Arusha resets SPLM for another round of senseless violence

BY: ElHAG PAUL, South Sudan, FEB/02/2015, SSN;

The agreement for the unification of the SPLM signed in Arusha, Tanzania, on 21st January 2015 by the three factions of the SPLM party must not be bought by South Sudanese as a solution for stability in the country. Right from the word go the IGAD leaders believed that for the ragging conflict in the country to come to an end, the SPLM/A needs to be united.

This belief is based on assumptions that the SPLM represents the entire people of South Sudan. How they reached this conclusion nobody knows. IGAD ignored all the facts presented to them by the media and continued to pursue their misguided plan. Please see, ‘IGAD inadequate strategy in South Sudan’ and ‘The solutions to South Sudan’s political problems lies in new blood’

What is clear is that the SPLM represents the interest of a single social group and it is this concrete fact that is responsible for the chaos and fragmentation of the country.

SPLM/A is the cancer of South Sudan and reunifying it and supporting it will just lead to more uncertainty and insecurity as there is today.

The IGAD leaders exerted all their efforts to realise that end. Now they have their agreement. Will it really bring peace and stability to South Sudan? This remains to be seen.

SPLM/A is incompatible with the state of South Sudan. It’s very foundation is anti-South Sudan and because of that it has not visualised itself governing an independent South Sudan.

Its vision looked towards seizing power in Khartoum and configuring the entire Sudan to realise its objective of the so called “New Sudan”.

The very notion of independent South Sudan has always been an anathema to the SPLM/A. To embed this fact, let us revisit the words of this infamous organisation’s late leader Dr John Garang.

In his speech of 3rd March 1984 he boldly and confidently declared, “The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has been founded to spear-head armed resistance against Nimeiri’s one-man system dictatorship and to organise the whole Sudanese people under the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), through revolutionary protracted armed struggle waged by the SPLA and political mass support.” (John Garang Speaks, 1987 p19.

The following year, Dr Garang went on to elucidate this position in his speech of 22nd March 1985 (ditto pp 25 -37).

SPLM being broad based movement adapted policies reflecting its main objective. For example, it promoted a wide multi-isms in the social and political space intended to destroy the dominantly imposed Arab culture and identity of the Sudan to realise a ‘New Sudan.’

Theoretically, there was nothing wrong with this policy except that practically South Sudanese had had enough of Arab oppression based on culture and religion and they wanted an out from the Sudan.

As SPLM had been concentrating on its grand objective it failed to develop plan ‘B’ policies for governing South Sudan should it break away. So when the South Sudanese voted for secession SPLM was caught with its pants down.

All of a sudden, it lost its objective as a liberation movement and became a hollow shell. It no longer had a ‘vision and direction’.

The internal report which identified the loss of vision and direction of the organisation in 2013 appears to have failed to pinpoint the real cause of this situation.

Dr Riek opportunistically on 5th March 2013 seized on this finding and nominated himself to the leadership of the organisation in its national executive meeting.

Impatiently and imprudently, he heaped the entire blame of failure on President Salva Kiir while distancing himself from everything that had been going wrong. For example, the massive corruption and lawlessness crippling the country.

It must be remembered that this was the source of the current conflict destroying innocent lives in South Sudan.

Dr Riek all along since 2005 till 23rd July 2013 had been a member of the leadership of SPLM running the country. He bore equal responsibility for the failure of SPLM like President Kiir and the others.

The reality is: the loss of vision and direction of the SPLM is neither President Kiir’s nor Dr Riek’s making. It is the result of a default occurrence emanating from the secession of South Sudan from the Sudan. President Kiir being semi illiterate can be forgiven for failing to foresee this important development.

However, Dr Riek who is highly educated should have identified the vanishing vision with the emerging ideological vacuum in the SPLM.

The supposed apparatchiks of this infamous organisation – Pagan Amum, Dr Anna Itto, Suzanne Jambo and so on who are well educated should have equally identified this very problem and reacted to it.

No one among them asked the simple question in January 2011 after the referendum: Now that South Sudan had decided to go its own way, what would be the vision of SPLM?

