An Open Letter to the President of the Republic of S.Sudan on Brutal Killing of Defenseless Dinkas on the streets & Jungles of Equatoria Region

By: Luka Geng Geng,, University Campus, Wau, OCT/14/2016, SSN;

Mr. President,

With deepest frustration as I pen you this letter, I’d like to begin at the outset by sending my heartfelt condolences to the entire families, friends and relatives of the brutalized members of Dinkas whose lives perished in cold blooded war on the main streets and jungles of greater Equatoria region under the hands of merciless Equatorian youth against Dinka.

Back to the point, this letter is to appeal to you to do something fast and if you are already doing something to redouble your effort or to re-focus your compliance with the saying that “stitch in time saves nine.”

This is a matter of grave concern, you should know. The recent sadistic brutal murdering of innocent Dinka on Yei to Juba road and Juba-Nimule road are very disheartening not only to the families of deceased but equally to all Dinka communities across the country.

Why would innocent Dinkas people be killed on regular basis? You ought to know the answer to this question and come up with the solution.

Mr. President, I am obliged to deliver you this piece on open medium but I want to assure you if I had an opportunity to convey this message privately, I would not have hesitated to do so.

Since you are the only custodian of Dinka people constitutionally and all others tribes in South Sudan, I would like to state clearly to you that “what has been happening at your watch is a clear indication where the state failed not only to protect and insure the constitutional, legal and traditional rights of tribal people but
instead it sponsored crimes against tribal people”.

In this open letter, I would want to question your knowledge about the root cause of what is going on now in the country. Did you know why there is hating of Dinka tribe that much?

It is because you are president who comes from Dinka while other tribes are not happy with your ruling; this is a fact not a case, and so it is what you should know best. Nuers and Shilluk tribes have already demonstrated that to you which can also best prove my point here.

We believed that will it be too late though you might come up with whatever the solution. Do you think that being Dinka-born president, your tribe mates could be killed while you and your government are tied lipped because you come from Dinka tribe?

Is your presidency enough for these lives lost? I don’t think so. On daily basis, innocent Dinkas people are being targeted and cornered everywhere on the streets and jungles of Equatoria region creating a sense of insecurity yet your government couldn’t come up with a clear-cut solution to that.

In several occasions, we have seen that brutal killings of Dinkas have become a frequent occurrence and irrespective of whatever intervention your government will make thereafter, its persistence does nothing to engender faith in your government system’s ability to secure justice for the victims and the entire members of Dinkas living in Equatoria region whom I think are in the pecking order of heartless organized group against Dinkas.

Remember, as a chief servant of the nation or president, you are like a pilot of an aircraft flying in turbulence. Turbulence times bring out the best or worse of a pilot. We can no longer blame the turbulence on past enemies of South Sudan at this time though some figures within your government still point their fingers at former rebel leaders to be behind the killings.

Believe me or not, this time the buck rests at your desk if you fail to live up to the hype and hopes of million people across the country on the current situation because all believe that providing security for civilians is the primary responsibility of the state.

Mr. President, you need to know that even if we live in a country were almost everything is devalued including our local currencies, we wouldn’t accept our lives to be devalued, and in particular as Dinkas we are always calm, not known for the killing initiating characters but lethal on revenge if resorted to as the only option, something which I believe the same government of yours dragging foot on the current brutality will sweat on it so much sooner or later.

What the Equatorian brothers are doing against Dinka may turn bitter soon if Dinka tribes may respond to it. But why would you want Dinkas to revenge before your intervention Mr. president?

By writing this letter, I am neither inciting Dinka youth nor advocating for the Dinkas to rise and revenge but rather I want your serious intervention and that of your government, Mr. President.

I want you also to know that other non Dinka tribes across South Sudan are not happy with your ruling which is the chief reason Dinka are hated that much.

Mr. President you also know that you made us too weak in defending your government against your harsh critics because what we see sometimes with your government weakens our defense strategy. It could be wise for your government to be sensitive to such situations where the blood is poured. Everyone wanted your intervention on this situation.

In my personal point of view, the kind of interventional measures I would like your government to take are responding to such incidents by coming out with a high level judicial inquiry, legal action and fixing accountability on the brutality and cruelty of killing of innocent Dinkas and ultimately to strongly condemn this act of crimes against humanity which is also tribalism by its nature.

And if these ideas are not helpful in this particular situation, you may go as far announcing the state of emergency in the states like Yei and apply exactly the same formula which was used to solve the problem in Wau state.

Coming to Wau now you will really feel that the formula was really helpful in a situation were no body was expecting its quickest recovery owing to rampant killing which was practiced in Wau.

Mr. President, I wonder what kind of leadership is your government trying to run; in other countries, it is not surprising to see the heads of the state coming out to strongly condemn and send out condolences not even on the killing of less than two civilians but only in some occasions where only life threatening acts has been committed.

Why is it too late or too hard for your government to imitate such noble leaders? What will justify your silence in the ongoing killing of innocent Dinka? I will never understand!

In conclusion, I would like to urge the transitional government of national unity for immediate intervention to halt the ongoing onslaught in our country for the current trend may lead our country towards tribal warlordism which we don’t expect to exist in our beloved nation.

The current situation must end with a well calculated political solution. A restoration and consolidation of full protection of civilians which is well within the power of your government, Mr. President, can indiscriminate the horrors of brutal killing of innocent members of Dinka tribes.

