Kiir, Machar agree to re-unify fractured SPLM & heal war wounds in South Sudan

By: PSCU, NationMedia, ARUSHA, JAN/22/2015, SSN;

South Sudan peace talks got a major breakthrough on Wednesday as rival factions of the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) signed an agreement aimed at reunifying the historical party.

Intense efforts spearheaded by regional leaders, which saw the Arusha meeting get into late night hours, marks a turning point in the bloody conflict.

(In Summary:
***** Among the issues agreed upon by both parties is the restoration of peace and stability in South Sudan and, and the demand for SPLM leadership to make a public apology to the people of South Sudan for all the atrocities committed during the bloody conflict.
***** Under the signed agreement, SPLM leaders are required to reform and transform the political party by formulating and embracing policies that allow the culture of tolerance and ideals of democracy to take root.
***** They should also formulate and implement policies that will abolish tribalism, sectarianism and militarism in politics and promote political pluralism.
The pact bans those found to have committed atrocities during the conflict from holding public office

The signing ceremony at Ngurdoto Hotel in Arusha was witnessed by an array of regional leaders including the host, President Jakaya Kikwete, President Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya), President Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), and South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir, former Vice President Riek Machar and Mr Deng Alor Kuol signed the historic agreement after SPLM Intra-Party Dialogue Summit.
The agreement puts the young African nation back on the path of peace and development.


Among the issues agreed upon by both parties is the restoration of peace and stability in South Sudan and, and the demand for SPLM leadership to make a public apology to the people of South Sudan for all the atrocities committed during the bloody conflict.

Under the signed agreement, SPLM leaders are required to reform and transform the political party by formulating and embracing policies that allow the culture of tolerance and ideals of democracy to take root.

They should also formulate and implement policies that will abolish tribalism, sectarianism and militarism in politics, and promote political pluralism.

The pact bans those found to have committed atrocities during the conflict from holding public office.

The SPLM leaders agreed to implement and comply with all provisions of the agreement and use the IGAD-led peace talks in Addis Ababa to expedite the peace process.

The leaders are also required to initiate and implement a comprehensive programme for national unity, peace, reconciliation, healing and harmony amongst the people of South Sudan.

The three factional SPLM groups are required to embrace reunification and reconciliation of the party leadership and membership.


The party’s general secretariat shall be restructured to streamline its offices and functions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

The National Liberation Council, the leaders agreed, shall review the contentious provisions in the draft SPLM constitution to ensure internal democracy within party structures, before its presentation to the National Convention.

The country’s Political Bureau is also required to develop a party leadership code of ethics and disciplinary procedures to be applied and upheld by all members irrespective of their positions.

The term-limit for the SPLM national and state chairpersons of the party shall be two terms of five years each, the leaders agreed.

The reunified SPLM shall abide by the terms and spirit of the IGAD Peace Agreement.

The party shall also form a transitional government in which all SPLM groups and other political parties shall participate proportionally so as to end the war and establish sustainable peace.


  1. Abraham Gai says:

    Too many fragmented pieces of the SPLMs are working hand in hand to make peace attractive now than the usual business…but thanks to the Tanzanian government for their collaborated efforts to make South Sudan peace achievable, if there will be any SOON. It seems that the Inter-governmental for the region of Eastern Africa is speeding up the process this time than ever before to mend these fragments back together, which is really good for the people of SOUTH SUDAN. We are indebted for your hard work, and thank you very much. To negotiators, we need you all back home with no shame to spell for your return. The one year partying and dancing with all African star entertainers is over, and no more money left to support and extend the period of dancing. People are dying in the villages across the region for unwarranted war you imposed on them, and yet you are engaged in many other self-defeated activities that hold no future to citizens. I hope that you have finally come to your senses and all realize how strenuous it is to win the war without each other supporting the good cause on the other side for the people. Stop being discursive, many sufferings have occurred already and it is still multiplying with no due cause of its happening at doubling rate. It is surely time to stop lodging in big cities than talking a good talk to bring peace home and save people’s lives. And for that reason, ladies and gentlemen, the unforgiving attitudes of our leaders are making the self-created war even more difficult to be resolved on the table. They are the problems and at the time, They are the solutions. Now is the time to understand that and ascertain the solution than fighting each other for public unmarked scores. These spread difficult conundrums would require collective efforts from all three SPLMs and the masses at home as well, to end this onerous war. Let there be peace. Peace and grace to you all!

