Analysis of JMEC’s Statement on the Despairing Situation of South Sudan

By: James Okuk, PhD, Pol. Sci. Lecturer, Juba, JUN/26/2016, SSN;

In the Opening statement delivered to the members during the plenary meeting in Juba on 23rd June 2016 by H.E. Festus G. Mogae, the Chairperson of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), it could detected that the preliminary monitoring and evaluation of the pace of the implementation of the August 2015 Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) is overwhelmingly negative and frustrating to those who want to see a meaningful peace settlement in the country as a whole.

For the first time H.E Mogae has started addressing the scary and disappointing situation of South Sudan with ‘a heavy heart’ of almost-getting-frustrated as he narrated the highlights of his assessment to the 32 members of his institution, representing the parties to the agreement, the other South Sudanese Stakeholders and Adherents, the Regional Guarantors, and International Partners and Friends of South Sudan {i.e., 2 each from GRSS, the SPLM/A–IO and Faith-Based Leaders; 1 each from Former Detainees, Other Political Parties, Women’s Bloc, Civil Society Organizations, Eminent Personalities, Business groups and Youth; 1 each from Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Djibouti, Somalia, Rwanda, Chad, Nigeria, South Africa , Algeria and African Union Commission; and 1 each from U.S, UK, Norway, China, United Nations, European Union and IGAD Partners Forum (IPF)} and also the public at large both nationally and internationally.

For him the parties are failing to adhere to the letter and spirit of the ARCSS as stipulated in the Preamble and also to the spirit of the transitional National Constitutional Amendment Committee, culmination in the national elections at the end of transitional period.

According H.E. Mogae, Chapter I on Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) is not fully established and moving as expected. It is seems to be paralyzed by the fact that only the Presidency and the Council of Ministers are in place but not working collectively as one team of peace yet.

There seems to be a parallel government operating separately and secretly from the TGoNU. This is blocking any progress in the expansion and reconstitution of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly and Council of States, the reform of the Judiciary, the reconstitution and establishment of the Other Specialized Transitional Institutions and Mechanisms (i.e., the undersecretaries, the professional commissions and authorities) and the restructuring and composition of State Governments, especially in Conflict-Affected States and other states in accordance with power-sharing quotas in the ARCSS.

The formation and operationalization of the expected Boundary Commission to look into the issue of 28 states as directed by the IGAD’s Council of Ministers in January 2016 remains a far away dream as some dirty games have been pushed into this to fail it.

But above all the JMEC’s Chairperson identifies the delays and obstruction against the implementation of Chapter II on the Permanent Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements (e.g, work of CTSAMM, JMCC, JOC, Joint Integrated Police, the Strategic Defence and the Security Review Board, etc) as the priority area of the worry about the viability of the ARCSS.

Most content of his statement identified the critical areas for attention because without security in place there can’t be any meaningful peace and sustainable development in South Sudan, which might also pose a regional and international threat as the new country on the globe doesn’t exist as an island of its own among the nations.

For the first time he came out openly to diagnose the problem and identify lack of political will from the Principal former warring parties (the SPLM-IG and the SPLM-IO) to silent the guns in all parts of the country, especially the country side where the social fabrics is seriously wounded by the bitterness of harmful consequences of the war (i.e., killings, robberies, ambushes, intimidation, harassment, sexual violence, child abduction and conscriptions, displacements and refuge in UNMISS PoCs and neighboring courtiers).

He urged the Presidency to intervene and give clear directives to their respective lieutenants on this urgent matter because it is hopelessly putting the ARCSS on a dangerous hold with a possibility of an undesirable collapse.

Lack of progress in Chapter II (due to absent of leadership and cooperation from the military commanders and lack of commitments by their representatives) is seriously hampering the implementation of Chapter III on Humanitarian Assistance and Reconstruction.

Access of humanitarian personnel is being denied in the most-needy areas for rescue and sometimes the relief agents are harassed or killed. Thinking about the establishment and operationalization of Special Reconstruction Fund (SRF) remain a far away dream.

