An indisputably Failed State: Savagery, Genocidal Attitude & the Soulless Leaders

Kuir ë Garang, ALBERTA, CANADA, APR/25/2014, SSN;

Pathetic and excruciatingly sad! That’s what I’d say about what is happening in South Sudan. I’m sorry for only a small number of South Sudanese will like this article.

No one in South Sudan can assume a moral pedestal. While some people/tribes may carry more blame than others, it’s not presumptuous or erroneous to say that we are all to blame; one way or another!

And I’m going to be unprecedentedly harsh to everyone in South Sudan. I’m going to offend people I shouldn’t, perhaps, offend.

However, I’d want every South Sudanese to know that this is now our problem.

Initiated by the weak and incompetent leadership of President Kiir and exacerbated by Riek Machar’s ambition for power, the problem has now become an inconvenience or a fatal danger for everyone.

Some Jonglei State residents are now in the Equatorias and causing inconveniences to the local residents; Nuer people feel insecure in areas controlled by their own government; rebels are slaughtering civilians like chickens, and the government has absolutely no interest in either ending the war or protecting civilians.

Those who know a little about South Sudan, its historical struggles and inter-tribal relations will agree with me that almost all tribes in South Sudan are wretched tribalists.

All tribes in South Sudan have this strong sense of cultic significance of one’s own tribe. Opinion writers from all tribes exemplify this. And I bet you the response to this article will prove that to you.

Physical Savagery
The Jieeng and Nuer people have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are capable of unspeakable savagery. With indisputable facts, they’ve slaughtered women, children, men, elderly and the sick in cold-blood.

Yes, the Jieeng proved their savagery in Juba after December 15, 2013 mutiny where they slaughtered innocent and unsuspecting Nuer civilians in their hundreds.

Only the closed-minded, destructive tribal die-hards among the Jieeng would deny that such a savagery took place.

And the recent incident in the Jonglei State capital, Bor (April 17, 2014), proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Jieeng people are capable of savagery of unspeakable proportions.

Admittedly, the storming of UNMISS compound and the cold-blooded murder of unarmed civilians is a savage and cowardly act we should all condemn.

Well, a few who’ve shelved their brains would see this otherwise. And we can’t blame them! That’s the mentality of the savage!

In which country on earth do you see ‘peaceful demonstrators’ carrying guns?

Why couldn’t the youth know that those in UNMISS compound are there for safety and any angry crowd approaching the compound is regarded as hostile?

Those in the compound are being protected; what part of protection is difficult to understand? Memos are delivered to decision-makers in the UNMISS leadership not to the ‘safe-hub’ shelters!

And Nuer people are not to be outdone when it comes to savagery. In the same manner, they’ve proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are also capable of savagery of equal proportions.

With no doubt, the Nuer people have proven in Bor, Akobo, Bentiu and Malakal that they can be skilled savages like their cousins, the Jieeng!

The Jesh Meboor (White Army) obliterated towns and massacred innocent Nuer (they believe support the government), Shilluk civilians and Jieeng civilians.

Chief among all the savagery executed by Nuer was in Bor and Bentiu where elderly women were burnt inside the churches; the sick raped and murdered in cold-blood on their hospital beds.

What human being would rape and murder patients on their hospital beds?

And these patients were not just ordinary patients but elderly patients who couldn’t escape. Only a savage mind would do such an unspeakable act!

And some Nuer people are quick to argue that the killing of Jieeng people couldn’t have happened had the government armed mercenaries not massacred Nuer civilians in Juba!

That sounds like a reasonable argument! But why kill innocent civilians instead of the soldiers who carried out the heinous act in Juba?

Whatever the motivation, the act was still outright savagery.

Psychological and Attitudinal Savagery
While other tribes in South Sudan want to claim a Moral Pedestal, it’s prudent to remember that they are not any better.

I admit these tribes have not fallen into the Jieeng-Nuer kind of savagery. However, the opinions, comments on social media and the general sentiment on the ground among these tribes in South Sudan is nothing but authentically psychological and attitudinal savagery.

What’s the conceptual difference between the Nuer and Jieeng who want to butcher themselves to a finish and someone else who wish these two tribes do exactly the same?

A person who’d want to see the two tribes kill themselves is as savage as the ones killing themselves.

Given an opportunity this person would do exactly the same thing. Spare me moral self-righteousness!

South Sudan is composed of more than 60 tribes and what are these tribes doing to help save the nation? Are these tribes so helpless that they can’t do anything to help ease the tension?

If these tribes are tired of Nuer and Jieeng and want to stand by and watch as the two finish themselves, then they shouldn’t assume any Moral Pedestal.

They are, to a good extent, as culpably savage as the murderous and genocidal Nuer and Jieeng people.

Many tribes in the three southern states of South Sudan always assume being civil, amiable and more peaceful than Jieng and Nuer. Some even use the word ‘civilized’ to describe themselves.

What’s ‘civilized’ in standing by and letting your fellow South Sudanese kill themselves?

What’s ‘civilized’ in wishing that two major tribes massacre themselves to a finish?

What’s ‘civilized’ in being unable to act as a mediating voice in drafting ‘peace models’ to bring the two tribes together?