  2. Eli says:

    Deal or no deal all the SPLA/M parties are no more the only political party to determine the fate of S. Sudanese people. Both Kirr, Riek, the G10 and every other SPLA/M whatever are outdated system.They will all have to go soon, time for the younger generation and new system. All these jungle gangsters are after is power but the situation won’t change until these old crooks are out of the picture, but we shall not rest until genuine change prevails.
    Eli Wani

    • Eli,

      I concur with you no deal at all just waste of time and money in Arusha. This deal is like any other deal that has been signed in Addis Aba Ba. You see they talk about two five terms for the SPLM chairmanship that they had previously opposed. On March 7, 2011, Riek asked the parliament to pass to two five terms for the president and governors position, but Kiir asked Riek “do you have your own country or is the country that I am leading”?

    • upiu says:

      people stick to SPLM because other party leaderships like yours suffer from the same vices of SPLM.
      your several comments on this site carries a worrying tribal tone that vilify some ethnicities over others. that trend of thinking once converted to power will have disasterious results than the Kiir/Riek fiasco. you can’t seem to learn from the mistakes of SPLM.
      i dream of a true grassroot movement that is not driven by ethnic and/or regional influence to emerge one day. that will be the day south sudanese won’t be ashamed to disclose themselves to their friends from other countries – developed or developing.

      • Eli says:

        Upiu/ SSN Readers;
        Thank you for pointing out about some of my irrelevant comments on SSN, I regret if I have hurt you or anyone at any point. During tough moments like this, as our country is at war, emotions do run high. Yes, from now on I will try and refrain from ethnical rhetoric and instead focus more on national issues.

        Although, I am not in favor of tribal politics but I would also like to make it clear that respect goes both ways. We all have feelings, SPLA/M has totally failed us and just because they carry guns doesn’t mean they should be allowed to keep torturing our people. I myself was once an SPLA officer, I joined the movement from 1989 to 1998, for almost ten years I had always showed discipline and obey commands in the fields. I treated my my junior officers with regards. Then, I voluntarily retired to civilian life and now I will focus on bringing civility and the rule of law into the midst of our people, “if God wills”. But if SPLA/M still would like to act like a guerilla rebels which they still do, then we have no choice but stand our grounds as well. Nobody wants war, it isn’t the first choice but last resort.
        To elaborate my point from a lesson in physics. Newton’s 3rd law of motion states: that; “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
        Let Kirr and Riek and the G10 sign their power sharing bogus reunification agreements, but NO APOLOGY IS ENOUGH FOR THE LIVES THEY HAVE KILLED AND STILL KILLING.
        I asked OR RATHER I BEG the peace loving people of South Sudan not to vote for any of these two leaders nor the so-called G10s in the next fairly contested elections, it doesn’t matter if the next leader comes from Dinka or Nuer or from any of the remaining 62+ tribes, or even a female president I don’t care as long as he/she is for the people not for their bellies or criminal murderers and thieves.

        SPLA/M as a party has done enough damages to our beloved people and that name MUST be RELINQUISHED, dissolve both the party and the army. A neutral name like South Sudan National Defense Forces (SSNDF) or simply South Sudan Armed Forces (SSAF) or any name as long as it isn’t SPLA/M. I actually think we could use this abbreviation as SSPLA which stands for South Sudanese Peace Lovers Associations, just incase some people are dying to keep this name of SPLA for whatever reason.
        Eli Wani

        • survivor says:

          Finally; some sobriety being displayed. Nothing makes me happier then to see our people finally coming to their senses. Until we all realize the simple truth. That none of the SPLM leader (in government, in the bushes and in the hotels abroad) care for the common man. They neither represent there tribes nor do they benefit anyone from their respective tribe. All they car for is their bellies. They only run to their tribesmen when they have gotten themselves in trouble. And that trouble usually follow them to their village.
          So the second we realize that we do not need to support them, follow them or bail them out when they mess up. The second we realize that these so-called leaders need to carry their own crosses. The second we stop being the tools at their disposal. And t the second we start to shun these leader. Then true peace, democracy, freedom, and prosperities we all yearn will be achieved.
          Peace to South Sudan and RIP to all the lost souls who died for no fault of their own.

