An Open Letter to Pres. Kiir Mayardit: You’re the worst president ever

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, JAN/03/2015, SSN;

Leaders the world over think about two paramount things: the PRIMACY of the citizens’ needs and the LEGACY they leave behind long after they have gone. It seems, Mr. President, you think less about the two mentioned above and more about staying in power.

There is one thing you have to remember as you stay on: Time will come when you’ll be gone either by political necessity or by biological and physiological necessity.

Power ends, but your legacy will not end regardless of what it is. You might go down in history as the first and the worst president South Sudan will ever have; or you can change course and be the best leader South Sudanese will remember for generations to come. The onus is on you!

Here are some things to consider as we begin the New Year.

You are the President: The only person who has the ultimate say in what happens in South Sudan is you. Sometimes your speeches and interviews don’t reflect that.

When asked once by a journalist when peace would be realized in South Sudan, you asked the journalist to ‘go and ask Riek Machar.’ That was both ‘unpresidential’ and irresponsible.

You were mandated with confidence by South Sudanese in order to do things for them and in order to show optimistic way forward.

Riek Machar is a man who’s shown time and again that he wants to lead South Sudan. That we understand very well. However, he’s not the president of South Sudan.

You claim legitimacy but you fall short of portraying that. It’s time you remembered that you are the president of South Sudan so act like it.

Professing being the president is not what presidency is about; you have to act in the interest of the people.

Stop talking and acting as if there’s someone else; someone who’s actually the decision maker in South Sudan!

As the president, you need to account for the atrocities committed by people under your command. Riek Machar will account for his own atrocities.

As president of South Sudan, who still has Nuer leaders in your government, what would you tell millions of Nuer, who lost their loved ones in December of 2013?

You are the president so answer them like a president!

The Peace Talks
Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was made possible because there was a will to bring peace and the understanding that Sudanese had had enough of war. Taha and Garang, in the interest of Sudanese people, took charge of the talks, showed courageous leadership and made very painful concessions.

You are very much aware that Seyoum Mesfin and IGAD have failed miserably. Unless you take initiative or take charge of these talks, the very people who gave you the mandate will continue to die of diseases, hunger and war.

Dr. John Garang has left his legacy in a very beautiful manner. It’s high time you make peace your legacy because developing South Sudan will NEVER be part of your legacy.

Stop the PRIDE and POWER game you and Riek Machar are playing and humble yourself in order to bring PEACE to your people.

Listen to the Citizens
It’s very easy for leaders to be out of touch with people and their needs. And being an African leader, people around you usually lie to you to win favors and be seen as the most loyal.

Make an effort to be in touch with South Sudanese citizens without any mediators. This could be in form of well-organized town hall meetings or a monthly radio show in which citizens can call in from rural areas and express their concerns directly to you.

In this way, you’ll have a chance to gauge what your aides tell you and what the average citizen’s experiences are.

Media Freedom and Political Opposition
South Sudan is doing exactly what Sudan was/is doing. Your administration is doing the same thing you took up arms to fight. I don’t know whether you don’t see it or you just don’t care.

Newspapers are censored if they criticize your administration, political opponents are intimidated, arrested or killed and you rule through a decree like dictators do.

These are not part of democracy you seem to sing on regular basis. You’re doing exactly what the likes of Nimeiri, Abboud and Beshir did. It’s high time you make South Sudan different from Sudan.

Political opposition and the Media are a mirror through which you can evaluate your performance.

Allow people to criticize your administration and then answer them with facts about what you’ve done for South Sudanese. Intimidating journalists and opposition figures gives an impression you’ve failed to deliver.

Let different political parties debate openly on South Sudan Television. Get your best political brains to tell South Sudanese your side of the story in open televised debates. This will garner you more respect than the way opposition figures are intimidated now.

What you have to request through relevant ministries is journalistic integrity. Journalists who violate their codes of ethics shouldn’t be arrested by security personnel. They should have charges filed by government lawyers and it’s up to the judge to decide.

The word decree appears only once in the South Sudanese Transitional Constitution. And it’s only something to do with failure by parliament to pass the budget bill within 45 days: 88 (7).

So where does ruling by decrees get constitutional legitimacy? Dictatorial leaders rule by decrees because they override their constitutions or don’t care about it.

Whoever advised you to rule by these unconstitutional decrees is contributing towards your unpalatable legacy. It would have been better if these decrees where constitutionally mandated.

Building a nonpartisan Civil Service
No country that hopes to prosper can walk even a mile without a functioning civil service.
There has to be nonpartisan civil service that should remain in place regardless of what party is in power.

