Appeal to Padang Jieeng Leaders in Upper Nile State: From Collo Community in Sudan

Jan/07/2016, SSN;

We, Collo Community Council would like to send this brotherly letter to you so that you may review your position in regard to the annexation of Collo land in eastern side of Nile to the newly formed state called Eastern Upper Nile State.

Both communities namely Collo and Jieng co-existed for centuries without any kind of land grabbing or conflict in related to land issues. They were living in peace and harmony colored by intermarriage which bound them together and it created intimate relationship which no one can deny.

Collo was astonished in early 1980s, when certain elements in Jieng community started to claim that all lands in eastern side of Nile belong to them and all Collo Communities living in that side for five centuries must evacuate it and go to western side of Nile.

Those elements in Panigur meeting called by Late Dr. John Garang came up again with that request, but Dr. Garang rejected it by giving them the historical background that Malakal is a Collo land.

Unfortunately, the untimely death claimed the life of Chairman of SPLM/A, Dr. John Garang. Sadly, the present government has executed the agenda of anti-peace elements within Padang Jieng in Upper Nile.

Indeed, the Collo Council is hereby requesting reasonable thinking on your side about the claim made by your community in regard to Collo land.

As faithful Christians let’s look critically to what the Bible is teaching us “Never move an old boundary mark that your ancestors established” (Prov.22:28), also the Bible says ‘Never move an old mark or take over land owned by orphans for the Lord is their powerful defender, he will argue their case against you.’ (Prov.23:10-11).

Brethren, the ambitious scheme of land occupation is not an easy task to be attained because no single community will accept any invader to take away the ancestral land.

Moreover, you as community leaders must fully understand that the scheme of claiming Collo land is going to victimize your community and spoil healthy relationship between two communities that co-existed for centuries without trouble and war.

Be assured that the government which supports such ill-intended project is destroying your community and exposing you to danger, whole magnitude no one can tell you.

Honestly, neither Salva Kiir nor other Jieng communities will be there at the time fueling the fire of this criminal land grabbing project. Therefore, wish you to be mindful of the interest of your community; in having good neighborhood living with Collo.

You may want to be reminded that Collo community knows the consequence of war because they fought deadly wars with invaders such as the Turks and the Mahdists but never fought its neighbors.

Indeed, let’s examine our ways and turn back to the spirit of peaceful co-existence. We should be aware that the thought of pain, homelessness are bitter poison that will keep each community to stand for their rights.

Collo community is asking Padang Jieng to refrain from aggressive behavior; you shouldn’t think that the Collo community is weak when they didn’t react to President Kiir decision of giving away Pijo. They were hoping that matter would be resolved peaceful. But the same mistake is being repeated by the President.

We advise you to reject the decree of instituting Jieng state in Collo land as that will be the best way to ensure peace and tranquility in the area.

In case you don’t want to accept our advice and you are not ready to associate yourselves with Collo community in Upper Nile, that is your choice and it is respected, but we want your community to approach the office of President to make a second decree to institute your headquarters in one of your four counties and leave Collo land in peace.

So many people misunderstood Collo when they rejected creation of Eastern Upper Nile State that takes Collo land without its people.

President Kiir can protect the interest of Jieng by giving them a state in their own ancestors land and no one will have quarrel with such, but the problem come when he annexed other people’s land to Jieng.

The question of forcing Collo community to go to western side of Nile as only option to have relationship between Jieng and Collo will not materialize. Often it only remains fractional like the one of Israel and Palestine.

As Jieng leaders, you must be assured that instability and insecurity is more on your side. We know that you can take your wise decisions for benefit of your community. But any emotional or irrational decision will produce instability in Upper Nile state as whole.

We approach you in this appeal as brothers to foresee the negative consequence of the annexation of Collo land in eastern side of Nile without being part of that state.

Please see what the Bible is saying ‘Don’t be like the wicked who scheme to rob honest people or take away their houses, no matter how often honest people fall, they always get up against, but disaster destroys the wicked.’ (Prov.24:15-16).

Moreover, the Bible puts it clear that ‘People who set traps for others get caught themselves. People who start landslides get crushed.’ (Prov. 26:27)

Finally, we send you this brotherly letter in order to revisit the presidential decree for the creation of new state for you in Collo land, observe its benefits and consequences and try to weigh it thoroughly, we are ready to sit down as a family to sort out the issue if you are ready to denounce the decree as a starting point.