Also the reforms and legislations which are needed for effectively implementing Chapter IV on Resource, Economic and Financial Management Arrangements is being delayed mainly by lack of comprehensive permanent ceasefire in the country, which causes more desertion of citizens to save their threaded livelihood but stay idle in UNMISS camps (PoCs) or other refugee camps in the neighboring countries and at the mercy of good Samaritans and NGOs.

Spending more money and lives on military war operations has not been reverted to humanitarian, economic and services sectors yet. The currency exchange rate and inflation has continued its descent, further escalating the suffering of ordinary people.

For H.E. Mogae who is a professional economist in addition of being a statesman, a country without a stable running economy can’t b regarded as a dignified territory for happy life.

Despite the politicized dodging of full and timely ARCSS implementation, the JMEC’s Chairperson warned the parties not to temper with Chapter V on Transitional Justice, Accountability, Reconciliation and Healing.

He wanted the components (i.e., Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Commission, Compensation and Reparations Authority, and Hybrid Court for South Sudan) of this type of special justice to be established without further delays so as no the keep abetting impunity continuity of violence in the country.

This has to go hand in hand with implementation of Chapter VI on Parameters of Permanent Constitution so that issues of governance and management of diversities in the country could be addresses comprehensively and based on scientific findings, including the federal system of government and the suitable number of units of the levels of the government (e.g. No states, 3 states, 10 states, 21 states, 28 states or more states).

According to H.E. Festus, the JMEC shall keep reminding the parties on Chapter VIII on Supremacy of the ARCSS and Procedures for Amendments so that they do not operate outside the deal without approval by the JMEC (e.g. trying to amend the ARCSS matrixes and unilateral decisions by the Presidency on critical issues like advisors without getting back to the JMEC, the Council of Ministers and all the Parties).

The JMEC shall keep its commitment as stipulated in Chapter VII of the ARCSS and remain seized to in how to overcome some of the major obstacles to ARCSS implementation with the mandated mission:
1) Monitor and oversee all aspects of the implementation of the Agreement;
2) Monitor and oversee the mandate and tasks of the Transitional Government of National Unity, including the adherence of the Parties to the agreed timelines and implementation schedule;
3) Oversee all work of Pre-Transitional and Transitional institutions and mechanisms created by the Agreement;
4) Enjoy, under the laws of South Sudan, such legal capacity as may be necessary for the exercise of its functions, including the capacity to contract and to acquire and dispose of real and personal property;
5) Request status reports from any of the Pre-Transitional or Transitional institutions, as it deems necessary;
6) Break deadlocks within the TGoNU, as per the provisions of Chapter VII, Article 6 of the Agreement;
7) Publicize its work, conduct public outreach to the people of South Sudan, and ensure that the progress of implementation of the Agreement is widely disseminated;
8) Report regularly to the TGoNU Council of Ministers, the Transitional National Assembly, the Chairperson of the IGAD Council of Ministers, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, and to the Secretary- General and Security Council of the United Nations on the status of implementation of this Agreement, as provided for in the Agreement;
9) In the event of any non-implementation of the mandate and tasks of the TGoNU or any of the Pre-Transitional and Transitional institutions and mechanisms created by the Agreement, or any other serious deficiencies, recommend appropriate corrective action to the TGoNU, and/or remedial action to the national and international institutions named above; and
10) In the event the TGoNU fails to take such remedial actions, the Chairperson shall report such matters with recommendations to the other stronger international bodies for pressure and action.

The address of H.E. Mogae should prick the conscience of the ruling leaders of South Sudan if at all they have a sympathy left for their suffering population from effects of the senseless war and crazy volatile shocking economy.

These political leaders should not gamble and undermine the gravity of the despairing situation being faced by vulnerable and downtrodden population who still has the electoral power of mandating the legitimate governing of the country.

