Aleu Ayieng, Interior Minister: Is it brotherhood or justice for victims?

BY: David Kanyara Aju, Eastern Equatoria State, NOV/18/2013, SSN;

Gen. Aleu Ayieng Aleu, South Sudan minister for Interior fell short of delivering in his speech during his trip accompanying with Vice President James Wani Igga to Nimule on 13 November 2013 when he talked about the Internally Displaces Persons (IDPs).

I presume Gen. Aleu Ayieng did not understand the English word– IDPs– which stands for Internal Displaced Persons. It was either he failed to understand the term IDPs or he simply declined to refer to his fellow Dinkas as IDPs.

His fellow Dinka IDPs have come to Nimule since 1994 during the intense liberation war. When the Comprehensive peace agreement, CPA, was signed in 2005, instead of returning to their land, they have decided to come in colonies to forcefully occupy and live in Nimule in the name of IDP

The minister of Interior instead of addressing the IPD issue which we the Ma’di have been addressing through dialogues and petitions to the Eastern Equatoria Government (EES) and the Central government, he has gone ahead to pat the IDPs in the back by saying as I quote here that, “There are no South Sudanese IDPs within the country. You cannot be an IDP in your own country,” he said.

Now I must educate this Interior minister, Mr. Ayieng, that the word IDP is not a Ma’di word, but rather an English word used to describe people who have been displaced from their places of origin due to war, natural hazzards, religious persecution…. etc.

The Nimule IDPs have enjoyed the hospitality of the Ma’di people but have gone to repay this by forcing their presence on land belonging to the Ma’di who are in turn forced to remain in refugee camps in Uganda against their will.

As if such oppression is not enough, these IDPs function backwards by carrying their dead from Bor to come bury them in Nimule, saying “Anina bi silu mait de fi belet,” by claiming ‘they are taking their dead to bury at home.’

Since when has Nimule become a Jienge (Dinka) belet (village) instead of Bor?

Frankly, these so-called IDPs have overstayed their welcome and whatever lame reasons they give for staying in Nimule is cheap politics. They parade the streets and alley ways of Nimule in the name of having liberated Ma’di land but I want to tell them that the nonsense they have held on to for so long must stop.

When Nimule came under fire then, we, including myself as a child soldier, fought to liberate the land whose geography none of them knew. And without our men taking the lead, Nimule and many other places would not have fallen into the hands of the SPLA.

So out you go with the old rotten philosophy that has been falsely drilled in your brains.

The fact that the Interior Minister can stand shamelessly to utter such outrageous statements has only gone to confirm the ‘we-liberated-the-land’ mentality the Nimule IDP are having.

Mr. Minster, you and these IDPs have got to ask yourselves, why is it only the Dinka seeking or playing the victims of IDPs in all the three Equatoria States when South Sudan has been a sovereign nation since 2011?

Mr. Ayeng, be bold, be a man, don’t abuse your ministerial power to enrich your fellow Dinka, play fair politics so that when you retire, you may have a good legacy and history will also remember you.

This is an outrageous statement coming from such responsible minster whose message should have been clearly that South Sudan is now a sovereign nation and all the illegal IDPs in Nimule, Equatoria and else where should begin to think of going home to their ancestral land where development awaits them.

My only advise to you, Minister, is don’t be ashamed, the world is watching what you say and do, you should spare for yourself respect by telling your fellow jieng that what they are doing is wholly unacceptable and unlawful.

It is equally absurd to see the illegal IDPs roaming the streets of Nimule with AK 47s in town yet they are not part of the regular army of south Sudan.

Because they display power visibly by these weapons, they now take the law into their hands. This goes as far as a group of them pursuing a civilian who happened to have accidentally knocked down their child across the boarder wanting to get this guy from the hands of Ugandan authority.

These Dinka in Nimule have created their own government comprising of the police and the judiciary within a government, and yet they are left to flourish while a genuine grant of a county has been denied for a people who rightly deserve it.

In whose county or payam can you ever find two tiers of administration except in Nimule where the failed Governor, who can only wait to address his people in the presence of the Interior Minister, who is totally uneducated about matters of his ministry?

I would like to assure the interior minister that there is going to a time for justice to be done, whether Jienge like it or not, time will come for them to remove their dead bodies who were buried in Nimule illegally.

This will happen, we Ma’di are not cowards but we do not want to take the country back to the 1980’s dark period of time, and if diplomacy failed we will be left with no option but to defend our land because your government is not inclusive.