The current insecurity created by some individuals with tribal ideologies may send our country to trash given the current situation in the country. However, my big fear is that we face a prospect of losing another generation of South Sudanese to conflict and misery should all the tribes be engaged in the ongoing killing of members of
tribes…up to here I rest my point.

The author of this piece is 6th year medical student in the University of Bahr el Ghazal; Wau. For contact, he can be reached at


  1. Dear: Author Student of University Of Bahr El Ghazal Luka Geng Geng:

    I read your letter to His Excellency President Salva Kirr Mayardit.It is as good as bad! You know, you liking President Salva Kirr to revenge against people who are killing innocent civillians Dinka in Equatoria. I am not happy about.But you have to understand that communal fight is always normal in every society in this world.What took place in Yei road,nobody knows the reasons behind! Let the government handle the situation in peace!

    Remembered that the problems,have been happened in the roads.Not inside the towns in the country in the South Sudan between Juba-Yei Road and Juba-Nimule Road.It is hard to find the attackers in the bush.What I want from our fellow Equatorians politicians.They should admonish individual in Equatoria to stop killing civilians Dinka people in their ancestors lands totally!They should live with them in harmony and in peace!

    To those who are doing such killings,must be arrested and punish by law. The rebels must do the same! The leader in the bush Riak Machar, should warn his fighters from killing innocent people in the country! He should fight on government of President Kirr administration! We are one people! We are sharing one common good! South Sudan common enemies, they are now in the South Sudan.They have not been yet got killed by Southerners! There are now,South Sudanese remain in KhartoumThey are enjoying protection in the Sudan government!

    Killing people in the country base on tribal political backgrounds,is UNACCEPTABLE TOTALLY!

    Thank you Luka.The matters will be solved in peace!


  2. L. Stephens says:

    shame on you. If you were a real patriotic south Sudanese you would be complaining to the president about the killings of other south Sudanese in Equatoria. This has started even much earlier before this current conflict. Let me be honest i equally condemn the killing of innocent civilians in this conflict whether Dinka or non Dinka. You can recall that the killing of civilians on Juba road is condemned by many equatorians. People of Equatoria do not hate the Dinka but the leadership of current government who happen to be useless an incompetent.
    Are you aware of civilian killings in Yei, Maridi, Yambio, Mundri, Magwi, Loa, Pagiri, Torit, Malakal, Bentiu by Kiir forces just because they happen to belong to a tribe of the person who is with Riek Machar? Are you aware that Dinka soldiers in Equatoria kill civilians after they return from a losing battle field? Remember the story of David and Goliath if you are wise. And check your Jieng plan of rulling south sudan for 200 years. Please, i agree with you let us condemn the killings of inonnecent non combatants. But tell your Kiir soldiers to stop it first then the Equatorians will follow suit.

  3. korson sebit says:

    The insecurity problem we are currently facing in South sudan is a man made situation, any lose of a human being life’s either Dinka’s or Equatorians is a great lose to nation, our people much look back seriously to the roots cause of the killing innocent civilians in cold blood and hated that taking place across south sudan. No smoke started without fire, Equatorians grvinecis much be addressed in a very higher levels, our Equtorians civilians been slaughtered like rates from east, central, Western Equatoria states, our people complain about the mistreatment they are getting from their Dinka’s brother and forcefully taking away their properties by Dinka centric trabolistic governments in juba, No tribe is born to rule others tribes, No tribes either white or black born with guns in their hands but we all learn how to used it, for genuine peace to privail in South sudan certain tribes in South sudan much change their attitude towards others tribes, and start behaving like we are living in 21st century by respecting other communities properties. No Equatorians go to Bor or warrap state started grabbing what doesn’t belong to them by force. What I have seen missing in South sudan is nationalism, we need to identify our self as south Sudanese first not tribes first.

  4. johnjerry says:

    It is so painful when we turn against one another as citizens of this nation that is so dear to all of us. A lot of killings of innocent people have recently plaqued this nation starting at the outbreak of December 2013 of the Nuer people by the Dinka militia famously known as Mathiang Anyoor. This was targeted killings as it was done openly from door to door and the same thing happened in Wau against the Fertit people by the same people now complaining that they are being targeted by people from greater Equatoria on the roads in and out of juba-Nimule and Juba-Yei roads.

    This killings of innocent citizens must stop.It is unfair in the 21st century when we see such brutal act take place.Both the Government Soldiers and the Rebel Soldiers must respect the civilians that they are suppose to protect.It is very unfortunate that the SPLM/A is a “Vehicle” without a reverse gear as per say.Create a Vehicle with a reverse gear so that you can move back and forth with ease. This is not rocket Science, but logic in the real world. It is this same thing that created all this mess in the country starting with Bor massacre in 1991 and other killings of the same nature across the country during the bush war and now. Who is there to rescue us from this mess?. Please merciful God come to our help!!!

