An Ideal solution without Pres. Kiir & Rebel Leader Riek


To end the current crisis in South Sudan, a deal without President Kiir Mayardit and Former Vice President and rebel leader, Dr. Riek Machar, is important for Southerners as it’s not too late to accept such an ideal formula.

It doesn’t matter who is a president, Kiir or Riek; it is a matter hundreds of hundreds of civilians dying in all the corners of the country every single day.

It is a good idea from all corners of lives in South Sudan to think deeply and accept a deal without both men in power. I talked about this overtime and it seem as better solution to save a young nation that moving toward a civil war.

It is too early to return back to war had affected this country in nearly 22 years. This is not the first time this nation tested a bitter of war between 80s – 2000.

We can’t shy away without making a better decision on time. This is a message to all southerners in every corner to accept a quick solution and reject brutal killing in the nation.

It is seemingly we don’t know how painful it is in three months, but we will recognize if the International Communities turn the nation down through support in the months ahead.

I truly believe “an Ideal without both men” will be better solution if we calculate how long this war will take, while civilians are living in uncomfortable zone and losing their lives in every now and then.

As the citizens of young nation we cannot be preoccupied by war as a solution. We would rather than think, then stand in angle of war as an objective and find out solution to save the nation.

I don’t think a military solution is the best to save the nation on time.

In fact, between the rebel forces and pro-government army there is no anyone who will win and stay in peace without the other in South Sudan.

Being a rebel is not an easy thing, as the Father of the nation Dr. John Garang de Mabior said, “I brought you the CPA on a golden plate and those who never experienced the bush life must decide their fate to stay in the bush or their choice to join us in promised land.”

If Dr. Riek Machar and his loyal forces had never experienced the bush life, then they will still free to learn the bush life for a while. This is a useless war without boundaries to be located later between rebels and pro-government.

This is naive war some of us called power struggle from Juba on December, 15, 2013, which has mainly affected all the Upper Nile states as well as many civilians, the vast majority have abandoned their homes.

Seemingly, some people think it is a problem of Upper Nile region to suffer most in this crisis, but it will eventually affect the whole nation at large in the nearest months coming ahead if some of the civil workers don’t get their salaries.

I believe that is a time we will recognize the problem is not for Upper Nile alone, as for whole nation at large.

As well as it seems in South Sudan current crisis, the leaders are recruiting their own men from their own tribe as the tools of war, the same way Former Uganda President Idi Amin Dada had done in late 70s by using their own people from Uganda tribe far Northern of Uganda (Kakwa) and people still brought him down and he died in exile.

We can see in our own eyes tribal war cannot last forever just few years, but citizens can still bring you down no matter what they are dying in conflict.

This is a case we should think deeply about, a better solution to let these two leaders who fail us in South Sudan to step-down, so the nation can remain peaceful for all of us.

I’m not favoring these leaders in South Sudan, so people can know my position, as I’m against a war of no boundaries in this nation.

Although, these leaders are pushing their mission of genocide and liberation of suicide in South Sudan, we still considered it as humiliation.

First, President Kiir Mayardit is playing the ideology he was elected President in 2010, while the deal was to win the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

It wasn’t President Kiir ability to win against Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin in 2010. So, let us inform ourselves even if we were elected current president in South Sudan in 2010 there is still a room he can still step aside and listen to the voices of citizens and the world concern.

For examples, some of the Humanitarian NGOs and International Communities’ concerns were said same way like U.S.A., UN, IGAD, and many other countries, that South Sudan should accept the dialogue and form an Interim Leadership for two years.

President Kiir needs to listen rather than ruling the country like a village chief. This country is not for him alone, is for all Southerners who laid down their lives against North.

Therefore, President of South Sudan, Kiir, is nearly 9 years in power and yet the country looks the same wth zero change. Most people around the world were expecting President Kiir to do better.

It seems to me it is difficult to negotiate with an inflexible leader to get his/her opinion at same time. It is seemingly there is nothing good in term of leadership and government structures in South Sudan.

There is another challenge from President Kiir in terms of the National Constitution which is weak and thousands of Southerners don’t know much about the current constitution, whether it favoring his interest or the nation.

Well, it seems that’s where much of the problems came from in South Sudan. One thing is bothering me most there in no term limit and that is a great nightmare. I believe it requires the sons and daughters of South Sudan to be alert and review the National Constitution.

Besides, Dr. Riek Machar should know that 63 tribes in South Sudan Government didn’t join him in the bush who know better about Kiir leadership.

Many people said history is always repeats itself as well as Dr. Riek Machar repeated again in South Sudan. We know these leaders cannot come together and leave the power voluntarily without force.

I don’t think really an educated mind can wage the war against his/her nation and kill civilians just because of leadership. How many times this Riek Machar over-repeated all these crimes in South Sudan? Is that a kind of education we wanted in South Sudan from Dr. Riek?

If we see between these leaders, President Kiir and Former Vice-President Riek Machar, I think President Kiir Mayardit will still get respect credits, than Riek Machar Teny in term of killing innocent people.

But if we dig deep down and find the root cause of current crisis in the nation, President Kiir was the root cause of the problem, because as leader you don’t need to sack the whole cabinet and party at once, while he sat in his own house without addressing why he did so.

In every government in this world there is no room do to that, because it is a violation of rule of law without addressing the nation why you do that.

On behalf of Dr. Riek Machar being aggressive and violent will not allow him to rule that nation, even if millions of his loyal supporters will be preaching, he will still not to get that position.

I believe it will not happen and people can mark my words from today onward. First of all, Dr. Riek Machar always think like village leader without sitting down and calculating the profit and loss before he moves with his mission.

Furthermore, Dr. Riek Machar is doing liberation of suicide in South Sudan, while the nation know from far North Bhar-el-Ghazel, Western Bhar-el-Ghazel, Warrap, Lake States, Western Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, Central Equatoria, Jonglei State, Upper Nile State all the way to Unity State.

That is so-called impossible mission of suicide to liberate all those states by one tribe. For sure, no single tribe can rule the nation without other tribes in the nation and stay peaceful.

Finally, President Kiir is in the power almost 9 years but doesn’t mean that it is right time for Riek and loyal supporters to take over leadership, because they are the second larger tribe.

I don’t think it will happen in South Sudan in such attitude of violence. It is not right time to use violent and get power without using political ideology in this modern world.

It is a good idea for those who’re seeking for leadership to win other tribes in South Sudan, rather than wage a war to fight for leadership.

I don’t think one tribe can change the system even, which is bad for now. I do believe everyone knows that system is poor even those who are fighting they were inside in that system.

President Kiir Mayardit should know that you can’t rule the Nilotic people through violent theory and long term.

So, let us stand up and accept an ideal solution without President Kiir and Rebel Leader Riek.

By Manyok Mabiei from Chicago, IL, Saturday, March, 1, 2014


  1. General South says:

    Dear Dinka Government,

    Just tell us what have done since Kiir enter office 2005 upto date than corruption, killing of innocent people, crabbing of lands, do not waste you time , we Equatorians have told you that Federal System is the best option in South Sudan.

    • John says:

      General South,

      Can you tell us what the rebels did for SOuth Sudan ever since they were in Government since 2005? If you answer this, then you can get answer of what President did.

    • You Mr. General South, you cowardice hiding behind a fake identity, Dr. Riek and the rest were part of the Government which you denote with corruption, tribalism, nepotism and they could not do anything positive to change the life of South Sudanese people in terms of service delivery, development, good governance and so forth, the rhetoric of Dr. Riek about democracy is nothing but empty promises, the man failed to even unite the Greater Upper Nile people, shilluks, Dinkas, among others were slaughtered like chickens, sick people, ladies were raped and killed, the elderly and children were all killed by the so called notorious white army, looting and destruction of property were rampantly perpetuated by Dr. Riek loyalists in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu. Who are those fools Dr. Riek and his cohorts will be rulling? What kind of democracy is he trying to preach through such barbaric means? the leadership aspiration of Riek Machar has come into a dead end, he cannot rule south Sudan through Gawaar and Lou Nuer Citizens without the rest of the 63 tribes of south Sudan including Dinka.