Though we don’t have arms but the God of our land will be at our side, when we call for the gods of the mountains, something magnificent will happen.

Just remember when the people called upon the names of their gods what happened to the IDPs in Mugali? They know it better.

Soon we will consult with landlords and give our ritual offertories to the gods of our land, then we will see whether peoples’ power or gun will prevail.

I have one question to both Vice president Igga and minister Aleu Ayieng to answer, why is the non-army roaming with the AK 47s in the town?

Time again and again people have been complaining about the floating of unregistered guns in Nimule and the gun owners are carrying their guns openly, why is the government quiet about it?

Would it be the same when the Ma’di begin to obtain guns and roam with them in the market of Juba or else where?

This is outrageous, this Kiir-led government is non-inclusive. That is why chief Angu of Nimule Centre scored highly against you when he spoke categorically telling you they do not want the NTC, they want the Pageri County which you as a delegation said has been sat on by the President and last but not least they want the IDPs out of their land.

Once you have granted these three requests, come back and talk to us. The chief and his people do not want NTC, in whose land are you going to impose it?

The never serious James Wani Igga, the comedian he is, only came to Nimule to listen to the rubbish his minster of interior was uttering and his parroting the words of President Kiir!

Nimule issue, Mr. VP, is not a comedy, it is real issue, real people that need seriously real solutions. Nimule Town council has been rejected twice and several letters were written opposing it, so there is not reason for you to sing the song of going the referendum way.

Instead of listening to the people, you, too, Mr. Wani Iga, wanted to impose your authoritative regime banner you carry on us, the Ma’di. I will tell you once again the NTC is not wanted in Nimule, not in the current terms which Governor Lobong is trying to impose on us!

This is the exact agenda of Dinka to forcefully colonize Equatoria in the next 100 years and seize their land in a cheap policy which will only bring about the Kenyan land crisis to South Sudan, if the likes of Aleu cannot have enough common sense to address the nationwide IDP issues right away.

Now, unless he is directly involved in supplying the illegal arms to the IDPs in Nimule, he must address the issue properly to avoid insecurity in Nimule and other parts of the country with similar problems.

To the rest of you, peace, justice and human rights loving citizens of South Sudan, the situation facing us in the country is being created by the Jenge community wanting to seize what is not theirs and as you can clearly see, the so called IDPs are being encouraged by the likes of Minister Aleu in perpetuating their illegal acts.

Insecurity, lawlessness and unlawful killings are the consequences of this predicament we find ourselves in.

The Dinka IDPs have often referred to us the Ma’di as cowards or Ugandans or they have looked upon us as toothless because we are not armed. We do not want to take the country back to the memories of the 1980s. For those of you, Jenge, who survived the war can recall what I mean.

I also want to remind you that the gods of the Ma’di land are more powerful than the guns they are holding. In Mugali, the snakes that chased the Dinka form their havens never carried guns. If pushed, we shall invoke our gods and we shall see who has authority over the land of Nimule.

Finally, let Minister Aleu address the IDP issues seriously or if he does not know his job, let Kiir’s authoritative regime appoint a capable and credible person to assume the post but not just a fellow tribesman whose job is to cement nepotism nationally and oppression of the non-Dinka.

Author: David Kanyara Aju

EES, Republic of South Sudan.


  1. Gabu opikoli says:

    He needs more lecture about his role as interior minister and he should not be one-sided, but very unfortunate he choose to side with his tribes mates than doing his work as a minister, surely he has to improve on the security or else he must go.
    Supporting IDPs because they are Dinka is doing more harm, the country needs better people who can do better job than this interior minister.

  2. tongton says:

    Quote: ‘His fellow Dinka IDPs have come to Nimule since 1994 during the intense liberation war.’

    That is obviously naive of you, little man, to put it that way. Equatorians left Equatoria to Jallaba for Uganda and Congo. The Dinka sacrificed lives in Equatoria and resettled in many parts of South Sudan such as Nimule.

    ‘Gen. Aleu Ayieng’ and ‘Ayeny’

    Mr. David Kanyara, if you have to keep mentioning the name of Hon. Aleu Ayieny, at least have the honor to write his name correctly. But then again, a foreigner like David and his kind will not get this because they lack linguistic ground of a true South Sudanese who, by all accounts, should and must know the Great Dinka.