Where are the esteemed tribal chiefs among the ‘civilized’ tribes of the southern states? Why can’t they be vocal and exude their civilization in bringing in the two ‘savage tribes’ to peace?

Stopping the war might be difficult but saving innocent lives is something the chiefs can initiate.

The sooner South Sudanese realize that savagery has gripped us like a viral malady, the better things would be for us.

You might not be savage in your actional processes, but your thoughts, opinions and wishes, can just be as savage.

Jieeng and Nuer have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that their savagery can bring about an end to this nation. It’s high time the other tribes initiate grassroots level peace initiatives through chiefs and local members of parliament.

Among the proven ‘savages’, there are eared and souled saints.

The Soulless Leaders
Conscientious South Sudanese would agree with me that Dr. Riek Machar didn’t start the crisis.

And I‘d assume too that some of you would agree with me that this crisis was exacerbated by Dr. Riek’s rebellion and his alliance with the white army.

One can assume he ran to save his life but one can’t comprehend the obliteration of towns and the senseless massacres of innocent civilians by Riek’s forces.

And Riek has no decency to express regret for the lives lost. He has pledged to continue fighting even as civilians continue to die. That’s soullessness!

We all know that President Kiir’s refusal to convene the Political Bureau meeting, his attempt to manipulate the election of the party chairman and all he did to sleep on the demands of the members of the Political Bureau caused the current crisis.

That still gives Riek no excuse to pay no attention to the death and suffering of South Sudanese and to take us back ten years.

And the government of President Kiir is as equally soulless as the leadership of Riek Machar.

Displaced Nuer civilians are living in squalid conditions in the same town the president lives in. They are insecure in their own National Capital from their own government.

It’s hard to imagine a credible government that can’t protect its own citizens; a government that isn’t initiating credible modalities to end the war.

The government
• Is only interested in the protection of oil installations to fuel the luxurious lifestyle
• Has no interest in protecting the civil population as they continue to die
• Is unable to assure the security of the Nuer civilians in Juba, the very National Capital
• Has no internal, strategic plan to end the war and create inter-tribal understanding and trust-building
• Believes, like the rebels, it will win militarily as exemplified by the appointment of Malong Awan as the Chief of General Staff of the SPLA
• Is not serious about ‘Peace Talks’ while it continues to pay lips service to being ‘serious’ as shown by their reluctance to go to Ethiopia for the next round of ‘Talks.’
• Continues to air inflammatory statements while calling for ‘peace!’

Until leaders who care about lives of South Sudanese; leaders who can actually express condolences and speak directly to the bereft, come up, the current soulless leaders (government and rebels) will continue to endanger civilian lives, fuel genocidal attitude and savagery, and bring the country to complete failure.

The sooner we see it as ‘our’ problem rather than ‘their’ problem, the better things will be for us.

Kuir ë Garang is the author of “South Sudan Ideologically” and “Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful?” For contact visit


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    You are now finally home! You have spoken like a son of the land rather than a son of the Jiengs! It is in this spirit when we shall finally liberate ourselves.

    • Daniel A. .O. Ayong says:

      Best regards for your authentic and well articulated article which indicated our backwardness contagious viral called tribalism that is contentious. It is true we are tribal Centro-echo that blind us from national issues. Your position could be regard by unpatriotic leaders as sellout or betrayer, but if we done learn to challenge our own weakness within our communities, we should be assure that we will be consume by this deadly problem without excused. People seem to be caution and conditioned by tribal pride to support their members of tribe even if they know they are working contrary to interest of nation. Keep that spirit up.

  2. Kuir, I agree with you in part, especially when it comes to savagery attitudes of some of the Jiengs and some of the Nuers, while the two being the major tribes in South Sudan, they decided to killed themselves unnecessarily when the issue is about leadership wrangling between the former vice President Dr. Riek Machar and the incumbent President Salva Kiir Mayardit in their own Party( the SPLM), Gen.Salva Kiir is not a President to Dinka people because not all the Jiengs are SPLM, indeed he was elected by SPLM members from all ethnic groups existing in South Sudan, as well as Dr. Riek Machar assumingly was also a vice President to all the people of South Sudan because not all the Nuers are SPLM either. But Dr. Riek and by resorting to his tribe to kill innocent civilians who never prevented him from ascending to power is a grave mistake history will not forgive him on this any soon, his legacy will remind the future generations as a leader who brought failure and death to the people of south Sudan twice in our modern history and the exact name for him would be (The Prophet of doom). Indeed, Dr. Riek should have learnt from what he had staged in the year 1991. his leadership ambitions are always justified by notions of him fighting for democratic ideals, but you cannot be a leader in the Country through your own tribe alone, one tribe alone cannot make a democratic Country, He did this under the charismatic leader (the late Dr. John Garang) and in a liberation struggle based on militarism. if we really have a sound mind we must know that military is not based on democratic ideals all over the world, instead it is based on military doctrine. if otherwise, then I would like someone to mention for me a country in which its military is formed on democratic bases? You can blame the incumbent president on other issues pertinent to the good governance and quick decision making but not on democratic ideals, blaming the incumbent president for the lack of good governance will eventually bring us to blame any leader who took part in the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) and the Government of the RSS from 2005 and up to 2013 including Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhuorgon and most of the SPLM in opposition leaders.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Convince your compatriots and your Nuer cousins on SNN to mobilise their people (elders, politicians and the youths) to sue for peace, You do not need Adis Kuir. Some few while bulls with twisted horns can do. Riak, Kiir or their representatives to jump over the unfortunate bulls and that is it, No monitors, no IGAD just them. Is that difficult? So stop the blame game. The rest of the tribes can do nothing to stop the war.

