‘Angry’ security council visiting Nairobi for S. Sudan sanctions talks



The United Nations Security Council is due in Nairobi on Wednesday for talks with East Africa’s regional leaders on South Sudan’s stalemated peace negotiations.

The top-level UN diplomatic delegation brings a pessimistic outlook to the Kenyan capital following what the council president described as “disappointing” discussions with South Sudan’s warring chiefs.

“We did not hear much from them that gave us hope that there would be rapid agreement in the talks in Addis Ababa,” said UK Ambassador to the UN Mark Lyall Grant.

“Both said they recognised there was no military solution to the crisis, but the two positions remain far apart.”

“Frankly, the Security Council is annoyed and angry at what has happened,” added Amb Grant, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council in August.


“We underlined a very strong message that there would be consequences for those who try to undermine the peace process, and are not willing to put aside their personal agendas in the interest of their people.”

In their talks in Nairobi with ministers of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad), council members will discuss possible sanctions on those South Sudanese held responsible for continuing an eight-month civil war.

Igad said in May that it would consider initiating punitive measures if South Sudan’s belligerents failed to meet an August 10 deadline for forming a unity government.

That deadline passed with no sign of an agreement emerging from the talks in Addis Ababa.

The Security Council mission to East Africa comes amid increasingly urgent warnings that famine may soon take thousands of lives in South Sudan. END


  1. chol Awekwek says:

    Absolutely right to give serious sanctions to people like Kiir, Baranabas Marial, Kuol Man yang which include assets and foreign account frozen. Another sanctions to Masuveni

  2. Dear reader let it be know to you and the whole world community that it is the IGAD and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) including USA to be held responsible for the deteriorating security situation in South Sudan. This is because the UN secretary general advised Uganda to invade South Sudan; secondly IGAD, AU, UNSC and the USA failed to force Uganda to withdraw from South Sudan territory as stipulated in the cessation of hostilities (CoH) agreement signed in January 2014.

    Thus Salva Kiir, IGAD and the UNSC including the USA violated the terms of CoH. They have to correct their behaviour towards Uganda and teach Uganda to learn to respect agreements.

    Dear reader, to achieve peace in South Sudan, the UNSC, IGAD must implement the following within a week:

    1) Send a strong message to Uganda that “Uganda to withdraw from South Sudan within 48 hours.”

    2) Impose a transitional government modality proposed by the opposition parties. That is a government where the position of presidency is to be held by the SPLM in Juba; prime minister to be held by the SPLM in opposition; and the position of vice president to be held by the other opposition parties.

    3) to avoid any escalation of violence in the near future, the UNSC MUST carry a nation wide disarmament throughout the period of transitional government.

    Dear reader, it apparent that Salva Kiir, the militant, is unwilling to end the suffering of innocent citizens displaced internally and in the neighbouring countries because these displaced citizens are not of his ethnic group (dinka).
    The only way forward is to impose the proposal of the political parties in opposition. Sanction will bear little fruits but will prolong the agony of the innocent civilians.

  3. UNSC should preach the right catastrophe happened in the country instead to get second informations.
    Accountinability should be made definitely against RIEK MACHAR, the seasonally killer of civilians and venerable people living in the country.
    Riek is still preaching war against his nationals and to international people living with us here in south Sudan,
    Riek Machar will answer the case of gennocidial and other war crimes he is Doing for the peoples perfectly without fails, if the team sent by UNSC is working well without circumulagations ways planned.

    Thanks yours cooperative.

  4. Ben Tombe says:

    By toking only, is like a dog without tooth other wise, if possible, you just take over the government of south Sudan and let the two leaders go for election next year and after election you would now know who is a leader by the people.

  5. Deng Ajak says:

    Ben Tombe, let me remind you slaves don’t talk like that to the masters. Dog without tooth? You are colonized remember? Is it dog without tooth that colonized you or us Dinka, the hero tribe in South Sudan? Just for your information colonization is not over yet. Does of you who don’t want to respect our right to colonize will very soon have no where to put their heads. We colonized Bari Speakers, Zande, Kakua, Madi, Taposa, Acholi, Lotuka and every single tribe in Equatoria and Western Bahar el Ghazal. We will continue to neutralize you people until you diminished. It is true you people are not humans. You don’t have the right, we do. Clement Wani Konga is misleading you today, but if we want tomorrow he will disappear. He talked about no one will sit on the heads of Equatorian, do you people really are human? do you think you have any home left? There is not Equatorian family which have never given birth to a Dinga. If Gay is to be legalized today, all Equatorian men will marry to Dinga men. Even today almost all the servants in Dinga homes every where in the country are Equatorians too. You feel ashamed Ben Tombe.
    Juba-South Sudan
    Deng Ajak

