An attempt to be politically correct is the road to political hell: A response to Rebecca Nyandeng Garang

By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala Uganda, MAR/03/2017, SSN;

Before I delve into this discussion, I’d like first to state one of the Seven Social Sins from a sermon given by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925, in which he stated as “Politics without principle.” Exactly, Madam Rebecca Nyandeng Garang is playing a politics without principles.

When I talk of principles in this context, I mean an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct or fundamentals, primary, or general law or truth from which others are derived. In simple terms, principles are what we believe in or morals that govern our conduct.

Morals or morality according to Oscar Wilde is the attitude we adopt towards people we personally dislike. However, the fact remains that whether we like someone or not, we should not distort facts to suit our personal interests just because we want to harm someone we dislike.

The fact that Nyandeng Garang dislikes President does not warrant her to distort facts with the intention of destroying him politically; there must be a limit to politics when it comes to the national issues.

The institution of the Red Army is a matter of public importance and it is part of our national heritage which we must respect and value. However, reducing the whole institution into the institution founded by followers of food and services is something derogatory and done in bad faith by Nyandeng Garang.

To help those who have not had an opportunity to read the statement of Nyandeng Garang on the Red Army, I would like to briefly repeat what she said here. Nyandeng in an interview with Al Jazeera UpFront program, on the topic entitled who’s to blame for South Sudan’s civil war? (The interview can be accessed on:…/blame-famine-south-sudan-170221192501168.htFebruary 21, 2017) accused South Sudanese President, Salva Kiir, of allegedly using soldiers from the Dinka tribe to commit atrocities on other ethnic groupings and called on him to step down.

When asked during that interview about her late husband alleged use of child-soldiers she rejected a previous Human Rights Watch report, which implicated her husband, John Garang for using child soldiers during the over two-decade civil war.

However, when the Presenter on Jazeera pressed her about the children among the soldiers, Nyandeng admitted, but justified the presence of the child soldiers as a necessity. She is quoted to have stated — “They children came with their parents and some of them just followed the army because sometimes when they go with the army they can find better services; food and things like that because we were in the bush. Some of the children even leave their parents and they follow the army. There was no official recruitment which was being done.”

As seen above, Nyandeng clearly rubbished the role and history of the Red Army in the liberation and creation of South Sudan which by implications means that the institution called Red Army Foundation should have not been established in the first place as its members are not important to the history of South Sudan.

What I can say about the above presentation by Madam Nyangdeng concerning the Red Army is misconceived and above all, it is a political error. It is the error because various reports contradict what she has said. For instance, the Report of Human Rights Watch indicated that in the early 1980s, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) recruited and began training boys as young as 12 to fight in its battle for independence from Sudan.

The child soldiers were called the Red Army (this is according to a 1994 Human Rights Watch report (pdf) and if you need it you can get this report online by writing it on google search engine).

In relation to the above, the (visit: › World › Development › Conflict and development) confirms the Human Rights Watch Report that the children who were later formed into the Red Army were not following soldiers because of food and services in 1980s but instead, they were inspired by liberation war.

For instance, the Guardian cited Adam Jaafer Manoah who joined the SPLA willingly or without being recruited. Adam Jaafer Manoah as the Guardian reported, left Yirol when he was 13 and trekked for nine months from his home in Yirol, in what is now central South Sudan, to a military training camp in neighbouring Ethiopia.

In the interview with the Guardian, Adam was reported to have stated that and I quote,”I was going to liberate my country,” he said.

As the Guardian reported, Adam joined the Red Army’s Zalzal (or Earthquake) Battalion and later became a political organizer and fighter.

Then, the Guardian concluded with comment that “the use of child soldiers is one of the more horrific moments in the history of South Sudan’s creation, though the former Red Army members do not shy about remembering their experiences. Instead, they are relying on the ties formed in combat to organise a new front”.

Apart from the above two sources, there are many other evidences from both primary and secondary sources that clearly show that Dr. Garang recruited Child-soldiers and also some children joined the army willingly.

The foregoing discussion proves beyond reasonable doubt that Red Army members were not going to the bush for the sake of food and good services. In fact, how can children leave home to join the Members of the SPLA who were depending on their parents?

The SPLA soldiers cannot deny the fact that since 1983 and partly up to date were and are still depending on the civilians who are the parents of the Red Army. This means that the argument put forward by Madam Rebecca Nyandeng to justify the presence of children in the bush is incoherent, erroneous and fallacious.

In addition, it is malicious as it is perplexing to see Madam Nyandeng Garang who considers herself as Mother of the SPLM/A denying the documented facts simply because she wanted to sound politically correct.

What she did not understand is that an attempt to be politically correct is the road to political hell sometimes. This is because it leads to political error and political downfall and political agony.

In this regard, if the people of South Sudan know their political rights and right political leaders, Nyandeng and other political gamblers would have been sanctioned and detained in the political limbo. Thus, Nyandeng Garang would have definitely been sanctioned politically because she is politically naïve and at the same time she is a political gambler.

In addition, when we analyze her statement carefully, we can also conclude that Madam Nyandeng wanted to deny the rights of Red Army members to history of South Sudan because they were not her children or children coming from where she comes from, Bor, Jonglei State in Upper Nile Region.

So, their contribution to South Sudanese history should be denied by all costs to make sure that they disappear in history. As a matter of fact, most of the children who served in the Red army were from Bahr El Ghazal area and this seems to be one of the motivation that pushed Madam Nyandeng into making political blunder.

In summary, denying the facts or distorting them just because we want to destroy someone we dislike in politics shows political immaturity of Madam Nyandeng. She is politically immature and also a political pathetic liar.

