An Appeal to Jieeng Council of Elders (JCE): You’ve destroyed Pres. Kiir!

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, JAN/12/2016, SSN;

To argue that the 28-States proposal is what the people of South Sudan want is to be opportunistically dishonest. Learned people always make decisions based on empirical studies that can be independently verified. In South Sudan, the learned ‘elders’ are an authoritative, opportunistic clique that hides behind the president under the banner of Jieeng community.

In a society where people support everything the leadership decides, the people can’t be the best judges of what’s really good for the country when presented with face-value importance. The pros-and-cons of the proposal need to be discussed and adequately addressed with the people before the consideration of such an unfortunate, segregational proposal.

What’s the rush? The rush is meant to derail peace and prolong the people’s suffering! How can a leader, a learned elder, just assume something will work without it being subjected to the needed scrutiny? This speaks volume about why things are going wrong in South Sudan. Decisions are made on a whim!

South Sudanese rely on the learned to make their decisions, unfortunately, the elders they trust don’t have the interest of the citizens at heart. People need peace not slicing up of the country into tribal enclaves.

Even when the Juba-JCE knows very well that the proposal could jeopardize peace in South Sudan, they went ahead and coerced the president to go ahead with it. Peace is obviously not one of these ‘elders’ wish.

Western nations are plagued by discrimination and racial hatred because of the racial segregation imposed by economic and class differences and the not-admitted subconscious view of others as inferiors. Children grow up in racially homogeneous neighborhoods with the view of racial others as different and inferior. Since they [children] don’t meet racial others to personally ascertain the claim of ‘inferior others,’ they grow up believing that false assumption.

The 28-States proposal will do exactly that. It will keep South Sudanese apart and limit the crucial interaction that reduces tribal animosity. To say that keeping people apart in their ethnic states will bring peace and harmony is a parochial, naïve thinking not worthy of a learned, 21st century African elderman.

Tribal states were created by colonial administrators to help them control the ‘natives’ as they called us then. Those states were created in the interest of His Majesty not the colonized subjects. For the Juba-JCE to argue that these tribal divisions were good for us is ignorant.

I wished my dad were alive. I would have asked him if this is the nature of Jieeng; or if this is how Jieeng elders acted in the past.

It’s crucial for you [Jieeng] elders and leaders to remember that we are the ones to appraise your deeds and achievements once you’re gone. You’ve destroyed President Kiir Mayardit and his legacy and it’s time for you to remember that history will judge you in a very unkind way.

President Kiir now says ‘Order number 36’ doesn’t violate the peace agreement. But what part of the agreement allows it?

We’ll not write ‘facts’ you’ve not presented. You’re living like immortal beings. A man is as good as his legacy; something Juba-JCE is denying president Kiir.

You’ve showed how you disdain inter-tribal unity. You’ve shown how little you care about the well-being of the average South Sudanese except the size of your wallets. You’ve shown how little you care about peace in South Sudan and that’s why you support a controversial decision that could derail peace and keep the nation in a perpetual state of insecurity and instability (political and tribal). And you’ve shown how little you care about the future of South Sudan because you’ll never be in it.

And you’ve shown how little you care about the national constitution and that’s why you had to help the president make an unconstitutional decision. Once you realized that you couldn’t bully Mr. Kurbandy, who’s fortunately not a Jieeng man, you had a recourse to constitutional amendment.

What exactly will you do when the new constitution is written based on the peace agreement? Since SPLM-IO, SPLM-FPD and other political parties reject 28 States, the writing of the new constitution will be a sticky issue that’ll threaten peace. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

You are the very reason why other tribes hate us! But you are living in an insular fantasy so you don’t care what other tribes think of us. You’re stuck in the past that any thought that a future free of tribal parochialism is possible evades you. I’m ashamed of you.

I want a South Sudan in which Gatluak is a minister in my state, Ajullu a mayor of my state capital, and Deng a head of state inter-tribal council of elders. I know mine is a beautiful dream that’ll not materialize because I happen to belong to a tribe in which the wisdom of our village elders has been rejected and replaced with the political opportunism of the callous city dwellers masquerading as ‘elders.’

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudan poet and author currently living in Canada. For contact, visit his website on


  1. Dutajieng says:

    That does not make sense Kuir, you’ve been in Jonglei i know you are from Bor which’s of course from jonglei and if i may ask you “how many those things that u’ve talked that has not happened staff pertaining to the inter tribal committees and the likes?” We recently have been ruled by a nuer man and deputized by someone from Anyuak has that brought peace to jonglei state or to Twic where you hailed from and has kidnapping of children stopped yet and cattle rustling stopped if at all what you are saying would hold a bright future for the country i argue you to stop masquerading if the president is not from us doesnot mean we disown him b’se we are good and can provide the best even Dr John has his mistakes. Things to do with hatred, we have been hatred by the Equatorians and Nuers before anything like JCE came to existence so please rethink about the those 28 states very vividly, we need to try whether this style will bring us peace u’ve heard of Equatorians chasing away the Dinkas from Nimule, Yambio and YAUYAU demanding that he needs a state for his Murle and Anyauk which i think clearly disqualify your dream of having Gatluak a minister and Ajullu a mayor and Deng a head of inter tribal committee. This clearly shows that dream is the impossible b’se we hate ourselves thus calling for the new 28 states

    • Kenyi Kenyi says:

      Thank you for your contribution. To correct you, No equatorian hates Dinka, we hate Dinkaism (Behavoirs only) as we talk there are Dinkas everywhere in Equatoria no one minds. I can give you food for free. But we hate cattle keeper in our land for reasons that are self explanatory. Take your cows back to Junglei and come as South Sudanese to build your house next to me and see if I can chase you. What we hate is Land grabing, Uncontrolled cattle movement, nyakama, Serega, Kitel, shakila….So abandon those behavior and we have a peaceful South Sudan. By the way would accept those behaviors if we were the one doing them to you?