    • It’s truely not good to kill our selves and what my equatorian people are doing against Dinkans we equatorian saw it,and God in the heaven too saw and i truely dream last night on what will happen to my equatorian,i dream that a rain will come as fire and kill all equatorian who kill dinkan,so you dinkan don’t worry

    • I love south sudan and president salva kiir and my Love will ever end on southern automy,yet said it will last for ever and ever and south sudanese will unite {love themselves} no matter what happen, my home nimule for love ,we are people God ,if other Equatorian kill dinka ,GOD WILL SEE

  5. Bismark says:

    While it is sad to hear the death of innocent jiengs on Equatorian roads, it should as well be sad to do so on the lives of innocent non- jiengs killed by those jiengs in uniform. I believe it far much worse for a person in uniform to kill an innocent citizens with government resources for no reason. It is even the worst moment of my life to hear government soldiers kill mad people, pregnant women, babies and even rape women and dissect the dead in Equatoria. You can imagine what the relatives of the victims could do if they have the ability to pay back. To every action there is a reaction. So here the government is to blame. No human live is invaluable. As a country we must strive to defend and protect the property and lives of our citizens and no life of any citizen is more superior than the lives of others. Pastoralists should go back to where they came from so that peace can return to the villages of Equatoria.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    The true truth is,it’s uncivilized to generalize.
    A man who has lost a grand mother,a mother,a wife,childern and everything that he sees to have been most valuable for him on earth will be more criminal than the criminals who kilt them if he ever laid a hand on innocent masses who had nothing to do with the events that lead to their death.
    Crime is universal.So is the law and justice.The criminals deserve to be punished to their last comrade no matter where they are hiding.That includes those who are squatting among the forum’s audience preaching hate among the masses.They are more criminals in principle than the criminals whom they have incited to murder innocent citizens in RSS in general and in the greater equatoria in particular.Spade is spade.No to blind revenge!!!

  7. Elijah Samuel says:

    You write passionately because your people(Dinka) died. You should have written in the very same spirit when the rest of the 63 tribes are been eliminated one by one by Dinka Machinery called the SPLA-IG. Without Dinka Masses Kiir is nothing and has no support from any other ethnic group than the Dinka. In addition What Kiir is doing is for the benefit of the Dinka.
    The Dinka Soldiers goes to other peoples villages, arrest and kill freely and there is no outcry from you the rest of the Dinkas.

    Listen and Listen Well. Without the ancestral lands of each ethnic groups they can not exist. So when Kiir uses the weight of the Dinka government to force you Dinkas into other peoples villages, it means you did not come in peace, you bread animosities and anger. When was the last time Kiir SPLA-IG kill you Dinkas as they do to my tribe and all the other 63 ethnic groups?

    The reason why All the 63 tribes hate you is because you are using your Dinka centric government to displace others from their ancestral villages. the solution to South Sudan is very simple.
    1) Take your people back to their lands and do not invade other peoples villages
    2) Do not drive your cows all over lands that belong to other people
    3) Kiir must null the 28 Dinka centric states
    4) Let other thrive in their villages as you are in your own villages.

    If you do the above, there shall be instant peace. The Nuer tough and are fighting not because they are defending Machar but because you killed their women and children by the thousand by other estimate 10,000 right in Juba. If loosing 20 Dinka hurst you this much can you imagine what the Nuer must have felt?

    Even if you make Wani Igga or Taban Gai the president of South Sudan, as long as you keep aggressions in other peoples villages, the entire 63 south sundaes will continue to hate you. We hate you not because of kit but rather what Kiir does on your behalf and you go along with it.

    Peace is the product of equality and Justice and respecting other people rights. Tell me how many Dinka villages has Muru, Kakwa, Acholi, Madi, Fajulu as Dinkas are in this places? You claim our places in the name of one nation but yet what it is you are expanding your territories by robbing other lands. the problem of south sudan is LAND favoring Dinkas. We fought the Arabs because of our lands and we shall fight anyone who come to us like the arab whoever that may be.

  8. Tyson says:

    Sheer nonsense!
    The Jieng started this ugly phenomenon from the first SPLA misrule. People were killed, women raped, lands grabbed, and government coffers were looted with impunity! When this barbaric situation is being imposed on innocent people by the Jieng evils, you call this justice.
    Malong recruited jieng malitias to rain havoc on innocent lives, kill, rape and grab land, no Jieng ever condemned it.
    Nuer were slaughtered, raped and humiliated, the Jieng jubilataed for this ugly situation. It was considered victory because you are netting hell on innocent people.
    Today, the 63 tribes of South Sudan are allegic to Jieng behaviors. The blood of innocent people are crying for justice everyday.
    The people were being innocently killed by Jieng deserve the RIGHT for self defense. Wherever you misbehave, you deserve to die. It is better to be surrounded by wild animals rather rather than by primitively jiengs.
    We know your ugly plans but time will tell!
    Good luck!

    • Lotome Lojuron says:

      Luka Geng Geng
      Seeing the right thing and refuse to do it cowardice. Whatever you refused not to be done to you do not do to others. Your tribe men have been clearing villages in Central Equatoria and as we speak now some families are totally wiped out. Tell your fellow tribe men to stop killing too.

