‘Ambassador’ Gordon Buay Malek: An Agent of Discord, an Unscrupulous Opportunist & a Decomposition Bacterium to South Sudan’s Diplomacy

BY: Kuir ë Garang, Author & Critic, CANADA, SEPT/04/2015, SSN;

A Decomposition Bacterium to South Sudan’s Diplomacy:
Any human person who functions without structured code of professional and civil conduct is not only a mad man, but also, a dangerous man! And it’s no secret that a one Gordon Buay Malek, who— by the Republican Decree on November 18, 2014 became an ‘ambassador’ (without portfolio) — operates with no professional code of conduct whatsoever.

He says whatever he wants whenever he wants. He proudly told a Jieeng Radio program (SBS Dinka) based in Australia on August 31, 2014 that “I have been issuing press statements since last year and no one questions me!…Ateny was talking from a position of ignorance! …Now I’m the government!” (Buay’s SBS Interview).

It makes one wonder as to where in the world a pathological sides-switcher could get such powers and voice? How can a man belittle the president, who controls power in South Sudan in such a manner?

He belittles not only the Presidential press secretary, calling him ignorant, but also the Minister of Foreign affairs, who’s supposed to be his boss. And he [Buay] gets away with it!

What any fair-minded, caring and patriotic South Sudanese would ask is: how did this happen? How can a man, many times a rebel, now a mere ambassador, act as if he’s the president of South Sudan, the information minister, the security chief, the military spokesperson, and the presidential spokesperson… and gets away with it?

Has President Kiir been so much reduced to complete political incompetence that the likes of Buay mock him in such a manner?

Mr. Buay should, in a world of rules, code of conduct, and job description, only do and say what the foreign ministry tell him! Well, he’s mocking not only the foreign minister, Dr. Marial Benjamin, but also the president of the Republic of South Sudan!

In August 2014, he sent out a Press Release about an alleged arrest of Mabior Garang as wanting to assassinate President Kiir in Ethiopia. Under what capacity does Buay write on behalf of the government, the president, the national security of Ethiopia and South Sudan?

Buay has put the government and President Kiir in his pocket. Complete mockery! He’d previously done the same thing by claiming that Vice President Wani Igga (then the speaker) was attacked in November of 2012 in Calgary, Alberta, by citizens of Northern Bahr El Ghazal because of Mile 14. Nothing of the sort happened!

South Sudan is a sovereign nation that should have a clear, well-articulated foreign policy that should guide all diplomatic missions representing the national interest in the best way possible.

It appears Mr. Buay operates either out of disdain for that foreign policy, or there’s no foreign policy to follow and that each and every figure with ambassadorial position does whatever he or she wants. What a country!

Ambassadors are supposed to toe the line of what the national foreign ministry articulates. Mr. Buay operates his own foreign policy in total disregard to the integrity, professionalism and the national interest of South Sudan.

His quotidian mannerism, interest and articulations are a total disrespect to the integrity with which ambassadors are supposed to operate.

If figures like Mr. Buay represent South Sudan in the heart of World political theatre like Washington DC, is any one surprised that the government ‘Coup attempt narrative’ wasn’t respected by anyone in the world?

How can a nation be respected when ambassadors disrespect the president and are answerable to NO ONE; When they shamelessly lie every day and aren’t aware of their job descriptions. Are we this confused?

Unless the likes of Mr. Buay are shown their rightful mandates as diplomats, we will continue to be the JOKE of the world.

Ambassadors aren’t politicians and their job description should be clearly spelled to them. And neither are ambassadors army generals to meddle in military issues. Mr. Buay shouldn’t be allowed to say anything at all in relation to the government and the military. His role should be restricted to bilateral relations between South Sudan and the nation in which he’s posted as a diplomat.

Does Buay have a hidden agenda?

An Unscrupulous Opportunist
The worst thing about President Kiir Mayardit is the fact that he thinks anyone who publicly professes support is his true supporter. Regrettably, the history of South Sudan has shown that impulsive decision-making, without any proper study in order to make well-informed decisions, is very dangerous.

Buay Malek is an opportunist who can now wittingly hoodwink the president by professing anti- Nuer and anti-Riek sentiment. When and how many times has Buay become anti and pro-government supporter? How many people supported the government only to change within a very short time?

On October 22, 2010, Buay, after 2008 merger of SPLA and SSDF, in an article: “Kiir Will Not Listen to Supporters of Disunity,” praised President Kiir for pardoning those of George Athor, Gordon Koang, Gabriel Tang, David Yau Yau and Gatluak Gai.”

Gordon Buay unashamedly wrote that “President Kiir Mayardit is a smart politician who has understood that negative doubters are individuals who want his administration to fail and do not appreciate his efforts to galvanize the people of the South in order to realize peace and development. Fortunately, the people of South Sudan have a President who is determined to unite the South and nothing will prevent him from realizing that.”

Buay expected to be included in the government and get a post. When that deal didn’t go through, and those warlords remained in their bushes, Buay again turned against the same President Kiir he called ‘a smart politician.”

On January 24, 2011, he accused the President of violation of “Washington Declaration” and “South-South Dialogue: “Kiir’s Decree Violates South-South Dialogue Agreement.”

So in 2011, Gordon Buay was calling President Kiir a dictator (previously ‘a smart politician’). In a psychologically challenged manner, he bizarrely posted a video on Youtube (Buay Video) in which he alleged that President Kiir has been impeached by the national assembly and appointed him [Gordon Buay] as an interim President due vote of No confidence on the President.