      • Martin says:

        Kuir, Kenyi and the rest,

        Please stop bulling around. Kuir from Canada is the lost sheep. Division of states is the last resort if other people within the union think that they are being mistreated or under represented. That is why all countries around globe are divided into states or regions for easy management and development. Many tribes in South Sudan are running their mouths day and night that their localities neglected, and are being ruled by other tribes. Yes, it is done and everyone wants to be alone. So now, a person has to come from a tribe, state, and then to the national government; and not other way round where individuals imposed themselves to represent a tribe or region without his people concern. For Kenyi, what the hell you dearly love dead cow (meat) and hate living cows? By the way, there are no crops during the summer and it is straight hatred which driven your tribe to fight cattle keepers/pastoralists during dry season. Which tribe in South Sudan is better? The answer is God knows. In reality, South Sudanese have been suffering since 1983 under the Upper Nile region warmongers led by Riek Machar and Lam Akol in 1991, Riek Machar in 2013, Late Matip Nhial, Ismael Konyi, Peter Gatdet, George Author, and David Yau Yau. In accordance to this peace agreement, it not will hold water because Riek always leave behind part of his own soldiers who happened to disagree him. Others may rebelled soon since Riek and Yau Yau were rewarded for South Sudanese killing with high positions. Projection is, rebellion shall and will never stop in South Sudan so long rebellions are ending with peaceful rewarding. In short, rebellion has now become a lucrative project in South Sudan.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          What the heck is your stupid points of argument here?

          Is it August 2015 peace agreement implementation, yau yau, Liberation war, late George Athor’s 2010 rebellion, or the current freedom fighters’ movement, SPLA-IO?
          Which one is it, dumb Martin?
          Also, who the fuck wrongly told you that South Sudan liberation struggle begun in 1983, the year Traitorous Garang and killer NyanKiir joined the Anya Anya 1 veterans (Gen. Gai Tut, Kot Atem, Joseph Oduh, Matip, Tanyinye, Kuany latjor, Bol Koang, and other patriots in Bilpam/Ethiopia?

          Martin, Don’t intoxicatedly writes easily trashed rubbish, ok Jenge-traitor!

          Rest in peace,

          Patriot, Gatdarwich

    • Eastern says:

      Dutajieng, shame, shame and more shame is what you must hide under. Don’t even raise a finger against Kuir Garang.

  2. GatCharwearbol says:


    You have spoken the truth. Watch as the comments pour in, your own Jieeng brothers and sisters will chop your head off for speaking the obvious known to all. To fit in, you are required to jump into their bandwagon of lies and manipulations. A man is required to think for himself. Majority of Jieeng don’t understand this. They prefer someone else doing thinking for them. A South Sudan where Gatluak is the governor of Warrap, Wani the governor of Bentiu, Garang the govenor of Central Equatoria is what a man who thinks for himself can see. You are indeed for the better South Sudan. May God help us to see this noble idea takes root in our country. Thank you for this excellent piece. If there is any sensible Jieeng out there, let him or her learn from you.

    • Bol says:

      Nobody would chop Kuir’s head off…..His writing are within”kuncouch” philosophy, which is contrary to my cousin’s (one man thinks all men follow). Yien Mathew was the last victim of this philosophy! I was inform that Major Gen. Hoiloom and Bridger Gatdarwich have conspired with Mr Editor to Mathew’s mouth for good (while visiting Cyber city) last weekend. His perceived quilt were disclosing what Dr Machar told about 14/12/13 events and airing out his thoughts regarding Equatorians’ attitude in public affairs.(BIG TABOO)…..

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Speak for yourself… look closely at your brothers’ comments. They are beyond chopping head off. Here on this side of the fence, we don’t entertain falsity. Editor is one of us in this side of the fence which explains why he dismissed your fake Yien Mathew’s claim and will not publish his nonsenses any longer…. Who knows, the so-called Yien Mathew could be another pretender in your camp. Remain bless…

      • Gatdarwich says:

        False millionaire,

        No body blocked the pseudo Yien Mathew from commenting on this forum, but he or she must confirm his or her true identity to the Editor period

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Halt preaching lies. Nobody prevent the fake Yien Mathew from commenting on this forum. But, we, the patriots, can’t and shall not permits any traitorous Jenge, defames, tarnishes, and characteristically assassinates brother-comrade Yien Mathew period.

  3. Gatdarwich says:


    Very commendable article bro!

    The Jenges Council of Evils are the ones that are destroying our country. President Salva Kiir should know this fact. JCE are not working for the President’s or the 64 South Sudan tribes’ interests, but for their own selfish interests. President Salva Kiir needs to meticulously study the 28 states imposition-implementation carefully because it’s indubitably non-implementable period. The 63 tribes will not and shall not under any circumstances permits the JCE to annexes their ancestries’ lands to the Jiengs’ lands period. It is just a recipe for catastrophic disaster. This current deadly war will and shall imminently reaches every village in South Sudan if the JCE and President Kiir inanely-stupidly proceeds with the 28 states imposition-implementation period.

    • Ariel Garang says:

      Kuir, what u are arguing is not true. if you are Jaang, then you should know that Riek created 21 states in such away that leave some Jaang Communities minorities in Nuer dominated territories. What Government have done is actually an IOs tribal federalism which become popular in South Sudan. Jaang Community under leadership of consul of elders should be respected for their role in unifying Jaang People. We accepted this tribal federalism as Riek initiated it. Now proof to your reader who’s land that dose belong to Jaang in Upper Nile or Bhar Elgazal have been annexed. You unjustifiable critics is abussive to Jaang Consul of elders for entire Community. It reminds me of Nyandeeng’s evil statement of Dec 2015 which says” Nuers have been massacre by Salva Kiir Tribe”. If you guys in Twec east think you are too nationalist betraying your own, then why do t you move to Akobo,Boma,Naser,Bantiu or even Kudok and leave us alone.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Typical naked Jenges’ argument. Both nyandeng’s and kuir’s patriotic statements are nothing, but the well known ultimate facts or truths.
        Why quivers and comments here for the first time on this forum if you ain’t the truth teller hater?

        You hates mama nyandeng and Kuir because they speaks the truths, right?

        • Bol says:

          “Typical naked Jenges’ argument” ? So, your “Civil Union” with the “Bush Meat Eaters” is real to the level of borrowing their terminologies?……. I never heard of Nuer garment industry, is it located in Panjak, or does C in C carry it in his suitcase around the globe?