  3. mindra says:

    Hey south Sudanese,

    It’s very unfortunate that, we south Sudanese blames the oppositions for no good reasons,for me here i have thoroughly analysis the situation that,it’s president yoweri museveni fueling this conflict,
    why is he defiance of withdrawing his updf from southsudan land.
    Dr Rieck is correct to ask for the withdrawal of the troops.the Ugandan government wanted to protects their economics interest so that they keep benefiting from kirr’s government,
    i only needs IGad to do one thing, for peace to come back to southsudan,is by asking mr museveni to vacate southsudan within one week,
    with this peace would prevails in south Sudan.should the updf continues to be there,The so called IGad is wasting their time and resources of funding useless peace talks.
    I know very well that,this Arusha peace accord would not even last as there is already fire on the oil filed in unity state,the government is saying the oil filed is full control and yet fire is revenging in the field,shame on the minister mr macuie lueth,
    can someone clears my doubts that,peace talks or elections because both calls for huge resources mobilizations.i need an answers for this messes in our country.
    finally,i urge brothers and sisters of south Sudanese to be a good debators in the media and on the net,let us not use abusive language.let us behave like civilized nation.
    Sudan tribune webs publish abusive comments.moderators should check on comments before putting it for public consumption.
    Mindra from loa local pageri administrative areas

  4. jok lual says:

    thanks to Tanzania gov and people we in south sudan need help from our brothers but….

  5. GatCharwearbol says:

    If you are sane, you should hold your breath on this signed agreement. Nothing meaningful will come out of it. It is just a soccer game in play. I say this before and I will reiterate it again, Both Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar need to go for reasonable peace to come to this land. Aware of innocence of Dr. Machar, but it is practical for him to quit politics along with his former Boss in order for South Sudanese to have lasting peace.

    Furthermore, SPLM as an institution needs to be disbanded. It is the reason why South Sudan is heading southward. Keeping this beast is an invitation to another disaster. We do not want to see another disaster, we want something solid and will last long. Band-aid solution is not what we long for and certainly not what our people die for.

    Apology is useless, justice is what is needed. So let them go screw themselves with their reunification.

    • Choromke Jas says:


      I do agree with you that the two principals should stand down. If they don’t, I am afraid, the people or some other forces will make them do so. I am not in the business of wishing death to fellow human beings; their death diminishes me. But, when Abacha and Abiola of Nigeria , in the past, became stumbling blocks for the political situation in that country to move forward, both of them died in mysterious circumstances. No single person is greater than the nation. They should heed your, mine and other people’s call to call it quit.

      • GatChatwearbol says:

        I hear you loud and clear brother, CJ. God is on our side. Those innocent souls will not go in vain. Somebody will be held accountable. These two are the prime target. I sincerely know that Dr. Machar is innocent in regards to Dec 15 incident, but he also needs to step aside. He is becoming a stumbling block in the process of achieving peace.

  6. Binti Sudan says:

    An apology? for the lost of LIVES? People must be serious. When the CPA was signed a public apology was given by the persons disrespecting the lives lost and the feelings of the relatives; and again the leaders are talking of public apology?

    Those responsible should face the law so there would be justice.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Hi, Binti Sudan,
      You are 1000% correct to aver that those responsible must face justice. Apologies never redress or corrects a crime, specially murders like what those of Kiir, Machar and gangsters have callously and intentionally committed.
      By the way, I wish you were rightly called ‘binti junub Sudan’


  7. Mathon says:

    Great and fresh beginning , the crisis started within the ruling party Splm , so it is wise for it to be addressed by the Splm leadership because they know exactly what started this senseless war , all Splm leadership need to give peace a chance , people of South Sudan need bread not bullet , we will punish the bad leaders when we get our chance to cast our votes , peace

  8. AGUMUT says:

    It is like a joke. Do they have respect to each other? Let him go back to start again his Phones and Computers Hacking.