Remember Buay hasn’t given up this dream! He’s inside the power system!

Until April of 2013, Gordon Buay was part of South Sudan Liberation Movement/Army-South Sudan Democratic Forum consortium of terror rebel groups.

In a Press Release on January 8, 2013, “Nuer Community Worldwide calls for change in South Sudan”, Buay Malek and Peter Chuol Tut wrote that “Lt. Gen. Kiir’s regime perverted the meaning of freedom in order to impose totalitarianism and ignorance in the country. Kiir and his henchmen say that “freedom consists not in doing what one wants to do, but in doing what is right.”

But in April of the same year Buay as a spokesperson of those of Matthew Puljang and Bapiny Monytuil, accepted an amnesty from President Kiir. What a difference three months make?

Integrated into SPLA as an untrained, out-of-blue ‘General’, Buay all of a sudden ceased to say that “Kiir’s regime perverted the meaning of freedom in order to impose totalitarianism and ignorance in the country.”

How can President Kiir and the system miraculously change in three months? Once given his title as a ‘general’, Buay started to hail the then ‘dictator’ Kiir Mayardit as an exemplary leader in just three months!

In the same Press Release, Buay and Chuol wrote that “Four days before his assassination, members of President Kiir’s security guards warned Maj. Diing Chan Awuol (Isaiah Abraham) to stop writing and any criticism against the regime. They explained that freedom of thought was only possible unless approved by President Salva Kiir and security organs.”

So: In 2005 – 2008 – Kiir is a bad dictator
In 2008 – 2010 – Kiir is good leader
In 2011 – April 2013 – Kiir is a bad dictator
In 2013 – present – Kiir is a good leader!

This is hard to follow! Now, it’s time for Buay, as part of the government, to tell us what he meant? If President Kiir approved the assassination of Isaiah Diing Chan, then Buay needs to give us the details. Was Buay telling the truth or was he lying to smear the name of the president.

If Buay was telling the truth then he needs to stand by the same principles he hailed then! And if he was lying then I see no reason why he’s allowed so close to the president; or why anyone should believe him! He accused the president of ordering the murder of Isaiah Abraham!

On March 18, 2012, in “The Color of Ethnic Domination in South Sudan’, Buay decried Dinka domination of the government: “It is crucial for members of the international community to be educated about the ideology of Dinka domination being pursued by President Salva Kiir Mayardit.”

He goes ahead and writes that “Public realm tribalism being practised by Salva Kiir’s regime is responsible for ministries to be filled by one tribe; it is also responsible for land grabbing in Juba, Numeli, Yei and etc. It is also responsible for the massacre of Shilluks in 2010 and the killing of ten Bari civilians in Juba this month.” I was a rebel then, he’d say!

Mr. Buay, the government is still dominated by Jieeng! Check the list of ambassadors! Check the list of police state commissioners, and the Inspector General! Check the list of ministers, SPLA spokesperson, SPLA information director, presidential spokesperson, the government spokesperson and the head of government’s delegation to IGAD-mediated Peace talks.

Journalists are still being killed and newspapers shut down! Opposition leaders can’t criticise or leave Juba! What exactly do you think has changed, Mr. Buay?

And by the way, you are the THIRD in South Sudanese embassy in Washington DC after two Dinka men? Funny how life works, Buay!

Are you just a sniffer of Jieeng’s elites’ dirty laundry, Mr. Buay? Is the creation of discord among Nuer worth your post and money?

Now, Buay wants to convince us that he truly supports President Kiir! Kiir killed Isaiah, right? Kiir is a dictator, right? Corruption thrived under Kiir, right? Dinka Domination thrived under Kiir, right? It’s bizarre that the good ‘ambassador’ believes Kiir is all of a sudden a good man because he allowed him into the government!

That’s ruthless opportunism and Marial Benjamin should either tame Buay or fire him completely. It’d be a good idea to fire Buay in order to see if he’d continue to support the president or if he’d rebel. Let this professional opportunist be fired in order for South Sudanese to see if Buay truly supports President Kiir! He’s a dangerous man!

Buay needs to tell the people of South Sudan and the President how different his past opportunism is from his current purported loyalty to the president?

“Although it is true that violence in Jonglei State between Dinka and Nuer on the one hand and Murle tribe on the other is fuelled by cattle,” Buay writes. “Political violence which involved fighting between Salva Kiir’s regime and the rebel Movements in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity State was caused by Dinka domination of power in the South.”

The same way Buay was writing about President Kiir is the same way he’s now writing against Dr. Riek Machar. Does Buay Malek think the president and his officials are very naïve and stupid?

Does he think he will always get away with propaganda, lies and opportunism? Buay will say anything to get what he wants! Believe him for your own destruction! He’s going to destroy the government from within! How can he write against what the president has signed?

Is Buay working for internal destruction of President Kiir’s leadership? Is the way he undermines the leadership and protocols something to be watched?

An Agent of Discord
Any responsible South Sudanese should make the reduction of inter-tribal feuds a life-long goal. Without doubt, any national leader who makes creation of hatred based on propaganda, lies, blackmail and self-serving antics should be kept out of important national issues.