Civil Servants shouldn’t be loyal to any political party. The main purpose is to make a given ministry streamlined and functional.

In South Sudan now, the minister is everything. And when the minister is removed, there’s hardly anything that remains to tell the next minister what to do. If you hope to do anything in South Sudan without a nonpartisan civil service then you are living in a delusional limitless dimension.

Ask seasoned experts in neighboring countries, or even in the ‘west’, on how to build and strengthen a civil service sector in South Sudan. Records in any ministry should remain for future records even when the minister is gone. How do you expect to develop a country when the minister goes with records of that given ministry?

President Museveni and Uganda People’s Defense Force
No right-minded South Sudanese would dismiss the role Uganda played during the liberation struggle. Museveni and UPDF have helped us a great deal.

However, Museveni is a political and diplomatic brother and everything he does for us is primarily in the best interest of Uganda and Museveni’s political ambition. Museveni’s help to South Sudanese wasn’t and isn’t offered pro bono.

And we also know that without UPDF, the ‘White Army’ would have probably gone to Juba and this could have caused a bloodbath. But as you are well aware, Museveni’s help to us during the liberation struggle was a function of Beshir’s backing of Lord Resistance Army (LRA).

And his current help is an attempt to keep Sudanese president Omar el Beshir away from South Sudan and to project himself as Eastern African ‘strong man.’

The gravest part of UPDF presence in South Sudan is that it portrays you as an impotent president whose army can’t protect the capital and the government.

Museveni tells the world that he’ll only withdraw from South Sudan if Juba is secure. This tells South Sudanese and the world one thing: you are incapable of protecting your capital city and that you are president only because UPDF is protecting you.

That doesn’t sound like a situation of a strong president. It doesn’t matter what you say about your military strength, UPDF presence and actions have portrayed you as weak, incompetent and someone whose presidency they have protected. That undermines South Sudan as a nation!

So wake up Mr. President and listen to your people, allow free media and free political opposition, build real civil service, bring peace to South Sudan and create respectable South Sudan’s army instead of the current medley of tribal militias that make up the SPLA.

Kuir ë Garang


  1. Kondokoro says:

    You are abusing our Democracy Kiir had not gone beyond the mandate he is still a legitimate leader elected by 98 percent of the people of south sudan why not you wait till the term ends in july then you can open your mouth wide

    • Taban Hakim says:

      Kondokoro, the author of the article is absolutely write. What democracy are you talking about? Your tribal president is abusing the government by recruiting his tribal militia. Where in the world the president of the nation creates his private army while the national army there? Where on earth the president ordered the massacre of his people? You being as a die hard dinka tribalists won’t take you guys nowhere. If your president thinks that the barrel of the gun is the only option for achiving his tribal ambitions-I guarantee you, he gets it wrong. The nation isn’t build by one tribe, period.

      • Kondokoro says:

        he didnt creat tribal army Republican guards 70 percent were nuer and is a risk to the nation base on the movements of riak harashing the president if Riak can say he had plan A if it fail he have plan B my friend president is the head of the nation and comander in chief of SPLA you are mad because you want riak to humiliate the president and used the tribal militias who are on their way back , just becuz he is a DR KIIR is a DR too what he was doing in the bush is just like education to. Let Democracy speak since our people had elected them let the people vote him out not using force
        our independent was brought by stupid an educated people like Matip and Kiir

      • Garang says:

        Taban Hakim.
        stop preaching the lies President Salva Kiir was not taught private armies your brother James Hoth Mai was the chief of General staffs i don`t know where did you brought these lies of private Army. even no Massacre in Juba. if i ask you now tell me how much the Numbers of Nuer who killed in Juba you cannot tell me. it seems that those of Rebels they want to removed Kiir out by Gun. but its certainly turned their bad wishes to themselves. tell me the maxim Numbers. but donot forget Jonglei and Bantiu and Malakal the Innocent people that you were killed and looted their properties. why the Juba is pain what about Uppernile state

  2. Enforcer says:

    Who was the best president in South Sudan that you’re using to set the scale that made president Kiir the worse president ever?

    • Taban Hakim says:

      Enforcer, it doesn’t matter wether there was the best president before Kirr or not. The point is-Kirr has created genocide in the country; does it not make him the worst president ever? Everywhere killings-is that the government you are proud of? Shame on you! Don’t defend the government that massacres its people because the president is from your tribe. Say the truth and the truth will set you free.