    • Valentino and Kuire,

      Yeah, you want Nuer to be killed and Nuer should not kill other or fight back.

    • southdaan says:

      i believe this war was cause by one section of Dinka especilly Bor. I also beleive, there is no enmity between Bor and Nuer. It just because Bor wanted to rule south sudan by all means even using ugandist troops. or chmecal they can not hasitate i value no this nosene tiwisted aricle. 1991 was not cause by Nuer, two forces fighting the force of a democracy and the force of a dictatorship. Kuer Garng, your article is inciting another gencide to happend so you will say glory to (Bor longlive Garang)

    • Banak says:

      You are the most tribal person I ever known. Most of your language constitute your short vision of not admitting the fact that Kiir is responsible for all the mess in our new nation. That being said, the pretext of your tribal sentiment confines you from exploring beyond your tribe (Dinka). You deny the fact and trying to maneuver the truth by focusing on Dr. Riek Machar. You keep talking about 1991 as if you really understand the history of our struggle. You cannot answer properly what had happened when the very SPLM/A was born, not to mention going back a little further before 1983.

      How in the world would you condemn a person whose being slapped first in the face the same as the person that instigated it. Democratic challenge within the political party SPLM was what had taken place. It was not only Riek who wanted to challenge Kiir, Dinkas as well. I know the fact that Riek didn’t challenge Kiir because he is a Nuer as it seems to be suggested by many people. It was a democratic challenge that was suppose to take place peacefully, but president Kiir didn’t welcome that. I think Garang was correct for touching basis the genesis of the conflict.

      Please focus a little and try to think a little out site your village. I think Kiir has forgotten the cause of our struggle. What is happening in South Sudan, I’m afraid is well beyond what made South Sudanese to take arms against Khartoum in 1955, 1963, 1975 and 1983. Free democratic process, free elections, freedom of speech, etc….. is what we fought for and that is exactly what we need in South Sudan. Wish you the bes and hope we all come to gather one day; and be able to consider ourselves as one people. We need to talk about how we can end this crisis not just waging a blame game war among ourselves. PEACE!!

  3. Kizito Panther says:

    Kuir e Garang,
    This is truly the beginning of nationhood building if all south Sudanese like can now realize that it is they who are the cause of numerous suffering and deaths in the new nation, not the Arabs, the Europeans, the Chinese, the Ugandans, Kenyans, Ethiopians etc. It is South Sudanese themselves who have brought this mess to themselves beginning from the top leadership to the grassroots level up to Bomas to even individual clan members.
    As you talk of two tribes, Jieng and Nuer as doing heineous savagery and that others from South Sudan are pyschological and attitudinal savagers, what comes to my mind is that you have distanced yourself from this group of people and changed totally to be none of the above. I am not however, certain about that paradox of yours. You are actually one of them who should come from Canada and initiate the less savages and savages alike to talk peace, justice and human rights, forgiveness and reconciliation in the new nation.
    It is not true that those you called civilized in South Sudan are simply watching; they have actually been sidelined from national cake and even national machineries from the very two indisputable savagers, the Nuer and Dinka. Before the holy marriage between Riek and Kiir broke in Mid-December, 2013, the two beyond savagers including you were enjoying the whole national cake together minus the civilized South Sudanese because they believe they are the only liberators of South Sudan.

    Kizito Panther!

  4. Daniel A. .O. Ayong says:

    Akec let us be objective in our discussion and try to build missing truth among ourselves as southerners. When God forgives us he never remain us about our sin we committed against him in the past. If you still remember the president Salva Kirr speech on 14 Dec. 2013, in SPLM meeting was provocative one, and itwas the beginning of the turmoil in the country, and also massacred of our beloved innocent brethren by national security organs is another shortcoming of our nation. Failure of Riek to sell that atrocities to entire world peaceful without murdering innocent people in other places was unbelievable sin which is hard to be pardon.
    What our brother Kuir stresses that we are tribalists is true and you have apply it to yourself by being partial in your comments.
    Panther, most of us are self- exaltation leaders who never care about the cost of nation but their own selfish interests, they will not speak on behalf of voiceless mass which are being slaughtered like chicken in the south.
    I think time have come to expose evil things within us without fear even if it demands our own lives for sake of others, for Christ had paid price for us to have eternal and everlasting life with God.

  5. Mathew Juan says:

    Kuir has unequivocally spoken a balanced truth. The article is asserting that unless south Sudanese are honest with themselves primitivism or savagery will tear us apart. Good job Kuir, you are a nationalistic Jieeng.

