Associated Press Reporter Justin Lynch, deported from Juba by Kiir’s “genocidal” regime

JOHANNESBURG — Government agents ordered a journalist working for The Associated Press out of South Sudan on Tuesday, taking him to the airport in Juba and putting him aboard a flight to Uganda.

Justin Lynch, an American freelance journalist who had reported on human rights violations in the violence-plagued nation for the past six months, said he was arrested by members of South Sudan’s National Security Service who temporarily seized his mobile phones and allowed him to pack a bag.

The agents told him only that he was being deported for his journalistic work, Lynch said after arriving in Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Lynch, 25, from Saratoga, New York, has been working for AP in South Sudan since July. He recently reported on evidence of ethnic violence in the country and on the warning by a U.N. official that South Sudan is at risk of genocide.

Speaking from New York, AP executives defended Lynch’s reporting and said they were seeking an explanation from the government.

“Any move to suppress legitimate journalism and truthful reporting shedding light on humanitarian crimes is wrong and should be condemned. We hope that the government of South Sudan will reconsider its actions,” said Ian Phillips, AP’s vice president for international news.

South Sudan Minister of Information Michael Makuei said he had no knowledge of the deportation and would look into the matter. Presidential spokesman Ateny Wek also said he would investigate and issue a statement when he had the facts.


  1. mading says:

    Let him go home, he is not needed there, We have our own journalists.

  2. False Millionaire says:

    At least he wouldn’t be joubless about things to journalize in US.
    Trump raping a CIA woman in a bathroom.
    Trump making friendship with Russia to help reinstitue former communist eastern block to a new russian empire.
    Trump hating homosexuals,pro abortion activists and globe trotting immigrants like the editor and Dr Kwajok.
    Trump trumping with whisky drinkers like Kiir becouse he likes to drink whisky and go merry with stained teeth.
    And Trump pointing neculear arms on Africa becouse he thinks that african elites aren’t as smart as Castro and chairman Mao with God’s forsaken RSS’ traiters like Riek Machar,Pagan Amum,D’Agoot,Mama Nyandeng and the many countless others laughing becouse they would think it’s a joke.

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