  3. majongdit says:

    Dear Author,

    Aleu Ayeny Aleu is right 100%. Your article alone justifies that the Dinkas staying in Nimule cannot be called IDPs. If you borrowed that idea from Dr Riek then please give it back to him. You first of all need to know what is Nimule. Is it a rural village or an urban center? After knowing the status of Nimule town then please go read the Land Act. The land act is clear. If you did a shelter in a piece of land in the township before the survey, then its yours. In fact, you will never be affected because if any road passes thru your house you will simply be relocated to the next nearest plot regardless of whether you are a Madi in Rumbek or a Dinka in Nimule.
    Aleu is right and his statements should stay put!

  4. majongdit says:

    For Madi people to remain in the refugee camps upto this time is their mistake. I don’t own a metre square of land in Numule but I slept once there and I could see nothing special about Nimule. Moreover, there is a lot of empty land in Nimule, in fact enough to settle all the-still-refugees Madi in Ugnda.
    I visited this area going to the national park. We drove for close to an hour and no people and sadly also no animals. Eastern Equatoria has no land problem.
    What is being ushered in the media by Madi sons is mere politics driven by those of Pagan and Dr Riek. We know the intention is to rally the equatorians behind Dr Riek so as to garner votes in 2015. It is a project destined to fail. We know the numbers and we know politics.
    The real Madi will vote SPLM, the few fake Ugandan Madi returnees will vote anyone they want and it will not change anything at all, at all!

  5. SPLA says:

    Tongton and Majongdit

    Let me tell you guys, you can’t dismiss or have the legitimacy to undermine the contributions of Madi people during the liberation war. Sometimes common sense is not common for uncivilised Jenges like you. The common sense is that Madi land isn’t your land, simply pack your rugs and leave. Whether you like it or not it will be that way. If I may ask both of you, why have guys run away from your ancestral land and fell in love with Equatoran land?

  6. Peter Wanga Philip says:

    To the precious commentators, this is the untamed behavior jenge, who are u to teach ma’di about the geography of nimule? You need to re-read the local government land act 2009. The are certain code that needs to followed and the local government land act did not say colonies of the whole villages from Bor to relocate to nimule like that.
    the massive movement of certain group of people leaving their ancestral land to settle in other people’s place is simply an act of occupation and the people who do this are referred to as illegal land grabbers. It is simply baseless to say equatorians ran to Uganda and Congo, what about those Dinka who found themselves in Uganda, Kenya, Egypt and elsewhere? This is bull…. and short-sighted statement u are making, please tell me which sacrifices Dinka have made if they can’t face the thinner murle?
    My friend is time for u to go back to develop your home town if u can not do that nobody will do it for you. we equatorians have made countless sacrifices including the recent 2012 war of Heglig when ur Dinka coward generals refused to go, our own gen obutu mamur had to go with our brave equatorians boys and they have sacrificed to die for the land they are not supposed to died for. Is that u version if saying equatorians are cowards?

  7. @ David, your war against innocent Dinka will not succeed, you have been posting articles that are totally abusive in the eyes of every South Sudanese. what education are you talking about that you want to Challenge Gen Aleu?

  8. Leader says:

    David Kanyara,
    You are just a naive emotional boy trying to mislead South Sudanese on the issue of the so-called IDPs in Nimule.
    I want to tell those outside South Sudan and Nimule in particular that there are no IDPs in Nimulle. Yes there are Dinkas residing there just as there are Ma’adi residing in Dinka towns. Nimule is a town and everybody including foreigners has a right to live there.
    Besides, when was Nimule created as a Displaced People’s Camp. We know in 1990s and early 2000s there were IDP camps in Ma’di area. E.g Mugali and Masidi. Nimule has never been one.

  9. Pac Marial says:

    Dear all,

    Please let us ignore few people who would like to make mountains out of a very small hill. Mr. David is suffering from serious ignorance and we should pardon him for that. David has no slight idea about the history of this country. May be he was not here, may be he grow up somewhere or may be he is a ma’ di of Uganda. There is no need arguing with him at all. If dead Dinkas are to be removed and taken back to the Dinka land, then I am afraid it will be a difficult task because it entails removing Dinkas who are currently buried there and died of natural causes of death as well as those who died during the course of liberation struggle, defending the land when David and his likes where in hiding somewhere.
    Apac Marial

  10. malith Alier says:

    I wonder what is wrong with Madi. They bring us Madi from Uganda who call themselves South Sudanese. This is a crime by itself. When there is war in Uganda, they run to SS and verse versa.
    Mugali, Labone and Magalatoria were I.D.Ps camps and the writer acknowledges it. On the other hand, it is foolhardy to call Nimule residents I.D.Ps. Even if it’s a Madi who is minister of interior he will agree with Aleu Ayeny!