    • southdaan says:

      Manyok, i would like to tell you please be an open mind i think you don’t know truths you only a lier. You know i would agree if you saying Dr. Riek Mchar would not participate into intrim government. why is so important for Dr. Machar to participate first of all unlike Kiir Mayardiit, Riek is a western Educate he qualified to the south sudanese for upcoming election in 2015, unlike kiir Myardiit, Riek is not a triblism if he were to be a president of south sudanese he would fight corruption like he is fighting President Kiir Mayardiit now. In this article you mentioned ” kiir was elected 2010 to win comprhensive peace agreement” in this point you are wrong. i know what you mean as a dink you all foul your selves thinking (CPR) is a Dinka’s Legacy exculde Nuer and other tribes. I say no you are a lier like other Dinka who did not truth they keep lieing 1990-2013 coup. My brother Dinka fellow please be a solusion to the problems that facing us right now, in your article you mentioned 63 tribes southern sudan in this case Nuer did not have any problem with them they are peaceful not arrogant like you

  2. Simon Peter says:

    You talk like the same Dinka Idiot who never mention the root causes of war, who is starting the war in Dec 15, 2013,???? how come you can blame other for his own mistake,? Dr. Machar was running for his life when he was target as Nuer, 10.000 Nuer were mass murder In Juba, and you never condemn your Dinka leader, you mention about 63 tribes where were they when your primitive Kiir called for all East African tribe to help you, do you think Uganda will take 21 years in bush helping you guys? Riek done every things to bring us together, we give you leadership, money, and yet you glorify criminal as King, so we will bring him down no matter what or how long it will take us,? we are glad that the whole world understand your damn policies.

  3. Tyson says:

    First and foremost, there should be no Kiir or Riek in whatever transitional government to be established. Importantly, the Jieng should shamelessly and publicly renounce the notion of “born to rule”. It means the interim government should not be led by either Jieng or Nuer!!!. It should not be led by SPLM rotten party either.
    I don’t totally agree with you that Riek is a war monger compared to Kiir. Riek was forced into this war by Kiir. In essence, Riek was defending himself against Kiir’s terror aimed at eliminating him. Riek should be dead if he was foolish to wait for Kiir’s agents of terror.
    Kiir and Riek have both committed ethnic cleansing and they should be escorted to the Hague!!!
    Kiir cannot say be was elected. Riek was his running mate and therefore elected too.

    On this issue of the naïve and copy paste constitution, ask the fake lawyer, John Luk. He crafted that useless document, which was carelessly and uselessly passed by the SPLM dominated Parliament. The Parliament is another institution that should be closed because it has done nothing useful for this country.
    The country was bleeding but it never summoned the President or those killing the country to account.

    You have described Kiir very well as the Jieng cattle camp chief. He has no leadership qualities at all.
    But remember, the council of Jieng elders constituted by Kiir is supposed to advice him on national issues if they were not behaving the same like him. Unfortunately, Kiir surrounded himself with idiots busy stealing money from the national coffers. Some of these idiots are supposed to have retired 20 years ago but they are still clinging on to suck this nation. All of them should be wiped out if an interim government is appointed. Those with no crimes will go to their villages peacefully but those whose hands are soiled with blood of fellow citizens should end up in prison.
    It may take decades but killers and thieves should account for their sins.

  4. Jeff Baker says:

    Oftentimes, the most obvious answer to a complex problem is right in front of us. Humans have limitations; good at some things – not so good at others. Our shortcomings do not make us bad people, they are reminders that none of us are superhuman…we need assistance from others. To this end, I believe the conclusion of your editorial is correct; President Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar are prepared to lead South Sudan into the future.

    Let us enumerate the problems: We lack adequate housing. More than 350,000 of our people dwell in internally displaced persons camps strewn across South Sudan as well as in the North. The living conditions within the camps are deplorable, with a ghastly degree of human suffering. There remains a tremendous need for clean water and electricity and a monumental need for medical care and medical professionals; doctors, nurses, practitioners. Our illiteracy rates are astronomical; we must face the fact that 97% of our people cannot read, write or compute basic math problems. We are a country inundated with armed men who lack loyalty and discipline. Our borders are porous and unprotected. Our natural resources remain vulnerable to confiscation by foreign interests. More unsupervised orphans roam our towns and villages than in any other place on the globe. With challenges so vast and pervasive how presumptive of us to believe one person could lead the country forward. South Sudan is in dire need of leaders. Not one person…or one tribe, we require the dedicated contributions of many.

    The two proffered leaders, President Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar have each disclosed a penchant for violence to resolve petty political differences. The brunt of these clashes has produced nothing but death and injury to thousands. Our people are not inanimate chess pieces to be whimsically mobilized, violently engaged against each other and discarded. They are human beings, entitled to life, dignity and integrity of person. That either man’s strategy includes violence upon his own people eliminates both as the leader South Sudan desperately needs. The country requires leaders willing to wholly focus on the aforementioned enumerated quality of life challenges – to the exclusion of everything else…

    The honorable act would be for both to forever retire from public life. Let the legislators and leaders of the tribes carefully select a manageable council of capable administrators to transparently guide South Sudan to stability. If may take five or ten years to achieve success, but would undoubtedly be far more progressive than the present leadership offerings. There has been enough bloodshed, tribal bravado, financial instability and political rhetoric. Let us begin the work required to address the fundamental challenges facing our nation. The people have sacrificed enough; they have earned peace, tranquility and social progress. Only the people, collectively, can deliver a peaceful, productive and prosperous future for all residents of South Sudan. jb

  5. J. Nguen says:


    I agreed with your proposal that both Dr. Machar and Kiir Mayardit should not participate in the interim government of South Sudan for peace to come. However, I disagreed with your pronouncement that Dr. Machar will not rule South Sudan given his “aggressive” approach. I think your assertion is a blinded pronouncement and self-driven hatred against Dr. Machar. Your pronouncement doesn’t hold any substances because ballot alone is the end result for who should come as a president. Mr. Manyok of course is not South Sudanese who will choose their rightful leader should that time come.

    Second, Dinka Bor must cease this mentality that one of their own would be the next interim leader of South Sudan or another Dinka for that matter should Dr. Riek and Kiir not participate in the interim governance. Last important point I would like to make is that had the Nuer not took arms against the failed Kiir government no other tribe in South Sudan would have done that. I think the rest of South Sudan tribes should be appreciative to the Nuer bravely for taking and preventing a long term dictatorship by Kiir and his tribesmen.

    • LL Reuben says:

      J Nguen
      The December 15, 2013 rebellion was a usual business which the perpetrators (Nuer militias) are known for practicing historically. Riek Machar who has been planning for the Coup has never been loyal to the mother SPLM since rejoining it in 2002 and through his years working as VP until July 2013 when he was removed. He has been more of an obstruction, saboteur and a traitor. In his pretend of portraying himself as someone capable of transforming RoSS into serviceable “democracy, he was quick of condemning his own government in front of interest groups whose interest are not similar to those of South Sudanese ”. He casts himself as an educated magnificent politician capable of magically transforming South Sudan into a first world country in a very short time.