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            You got him.

          • Gatdarwich says:


            The reason Equatorians called you Jenges is because of your well known negative cultural values—constant mobilities, abandonments of your ancestry lands, and chaotic behaviors.

            The above behaviors and many others clearly symbolizes jengetism–Jieng cultural Values, not Naathism period.

  4. Eastern says:

    Dear Kuir Garang,

    This is a wonderful January dispatch from a true South Sudanese patriot; nothing much to add or subtract. Excellent piece.

    Let the anti peace activists continue with their 28 states agenda, the world and the future will judge them!

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      Kuir-e Garang,

      This is the best article ever a Dinka man has written since the creation of earth. Dinka in general do not have vocabularies of equality, sympathy and fairness. However, I am afraid visionless Dinka such as False Millionare and Salva Kiir will sleep in pain because of your visionary article that seem to be a big threat to them.

      • Southdn says:

        Kiir Garang-diid.pleas stop playing( Waat or Mongola ). I always following your writing. First when the war started you focused on defaming Dr.Riek Machar Teny, those move you have chosen is not good for your records. since united states congress hearing on south sudan conflict had worned. He will documents who will violates the peace agreement second when the war reached 15 months you were here calling Presiden, Salva Kiir Mayardiid to violate peace in order for him to stay 100 ys in power. Now you writing seems to vaiolate peace agreement. I summarized your article which you encouraging jieng: O’ jeing elders you are so rich never succumbed to the poor, they are under your shoes. o’jeing elders, don’t ever respect South Sudan constitution, is merely paper
        3.O’ jeing elders hold onto to your ground and support 28 states, so you going to win as long you violate peace agreement.
        4.O’jeing, I Mr. Kuer Garang, I have no deam, but i plagiarized on Martin Luther King. I have a deam one day, no Gatluak would be a Minister in jonglei. I would not allow Ajulu be a Mayor. I wanted Deng Garang a governor of jonglei. Kuer Garang you are a tribla President.

  5. Okuc says:


    You are a voice in wilderness and i wish the rest of educated Jieng are courageous like you to stand up and say to the so- called council of Jieng Elders you don’t represent us nor you have been elected by us. Unfortunately, the Jieng’s council of Elders took upon themselves to speak on behalf of whole Jieng in South Sudan in matters far beyond their jurisdiction.
    Keep on challenging your people who want to turn South South into Jieng’s republic which is uphill feat to achieve.

  6. Martin L. says:

    I get the formation and existence of such a group like JCE; but what I don’t get is listening and implementing their evil schemes by the president of the republic is beyond me! Why would, a supposedly president of all South Sudanese, listen to one and only one group?

  7. Beek says:

    Third World War is not going to happen in my life time. Obama was afraid and crying because of they have done,but that was the right thing. Angels

  8. Amum Machar says:

    Okuc and others viewers, I don’t have enough times to mentioned their names, of course, Kuir ideas and viewes reflects the really issues and the son of Jieng who believed in equality, justices, fairness, the importance of relationships, the needed for collaborations, and the fundamentally of eliminating racism and build the unity as the only way to recognized our unique of diversity. People should pay attentions to key terms and evaluated or studied them as the root cause or alternative solutions to what have been facing the new nation, however it appears that Kuir and other best Bor leaders who are part of those chaos. It looks they have difference agendas because many of them had greater ambitious in playing in such dirties politics that brought divisions as well as any crisis that Southern Sudanese have hard time cleaning it up. Therefore, as a concerned viewers or reader, I would like to warn none Dinka not to just support those kind of writers who tended to blamed Jieng for the past so that they can get a position in the government just like Gordon Boy who used to insult and challenged President Kiir’s administration until Kiir brought him closer! South Sudan and their viewers should learn from those examples, and who pretend to be part of the solution while they are not doing any thing about it. Despite of reflecting their idea on the really issues their hieratic is bring divisive voices and discrimination among communities and within member of the government.

    • Southdn says:

      I discovered, kuer Garang is playing (Mongola or Waat in Nuer and Dinka). I don’t even believed on what he was writing. I considered him a master of deception. He plagiarized a unity of Sudanese people, but succumbed to Dr. Riek Machar vision of selfedertmination. (Independent). The jeing Elders have failed before too international community, let them go into (book).

  9. Kenyi Kenyi says:

    God bless you. Kiir is messing South Sudanese because he listens to JCE instead to Council of Ministers and Parliament.
    The voice of intellectuals like You, Elhag, Okuk, Wani, Kenyi Kenyi, Bentiue ramaran…. fall at best at the ears of fellow interlectuals but not those who mind their wallets as you correctly put. South Sudan of Bashir is by far better than this one we manage. Yet it is supposed to be the reverse. Shame on JCE. Could that be their strategy of coming back to posts or seeking political recycle?

  10. Alier-kon says:

    Dear all,

    For your information go and opposed 28 states in your home because every body has it own states for instance, Eastern go and tell people of Namurnyang and Imatong your complain. those of Nuer you have latjoor, Eastern Biech, and western Biech move on the street and demonstrate that this is not good to have our state alone. Kuir come to Bor Jonglei and tell your people that I don’t like to have Jonglei state, so let us be combined with Boma state. instead of barking on the net it shouldn’t help and at the end of the day you will end up crazy. Nuer why do you complaint since you have your land? Okuc go to Chollo land claimed your right there with your people and say we don’t want to have our sate alone let us be together with Dinka Padang and donjol. if we want unity among our selves as southerners then why do we talks a lot using abusive language against Dinka and Jieng did take away your ancestor land?

    • Eastern says:


      The 28 states issue is non starter; you will soon realise why this is the case. Creation of states in South Sudan is not a preserve of a few Dinka people. ARCISS is supreme to the presidential Order 36/2015 AD.

      Please engage yourself in better things than fantasising on an elusive project.The JCE and by default war mongering dinkas will end with an egg on their faces!!!!

    • Gatdarwich says:


      The Jiengs tribal lunatics and fanatics-killer NyanKiir and the JCE, have absolutely zero chance in hell of imposing the 28 pseudo states on the patriots, the 63 tribes period . The annexation of the 63 tribes’ lands to you, the treacherous Jenges- foolish majority, won’t and shall not materialize on our, Patriots’ watch period.