  6. Eli says:

    Kuir Garang;
    I was about to read the whole of your article but because you couldn’t summaries your points and instead you keep pointing fingers to the different groups. It’s typical of brainwashing speeches that the so-called liberators of “the others” have been preaching for ages. SOUTH SUDANESE NEED TO LOOK AT EACH AN INDIVIDUAL SELF AND START TO LIBERATE OURSELVES FROM WITHIN NOT ONLY FROM OUTWARD BUT FROM INWARDLY TO OUTWARD. I who is answering to your article I don’t consider myself better than any South Sudanese no matter who they are where they are from. I consider myself just as equal to all, and this simple agreement that I have made with myself gives me peace within me. The fact that I have read books about some of our past heroes like Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Rev. Martin Luther Jr., Mother Teresa, etc. gave me the desire to appreciate life and value it. This may sound rather stupid to some people but for sure it’s helping me:
    “I consider myself to be a servant than a master”, “I respect others PRIVACY”, “I give credit to whom credit is due regardless of who they are”, “I value others opinions before criticizing”, “I have learnt to keep ‘THE TEN COMMANDMENTS’ of Moses”; “I understand that when I point one finger at others three are pointing to me” and henceforth; I coined the phrase: “I AM THE THIRD”, simply it means GOD IS THE FIRST, PEOPLE THE SECOND, and I AM THE THIRD. “I TREAT OTHERS THE WAY I WOULD LIKE THEM TREAT ME”.
    Sorry to have used so many times the word “I”, subtract the “I”s and anyone can substitute their names into the “I”. I believe we as humans owe it to one another to value others regardless of who they might be. Finally I conclude with this statement: “BEHAVE LIKE THE ROMANS WHEN YOU GO TO ROME”. Peace and Love to all Brothers and Sisters.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Thanks Elli. The Dinka and Nuer Brethrens need to become like we the cowards if we are to be a country together! The reason is, a coward is one who is not fed up, because there is no cowards in the land of fed ups only destrcutions of lives and properties! We all need to believer in Christ and the Golden rule. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you!

    • jay jonson says:

      Kuir e Garang,

      I do not consider late Mandela to be hero, at least from an African perspective. When he became president he did not punished those who imprisoned him and terrorize the black south African. Not even a single white perpetrator was brought to book. Even disappointingly was president Mandela policy of ‘willing buyers and willing sellers” to address land issues in south Africa.

      I have a great respect for you. But the notion of Late Mandela being hero is lacking substance. It is a western narrative that we African should not embrace with out examining his policies as a president. You may ask if Mandela is not a hero, Who is he? Well to be honest, I do not considered him villain either but see him as resilience person who endured the inhumane life of prison without looking back. He is a source of inspiration and hope to this generation.

      President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who have been demonized by the west is my African hero president who fought for the liberation of his country. He also address the injustice policies of minority white Zimbabwean. Specifically, the land policy institute was heroic move on his part.

      When president Mugabe took power in Zimbabwe, the white Zimbabwean, who constitute less than 1% of the entire population own about 95% of the fertile land. while the 99% black Zimbabwe were left with 5% of useless land. So when he ( Mugabe) took a courageous step to reverse land ownership injustice in Zimbabwe, the British and American were quick to wage an aggressive international demonization campaign against president Mugabe, which they have succeeded in doing so far.

      This is what the western nations need in south sudan. They want to get rid of Kiir and install a puppet in the person of Riek Machar so that they can loot and steal our oil as well as grabbing and polluting our environment at will. This is what we are upto in south Sudan. Kiir may be a bad leader, but I give him credit for keeping western vultures and capitalist at bay.

      Mandela is a hero based on western narrative. But president Mugabe is my hero. This is my own opinion which I want to air out. We need to be careful as African because hero is a subjective word. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are American hero. But the are villain in the eye of African people because they both owned slaves and did nothing to end it.

      • Eastern says:

        I hear blah, blah…..but I give him credit for keeping western vultures and capitalist at bay, ha, ha. Kiir cannot keep any western vulture at bay at all. Kiir will have to bend to the wishes of the western powers that people of your kind keep demonising day in day out.

        Look no fuerther than what happened to Gadaffi, Saddam, Milosevic and other leaders who wanted to raise a finger against Big Sam. You are kidding.

        What you can say is, Kiir needs to work with both the American and Chinese but he should play his card very well and that’s only possible if he had the brains!!!

      • Tutbol says:

        Jay Johnson,

        I admire your response chap. This Kuir e Garang fellow is just an attention seeker writer, the guy flaunts every piece of platitude bulls in the world in his writings, probably and indirectly seeking recognitions and favours from his modest or nuanced readers.

        The guy just write because he wants to write no matter how crappy his writings are and yes, he has some of his lowly informed South Sudanese on this SSN who encourage him to continue on with his buffoon writings.

        Whoever, from South Sudan that had been to South Africa won’t take Nelson Mandela a hero. But a hero to minority white South Africans, who inflicted the sufferings to Majority Black South Africans in the first place; but let scot free by Mandela and up to now, they live like they living in heavens while Black South Africans are picking up the pieces in slums in their own country; is this how wrongs are supposed to be righted?!