      Look now who is fighting for Riek’s cause – Gatdet Yak and the ‘white army’! Gatdet as the most renowned militia and popularly known for switching allegiance between Khartoum and Juba frequently and the most corrupt man in a form of giving ranks to many in his militia men in his organization and have them integrated or reintegrated back into SPLA with such ranks. Well, it looks like the democracy the Nuer is fighting for after all isn’t what anyone would be thrilled to fight for. In disguise you’re clearly fighting to obtain a freedom to raid Dinka and Murlei cattle with impunity, a freedom to be given top leadership even though you’re famous for being extremely disorganize, Riek’s Nassir faction can be referenced…, the freedom to be exempted from any accountability of wrongdoing, and last but not least, a freedom to force all South Sudanese to except Ngundeng’s bogus and cooked- up “prophecies” widely claim by Riek supporters.

      The democracy your affiliates are fighting for is a selfish form of its kind. You should know that South Sudan will not stabilize as long as Nuer greed and primitive aggressiveness is glorified literally by almost all the self acclaimed intellectuals, particularly those who are supporting Riek’s ambition for leadership. Good Day!

      • J. Nguen says:

        LL Reuben,

        Whether you like it or not, hell has gotten loose and incompetence personalities like your kind failed to execute a well planned semantic execution of Nuer ethic group in Juba. You likes either apologies or face brink of their execution and oust by force. You have see your incompetence president Kiir running here and there, frustrated and seeking militarily assistance but all in vain. The Ugandan dictator, Kenyan indicted wolf, Rwanda macho, Jem and SPLM -N came for your aid but failed miserably and nothing achieved. I suggest you surrender or face humiliation my friend. As you can see, nothing seem to work on your favor. If you were men and not cowards, why running for cover from Ugandans and the rest of East African thieves? Why not taking on Nuer one on one?

        Rest assured that the freedom fighters will fight to the last man standing should Kiir refuse resign with immediate effect. The rest of South Sudanese 62 tribesmen and women will be liberated by freedom fighters and South Sudan will be a free nation once and for all. I know you are being led by some stooges dinning with you thieves and cronies in Juba and yet Dinka militias killed their love ones on the Dinka tribal campaign to get rid of able Nuer and women. But that planned as referenced above. Rest assured Mr. Reuben, those who killed innocent Nuer civilians in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and Leer will face the consequences of their actions. The freedom fighters will not rest until devils are crash.

        Your failed government has used and still using cluster bombs against civilians but we will not give up or rest until you are crash and bring to no more.

        J. Nguen

        • Mankoryom says:

          J. Nguen
          Yuor attitude of hostility show ed that you are married to one of the Nuer tribeman. Really a man married to another man to the extent of dying of his name shame on you.

        • Pan says:

          Freedom fighters…fight to the last man standing….until devils are crashed….boy, South Sudanese are easy prey. Their minds have been polluted and confused. Where was all this testosterone when your universities and primary schools shut down, you didn’t have food to feed your kids, your grandparents went hungry and your teachers didn’t get paid? With mentalities like this, South Sudan is a lost cause. Everyone with mouths, guns, stomachs and dancing pricks but absolutely zero foresight and discipline. Go ahead, Nguen! Ignorance is always the first to bay for blood. Truly embarrassing.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear LL Reuben:

        I am afraid that you miss the cause of this war wide of mark. Covering up the Nuer genocide in Juba is not that simple. The whole world knows about it. You can remain in your cocoon or choose to accept the truth; it is all up to you.

        I am of the opinion that you are so tribally bent that you are unable to accept that the cause of this war is because of Nuer being targeted in Juba and were searched door to door. Since you can’t accept this bitter truth; it holds true that you can’t accept that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

        Sorry if you were expecting Nuer men to sit idly and watch their children and women murder in cold blood without a word. It is a wishful thinking that will just remain a fantasy. If you are still singing the song of a coup, sorry there was no coup. Everybody knows about that unless if you choose to believe the lie.

        The White Army and Peter Gatdet were just reacting to what was taking place in Juba and continuing hitherto. 70% percent of the army that defected to join the rebel hail from Nuer tribe and the reason they defected is because most of them got family member who has been murdered in Juba because he or she is from Nuer tribe. Do you expect someone whose son got murdered to remain loyal to the very government who victimized his loved one? One would have to be quiet exceptionally stupid and vulgar to expect that.

        Ngundeng prophecy has nothing to do with what took place in Juba. This war was forced on Nuers and now that they accepted it, everyone is jumping up and down like there is no tomorrow. Why force the war on someone in the first place? Was it because you knew the UPDF, M23, Rwanda, Burundi, JEM, and SPLM-N will run to your ill bent government’s rescue? This is must be the only logical explanation.

        • jay johnson says:


          Truly, the sun rise in the east and set in the west in Africa and other places closer to the equator, but it does not certainly rise in the east and set in the west in northern and southern hemisphere.

          This summarize a typical nuer view about the world. Just because the Nuer believe in Ngundengism and Dak Kueth magic madness does not mean that what they falsely prophesize is true. Nuer reputation as warrior-like and brave tribe in the entire world is on the line and at stake here. Obviously a warrior like people could have not been defeated in Bor and Bentiu.

          Unless the cattle keeping, warlords and magic followers nuer fulfill their march to juba and violently overthrow a democratically elected government, no body will ever believe in self gratifying and aggrandizing preaching and believe in Nuer warrior-like and bravery nonsense

          Unless Dr. prophet of Doom become a president of south sudan through bullets, the prophecy of wide gap-teeth and left handed black turuk will be view as malicious and lies manufactured to deceive the public.

          Ngundeng reputation as a prophet in itself is at stake and will be seriously compromise should Dr. Hitler failed to become president as he desperately need it. The world is watching and waiting for the proof of bravery, warrior-like, fulfillment of left handed black turuk , and more important the eventual march to Juba to take over the presidency of the RSS.

          So Gatcharwearbol, my message to you as a spokesperson of the white army is to inform us about the progress and draw backs on those goals and objectives

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Dear Jay Johnson:

            Wait a minute! I must be daydreaming because the last time I checked it was Nuer, Dinka, Murle, and few other tribes who are cattle keeper. It is news to me that Nuers are now the only cattle keeper in South Sudan. I apologize for being so misinformed about this cattle keeping case.

            Sir, you should warn the Equatorians and the Nuers not to call you cattle keeper anymore. The only known cattle keepers should be Nuers according to you starting here and forward. It is well and good and we, the Nuers are proud to be cattle keepers. This is a business passed on from our ancestors and it will continue as usual.

            As far as the Nuer bravery you seem to enjoy attacking is concerned, I will not bother responding because the entire east Africa and the world know who Nuers is. So, you can judge for yourself. If you think Nuers are coward, so be it. If they are brave to you, let it so be as well. Be the judge! Whatever answer pleases you, it is the correct answer.

            By the way, since your lies manufacturing machine is back in order, I suppose the incident that took place yesterday in Juba is another fails coup attempt by Dr. Machar. Aren’t you suppose to preach to the whole world about it or you are assign to only preaching that Nuers are the cattle keeper in South Sudan? I bet in few days, Dr. Marial Benjamin will be in London to convince the western world that another coup attempt has been foiled again in Juba. Ateny Ateny is probably in process of being dispatched to East Africa to go preach as usual. Good luck with your campaign, sir‼

    • Dear J.Nguen:

      The two failed coup attempts of 1991 and 2013 have indeed reduced the Pelpel (smartness), bravery and intellectuality of Dr. Riek Machar and his blind followers to nothing in South Sudan. You proudly call it a bravery, however I personally view it as an act of thievery and destruction of the properties and infrastructures in South Sudan. Who would create a senseless war in South Sudan in order to kill innocent people, destroy properties and infrastructures and loot to enrich themselves if not Nuer of Riek Machar? Is Riek Machar a reformist or looter?