    • cos says:

      I didn’t know that you are the most organised “STUPID” Dinka in south sudan.
      You are the most foolish animal than your ground parents.What motherfucka are your talking about that you have colonized us.
      Do you think if not Ugandan soldiers and its air craft your tribalism,murderer,killer,illiterate,corrupt,vision less,dirty,careless, govt would have gone?
      I don’t think if you were around when Dr Riek was matching to JUba.You as the Dinka company,Nimule road and kaya road became full of your tribes.
      Your the very people who are misleading the president because of your ugly words like the marks in your face.
      Deng for your information,your tribe are the most ugly human being in south Sudan more particlarly yourself who is characterize by spiting every where,long teeth etc.
      Deng I could not tell what level of education you have reached but I believe your education is to get a job form your nagging govt.

    • Loguca says:

      Deng Ajak, Soon or later these words you are uttering online will forever disappear from your mouth when time come for SPLA thugs to go. This time South Sudanese masses will need a civilian democratically elected leader, not some SPLA thugs with blood on their hands. People are fed up with this government, I wish to vomit when seeing them on TV screens. In the next coming election, South Sudanese should know who to vote for, otherwise we will have birds of the same feather

    • Shamga says:

      Deng Ajak,
      You are not from dinka community. You a Dr. Risky’s supporter, posing as a dinka community member inorder to vilify the dinkas. You should know this has been tried thousand times by many of your likes with scarification ruined brains before, but it has not always worked. Readers here have minds and can judge for themselves whether or not you are who you claim to be, except for the few callous ones like Kiden.

      Kiden is sponteneous and impulsive and does not have time to sigh, ponder and decide. She is just rushy, which is quite understandable as there are many of us whose nature have rendered them incomplete, and are whimsical, frivilous and pretentious. It is because of such traits that this country won’t take forward an ant stride of step of development.

      Wouldn’t it be smarter to realise that all of your efforts you have you used have been nothing to the detriment of the criminal government in Juba. It is a criminal government; they have stolen everything and hid it with their families in foreign countries. But unlike Dr. Risky who have caused the death of thousand inocents. They hide that money but we can track it in the future. But the thousands of lives Mr. Risky has caused to disappear can’t be tracked; have gone forever. So stop pretending; learn to fucking make sound judgements.

      Don’t be stupid till death parts you. It is, of course, understandable, stupidity is passed on through parental training of their offsprings, which in a way, has been manifested here by you and many of your kins, but at least those days when stupidiy was a virtue have gone. We are in a different era, and if you were not scarification mentally ruined, you would give your ugly self a little time to decide on not looking back, but forward. And by looking back, I mean giving up on inherited stupidity and be realistic with the present.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Shamga:

        This is not the time to disown your tribeman. Deng Ajak is indeed Dinka and sick in mind just like many of you who think that you liberate South Sudan. Your inheritance shoud remain in you and no need to blame other for it. Look around and see that everybody has known your stupidity from top of the leadership to the common man on the street, you are the same. It is the reason why Museveni belittled your President and the secretary of IGAD calling your President Stupid. We keep wondering where that come from little did we know you inherit it.

        Calling both smart ones and simplton ones as Nuer isn’t helping you any. You have labelled El hag Paul as a Nuer and other South African researcher as Nuer man because they are smarters and truth tellers. Now you want to give us Deng Ajak too… You are suffering mentally and unknowningly. Relief yourself from the delusional that everybody should say Dinka are the good ones. Very sorry for you my friend. I hope you change your mentality otherwise the stupidity you inherit from your folks will remain active for God knows how long.

        • Shamga says:

          Dear GatCharwearbol,
          We all understand that you and your kin are on the hunting spree on every bid of vice to create and smear on others – just call it smear campaign in simple term. Or in in another way, you are a drowning man clutching a straw, and you are doing everything in capacity to safe face.The reason for you doing this, is because you are pathetic losers whose real personality, persona, interaction, and actions can’t match or withstand those that there are, between ordinary people and communities.
          You have for so long wallowed in stupidity without a single one of you discovering it, and then standing up, admitting for themselves that 90% of you are diabolic, that something has to be done to salvage ordinariness for almost the whole naath community. As a result, each of you is born innocent, but end up idiotic and stupid because the family lines have been so for many generations.