  9. Kokora II says:

    Dear Citizens
    It is sad to hear about the deaths of civilians on major Roads, and in fact in every other road in our Country daily in the News. The question to ask is who actually started these killings in the first place? The answer is the government of SPLA IG in Juba started this barbarism. For the last year or so (Kirr/Malong) militias are going from village to village of Equatoria and other parts of the country killing our innocent civilians indiscriminately claiming that they are rebels. They kill every male beings from babies being thrown in burning houses to old and sick including women.
    First of all we would like to make it very clear to all that. There’re no old women, old men, pregnant women, school aged girls, children and the disabled in our movement. Let me make it very clear about that. So why is Kirr/Malong’s militias killing innocent civilians all over Equatoria, in Bahr Ghazal and Upper Nile areas in mass killings with impunities and no one is held accountable?
    We promised not to hurt civilians on the roads if the Regime in Juba will refrain from killing our innocent people. We are Armed Revolutionaries and we only fight against our enemies aka Kirr/Malong Dinka militias who are carrying guns.
    Unfortunately, some of our people are paying no attention to our warnings, that you MUST NOT RISK YOUR LIVES TO SAVE THE REGIME IN JUBA. Avoid travelling on these roads until a deal is reached and you will be safe.
    I repeat, we are not here to attack civilians but any suspected vehicles or civilian transportations used to transport military equipment are well known, because we have our agents whom we are in constant communications with, they are instructing us about the identities of these transportation companies, they will not be allowed to pass safely.
    This warning also goes to other routes like Torit-Pageri, or Juba-Torit, Juba-Yei and Juba-Bor, Juba Marindi, Juba- Kajo Keji roads etc. any road leading out of Juba. They are not safe for anyone to risk your lives for.
    You may ask the the aim in doing all these?
    • The aim is to force and bring the Government back to negotiating table and to do it with good faith without nepotism or trickery.
    • There is NO ONE WHO WILL WIN this war BY GUNS. But Salva Kirr and Malong Awan thought they can subdue and destroy us and play tricks on us with the help of their foreign allies and betrayers that they will defeat us.
    • We are People’s Movement fighting to free our people from Dinka-led illegal regime; we urged all foreign entities to HEED TO OUR ONGOING WARNINGS.
    • The government in Juba is using the civilians as Human shields and we condemned that cowardice, and must STOP.

    Eli Wani is a South Sudanese Revolutionary and Visionary Combatant in Armed Resistance for Justice, Equality, working in Pursuit of Liberty and Freedom of our People

    • Anonymous says:

      Those who kill innocent civilians are guilt however much they try to justify their barbaric actions. The world will never accept these criminals. You are trying to push the country to Rwanda style of genocide to legitimise your claims but the world has seen your violent tactics. So as how much you try to blame the world, no any civilised will down to your violence. You have become Isles killing innocent people. We will employ diplomacy to neutralise splm in opposition. Kenya and Ethiopia have all condemned the call for violence and soon the war mongers will have no place in the civilised nations. We will call on the Western world leaders to make sure hate speeches are ban in their countries. Those who want to preach hate should be advised to stop it or face deportation back to S. Sudan. So slowly our message will reach Western leaders. The diaspora ate burden to the West because most stay on social security benefits and they create crisis in their countries which at end the Western world is forced to spend their taxpayers money on the disaster.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Sunday,Stephens,Sebit,Bismark,Elijah,Tyson and the rest of savage idiots,
    If u don’t get any common sense in johnjerry’s sensible comments,then prepare yourselves to regret the tragedy of an equatoria that u still don’t know and which u will be obliged to know if jieng ever take revenge.
    There isn’t one single example on earth where political or social objectives were achieved with target killings of innocent people.So be very certain of the reality that what u have opted to do will allow u to inflict pain and suffering on others but that doesn’t mean that the same pain and suffering will not rebound on u a hundred folds worst in the magnitude.
    johnjerry’s position is exactly the position of the majority of well wishers and people of good will.We say no to inter ethenic violence and blind revenge.But that doesn’t mean that the savage idiots like u who have incited the criminals to do what they have done shouldn’t be punished.No punishment will be too sivere for u.Stay tuned.If u are hiding in Juba,outside Juba,in RSS or abroad,there will be no save heaven for u from hell fire that u deserve.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      A Jenge, the very primitives of South Sudan calling their civilized masters Savages? What a bluff. Bring it on ya millionaire from corrupt stolen money coming from culture of thieves.
      Just talks are enough. Brigit on!

    • Toria says:

      False M and Cohorts aka Tribal Diehard Clerics

      My condolence and I am saddened to hear about what is and has been happening to ALL our people in SS and it deserve condemnation.
      But on the other side I also find you and some of your like-minded tribal clerics are not doing any favors by fanning the flames by warning others as though this is the first time citizens have been killed in SS.
      Does it mean then that Dinkas blood is much worth than that of non Dinkas?
      Without doubts you and your tribal mates are hypocrites and cynical. You are very good in shedding “Crocodile Tears” if you know what I mean? Why do you make a lot of noise when the tide turns the other side?

      You need to learn this simple wisdom that translates: “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE OTHERS TO DO UNTO YOU”. Did you get that?