        Then why do countries like Canada, the US or Britain still have jails or prisons? Why don’t those countries let their countries’ criminals scot free of their crimes because Nelson Mandela had set a precedent for all to follow. Nelson Mandela’s letting off the white minority rulers went unpunished isn’t popular in South Africa’s black community.

        All those sensational news from Europeans and the US corporate media propaganda are only meant to serve their readers, but Africans know readers of their propaganda like our Kuir e Garang, beside, Africans know that you cannot always turn back the hand of time back; but Mandela’s action to injustices minority white crimes caused Black South Africans isn’t the way things should be run.

        Yes, crimes have been committed in this senseless war against the innocent South Sudanese people, but South Sudanese people know, criminals behind this war are against the innocent South Sudanese people are very far away from Kuir e Garang’s neighbour, the US of ol A.

        But South Sudanese like Kuir e Garang should first do their home works good before they lecture South Sudanese people with their imagined do gooder writings when they are nothing, but attention seeking writings.

  7. Medi says:

    The blameworthy is president Kirr, not what other tribes describe or summon themselves with a word “civilize.” It was president kirr who got us in this predicament in the first place.

  8. Tyson says:

    Why rain these frustrations on other tribes of south Sudan?
    When you were looting the country did you ever think of other tribes?
    Your culture of madness has been exposed beyond the Atlantic ocean, Just wait for more sanctions and the Hague!!!
    Stop blind folding yourself by attacking other tribes. The animal mentality is not the best.
    Humble people urged all of your so called leaders to stop destabilising the country, but adamantly you refused to listen. Cowardly, you now shed tears that other tribes are watching you lynching each other. Continue to be champions of savagery!!!! You were used to killing people in cold blood with no accountability during the years of struggle and this is your habit. what a shame!!!!

  9. Ahmed Chol says:

    You are acting like a Messiah on the web but you are reported as the most nasties hater in Canada. Stop pretending!

  10. Mr Kuir you are not partial. You are throwing Kiirler Kiir’s mess unto an innocent patriotic person. What would you do if you were in Dr Riek’s shoes? Riek’s outcry and revolution against Kiirler Kiir’s lie and killing made the world know exactly the true color of this government.

    Everything has gone astray because of jengge’s dream to rule south sudan for 100 years. Jengge has to repent and seek forgiveness from south sudanese people just as Dr Riek did to the Bor jengge. And the only solution to this problem is Kiirler Kiir and his administration to resign to give chance to honest and trustworthy leaders such as Dr Riek, Mac Paul and the like to come up to clean the mess.

    To blame Dr Riek for this stupid tribal leader of jengge, Salvatore Kiirler Kiir, mistakes is unwelcome. The only person to rescue south sudan is only and only Dr Riek Mashar.

    • jay jonson says:

      even if Ngundeng and Teny Dhurgon rise from dead, Dr. Riek will never taste the seat of presidency. He had squandered his chance to become president of the republic of south sudan. The Jieng had almost forgave him. But to their surprise he had again betrayed the nation just as he did back in the 90s.

      You may hate the Jieng but they are majority. This mean that no person can become south sudan president without the blessing of Jieng community. Demographic matters. The Next president of south sudan is Wani Igga. The Jieng will make sure that it happen whether Riek or Equatorian kokora fanatic want it or not.

      Dr. Riek is desperate to be president. But that dream and fantasy is gone. There is no way he can become president. No way absolutely!!! The best thing he can do is to commit suicide.

      • Lavina Lual says:

        The federal system of governance says one should win by 25% at least from each state of which Wani may not make it in Equatoria. This will automatically make the end of terrorism, majoritism, and savagetory in this country

  11. Dengdit says:


    I think this is one of the most reasonable and sanguine articles I have read for a while and I applaud you for your courage and deep sense of patriotism. For it takes courage to be able to point the finger of blame at ‘ourself’ (meaning our community and selves) and point out weaknesses in one’s own community; and such courage and desire to call for calm heads and reconciliation (regardless of your own affiliation) is indeed born out of true patriotism. Many writers either blame one side or the other, but we have to accept (however bitter the truth is) that everyone has a hand in this, everyone has made mistakes including ourselves, (especially those feeling self-righteously blameless) believe me or not). If only those in positions of leadership in our country (on both sides) had an iota of that patriotism, such savagery would not have been allowed to continue unchallenged. We as a society have to to should a lot of the blame too, for we praise leaders with such blind (tribal or opportunistic) loyalty that they become so full of self-importance to the extent that they become pathologically egotistical – and feel that the people who gave them the responsibility to govern are insignificant and expendable; we do not uphold the supremacy of the ‘people’ (basic ingredient of any true democracy) and make our leaders feel or realise that they are accountable to the people for their actions/performance. For South Sudan to truly prosper, this has to change. Presidents should not be given unlimited power (regardless of who they are). Every institution of state should have checks & balances and be totally accountable and transparent to the nation. Only then, can the country experience stability, development and peace.