So far the parties (especially those who have the monopoly of means of violence) are still behaving as expulsive strangers to each other rather than cohesive partners for peace. The mistrust between them is still high.

That is why the Overall Supervisor of the ARCSS implementation is seriously worried, given his assessment of the behavior of the parties. For him the stalemate on the pending issues might threaten the viability of the whole peace agreement and draw the country back to a gloomy situation of ‘to-be’ or ‘not-to-be’.

But so as not to be blamed if things went wrong later (God forbids), the Old Man from Botswana is now set and prepared to stage official complain in form of monitoring and evaluation report on the hindered implementation of the ARCSS, to be presented to the TGoNU’s Council of Ministers, the Chairperson of the IGAD Council of Ministers, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the African Union Peace and Security Council, the Secretary General of the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council.

The report shall be accompanied with recommendation for remedial actions, perhaps including punitive measures against those individuals who are obstructing the progress of ARCSS implementation and working for its collapse.

This reminds of Eleven Thesis by Karl Marx in his Theses On Feuerbach: “Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.”

The JMEC has descriptively analyzed the worrying Situation of South Sudan. The conclusion is almost drawn: the parties to the agreement, especially the principals who have the monopoly of means violence, are unable to develop the desired and expected Political Will to work jointly and responsibly to implement the ARCSS fully and in time.

The tough question is: What next if the intransigence against peace realization in the country continues?

The Open Options:
1) Resignation by JMEC and other peace-lovers who are getting frustrated with lack of full implementation of the ARCSS so that war is given another chance to consummate the remaining breath in South Sudan (a country so far that doesn’t have a dignified countryside because of its loosened social fabrics due to the senseless war), or
2) External Intervention to prevent more humanitarian and warmongering catastrophes under the world responsibility to uphold the Principle of Protecting Vulnerable Civilians against humanity crimes and other serious bad news that are punishable by international law (the R2P).

The recent toughened language of the Spokesperson of the UN Peacekeeping Operations Department in New York regarding the UN release of official report of the attack on civilians in the UNMISS’ Malakal PoC in February 2016, is already painting a grey writing on the wall as to what might befell South Sudan if the ARCSS collapses.

Both options are very bitter but the second one could be a lesser evil if the worst comes to the worst.

Now for the two options to be avoided, I am appealing to the top political leaders not to compromise the fate of new country on the globe by refusing to change the old political mindset in order to embrace peace sincerely.

Oh, Oh, Oh My Leaders; Soften Your Hearts and Make Peace Sooner Before it Becomes too Late for You to Continue Letting Down Your People Without Consequences.

Oh, Oh, Oh; It is Now Time for Courageous Action Towards Rekindling the Hope of Peace Before the Outsiders Come in to Do it for the Downtrodden People Who are Part of the Dignity of the Humanity as Well.

Put your Act Together and Take Charge of Bringing Dignity of Our People Back and Quickly So as to Close the Window that Justifies the Intervention of Foreigners into Our Internal Affairs.

The Essence of Any Government is to realize for its People the Security from Fear and from Wants so that they don’t contemplate deserting and wishing a downfall by any means to their very government of the day.

If indeed some individuals are obstructing peace why should they not be distanced from power positions?

While we keep dragging our feet, people are dying of hunger and curable diseases, the economy is collapsing, and insecurity is becoming rampant all over the country. Even areas that used to be peaceful are now flashpoints of insecurity.

If Malakal was gone long time ago and Wau is now being deserted, will Juba not be the next in the line if ARCSS implementation continues to remain a myth?

What will we call the triple historical centers of politics in South Sudan if these cities are no more?

What other signs are we waiting for to get convinced that we are fast sliding into an abyss if we don’t revert from this tipping point in the coming few days if not weeks?

The exit is peace and not war. Listen well my leaders!


Dr. James Okuk is lecturer of politics reachable at


  1. Tyson says:

    Reality cannot be denied!
    Kiir is misled by JCE who think they should continue killing everyone.
    It is time for civil disobedience rather prolonging the suffering. Mass uprising is enough to get these criminals to the Hague. We cannot fold our hands and continue to suffer.