          Its fun to pretend and fantasize as you have nothing better to do with your life, and time, except to include other people to get under the same stereotype as you in your foolishness. you do feel happy doing that.You have done everything including self-pity to blame the world for your problems, no knowing that all your problems stem from spontaneity, which characterise your smallness of brain – which in a way – is a result of your parents using big rusty medieval and rudimentary knives on you to scarify in the face and make you more stupid.

          Learn to improve critical thinking skills, how to learn faster and how to develop acumen in all sorts of fields of endeavour, and you can be like everyone. And what do you do? Just throw all those vestige tools for making you stupid away, and come to term with growing smooth and gentle. Not crude, ugly and refusable.

          The fact that you are defending this impostor instead of condemning his pretentiousness, is is already manifesting your inherent vice – stupidity and foolishness. You should too start condemning your parents for it, for they have made you a simple personalities who has no acceptance to all your neighbours. I feel sorry for seeing like a man while in you are a beast inside.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Dear Shamga:

            Excuse me for mistaking you as South Sudanese. All tribes of South Sudan know what the traditional marks on Nuer forehead mean. Since you are a foreigner who has been pretending along to be Dinka, it is fitting that I tell you what the marks on Nuer forehead mean.

            It has been our custom for ages. When a boy is grown and become a man. Six parallel cuts are place across his forehead. This signifies that he now become a man and is able to protect the nation from enemy. He is also able to marriage and raises a family. This is what it means if you didn’t know. As a bonus, these cuts across the forehead make us brave. You can see on how we are able to sustain various countries fighting alongside the Dinka.

            When these men (THE BRAVE NUER WHITE ARMY AS THEY ARE KNOWN!!) with cuts on their foreheads reacted to what took place in Juba, the whole world shake resulting into calling in of various countries to counter them. I know you are jealous and you would want to be like them, but sorry we do not adopt weak hearted people of your kind. These cuts are what make us brave to keep on fighting various countries for this long and we will continue to engage them until peace come.

            That is the brief background I am able to give you right now.

            Anyway, where are you from, Mr. Shamga since you are not Dinka?

            Also, some sections of Dinka tribe have similar marks as Nuer. Some has chicken claws-like marks on their foreheads such Bor Dinka. When are you going to get these chicken claws-like marks on your forehead since you seem to have been adopted into Dinka community? Sorry, I should have known from your name that you aren’t Dinka, but some sort of wedlock child from unknown place.

    • John Samuel says:

      This Deng Ajak thing is born of a cow. When some people used to say that some Dinka people sleep ‘with their cows to produce children I used not to believe until such bull mentality like Deng started writing such nonsense. I’m sure such writings will continue until animals like Deng are civilized and developed to full humans through the process of metamorphosis.

    • Holo Kor says:

      “Nothing is so gentle as man in his primitive state, when place by nature at an equal distance from the stupidity of brute and the fatal enlightenment of civil man” Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Okay, so far so good, and we learn something so mortal when we try to contrast this with Deng-a fiend, who is ranting about and is going all over the place as a flying monkey. And the question is, what made him to become such oafish, of course the fellow is a brute and that is a sum total of a man. These people by the way, they’re not to be annoyed of, nor they’re to be taken seriously, because they are like the houseflies that you can swat them sharply but, they’ll never learn a thing or two and of course, these’re our swine of the century. So, let’s think about it. Absolutely, one should not take what Deng wrote here seriously, but as banter and pure banter.

    • Dear Nuer Cousins:

      Or Whoever disguised himself/herself as Deng Ajak to create animosity between the Dinkas and Equatorians is a coward and will never accomplish his/her goal. The Dinka does not insult or attack unless otherwise it is provoked. Therefore, the piece of shit written above under the name of Deng Ajak does not reflect the true characters of the Muonyjang. Why should we appoint the Equatorians in the highest positions if we consider them our slaves? This comment was written by the same culprit who disguised himself/herself as Isaac Dongrin Malith.

      For those of you who have jumped the gun and attacked the Dinka, you are as stupid as that Culprit who wrote and posted this piece of shit on the national forum. On behalf of the Dinka Community and on my own behalf, I sincerely apologized for those Equatorians who are offended by this comment and never attack the Dinka. You are true compatriots and I greatly appreciate your patients. However, I strongly condemn the writer and those who reacted and drop their poops on us.