      Cousins! You should be apologetic and ashamed of your poor judgements and actions to the people of South Sudan. You are presently enjoying peace and tranquility in Calgary, Alberta-Canada because your people Nuer are not armed and enrolled in the Canadian Army. I hope the Canadian government does not make a mistake to enroll the Nuer immigrants into their armed forces unless otherwise it wants to experience what the Dinka is going through in South Sudan. I assure you that the people of South Sudan would never enjoy peace, prosperity and tranquility unless otherwise the Angel of Death,Riek Machar is put six (6) feet under the ground.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan)

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear LGG:

        You forgot the other failed coup attempts of March 5, 2014. So there is actually 3 failed coup attempts.

  6. JOHN says:

    That is very good suggestion for the normality to come back to the country these two men can go and we the people of South Sudan can bring neutral guy basicly from minority tribes and leave these two giant to rest.

    • john says:

      Mr. JOHN, today Kiir’s forces and allies to him bomb at West of Akoba they droped 12000 round of cluster bombs in that area and in Lou native land west of Langkeen which witness a trouble atrocities of that chemical weapon use on them by UPDF of Uganda. The rebels are documenting these injustices on our people and those reponsible will be held accountable for their act in this conflict. Kiir must step down and Uganda must back of from South Sudan internal conflict.

  7. Manyok Mabiei,
    we don.t give a damn to one tribe that felt disgruntle and want to change the system. it is never ,never,and big NO.South Sudan does not need democracy sincerely speaking.Dr. John managed SPLM/A by brutality and killings of those who are seen to sabotage the movement. Riek and his disgruntle group have served in the government and did not performed better then president Kiir. they were sacked because they were the most corrupt elements in the government.this senseless war is a war of selfish from those who wants to remained in their position for ever which is not acceptable. 2015 will determine as to whether president Kiir will still be our president or be voted out period.even the world support Riek,Salva Kiir will never step down because of this inept person.

  8. Lokilachong says:

    Manyok Mabei
    Allow me please to commend on your article without any bias. The current political crisis in south Sudan can not be solved without Dr. Riach Machar nor president Salav Kiir. There are several things that tied to this assertion. The two pretagonists do not know their weaknesses, if they do, they should have relinguished power or thirst for power long ago. First, Salva Kiir has been a good military comandant and he has been successful in liberation war many soldiers can attest to this fact. But he is a poor public administrator and poor manager because he lacks intellectual ablity to manage the more enlightened oppositions in the country. He depend mostly on poor advisers whose educational backgrounds are questionable. In addition, he listens too much to president Museveni of Uganda that makes him semi-stooge. Moreover, president Salva Kiir believe that power belong to the Dinka “aci ba gam”, and the majority of the Dinka also believe that power belong Salva Kiir, if not to them.They do not see anybody apart from Salva Kiir to be the presidemt of south Sudan, and if not him, it must be another Dinka because they are born to rule. That is why we have those three thousand republican guards, guarding Salva Kiir or Dinka power.

    Secondly, Dr. Riach Machar does not even know his weaknesses. If he does, I think he should have stopped seeking power (presidency) of south Sudan. But he does not think so because he believe that he is the annointed hare to the presidency of south Sudan because “Ngun Deng” said so. However, it must be made clear that Dr. Riach Machar chance for becoming president of south Sudan has dwindled greatly. First, south Sudanese do not trust him. His action of abandoning the movement and going back to jabal, then coming back, and now again going to the bush is enought for a no vote. In addition, many south Sudanese view him as a traitor beacuase he does not have strong will. Secondly, the Dinka will not allow him to be the president of south Sudan because of the atrocities commited during the liberation war. Too many innocent blood was spilled due to his poor commnand, and to be a commander in chief may not be a good thing for him. Thirdly, the alliance between president Museveni and president Salva Kiir is a strong evil aliance that is lethal alliance to Dr. Riach Machar (He should know why).

    But Riach has amassed power from the Nuer. Nuer like the Dinka believe that Dr.Riach Machar is the man they need to support no matter what. They see Riach Machar as the annoinet hare to the throne of south Sudan and they will fight tooth and nail to support him. The rise of the white armies can attest to this fact. For the Nuer, even if there are so many educated people, they still believe that there is no better leader for them than Dr. Riach Macher Teny. If there was any, I think they should have abandoned Riach Machar long ago because of his many short coming. So Manyok Mabei, I see that it is imposible to have peace in south Sudan without the present of president Salva Kiir and Dr. Riach Machar on the wider stage, unless there is supernatural intervention from on high. But let us not abandon to pray for peace in south Sudan.

    • john jerry says:

      I agree with you in principle Mr.Lokilachong you have said it all about the two rival Splm senior members. The Splm like Ncp according to late Dr.John Garang is too deformed to be reformed. To me an interim government should be formed without the Splm as they are also taking advantage of the national Army for their own interest and not putting the nation first. I wonder why this word Splm is so sweet that that it cannot be changed or removed from the political sphere all together..
      Splm proper, Splm-DC, Splm-in Opposition . What is wrong cann,t the Splm find a solution in the interest of the nation?.
      We want to see another party take over so that the fighting should come to an end. Call for an earlier election so that all the parties take place without intimidation and the private presidential Guard should be disbanded as they were the ones that were involved in the Juba massacre of the Nuer people.

      A tribe cannot lead a country the Nuer and the Dinkas must understand this as there are more than 60 tribes in South Sudan.The SPLM/A would not have succeded without the rest of the tribes. There is nothing that is impossible to have peace in South sudan if there is political will and a constituition that is binding.

  9. Ramiran Jul says:

    Nonsense! Very poor English. I have been to Chicago several times. I think they teach ESL classes there. There is only one culprit in S. Sudan – who should step down and be taken to ICC – that is Selfish Killer – the dictator, the liar, and the illiterate. Period!

  10. KajoKeji says:

    Dear Mr. Mabiei:
    You sounded naïve in your argument but it seems that you one of those “born to rule” believers. Why do you want to generalize innocent people like Dr. Riek Machar with your tribal leader President Salva Kirr Mayardit. Dr. Riek Machar is fighting a just war as you have admitted yourself that President Kirr has failed the people in the last 9 years of his rule. If you were Dr. Riek Machar, what would you do under the circumstances of December 15, 2013 in Juba? First, someone wanted to assassinate you, and when he failed, he went of the spree to murder hundreds of your people if not thousands, and that person is the so called the president of the Republic of South Sudan who is suppose to protect the citizens. Logically you will have to fight back for self defence and to ensure that everyone feels safe and that is by removing the evil man from power. As for assertion that the Nuer resistance is tribal in nature, please check your facts. Ladu Gore who is an able politician from Central Equatoria is a rebel already and if Addis Ababa talks failed, all the 63 tribes of South Sudan will join the resistance movement to remove the evil president from South Sudan.

  11. Kidepo says:

    This is a good proposal if both sides agree. Dr Riek may agree but not sure about Kiir. My understanding is Kiir is not willing to step down anymore especially after M7 rescued him as Kiir was about to fled out from the country during the crisis when the white army paraded the country capturing Upper Nile States townb within two weeks before M7 came in

    It is much better to have someone apart from Kiir to lead this country and the replacement must not be dinka because we had enough from dinkacrots.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear Kidepo:

      It is severally suggested that Salva Kiir should step down in order for peace to come back to our infant nation. I personally tabled this call in the early stage of this turmoil. Many others follow suits and reinforced my stance. I categorically suggested that both Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir step aside and let the people of South Sudan form an interim government and subsequently elect someone of their choice in 2015 election.

      Because our brothers and sisters from Dinka community failed to lead us, it is time for them to stand aside and let someone from another ethnicity take over the presidential Palace and have his leadership tested. Dinka leadership has been tested and they failed us miserably. It is time to try new faces and do away with old liars. Anyway, it is time for these liars to retire.