      When have you ever come out to condemn when Dinkas killed other non-Dinkas or land grabbing or raping women even from unprovoked attacks? Yes, tell us Mr. False and cohorts; when have you people shown nationalism rather than always being bigots and one sided of typical Dinka supporters even when your people have been told over and over not to incite or provoke the people of Equatoria? You have been advised diplomatically to remove your cows away from farm lands, your people have been told to behave and live in harmony on our lands and with respect for others. Your people have been advised to stop land grabbing, stop forced marriages at gun points aka rape, stop calling others cowards when they wanted peace instead you brag about colonizing others, liberating others etc. Well, guess what, these very people you provoked are the descendants of WAR HEROES, it’s in our blood, our FOREFATHERS fought every colonizer starting from the Turks, the Egyptians, the English, the Jallabas and now we will take on Dinka Colonizers are no exception, they will be fought until they quit calling themselves as “liberators” of other South Sudanese and you either start living together side by side like one nation people or we will be forced to break the nation into pieces, aka Somalization.
      -When did you condemn the notorious JCE when they divided and re-divided others lands and gave it to Dinkas? Don’t you think the Equatorians have the rights to defend themselves when war is brought to our doorsteps?
      -When did you ever condemn the killings of Nuers in Juba?
      -When did you condemn the killings of Chollo people in Malakal?
      – When did you condemn the constant killings of Madi people on their own land when Dinka IDPs told the indigenous people that “we liberated this land by guns and so if you want it come and get it back by guns?
      -And isn’t that exactly what you asked for? Be careful of what you ask because NO ONE IS A BULLET PROOF including Dinkas.
      Mind you all those Dinkas so-called civilians roaming in our villages are carrying guns or have guns in their residences and they used it in the shadow of darkness to terrorise, rape, kill, humiliate etc the unarmed civilian population. So now, the question you need to ask and think about is; who forced us to resist your brutality?
      Never shall we surrender until we get back our respects and stolen lands. You people should have learnt this long time that Equatorians never quit and we are much more complicated to figure out than your shallow assumption that we have surrendered to your dictatorship rogue regime.
      The good thing is now we too have guns, this is not the era of late Dr. Garang, whom I personally admired his technical tag of war, although he killed Equatorians in thousands we considered that as “collateral damages” and we left that behind us because we had a bigger fish to fry, i.e. defeating the Arabs. and todate we have accomplish that but now we have a new “colonizer” to defeat.

      “Never, never, never, never surrender, surrender we shall never……….”

      You keep uttering cowardice threats on this very website against the Equatorians and yet your tiny brain seems to forget that SSN is ran and owned by an Equatorian the very people you wish to exterminate.

      The warning to people like this Editor is to contemplate if it is wise to publish some of these comments and yet our sources informed us that this website is censoring most of the comments made by other Equatorians. No reasons given up until this point but that is the Editor’s prerogative. As we speak there are plots to commit genocide on Equatorians in Bahr Ghazal, and this should have made a headline on this website not just comments.

  11. Toria says:


    A Confirmed disturbing news from reliable sources within international NGOs working in Bahr el Ghazal. The filed reported reveals youth in Bahr el Ghazal are mobilizing to wage attacks on Equatorians working in Bahrr El Ghazel in revenge of ambushes on main roads in Equatoria.
    “South Sudan’s government through its spokesperson Michael Makuei has threatened communities in Equatoria on Wednesday that his government will take measures against the civilian populations if they are “suspected????” to be rebels.” If we talk of incitement Michael Makuei is the real inciter of tribal hatreds, he has done this in the 2013 which resulted into Nuer genocide in Juba of December 2013, now he is doing it to Equatorians. The world and our people must not take this lightly of what is happening in Equatoria as we speak. As you can see here:

    The recent event which took place along Juba-Yei road explains that the blood and the lives of Dinka are much worth than the life of “other” South Sudanese, the killing of unarmed civilians are unjustifiable and must be condemn whether the victims are from Dinka or Kakuwa, Azende, Madi Pojulu, Lorim Otuho, Moro etc. and every other groups.
    For so many years SPLA IG soldiers and Dinka militias have been killing unarmed civilians in Equatoria with impunity and Kiir never came out to speak against as he has done this time when it happened to Dinkas, which again once more confirmed that this is a Dinka centric government that treat his kin preferentially above and against all others while Pres. Kirr is supposed to be president for all. While the unidentified gunmen killed 21 Dinka mostly soldiers in civilians clothes, the action taken by Dinka politicians is unprecedented and we condemn these Dinka generals and their mouthpiece minister for information Michael Makuei who is fanning the flame for their blood thirsty regime to kill more. Who then is going to develop the country when everybody becomes enemy of them?

  12. Steve John says:

    Equatorians must stop this stupid feeling-sorry mentality against the Dinka. Where was the author of this article when Nuers, Madi, Pojulu, Morus etc were brutalized by jaangs? This is stupid and the author and rest jaangs are complicit because they have silently enjoyed the innocent of other tribes or were simply cowards and didn’t want to get killed like Isaiah Abraham. Equatorians must defend themselves by all means. The war must be taken to the doorstep of Kiir and until Equatoria liberates itself from jaang suffocating grip, the fight must continue.