  11. Chol Wek Wek says:


    You are not right, brother, how come Dinka were displaced from their original home and claim to have resettled the home of Madi?? don’t you feel ashamed to say that??? what strength do you guys have to resettle Nimule when you were already displaced from Bor by Lou Nuer not even Jalaba as you claimed???
    Don’t deceive peoples to cover your day light land robbery from our fellow brothers in Nimule because of power you have.

    God will fight you not even Madi.

  12. Blackstone says:

    what happened in Rwanda in 1990’s is on the road coming home to south Sudan. if it does reach us one day, we should not be amazed, brothers.

  13. King de Nyamlel says:

    When will you (Equatorianz) be happy with Dinka, in the grave?

  14. Tyson says:

    My Jieng Commrades,

    Why overreact to David’s article? Living with quarrels and hatred is not be best option for you.
    Remember that arrogance made powerful Saddam and Gadhafi to hide like cockroaches. It was too late.
    We need to coexist in this beautiful land BUT we can also make it hell for each one of us.
    Please gather your animals and move back to your ancestral land.
    You might consider the Ma’di as harmless and non-hostile BUT you don’t know what their next plan is.

    Former Jonglei Governor Kuol Manyang wanted the Jieng IDPs to get out of Nimule but they stubbornly ignored his wise words.
    Think twice and graduate from the cattle camp mentality. Don’t always look for troubles just because your uncles are in power.

  15. John tamangi says:

    David Kanyari is not against any Jenge, but he is against the beastly behavior of the Jenge. The Jenge should check themselves and see whether they behave like the rest of mankind or not.
    This is a new millennium and any human being behaving as if he or she is in the old millennium should seek divine intervention.

  16. John Q says:

    To my dear David,
    you have failed terrible with your argument because you know better than that, the same you do not want to be in Nimule are the ones who liberated it from the Arab in 90s, but it seemed that you want to lie to people of South Sudan.

  17. David kanyara Aju says:

    I can see the majority of Dinka who responded to my article responded in very emotional way without thinking and deep analysis, as such they have failed to understand the content of my article, they are the likes of their boy brother Gen. Aleu Ayieng Aleu.
    I stated very clearly the definition of IDPs, it is very clear most jenges are living in denial than to accept the fact as they are. Whether the likes of gen. Aleu like it or not, they are illegal IDPs, and to those who think they have the right to resettle in Nimule, they are wrong.
    The Act of 2009 some of you are referring to, you have to re-read it and if you can’t understand for some reason, please ask for help from legal people who are well informed about the country’s law.
    Jenge have their mind set and that mind set cannot be tuned, they have low reasoning capacity to think like civilized people that is your illness. If you think I am Ma’di from Uganda, you get it wrong, instead jenge have no right whatsoever to talk about south Sudan, because we all know original jenge belong to Khartoum, but because of their untamed behaviors, the Arabs who came to trade with you deceived with some few bags of Dura in exchanged with cows.
    That was why late Garang could not accept the Sudan to be spilt into two because he knew this will make you look like foreigners in south Sudan. Can you guys give me solid reason to think Equatorians are Ugandans/Congolese and Nuer are Ethiopians? guys the fact is that time will come for jenge to remove their dead bodies, who cares whether they died at the cause of liberation or by natural dead? dead and living jenge are all the same.
    If you and your big brothers the likes of Gen. Aleu and Salva Matok and others can’t accept this then go hang. Nimule belongs to Ma’di like President Robert Mugebe of Zimbabwe once said Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans, I would like to say to all jeng, Equatoria is for Equatorians, full stop.

    • @ David, if you think that Dinka living in Nimule are IDPS, then use any power you have got to displace them, take your step forward boy, other than waging your war against them in social websites.

  18. John Khot says:

    I guess your quote for Robert Mugabe could have some meaning if Equatorians participated in the liberation of S Sudan from Arabs. Instead most of you ran to Uganda and Congo. Those that didn’t flee joined the enemy as allied militias. Those SPLA soldiers that courageously resisted the enemy from crossing Aswa Bridge in 1994 – early 1995 were 99% Jieng.