      • Enforcer says:

        Taban Hakim;
        Where in the world where you plan to overthrow a government before the president term ended? If you were really for democracy; why didn’t you wait until president Kiir term ended in June of 2015 and then appoint your candidates to run against him and if President Kiir lost an election in 2015 and then formed his private army to massacre his people then you would have a point but what you’re saying now is utterly pointless and ridiculous! Since you didn’t respect his term to end peacefully; why should he respect anyone who would come against him to take the leadership through election? Good luck with your own leaders that you’ll respect without Dinkas in South Sudan! Do you know how the truth sound or just know how to spell the the truth and put it in a sentence!

        • Taban Hakim says:

          Enforcer, what democracy are you talking about? If your tribal president is intentionally rejects the SPLM convention which was supposed to be conducted timely -how would you think democracy would occur? Your tribal president have massacred thousands of innocent ethnic Nuer; do you think South Sudanese condone such evil behaviours? He has destroyed our beautiful country-he must go. Again, do you think dinkas are the only people qualified for presidency? Anybody, knowledgeable can lead the country not law-breaker.

          • Enforcer says:

            Taban Hakim
            Who cares whether or not you like my tribal president; but good luck electing your own tribal president you like!

    • Omang Rollo says:

      There should be “will be” between you and the worse, if the writer wants to give the president the benefit of the doubt.So the new heading will read like this: You will be the worse president ever—- unless if you do the followings to clean your image now and not tomorrow.

  3. Kuir ë Garang,

    This is a good advice to your community’s dictator. Salva Kiir is the most world foolish leader.

  4. GatChatwearbol says:

    We will leave the debate to Dinka brothers here. Let it be between ignorance and informed.

  5. Kikisik says:

    Excellent and well written article! I hope there are more voices that speaks the truth like you Sir, that alone is healing!
    You have said it all.
    “Leaders comes leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  6. Ogalam says:

    Bravo Mr. Kuir, once again you have hit the nail on the head. Hope you have access to the man with a cowboy hat so that you could email him a copy of this article. Is it possible for you to translate it to Jieng dialect for the gentleman to read.

    Kondokoro, legitimacy and being elected do not make ones a good president. What you does with the symbol of power which is sword is paramount.

    • GatChatwearbol says:

      Ha ha ha, this is classically funny. Kuir, It would be effective to Kiir and his thugs if you translate your well reasoned piece to them in a language they can understand, Dinka dialect would do the trick.

  7. Tyson says:

    Unfvortunately, the criminal Jieng alcolades around idiot Kiir do not see beyound their noses. Kiir is more stupid because he is also surrounded by a council of failed Jeing elders stooges and the “empty brain” food lovers who continue to daily lick Kiir’s boots to increase the belly circumferneces.
    RSS is the only country in the world which is led by a fool, advised by a council of idiots, surrounded by tribal cattle raiders (militias) and mentored by tribal council of demagogues. Kiir’s days are being sanctioned daily!

  8. Hope Sodogo says:

    Bravo!! Bravo my friend. This the best Article of 2015. You have uncovered everything and laid naked the falsehood of the government under President Kiir. I wish the president has ears and the will to change for his own good and the good of S.Sudan people.

    We need more, of people like you and if in the future you decide to run for President, I will support you because as you have outlined, hereby, the Presidency is not a personal thing. Presidency is a national institution that protects interests of all regardless of ethnicity or ideology.

    To those who dislike such openness as this, I say, keep quiet if you have nothing to subtract or add. Constructive criticism may be painful but it is needed for responsible leadership and direction.

    In the best interest of our beloved nation I call upon true Nationalists in S.Sudan to rise and defeat the tribalists by using non-violence strategies. Friends of South Sudan worldwide must support voices of reason for democratic reforms of South Sudan.

    Nationalists from the ruling party need to come clean and support the moderates in other tribes in the quest for change.

    Extremist in all regions must be defeated. This is important because I know there many people in leadership who do not like the oppression, the killing, and the rape of women as reported.

    The mainline Churches in conflict zones like the Catholic Church, the Episcopal Church, and Presbyterian Church and Newer Churches like the Pentecostal Church need to be proactive in challenging the leadership for stability of our nation. Silence on the part of The Church is invitation of God’s judgement upon the clergy who have compromised the gospel and refuse to be “Salt and Light of the world.” Silence in the name of “Separation between Church and State” is sin especially if oppression and killing of human beings continues with impunity; if citizens are oppressed; if women are raped, if good policies and the constitution are trampled; if resources are squandered by people in power.