      • Holo Kor says:

        Garang, we the rest of South Sudanese have told you so, and that we’re in what they called dog eat dog and that, this is coming to South Sudan. Therefore, Garang and particularly you the Dingas have not taken the responsibilities of everything that is happening in South Sudan seriously. So, we the rest of us are not stupid but, we’re the smartest people that you may not even known to them and yet, in your entire life.

        • Dear Holo Kor:

          Please don’t make any threat on the social media while we are presently engaged in the wear. Secondly, we were all born and bred in the soil of South Sudan. So what make you more smartest than LGG and the Dinkas or Didingas in South Sudan? By the way there is no such a tribe as Dingas in South Sudan. Have you just immigrated to South Sudan from one of our neighbouring Countries? If so, Please learn our history and the names of all our 64 tribes before you lecture us of your smartness and courage. Can you tell me where the tribe Dingas is geographically situated in South Sudan? Did you mean Dinkas or Didingas?

          Folks, I don’t mind having foreigners come and work in our Country, however I hated when the claim to be South Sudanese after settling in and attempt to mess up with our internal affairs. Mr/Ms. Holo Kor, please go back to where you came from or otherwise, shut up and stay out of our internal affairs. You are a typical Alien and I do not want you to lecture us of your fake smartness or ideology of Dog eating Dog in South Sudan. Go and implement the ideology of Dog eating Dog in your Country of origin otherwise I will tribally explain to you what the Muonyjang means in English.

          The LGG has just spoken!

          • Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

            Who is at war with you? Nuer is at war with Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda, SPLA-N, JEM, and M23 of Dr. of Congo. Your role is to keep borrow money to pay these mercenaries’ to continue fighting with Nuer. Even the U.S. brought her troops to Juba in the event the Jiech Mabor defeat both South Sudan and Uganda armies. The U.S.was about to drop bomb on Jiech Mabor when they were about to reach Juba in December 2013. Imagine nearly the whole world fighting Nuer tribe only.

            Cousin, refrain from lying that you are fighting Nuer at the moment.

          • Holo Kor says:

            Mr. LGG,

            Stop being a crying baby or I get it! Am I becoming too much, puckish and a nightmare? Is that what’s going on, is that what is bothering you-now? Co’m LGG, I guess you’re just kidding me- by the way, by saying this: “Have you just immigrated to South Sudan from one of our neighbouring countries.” Me, immigrant, no chance. You have a poor imagination about people and particularly- me. The truth of the matter is, I am just your puckish and you’ve to remember about that! That is your homework. I don’t care if that is going to take you more time to figure it out. So, here is the proverbial saying from late 14th century :”The higher the monkey climbs the more he shows his tail.” And that is about you LGG, you Dinkas and your government. That is it and I said it. Oh, one more thing, though,keep your pride to yourself for I don’t need to know about it”Muonyang”, not even in English-my friend. You must know that I am your sworn enemy.

      • cos says:

        You have added a salt on a broken wound.
        How dire can you call us Stupid when we jumped the barrel of a Gun?
        You have spoken well from the beginning to prove that you were not the one who wrote such offending words
        But because of your International STUPIDITY and not to accept the defeat of truth,you have to reiterated by saying
        “For those of you who have jumped the gun and attacked the Dinka, you are as stupid as that Culprit who wrote and posted this piece of shit on the national forum”.

        • AGUMUT says:

          Those big generals and other officials who have joined Riek Machar in order to come back and rule South Sudan will one day regret,but they had already regrets.They should Stop using innocent Neurs for their gains.

    • martin L says:

      “We will continue to neutralize you people until you diminished. It is true you people are not humans.”
      Rubbish! Brother Deng, I suspect you know and understand what you wrote!! Your absurd claim of superiority is nothing but a nonsense and ignorance. You can claim this as often as you like, but it doesn’t make it true!

