An Appeal for Rescue from Human Rights Violations in Southern part of Unity State

From: Rev. John Rell Bath
Country: South Sudan

Message Body:
To United Nations, European union, United states of America, AU neutral nations Troika and French government.

Dear peace loving people and governments,

It has been a horrible situation for the civil population in southern part of Unity state, especially Leer County. The violence has been almost daily and weekly since the government troops offensive attacks in May up to now.

The violence includes: cattle raiding, killing, gang rapping women and girls including under age children, abduction, sex enslaving and forced labor for survivors carrying plundered things or goods to wherever the captors want. Looting, burning villages and destroying the plantations or burning any food items they could not carry, e.g. leaving the calves dying in thousands and shooting dead animals- cows that refuse to go with them.

The community has been left with nothing of livelihood, yet when the international humanitarian, non-governmental organizations such as ICRC, MSF, NRC, and WFP tried to come for rescue- bringing food drops, medical and none food items, that again invited attacks during air drops of food, food distribution and looting of food supply.

In October, mass killing of over 80 civilians including 29 children drowned during an attack and gang raping reported.

UNMISS could not help protect this civil population yet their mandate is to protect the war affected civilians.

IGAD Ceasefire monitors reported the violence, UN humanitarian agencies: UNICEF, WFP and FAO have reported that the community of over 30,000 is at the verge of humanitarian catastrophe, ICRC, MSF and NRC have reported the violence and humanitarian crisis looming, but to no response whatsoever, because the population is in SPLM-IO areas.

The community of Leer is part of humanity that cannot be totally destroyed while the able nations just watch because president Kiir of South Sudan and president Museveni of Uganda have decided so.

Up to today, dying is the order of the day in Leer County.

Therefore, I am appealing on behalf of the church in this community as an eye witness of all the happenings, to: United Nations, European union, Troika, AU neutral nations, United States of America and French government to intervene in any way possible including military intervention to save the civil population condemned to: mass killing, forced starvation, lack of medical services, gang raping and abduction because they are in SPLM-IO areas.

Rev. John Rell Bath
PCOSS Leer Perish
Unity state, South Sudan.


  1. False Millionaire says:

    Unfortunately france is up to the neck in a mess.
    How to deal with the Daech terrorists is the question of the order number one that will mobilize the able forces worldwide for a long while.
    The timing has come at the worst moment immaginable.But one still hopes for the best!!!

  2. Iruun Rell Bath says:

    The french government can contribute to stop human rights violation in all mean whether they have a problem or not, because it is their duty

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