Attack on Nyandeng & Majak by Dinka Bor is an attack on Twic Dinka

Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Press Statement:

Nyadeng and Dr. Majak attacked by some from Dinka Bor, we do consider it as an attack on Twic Dinka.

To our people around the world, and in South Sudan nation also, we are aware of unfortunate incident that did occur in Jieng Emmanuel Church in Juba, the Capital City of South Sudan.

Twic East Community don’t like that, and we advice our neighbor to cease such behaviors against Founder Father’s widow and hero, otherwise your intellectuals too are under our radar.

For people who didn’t understand what we are trying to say here, we are talking about the attack that did happen on Sunday against: Hon. Rebecca Nyadeng and Dr. Majak Agoot. We heard what had has happened at Church, yet we are not surprised about that at all, which community have such an evil behavior that can do bad at Church.

Before we even confirm everything fully who were behind the unethical incident, and where such people who don’t respect place of Worship should come from.

In this matter, we will not shy away from where we can point our fingers right now, Dinka Bor. Again, this is 100% Dinka Bor behavior. Such an incident did happen before when Dr. Majak Agoot was released from jailed.

One of politicians said, “he can’t go to Church were rebels go to.” That politicians from Dinka Bor was talking about this Church, this Jieng Emmanuel Church where Dr. Majak goes to.

So for us, we know most of Bor County people don’t shy away from doing or talk bad things about others places like good gathering, Church, even funeral and so forth.

Our message is this, Twic people, you need to wake up and protect your intellectuals and yourselves, because they “Boo'” have spread lies or gossiping against Twic East Community to other Dinkas or other communities in exchange of many positions that have been given to them in South Sudan’s government.

For example, where in the world a small tribe Like Dinka Bor which is even not comparable to Eastern Twi Dinka through population wise. We need to stand up, Greater Twic East Community needs to stand up with one voice, please try your best wherever you are by uniting yourselves, and we in the Untied States are now on process to come together to deal with these provocative ideas from our neighbor.

We have liberated that land when there was no money, that is were our intellectuals were respected as intellectuals or freedom fighters to everybody. But after liberation emerge, our intellectuals are become Eastern Twi Dinka intellectuals sons and daughters because there is money now in SPLM/A whom some communities or people used to run away from it or betrayed our people just cause.

Either they are good or bad according to outsiders’ foes, still they are our sons and daughters, we can’t leave them alone in hand of blood-thirsty. We have to stand with them since they were actually chased away from government of South Sudan by jealousy due to them being Eastern Twi Dinka when ongoing conflict occur almost two years ago.

So it is must now us to protect our intellectuals, especially, you the Youths of ours. No more idle, our community has learned from many incidents that have occurred against us through many despicable ways.

Capt. Mabior was attacked many years by some Dinkas colleague, he was about to be murdered by attackers until one of attackers changed his mind and rescued Mabior Garang life. It is one of the reasons why he has been in exile.

Your own kinship trying to take his life away without any legitimate reason to takes his life away pre-maturely. He is now sustaining wounds of those attacks. Plus many other incidents again our people. We need to stop this.

So somebody touch them first, you have natural right to touch them back when it is appropriate time to do just that. What is the point here, Dr. Majak had already been proved in court of law as freeman that was wrongly accused, so who are these criminals still following a freeman?

Let’s take the word of Michael Makuei Lueth and others from Dinka Bor who have accused our entire Community of Twic as, “Rebels” without any good explanation when they are asked to prove their claims.

In this case, our Community was generalized as rebels because of these two intellectuals of ours wrong accusations. There was no any organized force that been found in Greater Twic East land where Dr. Majak planned to overthrow the government.

People! Things don’t click here, otherwise the foolish ones have different way to prove our community wrong-doings. There is no other way to put it, it is jealousy of our neighbor. The Dinka Bor accusation toward Twic Community is dull.

And why they are still following our innocent intellectuals or entire community of Twic Community? Something is really fishy from neighbor. Through difference ways, we have made our own research among Dinkas’ Communities in regard to our unfounded accusations from neighbor.

We didn’t find any other Communities of Jieng or Dinkas do have any issues with Eastern Twi Dinka or intellectuals of ours, except our neighbor jealousy. Reader [s] be the judge of your own.

Moreover, we really felt sad about what had happened to Dr. Chol son and our brother Barach Mayendit plus Pakeer bad incident where young children, elders and women were murdered in cold-blood.

May Almighty God Rest their Souls in Peace and at the sometime, we are forwarding our condolences to the families of our deceased souls as well.

Jieng say, there is, “Tieen Diar Mooc ekaamic.” between Eastern Twi Dinka and Bor Dinka.

Please PRAYS for Twic East Community concerning on going processes of our putting everything together to face common enemy we didn’t provoke.

God Bless our Community of Twi people. We are being hated by evil heart or dark heart that doesn’t believe in sincerity, justice and fairness to others.

Signed by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA


  1. Bol says:

    Dear writer,
    Public figures do have enemies and friends. Their friends and enemies are not friends or enemies of their direct communities…. why would attack on Nyadeng and Majak be considered an attack on Twic? Aren’t they capable of defending themselves legally and physically?
    This article could have been more fruitful, if you had concentrated on condeming the behavior of attacking individuals physically for political reasons.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. jok lual says:

    you Twic east you depent on NYandeng and you forget what NYandeng doing to monyjang people in Bor Baliet Malakl and Bentiu you Twic your a Dogs if you support NYandeng with her son mabior NYandeng media is kill many Dinka in great upper Nile

  3. A. Laku Lukudu says:

    I have never heard of a Church name so decisively named Emmanuel (Jieng) Church…God is going punish those who call his Temple in the name of a tribe.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      A. Laku Lukudu,
      Truly, that church with a tribal name does exist as early as 2006 in Juba Cinema theater in Hai Cinema, formerly owned by a Greek since the 1950’s. A jieng, supposedly related to pres. Kiir or some big guys, bought the place and made it a supposedly a Christian church.

      • Yien Mathew says:

        Hi Writer,
        It is truly community of Twic East are very dull.Nyandeng and Majak Agot they support today are they one that mislead Dr.Riek Machar to attemp a coup Dec, 15 2013.They assumed to have enough forces on the ground mean while they have zero.If you are not a dull community can u support such fake humans.
        Yien Mathew

  4. Yien Mathew says:

    They don deserve to be allowed back to Juba.Those who attack them in emmanuel Jieng church were very coward otherwise we would have heard one of them injured badly and other dead.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    Was the power that comes and go more important than Bor and it’s masses who had paid so dearly from the first hour of the SPLM/A’s revolt and during the events of the 1991’s split:not to mention the human cost Bor had taken during the Anya Anya struggle?!!!

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