But for reasons no sane South Sudanese understands, Gordon Buay has a clearance level that is almost equal to that of President Kiir. And everything he writes, says and plans not only embarrasses the president in the eyes of the world; his hateful machination creates a level of hatred that’ll take time to do away with.

Buay’s known association with career war-lords like Matthew Puljang and Bapiny Monytuil, Karlo Kual and Kolchara Nyang (killed by Puljang) makes him a terrorist. These men terrorized civilians as they fought the government of South Sudan in 2011 and 2012 in Unity State’s Mayom County. Nuer-Nuer conflict and Nuer-Jieeng conflict!

In 2012, Buay wrote that “When the ministries were set up in 2005, there were practices of tribal exclusions that made a lot of people to question the underlying policies and vision of Dinka elite. For instance, the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development which was under the guidance of Michael Makuei Lueth employed mostly Dinka Bor. Majority of employees of the Ministry were from Dinka tribe. The same thing to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development which was also dominated by Dinka tribe.”

This was Buay beating the drum of Anti-Jieeng sentiment in South Sudan. But since Buay is now in the government and can’t talk against the very same system he previously accused of ‘dictatorship’ and ‘Dinka domination’, he has now started to create intra-tribal hatred (Nuer-Nuer), killing of women and children, and recruitment of Nuer Youth against other Nuer youth.

Small Arms Survey wrote in July 2015 that “Current Bul Nuer dominance of the state’s administration, however, makes a political solution to the conflict in Unity difficult to envisage. The enmity felt by the rest of the Nuer in Unity, and the degree of political and military control currently possessed by Matthew Puljang and Joseph Nguen Monytuel (the current governor, and also a Bul Nuer), makes it highly unlikely they would be willing to give up power within the state.”

And Buay, the spokesperson of this murderous group, is left to roam the streets of free, democratic states like United States and Canada.

It’s always reported in the news that the government killed women, children and elderly by burning some of them alive in Unity State. Well, the terror is executed by Matthew Puljang with Buay as their advisory voice. It’s sad that the government embraces murderous militia who are doing nothing but to reflect the government as murdering its own citizens.

The burning down of Leer and the destruction of livelihood carried out by Puljang under Buay’s guidance are human rights violations the government is shouldering. Terrorist in Washington!

The division and hatred being created among the Nuer by Buay and his group is going to cost South Sudan a great deal.

In Leer, over 100, 000 civilians were displaced with civilians being subjected to sexual violence, hunger and death and insecurity. This is terrorism of the highest order. And this is on May 19, 2015.

On January 3, 2015, Gordon Buay wrote on his Facebook account that the government should not accept the demands of Riek Machar, calling him a “terrorist” and “tribal bigot.”

First, Buay should be in no position to tell the government what to do. As an ambassador, he should only do WHAT the government tells him. Besides, Puljang who is his military and political ally, committed unspeakable atrocities in Unity states against fellow Nuer.

Washington should be informed of Buay’s terror links! And we’ll let Ottawa know these recorded facts!

Small Arms wrote that “On 19 June [2015] Bul Nuer youths, some of whom were involved in the offensive, and others who came from Mayom, marched south in high spirits; it was now their turn to augment their herds, and take the resources and livestock that remain in southern Unity. The government invited the youth of Koch county to join in this offensive. Such divide and rule tactics further entrenches deep divisions among the Nuer.”

And Buay is not only dividing Nuer, he’s trying his immorality among the Jieeng. Invited recently by citizens of Warrap state in the US, Buay tried to create seeds of discord between the Jieeng of Jonglei and Jieeng of Warrap.

Buay tried to downplay Dr. John Garang’s place in the history of South Sudan by praising late hero Kerubino Kuanyin Bol. Instead of speaking as a responsible citizen and praising the contribution of Warrap citizens to our liberation struggle, Buay couldn’t help but play his immoral game by trying to create problems between the two Jieeng groups.

What was even sickening was the fact that Gordon Buay believed he knows the history of Warrap State better than the citizens of Warrap state! What an ambassador!

When will Buay stop? When will the government see and shut up this agent of discord? Pitting one Jieeng group against another, and one Nuer group against another, shouldn’t be condoned by President Kiir! Buay Must Go or Shut Up!

Protocol and Clearance Level
Every government has structured and protocols system. Buay defies them and becomes the government spokesperson, president spokesperson, a security agent, the decider of who should say what and when as he told SBS Radio. That’s shocking!

This man undermines the government and embarrasses the president whether he’s a rebel or a presumed government supporter.

There are security issues that should be known only to the president and security heads. Buay seems to have a security clearance level of the president. Unlike everyone in the country, not even the president himself, Buay does what he wants when he wants. It’d be easy to ask our neighboring countries to see if there’s an ambassador who reports sensitive issues the government has not even reported.

In 2005 – 2008 – Kiir is a bad dictator
In 2008 – 2010 – Kiir is good leader
In 2011 – Kiir is a bad dictator
In 2013 – present – Kiir is a good leader!

Seriously! It’s time for South Sudanese in the US to write to their congressmen and women and alert them about this terrorist and agent of discord. If he’s changed as he says, then let him shut up and be diplomatic! Ottawa will soon know Buay’s support of terror on civilians unless he shuts up and be an agent of unity!