    This begs the question where were the Madis?? In refuge right?? In not why was there no rejection of Dinka settlement in Nimule in 1994. But because you wanted those Jieng settlers to defend your land. Those “IDPs in Nimule and other regions of Equatoria had their sons conscripted into the SPLA even at tender of 12 while Madis strong men of fighting age were hiding in Uganda. They fought a costly war and liberated the country.
    They are not going anywhere even if God ordered them.
    Please share or start a war. Even an Equatorian president won’t succeed in forcing Jieng out of Nimule.
    Another thing is get rid of the Somalis, Ethiopians, Kenyans, Ugandans, Nuers, Lotukos, Shilluks and others if you want Jieng out of Madi town.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. John Khot,

      Please be civil. You are totally right that there are Nuers, Ethiopians, Shilluks, Kenyans, and the list goes on and on in Equatoria. You failed to ask yourself this question: Why only Dinkas and not the others? Here is the answer, it is allegedly said that Dinkas are running a parallel government in Nimule. I believe, like I said somewhere else here to be the reason why Equatorians only complain about Dinkas’ presence and not the others. If Dinkas are not running a parallel government in Equatoria, then this is what you need to bring to their attention.

  19. Tongtong says:

    @John Tamangi had this to say: ”David Kanyari is not against any Jenge, but he is against the beastly behavior of the Jenge.” You do realize that the coward has all this ”beastly Jenge” picture all painted in his mind. The truth is the little men in you John should just leave South Sudan if you can’t term with the fact that the Dinka are now living in Equatoria now and forever.

  20. Major says:

    This is a very informed article, but it’s very unfortunate that the audience (interior minister) and those sections of Dinka who benefited from this mess of corruption, occupy someone’s land illegally, tribalism, insecurity and killing, among others wouldn’t take it seriously.
    My advice to our Equatorian people, your region has no doubt become a region of opportunity for every south Sudanese person in terms of business and how to make a living. This is because of it geographical location as well environmentally friendly climate.
    But this should not be an excuse to occupy someone’s land by force or using the state powers to impose laws against the will of others.
    This behavior towards other people’s land does not work in the 21st century and should be condemned.

  21. Mr. David,you sound like an Ugandan who is looking for plot in Nimule. your name even revealed that you are not a Southerner. so please may you stop this nonsense of preaching and educating hatred among our People. if you want to change your nationality, then you are welcome but do not choose where you want to stay.

  22. malith Alier says:

    If truly Equatoria is for Equatorians then why allow other foreigners in Equatoria? you have twisted history in a very bad way something that tells us about the state of your mind. You’re driven by pure hatred. Even your brothers Acholi Quarelled with you in Magwi. Are they not Equatrians? Watch out even if you are left alone there in Nimule you will still cause divisions among your clans.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. Malith Alier,

      I think and believe you misunderstood the claim placed forward by Ma’di people regarding the case of Nimule. Nothing like you narrated exists in their complaints. Their problem with Dinka is: Our Dinka brothers are running a parallel government in their land. This is in it simplistic form what they are complaining about. If our people in Nimule behave themselves, there would not be any problem whatsoever. This is my understanding.

      Everywhere you go, you must do as Romans do. If you are in Equatoria, you do as Equatorians do it. This is the condensed version of the whole fiasco that seems to be getting out of hand. I hope you now have some understanding of where Equatorians come from.

  23. Mohd Adam says:

    Late Chief Lodu Lolik, said during the Juba 1947 Conference that the reason South and North would not be as one nation was because the latter was a trouble maker. It is today that the Jenge have come out as trouble makers in the new country. Madi land issue is just the tip of an ice berg. The whole of South Sudan will soon be plunged into a major crisis if it has not yet been there. The peace loving people of South Sudan are just very unfortunate to have the Jienge in their midst. Cry the Beloved Country as Mr. Alan Parton put it is his book.

  24. DMD says:

    It’s a good mobilization for war with no visual success, brother David. But remember! you will live in hiding for life once you make Jieng your sole enemies. they are one people. they love each other, their friends and acquaintances.

  25. Pac Marial says:

    Mr. Editor,

    There is no way that Mr. David was a child soldier. Read his article very carefully and if you are a real editor, you will come to the conclusion that Mr. David has no clue whatsoever about SPLA. The best is to ignore Mr. David and his likes, otherwise people may not know the difference between who is who in this case.