  11. monday Jacob says:

    Traditional elders should not be mixed with Government, because there behaviors and act is barbaric and most of them are primitive,indeed they can’t solve and come up with new ideas for the all country,otherwise they will mess you Gov’t and run a way while blaming you of bad leadership.however traditional elders are good in solving culture issues but not Government issues,because government is for the people with different social,economic and political we should no encourage them to run the affairs of government.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Garcharwearbol,
    How so daring are u?
    “South Sudan where Gatluak is the governor of Warrap,Wani the governor of Bentiu,Garang the governor of centeral equatoria”,why do u ignore that that was John Garang’s south sudan?
    But u revolted against him under Riak Machar and Lam Akol joining the arabs and facilitated to reverse every territory the SPLM/A under Garang had captured with bloodshed and heavy human loses.
    Stop fooling around sir.If u haven’t anything better to say,repent and apologize to the RSS’ masses!!!

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Go study our history first, then come back to me. Talk to you when your head is clear.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        I would like to inform you that False Millionaire has deformed brain even if he study the history for 50 plus years he will not understand what the history is saying. False Millionaire’s brain is completely frozen so it does not receive the sensations that make human being react to phenomena and the world around us.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Bentiu Ramaran,

          FM and Bol need to invite Museveni to do the thinking for them. Agany has done tremendous damage upstairs. Kiir is unable to think for himself, this led to invitation of Museveni to do the thinking. Path had been set for you by your Uncle….. follow it.

          • Bol says:

            Bol is living successful live which involves some sort of thinking and creativity….So, thanks for your suggestion, but I don’t require assistance…On the other hand, Agany and Nyanteer are classified white meat and as such they must be included in any reasonable menu otherwise people won’t have a proper functional brains leading to all kinds of cognitive problems and criminal activities! For the sake of our mutual security, let’s encourage white meat consumption particularly Agany and Nyanteer. The are amoung the best sources of proteins. Cheers.

  13. Kwacha says:

    “In a society where people support everything the leadership decides, the people can’t be the best judges of what’s really good for the country when presented with face-value importance”.
    Kuir !, this is a fantastic piece article from a patriotic South Sudanese. South Sudan needs a million talented people like you who can change this attitude of tribalism.

  14. Dutajiengdit says:

    Kenyi kenyi and Eastern, of coz you can disagree with me but that’s what you p’ple want we are tired of your abuses towards the Jieng p’ple so why are refusing to be in your state and we in ours. You just praising that masquerader and an opportunist pretending be a patriot we all patriotic that is why we lost of our fathers and relatives to the liberation struggle which Kiir hijacked but we know everything has an end but just tired of hatred

    • Kenyi Kenyi says:

      I am fully aware that Dinkas are hated by their fellow brothers. But did you ask why? I tell you we have learned Dinkas whom we rely on for many Ideas, Support, guidance; of course I will not mention them here for security purposes. Very good Dinkas I tell you. But what we hate is arrogance! You talk of States why are your People still killing us here in Lobonok? Even non Dinkas who are arrogant are also hated among our Communities. Do you know even in East Africa Dinkas are treated with Contempt, dislike, cruelty when misbehave? Kuir has realized that in Canada and he is perfect to fit anywhere in the world. When will you come out of that? You who is educated should tell Illiterates why Dinkas are hated instead of defending. Shame! Isn’t?

      • Dutajieng says:

        Your p’ple here in EA are the one preaching the anti Dinka gospel who does not know that. But we know that we are very innocent of those lies against us

        • Kenyi Kenyi says:

          It seems you will never understand that your behavior betrays you Dinkas, but not our anti bad behavior movement. Since with all education you have still not willing to change and then be a change argent like Kuir, Nyadeng Garang, Maboir Garang, Deng Alor, Majak Agoot, Benjamin Marial (tactically a Dinka), Abraham Diing Awol,….I stop here until the wave of change sweeps around. Even if we preach hate in EA but you behave well we would be lairs.
          One day a Dinka child came with a pistol to school in Yei because a teacher asked for school fees! Is that right?

  15. Patriot, Gatdarwich says:

    The Jenges intellectuals like Kuir and the likes needs to unequivocally disowned these wisdomless Elders-Jiengs Council of Evils, and labels them by their true names: tribal lunatics and Jenges supremacy fanatics.
    If Kuir and the likes keep wrongly labeling them as their chosen elders, then these cronies will and shall maintains acting as such period

    • Ww says:

      Mr. self-proclaimed Partriot,

      Are you going disown Riek Machar? He has been the killer of his own poeple more than Arabs in the history of South Sudan. Are you going to Disown Riek Machar? He has finished Lou Nuer in the name of his own interest to be come the President of the Republic of South Sudan. Here is the proof; in 1991 He killed Thousands in Bor and shot us in the back while our heads were turned to the enemy and about to liberate Juba. Had we captured Juba then war would have ended 11 years earlier and save many brave lives lost. you lunatics extreme supporters of Devil Riek have the nerves to tell us that because of him we have the independence of South Sudan? Rubbish! You guys must be your in own little world in your minds.

      Kuir is talking head, he not smart. You like this because he has gave in to your empty. militia rhetoric. I say good luck to him, following Riek Machar is a road to nowhere.

      Anyone who is against Dinka as a tribe is a loser. Be against the government not the tribe. But tell this half-educated and primitive, militia, emotional, wana thin, dumbs white army and I guarantee you they will never diffirentiate between the government and the tribe.

      • Patriot, Gatdarwich says:

        Dr. Riek can not be compared to the tribal lunatics and the fanatics, the highly Incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, Killer NyanKiir and the Jenges Council of Evils, because the indisputable patriot, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, symbolizes the South Sudan’s nationhood, while the formers(Killer NyanKiir & the Jenges Council of Evils)symbolizes the cores Jenges’ tribal lunacy and fanaticism period

  16. Why do people say things that they will not do? Let your talking march with what you are going to do.

  17. Martin L. says:

    Today, it was reported by that president Kiir has asked his supporters to vote for him in 2018 elections. My Goodness how selfish and power greedy this person can be. After allowing and looting South Sudan resources, dividing communities, killing innocent people, and spending 10 plus 3 years in power doing absolutely no good for the country, yet he has the audacity to ask for a re-election! if I were him, I would vanish from the face of earth!