  12. Lado says:


    You’re really a true son of the soil who cares much about your people’s suffering. I think if all of you in diaspora think the way you think and speak out, we on the ground here would have everlasting peace in our young nation but some of our brothers in diaspora are igniting more fire because they don’t fill the pain that we’re in since the creation of this world. we though during our independence we at last filling the breath of liberation but our leaders have let us down again which is not accepted. As you put it, these two leaders must go.

  13. chulmilual says:

    Rubbish! What do you trying to say! Magoth! Trying to be fair and balanced! No way! Coward Kiir must go! I agree with Ramiran 100%.

  14. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    No, thank you for writing a piece of rubbish. You sound ignorant of what you are saying. And I understand you may not be operating under invincible ignorance but vincible one. Simply because when ever fighting to actualising democracy which is always expensive people have to pay a high price such high price of democracy must be paid.
    Kiir forced us to fight, Dr. Riek Machar did not think to fight or did not think to fight because of power as Kiir’s sycophants and lackeys always speak out but Salva Kiir himself started the fight by ordering his Dootku Beny to eliminate Machar before 2015 presidential election with the rest of Kiir’s rivals and Mass-massacred 17617 Nuer civilian in Juba, a killing that made Kiir illegitimate president . Thank be to God Riek escaped safely to where he is now. After this assassination attempt which Kiir called coup attempt, it is justifiable for Machar to wage a full scale war against dictator Kiir.
    Riek Machar has ever been to the right side of our History, in form of question do you know what Machar has been doing in the bushes: How many political thinkers have we had during the course of our struggle for 22 year? In short, they only were Drs. Riek Machar and John Garang. Who among them fought for secession? Of course Dr. Machar fought for secession whereas Garang fought for Unity of New Sudan to which we all left to Malik Agar and Yasir Aman in the North Sudan. When we chose secession did you refuse to come to South Sudan to remain in Sudsn because Riek’s vision was chosen by our South Sudanese? Have you ever heard of Machar-trinity of freedom? If not they are Self-determination we already exercised resulting to our Independence, Democracy upon which we’ve embarked and respect for human rights. All those aforesaid triad ideals must be actualize no matter what as far Riek’s commitment in good is concerned. You my friend are committing a serious mistake of advocating the emergence of another dictator who will not know that in a Democracy there exists justice which embodies the rule of law, rights and equality resulting to no-Kiir’s-rampant-corruption. A dictator who may not accept federalism which we should bring into existence. See you

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Very right Gatkuoth Lok that is the truth and the truth always bite these ignorant jieng . In fact kiir,jiengs and puppets should be grateful to Dr Riek for what this vision of separate South-now South Sudan.Why should the jieng a single tribe out of many restlessly say Dr.Riek can never be a leader in South Sudan? Who made up South Sudan?Dr Riek deserve to lead and to bring yet that vision of Federalism in this nascent country! What vision does this monster-kiir have for South Sudan nothing absolutely nothing but his dream to devour other tribes.Dr.Riek is indeed the voice for the voiceless he is an icon no matter what fools would say.
      The anti-kiir drive is gaining momentum across the world among South Sudanese and the jieng are cursing it’s too late you have failed this country your destination is the trash bin! The best system of governance in South Sudan is FEDERALISM! The country is suffocating in the hands of dinkocrats it can not accommodate a killer of Federalism and Democracy.

      • Gatkuoth Lok says:

        Many thaks indeed sister, we have to educate the tabula rasa minded ones as the author of this article.

      • Dear Simon Peter:

        Do you recall your previous story about the man who was choking with the meat in the party? Who is really choking now between your educated fool, Dr. Death,Riek Machar and our primitive, president Kiir Mayardit. If Dr.Death,Riek Machar is fighting to bring good changes to the people of South Sudan, Why does he kill, loot and burn down the houses and business in the areas he captured? Is the destruction and mass killing is the change he pledges to bring to bring to the people of South Sudan?

        Yes, indeed Kiir is a primitive and fool just like Riek Machar. I wonder Why he (Kiir) brought in the Ugandan troops and refuses to allow Gelweng, Tetbaai and Mathiang Anyor of the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal to face Riek Machar’s White Army in the greater Upper Nile Region? President Kiir, Please, Please, Please send home the Ugandan troops and allow Gelweng, Tetbaai and Mathiang Anyor to fight the white Army.

        This war would never end soon unless otherwise you allow our gallant and most experienced militia forces to fight the White Army once and for all. They are the same forces who sent the Jalaba Marahaleen to Darfur and White Army to Khartoum and Gambella-Ethiopia in 1991. Why are you not allowing them to join the war now? Is it because you would be accused of ethnic cleansing?

        The Ugandan troops do not deserve to die for our freedom while our gallant men and women are ready and willing to defend our Country. Please let us defend ourselves if you need a quick and lasting solution for this war. Send the Ugandan troops home immediate and allow the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal to join the war. Stop worrying about the tribal war between Nuer and Dinka should you wish this war to end soon. Neither Nuer nor Dinka will roll up the land of South Sudan and take it to a foreign country. The land of South Sudan will remain as it is even if the Dinka and Nuer finish themselves in this war. So please let us fight today and we will reason tomorrow period! Riek Machar and his White Army needs to be stopped and disciplined immediately or resign and let General Kuol Manyang Juuk, General Paul Malong Awan and General Matur Chut lead the war of discipline and understanding in South Sudan.

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan)

        • Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:

          Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

          Liar that you will always be. If you stop cooking for UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N, Burundi, Rwanda and the sellout Nuers, the White Army will chase you all the way to South Africa. Do not think Salva Kiir is that primitive, he knows that without the mecenaries, the liars like you will have no place to hide. Now your safe haven is Uganda and Kenya. What if you stop cooking for them, where will you go, idiot!!

          By the way, there was another fails coup attempt in Juba by Dr. Machar. Are you aware of this? Please have fun cooking for UPDF and the sellout Nuers until your fingers nail turn blue.

        • Gatkuoth Lok says:

          What you need is a change that does away with both Dr. Machar and Mr. Kiir, and so you snatch the chance to the person you love most to become our president, that is your opinion that I respect my friend, but the change we are bringing about is to push the dictator Kiir out to bring in a democrat, Machar who has to actualise both democracy and federalism as soon as possible. And this is South Sudanese paradise opposed to Kiir’s hell. To your notice, the army fighting to defeat Kiir is SPLA in opposition composed of different skilled fighters from our 64 ethnic groups. You can choose to vilify Machar name but you will not spoil the change we work hard to bring into being. Mr. Garang, you better join the change group.

      • Daughter of Equatoria (AKA Mary Riek Machar Teny)

        Dear Mary Teny:

        I regret to inform you that your Father, Dr.Death, Riek Machar Teny will never rule South Sudan until he kills the last Muonyjang (Dinka) in Bhar El Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile Region. Yes, indeed your Father Riek Machar Teny is capable of fooling and ruling Nuer people but not LGG and Muonyjang.

        If your ancestors, the Teny family were peaceful and smart enough, they wouldn’t have immigrated from Dinka to Nuer and bought themeselves a Magician name (Teny Dhurgon) just to fool the Naath people. Please stop killing Nuer Children and return to your rightful place in Northern Bor and settle there. General Peter Gatdet Yak who is himself a Dinka immigrant to Nuer will execute you soon if you don’t heed to my advice as he can not keep his allegiance to any leader due to his insanity and greed.

        Please rest assured that your father will never put his bloody mouth and feet into the Presidential Palace of the ROSS whether by Bullet or Ballot Period. Any Nuer, or any South Sudanese from any tribe can be president of the ROSS except for the Angel of Dr. Riek Machar.

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten Martyrs of South Sudan)

        • Daughter of Equatoria says:


  15. wololo Mayoyo says:

    You guys have to go back and read Sudan tribune to find out if any of the two war mongers wants to be eliminated from the interim government. These cattle herders who think that we too are cattle to herded.