Kuir ë Garang is the author of ‘South Sudan Ideologically’ and “Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful?” For contact visit www.kuirthiy.info


  1. Elhag Paul says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! This piece unfortunately sounds like a prosecutor making a case for the ultimate punishment.
    “He (Buay) is dangerous!” “When will Buay stop? When will the government see and shut up this agent of discord? Pitting one Jieeng group against another, and one Nuer group against another, shouldn’t be condoned by President Kiir! Buay Must Go or Shut Up!” If I were the subject I would not set foot in South Sudan after this insidious argument.

    • Mabior Ajook says:

      And so do you personally!

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Manor Ajook
        For your own credibility, please justify your comment. Ciao!

        • Mabior Ajook says:

          As it’s said in the Bible; who tries to remove the speck on someone’s eyes; knowing he or she have gigantic logs on his or her own eyes?
          This is like a thief telling other thief to refrain from stealing as it wouldn’t be good for his or her own’s future endurance!

          • Elhag Paul says:

            Dear Mabior Ajook
            Thank you for your clarification. What you have said is exactly the behaviour of SPLM and Kiir’s Jieng government in South Sudan. You murder others, you loot the coffers of the state, you plunder the country and then pretend hypocritically that you are victims. Your Dr Garang started this ugly spate of killing in South Sudan and yet you want him and the marauding Jieng to be seen in good light better than Riek. In my view although I do not support Riek he is much more human that your Kiir and the bloody Jieng generals. Riek honourably accepted his responsibility for the killing of two thousand Jieng of Bor and he even went far to initiate reconciliation. What at your Kiir who butchers children, women, elderly and youth without acceptance a remorse. You are a pathetic hypocrite and spoiler of South Sudan. Time to account is fast coming!!!!!!!

    • Ehag Paul,

      Gordon Bauy, is one of many Nuers that Dinka called “Nuer Ke Weu”. I explained to you the meaning of Nuer Ke weu a while ago that Dinka call Nuer in the government Nuer ke wew, which means the Nuer in the government are not in the government because they like government, but they are there just for money so they are after money. As you see the lorry that is supplying Nuer ke wew with money is about to capsize down, Nuer ke wew are now crying while the lorry is event far away from overturn.

      All Nuer in the government are strongly oppose peace because they nerves that when peace return to the country, the amount of money they are receiving will be either reduced or will be taken away from them. Just watch you will notice that all Nuer in the government are totally frustrated by compromise agreement and working very hard to find way of destroying it.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Kuir, your argument against ambassador Buay Malek is nothing than a complete amphigory. Ambassador Buay, puljang, governor Ngueny minytuil, and bull-youths didn’t burned Leer nor killed, raped, or burned civilian alive in Unity state, but the forces under direct command of deputy governor, Mabek Lang, committed the said atrocities period. You can’t project the atrocities committed by none other than, the incompetent, Dinka warlord, power-hungry-greedy, traitorous, killer Kiir, Malong Awan, Kuol Manyang, and the JCE(Dinka council of national resources looters) on others pal! Your libelous statements against ambassador Buay Malek vividly exposes your deepest hatred of ambassador Buay Malek and Naath intellectuals period

  2. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Brother Kuir:

    Truer words were never spoken! There is only one thing though missing in the title of your article: Alcoholic! I recall meeting this alcoholic addict back in 2009 in Nebraska for the first time (by the way, he is a relative of my relative), he was so critical of Kiir! Simply this man is hypocrite and opportunistic!

    In our country, South Sudan, you do have to have credentials to qualify for a job! Just you have to be “Kiir’s ass kisser” like Buay or Ateny Awek, Kiir’s spokesperson, who got his job a few years ago when he (Ateny) criticized Kiir’s press staffs in The Citizen newspaper ( Ateny was a columnist: Beating The Drum of Truth at The Citizen) for not defending Kiir on his deteriorated health! Long story short: Kiir was reported to had gone to Kenya for an official visit for the second time in a matter of a week! But in reality, Kiir went for medical treatment in South Africa! There were conflicting reports on whether Kiir was in Kenya or South Africa! Ateny criticized Kiir’s press staffs for not defending the PRESIDENT! Guess what! When Kiir returned to Juba, there was a Presidential Decree appointed Ateny as his Press Secretary!

    Alcoholic Buay, on the other hand, was busy drinking in Attawa, Canada before he become spokesperson of Bipany Munytuil Militia in Unity state! Munytuil’s Militia joined the government! Buay was all over the media praising the PRESIDENT! War interrupted in South Sudan. Buay blamed Dr Riek Machar for “failed attempted coup.” Buay was not given a position! Buay wrote an article begging for “Ambassadorship” position! A Presidential Decree was issued appointed Buay as “Ambassador.”

    Many thanks!

    • Chul Mi Bor says:

      In the second paragraph, I meant to say: In our country, South Sudan, you do NOT have to have credentials …..

    • deng Hanbol says:

      Gordon Buay is the chief evil spirit. Buay is always idealize Kiir despite the fact that his father Malek Choul escaped death in Juba during Nuer massacre. Buay is a bootlicking of Salva Kiir and Malong Awan just for the sake of money. H’s indeed, a profligate person and therefore, I urge the people of greater Upper Nile to kill him to avoid more destruction and also for the sake of peace in our beloved country.

  3. Eastern says:

    Dear Kuir,

    This is another great piece exposing Gordon Buay to the core! In South Sudan individuals blackmailing their way to earn a position seems to be gaining currency of late.

    Gordon Buay is an embarrassment to the South Sudan mission in Washington.

