Alleged involvement of Pres. Salva Kiir, Museveni and Israel in the killing of Dr. John Garang: Latest

From:, Khartoum, AUG/16/2016;

Sources in Juba and Khartoum:
A high-ranking military intelligence officer in the Government of South Sudan, who requested complete anonymity, has revealed the alleged complicity of South Sudan president, Salva Kiir along with that of the prominent Dinka politician, Bona Malual, and with the cooperation of the Israeli intelligence, the MOSSAD and that of Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni, along with Western Intelligence agencies and churches, in the assassination of the president of South Sudan and leader of the SPLM/A, the late Dr. John Garang d’Mabior.

According to the leaked intelligence report, the main reason Dr. John Garang was killed was because of his strong refusal of the proposal these groups named above had presented to him and advised him on, which is the total separation of South Sudan from North Sudan.

The military officer alleged that the last trip of Garang to Uganda was not to meet foreign Western countries’ ambassadors in Uganda, it was that Garang was to undertake a planned secret trip to Tel Aviv, Israel.

However, when Dr. John Garang arrived in Uganda, he was put on a special plane of Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni and all flew direct to Tel Aviv for a meeting with Israeli leaders and representatives of various Christian churches organizations and other supporters of the South Sudan liberation war.

Reportedly, during the meeting, these groups presented to Dr. Garang the plan for the total separation of South Sudan from the North and they demanded from Garang to only work for this particular objective of the total independence of South Sudan.

Unfortunately, however, Dr. Garang totally refused and he told those people and groups that he was planning only on demanding for their support and assistance, and that he was firmly demanding for the creation of the New Sudan (Sudan el Gedid) and not for the separation of South Sudan.

These groups insisted to Garang that their assistance all along that they had given the liberation movement was meant for the objective of achieving a separate independent South Sudan.

These differences continued after the end of the meeting and Museveni and Israeli leaders discreetly contacted SPLM/A leaders and urged them that Garang’s life will not last long and will be dependent on the political struggle.

Thereafter, as revealed by the intelligence officer, the Mossad, worked out a plan to assassinate John Garang which involved those who were with him on the same plane. Garang returned to Uganda and when he took the last trip on a helicopter from Museveni’s private home town, the plan of killing him matured.

As precisely planned by Mossad and their collaborators, Garang’s plane will only have enough fuel to take him up to the Immatong mountains were it will crash and kill him and all those with him on the aircraft.

The only and last people who met Dr. John Garang in Entebbe on his last journey to South Sudan were Pagan Amum and Yassir Arman. END


  1. GatNor says:

    Not quite entailing and elaborative enough on the role of the actors involved. Any piece of paper can have names of the allege actors and or the supposed victims but without any convincing details it is just that a piece of paper with scribbles that makes no sense on it.

  2. Toria says:
    Although this is not breaking news to some of us but thanks for some clarifications, like: “when Dr. John Garang arrived in Uganda, he was put on a special plane of Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni and all flew direct to Tel Aviv for a meeting with Israeli leaders and representatives of various Christian churches organizations and other supporters of the South Sudan liberation war.” This meeting in Israel was not known me before. Now the question is, will those who planned for Dr. Garang’s death be brought to justice? Especially when we know about the two main killers of Garang are presidents Yuweri Museveni of Uganda and Salva Kirr of South Sudan respectively. However the direct involvement of Israel in South Sudanese internal affairs remains questionable. We all know Israel’s only interest in South Sudan is to set up base to counter North Sudan and her Islamic enemy countries.
    Good reporting.

  3. Eastern says:

    If that is what caused the life of Dr Garang, then he would have just followed those he killed pursuing what later killed him; others will say good riddence! Dr Garang was not a saint.

  4. Tyson says:

    Well, Garang was another traitor and killer.
    He was the only insane human being who ordered the lashing of dead bodies of his opponents using the idiot Kiir.
    The blood of the innocent cries out to their MIGHTY creator.. and it is HIM who can avenge.
    Time for Kiir and his goons is coming.
    No mourning for murderers!!!!