The answer to this question would have helped them to think of alternative ways to adapt their party to realities of independent South Sudan.

Unfortunately all of them were asleep and busy plundering the new country of its resources. Please see, ‘Corruption saga: The SPLM five big guns or the quintet squirrels’

It is surprising that all of them latched on to the finding of the SPLM report to advance their own personal interests without examining the root cause: the secession of South Sudan has rendered SPLM irrelevant in the new environment of a new country. It has become like an empty shell abandoned by the snail owner.

Another thing that Dr Garang constructed into the working of SPLM is conflict. Conflict is an important part of SPLM’s life. It is what gives it the ability to constantly rejuvenate itself.

For instance in mid 1980s the SPLM/A targeted the Uduk people of Upper Nile and the Equatorians in the far south of the country to advance its unionist policies as well as its hidden agenda of building Jieng power base in the movement simultaneously.

This argument may sound bizarre but careful examination of it makes proper sense. Since SPLM officially is supposed to liberate the whole Sudan, it needed to be seen to bring all the people of the Sudan together.

However, because SPLM also had a hidden tribal agenda, the two can not go in tandem. Bringing the people together meant that it would be impossible to concretise Jieng tribalism.

The way to go round this obstacle was to institute a policy of divide and conquer. Dr Garang openly boasted of his ability to hit one tribe with the other in the then radio SPLM/A beamed from Ethiopia.

Tribalising the SPLM was not difficult for Dr Garang. The schisms of 1970s and early 1980s between the Jieng and the Equatorians discouraged the majority of South Sudanese tribes from joining the movement.

The Jieng incensed by the decentralisation of South Sudan flocked to the movement in massive numbers with the intention to revenge. As a result Dr Garang filled the entire structure of the movement with the Jieng although there were people from other tribes present who qualified for such positions.

This tribal construction has since become the key generator of conflicts in the organisation.

For instance, in mid 1980s saw SPLM/A target the secessionists, the Nuer and Equatorians; in 1991 saw the SPLM/A targeting the Nuer again; in mid 1990s saw the SPLM/A targeting the Equatorians especially the Didinga and Toposa; in 2004 saw the Jieng fighting among themselves over the governance of the movement; in 2008 saw the SPLM/A targeting the Chollo which resulted in the founding of SPLM-DC and then in December 2013 saw the SPLM/A targeting the Nuer for the third time.

In all these schisms except the 2004 one where President Kiir and the late leader of SPLM/A disagreed over management issues, the rest on surface appear to be wars over the objective of the movement but underneath they also were tribal wars of dominance just like the current ongoing conflict.

Whenever a non-Jieng expresses interest or aspires to challenge for leadership of the movement, the Jieng react violently while lying and rallying the other tribes to hit their target.

It has become a habit of the Jieng to constantly vilify any non Jieng who wants to lead as a traitor. In 2008, in defence of Jieng interest Dr Lam was violently pushed out of the party and labelled as an Arab agent.

These internal wars within the movement and within South Sudan together with the larger war with the Sudan government in Khartoum coupled with the abysmal tribal management of the movement ushered in a culture of violence in the society which awfully has taken root in the psyche of the state of South Sudan.

From the foregoing SPLM/A clearly is a violent tribal organisation that does not represent the people of South Sudan. Its very existence is the fuel of conflicts and divisions in the society.

This is all the reason why it is difficult to understand the reasoning of IGAD and the SPLM supporters in promoting its reunification. Obviously the IGAD countries have a reason and that has to do with their own interest which I will dwell on in a later piece.

Nevertheless, anybody arguing that the reunification of the SPLM will bring peace to South Sudan only exposes their ignorance of the organisation and its dynamics. Such a person knowingly and wilfully promotes the destruction of the country.

If anything, the SPLM/A needs to be disbanded or dismantled by any means available for the sake of survival of the state of South Sudan.

SPLM members of-course would not welcome the contents of this piece. They are busy promoting the unification of the SPLM as the only thing that can bring peace to the country even when the evidence point to the other direction.

For example, the writings of Dr Luka Biong Deng which unethically promotes Dinkocracy and those of Dr Peter Adwok Nyaba which mainly is leftist oriented.