  13. Loberito says:

    Dear Luka. I read your letter to the President of South Sudan with great interest. First of all, my condolences to the children and family members who were senselessly gunneddown on the roads in Equatoria region. Human life is very Important wether one is being a Dinka or non_dinka. Do you really think that President Kiir should only defend Dinkas? When non-dinkas are always kill, when the families of deceased asked the government of South Sudan to intervene, usually they denied them. Have you ever written the letter to the president when the SPLA soldiers killed civilians Kikilai, Lorena, Yei, Wau, and Wonduruba where paramount Chief son was killed with his people. Peace will come to South Sudan when those who rule South Sudan realize that humanity is very important. All South Sudanese people are equal in God’s eye.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Toria and Elijhah,
    I am sorry for your negative reaction to my comments.But u should know that I am one of those who have grown up,survived and lived under multi ethenic and multi cultural circumstances.I never need to be from your ethenic group in order to feel as a fellow brother to u in much the same way as u never need to be my tribesmen inorder to feel as brothers to me.That said it isn’t today that the earth and the sky will come crushing over me if I say u are on the wrong side in the crisis.
    Why kill innocent people when u know where army barracks are?
    If your intention is to set up an ethenic conflict to provoke masacares,then u will have to bear that part of ill thinking alone becdouse in the case of jieng,they will be advised in any civilized way possible never to commit acts of revenge on any innocent equatoria great or low in social rank.Now what are u going to do and u are most certain to be isolated?

    Toria,u wrote a dispatch yesterday and the editor was too unwise to publish it as an article of information.Now u tell equatorians in jieng homelands to uproot themselves out of an immagined fear of jieng reveng from your part.It will not be a surprise if u publish another dispatch so soon advising the same equatorians to flee to Congo.That’s how so stupid your mind set is.U hallucinate death long before such an evil idea as murdering an innocent equatoria comes to the mind of a most savage jaang individual.

    Things must be made clear to u and to the rest of idiots like u.There are no differences between jieng and equatorian masses.All are fellow citizens.Harming one is as much evil as harming the other.We stand firm to defend them both.There will be no revenge on innocent equatorians for the lives of the innocent jieng whom u have murdered on the roads in equatoria.But u will be hunted,brought to justice and punished most severely.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      For your information, many NGOs, who actually employed and deployed the majority of Equatorians in jieng territories, are and have withdrawn these employees. It’s a wise decision, given our volatility of tribal vengeance.
      Toria’s article is a reiteration of a very plausible reality, better be cautious than being stupid and later regreting no heeding such a clear advice.

  15. Toria says:

    False Millionaire
    “We stand firm to defend them both.There will be no revenge on innocent equatorians for the lives of the innocent jieng whom u have murdered on the roads in equatoria.But u will be hunted,brought to justice and punished most severely.”
    Are you referring to Jenge diehards like yourself and Kirr/Malong militias? Yes justice will prevail.
    Look at you, how simple you availed yourself as the spokesperson of the Jenge tribal clerics. You refer to yourself as “we” meaning you part and parcel of the tribal system even when you try to be neutral. There is nothing you can say that is new here, you will not scare anybody. Your regime tried to assassinate Machar and pursuit him for 37 days and + 3 in Juba, if you think you can wouldn’t you have killed him? I don’t speak for Dr. Riek but if you thing am on the wrong side then you are on the worse side. I am on my people’s side and I will defend them just as our GREAT FOREFATHERS defended us from all the evil past regimes including your tribal regime in SS.
    Thank you for clarifying the underground plot of the Jenges to kill Equatorians, even if they fear reprisal in the event if they start it without our knowledge what I can clearly say is that one of the gross genocides on Equatorians have been going on for years, it was and still continues to be done indirectly by elimination of our leaders and isolated killings so that people we don’t point fingers at one incident as always we brush them as collateral damages or a one tribe siding with rebels and so we Equatorians keep our lips zip instead we conclude that “that is Azande’s problems or Mundari’s or Moro’s or Acholi’s or Kakwa’s or Madi’s or you name it. Look at only less than twenty Jenges who were militias in civilian spying our lands were killed and the whole Jenge united to voice their concerns. How about when chlorine gas was used on Pojulu civilians and cluster bombs on Nuer, gunship used on Shilluks, when tanks used on Balanda’s in Wau town? Has Mr. False or any of these Jenge clerics open their toothless mouth? Nadda
    I might have overstepped but that shouldn’t be, the challenge is how do we who still have voices come out and stand with our people who are the victims of Kirr/Malong victims as opposed to the self-inflicted suffering the Jenges brought on themselves. In the first place, how do you describe it when Jenges come to Equatoria to humiliate us? No matter what this is timewhen we give our 100% attention to those Equatorians being massacred in and around Equatoria and now they want to kill the few who are trying to help the suffering Jenges on their lands. That is shameful and odd.

  16. mading says:

    Toria. Stop lying to the Jieng people this is what you have been calling for with your friend Gatdarwich, and Adwok Nyaba.So be real.

  17. @all commentators, I would like to take this opportunity to address your comments all in one here, but first I thank u all for taking your times to read this piece and put your own views. To begin with, let me assure that majority of u misunderstood why I really pen this letter…you only get to understand the opinion of writer by reading his/her view putforth on the problem discussed which some of u didn’t do. I was clear as my requesiton was for immediate stopage of civilian killing with a view of coming up with a high level judicial inquiry, legal actions and accountability not becoz those killed were Dinka but coz they r innocent civilians. And also blaming president not being sensitive. Believe me or not, I didn’t wish as u think. I wonder why many of u keep beating the drum of ethnicity? Let us be peace lovers coz we all have got our land in ssudan, jst as Dinka lives in Equatorian land, Equatorian too are found everywhere in the territories of Bahr el Ghazal region. I dvice some of u to reread my piece again for better understanding of it. Thank u once again.