    Apac Marial

  26. Pac Marial says:

    Mr. David,

    Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, if you are a true South Sudanese, you would know that had it not been for Dinka and Nuer, the current independence would not have been achieved, my dear. You will continue to deny this fact either because you are not a South Sudanese or you are just someone who will never accept the truth.
    Who were your friends when you were a child soldier according to you? where were you trained? Child soldiers know very well the role played by Dinkas and Nuer for some people like you to be enjoying whatever they are enjoying today. Sometime back during the course of implementation of the CPA, Khartoum asked that let a certain committee be formed and that let South Sudan send representatives to that committee provided that they are non-Dinka and non-Nuer. You can write a book about this, I guess my dear Ma’di man!!!!!!!!!!!!. Apac Marial

  27. Dear Mr. Pac Marial:

    when did Dinka and Nuer achieve the liberation and leaving all tribes in the South? while crowning yourselves and tribes alone to be liberators is not good at all. my dear, Never underrate other tribes in the South Sudan in the name of liberation.
    Let us all live in peace as to keep our people in good UNITY! Thank you! HONESTY KILLS ANGER!

  28. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Pac Marial,

    You are partly right that had it not been for Nuer and Dinka, there would have not be South Sudan Independence. While this is true, do not forget the contribution made by other tribes including the very Madi we are talking about. There are many Equatorians who perished throughout the course of struggle for independence. Joseph Lagu is one of the figures in Equatoria society who participated greatly. We must acknowledge the sacrifice done by others instead of taking the whole credit. That is a sign of selfishness.

    It is no secret that some Equatorians did hide in Uganda and some other places. But does this mean that the entire community of Equatoria did not participate in the struggle? I do not think so. The evidence of their participation in the struggle is visible in person of Mamur, Joseph Lagu, Wani Igga, and many others.

    On the same token, there are many Dinkas and Nuers who did not participate in the struggle. These Dinkas and Nuers went abroad and some stayed in East African countries such Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. Hence we have equal participants and non-participants. It is also important to notice that those who did not participate in war participated in different ways and their contribution should be recognized as well.


    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear Editor,

      My comment is clear. I completely understand that the people you mentioned did exactly what you said. There is no question about that. There are equally Nuers and Dinkas who fought alongside Jallaba and are not being considered as traitors. It is wrong.

      MA’DI people are not cowards as some seem to imply. They might have been minority during the struggle and that could be due to their numbers. Bigger tribes seem to have been visible due to their big numbers and this cannot be equated to other small tribes. I sincerely disagree with those who think MA’DI people are cowards.

  29. Ohi'de says:

    Dinka do not think of their future or their children’s future. They behave recklessly. They have created enemy the whole tribes of South Sudan and even from the Neighbouring Countries. They are trying to establish themselves by force in Equatoria. They never succeeded in Moru land nor in Zande land and they won’t succeed in ma’di land.
    Ma’di should keep relentless pressure on them, it is only a matter of time they will go. Another way is the ma’di should invoke the spirit of their land to deal with them.

  30. Madi Pride says:

    Well-done brother Aju,

    I see no need to wait to any longer; the spirit of Jomboloko must be consulted as soon as possible.

    I think Equatorians have an obligation to warn the rest of the world about accommodating Jenge’s in their midst. They rate on par with Islamic terrorists and the only good place for them on Earth is THEIR ANCESTRAL LANDS.

  31. John Q says:

    Pac Marial,
    no one denying the participation of the sons and daughters of Greater Equatorian during the war time. But it should have been a common intellect to Equatorian people, that those people living in Equatorian states are the same citizen whom they joined hands and fought together during the liberation of this country. Why they do not want now? if it is the case of people who keep cattle, We have laws that can solve the problems that may arise. our constitution stated very clear that all the citizens have right to live any where they like in country. So, those people who are living in Nimule have right to live there as residents of Nimule.

  32. Mohd Adam says:

    Mr. Ohi’de, what you are saying here are just whimsical or wishful thinking. There is nothing called invoking the spirits of their motherland. Madi should fight the way the Zande and Moru did. I know my people in the Jieng Panda, very well. They are cowards, don’t be scared with the rhetoric you are reading in these fora. If the white army of Prophet Nyundeng could kick them out from Mading Bor in just 24 hours, what would make Madi not to do the same? Do not think of the unthinkable. Do they have blood? YES they do. So???

