Agwelek forces of Gen. Johnson Condemn attacks on UN camp in Malakal: PR

Nairobi, Malakal, Oweci, South Sudan:
The Agwelek forces under the command of Gen. Johnson Olony Thubo today (Thursday) condemns in the strongest possible terms the “information that three members of forces belonging to either the Sudan People’s Liberation Army In Opposition or the allied forces led by Gen. Johnson Olony opened fire on IDPs at a recently opened protection-of-civilians site in the UNMISS compound” in Malakal, Upper Nile state.

On its part, the Agwelek forces describe this crime as a heinous and barbaric act of terror.
The forces hereby fully recognize and hail the tremendous work by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in providing unlimited protection, shelter and basic services to our innocent people wherever they are in Civilian-protection-sites.

The Agwelek forces therefore distance itself from such a crime and call on UMNISS to investigate into it without hesitation or delay.

Also the movement is absolutely offering our its unlimited assistance to cooperate with UMNISS in ensuring that culprits are brought to justice by all possible means.

The Agwelek forces reiterate its commitment to fully abide by the fundamental rights and basic freedoms as stipulated in the international conventions and covenants.

It believes that the establishment of an independent Commission for reconciliation, transitional justice and healing so as to repair the social fabric of our people is a way forward to ensure stability, harmony between different communities in post-conflict South Sudan.

Meanwhile, the movement seizes the opportunity to honestly encourage and support the step by the international community (the Troika and the European countries) to submit to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva a draft resolution to appoint the human rights rapporteur to monitor and report on human rights in South Sudan.

For more information contact
Brig. Gen. William Ezekiel, Agwelek Forces Press Desk


  1. False Millionaire says:

    There it gose
    How so unfortunate was the God fearing responsible generous respectful old lady
    Whose life was shorter than the long age of hell
    That was provoked by the arrogant rude boy
    Who threw the stone to spoil the wonderful glass window
    May the lord have mercy!!!

  2. Buoyar Apuk says:

    How comes you condemn what your own militias have done. I doubt whether they have been trained on discipline and order, they were feeling a heinous hatred towards their country folks the Dinka citizens in the camp. Let’s stop this craziness and leave behind us tribalism, blind hatred towards Dinka,Nuer or Chollo..etc. And build the young nation,this blessed country can take all of us no matter which South Sudan community you belong to.

  3. Angui Deng says:

    Very interesting ,where on earth someone would condemn his or her own action,in fact Agwelek forces are the one attacked Dinka people in the camp and now they try to cover up their crimes against humanity by condemning their own committed crimes

  4. Arow says:

    God is watching , and knows who has done.

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