    In the absence of spiritual guidance offered to the presidency, constituent leaders and army generals the clergy become accomplices.

    Catholic Church’s top leadership is doing a good job. I wish the other Bishops under him in Conflict Zones are vocal as well. As for the Episcopal Church of S.S top leadership, it is not a secret that they are toothless in pretense of being NEUTRAL while secretly supporting the government with all its tribal and evil tendencies.

    The Presbyterian Church like the Episcopal Church is toothless and has no influence on the members so I encourage the Catholic Church to become stronger. This also goes for the Pentecostal Church, which is good at transforming lives for Jesus … target the leadership of S. Sudan for spiritual conviction and salvation. A born again Christian is not likely to rape women, kill the innocent and oppress others.

    This war must be fought on all fronts, civic-non-violence front, led by nationalists from all tribes of South Sudan; the spiritual front led by the clergy.

    South Sudan is a boat in a turbulent waters. We must all do something to stop it from sinking!!! You are all responsible for our all inclusive survival. Every citizen must chip in to save this boat lest we all sink with it. Once again, bravo, my friend Kuir.

  9. Loguca says:

    South Sudanese are sick and tired of Mis. Salva Kirr Kaguta’s leadership. We want to see her go before time come. We wish her death.

  10. Kur says:

    There are many good things you’ve said, but I don’t understand the phrases ” worst president ever and millions of Nuers……” These phrases sound out of balance. They make little sense if any at all. With whom do you compare President Kiir? And where do you get your numbers that millions of Nuers lost their lives? How many people Riek Machar has massacred if I may ask?

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Kuir:

    I am pleased to say happy new year to you.I hope the uncles will understand that you are pinching their buttocks to alarm them into understanding being in compromising postures.It’s a natural intimate technique of communication for the majority of dinka particularly in the countryside.your writing has taken a very high dimension n we are compelled to sit in attention to your comics.But watch out,the uncles could never be expected to be fans to a rising RSS’ Charles Dickens.So take a very good care of yourself!!!

  12. mobashir says:

    If Mr. kirr went ,believe me there is long line behind him,Rick and Kirr are two faces for one coin
    this cycle of violence would never end unless one of the two tribes finish another one

  13. AGUMUT says:

    SPLM leaders become unpopular at all.

  14. Dmajak says:

    To kuir, you are useless to Dinka community especially Twic East. Becareful, Kiir agent will hand you down.

    • Taban Hakim says:

      Dmajak- Not all dinkas are biased;Kuir as a concerned South Sudanese citizen, has got right to express his mind or enlighten the citizens of South Sudan of what’s going on in the country. You don’t have any reason to wish him being apprehended by your hoodlums. Folks like you would regress the country with such biased behaviours.

  15. All what is needed for evil to spread is for good people to remain silent. Kuir, as a journalist and a concerned South Sudanese, this is the way to go. Kiir is doing the same things he fought Khartoum against. What in his right mind makes him think that no one will pick up arms and fight him like he did to Khartoum? Kiir better reverse course and start fixing his mistakes now, so he can have some legacy left for him. All we hear is “Riek this and that”…People what to hear about Ideas not personalities or personal attacks, c’est a dire, argumentum ad hominum which is a logical fallacy. At any rate, those who like to debate Ideas will find this piece to that point. Keep up the good work Kuir.

  16. Kondokoro says:

    I think you are not sick of kiir but sick of your independent becuz you want to remain a slave under khartoum with Riak going back and forth who killed his people it was Riak who killed his people just because kiir allowed most militias to join SPLA doesnt mean he can killed them later,if kiir want to recruit militia he would had done so but what happened in Republican guards is a misunderstanding from Riak that he can used them for a coup. lets us go back Riak said he had plan A if it fail then he can used plan B can you explain what he mean to the people of south sudan?

  17. JJ jebel says:

    Mr. Garang,

    Thanks for this latest article, this is reality of transparency of being a good leader. Dictator president Kiir never has this simple leadership styles. Kiir was born natural coward, he hates his people and always gives hate speech whereby tribes hate each other.. A great president can make service delivery efficient and prompt by taking action. I’ve been following Kiir speeches but compared with Dr. Riak, Kiir is brainless.

    JJ Jebel.

  18. morgan says:

    People Like kuir e Garang can be an effective catalyse of change if only thy voice such an important national concerns not in the West/Canada but in Juba. The word legacy is what our president Ehud ficus on by building strong nation with an effective and functional system of govt, speed up service delivery , exercise diversity, and surround himself with wish advisors , building strong civil service is Another great role of govt, stop neglect constitution and the minority group

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Surely, the freedom of expression we have outside of Juba guarantees that we wont be arrested or loose our lives.
      What’s important is that our message reaches its final destination….. those in the government in Juba.