  18. Tor Lul Luny says:

    Kuirdit, you have narrated reasonable remarks, these Uncles(JCE of Juba) will deteriorate the good reputation of Dinka in South Sudan in general and the Legacy of Mr. Kiir Mayardit in particular. Their support to the President Kiir in taking wrong decisions will cause insecurity and instability in the nation, specially annexation of other communities lands by other communities by creating 28 States.

  19. BILL KUCH says:

    Kuir Garang,
    I have strongly disagreed with you on your statement. There is no way to influence a man with leadership qualities by others, unless he must be a weak incompetent leader who depends on others decisions. So, if you honestly come out and say that president Kiir is incapable of leading South Sudanese then I would have taken your point. However, the good leader takes advice, but use only useful ones and not all of it. There is no perfect leader, but president Kiir weaknesses are incomparable with the rest. I better hear the truth being told instead hypocrite people preaching unpractical works.

    • Kimanakwa says:

      Hoping that you went to school, Kuir is not wrong to mention weaknesses because this country does not belong to particular community but it is diversity and dynamic, how can the government be run by just one community rather than following decision of parliamentarians? Those who are directing president are old enough they don’t know about future but this country future is at our hands as youths but not elders. Kuir, “An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens.” so you are the only Dinka who feel mess of this country i wish your number could be more you will definitely destroy the so called JCE

  20. False Millionaire says:

    Guess what?
    The excommunicated fellow Mr Yien Mathiews appears to have been a credible insider.
    If u have read yesterday’s sudan tribune online,it was reported that the parties to the compromise peace agreement are negotiating into the 28 Kiir’s states proposition with the posibility of finding a middle ground in cojunction to those of Dr Riak’s 21 states.That means that it’s nuers and jieng determining the future of RSS without equatorians and that’s exactly what Yien Matiews was saying.
    But what did our pop do?
    He muzzeled the truth teller to protect certain customers who are only good to feed SSN with lies from getting stripped naked!!!

    • Bol says:

      Yien is a Dr Machar inner circle element since 2005, and as such, he knows more than his Cyber Squat fellows. From what I have gathered, Mathew was one of the most SPLM active members during his University studies in Khartoum. His negative side is COURAGE, which puts him at odd some times.
      They have a motto on that side of the camp…a mafia style one, with clear rules… 1) Don’t admit our role in 14/12/13 military coup attempt {Mathew did it. So, he have to be silence, if not liquidated by hooks and crooks} . 2) Inflate the number of Nuer victims from about 700 to 30;000, 3) Deny killing of one single Dinka and if you have to, then put the blame on Kiir, because he had started it {what a logic!}, 4) Invade media outlets to transform, brainwash, and direct Public Opinion towards your goals(Power Control) is it not the turn of your people to eat? etc. 5) Adopt any self-hater Dinka, promote, facilitate their activities and portray them as a rare Dinka genetic product worth national celebration! 6) Dehumanise, Liquidate any non Dinka in Kiir camp {murder attempt of Gen. Hoth in Melbourne- Australia by Nuer gangsters)….Its all gloom!

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        The “coup attempt” narrative is non-starter. Kiir Mayar had recently admitted there was no coup. While addressing his SPLM convention, he appologized to South Sudanese for igniting the war. So you are left singing the song alone.

        • Bol says:

          What about other articles in the SPLM/A (IO) code of conduct? Kiir apology was about the pain his party had caused to the RSS. Remember, his party, in this context includes Dr Machar and his followers!

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Quivering and fabrication of facts is exactly what your likes are good at. Nothing else period.

        As per the fake Yien Mathew’s comments being temporarily blocked(awaiting identity validation by the Editor), You, the Jenges can cry as loudly as your traitorous vocals cords can handles, but the fact is that the individual in question has evidently committed a criminally sanctioned act–malicious defamation of real-patriot-comrade-General, Yien Mathew’s name-superb reputations . So, this Jenge, direly deserves not only banned from libelously using my brother Yien Mathew’s name maliciously, but also severe criminal persecution-sanction period

    • Eastern says:

      ….and again read today’s Sudantribune, where a faction of the monstrous party is saying otherwise read here please if you still believe in Sudantribune.

      Now tell me, who’s has been stripped naked here? Issues of South Sudan can’t be determined at the whims of the nuers and jenges only. You will soon realise why this is going to be the case. If the forthcoming administration is going to be reminisent to the First Republic, the Equatorians will be at it again – opposing it. A government can’t afford to ignore a vibrant opposition.

    • Patriot, Gatdarwich says:

      False Millionaire,

      You must be the one who was libelously using brother-Comrade Yien Mathew’s name on this web site because it has been nearly over a week now since our patriot Editor kindly asked the pseudo Yien Mathew to write or contact him directly through the Editor’s official email so as to confirms or validates his(Yien’s) identity prior to publishing or posting of any further comments emanating from him/Yien Mathew.

      False Millionaire or the likes, could you please reasonably and logically explains to the patriot Gatdarwich and other patriots, why Comrade Yien Mathew hasn’t contacted or wrote to the Editor yet?
      What is the legitimate reason/excuse behind the hesitation or procrastination of NOT promptly contacting or writing to the Editor?

      The answer is obviously clear, someone was in fact, defaming, tarnishing, and libelously using the real patriot, Comrade, Gen. Yien Mathew’s name on this web site period.