    • Dr.Peter Kopling says:

      Luka Geng x2,
      You see it is like this, say I come to your Kraal and raid it flat and went away with 1000 heads of cows, right as you are coming after me to reclaim what is rightly yours,all your uncles and aunts come to you and say for the sake of peace and brotherhood you should not come after me but leave me alone, Mr.Gengx2, will you listen to anyone whoever they maybe? And the worst scenario is if I too join the Corus by singing that let us live in peace and not fight but I have your cow!!

      So what is the best journey out of this dilemma I created in the family? It is simple, I must undo the injustice I committed against you. I must return your cow. It is indeed an Insult, Mr. Gengx2 to say let us live in peace under the current situation WHEN I AM HOLDING YOUR COWS AND SITTING ON YOUR HEAD AND HOLDING YOU BY YOUR THROAT.

      The Dinka must practice justice and become true brothers to fellow south Sudanese not be selfish and self centered tribal bunch. Peace is the natural result of Justice and equality and war and death are natural consequence of Injustice and inequality. This then means the Dinka must leave other people alone in their villages, not grab lands, stop forced marriages. Not hide Dinka agendas behind the government and the SPLA.

      Again the Nuer did not pick up arms because of Riek Machar loosing the vice presidency. RIek Machar lost the positions months prior to war out brake. It was the killing of their women and children that took the Nuer to arms. If only 20 of your people were killed and it hurt you to the point you took to the pen, can you imagine what others have been going through?

      The Bari have the Vice presidency, but your people are sitting in Bari villages with the cows, guess what the Bari are in Arms, the same can be said with the MAdi, the Fajulu, the Azandes and the Muros, the Fertit, the Shuluk. THE PROBLEM OF SOUTH SUDAN IS NOT POWER STRUGGLE BUT RATHER DINKA TAKING OTHER PEOPLES LAND. Peace is Dinka stopping doing such.

    • Eastern says:

      Luka Geng x 2,

      After the signing of CPA and GoSS was formed, there were cries of wanton killing of non-jiengs, massive land grabs, widespread discrimination in the government, including in the university of Bahr el Ghazal, where you are studying.

      All the cries of the masses should have landed on a listening ears high up in the government but alas! It is absurd that Kiir is only responding now to the killing of dinka travelers in Equatoria. Kiir was quiet when civilians were massacred in Wonduruba, Loa, Mundri, Yei, Pageri, Torit, Malakal, Bentiu and Fertit in Wau.

      it is sad if these dinka travelers killed in Equatoria are ipso facto of the Mathiang Anyoor in the aforementioned locales!

  18. New Dawn Equatoria says:


    As long as they continue to behave like their cows, i will kill more of them, infact, i would prefer to use a painfull way of killing them….Bow and arrows is the best plus a machete….otherwise, watchout Jiengs…Equatorians are not fools the way you people think….it’s a shame to us South sudanese, because you jiengs make us a laughing stock outside there….Reform or else, we gonna kill all you empty heads barrels.

    I swear in the name of our great great ANCESTORS.

    • Mary says:

      you have been killing innocent people and has now become your favorite career choice do you really have room in your heart for God who give life and take ? if I may ask you ,the blood of innocent people you are advocate to shed will never benefit you but will just bring curse upon you and your family beside after all you will never win death case it is the same place for all of us and surely the will die painfully in your hands and you too will more painful death as God put it in Bible whatever you the world will be done to you as you did

  19. False Millionaire says:

    There isn’t any need to wheel and twist.If the voices calling for peace aren’t those of the people of good will,then go away with your cross.The worry is never in u falling into the depth of a lagoon.The problem is dragging innocent masses with u.

  20. Chol Deng says:

    Luka Geng,

    next time you write, tell the President, to cease fire immediately, remove the Mathiang Anyoor out of the Jungles, invite Dr. Riek with wide openned arms and Preach forgiveness like when he resurrected last time.

    Or else its too late and the economy is taking its last breath of life, when the economy comes to total collapse, all S Sudanese shall have one language gesture holding their stomachs.

  21. abai okwahu says:

    folks, it is indeed unfortunate that most in this forum are advocating for further violence, i hope that the editorial team has enough time to read some of these hateful and inflamatory comments and delete them outright. articles that are selective in their condemnation of parties that are engaged in the killings of innocent citizens should not be published here at all. i hope common sense and decency will prevail.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abai Okwahu,
      In as much as some comments published here might seem inflammatory, the editor seriously and earnestly believes that freedom of expression is much better than no dialogue at all among our people. We leave it to the reader to make his or her decision about the comments.

  22. Mr editors,
    The South Sudan Nation editors are the most stupid and inciters of tribal conflict in this country.what will be your benefit if Dinkas and non Dinkas eliminates each other? you are a tribalist editor and i hate you so much.stooge.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Toney T. Matot,
      Whooooooaaaa!! You are morbidly prejudiced and biased to see the good of this website and its editor.
      For your information, this is a website and not Bilpham, the SPLA military headquarters.
      Again, this website publishes articles from both jienge and non-jieng free thinkers,
      You are allowed to hate the editor but enjoy the article, please.