      • Hope Sodogo says:

        Is there a guarantee that your clients are protected? What methods do you use to safeguard their true identities?

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Dear Hope Sodogo,
          In reference to your questions, first let me state unequivocally that we always encourage our visitors to the website to clearly identify themselves when they write articles, comments or opinion pieces.
          Beginning with me the editor, Kuir e Garang, Prof. Peter Adwok, Elhag Paul, Dr. Sindani, Dr. Ambago, Mayak Aruei and many other brave South Sudanese, have placed their real names without any fear. Besides, this true identification lends greater credibility to one’s comments or articles.
          It’s only in very rare situations that we allow some people to hide their identities. I think each of us is fully aware of the risks of writing whether on the internet or on paper.
          The struggle continues….


  19. Kur,

    Riek is not a president. Second, he did not instigate violate. Riek sought leadership through peaceful dialogue. All South Sudanese and international communities proved that Riek did not make “Coup”. Salva Kiir invented the coup to interrupt election and because he feared that Riek would win the election.

  20. Defender says:

    Kuir, Splendid piece of advice, if there is anybody amongst the president’s men who is willing to listen. The thing that people who write must know is this: the president knows very well what he needs to do to maintain his legacy but this thing (reform) is the thing that will do him in. Because transferring power from the president to the institutions will strip him from the unfettered power that he has now, thanks to the military structure of the SPLA/M that became de facto structures of government. Who will relinquish such an enticing position willingly? No one. So, he will continue to prolong his reign of terror on the people of South Sudan, while at the same time ruin his long history of struggle. This is the bottom line of the current regime in Juba.

    They continue to proclaim legitimacy but at the same time trounce it at every corner, when it suits their interest to do so. As such, there is nothing that will rescue the people of this great nation but a complete overhaul of the system and with it goes the current group of stooges and be replaced by forward looking leaders that will set the foundation of the second republic in South Sudan. There is no way around it. Because the current system is unsustainable at best and devastating to the future cohesion of the people of South Sudan. We do not have a choice between these two options.

    The sad reality of what is happening in South Sudan today is that after it is all over with (the president)

  21. alex says:

    Dear is saying do not wake a sleeping dog. Those who think they can distablise South Sudan will come to learn later on that their dreams have mislead them

  22. Jak Kor says:

    Beautiful advice to dumb Dinka man from awan chan. Thanks Kuir unfortunately, your tribe men are on your neck!

  23. Bol says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am really surprise how most commentators become so excited whenever a Dinka criticizes RSS government and how this excitement and euphoria turns into abuses and tribalism accusations if the subject of criticism is a non Dinka! Do we have two scales to judge wrong from right… for Dinka actions and omissions and another one for non Dinka? …..The recent incident of Senior Security Operative murder in WES is an isolated incident which shouldn’t be taken out of portion, while killing of indigenous WES by a Dinka soldier wasn’t an individual crime but part of “Born to Rule” conspiracy…. When a Dinka is extolled for criticizing the government, does the extoller sincerely means “Thank you for doing good work” or do they mean “we got a ludicrous suicide bomber ready to take his own mother with him”? …..Security, especially personal security comes before Justice. For this reason most Dinka prefer to keep quite in the face of government malpractices because no point in aiding and abiding a person whose intention is to kill your own mother, even if they were victims’ of government actions or omissions. What is at stake in my own mother not the mother of the government! The different is huge.

  24. abai okwahu says:

    kuir, your article is indeed balanced, i hope it will find its way to the office of the president and some of his advisers and ardent supporters. i believe it is going to be impossible for the president to change his position, he will not relinquish powers easily, perhaps after a good ten years! check my blog at: if you disagree.

  25. Deng says:

    I read the article again and could not find where he (Kuir) mentioned millions of Nuer lost their lives. Here is what he (Kuir) said in his article:

    As president of South Sudan, who still has Nuer leaders in your government, what would you tell millions of Nuer, who lost their loved ones in December of 2013?

    To Kuir,

    Thank you for your article though it will unfortunately fall into deaf ears. The peace loving south Sudanese have repeatedly said exact the same words to the President well before and after last year crisis but failed to listen to people genuine calls for peace in the country. Who can blame him (being illiterate leader) when the man has surrounded himself with illiterates advisers and few educated persons who opted to exploit his weakness. Who can blame them (President included) when the gang have no knowledge of what LEGACY mean let alone civilians’ needs, they are all living in the present. Very sad indeed!