  16. Hey Guys:

    I heard your voices in this written article.For me,the rebel leader Riak Machar,should not make a stupid mistake! He rebelled for what he had known they were wrong in the party SPM with his chairman Salva Kirr and the members.He should not be a TOOL of IGA.IGAD has no mandate.IGAD is a puppet of the west UN! .They have no right to initiate interim government for this crisis in the country.

    I need the war to be stopped!The rebels and government,should prepare themselves for election in 2015. Remain 9-months for the end of this year! Let President Kirr continue until he will hand over the power to a new elect president in the country. If he want to to run,let him go a head! If Riak wants to run,let him go ahead! The power is on South Sudanese people hands.! Let us give democracy a chance to avoid a lot of bloods coming to people bodies for nothing! .

  17. Thiang Geka says:

    Any South Sudanese who fails to mention a failed coup attempt, Dr. Machar, 1991 is condemn by Dinkacratic Government.

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Thiang Geka,
      Do not think all South Sudanese are fools and ignorant like you jiengs.The truth is, There was No Coup de’tat nor failed attempted coup but the reality is,There was Failed Assassination of Dr.Riek Machar and as a result of failure kiir turned to innocent civilian Nuer because they are Dr.Riek’s tribes mate, how horrible.If the western counties and Asia can not buy it who is that fool in South Sudan to believe in a white lie? Kiir is a failure beyond repair,this is unspeakable.


  18. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Manyok:

    Seclusion of Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar in the interim government as the way to calm the situation in South Sudan has been suggested many times and it is a commendable thing to call for. In fact, it is about that only reasonable thing we can do to move us forward in the right direction. We all hope and pray that it takes place. This is the only sensible thing you mentioned in your article.

    When it comes to who should shoulder the blame for what took place last year, one has to be so tribally bent to miss the culprit. All facts point to Salva Kiir and nobody else. ICC he must go! The made up “Coup” meant to blindfold the world has been found to be useless. Nobody is buying it. As you seem to have bought into it, rest assured that you have thrown your money into toilet.

  19. Thiang Geka:

    Riak Machar,was the civilian politician.He was retired from the military before after the post conflict in the year1983 as President Kirr himself! There was no a coup at all! The fight happened in the garrison in Juba.Riak was not living in the garrison at the time when incident had occurred be told!

    Those who were rounded up security personnel,they are all political civilians.There were no officers in the army forced include police,prisons, wild,and political civilians being partaken! I do not know the reason why people kept on insisting that that was the coup! Even President Kirr,he had admitted that was not the coup!

    Riak Machar,ran away because to save his life from being killed by President private local army the so called the Republican Guard because he had not had his army the republican guards!

    For the debacle of 1991,there was no government in the bush in the movement. bear in mind.What took place in the bush was political schism based on political objectives!

  20. John says:

    I pity those who speak of interim government in South Sudan, they either live out of South Sudan, or they are puppet of the west. What will stop other powerful generals in the Army or Rebels who are commanding this war from launching another heavy war in South Sudan without the current president and the failed Dr.?

    Why did you not make noise about interim government in Sudan when Sudan was killing south Sudanese, or is it a new term in your vocabulary? Why did not the west suggest interim government in Greater Sudan before cession of South Sudan or interim government in Current Sudan where there is mass killing? What is special to South Sudan?

    All those who pretend to be rebels failed to deliver when they were in government, even a dog in Juba knows that mama Rebecca failed when she was a minster and advisor to the president. What is so special about them coming back to government? List all of them and show me their achievement in GOSs for the past 8 years if you lived in South Sudan Let us stop being hypocrites and focus on real issues.

    Our current problems in South Sudan are due to our South Sudanese hypocritical nature and pretending to be saint yet we are all dirty.

    • Pan says:

      Right on target, John! This is what the leadership gets, however, for not believing in its own citizens with capacity and nationalism and instead outsourcing all terminology and socalled advisory positions to the West for the last 10 years. Roosters come home to roost. If I were Kiir, I’d hate myself for being lured into a position of complacency by national and international predators. While they were plying him with liquor and sweet words, it was for the sole purpose of amassing ammunition. As a bush man, he should have known that. Never follow the honey into the bush. Nine times out of ten you won’t come out.

    • Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:


      Wasn’t it the west that saw to it that Sudan accepts our right to self-determination? Were we the puppet of the west when those of Dr. John Garang cry to the west to pressure Bashir into signing the CPA? You must have short memory. Please check your perception of the western world. Without them, there wasn’t going to be South Sudan.

      Sir, your questions are misplaced. Interim government was proclaimed in the old Sudan and it was denied us. Why did we take up arms against Sudan government? Wasn’t because they do not want to heed to our call for democratic government?

      Now what is the different between the old Sudan and Juba government? There is no different my friend and it why we are back to square one. We did not fight to only see another dictatorship government in South.

  21. Mohd Adam says:

    Mr. Manyok, put this in mind if you have any. No Kiir and no Riek solution is a no go solution.Kiir is to complete his remaining term of office. Riek, has no term to claim. He must wait to test whether he will ever win. Dr. Lam Akol tried and got some percentage. Riek never tested what election is all about. Riek’s expertise is only seen in mobilising those illiterate cattle rustlers. Riek cannot face and convince intellectuals to vote for him because he knows where his defects lie. The primitive Nuer can only listen to him because all are destructive elements. By the way, where is Nyandeng Chol these days? It seems, she is frustrated, following the Bor meeting, where, Hussein Mar, Taban Deng Gai and Riek Machar disagreed, prompting departure of Mr. Mar to leave for UK. It is reported that the three could not agree in the formation of what they called a transitional government in the bush. Taban and Mar insisted, no Dinka should be included in their government, while Riek wanted Mabior Garang to be part of it. So, the disagreement!

  22. Dear discussants.
    I believe all we dearly need in our motherland is peace than what else we are trying spewing out here because if some of you could take a look at just a few months of warring in South Sudan has taken a massive graveyard, then it’s okay for me to welcome peace in our hearts instead of backfiring ourselves in divisive mannerism while seriously bragging off tribalistic braveness or cowardic that is completely priceless for us instead of letting our young country sliding into bloodbathing.

  23. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    Let us work for the coming of peace for now, but we should continue fighting against dictator till we win over him with his maffia group of Gogrial. Opportunistts like other parties leaders co-opted by Kiir must not in any way dream to sieze this golden opportunity to lead South Sudan after mass-massacring thousands of Nuer civilians in support of democracy to be actualized and unthinkably think of enjoying fruits of Nuers blood who were first slaughtered in order for South Sudanese to have interim government and foolishly comment that Dr. Machar the vital impetus to change be out? Rethink conscientiously.. Have a look at this comment critically.

  24. chul mi bor says:

    Hey, Magoth Magoth: Next time you write another rubbish, please say “South Sudanese” instead of Southerners.

    • Hey Chul Mi bor,

      Please be advised that next time you want to display your stupidity or drop a human wast on this forum, ensure that you do it right. Fool, there is no such an insult as Magoth magoth in the Republic of Dinkacracy. It is called Mangoth Mangoth, Mr. Ngamlieldu. You will remain fool unless otherwise you quit supporting that leader of the food lovers and looters, Riek Machar.

      • Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

        Who gives a darn about spelling your language right. It seems that you understood what the man was trying to convey to you. No reason hurling insult at the man just because he did not spell the thing right. Do not be frustrated; it is your making. You thought this issue was going to remain in Juba; well just as always, you did not think through normal people’s mind. Your thoughts were in Dinka, the sphomorific mind.

        You can blame Dr. Riek Machar for your shortcomings but it will not help, dude!

      • Chul Mi Bor says:

        Lugoth Garngoth (Magoth Magoth)! What do you mean by “human waste”? Check your poor English before posting rubbish! Your illiterate president is running out of time. Yeah, I am a food lover & a supporter of Dr. RMT. So what?