  9. Mapuor says:

    Peace can never be achieved by bringing the most corrupt thugs to the SPLM but instead the same power struggle will continue and more blood will be shedded by the poor.Magine the magnitude of looting,destruction,killing,displcement etc that those thugs caused.Do we have to reward them?Are we going to labbel those who are now loyal to the government cowards and reward them with losing their positions to thugs and whores?Equatorians and others will show that they are also men this time.

  10. Dear The Readers Men,And Women,Boys,And Girls:

    The peace just signed in Arusha in Tanzania among the rival warring factions in the SPLM party,is still party of the problem! Not part of the SOLUTION!

    There are very problems I am discovering from it.For example, banning people those found to have committed atrocities during the conflict form holding public office. Both Kirr,and Machar,they are the very one who have committed atrocities during conflict.Are they going be ban from holding public office????!!!!!????

    Public Apology: Apology for what problem???

    The problem that was taken place in the year 2013 on 15,December, it was political which was done in the in the SPLM party!It will be unnecessary to apology

  11. Abiel says:

    I wish the splm unification will not affected our innocent civilians in South Sudan.South Sudanese we don’t want the agreement to be like a oldest story between a judge and thief. when thief stolen Diamond and Gold than captured by a police man then he brought to courts. then the judge asked him.What is your name?the thief answers my name mr. Divided he replied to the judge because he knew the judge is his a former the end the judge said the suspect is an innocent person and he released him not we need peace and accountability.

  12. John Khot says:

    You are one of those …. from Bahr el ghazal who do not want to see peace come back to the three States of Upper Nile ravaged by Kiir ‘ s engineered war. All SPLM leaders whether they remained with Kiir, or left for Riek and Pagan/Nyandeng groups are greedy, corrupt and murderous bunch. They don’t care about the average citizen.

    My point is if reunification can stop the war, why give a …. about who is standing with the disgraced Salva? Do you understand the level of agony in the families of young Mathiang Anyor fighters who lost their lives in defense of Kiir crown? If not then continue to oppose anything pro peace.

  13. Gordon Ajak says:

    It was clear during the revolution. The Equatorians never wanted the war against the Sudan government. They supported the government in state. During the referendum, Equatorians participated because they were looking for money only. An example was here in Canada in the city of Toronto. Most Equatorians in Ontario did not participate in the referendum. They rushed to the centre of referendum after learning about money to facilitate the referendum. It was the money which took them there not a call for independent of South Sudan.
    When it comes to the current war, Equatorians are confused. Governor of central Equatoria State said it is Dinka Vs Nuer war without outlining position of Equatorians. He is right because Equatorians will have to accompany the current government or if Riek win, will accompany Riek leadership. But still we will be the majority in his government and Equatorians will serve both Dinka and Nuer. There is no Equatorian with sense of leadership.
    The Addis Ababa negotiation and the signing of Arusha deal have got nothing to with Equatoria. Complain over complain without anything credible. Talks that Dinka take our land, Dinka torturing our people didn’t appear in any of those documents. Equatoria is comprised of bunches of small and divided tribes. Its our right to teach the Equatoria the right way. The negotiation saw clearly that Equatorians are not known by the rest of the world. Its our duty to show them the light and bring them to the knowledge of the rest of the world. They can complain, but each and every Equatorian family have our sons and daughters. Its our right to neutralise them to liberate their primitive minds after liberating them from their masters the Arabs.
    Gordon Ajak

    • Nikalongo says:


      You liberated no Equatorian. Truth be told, Dinka and Nuer spent most of the liberation war years fighting themselves. And that is what they are doing now. Villages emptied of its inhabitants and destructions of properties in Upper Nile were not caused by Northern soldiers but by the same forces that are it again today. This time around, the war was effectively contained in your backyards. The UPDFand Museveni made sure Equatoria remained a no go zone.