  2. Eastern says:

    Dear Dr James Okuk,

    I have read your piece to its end but I am not impressed at all the depth of analysis you offered therein.
    It is clear that there are two main parties to the ARCISS: SPLA-IG and SPLA-IO led by their principals Mr Kiir and Dr Machar respectively.

    The lack of political will you mentioned severally in your piece lies squarely with Mr Kiir. The presidency in the Republic of South Sudan at the moment is synonymous with the sitting president who is Mr Kiir – he welds all the state powers. That’s the truth. Dr Machar and Mr Igga are just in the presidency by name! Another bitter truth!

    Mr Festus Mogae may want to continue reminding the principals of the supremacy of the ARCISS and procedures for its amendments, but the bitter truth is, Mr Kiir wouldn’t budge at all – he has all the state machinery at his disposal.

    JMEC may want to continue appearing relevant to South Sudanese in the face of desperation, but the truth is, the buck ends with Mr Kiir. How many times have JMEC monitors been harassed and detained in Torit? How many times have JMEC monitors been denied access right? How far does the restriction to the movement of UNMISS and international observers have to reach before we acknowledge that there’s no political will from Mr Kiir to implement the ARCISS?

    You talked about breaking deadlocks by JMEC in the implementation of the ARCISS. I am wondering what you mean by a state of deadlock or logjam. If the ARCISS is not in a state of serious deadlock, what state is the agreement in then? The overall supervisor of the ARCISS, to borrow your word, is almost assuming the position of Dr Machar – humbled by Mr Kiir’s machinations! It is time the old man from Botswana, to borrow your words, resigns!

    I entirely agree with the two options you proposed:
    1. Resignation by JMEC and other peace-lovers who are getting frustrated with lack of full implementation of the ARCISS so that war is given another chance to consummate the remaining breath in South Sudan (a country so far that doesn’t have a dignified countryside because of its loosened social fabrics due to the senseless war), or
    2. External Intervention to prevent more humanitarian and warmongering catastrophes under the world responsibility to uphold the Principle of Protecting Vulnerable Civilians against humanity crimes and other serious bad news that are punishable by international law (the R2P).

    Alternatively, I may also suggest that Dr Machar and his team go back to their headquarters in Pagak. In Juba, I gather they face a lot of logistical nightmares. It is better they go and make do with basic necessities they may have out there.

    It is preposterous to continue hoping that a solution would come out of the blue when those who are obstacles to the implementation of the accord are clearly known – the reservations expressed by Kiir and cohorts during the signing of the ARCISS are now being actualized and are at play!!

    • Eastern,

      The piece was not meant to impress anybody but to unearth the bitter and dangerous truth that need to be made known as the country drips towards the final cliff if nothing is done soon to divert from the wrong direction being taken by those who are top-leading the TGoNU now, be it symbolically or realistically. The ‘lack of political will’ lies also with Dr. Riek Machar because he is accepting and tolerating things that are not agreed as provisions of the ARCSS or its addenda.

      For example, he accepted to nominated more advisors to the President to add to the already-imposed army of advisors whose status remains unknown within the structure of the executive as provided in the ARCSS (The President, The FV President, The V President, The Ministers and Some Deputies and the Council of Ministers). The Advisors and Assistants President during the CPA were part of the Executive and they were attending the Council of Ministers. The ARCSS doesn’t provide for something of this kind, yet Kiir and Riek are comfortable with this violation. Also Dr. Riek accepted the idea of Boundary Committee and nominated SPLM-IO members into it to look into 28 states without referring to IGAD’s Council of Ministers Communique of 31st January 2016 which directed for formation of Boundary Commission with clear TOR and time limit of 30 days, and not a mere Committee. Some of his nominees to the institutions that are to implement the ARCSS are below the qualifications and expertise (e.g. His Wife Angelina Teny in the Strategic Defence and the Security Review Board and others). He didn’t relieve the governors of his 21 states up to now and they are still operating as a paralleled government on the ground while the ARCSS doesn’t provide for this. He is allowing VP. James Wani Igga to chair Economic Clusters of the TGoNU’s Council of Ministers when it should be Dr. Riek as provided in his powers that are stipulated ARCSS Ch.I.