Best wishes,
Signed by
Samson Oyay Awin
Chairman of Collo Community Council in Khartoum

CC. United Nation Council
CC. Troika
CC. Human Right Commission
CC. Rt. Majesty, Reth Kwongo Dak
CC. Collo Intellectuals Committee


  1. Amum Machar says:

    By Amum Machar USA Jan,7 2016
    I just think that this group is not expressing the really issue and legitimacy of owning the land, bur rather forcing viewers and the government of the republic of South Sudan to except such views as well as their main agenda of continuing occupying the land, enforcing their arguments regarding such claims about Chollo lands which no Padang Jieng have never occupied beyond their mother land! Chollo and its leaders including nieces have forgotten what they should have done since, which is negotiating with Padang Jieng on this issue of lands and cooperation as well as long term relationships between the two. This issue would be handle through the law and borders conflict without injustices, but they can hold their mouths down a little!

  2. wau nar says:

    i deeply agree with you.that is a nonviolence step.go ahead.(

  3. Itikwili says:

    Spending hours even days coming up with an appeal letter is like flogging a dead horse in South Sudan, the cattle mentality is not civilized to comprehend such a language; good luck Chollo Kingdom!

  4. Peacemaker says:

    This is how civilized communities approach their differences, dialogue, dialogue and dialogue till all options are exhausted then the last resort follows with all that it entails.The consequences are always disastrous. And you Mr, Amum Machar you claim to be living in USA and yet you cannot express yourself in English, shame on you! Why don’t you come home to look after cattle.

    • Amum says:

      Peacemaker, it was not necessary to I identity myself which ethic group that I am belong to. The biggest problem is the national issues which need all members to focus on peace, forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing so country will look its future clearly. The fundamental shame is on those who claimed to be civilized communities while they have been part of the whole crises!

  5. jok lual says:

    to mr Amum, nothing called occupied in one country, so you have your state called west Nile.
    please go to your state and keep quiet there.

  6. Gatdarwich says:

    Chollo community

    I highly doubt the traitorous Jenges will ever list to you without taking deterrent measures against them period

  7. Daniel Amum says:

    Brother Jok Lual, no Collo who has Machar name, so your comment indicated that you are not honest with yourself or you are ignore about terminology occupation. How do you said if someone occupied your house in the same state? I think this is backward assumption and derogatory language. Who instituted the western Nile State? On which base did he or she base that creation?
    We must learn to get ride of jungle mentality in 21 century of one man decision without public opinions. Brother Lual, I thought you would have appreciated Collo position for asking your community to seek peace.
    Mistakenly you seem to underrate Collo mighty power, don’t think that they are not in powerful position to defeat you. When the war of land started as you wish for it, you will regret.
    Please swallow your pride and be objective in matter related to peaceful co-existing. I would like to assure you that Malakal will not be taken by Jieng community by all means, and take it from me brother. Thanks

  8. False Millionaire says:

    The most curious point is,if collo communities appreciated Dr Garang,”in 1980s,”for,”giving…the historical backround that Malakal is a collo land”,how come Dr Lam Akol and Dr Nyaba took part in master minding the 1991coup to over throw the same Garang?
    I am not among those who have the tendency to express emotions publically.
    But permit me to tell u this story:
    A childhood friend of mine from greateter Tonj who was a brave child soldier who survived every battled in which he took part was promoted to the rank of a second leutenant and was stationned in Nassir.
    At the first hours of the events,his entire unite was summoned ande during military attention,he was the one who was picked up from the alignment,pulled to the middle,ordered to strip his clothes naked and was castrated in front of every one to give an example of harsh consequencies to any one who might challenge the authority of the coup plotters.
    The unfortunate comrade was then bound hand and foot and blind folded with his military uniform before he was taken to the river and then thrown there alive.
    After that every dinka SPLM/A soldier in the zone of the coup plotters was kilt.

    The surviving few of the age set of the red army soldiers from which came the unfortune young 2nd leutenat are now
    grown up men who give priority to reasoning,common sense and understanding.
    But I am sorry to say that,with such bitter lessons,south sudan may never be the same again as it ever was under the SPLM/A lead by Dr Garang!!!

  9. David says:

    Do not worry Chollo will deal with them,even they keeping thier mouth shut now and letting thier father deal with chollo,timme will tell you that they will be looking for peace with Chollo.