  33. Thomas Matiop says:

    Whatever this Madi boy is saying, remember you are not a man, and this applies to your fellow Madi boys. When we shaded our blood for Equatorian, we found there are few men in the land who are foreigners. Equatoria as we know today was given to the Arabs by invaders from Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda and Tanzanian. Equatoria is Dinka land and we are proud about it. You are complaining every day, but why don’t you look around to see Dinka settled all over Equatoria.
    Why do you think some tribes like Acholi, Taposa, Lotuka, Lokuya, Kakwa, Pojulu are silent? If you keep complaining, the few Madi in Nimule will soon cease to live in Nimule.
    We are the government and we have the power. Dinka have the right to carry weapons because we are brave people and we are prepared to protect boys and girls in Equatoria. Nimule is not Madi land, but rather part of South Sudan which is Dinka land.
    Why do you think governor of Eastern Equatoria State and VP Vice president James Wani Igga have no objection when the minster has spoken? Did the minister go to Nimule alone or he was escorted by high ranking Equatorians? Where are the Madi boys and girls when the minister was speaking? Why Madi MPs and people like Dr. Anne Itto are silent or are they not Madi? Nimule is Dinka land, cry if you want to. Cowards!
    Thomas Matiop
    Bor the Great-South Sudan

  34. tongtong says:

    I remember back in the day in Pageri whenever there was conscription, the Madi men used to run to the villages to enjoy Adung’u or some enjoyed Congolese music. In all seriousness, few knew that the Madi among other cowards, were South Sudanese. Ever wondered why the liberation songs were 100% sung in Dinka? Answer: the brave Dinka shed their blood to liberate children, women, alpha males, and the cowards (aka Madi and their kins). Please, give Dinka the respect they deserve.

  35. Madi Pride says:

    To Tongtong and Matiop.

    Imperialists who wear fake crowns always go around crowing about their conquests. Who do you think is looking at your head? Instead the attention is all on your EXPOSED corruption, nepotism, land-grabbing, theft, brute behaviour, laziness, arrogance, and plain dumbness.
    If you’re really that strong and powerful, how come you’re not bothered to develop your land(s) and defend and them against your Nuer and Murle cousins? I thought Imperialists develop themselves before they start dreaming of other people’s land (Equatoria the beautiful)…

    Instead of showcasing the virtues you attempt to brag about here, Dinkalands have become the most be-deviled places on Earth—the embarrassing footage on international media makes any decent human being cringe…
    Not even your “powerful” president could be bothered to condemn the brutalities happening to you (his kinsmen), much less offer any help.

    You have scared away potential investors from your land and NO Equatorian can even be bothered to consider moving there. That’s why you people are crowding Equatoria: cowardice, search for food, laziness, the lure of security (something your guns have failed to provide you), civility of the indigenous population (the envy of non-Equatorians), and all other things that come with civility.

    You have over-stayed your welcome in our beautiful land and now is time to LEAVE!!!

    ***Don’t worry about what the minister said; nobody listens to GOSS officials (or their Equatorian underlings like Wani Igga anymore)***

    They all left with fleas in their ears after they met with Ma’di Representatives. That is the stuff they will NEVER say in public. Good luck forcing yourselves anywhere in Equatoria. You will soon decide for yourselves whether guns or brains are more powerful…

  36. Concerned Equatorian says:

    I see South Sudan has no future……
    It’s failure is not about the current crisis BUT the vision then of the SPLM/SPLA liberation Movement

    In many Successful Liberation Wars fought in Africa, PATRIOTISM was a core value instilled in all recruited Soldiers. To Fight for the cause of the People being Oppressed

    It’s a different Case with South Sudan.
    MEN from across South Sudan, Nuba Mountains were recruited and fought bravely wherever they were taken

    It’s clear to see that the recruitment of Soldeirs from the different regions had different agendas… PATRIOTISM was neither instilled nor preached as the core reason for the Liberation, Hatred towards the Enemy was number one…

    This is clearly been shown by our Dinka brothers, A soldier fights for a cause, a cause for the NATION not tribe…
    I don’t think that the Songs Sung in DINKA had anything to do with the CAUSE for Liberation but rather tribal ambition

    That vision is being revealed by our fellows brothers, what really was Garang’s Vision (The Father of South Sudan)…
    Whatever vision SPLM had, a handful (100%) of the evil was and is being executed by the Dinka