      All these few examples (leave alone other more ones) shows that Dr. Riek is not absolvable from ‘lack of political will’, like his counterpart President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Both of them should be treated guilty of some violations they are making on the ARCSS until they revert back to the right path.

  3. Attention: Eastern

    Your suggestion for Riak Machar and his team,for going back to Pagak,is not healthy! It will cause a problem for him because he is going be get blamed for being VIOLATING THE MEANINGLESS peace accord he signed with President Kirr in 2015 on August!.Let him stay until in 2018 Again,why he is back from him homeland in the South Sudan in Sudan???!!!!! Nothing will harm him at all!!!!!

    To those who are seeking to fight him at his place,they will MAKE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE AT THIS POINT!!!! Let peace Prevail!!!!!! The South is heading BACKWARD FOR GOOD!!!!!!! It is a shame when seeking Southerners going back in the South Sudan in North in northern Sudan seeking asylum!!!! This ridiculous!!!!!

    • Eastern says:

      Chief Abiko,

      I am responding to you for the very first time. Chief, we cannot sit on our laurels and expect peace to prevail. Remember, peace is not the absence of war only. Peace is the manifestations of many things that contribute positively to well-being of individuals and the country as a whole.

      You said that Dr Machar will be blamed if he goes back to Pagak. Who will blame him? Why are those same people not blaming those responsible for frustrating the implementation of the accord? Chief, don’t bank much on 2018. If the current deadlock is not broken, forget about 2018 or a united South Sudan altogether; the centre wont be able to hold together the peripheries. This is the unfolding bitter reality!!

  4. Toria says:

    Where is this useless Festus G. Mogae, the Chairperson of the so called Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC)? Is this what you call government you are trying to help? See below. WTF

  5. Dear Eastern
    Riak Machar,he is the very person to blame himself by himself alone! He is not suppose to attempt to go back to Pagak at all! If he does,by his own risk,that will be up to him by himself alone! But,not on his political adversaries side in the group!
    Yes,peace will Prevail On Probity on warring parties in the SPLM ruling party factions!The faction should stop political games for the peace accord they have signed on August 15 in Ethiopia and 25,August in Juba in the Sudan
    Ongelet Village,Torit South Sudan,Africa!

  6. GatCharwearbol says:

    South Sudanese, heed to my advice, brace yourself for the worst. This protracting civil war isn’t over until the fat lady sing. Once Kiir is out of our highest seat is the day calm will return to Jinub.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You’re absolutely right but for more than ten years now we have been singing this song.
      The problem is who is (are) the right guy (guys) to rid the nation of this Kiir. Yes, somebody or some patriotic group(s) of people, be they military men or civilians, have to taken that final, decisive and crucial action to boot Kiir out from J-One.
      As I abundantly elucidated in my last editorial, some one or some military men have to “Deal with Pres. Kiir….” just like those other countries got rid of Gaafar Numeiri, Obote, Idi Amin, Haille Salasse, Mengistu, Siad Barre, Gadhafi, Mubarak…… only that’s the only way when Kiir will be finally out of your so-called “our highest seat.” Kiir has badly desecrated the word ‘president’ in South Sudan.

  7. False Millionaire says:

    Dear Dr Okuk,
    To be sincere with u,the last leader we had was John Garang.To say,”my leaders”,is totally misplaced and what will happen in the next few days and months if not hours will not miss to prove the point.Let’s just accept the bitter reality that it’s too late to hope for any RSS which destiny is in the hand of it’s elites as it should have been under Garang.