Nyandeng Garang must apologize to the Red Army because attacking their history shows her intention that she wants to destroy their history. It is injustice to deny the facts and the truth on which those facts are founded upon.

NB//: the author is South Sudanese Lawyer residing in Kampala Uganda and can be reached through:


  1. Gatdarwich says:


    Let the truth be told. The only reason you’re mad as hell with madam Nyandeng is because she boldly and truthfully told the obvious fact__that killer nyankiir is “using soldiers from Dinka tribe”, and armed mercenaries to commit atrocities on other tribes. The Red Army bulshit comments attributed to Madam nyandeng is purely a counter- political punch on nyandeng evidently concocted by killer nyankiir’s cohorts. Juol, you simply deny or affirm the fact that killer nyankiir is using soldiers from the Dinka tribe and hired mercenaries to commit atrocities on non_Dinka tribe in south sudan instead of concentrating on politically diversion story__the Red Army bulshit comments.

  2. False Millionnaire says:

    A village girl married to an intellectual without a background of solid education can never be an equal counterpart in wisdom to her husband.
    The history of South Sudanese struggle for independence is one that consumed masses of all ages from anyone under general Lagu to the SPLM /A under Garang.
    Just before the signing of the Adis Ababa Agreement ending the Anya Anya’s war, under age children were among the recruits for training camps in Equatoria from the greater Bahar el Ghazal. Garang himself could have been a child soldier among the ranks of Anya Any’s forces.
    At such desperate times where the value of a country surpasses that of a human being, the only best choice is to sacrifice one’s self and one’s Kins to be able to cherish any hope of success. As the child soldiers constituted the roots and the backbone of the Anya Anya movement, they didn’t move away by an inch from the structural framework of the SPLM/A.
    Things have gone too wrong in RSS and the conducts of the likes of Nyandeng proves that the state of their mind set is such that they see RSS as a valueless object that fell from the Sky without any human sacrifices.
    Jieng have become the subject of hate in the country but which way is she angel among the ranks of the elites who have badly managed national affairs ending up setting the masses against each other?
    Times are hard with the sky threatening to come down over the country and the masses. If the red army soldiers were toilet papers for the dirty work during desperate times, if they weren’t the makers of the happiest history of an independent RSS and if the likes of Nyandeng are selling out in the media smearing filth on the image of the red army soldiers with false calculations to ascend to power by doing so, that’s very fine. But time will still prove to her that she will never go too far by the merit of such rampage.
    There are many surviving red army soldiers within and beyond RSS. To be Lucky in life is one thing. But to be determined to beat the odds in the face of death is more a decisive factor than luck itself. Many countrymen have become so blind and consumed by sterile hunger for power and illustrations gotten wealth that they never think one minute that Garang will come back one day in the person a surviving red army soldier to complete the work Garang hasn’t finished. That of course will be a God’s choice. But see how so ridiculous she is in daring to run faster than God!!!

  3. Deng Monymor says:

    She and her son, Mabior Nyandeng Chol Atem, are done politically. Anyone who smears a dirt on Red Army as a way to gain political ascension to the heave of power in South Sudan will never go anywhere. If she doesn’t understand this, her own life will attest to it. She should go back to where Dr. John found her (we don’t want her to damage the image of Dr. John); she belongs there after all the mess she been causing around since 2013.

  4. Philip Duot Manyok says:

    Mr Nhomngek,
    You rightly criticized the mother of the South Sudan madam Rebecca Nyandeng on playing down the historic role of Jesh Al amer,or red army or Child soldiers. how ever I do not agree with this assertion and I Quote your statement ”In addition, when we analyze her statement carefully, we can also conclude that Madam Nyandeng wanted to deny the rights of Red Army members to history of South Sudan because they were not her children or children coming from where she comes from, Bor, Jonglei State in Upper Nile Region.

    So, their contribution to South Sudanese history should be denied by all costs to make sure that they disappear in history. As a matter of fact, most of the children who served in the Red army were from Bahr El Ghazal area and this seems to be one of the motivation that pushed Madam Nyandeng into making political blunder.” I was a member of the Red Army and if we go by the statatistics as per the population there is no any community or section that has contributed than the Dinka Bor. For example in Palotaka there were 90 percent Dinka Bor child solders than all the other dinkas and other tribes put together and I was one of them. The greater Upper Nile contribution to the the Jesh AL amer is undisputable. Stop your tribal avocation by trying to discredit others.

  5. Mading says:

    Look at her fake cred with one eye, it is a devil cry, how many times peace talked broke down between Sudan government and SPLM Movement led by her Garang. And she never cry because she was drinking other peoples’ children blood in that war that is why she was quiet like she was not existed. But one thing is correct now Nyandeng will never put her hand in South Sudan bank account like when she used to go a round the world with SPLM/SPLA bank account in her purse. To Juol Jesh el amer came all over Sudan at that time including Bor area, so don’t fall in Nyandeng evil deed of denying red army their rightful place in liberation history. My last word to Gatdarwich, Nyagaats like you are nothing but liars, you acted like you loved Nyandeng, but some of you used to called her husband Garang ugly bull not too long a go.

  6. Gatdarwich says:


    I like people who speak the truth. Yes, I love madam Nyandeng because she always tell the truth. As per red army bullshit narrative, yes, most of them were voluntarily following soldiers for foods during the struggle period. Some red army were confined to camps in Ponyindo, Itang, and Boma purposely for education reason. There wasn’t any official recruitment of the red army. Lie to the whitemen not Gatdarwich. So, don’t twist the red army story.

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