      Ajak, who does not want beautiful women and a nice place to live in. Our women are beautiful and more attractive. You marry our women out of inferiority complex. u want to be like us. What a better and smooth way to be one. Given a choice, you prefer ours to yours. Isn’t it? Those sons and daughters will never be Nuer or Dinka because there is nothing but war and hooliganism to be proud of in Nuer and Dinkland. And Equatoria? Peaceful and welcoming. To Nuer and Dinka hooligans, it is paradise. Even their dead from the diaspora prefer to be buried in Equatoria.

    • TORIA says:

      Gordon Ajak
      I am sorry but you’re very wrong, dinkas are divided just as much as Nuers are, who are you lying to? So, according to you being an IDP status in Nimule or Kayaya or Keji Keji or wherever in EquaTORIA is called ruling those who offered your people shelters? Have your dinkas also colonized Canada or refugee camps in Uganda or Kakuma? Or have your cousins the Nuers whom your dinka relatives in 2013 butchered more than 20,000 dead in Juba or about 10,000 dinkas killed by white army also colonized Ethiopia, Kakuma, or wherever your people took refuge? Because of your so called majority or big population for nothing, have you done anything worth in Upper Nile, Bahr Ghazal or your homelands? Why don’t you just admit the truth that you people are void of creativities and you lack the knowledge to even think for yourselves that is why you try to be closer to EquaTORIA so that you look smart?
      FYI; there are your many of your women also in our custodies and they are having our babies too, the difference is; we didn’t force your sisters to marry us but they love us, unlike your dinkas forcing innocent women at gunpoint.
      Please Ajak why don’t you come home to build just one house with running clean water and electricity in your own village of mosquito infested swamps, why are you hiding in the whiteman’s country? Ohhm, I know why; so that you look good, isn’t it?
      Do you think those welfare money taken from hardworking tax-paying Canadians that you are getting in Canada enough to retire you rich? NO. So why don’t you come home and build your village brother. Shame, on you for running your mouth like broken toilet in a foreign land.

      • Nikalongo and TORIA

        You know Gordon Ajak is a Dinka who criticized Equatorians for not taking part in the war for struggle that lead to independent of South Sudan. As an Equatorian you should hit him back as a Dinka without including Nuer. Please specific do not generalizes.

    • johnjerry says:

      Gordon Ajak ,I wonder if that is the Gordon Ajak I know who live in Hamilton ,Ontario talking like that. Go ahead and we will see your leadership as you mentioned.I do not know which School you attended. An educated person like you can always stop to think first. Think before you say a word .

    • Batali says:

      Again this is another stupid mind speaking here! Was it not Equatoria that the Arabs feared the most? Look at what your people like Abel Alier who could sit and sell south Sudanese for his own stomach! He and his other filthy minded dinka, Bona Malwal going to the bush in times of war to talk to John Garang how the dinka should keep planing to rule all south Sudanese and late Keribino Kwanyin Bol switching to Arabs and fighting SPLA…Where did Anya Nya I begin from? Was John Garang not one of those pioneers from Anya Nya I who was sent for further studies by Joseph Lagu so that him and others could come back to develop south Sudan if we got independence during the Anya Nya I? Who is a slave? Equatorians or Dinka?
      You and you kind will cause the breakage of south Sudan very soon. Think what happened between Arabs and south Sudanese. What a Crap! Was it not Equatorian tribes and othe non-dinka that fought all along? Your kind were also murdering fellow SPLA Equatorians during war, was that your stupid MotherF##Ker doing liberation of others? Go and liberate yourselves from the Nuer…

  14. Abraham Gai says:

    World leaders have looked all the possible options to attain peace, but at this point in time there is no any closer answer than to let Kiir and Macher have party reunification. Kiir is not going away soon as we think now of leaving the office and likewise, Macher will continue to meet his end in other hand. And with those contradicting views in place, the negotiators and the world body have decided to bring them together for the sake of peace and stop fighting each other. That is the big picture of the breakthrough. However, power sharing will remain a challenge for all of them. Bringing those disadvantaged masses together is another road bump ahead. Building people’s lives back to normal will remain a mountain for many years to climb.
    The home work is still ahead of them when they will positively declare their positions of not running against each other in the future. They have to draw lines between themselves and their interests and the lives of the people and their demands, altogether put in a written contractual agreement.The citizens shall then be paying attention before any election is held to make sure that their demanding will is respected and well served by the two leaders to leave power of the office in their hands, not in leadership’s hand. And that thing alone will create no power vacuum.
    Coming home now with peace is a must do thing with no further excuses given. Many lives have been wasted for no reason known to us other than serving the lucky few’s interest who believe in wealth and in the glory of short live images.
    And I think that is the area you are worried about, and I concur with your anticipation that nothing will be productive unless they look back and see the damage they have done to us during their leadership, and not running again for future presidential post.