I will not waste time to critique Dr Deng for obvious reasons but it is important to comment on Nyaba’s recent new position if only because he is a true patriot.

Dr Nyaba publicly resigned from this monstrous organisation in June 2013 following its implosion. He unequivocally accepts it is a total failure (organisationally, structurally and ideologically). However, he finds it difficult to admit its slow but sure demise.

In his article ‘Our intellectual journey towards a coherent political ideology’ published by South Sudan Nation on 16th December 2014, he nostalgically argues, “The SPLM remains the only viable political force that united South Sudanese across ethnic and regional fault line. It is therefore the only guarantee against fragmentation of South Sudan.”

This argument is grossly misleading because it seems to stem from a surface analysis and not from an in-depth examination of the realities of the struggle in the then Sudan from 1983 to 2005 and thereafter.

SPLM has since its inception been an exceptionally violent, divisive, chaotic and tribal organisation. The evidence litters Dr Nyaba’s own book: The Politics of Liberation in South Sudan.

The current destruction of the resources of South Sudan including its people which the internationally community calls, “man-made” derive from SPLM’s concept of ‘born to rule.’

The Jieng, the owners and managers of this useless outfit proudly proclaim – the SPLM is the Jieng and Jieng is the SPLM. The two are faces of the same coin.

SPLM benefitted from backlash to local, regional and international Islamic violence. Thus the reason South Sudanese joined the SPLM is not because it was a unifier of the people, but rather because Arab intensive oppression coupled with Islamic extremism and intolerance of the ‘other’ pushed the people of South Sudan to the bosom of SPLM.

Khartoum’s theocratic policies left the people of South Sudan with no option but to flock to the SPLM in pretence in order to survive. In essence what appeared at face value as ‘love’ of SPLM by all the people of South Sudan giving it a false image of a unifier is in fact a ploy for survival.

The true feelings and secessionist aspiration of South Sudanese was later to be proven at the referendum.

Remember SPLM’s objective has firmly been unionist in nature and antagonistically to the aspiration of the South Sudanese people. The late leader of the SPLM Dr John Garang proved the point by persecuting secessionists ruthlessly and crowing loudly that ‘our first bullets were fired against the secessionists.’ Garang violently imposed unionism on South Sudan through the killing of Akot Atem and Samuel Gai Tut.

Nyaba undoubtedly is a formidable intellectual and a gallant fighter. He fought for South Sudan as an SPLA officer losing a leg in the process. His fearsomeness and audacity can not be questioned.

Nyaba, while in Juba, the lion’s den, used his pen to demolish President Kiir’s lie of a coup in December 2013. Please see ‘From Dr Adwok: Sorry Sir, it was not a coup.’

When Nyaba resigned from the SPLM those of us who respected his intellectuality believed he would at last be shading light to the right path for South Sudan. Unfortunately, to our deep disappointment he regressed by rejoining the same hopeless organisation he quit in June 2013.

His current position arguably can be seen as the embodiment of SPLM very pathology. Please see, ‘Arusha agreement briefing: We can’t leave the SPLM party to Salva Kiir’

Now the Arusha agreement intends to unify this monstrous organisation yet again, which will reset it for another round of bloodletting, as soon as a non-Jieng aspires to lead it.

However, even before this happens the agreement itself lays the seed of divisions in the centre of Jieng power. If the SPLM truly unites, the Jieng generals and their militia and the Jieng Council of Elders are likely to find themselves pushed away from the centre of power.

This may lead into internal violent squabbles fracturing the delicate unity of the Jieng.

Another scenario which may be more likely is that the generals may take matters into their own hands by seizing power and handing it to one of the members of JCE.

Whichever option that will transpire will be unacceptable to the people of South Sudan which means the conflict may continue to rage on for the unforeseeable future until the SPLM/A itself due to its violent nature hacks itself down into non existence leading to capture of power by the people.

The only positive thing from Arusha is that the process has exposed the facade of the Jieng system in Juba. It has educated the African leaders and shown light on the true culprits in South Sudan. This is highly welcome.