  21. Nguenydit says:

    Those goons from Twic east area of Dinka Bor who support Riek’s rebellion and falsely claim patriotism and nationalism, is simply not because they love the criminal guy and his folks or other words not because they have a sincere feeling toward the nation, or have felt the huge suffering being faced the people of south Sudan as a result of these bitter and senseless war. These people are Garang’s family members and close relatives and not to victimise they’re not all of them, after Garang’s death his wife Rebecca lost the opportunity to be the first lady where there’s power, prestige, fame and money that she has shortly enjoyed, her children from the eldest one Dr. Majak Agot were orphaned. Nyandeng’s family after garang’s departure, the royal family started to lose their strong grip in the affairs of the country they started to lose powers and key positions one by one and the unexpected tragedy of the highnesses sparked by the sacking of the governor of the bank of south Sudan that time Elijah Malok. the death turned into a shock leaving the family aimless and ready to sell their souls to the devil in order to climb back again to the power. the devil was found, Nuer the second largest tribe in terms of population and the most stupid at the level of south sudan, thirsty for power and ready to do anything to overthrow the Dinka’s majority government as they claim, knowing that they will be respected by the Nuer because of Garang’s legacy the family and its proponents specially in America, Canada and Europe in general started to turn their back to their own people who had suffered in the past in hands of the ugly faces, the mother along with her children decided to join the man who was cursed by their father for betraying him and massacring of his people in 1991. Just for the sake of power and the inherited megalomania, Nyandeng saw Riek as her last sanctuary to protect her from Salva kiir and the failed Dinka’s regime as she had described , she saw in him a potent man, she saw in him a famous man, Nyandeng saw a lot of thing in Riek Machar and the most importantly she saw him as a good father for the orphans specially the prodigal son Mabior. For the power greediness only, Nyandeng has supported Riek and stood at the wrong side, issued false statements and accounts, betrayed her people and ultimately causing their suffering until now in refugees camps. Mr. poster and Nyandeng’s supporter the issue isn’t 28 states or Jieng council of eldest, we have lived in the ten states with no benefit to mention at all, except death and mourning. I personally what I can remember is only the suffering and the Nuer’s ugly and gory faces stained with the blood of my people in 1991 roaming around in my town and at the back of my backyard and the endless murle’s attacks, is this the ten states you’re clapping for. You have to shut your mouth, death was everywhere and in any corner in the previous ten states which means lack of your fake unity that you’re claiming to have been put in danger by the decision of the President to create new 18 states. And for your informations, democracy can only be applied by a democratic society, a literate society not by cuttle keepers who think killing, destroying and looting others properties is a bravery or by farmers who think getting rid of others is federalism and sovereignty, there must be a body to guide the nation and if JCE has taken this burden on its shoulder then it’s a courageous step from them to secure the nation and I appreciate it. Unions and Organisations are everywhere and European union is my example where some countries are members and others are not. And at the end why all this noise, equatorians have their union and they were the first one to form a council when they called to be given 30 ambassadors, why not us. Nonsense.

    • Dutajiengdit says:

      Nguendit, you are absolutely right Nyadeng can’t even listen to our village chiefs leave alone that brainless Salva Kiir she feels she knows everything but what we in Twic dont like is that issue of being accused of supporting Machar yet people in the villages dont even want to hear the NAME MACHAR thus it should stop now

  22. Alier-kon says:

    Dear Kimanakwa,
    that is why south Sudan is divided into 28 states so that you managed your own affairs with out Dinka community as you stated it is one community run the Government. if you are capable at your home, can you show to south Sudanese now in your state how capable you are?

  23. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    “history”,about traitors and savage power hungry idiots that has transpired in my life time,is it the one u suggest to waste my precious time to study?!!!

    • Southdn says:

      Dear folks
      Please let’s respect ourselves. False Millionaire, I sometimes follow your comments since the war started, i found out your writings were very logical. you never insult anyone, but now I’m not happy as peace agreement being implemented people start to insult each other in a bad manner, remember they said “if you incite an insult one time the person will insult you twice,” in this case you are giving chance for people to disrespect you.
      So let’s respect one another we are learned people let’s not have a confident belief if person engaging in insulting others finally she/he will be insulted.
      Therefore for you to say Mr Bentiu you sage hungry for power is not right, please I say don’t try copy vocabularies created by Salva Kiir’s government. In my memory, government of Salva Kiir have created many vocabularies since the senseless war started such vocabularies are: coup, unfortunate, Rebel, Rebel leaders Riek Machar, Arusha reunification, freedom fighters, Jeing Elders, 28 States. To mention few, Kiir’s government due to senseless war has created lots of vocabularies that never exited during old Sudan. I’m so sorry, but I need every one respect South Sudan.

  24. Jerad says:

    There are some questions which Kuir Garang should ask himself.
    1. Was there JCE in 1991 when Riek Killed thousands of Bor?
    2. Does Kuir Garang think his life was safe if he was in Bor when hundreds of innocent people in the hospital were killed by the White Army?
    3. Does Kuir Garang think that the hatred against Dinka began when Salva was President of South Sudan?
    It will be bored to just keep listing all questions which are reflecting the truth, but we Dinka learned from others, and for that reason we should get a way to keep ourselves on our boundaries. As Dutjieng said that 28 is a way to keep our people on their land. Even Equatoria who complained that Dinka annexed the land belong to others, I think no Equatoria land has been annexed to Dinka. In UpperNile, not any land has been annexed to Dinka and the owner of the land were kicked out. What is going on is that Chollo doesn’t want to be divided into two part with Dinka and Chollo. The same case in Wau state. Those two problems can be handled if people are sincere. It was stated that everyone should go to his/her state and then check any land taken out from his/her motherland should be given back. But we Southern Sudan even when there is a clear way to pass, we choose to go on a rough road. I think when thousand people have died we will throw it away like when Riek was stick to regime change until the last moment, then he realized the suffering of people. Riek himself initiated the federal government by creating 21 states, although there was no any annexation of Dinka land to others, we rejected it because Nuer cannot leave with Dinka anymore in one state period. When we are mixed together people complain about Dinka, and when we isolated ourselves people complain about why? That is ridiculous.

  25. jok lual says:

    to mr Kuir
    i think that name not your real name your is Gatluak no Bor man can support Nuer from Bor to Malakal up to Bentiu we know very well what Nuer do for Dinka in 1991 and 2013 so no one can support

    • Toria says:

      Jok Lualaba
      If you say that Mr Kuir Garang is a Nuer, is Mabior Garang also a Nuer? We shouldn’t support leaders or intellectuals because of names or tribe, but because of their credibilities and abilities to lead fairly and justifiable. I am from Equatoria but I supported Dr John Garang who was from Bor, even when he killed Equatorians in thousands. Nuers killed Dinkas, Dinkas killed Nuers, both Nuers and Dinkas killed Equatorians and other tribes and vice versa. Everyone has dirty hands, so let’s get over it and move on.
      Unfortunately, you Dinkas who claimed to be leaders are also the most hate mongers, greediest, selfish, most cruel, and tribalist people ever to exist in South Sudan. “Wake up Jenge or we all perish !!!!!!!!!”