  15. Conrad John Masabo says:

    That is the major challenge to Peace in Sudan, unless there is trust, peace cannot be achieved. This and inability to live tha pact a central to ever reccuring conflicts. Peace is not granted but rather natured. South Sudanese had to learn to forgive and focuse for the future.

  16. jijury says:

    Evil SPLM and its leaders need to be destroyed one and for all. SPLM Politicians think they got the leadership but we the ordinary people have the guns. We will deal with you and make sure that you pay for the sufferings you have caused to us.

  17. I conclude that SPLM is the major problem to South Sudan ever.

  18. Moorgueec says:

    The unification of SPLMs is taking place in Tanzania’s negotiations, So what is SPLM-DC doing in Juba?

  19. GatNor says:

    I solute the agitated commanders. SPLM members divided or not have triggered this chaos. Kiir as the splm chairman is responsible for the mass murders and until he is no longer a member of the chain of commands in splm and or the government of now or of the national unity then the root cause of the civil war is then not identify eradicated and resolved. Though its good that this killing machine called splm party or splm united work to united its ranks and restructure itself where as they can elect a chairman. It will not go down well that splm members unites while ignoring and avoiding clauses in which justice for the victims is swept under the carpet. Justice delayed is justice denied and this is the danger both warring factions must deal with. Myself included, there are many who are not interested in any agreement that unites splm defectos such as the president and his tribal elders with splm victims in expense of Nuers and the country this fallacy must stop.

  20. Don M. says:

    This is another rigid agreement since Macher already claimed that Kiir must step down before any final agreement. I am in shocked to heard Macher saying that today, yet he was the one who just signed that agreement in Arusha. Why lying to yourselves? this agreement is going to be in rebels court because if they refused then it mean that they wanted war. According today news in the Kenyan Capital, Macher held a new conference after coming from Arusha, in this conference, he blaming Kiir and suggesting that kiir must step down for peace to prevails. This is mean that the agreement he had signed in Arusha was for joke, what a lame leader!

  21. Abraham Gai says:

    Read between the lines and you will definately come to your own sense that , Gordon Ajak is not from the dinka tribe. He is just getting you into something of his wishful thinking…and he is trying to keep you busy in leveling Dinka as stupid, dull, immature and greedy in everything. That is the ultimate goal.
    DEAR AJAk, please stop your insterest of fueling hatred. We already divided than ever, and such recalcitrant behavior is carrying our dying unity to the grave while still in coma. Don’t fake your name and the tribe you don’t have linage with. Be who you are in your name. Say things that are important than these small things you are working hard for in order to achieve your long overdue dream. Stop being a division master on the internet.

    • Eastern says:


      Even deep in Nuer heartland, they refer to anybody not a Dinka nyamnyam. When do you think will thus stereotype end?

      I think South Sudan may be headed to fragmentation due to the fallacy of strength in majority.

      Let’s watch how the recent patchwork from Arusha will workout.

      The Eastern Rock

      • Eastern,

        You are right Nuer do not call Dinka Nyamnyam. Nuer also do not call Murle, Anuak, and Shilluk Nyamnyam either because Nuer know what tribe they below to. The word “nyamnyam” is not an abusive word. Nuer call the people whom they do not know what tribe they belong to Nyamnyam. On the other hand, Nyamnyam means Anonymous or Unknown. Truly, in the old day Nuer call Equatorians either “Nyamnyam” or “Ran Kuei Juba” because they do not know what tribe they belong to in Equatoria but they know for sure he or she is one of the tribes around Juba.

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