So, neither SPLM-IG, nor SPLM-IO, nor SPLM-G10, nor SPLM-DC (now excluded from the deal), individually or collectively or united can provide a solution to the country.

They have never had a vision for South Sudan other than theft, corruption, killings, tribalism and chaos.

What is needed is a new group with a new vision and humane values driven by the concepts of ‘common purpose’ and ‘common good’.
[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Deng Nyok says:

    Why new group? SPLM is the solution for the South Sudan problems. This is a very weak article. Just empty words you are just running your mouth behind the computer and I believe none is interested on the things you mentioned.

  2. Really Deng Nyok?!?!?! says:

    Do you honestly believe that SPLM is the solution for the South Sudan problems??? Do you honestly believe that this article by Elhag is a very weak article??? Do you honestly believe that the article is “Just empty words”??? Do you honestly believe that Elhag is just running his mouth behind the computer??? Do you honestly believe that no one is interested in the things Elhag has eloquently articulated in the article??? Watch this space Deng. The actual fight for South Sudan is now on!!!

  3. Tyson says:

    Well done for an informative and well articulated article

  4. wane Deng says:


    Good job!
    You sound smart from point to point judgment you made which score its accuracy better.
    Eat what you have eaten today all the time so that you always have the balance of judgment-thinking, which will pay your way to public respect in the near future.
    We are sick of your negativeness, and that is where we often get problem with you and your writings. However, this article is the masterpiece for rest of your work. Let be honest debating our way out from the mess those mentioned leaders above have brought us. Leadership, issues are the sole engine of why this and that happens, but not the tribe or tribes, if you will. Change your focus and be smart like this always, please.

  5. Tombe Gboro says:

    Well written Elhaj Paul!!


  6. oyhath says:

    Mr Paul, I think you gave an illuminating analysis of the contradictions and ills of the SPLM.
    That said, you need to aim before you shoot. The SPLM-DC is not your enemy, nor is it the enemy of South Sudan as you would like us to believe. Absolutely not. The Arusha Agreement you refer to in your piece is very clear – I read it, you read it, everyone read it and it’s available for anyone out there who hasn’t have a chance yet to take a look at it. The people who initiated, negotiated and signed it – SPLM-In Government, SPLM-In Opposition, and SPLM-G10- have said it all clear and loud to the world, that they are responsible for creating the crisis South Sudan is currently embroiled in. There is no mention anywhere that the SPLM-DC is party to this Agreement. So in which sense the SPLM-DC is judged the same as the SPLM? The SPLM is not the same as the SPLM-DC and there seems to be a remarkable inability or blindness on the part of some to make that obvious distinction. If anything, the SPLM-DC is a victim of the SPLM, and blaming the victim is the definition of injustice and a colossal disservice to the very vision of a just, stable and democratic South Sudan you appear to be championing all along.

    The idea that SPLM-DC was born as a result of the SPLM/A targeting the Chollo, as you allege, is false, misleading and an inaccurate observation and recording of historical events and developments that led to the rise of this party. As many observers would agree, the CPA-mandated transitional period exposed the true nature of the SPLM as a totalitarian organization with a tribally driven agenda. A popular liberation movement that South Sudanese whole-heartedly supported and cheered during the liberation period surprisingly suddenly became intolerant to democracy and diversity of opinion even within its own membership. Individual members who were seen to be advocating for democracy and disagreeing with tribal interests of the “Liberators” were deliberately targeted for elimination from the party. Determined to achieve this goal, the SPLM engaged in a feverish and systematic propaganda of character assassination aimed at politically eliminating those individual members and painting them before Southerners as traitors and agents of the Jellaba (or Northerners – the NCP to be precise). This propaganda was orchestrated in order to prepare field for ultimate dismissal of these individual members from the SPLM. Thus certain individual members became targets of a vicious smear propaganda, simply because of their call for democracy within the party. These are briefly the circumstances that led to the conception and birth of SPLM-DC. To say otherwise is to twist the truth. You will recall that when the SPLM heard of formation of the SPLM-DC, it went ballistic and attempted to abort and block this formation by taking the SPLM-DC to the Court of law on the grounds that this formation was illegal. We all know the outcome of that court battle and I don’t need to narrate it here.
    The SPLM-DC was the first political party in post-independence South Sudan to present federalism as the best system for South Sudan, well before even the leaders of Equatoria articulated the same idea as a popular demand of Equatorians. I am not questioning the authenticity and sincerity of Equatorians’ call for federalism here. Far from that. I am only stating the facts as they are. In fact, I salute Equatorians for demanding and pushing for federalism, because I deeply believe that it is the most suitable system for a fractious society like South Sudan. The SPLM-DC rejected and did not vote for the SPLM-inspired Interim Constitution, the document which gives the President almost unlimited powers and allows him to remove his Vice President and democratically elected state governors. The SPLM-DC, and you know this, has not been involved in the theft of billions of dollars that disappeared during the CPA-mandated transitional period or anytime thereafter (you can tell us if you know something we don’t in this regard), a corrupt practice that has immensely contributed to South Sudan becoming a failed state – public sector employees going for months without salaries, for example. If you can’t distinguish the difference between your enemies and friends, if you can’t tell the difference between the spoiler and the victim, then I don’t know exactly what it is that you are standing for.
    Finally, just to be absolutely sure, I am not a member of the SPLM-DC or any political party for that matter.