  23. @ New Dawn Equatoria, plz I have had much to bear with prior to yr most irresponsible comment ever but with what u wrote it is wise to advice u… dear, I believe u r using power of words to fight Dinka but if practically applied u will be nothing. Believe me or not, Dinka all don’t want to fight Equatorians coz even if they do the outcome is obvious. Plz let me advice not to use war of words jst to push Dinka for what is not their plan. Weak people are known even by their words….don’t be exposed at all

  24. Walter deng says:

    False M. Are waiting for your long awaited ordeal. Stop dangling your mouth here and there. We Equatorians are already aware of that. Bring it on cowards!!

  25. False Millionaire says:

    deng Walter or Walter deng,
    Your name is very interesting.
    FYI,I am a father of still nursing childern and have an elderly mother.In case of a social upheaval that may force an exedus,they will be certain to be the first victims.
    Those who appeal for calm aren’t really ill wishers.Targeting jieng becouse they are jieng will never move u an inch towards achieving a goal be it social or political.
    If I were u,the right targets are uniformed government soldiers and it isn’t difficult for u to get them if u weren’t an irresponsible doped coward.
    May God forgive u for not knowing what u are doing!!!

  26. Abiko! says:

    To: My Dear Okwahi Okwahu

    For your information,I want to tell you my honest speaking manifesting by myself that without the forum where you were expressing your views to people,it would have had difficult to modify the South Sudanese mindset totally!!! The forum where you were now,has contributed very many significant matters in the country of South Sudan government!

    The Nilotic tribes by nature Dinka,Nuer,Shilluk,Acholi,Murle,Luo in Kenya,they are rigid! It is hard for all the time to get them on the board! You rebuked the Chief Editor Dr.Peter Wankomo why he is publishing bad comments in forum from the fellow forum members.This is good for freedom of expression of personal opinions and personal dissenting views coming from reactionaries revolutionaries minds! Free WILL SPEECH,came from God The Father Almighty Alone! It is UNCONTROLABLE! People speaking whatever comes inside their heads! There is nothing wrong for inflammatory words! Inflammatory,agitation,and incitement,they are there to stay with people! You cannot do anything about!

    Sincere Killing Anger!



  27. We must revenge whether u like it or not! Equatorians must test our burning spears.

  28. Tit4tat says:

    We will make MTNs pay whether they like it or not! Jenges must test our excruciating bows and arrows.

  29. Chief Abiko! says:

    TO:My Dear Majak Manguen

    Do not blow again another fire! The fired has died down already! Let us searching the road of the piece alone! Searching the road of revenge,is as good as bad! You by yourself,you have not known yet those ones people in Equatoria Region who have committed the crimes on the roads! There are no people who have been found being responsible in Equatoria Region.

    In opposition forces the rebels in the bush,in the civil war,there are tribes there in the South Sudanese people,including your own from Dinka tribesman.They could have been the one responsible on the roads attacks on civilians! I am not happy what is going now in South Sudan among my people Southerners themselves! I am born a politician! I am die a politician! My grave a politician!

    To me,I knew the clear roots and causes of POLITICAL UPHEAVAL! To me,politicians Southerners,they are not happy with President Salva Kirr administrations at all in the government he is leading now! I want Salva Kirr,to do a right thing! I want him to finish his tenure very well! I want him to give a presidency power to the people of the South Sudanese in the country in order stop political animosities among tribes across the country in the South Sudan Republic!

    In my experiences,they told me that President of Somalia Mr.Mammed Sid Barre,ruled the country when using tribalism! At last,he was forced out from his country by his fellow citizens Somalis Dissenters! He died in exile without honored of his death by Somalis Somolians. Somolia became ANARCHIAL in the world! The country left without government for over 28-Years! I dislike that to happen to our people in the South Sudan at all! Let us choose one road of DEMOCRACY!!!!! No democracy, the blood will blleding in people in the South Sudan government forever!



  30. Josephine Jackson says:

    An Open Letter to the President of the Republic of S.Sudan for children dying due to unclean drinking water.

    Dear Most Honorable President Salva Kiir ;
    Hello! I reach out to you to first thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I know that you are a learned man and one who wants the best for South Sudan. On yesterday evening I was reading about the plight of the water shortage in Sudan. I also was shocked to learn that “65 out of 1000” children die annually from lack of clean drinking water here.
    This was very upsetting to me as the value of a child’s life is of great importance to God. This morning when I woke up about 5:30 am I was given a scripture which I would like for you to reference: Jeremiah – Chapter 22. These were very strong words and I wanted to say: God will bless you if you are willing to save the lives of the children there in Sudan and prevent the spread of respiratory disease, malaria, chronic diarrhea, typhoid fever, skin rashes and blindness.
    Please, Most Honorable President, allow me suggest the use of IDE Technologies of Israel (which incidentally its parent company,* is looking for a foreign buyer). The plant will use IDE’s reverse osmosis technology, which requires less energy and is friendlier to the environment than thermal-based systems. It is part of a plan to have 7 percent of the region’s water supply come from desalinated sea water by 2020). This process will create water in Sudan and would be an excellent opportunity to save the lives of the children.

    IDE is also helping to construct the largest reverse osmosis plant in the world in Israel. The company is jointly owned by Israeli conglomerate Delek Group and Israel Chemicals . There is a scripture that states, He who helps the poor, God is in their debt. Can you imagine that anything that you could desire, God, of the Universe, who created everything would supply because you took the time to save the lives of the children?
    Best Regards,
    Josephine Jackson

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