  8. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear False Millionaire
    The current mess in South Sudan is the outcome of Dr John Garang’s handy work. When did the entrenchment of tribalism and ethnic cleansing start? It started under the watch and supervision of Dr Garang. Remember, the cleansing of the Uduk. Remember the cleansing of the Nuer in 1988. Remember the cleansing of the Taposa in 1986. Remeber the cleanisng of the Didinga in 1998 and many others. Were these ugly events not supervised by Dr Garang? You the Jieng with your short sighted leaders including Dr Garang have ruined South Sudan. This week Dr Majak D’Agoot wrote else where saying:”My Jieng people should now know that we are ruined beyond repair and the history of coexistence that our forefathers had built is gone and the course the future of our children’s children has taken will never be the same.” This acknowledgement of Jieng’s negative contribution to the development of South Sudan is noble indeed and I take my hat out to Majak. Therefore, you False Millionaire stop making unnecessary noise about Dr John Garang being an exemplary leader. Garang in fact is the worst of them all because he and his SPLM/A is at the root of South Sudan’s problem.

    • Sincere Heart says:

      Mr Elhag Paul
      Indeed the truth must be said, I concur with what you said the current problems facing south Sudan started long time back by the late Dr, John Garang although some people see him like a true leader. The now SPLA/M (Dinka Government) is just following his foot steps to achieve the agenda of Dinkanizing south Sudan using the Government machines….they are really short sighted and as Dr. Majak D’Agot wrote the fabrics are torn beyond repair and it will forever last in the hearts and minds of the other 62 tribes the evil acts done by dinka on the fellow south Sudanese, but the future will tell and we will see how they will come to apologize in future when the winds change direction for the wrong they have done! I would say all dinka because they are currently supporting the bad acts of the government 100% by volunteering to back Kiir……they will regret because this story will remain to be told for generations of south Sudanese.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    I accept your argument with calm but he still managed to command the struggle down to the CPA leading to the independence.Killing and cleansing are characteristics of any movement on earth including the ANC and the Bolshevik revolution under chairman Lenin.Good end must justify the means.If u like RSS’ independence,it couldn’t have come in any different way thanks to Garang.
    But the hour has come brother and u will have the opportunity to see what the likes of Kiir,Riek Machar,Lam Akol,Dr Nyaba and u yourself will achieve to RSS and it’s masses apart from sterile hunger for power which is the only reason for killing citizens and MTN huntings. Would that mean being better than Garang?!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Milionaire
      Please note there is difference between a “movement” and a “government”. Before the CPA, SPLM/A was a movement. Yes, movements indulge in killing their opponents or those they fight against in battle circumstance. That is “in the heat of the moment” but not when the enemy has been disarmed. However, what is unique to SPLM/A is their practice of cleansing the people they purport to liberate in the liberated areas. Their crimes started right from the beginning of the movement. After CPA in 2005 SPLM/A became a party and a ruling party. Did it switch to behave like a true government protecting its citizens? You know the answer. What has it been doing since then? SPLM/A as the government continued with their bush behaviour killing citizens without accountability, ethnically cleansing tribes for the benefit of the Jieng. For example, unleashing a combined force of Nuer and Jieng militia on the Murle in 2011/2012. Again in December 2013 it ethnically cleansed the Nuer in Juba and other towns. Again hitherto it has been conducting ethnic cleansing of the Chollo people in Upper Nile. Again, it has been busy killing people of Equatoria freely. Again it is now ethnically cleansing the Fertit. False Millionaire! do you think this behaviour of the Jieng is normal? What is really wrong with the collective mind of the Jieng? Now, tell me whether the ANC in South Africa and the others you referred to have done what the Jieng SPLM/A is doing in South? The Jieng have failed South Sudan and if you were honest you would accept it like Dr D’Agoot. Do not think that you are clever enough to fool the South Sudanese and please stop dragging other people who have worked hard enough to expose the rotten Jieng SPLM/A like Dr Nyaba, Dr Ajawin etc. They have worked hard enough to explain themselves through their writings and books and I truly understand their dilemma. I take my hat off to them