    • Bol says:

      You deserve respect and appreciation for being objective…Your likes should avail themselves for constructive debate on these forums otherwise ill-reasoning is taking over.

  7. El Hag Paul,

    You and your likes remind me of the example of “…the riding car-vehicle passenger who noisily criticizes a slightly mediocre operational driver involved in a near-miss accident … that the driver should have turned like this & that way to have had avoided the learning-accident….”

    Now why do you recent the pro-active good Dr. Nyaba joining the ONLY caring group, those whom have at least decided to do something about their wrong in the sinking ship-moorkabb?

    Dr. Riek Machar could not be blamed for not having rocked the boat prematurely before reaching the mid-shore, could he? Under those circumstances (fake interim constitution & evil oil money in the wrong hands), it could have been equally hard for anyone to act & criticize the president.

    Get this, Dr. Riek had wanted to be president of South Sudan since he was still in the womb, and no amount of jealous sabotaging from anyone will cripple this dream!

    You El Haj you are no different from the SPLM-G10, who are full of jealousy towards Dr. Riek’s gifted insight about the need for sweeping reforms for a better S. South Sudan where even any organized coward can become a president – given a good Permanent Constitution!

    I believe Arush talks about the need to build a constitution during the would be Interim Government, am I right? So why bluff at Arusha if it could peacefully unite all Southerners under SPLM-whatever provided we own a constitution & policemen that CANNOT be manipulated by anyone without a referundom of the Masses/Shaab?

    Your solution quote:
    ” What is needed is a new group with a new vision and humane values driven by the concepts of ‘common purpose’ and ‘common good’”.

    Where are those potential new group? You and your likes are far from this new group because it seems you are just good writers and analyts of politics (who analyse for the sake of analyse) – who are even afraid to experiment with the good ideas you generate under the influence of good foreign foods!

    SPLM/A is just a name and will be thrown away very soon when The Real Permanent Constitution is thrown to us by Ngundeng/Jesus/God you name them. The splm/spla bad-old-apples will soon vanish I tell you & will remain only good proactive young apples who will govern the resilient newly healed baby FDRSS.

    The awesome FDRSS will be the envy of many nations I tell you. You and I have and others have already to this happening, trust me.

    Just remember and spread the teachings of The Golden Rule” and everything will soon be all right!!

    FDRSS Oyeeeeeee!!!
    Sweeping Reforms Oyeeeee!!
    Southsudannation dot com Oyyeeeee!!!!

    Dagany Kuoh
    Gambella Ethiopia

    Don’t recent your brother for inventing the way to Heaven, if you do, you’ll regret it.
    FDRSS-Heaven will be for all us!

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. Dagany Kuoh,

      For your information, the young proactive apples you seem to be optimistic about are already spoiled. They are as tribalists as their current mentors. A child learn from his parents.. The young you are referring to are learning from these politicians and I can assure you that they are not learning anything good. Don’t be surprised if a young educated one turn out to be like or more evil than Kiir. I wouldn’t throw my energy or hope on them. A bad tree cannot produce sweet fruits.