  26. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Kuir e Garang,
    I want you to show me an open letter you had written so far to your uncle Dr. John Garang during his time when the same crisis erupted in 1990s in which the same person who massacred tens of thousands of your community members while your Garang was there watching helplessly as he did nothing to rescue the situation until the very person you pathetically refers to as your worst President intervenes for the survival of your few members in your society today and the same scenario had repeated itself in 2013/2014 and the same Bahr el Ghazalians ‘ve responded positively again for the calm to return to land of cowards in Bor.
    However, I would like you to write another close/open letter to the current Vice President Comrade James Wani Igga who have willingly and volunterily stepped down from his position and offer it to Dr. Riek for the sake of peace to the people of South Sudan as the Best and most nationalistic Leader in the history of South Sudan.
    Our diseases and sufferings are always fueled and encouraged by the so called Greater Upper Nile extremist who believes and presumes the current national leadership as their Chiefdomship or Kingdom, you need to refrains from your biased articles where you feel blindfolded by the past events and instead concentrates on the current developments as stated by Dr. Majak D’Agoot in his recent Lectures in one of the University in USA.
    We ‘re not aware of your hidden agenda in the first place but your series of biased articles ‘ve prove it beyond reasonable doubts.

    • Jak Kor says:

      J. Chin,

      how did Kiir intervene in the case of 1991? What a liar! Kiir was not even close to series of battles that occurred. I witnessed this.

    • Sanda says:

      As foolish as your cohorts are. Jacob, I hate Riek Machar to death, but this tone of yours is setting a stage for discouragement. You keep calling others coward……are you brave yourselves really? Look at yours selves. The numerous arab-looking dudes among you born by maraliin after raping your mums time and time a gain before the independent of south sudan. Now that your villages were invaded and your sisters and mums raped, living you with these non-dinka looking dinkas, would that means it is because you were cowards that all these happened?

      You need to understand that in war being defeated does not amount to cowardice. Real cowardice is when you talk but later not show it practically. It is because of you saying you are brave and then later when send to bor to fight along side, you run like a headless chicken that Ugandan army was stationed there to help the local fighters.

      Thousands of you were sent there but they disappeared into oblivion and now there is jocab here opening is smelly mouth claiming tobe brave. let me tell you my friend, I have been a volunteer fighter since the beginning, and I have a shrapnel on my right hip – it will never happened but to tell you the truth, if we give it all up and let the follow of nyagateen happened I bet my friend you will realise that you are not who you claim you are.

      For sure nuer have always invaded bor, it happened twice before 1991. The only difference is that they had never reached where reached recently, but bore people (twi, nyarweng, bor south) have also done the same to nuer. Since 1991 invasion nuer land was invaded twice and the be example is on the child that was left to be fed on by vultures by a south African journalist in ayod 1994. This happen because there had been an invasion in revenge of 1991 and people whose cattle were taken ended up dying of hunger just like it happened in bor in 1991.

      Don’t know you turned into cannibals when that happened at your place in 1997?

      Stop your stupidity and concentrate on nyagateen yazol. You are pussy.

      • J.Chin Jacob says:

        Coward Sanda,
        It is time to speak out the truth and facts that can’t be disputed by a reaseanable person but may be a stupid coward like you who knew nothing about South Sudan from the beginning of its crisis when we ‘re in the United Sudan and the present situation as well.
        I ‘ve been saying this and I will continue to say it that the like of you will not recognize our brotherly assistant unless we took our big sticks and start beating you up like donkeys and dogs just like how you ‘re disciplined by your masters from Nuer, it is because of their humiliation in your coward societies which brought a great respect on them more than us and that is why your first lady aka Rebecca Nyandeeng Riek Machar abandons the movement which was initiated & upheld for her husband by the Mighty Bahr el Ghazalians for the last 21 years and joins the opposite side which uses to brags up to date that he fought Dr. John Garang because of leadership and it is the same case with Salva Kiir.
        Anyawy i was impressed by the recent remarks from Eng. Kuol Manyang Juuk who refers to you as women or chicken-hearted folks that deserves skirt & blouse dresses and that you should be plaited or pigtailed for free such that you can be branded as women for good.
        Did i read you well asking me to concentrates on Rebels (Nyagatist)? The answer is definitely not, because we can’t be focusing on Rebels while there are some coward-folks busy stabbing us at the back in Canada while his community members are perishing here on ground like chicken.
        FYI, I am Aweilians who happens to rescued you in 1990s under the Direct command of CDR Butrus Bol Bol Angok who ‘d sustained serious injury in your fucken swamp while President Kiir was our overall supervisor.
        Like I said, you knew nothing about South Sudan kid, just keep on washing Western Dishes with your uncles and leave us alone with the enemies of peace, be it within or outside South Sudan.