  4. David Lokosang says:

    I think with all this confusion, now people of South Sudan have realized the difference between SPLM/A under DR. John Garang and SPLM/A under Salva Kiir. I am not going to comment on it but it is up to any one to analyse.
    Now time has come for South Sudan to be led by a high profile figure.

  5. Mabior Ajook says:

    Well; the government and the people running it are truly incompetent according to Buay otherwise he wouldn’t be keeping his job as an ambassador!

  6. Abiel says:

    Useless article; nothing blighted and divided South Sudanese like what Dr.Riek Machar militias had done.

  7. GatCharwearbol says:

    This guy is a pathetic excuse for a human being. He belongs in the zoo.

  8. Deng says:

    Don’t worry Kuir Garang, his days in Kiir’s government are numbered. Kiir will kick him out soon because he will be of no use if the recently signed Peace Agreement is implemented in good faith. Where do you think he gets such powers & influence to run his filthy mouth on others let alone belittling the President and his ministers? He was allowed to do so because Kiir was so desperate of any support even from a devil who pledged to fight Riek on his side with whatever they have in return for such influence. Trust me his world will fall apart sooner than later!

  9. Bol Akuol. says:


    What do you expect from a Nuer Citizen? Gordon Buay is a typical Nuer and we should not be expecting an miracle to occur in his nature. It is hard to tell any difference between an educated Nuer and a primitive Nuer. I can say for sure that Gordon Buay is more civilized and wiser than Dr. Riek Machar.

    • Bol Akuol,

      Dr. Riek Machar is wiser, smarter, and patriot citizen more than all the dead and living Dinka. For example, Dr. Machar opposed Secular United Sudan of John Garang and recommended self-determination. Dr. Machar preached Self-determination to all deaf Dinka, educated Dinka, uneducated Dinka, Dinka farmers, and Dinka pastoralists who did not know what self-determination means.. In the end, the Dinka in general came to their senses and accepted Self-determination.

      The same Dr. Machar who forced the smarter Dinka’s man, John Garang to go for self-determination, is one again preaching federalism, federalism, federalism to Dinka farmers, Dinka cow’s boys, Dinka fishermen, and Dinka pastoralist, and Dinka council of elders who lack wisdom about the benefits of federalism. To reiterate, the same Dr. Machar, who abandoned Dinka’s Secular United Sudan vision is going to clear way again for federalism. Dr. Machar is going to erase the dictatorship vision of Dinka’s Salva Kiir and install federalism.

      I told you 100 times that Nuer will not accept colonization and re-colonization of Southerners. South Sudanese ran away from the Arabs dictator, but Southerners cannot afford to ran away again from a Dinka’s dictator, instead the Dinka’s dictator is the one who will ran away from Southerners.

      • Domac says:

        Beantiu Ramaran, I know it’s very hard for Nuer community to understand what was behind the secular united Sudan vision. So I can’t blame you people for not understood John Garang vision. John Garang explained his vision in many occasions but Nuer still not get it. John Garang simply said, to win the war against Arab in the North Sudan, we must to mobilize all the marginalized people/Sudanese African origin to fight against Arab in Sudan. He said, the reason the Anyanya one lost war was because their vision was to liberated South Sudan but they failed to achieved it because Arab encountered it by mobilizing all the Northerners including Darfur, Nuba, egasila and all the Muslims in Sudan to fight against Southerners and they did it, that was why Anyanya never captured a single garrison during 17 years war, because Northerners outnumber Southerners. John Garang said, we can’t do that mistake again. He learned from the previous Anyanya mistake.

        Beantiu Ramaran, good leaders are those learned from the previous mistake to achieve the big thing. John Garang was a great man not only for Sudan but for Africa and the whole world. I can recalled when Hassan Turabi said, John Garang death, is the death of politics in Sudan. He said, John Garang played good game of politics in Sudan. No one can read his mind not even his close allies. That was why many Southerners politicians and military men were end up in Khartoum. They can’t understood John Garang vision, Hassan said.
        Hassan Turabi claimed, he knew that John Garang was not fought to liberated the whole Sudan but to used the Northerners to fight his war against Khartoum regime. By creating what so called secular united Sudan to attracted the Northerners to join him and they did joined him, that was a game never get it.

        Lam Akol once said, John Garang always knew what to do, but we opposed him the way he doing it. You see Lam Akol the architect of the SPLA split in 1991, sound confused on John Garang vision too.

        John Garang said, I quoted “aim for high, in order to get 75 aim for 100, to get South Sudan aim for whole Sudan, and the South will fall in your arms”. It’s simple probability.

        • Domac,

          Dinka in general never have a desire to separate from Sudan. Please stop placing ideas on the mind of John Garang. He (Garang) was 100 percent for United Sudan. For example, when Garang signed CPA documents he wanted to run to be the president of Sudan at the end of six years of Referendum, if he worn the election and became the president of Sudan, then Sudan would remain united, but if he lost the election, South Sudan would break away. What a crook agreement?! Was that agreement not for leadership only? Where is the vision for South Sudan?

          Well, since you are good at making up vision for Dinka who do not have vision, could you tell us Salva Kiir vision now for South Sudan?