  12. owot says:

    South Sudan is finished as a country. How can peace returns when Leaders are only interested in mobilising tribes for their own interests and that of their children/family. Individual tribes follow blindly. I have a solution, Machar, should put down his arms and Kiir steps down and both should not participate in political activities for 20 years. Also all guns from civilian should be collected by force if necessary.
    Kiir is incompetence to fight off rebel and Machar is so dense that is only interested in Power. He assumes that having a casual Doctorate gives him authority to be a leader while belittling those without quality education
    This will ensure a new beginning

  13. Shamga says:

    Dear all,
    Kuir is an attention seeker. All the nonsense he wrote previously attracted strong backlash, and he is just trying to reconnect with this web audiences. Non of you knows kuir’s aim, he is also a wealth hunter and it is the reason why he supported Risky Masochist previously. It is because Nyandeng (his dad’s love child or his step sister) was promised a fat portfolio, and poor Kuir could only envisage himself in huge bundles of cash had Masochist and his sister succeeded. Kuir has tried his wealth hunting skills on book writing, but getting buyers for those book is proving elusive. And poor Kuir in Canada is frustrated. Please Kuir, your previous articles were full of nonsense. At least this is better; keep it up.

    • Dr. JAC Ramba says:

      Mr Shamga
      Now what are you writing here my confused friend. I know why you dont approve of Kuir e Garang. However the way you are going with your high-hanging ( gata khor) Dinkocracy, isn’t helping. It is just unbecoming if you want to set the agenda for this couregeous and confident young man who writes under his real name, while you keep hiding behind this “shamga” of yours !
      Learn to do away with the fear first before you can be taken seriously on any public media !

      ” Aaal Shamga….aaaal ” !

      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Dear Dr. JAC Ramba:

        You sometimes write a very funny comment. I really laughed when I read your comment to Mr. Shamga. Is writing under the fake name on the social media not the same as insulting president Kiir and Dinka in foreign Country? Why don’t you come and insult president Kiir and his Dinka tribe in Juba if you are more braver than Mr.Shamga? To me, hiding under the fake names is similar to making noises in exile. You and Mr.Shamga should leran to do away with the fear before we take your political views or critics seriously in South Sudan.

  14. arabbmoi says:

    Dear Garang Kuir,

    That is the way we suppose to write to balance the blame we are creating to ourselves, but someone savage like Kiir Salva Mayardit will not heed to your assertion and you can just become like Isaash Ibraham who Salva Kiir Mayardit had Murdered in Juba. So, if every Jengers could write something like what you have written above then SouthSudan should have been the better place by now. I have a big doubt as Salva Kiir killer Mayardit Dinkocatic king stay in Juba we will continue to groan pain every now and then. Kuir that is very good article which impressed me to change my attitude toward Jengers who I hate and have given up hope to associate with them.

  15. Eli says:

    The problem with cattle keepers in our nation is that; no matter how much educated they are they refuse to listen to simple reasoning call “common sense” and to the voices of wisdom all around us. For example take the Bor dinka who took refuge to Nimule and the surrounding areas, today they claim that when they came there, nobody was living there, but yet some of them admitted that for the first time in their lives, they saw beautiful houses and they live inside a properly built houses with roofs in the Ma’di area and other parts of Equatoria. So the question is; Who built those houses that you dinkas forcefully occupied and evict the defenseless owners under gun points?
    Fine, they were allowed to find refuge as IDP’s during the war times but that doesn’t mean they can stay there forever, that alone is a pure form of provocation for rebellions by the hosts or original inhabitants.
    How hypocritical of the Bor dinkas who preached to “the others” about that South Sudan is for all and anyone should be allowed to settle anywhere, according to the scrupulous new constitution of the baby nation, written by the cattle keepers in pretext to either expand their territories or to abundant their homeland and move to “the others” soil? While on the other hand the whole world just witnessed the massacre of Nuer IDP’s in the UNIMISS compound in Bor town by the so-called bor youth. How do you justify that; you dinkas are patriotic or nationalist? I think you are the pathetic.
    All the intentions of dinkas are feeblish, con, and luciferic. They want to protect their interests even if it means by extinctions of their opponents like the Nuer people. Just like every other cattle keepers in our country dinkas think all cows belong to them including the land is theirs not to “the others”. You should not expect other tribes to suffer for your egos, not especially those who don’t really care much for cows, we love to eat beef but not fight for, we rather buy beef in the butcher’s shop.
    Eli RoSS

    • AW Joseph says:

      Mr ELI
      You can go on point after point about how JIENGE occupied and behaved towards the original inhabitants & owners of Nimule area that is to say the MADI people. But the DINKA understand nothing except guns, bullets and blood.
      I remembered you called other Equatorians blood thirsty simply for telling you Madi to man up.
      See how hypocritical the DINKA are. They attacked the NUER IDP’s in the UNIMISS camp killing hundreds of unarmed civilians under UNIMISS protection and went on to give the survivor’s 72 hours to live BOR.
      Since you claim that the Madi are peacefull people, why can’t the Madi people demonstrate peacefully and present a petition to governor Lobong asking him to remove the DINKA BOR from Nimule within the same time frame the DINKA gave to the NUER and see how they feel.
      What are the other ways of defending your land Mr Eli you talked of in your previous writings? We in Equatoria are bored and tired of hearing the Nimule issue again & again because you the Madi does not want to take the lead but expects others to do it for you.
      Mr Eli this world is created for self-service. Help yourself before others help you.