  10. False Millionaire says:

    If I speak of Garang,it’s in the context confined to the liberation era.Things could have been better under him after.
    But it won’t serve so much to dwell against a brick wall without any possibility of an exit at this very hour.So feel free to pursue what ever u may deem as a solution.Jieng whom u see to be the origin of the problems besetting RSS,the road for any possible exit may not be easy to manage without them taking part as a solution.U have a fixed habit of mispervcieving jieng in general on the account of the misgoverning jieng political elites in power.But even in the events of a UN take over,the calculations for a restructured peaceful RSS will never be made with any conviction without the jieng taking the central stage.But never be so naive about american intentions and go to sleep with the tones of Dr D’Agoot’s songs.How would u know he isn’t american’s earmarked ox preparing the road to assume the helm of power to parachutte the yankees into RSS?
    I accept with humillity your point brushing aside the role of lam Akol and Dr Nyba on the events of 1991.If u condemn Kiir for the horrors that have been committed during his reigne of power after the liberation,the value of human beings lost as a result of his conduct is as precious as the value of human beings lost during the events that were masterminded by Lam Akol,Dr Nyaba and Riek Machar.U would do so much justice and great honor to your image by condemning all of them.
    If u really still have any hope of a better RSS under the likes of Lam Akol,Dr Nyaba and Riek Machar,the period of a UN’s trusteeship if there is any at all will probably last two to three years maximum followed by elections to hand back RSS to it’s rightful elites.At that very point,u will have the golden chance to back them up.
    Me I say that,as one couldn’t count on Kiir,there isn’t any sense of leadership for a better RSS in the likes of Lam,Riek and Nyba and I will be very happy to get proven wrong if one of them comes to power in my life time.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millionaire
      I have not time for your manipulative response. Trying to put words on my mouth to paint me as a supporter of those you mentioned is utter nonsense. Also trying to corrupt me to think that the Kiirs are elites of South Sudan is utter trash. What elites indulge in murdering toddlers, young people, women and the old?
      You appear to be obsessed that it is only outsiders who will solve our problem and hence your constant reference to the US parachuting new leader to South Sudan. I do not believe that our problems will be solved by outsiders. Outsiders actually are part of the problem. Eventually we South Sudanese will have to clear the mess ourselves and I assure you that will.
      The horrendous and heinous crimes you the Jieng have committed will not be forgotten. These acts will eventually ensure that no decent South Sudanese apart from the likes of the puppet Wani Igga will vote for Jieng leadership of the country. As Dr D’Agoot said you are ‘ruined beyond repair’. Why on earth should South Sudanese want to let “damaged” people to lead them? Haven’t we already seen enough? Please give me a break!

  11. Dear Paul Alhag

    Please,you must have a free will from your own personal decision and personal choosing on your own self- democracy alone.Vote any person in jieng people in the tribe if he or she doing good things for the country for the government for people! Calling James Wani,a puppet,is not good at all for educated persons such as you by yourself! Educated people are far from deragotory and indecent language.

    What he is doing,in the country,in the government,he is doing he is own best for the benefit of his people! His present with president Salva Kirr in the administration,it will facilitating the genuine peace in the South Sudan soone or later! The Nilotic people such as Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk,Anyuak,they by themselves,they are lacking the Human Rationality! They are always IRRETIONAL BY Nature! They do not have a clear minds and a clear understanding! They only belong for FORCE as their nature in instict!

    Remember that what causing the ongoing noise in the South Sudan,right now,President Kirr,and Riak,they do not have open minded! They are putting personal affairs for political affairs and for local political affairs in the tribal hegemony! It needs collective effort from other directions to bring peace in the South Sudan to people! If Kirr,and Riak,step a side for good, in personal political power struggle,the South Sudan in the government,will look much better more than ever!!!! Thank you.



  12. deng hanbol says:

    Dear Abiko,
    I don’t understand what is your topic?

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