        • Abiel says:

          Thanks brother Domac for your commented Dr. Riek Machar proponents will never understand Dr. John Garang ideas became its a bigger than them.they always reiterated that the ideas of self -determination and federal are Dr. Riek ideas because they don’t know that the ideas had been demanded be Southerns sine 1947 and what Riek Machar have been doing is something called flagrism or stealing some body ideas and his second problem he don’t know how to represent.

          • deng Hanbol says:

            Dear Kuir Garang for your information, both Leer and Mayendit counties were burn down by Bull militias, Darfur an and Masiang Ayoor of Malong Awan for they believed that the two counties are Dr. Machar strong hold.

        • abiel says:

          you are appreciate on your comment Dr.Riek Machar proponents will never understand Dr. John Garang ideas because its bigger than their ideas. they always reiterated that the ideas of self-determination and federal are Dr.Riek Machar ideas because they do not know that the ideas had been demanded by Southerns since 1947 and what Riek Machar have been doing is something called plagiarism or stealing others ideas and his second problem he do not knows how to represent the ideas.

          • Abiel,

            Understand that Nuers are always risk takers for the benefits of all South Sudanese. For example, Nuer declared war on British in 1901 for mistreating Southern Sudanese in favor of Arabs. Azande people of Western Equatoria joined Nuer in the fight in 1901 as well.

            In 1946-1956 it was Stanislaus Paysama, Abdel Rahman Sule, and Both Diu who discussed the feasibility of federalism and independent of South Sudan.

            Stanislaus was from Fur tribe, but raised in Wau, Western Bar El Gazal. Abdel Rahman Sule, was from Bari in Central Equatoria (NOT from Azande tribe in Western Equatoria) (EDITOR). John Both Diu, was a Nuer Man. So none of the people who debated about federalism and possibility of South Sudan independent were Dinka.

            Above all, Dinka had never taken initiatives and they never come up with fruitful ideas, but the Dinka are good at hijacking and snatching leadership from other people.

      • Southdan says:

        Mr.Bantiu you are right Dr. John Garang abandoned his useless idealogy of Liberating whole Sudan following Dr. Riek Machar self-determination. It is true Dinka are disgrace people not all Dinka but the Elits (Joung Elders organization). There is no doubt Joung Elders are a very divisive organization ever formed by human beings in the history, they will be known as anti-coexists.
        Thank God, the war between Dinka, Nuer which started by Dr.John Garang since 1983-2015 has suddenly came to an end when President Kiir had signed the IGAD August 26, 2015, after all let us hope Dr. Risk Machar would be a protector of minority tribes who had been looted by Dinka Elders organization. By the way, history becoming clear now to the future. I wishes Dinka Elders should change their attitude from anti-coexist into coexists. There is one thing I knew from Dinka Elders mentality is so call Dr.John Garang idealogy that say he would move the cities to the rural. To me many places had been abandoned in Bentiu and Malakal, people went to either United Nations protection side or to the Refugee Camp and this what Dr.John Garang meant.

  10. Wutjikol says:

    This mad young man called Gordon Buay Malek is a “dead man walking” who will undoubtedly be killed by his own community members once he steps his feet in South Sudan’s soil after peace agreement implemented. He has no sanctuary to hide anywhere in the South. The best for him is to remain in exile for the rest of his life time if he wishes to live. Buay has become the cause of embarrassment to entire nation of South Sudan and its beloved people.

    • Abiel says:

      Bantiu Ramaran
      I don’t want to reasons with you because you’re believing in imaginary histories just go back and read really history and without doubt you will find me there.

  11. Hoiloom says:

    Bol Akuol

    Are you angry or mourning the lost of your cousins whom we sunk 50m below Nile surface? Embrace peace or expect more loses!! You can hate us as much as you want but RAMIRAAN is not going anywhere. Better hang yourself ya loser.


  12. False Millionaire says:

    I knew certain brilliant friends with promising careers who jumped into SPLM/A administration bandwagon. But getting employed under the authority of the likes of ambassador Buay, they have been ruined irreparably. Thank God for my solitude and freedom!!!

  13. Tyson says:

    Kiir is a seasoned or habitual killer, liar, looter, hypocrite and visionless; so no surprise that Buay is singing the tune of his master! So stop complaining because that is what the SPLA/M has been practicing for decades!

  14. Southdan says:

    Kuer De-Garang, please do not blame Gordon Boy MaLak. The name Malak is a Dinka prepared to stay in Nuer land.But 2013 the Dinka fake government led by Joung Elders had planned to brought back Dinka who was long long been living in Nuerland for hundred years.
    I think Gordon Busy is one, I don’t want to mention by the names other people thy are Dinka origin. Before the started, 2013 Mr. Buay Malak used to blame President Kiir suddenly he becomes anti-Dr Reik Machar. Why? Maybe because he a Dinka origin and invited by Joung elders to join their government.
    Kuer Garang, enough, please don’t jump from different subject to subject. I’m aware of your position you always insulted Dr.Risk Machar.
    I remind you every South Sudan people and the world knows it’s Dinka Bor who orchestrated this war in South Sudan. 12 Reservations that was put in President Kiir mouth by Joung elders comes from the book South Sudan too many agreements Dishonored. (Page 110) Some members of government delegation privately expressed reservations about the wisdom of placing the country’s problems in the hands of a foreigners heads of state. Dr. Gaafer Bakit thought the parties to the talk should try again to find a compromise. We had indeed tried but each had struck to their original proposals.Dr Gaafer was one of those who urged me to consult with President
    On the point. Maybe that was the only course left to us.Dear Kuer De-Gsrang, to my acknowledgement, your are as one of Joung elders memberships. please, i urge you to cancel the obsticles for peace of 12 reservations that you put into President Kiir mouth.

