations in Juba.

  19. Hard Target says:

    Whether they like it or yes, there will be accountability .

    It comes to the following
    • If they fail to expedite the CPA, they will be done, AU with help of powerful western Power will hammer them our and direct to court
    • Now there is panic with release of the reports and approval of 4 drones to monitor the beasts
    • That explains why the Western powers reluctance and neutrality of late. They know a Dinka or Nuer at the helm of affairs only prepares ground for final show down, they wanted to avoid the Angola like catastrophe. Rather, use the less expensive and effective way employed in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Cost, Mali

    The leaders are now worried coz they well know;

    Charles Taylor paid, Col. Bugaseru the Hutu power interrahameh architect paid, Foday Shankoh the RUF warlord paid. Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory coast Paid,

    They must also pay.

    We will witness lords reduced to slaves, mark my words. Not even Museveni will save them this time, never

  20. GatCharwearbol says:

    Where is brother Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang? I assume LGG was assigned to specifically murder Dr. Machar and his bodyguards during the December 15th ethnic cleansing of Nuer in Juba.. which he miserably failed. After Dr. Machar left Juba, he rushed SSN website asking me where Dr. Machar was? What a pathetic coward! Where is he right now?
    Nice life LGG!! I hope you will get fatter right now. GatCharwearbol and Bentiu Ramaran can now breathe after we have known the fact.

    • Alier Gai says:

      I understand that you would like lgg to come on board for your comment. Well, deng riak koryom, gatluak deng and gatwich (the marine guy) are not their for my comments, either. Where are they now since the war erupted in juba?

  21. jok lual says:

    Bul Nuer they are real south sudanes they stand in a right way not like those who follow kawaja with Riek and Taban Denng south soudan without RIEK will been free

  22. False Millionaire says:

    Hard Target,
    “… a dinka or a nuer at the helm of affairs only prepares ground for final show down”.
    Ofcourse your assertion is more than true.
    That’s a most grave problem that may constitute a major cause of set back for the yankees’ ambitions in RSS becouse now a days individuals in the persons of banana eating tribalists wouldn’t do any better!!!

  23. Gatdarwich says:

    Below are the Dinka-Warlords-Generals who supervised the December, 2013, Nuer Genocide in Juba.

    General Salva Mathok for Amarat neighborhood, General Bol Akot for Gudele and Mia Saba neighborhoods, General Garang Mabir for Mangaten, and General Marial Chanuong for Khor William. These thugs-traitors must be hunted down period.

  24. Alier Gai says:

    Dr. Info@southsudannation,
    You are dancing with lies of your interest on the internet my brother. The report has nothing to do with the crimes to be punished, but the seen report is a qualification to committe more wrongs. I don’t care about the integrity of the person who made the report available, however, the report should stay out of dirty hands first. That is what makes the report inaccurate. Where is the 400 people killed by rebel in April from bentiu and where is white army’s mass graves from bor? Do they have another special report than that or what? You are dancing with your interest. I am not a criminal on the ground killing people nor do I have any war plan on the internet in order to ruin south sudan like you. I am for the unity of our people without any personal gain. It is eveidently known that this report is solely furnished by anti-dinka to put their boring smiles on their faces. There is no way a report like that will come out like a self-made report.

    • Southdn says:

      Anything Bor,Bor,Bor. My Friend the lies of Bor now has reached heaven. Pleases don’t lie about Bor Death, everyone knows you are an instigator and trblist mobilizer.Dr. Garang De-Mabiour was a first man on earth to try to mobilize the whole Sudan against Arab but because he a lier lost the case

      • Alier Gai says:

        We don’t worship witchcrafts but the one and only true God from heaven whom we speak the truth through him. Your criminal is a lair and devil; the one who taught you on how to lie and to kill like him. Nothing should go against garnag other than a pure hate exposed by a master. What is not true about death in bor?

  25. Pasquina says:

    The two main challenges in nation building are C O R R U P T I ON/T R I B A L I S M. But all I see from you guys is that we are just busy with tribalism, and culture of war. How come we don’t value P E A C E? we need to find a way forward rather than looking backward by making sure that A C C O U N T A B I L I T Y must happen. Because it’s our responsibility as Southern Sudanese NOT the AU’s. We need a Government that will S T O P all sorts of K I L L I N G, R A P E, A T R O C I T I E S by using it’s legal power & provide for everybody safe living environment.