        • Domac says:

          J. Chin Jacob, there is no comparison between Bhar El Ghazal and Greater Bor Society. South Sudanese people can judge us who is who? What achievements can be count onto community? We liberated people of South Sudan that will go down in South Sudan history books. Mr J. Chin Jacob, your uncle Kiirdit and your community mess up our country and I don’t think that you are smart enough to fix your mess, try to challenge your community “foolish majority mentality” we gave that term to you early 1970s for many reasons. And we always saying nothing good can come out from Bhar El Ghazal fruit and we proved it right now. We are very determined people. We cannot be drag into stupid war made by foolish people. Both warring party are alike they have the same mentalities. God helps South Sudan from these two insects communities.

  27. Kiir has refused to listen.So God take care of this nation.Amin

  28. Opiombira Kiiriendeazale says:

    Dear Kuir,
    Indeed the best article yet to be written by any Dinka! You give the rest of us hope that we could form a nation if we are devoted to the truth rather than a blind allegience to tribes and leadrs! I hope you have seen how in EES the citizens critize theor useless elected officials including the governnor as hard as they criticised Kiir, but when it comes to Jieng, their hardest critism is reserved for Marchar but nothing to Kiir! Yours is a ground breaking piece of article, I hope the semi-illiterate president does not kill you like he did to Isaiah Abraham!!
    As you rigghtly so put it Kiir will die one of this days no matter if he survived for 1000 years but south sudan will remain! We can not choose an individual over a nation simply because he was elected.
    Agian thank you for your article, it is only the Dinka intellectual who will help this president if there is any hope for him!
    May you be blessed but cursed be unto kiir, may the sun not shine on the day he was born! May his Mothers be cursed for bringing him to this world and causing so much sufferings in our nations and causing the death of so many people! Indeed he is the president, he should hhave not lied and invent a non eeexistent coup triggering the massive massacre and sunsequent revenge killings, The responsibilities started with him and shall end with him in good or bad PERIOD!

  29. Dear J. Chin Jacob
    If I am not wrong Kuir has not mentioned in his article that he was writing on behalf of Bor so it beat my understanding why you hold such a GREAT HATRED against people of Bor. For your information the people you referred to as land of cowards are the very one who gave power to your uncle whom you are proud now. Consult Ateny Wek who once wrote in the citizens newspaper that “had it not been due to patriotism of powerful Dinka Bor Commanders who fearlessly stood up in newsite in 2005 and handed power to H.E Gen Salva Kiir, it would have been different thing today. if that is what you call cowardice of Dinka Bor then peace be with you. H.E Kiir himself knows and we Dinka Bor people are PROUD for the courageous decision taken by our leaders at the time and especially comrade Kuol Manyang and Late Elijah Malok Aleng. Moreover I will be wasting my time to lecture you about the great role played by the Land of Bor until we gain our independence which we are all now enjoying. Ask you elders. to remind you all of us south Sudanese are proud of Gen Kiir as our president regardless of being from Bor, Equatoria or Bahr el ghazel and all of us cowards or brave have voted for him in 2010.

  30. D . pal says:

    Mr: Kuir Grang

    If a wise person look into your article closely. He,she will find it difficult if not impossible to appreciate what you wrote.I am saying this not becuase your reasoning do not deserve appreciation. Infact your article is well written and hightly advisable. But the question is, how Mony times had you been advising this president ? Do you still believe he can be advise ? . You talk about the president leaving behind a good legacy. What legacy you mean ? Good legacy after killing over 20000 innocent Nuer in Joba. I wonder how such an individual leaves a good legacy ? to zoom up what you really mean and the rest of wise Dinka by good legacy. “Dinka Legacy” her you have it. You better put the Words and the ideas where the belong.

  31. BILL KUCH says:

    You are right to be on Dr. Riek side and leave alone President Kiir because we have all chosen our group to associate with. Just wait for your position from Riek without crossing to nowhere bridge. Thanks.