    • Joana Adams says:

      Don’t give us this crap. Your lot only married or forcefully had children with Equatorian women because you wanted to improve your racial stock. When the Germans thought they were racially superior than non Aryan race, they outlawed inter racial marriages at the beginning of the 20th century. For a long time in a bid to keep their race pure, the Jews forbade inter racial marriages until you are converted to Judaism. Recently the Muslim North were outraged that a ‘muslim’ woman was married to an ‘infidel’ South Sudanese.
      Throughout history, people who feel superior always seek to keep their races pure and not to be diluted through intermarriages. Your kind of so-called superiority says a lot about your confidence and pride as a tribe. Your desire to subjugate Equatorians arises from self loathe. Seeming to dominate and control Equatorians gives you the satisfaction that you are after all better than them. This is only in your head because political power can change hands. And that is if we still want to live with the animals who dare calling others so.
      And let it be known that Equatorians do not need or want to be patronised by our ‘colonisers’. Equatoria will defend itself from any aggressors whether verbally or through the barrel of the gun. There is no need to feel ashamed when your true feelings and intentions are revealed. Equatorian men may look or be more handsome and good looking than yourselves but they are not sexual perverts, so please stop admiring them. Or else you will soon start fantasying about your better looking sons or nephews born of Equatorian women and that will be true animalism.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Deng Ajak-
      I don’t blame you for uttering nonsense because you lack human gene (Equatoria blood). Proof is millions of jaang men always queue along women from Equatoria origin and specially the mixed ones (Equatoria and dinka) in search of civility and refined culture to improve their abnormal sub human life style. Stay safe


  6. AGUMUT says:

    That is how Bor about because John Garang had spoiled Dinka in general and very shamed.SPLM including Kiir should have been DEPORTED long time ago and let them died in exile with out jobs because they produce nothing than walking from house to house to play people.

  7. monychol says:

    The UN, AU and IGAD members must have learnt it and understood it clear now that they are dealing with harden criminals and I think the best they should do is to call Kiir to join Riek in Addis Ababa with their delegations arrest them a nd take that plane load of these thugs to the ICC for prosecution.

  8. Loguca says:

    SPLA is a curse to the people of South Sudan. John Gereng and the Dinka tribes had hidden agenda to rule South Sudan, and exploit other tribes. We all have seen the mass killings of unarmed people, men and children, looting, rape, corruption, tribalism, and nepotism by the so called Kirr’s security government and the thugs in this administration of Dinkas. Kirr have lost legitimacy and must understand South Sudan will never be the same again. Dinka kingdom will never rule South Sudan for ever.

  9. Kong Puok Tongluot - S. Sudan says:

    We the Nuer members worldwide welcome a peaceful initiative without current leadership, because we need a purepeace without criminal Slava Kiir Mayardit who was killed innocent, women, children and elderly people in ethnicity. According to Int’l law, there is not any Genocidal President who massacred, abusive powers can be remained in power, we don’t trust him any longer, is a murderer, how peace could come under his leadership? The UNSC must pay an attention about this issue.

  10. Kiden says:

    Hi Deng Ajak, your article sound like someone suffered psychiatric injury require help.In today world , i believes politics is not tribes over others tribes is all about governance ans services delivering to people regardless tribes, religious, geographical location, political affiliation in the country seeing writing such word you are truly sick demand assistance.

  11. Monychol,

    These UN, AU, and IGAD are not trying to solve this South Sudan problem, but they are just making money out of it. You see the Government has never stop attacking rebels in Unity State, Upper Nile, and Jongeli but the IGAD, UN, US, and AU never condiment South Sudan government for tacking the rebels. However, when the rebels attacked the South Sudan forces, the UN, IGAD, AU, and US would condemn the rebels very strongly. These entities are just making South Sudan a source of employment. They are not trying to bring peace.

    The peace will come only if the international community give more pressure to the government because the South Sudan president was the one who caused the war and he is still continuing the war despite the little pressure the international community impose on him.

  12. MAJONGDIT says:

    Salva Kiir is there to stay…he is a democrat, humble and kind. Bullets or ballots you can do nothing against Kiirdit. The best I ask of all of South Sudanese is to accept PEACE!



    • Eli says:

      There is no kingdom that lasts forever and not especially like that of kirrdoomship. If you are wise enough this is your opportunity to distance yourselves from that murderer Kirrdoomdit.

  13. Deng Ajak.
    My God, I have just found you another stupide minded and sick soul, you are disaster for this country, you are not different from your elders leaders who are sick and stupide thinking like you. You are worst than the Arabs, Deng Ajak, the ID logy of “we are born to rule” is an old fashion of Nazi (Hitler) it is failed and would not help you or your leaders to implement it in this modern world, and today South Soudan. Deng you need to be put in the hospital to cure from you disease call impurity complex.

