Alliance for S. Sudanese in Diaspora condemn Kiir for Killing Civil Societies members

SEPT/18/2016, SSN; The alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora welcomes the strong language used by the United States government in the person of the permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, in expressing outrage and condemning the Juba Junta Regime of Salva Kiir Mayerdit for its killing and harassment of Members of the Civil Societies with whom we express solidarity.

We are quite certain the government of the United States is aware of the killing of Emmanuel Wani but also the exiling of many members of the Civil Societies who had to escape the country for fear of their lives.

In solidarity with our fellow Civil Society members in South Sudan and in agreement with the government and the People of United states of America, We condemn in the strongest term the killing of those who strive for a better south Sudan for all not just for some few.

The Juba junta government must not be given a free ride when it commits atrocities against its very own citizens. We call for freedom of expressions and associations, which are at the core of democracy and are indelible natural rights.

By speaking out and holding the regime accountable, the government of the United States of America will end up saving lives because every south Sudanese knows Juba listens when America speaks. We applaud Mrs. Samantha Power for speaking out on behalf of all whose voices have been muted by death or threats thereof.

George Imuro, MD
Executive Director
Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora
A Washington Base south Sudanese Civil Society organization

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  1. mading says:

    IS Jauba government ,s America government is Kid? Mr. George ?

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