  5. Gatdarwich says:


    Very commendable and highly patriotic comments. Hell NO mourning for the demised indisputable natural born traitor Jenge full stop

    • I can’t believe my eyes reading such misplaced description on the Founders and Liberators the well known patriotics of yesterday were being branded today as Traitors by the well known Traitors turned patriotics of today.
      The history itself will not favour your cheap claims, am of this opinion that the word Traitor should be erased if it is also widely used by the same traitors against patriotics.

  6. mirabeau says:

    Now the group named has destroyed the vision leader due to its rejection of south Sudan independent? What have they do ?. Y kiir regime is characterized by corruption, dynasty, neptotism, despotism and unconstitutionism? If he is a man of liberation Y is he lacking sense of direction and any single quality of leadership now? He seems to be a man of political intrrest. Now the mentioned group had led the country unto reign of terror. Then if kiir is so who then said he is a man of leadership? The act of tribalism and hatrage start long time ago, people of south Sudan accepted separation blindly without accessing the true of doing so. The Southners flee the country due to insecurity cases who will later convince them to return in this regime? Your hidden acts is now revealed to your citizens. The blood of this Hero will work against them in their Govt. Is this how south leaders behaved, how will they build themselves. Will they prosper? Leaders like Kiir will not led south Sudan prosper if things works that way believe me or not?

  7. mading says:

    It looks like this message came from Nyagaats friends, that is why it is so dry.

  8. This is the Arabs version of the sudden death of our hero in collaboration with sellers who want to give this country bwcks to the Arabs. History will never forgive traitors. Their plans are being exposed everyday. They were given guns by the Arabs to make life hell in S. Sudan. Villages burn down, Hospitals burn down, Universities being looted and destroyed,Nuns killed in Churches,Innocent civilians killed in churches and mosques in the name of bringing democracy. We will defend this nation till the last drop of our blood.

  9. Kwopipan says:

    One of the most critical things that a pilot must know, and always check before takeoff is fuel. How much fuel available, and how far it can take the plane, and that is very important.

    So, this pilot knew the plane had “enough fuel to take him up to the Immatong mountains were it will crash and kill him and all those with him on the aircraft.” And still took off anyway?

    This happens only in Hollywood movies …

  10. Odu says:

    Kirr faught for the liberation of the South Sudanese just like any soldier without any motivation or ambition to become a leader(president).He has never been a career politician.He was not , he is not and he will never be a politician .The people to blame the most are goon politicians who were with and around him from the inception of our independent .Kirr relies so much on the educated Dinkas for stewardship but they have been leading him astray, it has gotten worst by adding the dimension of the JCE. How can one tribe be an advisor to a national leader? All the Dinkas are complacent about this political debacko.If there is to be any political accounatbilitg, all the Dinkas must be accountable :guilt by association and for not criticizing the system. Therefore Kirr is just blind leader, who draws his confidence from his tribesmen.
    Kirr must resign to preserve some credibility and honor being the the THE FISRT PRESIDENT OF INDEPENDENT SOUTH SUDAN.

  11. Ros says:

    I think, the pieces don’t add up. Talking to pilots who flew over the Didinga Hills, one particular pilot acknowledge, it was plausible the chopper went down. He himself survived two crashes and he said, having flown over the Hills, he saw debris of crushed planes.
    Second, the Didinga who live along that range said, the whether was overcast and visibility was near zero. I think working on theories should be demonstrably justified when stories like these come up

  12. ENG KHALID says:

    GOD has arranged everything with it’s year,month, day, time, hour, minute, second. so! that is how it was. keep your blames in prayers that is how he was to die. late Dr joho garange demabour SO R.I.P

  13. Ganden says:

    For me this new is an eye-opening revelation. Japanese government sent a PKO troop to South Sudan in the name of sacro-saint contribution to peace building. Instead we should demystify the situation and unearth the Truth.

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