  25. People like Manyok Mabiel are naïve writers who will never bring up any single word that would unit South Sudanese. You Mr. Manyok Mabiel, you are just a pay agent of your tribal leader. You are not a critical thinker— if you are why don’t you think through what caused the conflict in Juba? Was it Dr. Machar who rebelled or was it a South Sudan government dominated by your tribe which rebelled against him? What do you want Dr. Machar to do when he was severely attacked by your Dinka soldiers, armed by Dinka president to kill former president from Nuer? What kind of history repeated itself? Was it not Dinka who rebelled against Nuer in 1983 in Biel Pam? Your Dinka leaders allied themselves with Ethiopia government and fought against Nuer who had been in Biel Pam since 1975. After Dinka defeated Nuer in Biel Pam in 1984 with the help of Ethiopian government, the Dinka leaders change the history of the movement from 1975 to 1983 because there were no Dinka in the movement at time. What kind of human being are you? You can kill people but you cannot change the country’s history.

  26. wad atar malakal says:

    the ideas without Dr Riek and President Salv Kiir, in interim period it’s productive idea and i support that, if we are really peace lover, dr riek and mr kiir, both gentlemen should be charged a crime against humanity. i am certain that Dr riek case has been destroyed by his own white army, they turnout that they are criminals and looters and savage evils and in fact they are not revolutionary. and i do not think they will success.

  27. Awomdit says:

    Mohd Adam,
    Tell them again. If South Sudanese are not fools who stumble upon things and go about with thee passing wind then they would not be calling Kiir to share a path with the criminal. Can somebody answer me the crime Kiir committed? You telling an elected President to go, who are you replacing him with? are you going to vote for that replacement or are you fools willing to accept with out question a well arranged US and UN plan? At least Kiir as an elected leader will be held accountable but who will hold the imposed leader should things worsen….Everyone seems to believe that Kiir’s departure solves the problem…You wish for it, let it happen but remember this…South Sudan returns to the jungle days soon after that…It will be the time when US and UN believe they have conquered but remember there is one tribe that refused to bend its back to Arab oppression, that tribe will see to it that US does not achieve its dream..They are ready to stand with the God of Heaven and truth…Pray for it fools..Continue praying

  28. Jeff Baker says:

    From the tone of some contributors, any suggestion of reconciliation is futile…there is an insistence of an assessment of harm, a trial of the guilty and meting of punishment. Decades of fighting have left many with memories of loved ones lost and the faces of the perpetuators. The demand for justice has become paramount to everything – the requisite precursor to the future of South Sudan. There can and will be no peace between the tribes until the reconciliation process is complete. In the interim, we are willing to fight and fight and fight…each other; new wounds layered over old. The Nile has been replaced with a putrid, never ending stream of pus and blood that no bandage can dam. A great pain engulfs our country for which there is no elixir…we are hopelessly engaged in a campaign for justice…or is it revenge in masquerade?

    Lost in the quest for justice lay the neglect of more pressing challenges…We lack adequate housing. Too many of our people dwell in internally displaced persons camps with a ghastly degree of human suffering. There remains a tremendous need for food, clean water, electricity and medical care. We must face the fact that 97% of our people cannot read, write or compute basic math problems. Our borders are porous, our streets inundated with armed men who lack loyalty and discipline. Our natural resources remain vulnerable to confiscation by foreign interests…

    It is far easier to pick up a gun than a shovel; to hurl obscenities then engage in meaningful dialogue; when will we began the work that needs doing…our people are suffering, suffering, SUFFERING. They lie in excrement and drink urine; seek comfort in a handful of meal and a blanket…and they pray, and pray and pray…seeking neither God’s grace or justice. They pray for us, the educated, gifted, conscious, the privileged, to “take hold, do the necessary, the possible, the correctly simple.” It is time to end the debate over justice and do the work… jb


    • jay johnson says:








      From editor: Mr. Jay Johnson, the writing on the wall is quite clear: KIIR HAS FAILED AND SPLM AND THOSE SUDAN ‘WOmen’ LIBERATION ARMY, HAVE FAILED and FRACTIONALIZED ON TRIBAL AXIS.
      Just look at history, surely you couldn’t have told the Allied forces in 1945 to stop fighting and allow Hitler to finish his term in office (Remember, Hitler was elected by the German people who he later pushed into a fatalistic war).
      Politics is fluid and evolves spontaneously.
      What democracy when the country is falling apart!

  29. Jeff Baker says:

    …and what is the acceptable number of deaths from starvation, exposure and disease until “justice” or a “trial” is achieved? How many additional years of deprivation, discomfort and pain must the displaced endure? How much more of the oil revenues can be siphoned off and squandered to enhance the lifestyles of the privileged? Where is the justice for the little ones, whose fathers, mothers and grandparents shed blood for the liberation of their country – so that their surviving offspring would have a modicum of opportunity to live in a free and democratic South Sudan? Where is the trial for the thousands of rape victims sustained only by their personal courage, dignity and belief that retribution in forthcoming? For the herdsman who lost his cattle to raiders only to buy more and have them stolen again. Where is the trial for the villager, now wanderer because his home was burned, rebuilt and burned to ashes again? Is there no “trial” to compensate the tremendous losses incurred by the people?

    The solution is simple…use the resources of the nation to free the people – their freedom is the singular priority of our nation… It is a freedom from starvation, thirst, exposure, disease and illiteracy…the freedom to nurture their individual God-given gifts, skills and abilities to human heights never before imagined. Can you not see the longing for freedom in the eyes of the children? In the faces of their mothers? In the furrowed brow of the grandfathers? Can you not see? It is not the justice of a trial they seek…it is the freedom to live without fear, destruction and intimidation. It is the freedom to have a permanent home, a school, a hospital, a recreation center…it is the sound of on-going construction; the smell of earth, newly fertilized, plowed over…the freedom of peace and progress without fear.

    Let the proffered leaders, both President Kiir and Dr. Riek know that their strategies of death and destruction lay exposed, empty and vacuous in the streets of Juba. Let me say it clearly; the race for the opportunity to loot the national treasury must end. Let the leaders of the tribes unite; only they can end this era of pitting one tribe against another. May the thousands of armed men hear and understand the wisdom in the words and conduct of their tribal leaders. The leaders of the tribes must stand, shoulder-to-shoulder, for the benefit of the Nation and select those most able to serve as members of the interim government – with the exclusion of both President Kiir and Dr. Riek and more importantly, to the exclusion of self-enrichment.

    South Sudan is comprised of many tribes, yet one nation, indivisible. Our people have endured and sacrificed far too much to reach this point in time. The era of killing one another, disparaging one another and exploiting one another must end…therein lies justice. Dear Editor, the only difference in our perspectives is sequence…may we first achieve freedom and justice for all…then the trials. jb

  30. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear The Daughter of Equatoria:

    There is a price to be paid on FEDERALISM you were advocating for be told!Democracy again has a price to be paid on the blood!

    What is going on now in the country in the South Sudan,is not federalism issue bear in mind! What is going on in the country is that who is who is based about on the power struggle in the party SPML.According to the SPLM guidelines,it said no devolve for the chairmanship in the party.When the late Dr.John Garang led the war in the bush, in the movement,he did not want to give the chairmanship to anybody else. That is the reason president Kirr,has done by himself to the members in the party entire.His deputy Riak Machar,who was his deputy,he was not had the chairmanship powers! He was just there powerless!