  26. Southdn says:

    You allegation that you want Gatluak minister, or governor and Ajulo a mayor is totally a mockery. I recalled, then January 2013, Bor Dinka clans had protested inside Bor Town calling President Kiir to issue a dismissal Of governor John Kouang Nyoun a Nuer fellow like Gatluak. This is an indication (Bor Dinka) are currently & actually ruling in Juba and not Salva Kiirdiid Mayar. So dear fellow citizen, please be careful about what you write night damage credibility of whole tribe. As i recolled, One British wrote “its good to read a book you know”. Therefore, I’m happy your writing and thought contains vast materials I knew though I don’t not agree with your views but I’m more happier. I know you have acquired knowledge through understanding but don’t forget what you know it had been already known.
    Sincerely. JthB

  27. Hoiloom says:


    There is nothing to hide from December 2013 events. Facts are out there for all to read but your likes keep spinning the truth. If Yien Mathew is real on this website he should verify that to the editor and he won’t be blocked, however our source of information tell us otherwise. Do you really believe we don’t have contact with senior SPLM-IO members such as Yien Banypiny Chuol? If Yien has some information that can help you in court to bring people to justice then you should request him to come to Juba.


  28. Gatdarwich says:


    Fake Yien’s issue is legitimately settled. No further comment to the traitorous Jenges on this subject period

  29. Southdn says:

    Kuer Garang
    You are a laier, and you don’t really means Gatluak and Aujulo and yauyau or the three tribe, who shared Jonglei to hold any political Post in jonglei. I remembered one of your article in the beginning of war you boldly started you don’t want present of 3 three tribes in jonglei: Nuer,Anyuak, and Murle. So, why would you deceived that you want Gatluak, Ajuluo and yauyau means while your Dinka leaders had planned to evict tribes who had know to live side by side 100 ys. You know, you allegation could be term as “Sadapiny Ku Sadaraar”.Discpition for an hypocrite individuals. It used by chief Makuei Beil Kuei of panryang Dinka unity state. I know Bor are one strongly supports 28 states. In Mr. Able Alier Book, South Sudan too many agreement dishonoured says “we are tribes and nothing in common”. To me this is an indication that the architect for South Sudan civil war is Mr. Able Alie Kuac. I mean these war which had killed 20.000 in Juba 13/12/2013.I hope Dinka would not simply insult me because they not understand my opinion.

  30. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    “FM and Bol need to invite Museveni to do thinking for them”.Really?
    Admit that I am a regular reader of your dispatches and the conclusion is more than clear that you are either our elder brother Dr Riak Machar or his life time right hand one.
    What good thinking there is in u that obliges u to insult me and Bol associating us to the thinking of your political rivals like Kiir and forget that in reality,you were the author of the 1991 failed coup against Dr Garang,the masterminders of the 15th of December 2013 events that have cost so many lives and destruction and the first to singn the compromise peace agreement?
    If the decision to sign the compromise peace agreement so hastly wasn’t a product of some one else’s thinking than out of your own conviction,the hour has come to go to Juba to implement it to the last clause for the best as for the worst and stop the unnecessary rampage.
    Good luck sir!!!

    • Southdn says:

      Please don’t insult me If i disagreed with you.I’m replying your 1991 posting. For you to say Dr. Riek made a coup to Dr.Garng or whatever in your (smart big brain) is not true. I had said before that Dr.Riek Machar his Malei (Highness) did not made coup to Dr. Johndiid D-Mabiour but because the cominist who supporting both Ethiopian dictator and South Sudan dictator felt 1989 and CIA had picked two Senior SPLA officers namely Dr. Riek Machar and Lame Akul Ajawen. This was my analysis since i was 1989 when I was a student at saint Peter and Pual in Khartoum. I always tried to give a positive attitude between the Dinka and Nuer. My advice to Dinka special (Bor) section, please don’t keep mentoing 1998 events because Dr. Johndiid Garang D-Mabiour was a dictator, who wants to kill Nuers people in accounts of others. As he had hired Ethiopians soldiers against( A2). Salva Kiir hiered Ugandandans torps to kill Nuer 2013. FM please, lets learn from history, let’s learn from our mistakes and lets know your minds had been corrupted by so called Jeing elders. Whichever. Will let international community take action against them. Remember, big brother is watching. I could see, if Dinka Bor would not abandone or stop mentoing 1991 ecents would be a hemorrhage to them in future.
      1. There wasn’t a coup in 1991 Dinka were the one planning coup against Nuer since 1800.
      2. What Dinkas terms as a coup, 2013 it was a real coup, but they Dinka made coup to the Nuer fellows.

  31. Beek says:

    Kiir is aware of overlook for long long time,but South Sudanese are very primitive. We want to feed our people than buying weapons to kill ourselves because of Top Positions and Moral Corruption.

    • Southdn says:

      Nobody wants to fight for power in South Sudan nor any tribe dare to do so. But jeing elders are the ones who suddenly grabbed the power by (coup d’etat) thinking they not being watched by big brother, the western world. I didn’t think Dinka would be allowed to establish 28 States which symbolized Jim Crow in South Sudan, nor they would be allowed to practice sorts of apartheid in South Sudan.