  32. Mapuor says:

    Kuir,president Kiir did not do anything bad,but its your fantasies that are the problems in the country.We liberated you at a cost and unfortunately,you take us for granted.Why are crying for change when election time has not yet come?.We will lead wether through ballots or bullets.Cowards should not keep on disturbing us.When did you know democracy?Is it taught on wal wal calabashes?

  33. Isaac Dongrin Malith says:

    Those who think they over throw our government will fail dearly. We are in full control over any single tribe in South Sudan. Nuer will disturb themselves but Riek is a big loser in the politics of South Sudan. The rest of the tribes are nothing, we will rule you people for a thousand year without sympathy. In 1980s Equatorians think they can defeat the superior tribe. The Bari, Mundari and all the tribes in Equatoria pulled out there traditional weapons to fight us. As consequences, we colonised Equatorian tribes one by one.
    Our government had already acquired multipurpose weapons; those weapons will be used on any tribe at any time. No tribe in Equatoria participated willingly to fight the Arabs, it was after they were colonised and they gave up fighting us. Which tribe in South Sudan was not having Militias in 1980s? Are those militias not meant to fight us? We colonised you people based on our right. For many years the Equatorian people were not aware that they are South Sudan aboriginals. If they want to compete with Nuer, don’t forget Neither nor one from any tribe will rule South Sudan.

  34. Aluong Deng Bul says:

    I didn’t know this mental sick man called Isaac Dongrin Malith is also bursting shit on this site. To somebody who does not know Isaac Malith, he is an old almost the age of your grandpa if not your father. Isaac was admitted in quarter of 1980s in University of Juba and can still write the way he does. To hell with every stupid elder like him in Lakes state. Please you either allow these youth to discuss their future or get to join your people who are butchering themselves in Lakes. Lakes state and in particularly Chueibet is where you can find the most stupid and arrogant Dinka from and Isaac is indeed an epitome of that.

    To my point on the matter, President Kiir cannot in anyway lead because he came in accidentally. The man is naturally dull and there is noway a dull person can dictate. He can only do so if he were to be dull and courageous but he even lacks that elements. To my fellow South Sudanese who still think President Kiir is serving the interest of Dinka, please desist from that. If there is anybody whose Kiir is a liability, it is the Dinka who are burdened. President Kiir has miserably failed his people and that he deserves no more of being there. For the last 12 years, Kiir presided over the most corrupt regime ever on this planet, and I think he listens to the like of Isaac Malith and Telar. The two are from Lakes state by the way.

    If the killing could occur in the capital city where the head of the government is, where else do citizens go for safety. Dinka has suffered name damage because of the like of Kiir and others.

  35. Deng says:

    Aluong Deng Bul,

    Thank you very much, it is good you informed everyone of who he is. Dinkas with this kind of thinking are the very people that brought shame and suffering to our country and her people. Thank you.

  36. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    “Stop talking and acting as if there’s someone else; someone who’s actually the decision maker in South Sudan”! In reference to this quotation, Kuir Garang should know that there is indeed someone else; the defacto President of South Sudan “Museveni” calls the shoots. Kiir has little say during this war period. If he opens his mouth, Museveni would threaten to withdraw his UPDF and that means the fall of Juba. There you have it.

  37. Teach-The-Fools says:

    Good article Mr. Kuir but I think the title sound very naive; not because Kiir isn’t doing bad but because the criterion you used is a misplacement of words. “Worst president ever” in the whole world or in the South Sudan?

  38. Ww says:

    Mr. Kuir

    I could find a little sense in this article but all the assumptions that the South Sudanese intellectuals (with Western understanding) Makes. First, South Sudan is and will never be like Sudan. The regime in Khartoum wants to maintain that Sudan is Arabic Islamic State. Anyone who disagrees with that racist and fanatical fundamentalism was killed or marginalized. Security agents running about kill with impunity and without reasons. You are too smart to compare the two, not you of all people.
    South Sudan has a national government with National army. It within its prerogative to sign military agreements with other foreign armies. UPDF has saved many lives in preventing the savages, in the name of the white army and rebels, from entering to Juba. No doubt that maybe they might have captured it, but for how long is the question. for sure, the government forces could have organized retook it from them, albeit with much bloodshed from both sides.
    From experience, let me explicitly declare that there are no real journalists in South Sudan. And this is a very serious problem for the country. There are whiners, attendant wanting, ill-trian, self proclaimed individuals who focus on political issues. This will not take us anywhere as a country. Ateny Wek used to write against the government and he got promoted.
    nevertheless, I do agree with you on the side of the governance, peace talks, and commitment to democracy as in listening to the populace or the majority and building the foundation of none partisan civil society.

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