    • GatNor says:

      Great comment. buddy think Buay is dangerous but how dangerous is the wrter himself given the content of his article. As Elhag said above. This is throwing the first stone at the percieved sinner while the stone thrower is not clean by any justification. I dont like Buay but the article like this against him from death dispatchers like this is wrong.

  15. Ghol Chot says:

    Mr Kuir Garang,

    You are not any different from Mr. Buay Malek that you are incessantly railing. If you think Mr. Buay is a madman, then count yourself and your boss Riek Machar as the greatest madmen on earth—-sociopaths to be precise.

    To paraphrase Malcom X, who once intoned, that if you don’t stand for anything, then you go for everything. What do you and your boss, Riek Machar really stand for? You fellows just jump from straw to straw, and until you eventually find your selves back clutching the initial straw that you previously left?!

    Did Riek Machar attempted a coup on the 15/12/2013 and waged an aimless armed rebellion against South Sudan and the South Sudanese people, purposely to be re-instated in as ‘vice president’ of South Sudan?

    Yes, a chap like Mr. Buay Malek has no diplomatic training, but l for one will respect him over a derange and a sociopath like Riek Machar every time of the day.

    In elementary mathematics or physics, there are ‘scalars and vectors’. Scalars have magnitude only and no directions; while vectors have both directions and magnitudes—–that same allegory also applies to ‘leaders and politicians’.

    A leader is like a vector, a leader has a purpose, direction and he/she leads. On the other hand, a politician is like a scalar, a politician has no direction and purpose, but to meander around and round and round to near infinity.

    Dr.Garang was gifted in both. Dr. Garang was a ‘leader and a politician’. President Salva Kiir, however bland his leadership has been is a leader, but not a politician.

    Our Riek Machar of old?! Is a monster—a poor politician in all spheres of politicking. He rebelled against the SPLM/A in 1990th; formed his SSIM; joined the enemy; deserted the enemy and rejoined the SPLM/A in 2002.

    Rebelled against the SPLM/A in 2013, formed his *Resistant movement* in 2014, and now he wants to rejoin the SPL/A in 2015?! What does this sociopath thinks he is? The sociopath isn’t going to walk the streets of South Sudan ever ever again without coping slugs on his damn skull this time around, trust us fellows.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Choul Chot,
      First, as a citizen, I momentarily shivered to read your last part of the comment (threat), you’re apparently on a mission to kill Machar as soon as he comes out of his current bush safety. So, is this the jieng plan already cooked up to assassinate Machar in Juba?
      Second, by your logic above, you apparently admit that your Kiir isn’t a politician but a leader. No wonder, the man (Kiir) is stunted in all quantifiable merits, thus he is an ignorant buffoon, how possibly could he be a political leader of any nation?
      Finally, your Kiir can be rightly diagnosed as a socio-path, just how many people have been tortured in Juba’s devious and dark secret houses and military jails? How many jieng innocent souls did your Kiirler personally kill when he was dictator Garang’s own ‘Mengeler?’

      Just remember, if you kill Machar, you also have killed the peace and definitely killed the nation of South Sudan as it stands today. Be wiser as the war that will follow Machar’s supposedly already jieng-cooked assassination plan will surpass in magnitude the last war. Be wiser this time or the complete demise of what is known as South Sudan Nation will happen sooner this time.

      • Toria says:

        The incident of December 15, 2013 was as a result of attempted assassination plot, it was planned and engineered by Kirr’s best friend Museveni to get rid of Dr Riek Machar in Juba just as he did it to Dr Garang in his planned helicopter crash. First of all, M7 and Machar don’t see eye to eye, he M7 accused Dr Riek of supporting the LRA. Secondly, Riek opposed M7ni’s way of controlling others like Kirr as stooges and a yes man. Read Eli’s article when he wrote;
        “First of all what was the aim of trying to disarm other groups like the non-Dinka soldiers while Salva Kirr’s own homeboys recruited just before the event were still well armed?
        To me there was something shady, there was a plan already in progress to arrest Dr Machar and and then he’s to be tried very quickly and hanged or assassinated including some of the other SPLA members who stood up to the dictator due to his arrogance of firing elected people by issuing decrees every week.
        Just ask the G10 (so-called former detainees) and some of those in the circles they did sense something was coming. Kirr only declared the coup news after his plan was foiled, if you want a witness ask President Museveni of Uganda who confessed in Addis that “there was no coup”.
        The plan is still on and what this fellow hinted above here is exactly what they JCE are planning to do. However let them not make such a mistake or else hell will break loose.

    • Eastern says:

      Chuol Chot,

      Your threat on Dr Macher’s life shouldn’t be taken lightly given that the Kiir’s side signed the accord with a lot of “reservations” and such blunt threats could be interpreted as a manifestations of those reservations.

      That said, your allegory to use elementary mechanics to illustrate what you term as leaders and politicians is really tasteless to say the least. You don’t have any psychiatric evidence to conclude that Dr Macher is a sociopath. You are simply wading in the field of wrongly analogy in mechanics to draw wrong conclusions in the field of medicine!