      Surely, SPLM as an acronym is not the problem. The problem is who is in charge of it. All members of SPLM, the previous, the current, and the future ones have no different. They are bent to do wrong since their conceptions. Their organization needs to be disbanded altogether if anything good is to come out of South Sudan. Believe me, Dr. Machar is a victim of this organization. But because he is part of SPLM, I reserve my positive thinking on him. What he will do if he become president, only God knows. If he is not as corrupt as SPLM members, why cling on SPLM, why not form his own part. Are there not other names he can utilize? Let him form another party and we Nuer plus our sympathizers will be behind him. SPLM must be disbanded totally.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Mr. GatCharwearbol,
        You’re hundred percent right, this diabolical acronym SPLM is no longer of any value and is so badly tainted that Machar and company must instantly end its utility.
        I would forecast that if Major Lodoru valiantly perseveres with his totally new group- REMNASA- that has nothing to do with SPLM alphabets, he would surely get bigger support.
        For your info, I was recently informed by an SPLM top member that the hidden reason those of Drs. Lam and Machar stick to the use of SPLM prefixes is because they are aiming for a share of the millions worth of assets (cash and others) the SPLM has. The SPLM-DC and Machar’s group hope to legally contest for the ownership in court of the sole propriety of the name or/and a share of those assets.
        Surely, there must be a hidden motive behind these groups’ insistence in using the acronym SPLM……Corruption, corruption…smeared all over…..

        • GatChatwearbol says:


          If this is the reason behind why Dr. Machar and Dr.Lam are clinging to SPLM, we are really in deep shit. Money are truly the root of all evils. We, Nuers love Dr.Machar for his stance and ideology. .. we have been fighting the world directly and indirectly for last one year and counting. We made our point, now we only needs Dr. Machar to give us something which has attachment to Nuer. I am Cocksure 90 percent of Nuer and Equatoria would abandon this SPLM, but too bad that our leaders are after money.

          I never heard about this before, I hope whoever told you about it is lying. If you heard it from a Dinka, I would not take it at face value as truth.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            You’re the man, Mr. GatCharwearbol. This useless organization ought to be banned from operating. Let us be patience. We will find a solution to it in the near future. Then, we will give it to Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, Bol, Bol Akuol, and Kiir to shove it …..

          • Teach-The-Fools says:

            Mr. Editor & GAtChat…,
            Too bad Dr. Machar and the rest who are attached to SPLM won’t opt out. They can’t just do it as Mr. Editor mentioned it, there must be something really special about SPLM that make people cling to like parasites.

            Hilarious though Dr. Machar is bound to resume his previous position. I hope he won’t be too ambitious to critiqued his boss one more time. Only in South Sudan would a vice president go to the media and openly criticize a boss. No where else.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Mr. Teach-the-Fools,
            In spite of the irony in your name, I want to remind you that in my article immediately after the Dec. 15, 2013 Juba incident or ‘coup,’ I did mention that DR. Machar and gang should have earlier after their dismissal from the SPLM by Kiir formed a party of their own. There would have followed some ‘political crisis’ within the SPLM and war would have been averted.
            My best guess is that Machar won’t survive his tenure as vice-president to Kiir, if he ever accepts the post; that means with his probable or likely event of his assassination, the country would once again return into a tribo-political war like the current one or worse.

      • GatCharwearbol,

        Please be sincere. Whom are you trying to please here with such comments?

        • GatChatwearbol says:

          Bentiu Ramaran,
          I’m not pleasing anybody. God created me as a free man and member of Nuer society. I will remain as who I am till my maker takes my breath away. I am very disappointed on Dr. Machar hanging on to this Dinka corrupt machine call SPLM. I wanted something different. If you and Dr. Machar like this SPLM that does not even see Nuer as members of South Sudan, I respect your position. To me, let Kiir and his tribesmen take their organization. This is the same SPLM operates by Dinka that just murdered tens of thousands of tribesmen. If given a chance, I would disbanded forever. Why Dr. Machar hangs on to it made me skeptical of his leadership. I like his ideology but not under SPLM.This is why my Nuer people are being deprived from the history they championed in the first place.