      • Eli says:

        AW Joseph
        So you are saying the only place where dinkas are found in Equatoria is Nimule? Maybe you need to correct your sources, the fact that you keep hearing about Nimule is because of our concern for all other Equatoria should also speak up, like in Yei, Jebel dinka instead of Jebel Kujur?, Yambio, Morobo etc. People of your type spreading war propaganda and inciting for more violence are the BLOOD THIRSTY will go to ICC after all the dust settles, I did not call all Equatorians blood thirsty but yes I called people like you advocating for killings blood thirsty, you be a man too and don’t hide behind other Equatorians but speak as a Pojulu individual not as a tribe. I have many Pojulu friends who are good people, but you are a bad blood thirsty twisted moronic being. As we speak now I am on the side of opposition group, organizing politically and diplomatically to bring down that dinka regime in Juba, including your Wani Igga will soon flee barefooted.
        Eli Wani

        • AW Joseph says:

          The Madi as a tribe are great people. That is why they have been entrusted to the position of leadership in the former Sudan and the present South Sudan. Notably among them is Justin Ambago Ramba. Should he chose to come to contest for the presidency of South Sudan I would be the first person to cast my ballot for him and encourage whoever can listen to me to do the same. I do not do this because he is Equatorian or Madi but because he deserves the credit for standing up for us the suffering people against this bullies the Dinka and their puppets like those of Wani Igga, Anna Itto, Dr Martin Elia lomuro etc….
          But you ELI as an individual is a faceless coward that has shown inferiority to those Equatorians who sympathize with your cause.
          I will not be surprised if Equatorians ignore your plea for help.
          You are quick to side with the SPLA IO because the Nuer are paying the premium for our freedom with their sweats, blood and lives. That is exactly what people of your type want. What a shame……!!!!

          • Eli says:

            AW Joseph
            “The Madi as a tribe are great people. That is why they have been entrusted to the position of leadership in the former Sudan and the present South Sudan” Tanqs4ki$$ngmi*$$

      • AW Joseph says:

        I am not empty headed like you ELI. What’s wrong with Dinka being everywhere wherever they chose to live since they are South Sudanese like you and me. If they (Dinka) remain peaceful and in conformity with the values of their host, offcourse they are welcome.
        The issue is about a man like you who makes noise, kicks and screams wildly about the presence of venomous snake in his house without picking up a stick to remove it. But he thought that due to his desperation for help his immediate neighbours would come in to do the dirty work for him.
        Even when you natives of Nimule are asked to demonstrate peacefully and present a petition to governor Lobong asking him to remove the DINKA BOR from Nimule amounts to blood thirsty propaganda is a joke ELI.
        Shut up Eli if you have nothing say. Don’t write things to fill up the space. What you argue about must be credible and meaningful. That’s what comes out of the mouths of learned and civilized people not of your type.

        • Eli says:

          AW Joseph
          Hahahaha; Ya jabar inta, ” What’s wrong with Dinka being everywhere wherever they chose to live since they are South Sudanese like you and me.” Really? Really? Hhhhm!!!!!!!!! Here we go, one moment you proposed for Ma’di to evict dinkas and now what’s wrong with dinka being everywhere wherever they chose to live since they are South Sudanese like you and me? inta ya mara jenge.

          • AW Joseph says:

            We don’t hate Jienge as people but don’t like only their behaviours. Even during the infamous KOKORA days not every DINKA were expelled from Equatoria.
            They (DINKA) do need us to learn manners and get civilized.
            For now, I have come to the conclusion that there might be problem with your mental health ELI due to many factors. Otherwise how can a man like me kiss someone like you who howls tail between legs when it comes to a call for duty by his TRIBE. No amount of *$$$$* can make me loose my dignity.

          • Lavina Lual says:

            Yes it is the right of IDPS to live any where they choose saf but they must stay in peace and harmony without causing havoc. For instance the dinka bor do not give lands to Nuer, Murle and others and I am very surprise the same dinka bor who do not give out their plots to people are the very one grabbing Equatoria lands belonging segment of spineless Equatorians-very interesting indeed!

  16. Joseph Oreste Odhok says:

    Mr. Garang,
    I completely concur with all that you have said here. I also believe that many others share you the same opinions and sentiments.
    It is high time for all of us to show concern and to act immediately to prevent more killings and degenerating of the Country into abyss. At this point in time “Equatorians” are better placed to act as mediators between the warrying communities in some States.