  14. Leader says:

    Dear All,
    This so-call Deng Ajak guy is a Nuer pretending to be Dinka and use insults against Equatorians just to cause bad blood between Equatorians and Dinka communities. Dinka people know Equatorians well and respect them since they share borders and have for a long time intermarried and intermingled more than the Nuer (the savages from afar). We live together happily in South Sudan and share many things after the Nuer have followed Riek to the bush and Ethiopia. Why should any Dinka use these words now and not any time in the past?
    This is another strategy to deceive Equatorians to follow them after they use federalism, rumours of assassinations and defections but failed miserably.

  15. Holo Kor says:

    Eh, yea, yea! leader, whatever. We’re not even close or good brothers either we’re good sister. Anyway, keep that to yourself. I’m out of here and sick, too.

  16. Rom B. Ruac says:

    Dear All,

    I think the world Leaders should access the competency of this Regional body IGAD Countries on dealing with peacefull settlement of any conflict of any kind. We have all witness the weakness of mediator, IGAD which does dealt with symptoms of the problem than uprooting the causes, analyse them and thereafter produce a curable solution.

    IGAD Countries became financially desperate, getting financial support from Troaika Countries become an in flowing funding peace table that they do not want to address the root causes so that permanent solution to the crisis follow.

    Despite pressure from United Security Council, United Nations and other Regional bodies like AU and IGAD rushing on what they call ‘formation of Government of National Unity’ leaving everything else the same is like cleaning wounds without prior to their causes. This is a dangerous tool that is always used by money-eaters to settle a converge a temporary peace that may spark bloodshed once any one of the root causes is plainly touch by either warring parties or any other invisible hand in the conflict.

    Therefore, for IGAD to bring a permanent peace, ‘must get deep down and address the root causes of the conflict’, otherwise, this body seem to be a child to neutral the ongoing war in South Sudan. Instead, I would propose a different Regional body who has experiences on conflict Resolutions should be mandated by the United Nation’s Security Council to resolved the matter.

  17. Deng Ajak says:

    Those of you writing in support of Equatorian must not forget the beating in 1980s. It was clear when I joined SPLA/M. Late John Garang our Hero taught us to treat the Equatorians as slaves. Now you want to turn around and tell me they are not slaves? Of course they are. Our conquest will continue until the last man and the last woman of Equatoria are brought on their knees. The conquest of Bari and other Bari speakers is complete. Narus is not more Taposa land. We completed conquest of Eastern Equatorian by conquering the Madi in South Sudan and in Uganda. In Adjumani alone our population is 270,000, which is more than the population of Madi in Adjumani and we went as far as Kiryadongo in Masidi in Uganda. Mundri is under control. Those who are complaining that Ugandans are milking economy of South Sudan: to us they are building what will be taken away from them in future. Future of Uganda is in our hands. There is no need for Kirr to sign peace with Riek. Riek in his behaviour help us a lot to conquer what we have today. In 1991 he drove us massively from our land. No one will go back. In the current war, he drove us massively, no one will go back neither. With help of our government and international aids, we are settling with little resistance than ever before. Abel Alier taught us about how worst are the Equatorians for our expansion, he gave us the light to conquer and control. You must know that Equatorians will never cease to be slaves. They are saving us in their homes. Sleeping during the day and waking-up late in the evening is the primary character of Equatorian.
    Deng Ajak
    Juba-South Sudan

  18. Lavina Lual says:

    Deng Ajak-

    Nal Kumusam!….Every one in Sudan, South Sudan, Africa and the world world know that dinkas were the slaves of the arabs sold to west and dinaks are slaves top the nuer too that is why they are called Jaang!

    Wake up , Equatorians did not expreince any slavery and will never. Keep on opening your smelkly mouth and ugly face where ever you are because soon you will ceased to exist the wildest dynasurs animal species that were killed from the planet due to distructions

  19. Lavina Lual says:

    To Deng Ajak-

    “I am happy to have been a mixed of animal breed (dinka) and human (Equatorians) genetic because I would have been reasoning like what animals do on this forum, like for instances what brought mentioning of women/mothers/sisters clitoris on this forum if you are born of a sensible human genetic, is it a confirmation of being abnormal or semi human class?, or it is true that these are people who can have sex with their animals and mothers/sisters as their former Arab masters who enslaved them to the western world that is why they never respect women, rape women, kill women, etc…..wooooooooooooo abomination! .

    What an anomaly difference between human class in the republic of south sudan, May God create for you a state of animals where you can leave alone minus other human beings in this country?!”

  20. Chan says:

    it is really great inputs lual

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