          • bol akuol says:


            Haaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaa, the lemon (Spla/m) has become so sour..
            The jieng has named it and started to develop the spla/m. Riek machar joined and wanted to spoil it. We chased him away from southsouth sudan. He came back on his own and kissed our feet and…..

          • Gatcharwearbol,

            What disappointed me is not why the Dr. Machar is keeping the name SPLA/M, but it is such comments written as “For your information, the young proactive apples you seem to be optimistic about are already spoiled. They are as tribalists as their current mentors. A child learn from his parents.. The young you are referring to are learning from these politicians and I can assure you that they are not learning anything good. Don’t be surprised if a young educated one turn out to be like or more evil than Kiir. I wouldn’t throw my energy or hope on them. A bad tree cannot produce sweet fruits”. To me your comments show that things should stay the way they are now or Salva should continue to lead the country. A real victim of this war and a true Nuer like you are should not make such comments against those who want to reverse Kiir dictatorship brutality unless you want to make U-turn, but I doubt it you will ever make a U – Turn.

        • Bol says:

          BR vs. Gat…bol,
          BR questioning the loyalty and integrity of Gat…bol…..The SOUL Mate in internet rebellion ….The SPOUSE in Naath RAISE ideology ….The PARTNER in cyber assassination and bullying of adversaries! What will Gat…bol do? Will he simply swallow his pride and reaffirm his tribal commitment by giving up independent thinking? Will he fight back by elaborating why Machar must recycle his deep buried idea of SSIM/A? Are SSN readers at the verge of a cyber-civil war between the duos? Will the same Heavy Artillery be put in full operation in this battle? Fingers cross….

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            Don’t be ecstatic yet. There is no mercy between us, the Dinka and the Nuer. We will fight to the last man standing…. my point right now is to give you your SPLM wholly. Your son, Dr. John Garang created it and we must give you the whole ownership of it. When God created Nuer, he didn’t attached it to Dinka. He created it independently. You do not like us to be with you; and why should we force ourselves to you? We are strong as rock; it is why we are able to stand all your combined East and North Africa troops fighting alongside you. We did it in the same manner to you and British, and we are doing it again. So bugger off.

      • Mr. Gatcharwearbol,

        Let me tell you my theory of why it is dangerous for Dr. Riek to abundant SPLM at this juncture in time. If you analyze our history correctly Dr. is one of the surviving prime champions of Independence from Sudan under this false acronym SPLA. If you earned your earned you bachelors degree under a different name can you imagine the challenge you would have to go through if you again changed your name? People will be questioning your educational background because of this simple move. Currently we are still at cross roads and if we move to another party right now the bad boys will do a good job of negative propaganda backed by this acronym and they will sure defeat us in the media war given their known deterministic hijacker-behavior. Remember Dr. Dechand real name is Pouk Ruea but because of his credentials he cannot change his name otherwise he will risk losing everything including his PhD.

        I say let us do the real honest elections first and then we can throw away SPLM. You know very well our masses are 80% illiterate and during Election campaigns the word SPLM/A will be indispensible during grassroot campaigning.

        About the spoiled tribalistic youth don’t worry a Permanent Constitution made by all sober Southern Politicians will curtail all these bad behaviors in the future.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Toutoute Dagany,

          Thank you. I was carried away. I detest this SPLM institution and I would like to see it gone like yesterday. You are making sense here.

          • Bol says:

            can I just add one more thing before I bugger off…. mercy between us is there and will be there when you and l depart from this world….. the mutual damage we do to our self will be swift away very soon by an Engineering degree or s some meat factory work experience. ….. remember history is blood even among Nure and taking mistakes or crimes out of context is ……..dity. Please be an agent of change for our mutual good, not messenger of hatred and backwardness. When mercy between Dinka and Nuer is written off because of the recent killings. ….. will it be write off again between Nuer if one section fights another one ? is it true that ultra Nuer champions are in fact, Dinka converts? Dr Machar, Gatluak Deng ect….(The only wars here will be civil wars, and those are like killing your own mother- Gabriel Garcia Marquez- The General in His Labyrnith)… Please be less emotional… we need your sanity in war an peace time.