  32. Southdn says:

    I know you’re antipeace as I had previously disclosed. Here nothing I can appreciate in your article.. But I can see the aims of your article was to encourage your jeing Elders to violate peace agreement. Its already known, when you come with article you don’t meant to support Peace, but to drill it.see, after you delivered your article, the following crisis occurred:
    1. President Kiir come out and have called his supports jeing to elect him 2018
    2. The government has given SPL,IO deadline to evict hotels where they logging, because they (government) can’t pay
    3. President Kiir this weekend asserts, he drew a redline to 28 states
    4. a mass military plan to attack SPL,IO is under way
    again, thank you Mr. Kuer Garang it is my best to have acknowledged that you( Bor you are one remote controlling president Kiir to prolong the war)

  33. Kuir E Garang,
    You ‘ve finally tell the truth about yourself, sincerely speaking, you are not guilt to come out shamelessly and attacks your elders with a claim that you wants to adviced them yet you ‘ve admitted earlier that you are an orphan and you know very well that our rich culture and norms does not allowed a fatherless child to take an advisory role in the society but instead it is in our tradition belief that elders always took a lead in bringing an orphan like you closer to the society and be taught on how to respect the elders and how best you should behave yourself while in the community.
    It is in the same elders where you can find a caretaker to both of you & your mother or call him step father and I know whoever is/was assigned to take over your mother will definitely assumes the roles and responsibilities that ‘re suppose to be played or taken care by your late father.
    However, I don’t understands as to why you wants to put your stubborness and blames on your father’s death though it is crystal clear that you ‘ve already refused to take good advise from your immediate parents esp. your close uncles or step father as you can not be a good boy only when you are advised or taken care by your biological father otherwise Barrack Obama would ‘ve not made it to become a powerful President of United States of America.
    I am urging you to revise your own characters, perceptions, ignorance and ill thinkings where you always believe in your own makings and expect everybody to agree with you but you are completely wrong simply because we are not responsible for your shallow assumptions.
    Remember, you ‘ve nothing unique that JCE doesn’t ‘ve at the moment because you can’t tell them or talk of your Canadian education as the dirty tool that has made you crazy to the extent of attacking your elders every now and then when most of them ‘re far better than you in term of everything.
    Finally, I want you to get for me a mango fruit from a bamboo plant likewise to the goat, it has never gave birth to a duckling, so I wondered where do you excludes yourself from being a typical Jieng/Dinka/Muonyjang and where do you find your intelligentsia from?
    Does your orphanage qualified you to be the most civilized and well informed son of widow among Jieng intellectuals?
    If you have nothing to do, don’t do it on JCE.
    Thank you in advance for taking your time to read my comment.

  34. Akwat says:

    Kuir’s concern here is about the creation of the 28 tribal states and their effects to the whole South Sudanese communities. And the worst of that it is a violation to the resolutions of the peace agreement that was signed by all parties including the president Kiir. I think what Kuir is telling the JCE is that as a learned elders, they should not support what violates the peace agreement. Instead, they should follow the path of other parties that rejected the president’s Order. As a learned Elders, they should advocate for the welfare of the country and not destroying it.
    Kuir quoted the president by saying, “President Kiir now says ‘Order number 36’ doesn’t violate the peace agreement. But what part of the agreement allows it? The question is legitimate. The president did not say what part of the agreement allows the creation of the 28 states. If some one of those who are supporting this Order could provide us with the answer, that would be good to know that part of the peace agreement.
    When we are debating an issue that concerns all people, we should do that in a way or a manner that would bring fruit to all of us. Why a rush? The peace agreement talked about this issue of creating many States when the National Unity Transitional Government is formed, they will discuss or settle this matter.
    If we ask ourselves, how many time our president violated the constitution of the Republic of South Sudan? We are still dancing and supporting him in all his wrong doing. What kind of an intellectuals are we? And what kind of a country do we really want to be?
    Should we support the president because he is from my state, from my tribe, even if he violates what he himself signed on our behalf whether it is good or bad? That should not be the case guys. Who should we blame if the peace agreement fell? Of course the arm opposition, isn’t it? Let us be realistic in whatever we comment and the way we judge others. Thank you so much Kuir for this wonderful article. God bless!

  35. William Todel says:

    it seems the debate deviate from the focal point of argument presented by kuir. no south sudanese would entertained the idea of dividing a nation into clans and keep calm for the sake of what Jacob wish. of course, the south pundits and intelligentsia are sending mix messages to the public when talking about federalism- to some it is a devolution of power between the central and the peripheries- to some it is dividing- leaving the public confused. they too, did not attempt to define the term to be clear what does it mean and give the background of how federalism came into extant- that is why the debate is void- making hard for public to disabuse from notions they had for the sake of betterment of the debate. am from akobo and lived my young adulthood in bor and considered myself from better than some who may be claiming they from bor and no one can dispute that even my classmate and colleagues- than with narrowed argument some elements would prefer me to go to where I come from is that what people wants with that narrow argument, I think even my colleagues who may this comment would agree with me and kuir and I do not think one of them would agree for sending where I come from, except for those who do not know and never lived in bor- until recently I had been living in bor. we have to develop a better of argument for sake of our nation.

  36. Akwat,
    President Kiir has clearly talk about reservations because the so called compromise Peace agreement was an imposed peace.
    Are you telling me/us that we can be best intellectuals when we folly endorses and embraces the reinstatement of former constitutional post holders back to the same political posts they had occupied for eight good years without delivering basic services to the small population of South Sudan?
    Are you good to be considered as intellectuals when we welcome Former VP as new VP
    Former Foreign Min. as New FM
    Former Justice Minister as New Roads & Bridges Minister and many other FORMERs to be reinstated to their previous positions.
    What new developmental ideas do they possess this time that they don’t ‘ve for the last eight years in looting?
    Dr. John Garang our late Hero was right when he said that the democracy has become the only tool used by everyone even devils have started to use it as the best micriphone for selling your expired goods to the community when those good ‘re dangerous to human life.

    • Eastern says:

      Then Kiir and by default dinkas led by the JCE are not ready for peace. Then why must Dr Riek be coerced to go back to Juba in fulfilment of the impossible – the JCE one position that the peace was imposed and therefore untenable.

      The body making reviewing the constitution is stuck on the hurdle brought in by the JCE ostensibly to counter what they call an imposed and bad peace. Then why must time and resources be wasted in holding those supposedly fruitless meetings?

      The international partners must have now seen this: it’s either their way or there is no peace to talk of. It is now very cleare to those who were doubting all along that it’s the Juba establishment that’s remained as the ONLY obstacle to peace and therefore responsible for the suffering of the poor masses!

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