  17. Eli says:

    Joseph Oreste Odhok
    I am not sure what are you agreeing with to this author? This guy is trying to brainwash people like you. I don’t know if you have ever visited Calgary Alberta in Canada where this writer is living, all the South Sudanese living there are divided in tribal ethnic lines, even within the Dinkas themselves, and within the Bor dinkas there are those of Bor north, Bor South and Tuic etc, there is the Aweil group, the Warrap, the Tonj and so forth, pure tribalism exists there in Calgary. Mr Garang first needs to unite those South Sudanese living in Calgary and clean the specks from his own eyes before pointing fingers and trying to lecture us. “A blind man can not lead another blind”. Dinkas started this war let them find the solution to it. We in Equatoria asked for federal system from the beginning and Dr. Riek Machar is finally in agreement with our calls for federalism, this is one step forward and we need to support SPLM/A in O. to realize this objective. Let’s give change a chance and try with our new C-in-C CDr. Riek Machar. We should never settle for status quo.
    Eli Wani

    • AW Joseph says:

      Mr ELI
      Nuer will not kick DINKA out of Nimule on your behalf. They are cousins and more related to each than you think. The only problem with them is they disagreed on how to divide the spoils.
      Do not emerge from your hiding trench in OGUJABE, Adjumani declaring support to the ultimate victors, the Nuer people, just in time to share their sacrifices which you play no part in it. I am sorry to say this. But I have to be honest with you.
      The solution to your problem is to man up.

      • Eli says:

        AW Joseph,
        Due to your jealousy and hatred you can not even focus, you have been repeating the same phrases “man up” is that all you got? Man you are lame and empty minded. Nobody asks you to join our causes, why are you enraged when nobody wants to join your hatred propaganda hoping that we Ma’di start war? Again your blood thirst egos will end up on your door steps. As I speak the majority of your relatives the dinkas are moving to Uganda like lightening speed. Those remaining are Kirr’s militias armed to teeth to care for Koul Manyang’s cattle. Don’t worry about Ma’di land issues it been taken care by brainworkers not like your kind vampires thirty for more blood. YOU seem to be advocating on behalf of dinka and nuer, I even doubted your claim to be a Pojulu, AW Joseph you are a dinkatoria don’t lie, you are scared.

  18. John says:

    Hmmmmm!!!!! It is interesting you have recognized the presence of the other tribes. Did the government know that other tribes existed. If they did, then it is for the interest of oppression and marginalization attitudes which they inherited from the Jalabas.

  19. Nyesi Ta says:

    The writer has attacked and offended both the Jieengs and the Nuers of savagery, however, he went an extra mile further accusing what he described as tribes living in the three southern states of South Sudan for doing nothing, but standing by doing to stop the savagery, and referred to them as savages. Well, Mr “Clean” then what are you, and to what group do you belong? Blasting these group to me incrementally proves your savagery because you are also doing nothing to save the situation we are in Mr. Clean. Blaming others is the worst savagery in your part.

  20. Alier Gai says:

    It is too late to shift the gear while already shocked the right gear through the high rpm misread. This article would have helped a lot if you had it in the right place and at the time of your other articles which mostly contributed to the current choas. Instead of peace you should be talking about then, you were so frustrated and the regime change was the sole message dominating the mind of kuir garang. Now, kuir is not seeing the wish demand at his home’s door, and the heart is not interested anymore, you broke down in tears seeking peace. Some felt it earlier. I, for one reason or the other, I have said many times that internet is bringing our country to ruin. You and other opinions writers don’t read the warning signs beforehand, and we are here in a danger zone. Poor acceleration (thinking negative) is a divergent amvbition which serves political convergence in time of mess.

  21. omoni says:

    mr. Garang kuir, you said that other tribes are prettending to be “civilized” you forgot the word “coward” which is actually common from you (jieeng) people. you have been looting and terrorizing other tribes by calling them “cowards” .How about the term ” We liberate you”” Leave us alone, And you know the fact that Salva kiir was started this senseless death.. Go back to juba and announce on SSTV what you just wrtten in your article.

  22. JK Lupai says:

    Indeed there are civilised South Sudanese. However, the two giants do not listen even to the UN, AU, IGAD and EU. What could the civilised do for the two seem to believe in numerical superiority as a god-given right to rule.However, it is not quantity but quality that will carry the day.

  23. Deng says:

    Dear Kuir
    I think you and your….. will never understand anything. we said time again the war is not between the Dinkas and our brothers Nuer. They war is between gov. and Rebel of Dr. Risk but ignorance people you cannot understand I quote you saying this on April 25,2014 what happened now? “Believe, like the rebels, it will win militarily as exemplified by the appointment of Malong Awan as the Chief of General Staff of the SPLA.” What do think is wrong with Awan appointment please go joint your uncle has been released so you shout up. why your Towic prostitute Nyindeng did not comment again when her husband Dr. Risk murdered innocents civilians last month in Bentiu like she did in last December shame on you Dinka Towic.

  24. GatCharwearbol says:

    JK Lupai:

    You are right on, brother. Quality is the ticket not the quantity that many would want others to believe.

  25. I do concur with brother Alier Gai on Kuir e Garang’s article. This is of no use at the moment. Look at what is happening currently. South Sudan won’t be remedied by either Salva Kiir or Riek. It is kettle calling the pot black. All of those in opposition have failed South Sudanese from day one to the core.
    What we should ponder about as internet politicians, is who could replace all those who have served in GRSS? And neither those in the government nor those who are currently claiming to be the messiahs.
    Can anyone suggest other South Sudanese to be nominated for GRSS leadership? The candidates could be South Sudanese diaspora, intellectuals outside all circles in conflict or members of our rural community. No discrimination in leadership and it doesn’t need degrees.!!!

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