  8. Teach-The-Fools says:

    Elhag Paul will die not from a known disease but from Jieng’s hatred!

    Dr. John has been lying in the graveyard nearly ten years now and you still blaming him for what could possibly go wrong ten years later? Seriously? Since you can write so eloquently as everybody can see it, why not simply get over the obsession hatred against Jieng as a tribe and come up with viable resolutions for South Sudan as a country?

    SPLM might have its own problems as a party perhaps that led to the lost of a direction as you’re mentioned but why do other parties including your own, not rise to the surface and fulfil the aspirations of South Sudanese as you would like to view it?

    Elhag, you might be aware of it but you are just a sore loser who will die without achieving anything especially if you do not cease from your baseless hatred, assumptions, and obsessions.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Criticism doesn’t necessarily mean hatred; Mr. Elhag Paul, like anyone else, reserves the right to freely criticize anyone else as you or anybody.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    I am most impatient to see u hurry up with ,’a new group with a new vision and human values driven by the concepts of ‘common purpose’ and ‘common good'”,all that which should exclude the ordinary jiengs according to my understanding of the context of your analysis.Good luck!!!

  10. Mapuor says:

    What a nonsense.You should respect your liberators who sacrificed everything so that you become free as you are.I am tired of what you call Jieng.What do you really mean by it.You need to do some courses on statistics and then prove your hypothesis.There is nothing such as Jieng domination in South Sudan,but instead,its Jieng oil that is being over exploited just to appease barbaric village tyrants like El Hag who constantly bluff so that they are given positions and money!

  11. survivor says:

    Nation building and waging a tribally motivated civil strife are two principles that are in complete contradiction. Thus; asserting that Riek. Someone whose name brand has so much negative bagged attached to it; past defection that resulted in death of countless south Sudanese, and is also party to all the recent failures of the SPLM/A administration in Juba.
    In short; Riek’s resume and the tribal over tone of the SPLM/A O make’s it impossible for the movement to gain nationwide following. Thus, this is the reason why this rebel movement is not going to achieve anything. Peace, justice, or any of the noble principles the rebels are claiming.
    Allhag Paul correctly diagnosed South Sudan’s SPLM/A problem before he digressed to his typical tribal diatribe. Of lumping the blames and failures of this organization on a group of people, people who are as much a victims of tis very party system as any group of people in South Sduan.
    The problem of course isn’t the acronym SPLM/A, but rather the people leading this party. The lack of leadership, the lack of vision and back biting amongst the cadres; thus, creating condition of mistrust within the party.
    With each of the leaders typing to up end one another. In doing so, each leader runs to their base (in this case their tribe) for support. Kiir runs to Dinka, Riek runs to Nuer and lem runs to shiluk. With the absolute truth being that neither of these so called leaders really care about the people they claim to represent nor are they the true leaders of their society. Above all, no tribe is working against another tribe.
    The gullibility of the masses and our simple mind or lack of political maturity is the reason why these so called leaders are successful in manipulating us into killing each other.
    The only way forward is unity at the grass root level, raise of new leadership with a transcending leader. And the rejection of leadership.
    Killing each other to dethrone on failed leader, only to replace him with another devil of a failure isn’t the solution. It should be noted that Riek was Kiir Mayardit partner in this administration mess.

  12. abai okwahu says:

    Holly cow! I can deduce from this article that the seeds of dictatorship were planted a long time ago by John Garang. I used to fervently listen to SPLM/A broadcasts from Ethiopia (Voice of the Gospel) where John Garang would address troops (Al Qaid ma al Suwar) and on occasion would taunt secessionist Abdallah Chuol or Omar el Bashir of Khartoum. So Garang did kill Akot Atem and Samuel Gai Tut, and I know he did imprison some for a very long time such as Joseph Oduho. I thought I knew the SPLM/A, hey Paul keep the articles coming, maybe I can learn a little bit more about Kerubino Kwanyin Bol, William Nyuon Bany, Lam Akol, etc.

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