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Dear Chief Abiko,
      The price for Democracy is already happening as well as for Federalism or call it Federal Democracy! What do you see in this crisis Chief Abiko? kiir has imprisoned and eventually killed Federal Democracy.Jiengs are opposed to Federal government just as they are opposed to relocation of the city! and because Dr.Riek is forced to rebel he is obligated to liberate this Country from dictatorial rule.South Sudan can not afford this repressive rule.Do not limit this crisis only to SPLM it has involved every one,there are women’s group in Addis Ababa,there are Civil Society Organizations,there are politicians,there are individual citizens and so on and so forth.
      Do you still think this political-tribal turmoil is between individuals like kiir and Dr.Riek? I don’t think, to me this crisis is dictatorship versus Democracy, Iam opposed to the former.In 2015 if at all there will be elections as opposed to interim government,it’s going to be campaign to either support dictatorship or Democracy that is it chief.Thank you for responding.

  31. Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:


    I hear you loud and clear. The tribal president must be ousted or killed if we are to go back and live in peace in South Sudan. You are talking the language now, buddy!!

  32. Jeff Baker says:

    Kill a sitting, democratically elected President? Surely you jest! Does not the President, as all other citizens of South Sudan, have rights? If President Kiir or any other resident is accused of a crime, the proper remedy is found in the judicial process. Let the Legislature file charges and meet its burden of proof. If the hatred or disenchantment with any government official is so intense as to eliminate their Constitutional Rights…well, when will it end? Who is next? Clearly our dialogue on this topic has deteriorated into a cacophony of the absurd.

    If the tribal leaders converge and collectively decide a Interim Council will better direct the future of the Nation – so be it There need not be bloodshed…just consensus. jb

  33. one nation one people says:

    i think it all in our interest to see the war ends but also also to provide a solution that does not undermine constitution and and breeds lawlessness in our country…Kiir may resign and interim government formed, then in less then a year another disgruntle rebel and another interim government formed, don’t you guys thing it is a bad precedent for our country because i strongly believe if every rebellion will be rewarded with interim government then which regime will be safe……… is good we encourage power transfer through elections than violence

  34. Dear Sister The Daughter of Equatoria:

    Sorry for the delay! I would reply to you soon! Thank you with your good respond onto me to mine that I have done to you. All right I hear what you have stated in your respond

    The Daughter of Equatoria:There has been no Federal Democracy in the government of South Sudan at all! When did happen?Which government in administration has brought in his administration or her administration? The ten states in the South,they are the states of Sudan government in central government in north in Khartoum which was done by National Islamic Front(NIF) by both Dr.Hassan ElTurabi and President Omer El Behsir before they became loggerheaded into themselves on power struggle! SPLM/SPLA, in the bush in the movement,they did not have the government.They had inherited the Sudan government federalization policies.

    Now,I come to your question on the current crisis in the country in the government of South Sudan.The crisis came solely from President Kirr by himself.It never came from Riak Machar by himself.Riak his deputy in the party SPLM and the members,had called him to come in the party meetings to discusses the issues.But he categorically adamanted to show himself up for many different occasions.Until the Riak and the members called for the conference that has brought the high tension in the government in the country.Riak his deputy,had said before that he was not angry with President Kirr when he dissolved the cabinets in the government! He said that the president Kirr has the right to remove him base on the constitution.But President Kirr has created many bad things in his administration most! He created the army by himself from his own people without any idea from the country legislatures in the parliament.He recalled the elected democratic governors in Lakes and Unity without given the good reasons attached.He did not call election for caretakers in the states until now! They are still yet until now!

    For election of next year 2015,do not expect election to take place! Never waste any energy for it! The country is bleeding perfusely! The good election will come when a new war come in the whole Sudan include the South to liberated the Sudanese people one day!!!!!Thanks to you so much! Do have a nice day The Daughter of Equatoria! Back to you to the audience in the studio!

  35. Folks
    let’s be sincere at any things we are doing in this website. Fabricating false propaganda wouldn’t help us and any slam accussation against Dr. Machar will sobotage efforts to bring peace into South Sudan. @Lokudo Garang, i am wondering when are you gonna refrain from that impolite and irrespectable behaviour?

    • Dear Gatkuoth Goar:

      Thank you for your advice. However, I regret to inform you that I will never refrain from attacking the traitor and the Angel of Death, Riek Machar until he stops massacring the innocent people in South Sudan or otherwise unless he is put six(6) feet under the ground. Sorry, Cousin, I don’t want peace with Riek Machar. I want him dead, exiled or imprisoned…Period. Please know that I have no problem with the Nuer, however I do have problem with Riek Machar, the traitor/killer and his food lovers and looters. Are you one of those food lovers and looters? If so, then you are my kind of foe.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan)

  36. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Dear Chief Abiko,
    Do you have to lecture me on the scenarios? Who is ignorant and is in the dark? You keep talking about or confederating Sudan and South Sudan,can’t you a least respect the sovereignty of South Sudan,why do you still keep bonding South Sudanese to Sudanese? The above scenarios you think you are lecturing to me equals to one man’s show and that is dictatorial tendencies! The citizens in that talks in Addish Ababa are calling for interim government,the jiengs are opposed to it meaning the jiengs want the blood to flow yet and kiir is adamant to give peace a chance by stepping down and withdrawing foreign troops protecting him,well the resistant movement has partially started and am proud to mention our one fierce man Gen.Alfred Lado Gore.

    Stop misquoting me and do you think am capable of supporting this damn government? did I say There is federal democracy in GOSS? “The Daughter of Equatoria:There has been no Federal Democracy in the government of South Sudan at all! When did happen?Which government in administration has brought in his administration or her administration?” End of quote.Chief Abiko,Dr.Riek is fighting now for Democracy in the country,freedom of expression and opinion, Pagan Amum is languishing in jail because he expressed his opinion.Thank you,am done!

  37. John says:

    Nuer dreams of having ngungdeng leadership will never exist as the chances of Riek raising to power are too slim,Naath kingdom whom you are fighting is very impossible indeed. There will never be interim government with out elected president Kiir Mayardit!
    Let look at the population as we all know that African politic always depend on numbers, hw many state do Nuer have ? Nuer has Unity State that have ten counties but Dinka have two counties among them. Uppernile state have 10 counties , Nuer has only 4 counties dinka has 3 counties, Jonglei state wiz 11 counties,Nuer has 5 counties while Dinka has 4 counties? Greater Bar el ghazal has 4 state itself? How will Nuer defeat the Dinka if they took as tribal War! Good news is that Dinka Bor ,Dinka Parieng are not suffering alone this time like 1991 issue where they were attack by White army comprised of Gajaak, Gajok,Jikany and Lou but all the section of Nuer are not sharing the same pain wiz them.

  38. Ngon Nyakier says:

    Comrade Manyok Mabie and others,
    You alluded that Dr. Machar killed many people in regards to 1991 & 2013. When every people Liberates them selves from tyranny government, people must die. Who dead as result, they didn’t died in vain. It’s true some people died without their involvement in the struggle but it’s a reality that people died during the struggle. In 1991, it was share responsibility between Dr. Machar and Dr. Garang. Garang killed many people in a cold blood but because has a vision that one South Sudanese will free, we all putted behind us. Those who have been killed in 1991 were not kill by Riek Machar but because he was the one in charge at the time he could take but still a part of struggle. In my opinion, I was in Itang Refugee Camp. I witnessed was the one that cause the 1991 split and Ideology that United Sudan is not a solution to the conflict. What has happened in 2013 was 100% Salva Kiir’s foul unless who decide for him rule life without challenger. Given to corruption, dictatorship, Rule by gun, Security Apparatus mistreatment, nepotism, marginalization, Dinkaism, tribalism, and failure of leadership are the result of this crisis. Dinka community need to reflect their thoughts of what they have done to South Sudanese Community. I agreed with someone who said that, the conflict will not be resolve with Dr. Riek and Salva Kiir. But I can say, without Salva Kiir would a better strategy than without Dr. Machar in the leadership. That my opinion.

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