      People lambasting Dr Macher on this forum need to bring forth what transpired in the moments before he split from the SPLA mainstream in 1990. What were the bones of contention. Why was the now famous Chukudum conference held? What or who heralded the need for those reforms in the movement? Was Dr Garang style of running SPLA before the ouster of Mengistu Haile Mariem going to appeal to the West? What or who created the buy-in among the Western diplomats? The 1990 incidence must not be seen through the lenses of nuer killing dinkas in Bor area on large scale.

      I hate giving long rebuttals!

    • Southdan says:

      Mr.Choul Chot, you are a divider I know you following (Joung Elders council). I will never agree with you your cheapest propaganda discrediting. Dr. Riek Machar. Machar a very great leader hill from Nuer tribe the most strong man in the Nation.
      Dr. Riek Machar is not coming back to SPLA/M you thinking it is Dinka movement but you are a big laier. See how started SPLA 1975-1983 Nuer officeres in Akobo are the. Here there is nothing wrong for Dr. Riek Machar to come back to restore the Nuer movement that was plundered by Dinka leader such like Dr. John Garang who brought Ethiopian troops to kill a true founder of SPLA Samuel Gai Tut. Yes Dr.Riek is coming back to lead his SPLA and the people of South Sudanes. I would like to remind you please don’t think that there going to be coward assassination to be plan against Dr.Riek Machar as Kuer De-Grang call for. I know he had severe hatred toward Nuer and Dr. Riek Machar. Sooner or later he will have an heart attack when he learn Dr.Machar arrived in Juba.

  16. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Editor
    what are you editing? since you are invisible enemy and supporter of Riak Machar, so please be specific no one shall harm you as a nuer in color.
    we are not afraid of war as Dinka in General even in thousand year still Dinka will remain as it is.

    • Alier-Kon,

      Editor is editing Dinka’s dictatorship vision, Dinka’s cluelessness, Dinka’s goofiness, and the way Dinka are looting the country natural resources while selling it people away to be killed by foreigners.

      Lastly, Editor is attempting to edit excessive drinking behavior of Slava Kiir. I hope I answer your question amicably.

    • Southdan says:

      Mr.Aleir akin please don’t call editor enemy, you have to think logically. I tell you if Dinka make themselves as (Joung elders brotherhood council). 100 precent they will fail in South Sudan. This time nothing will be in favour of you whether unity of Sudan or separation you had made every thing against you. Jackal, please take democracy is our principal. Kiir Garang never in South Sudan.

  17. General Thoon -Anyar Auien says:

    Stupid Editor, who do you think Riek Machar is? I wonder how his demise can result into the collapse of a Nation.
    Is his soul dearer than thousands innocent people murdered by him since 1992- 2014?
    Credit goes to General Peter Gatdet, who rushed for his rescue in Makuach, after he cowardly retreated from Juba with his defeated Militias.
    Gen Gatdet, I quote “how come for Riek to dismiss me from SPLM/A – IO because I oppose his sellout agreement with Juba, if not me who came for his protection in Makauch, after running all the way from juba like a woman”.

  18. AGUMUT says:

    That position of the president is very danger for Ambassador Gordon Buay Malek.He is a youth and i think South Sudan need to learn a lesson from Riek Machar and Pagan Amum. Stop victimized youths.

  19. GatCharwearbol says:

    General Thoon-Anyar Auien,

    First, the life of Dr. Machar is under the protection of the heavenly father. When it is time for him to cease breathing, nobody will keep him breathing. This fact needs to be tact into your brain. The claim that General Peter Gatdet Yaka recue his dear life is non-existence. It is the work of the Good Lord and not of any human being. Be mindful that General Gatdet was in Bor Town when the whole volcano erupted. Dr. Machar was surrounded by 15,000 privately trained army, UPDF, and the Nuer weu. He left all of them with their AK47, cluster boom, and all sorts of deadly weapons glued to their hands in Juba and went straight to Nasir. Please understand yourself first before you jump into misleading the public who are in the know.

  20. Johnwinter says:

    No matter how all of you tells bad or good but keep that in mind, we are all South Sudanese people nowhere to go all of us forever guys, therefore, remember your motherland South Sudan, not to separate ourselves calling tribalistic, no at all Junubin.

  21. Kwacha says:

    Good and articulate article with facts. But Buay will continue with his lifestyle for survival. If Kiir dismisses him, he will turn and praise Riak Machar. So Kiir has to keep him with all his nonsense.

  22. Aluong Deng Bul says:

    Dear all,

    If you begin discussing about Gordon Buay, you justify his stupidity, and to continue doing all those a true human can’t do.

    • Eastern says:

      You are advocating for complacency! You are asking South Sudanese to continue saying ‘mails or malesh’ !!! Whoever messed a public docket must be poked where it pains most!

      Kiir, Makuei, Buay, etc are public figures drawing money generated from the sale of petroleum pumped from the bossom of Faluj ( excuse me for the spelling, for my teeth are intact!).

      Let’s uncover ‘General’ Gordon Buay and Co!

  23. AGUMUT says:

    Some of us are Bankruptcy because of Global recessions and jobless,but we don’t want to run after president or other officials in order to give us something,but at least some of us have RETIREMENT POTS somewhere.Top positions should have been about personal record and not adore officials or running after them.A Red Balloon and danger in future. South Sudan is our country and not for cronies SPLM and Elitism officials. Respect for them because of the work they are doing,but they are not the best than any citizen.

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