    My Fellow South Sudanese, this evil will never succeed and the Handful will never get what their evil hearts desire.. The will seek asylum once again

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Equatorian Cancer,
      You’ve right to say whatever you wanna say but don’t ever try to deny facts or contributions made by our patriotic, even God in Heaven knows who did what for the sake of this Country to be what it is today in which everybody is eager to be recognised and credited to have done a great thing for this liberation to its full sovereignty.
      Are you people being cursed not to give a word of thanks instead of word of hatred in everywhere you post and comment?
      Thank God that there is Rule Of Law in place, I know most would have not dared to comment recklessly like this by trying to dispute the achievements made by the MIGHTY SPLA/M for decades and now they’re shamelessly being denied by the so called Equatorian Wanderers although you will not agree with me including your editor of this WEB, but i must tell you the truth about your evil ambitions against freedom fighters.

  37. Ohi'de says:

    Mohd Adam
    I know dinka very well I was their neighbour for over eight years and I used to witness their fight with the Nuer. No single fight they ever won. They are not good at fighting and are not brave enough to confront their opponents. What I was saying by invoking the spirit is that once the owners of the land talk, anything can happen to the Dinka down to their generations in Nimule e.g in Mugali, snakes chased them away, only selecting them and leaving others.

  38. Toney Toney Matot says:

    Mr Concerned Equatorian, it will be of no use to name yourself with the such name. There is no tribe carrying name of equatoria. Brother, why are we always critical about Dinka?? during war time, three quarters of the fighters were from Dinka and none of you did claim, instead some were running to neighboring countries for hiding.
    today peace has been achieved by those who are your target, you start posting nonsense. dinkas died in huge numbers during revolutionary struggle and their death was not blamed on equatorians nor upper Nile. however, there is no way for the dinka not to exist in South Sudan because it belongs to us all. The seat of the presidency will not remain for ever for Jieng. it might be this term only then another person comes up. preaching hatred and advocates of War will never benefit you.
    take an example of Libya and Syria. most of the commentators here are not against the government but against Dinka tribe including editor of SSN Elhag Paul.

  39. Tongtong says:

    @ concerned Equatorian,

    World, see how a coward tries to rationalize themes for the Liberation Songs (100% in Dinka); a strategy the coward use to stake a claim in South Sudan nationhood. But it’s a fail! Here is a NOW concerned Equatorian’s take on Liberation songs:

    ”I don’t think that the Songs Sung in DINKA had anything to do with the CAUSE for Liberation but rather tribal ambition”

    That is hilarious, isn’t it? How about the cowards learn a song for once rather than adulterating the goal of the liberation songs: ZEAL, PATRIOTISM, MOTIVATION, AND LIBERATION OF EVERYONE INCLUDING THE COWARDS

  40. Eastern Boy says:

    Liberation which started in Torit in 1955 launched by Ohure, Anyanya One by Joseph Lagu a Ma’di native. what liberation are jieng talking about here, you cannot ERASE history. As someone said here, late Dr. Garang wanted a United Sudan because Jieng will feel like they are foreigners in South Sudan. I just pity those who argue that they are mighty jieng, does it mean ur places are not yet liberated from Lou Nuer & the likes that’s why u wanted to be in safe-heaven of Equatoria?.
    Gen Alieu made it clear, “yajamaa matamul leina fadhayah” literally meaning,” my people, don’t ashame us. For those who are saying either Equatorians likes it or not, jieng will not leave; ask you brothers what happened in Mugali, Kajo-Keji.

  41. Fox says:

    I have a personal experience of witnessing Antonovs and Hercules aircraft carrying personnel from DInka and Nuer land to Lokichoggio, There is no Equitorian that took a plane to east african refugees, Just imagine more than 5 sorties in a day of aircraft with a capacity of between 100-200 Jenges packed like sacks.
    They are the same people claiming to be the ONLY fighters, Infact the guys writing on this platform have no clue whatsoever and should just stop the hate speech.

    I had been taken for treatment after suffering multiple wounds.

  42. Mack says:

    The author got a shallow understanding of what the Minister meant. I believe he was telling those who still believe they are IDPs after freedom and Independence. He meant they should no longer consider themselves IDPs when the war is over and they are in their own country, but consider to return to their ancestral land of origin. Analyse things in different perspective rather than allowing your emotions carry you away and be mouthed the officials.

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