  26. taban lowani says:

    The report now identifies the criminals , the next thing is to be indicted and face judgement for their evil plan of coup attempt, which there’ was no coup according to the report. The government of south Sudan is now in big trouble. First of all, the president term in the office is overdue and in the same time creating obstacles in the implemantation of the peace process. Let them go to hill together with their jiang council of elders.The west is now dragging them step by step until they have to be thrown into the garbage like Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi of Libya with their sons and daughters.

  27. Peacemaker says:

    It is chocking and unbelievable! Let us unite and force out these beasts before they turned us into food commodities.
    The Hague ICC will follow later.

  28. deng hanbol says:

    In the long run the Dinka leaders will pay a huge price for their crimes against innocent Nuer civilians. Following the Au commission for inquire report, Dinka slaves are in panic when they realized the AU commission for inquire report has revealed that their president was behind the Nuer massacre in Juba.

  29. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, deng hanbol, peace maker& taban lowani
    the report is a dissenting report and I want to assured you that nothing will affect Dinka tribe as you wish in your heart.
    if you want temper with us you will still on run as your master sated in the past on BBC.

  30. BILL KUCH says:

    This is nonsense and nothing will change even if Jesus comes to judge or rule us. It is all about rebels reporting their own interest to AU. Whoever did the reports was representing their side of the story. So, no worries because there would be no evidents for proofs. And if by any chance there might be one, then all we need would be an apology and lives the normal life like Dr. Machar did. So there is no need to talk about it because that’s how we do it here in Africa. Isn’t it?

    • deng hanbol says:

      Bill Kuch aka Luka Gatkouth Garang of Panarua, now Uganda has withdrawn its troops. The question is, who will protect Dinka slaves from almighty Naath, Chollo, fertits as well as Equatria? Now from today on ward your coward tribe will be at the mercy of Naath, Chollo…,etc warriors ya LGG.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Deng Hanbol,
        You ……. can not know how to fight a tactical war. We don’t need Uganda forces for protection the same way you united with northerners and failed to get rid of John Garang forces. Dinka will stand without rubbish that you mentioned above. President Kiir who is not even a doctor is better ten times Dr. Machar.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Lord have mercy on “Bill Kuch” he do not know what he is saying or doing when he said even when Jesus Comes to rule nothing will happen!

      Where is Francis Mangok the Pastor to educate his demonic and pagan tribe men?

  31. Kwacha says:

    Unbelievable. This is in humam and barbaric.

  32. John Maleak says:

    First I thank all Nuer communities around the World for their unity. If the think like this can happen to your community it peoples to come together and fight together. I myself I seen this war with my eyes it was not a war our brothers don’t want us in South Sudan as Nuer community that what I learn from this war. I went to South Sudan last year I never never see war like this from second movement until 2011. Let me tell you if this was happen to other communities in South Sudan that communities can be there now in South Sudan that what our brothers Dinka fight for it.
    Second now there is court come up for the Juba Genocide. Why those World Catholic Church leaders come together and decided to killed the Nuer community a lone in South Sudan I never see this been mansions by a one in the internet I like to let you no that about fours Catholic leaders all the world support Genocide in South Sudan.
    Third If there is a justice now for the killing of Nuer community in the country Why SPLA North for their involvement to genocides in SouthSudan and what about Uganda for camicial use on Nuer community all this need be added be Nuer community. The killed of Nuer community it been along time planning by our brothers Dinka community all.
    I thank Au for their head work

  33. Alier-kon says:

    Dear John Maleak,
    it was like 1991 when you team up and killed Dinka in Bor and nuer places around south Sudan for nothing.
    to let the world knows your behaviors as Nasir coup that shown Nuer are foolish community how can you claimed the leadership bush while people were fighting for common enemy in the North.

  34. Southdn says:

    Haaaaah, Mr. Alier kon, stop your Dinka salva kiir Mayardiid is ending so let us start a new era under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar

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