  10. Amum Machar says:

    David, even though Chollo has been or want to fight Padang Jieng, there is no intention of going to war with them. Padang needs peace its neighboring communities. Chollo have been friends, brothers and in – laws. Padang Jieng always demanded peace and wishes them to live peaceful with Padang. As matter of fact some of Chollo powerful leaders in SPLA/SPLM were born in Padang Jieng. Those of Dr. Lam as well as Pagan Amum were born and closer to Padang Jieng will not allow such conflict to continue. Both sides need peace and stabilities in the community because the wars that have been going on had have been fought in their land, and it has mostly affected their lovely once and elderly. Please try to support peace rather than wishing them war between them.

  11. Garango says:

    The Shulluk Kingdom needs to accept one reality and that it needs to accept the truth that the Shulluk in the Eastern Nile state are part of that state and the Shulluk in the Western Nile state are citizen of the Western Nile state. The gain is high for the Shulluk in that regards since they got all sorts of qualifications that benefit the two states. kingdoms need to disappear for good.

  12. Makier Niet says:

    Shilluk has to start leaning the history of the Sudan as whole before jumping to the map of 1956 when Sudan had become independence from Britain. The British colony defined the country in that period based on geographical locations and ethnical dimensions . But Shilluk community is taking advantage of their present in the eastern bank of the nile as the main reason for claiming land of A padang Jieng while the reality is there , Why only Shilluk members are residing in Jieng Padang land? the answer is as following , they have come in two methods , some have come as brothers-in-law ,some have come as friends, overall they were seeking for the better life in Padang land , but that could not give the right to own villages , towns and cities , being settling in padang land could not provide you more rights then the owner. If they think so , why are they not claiming Khartoum , Wad-Madini , Jebellin , if their temporally present can qualify them to own or claim land .To be honest Nuer has invaded Shilluk land particularly in Tonyja county , why Shilluk community is quiet , is because they fear of Nuer to the death? , I think so .And the history will prove Padang ‘s right without critical thinking , if somebody ask Shilluk community , why they always come up with he year of 1956? , where were they before that year?, the reason they stuck with it , when Dinka Padang have built towns ,and cities the Shilluk started to move in a great numbers to Padang towns and cities .But , Padang was convinced by their intellectuals to let Shilluk stay as the citizens of the country , and when independence took place some of Shilluk were counted in eastern nile cities , so they considered themselves as from eastern bank of the nile ,thus , Shilluk turned their failure to build stable villages , towns and cities in their western bank of the nile in the past to the claiming of Padang Jieng lands in this moment.History can prove that , when you visit Shilluk lands , there is no big city at all .Because , Shilluk man ,or woman can not be rich in Shilluk land because they are selfish, greedy that motivate them to kill their richest individuals that’s why Arab occupied their lands because of their weakens. Arab still taking Shilluk lands till now , but Shilluk still composing songs to praise them(Arabs), and here is one famous song they sing to welcome Arab “Collo ke Bona Nham lual akilo” . In english translated as “Shilluk and Arab eat across one tray” .Based on the above article , I advised Shilluk to study well , why They have been refusing to accommodate Dinka staffs that used to be posted in their towns? ,Why they used to pressure them to leave western band of the nile? while Shilluk staffs have not been asked to leave by Jieng Padang?, Why they refused to sell them even piece of land to the Dinka son or daughter , while Dinka let them do what they like in the Dinka land?.Why Shilluk always tell Dinka to leave lok Collo for Collo and go to the lok Jango? the only Dinka man that had owned piece of land in Shilluk was a business man from Akoka who was married to a lady from Shilluk in Kodok. But Shilluk had killed him with all of his family members including his wife from Shilluk , why , because he was warned to leave Kodok with empties hands , not taking even one cent , no child , because they ( Shilluk) said he got all properties in Shilluk land and when he refused to abandoned his family , Shilluk locked him in a room and burned him a live, then cut him into pieces , but Dongjiol section and A padang never responded to the Shilluk badly , instead they(Apadang) welcomed Shilluk to Benythiang and other villages peacefully .Did Shilluk repent to their wrong doing after that great brotherly welcoming ? . No , because Shilluk has no shame !, they turned killing Dongjiol especially at night. Now Shilluk community are writing appealing letter to Padang requesting so and so , even giving Bible verses to strength their false case. Shilluk has to remember that this call will turns against the evil members of Shilluk who are working hard to trigger war against Padang.

  13. I don’t support annexation of any community’s land to another tribe. If truly Malakal belong to the Shiluk people historically, then the President should rescind his degree regarding the State capital of Eastern Nile to avoid communal tension between the Jieng and Cholo.

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