Agony and destruction by Dinka in the border town of Nimule

From: David Aju Kanyara, Nimule, South Sudan, OCT/01/2017, SSN;

The Nimule border town has witnessed and experienced dramatic, traumatic and imposed changes since the peace loving natives, the Ma’di people, were driven from their ancestral land into refuge in the neighboring Uganda, by the Dinka JCE regime of Salva Kiir Mayerdit, to give way for the Dinka cows to graze freely turning the Madiland into a cow-land.

My trip to Nimule has given me personal and intimate examinations as to how deeply this unnecessary war against civilians across South Sudan has its devastating effect particularly on the people of Madi.

As far as eyes can see, immediately after landing in what the local people called [Matara] loosely translated as airstrip, located along Nimule-Mugali road which has never been developed under the leadership of Kiir, the dusty feeder road which used to be busy is now deserted except for the armed-to-the-teeth Dinka squatters with their cows using it.

At this point it dawned on me even more clearly how profound effect this war of Dinka imperialism and scramble for resources and land of other people particular in Equatoria has brought on my people.

Driving from Matara to Malakia, we had to pass through several roadblocks, and very surprisingly, what drew my attention was most of the soldiers along the Matara-Malakia road looked frail and underage, majority looked malnourished and confused.

Observing their faces, my conclusion is they were collected from villages across Bahr el Ghazal and are primary school age kids.

I couldn’t help but ask, “are the Dinkas running out of their material Prima of this war, that Adult Dinka Militia men are no longer available that they can sacrifice their young men just to keep the one man in power?”

Nimule–Matara road used to be a very busy road as it links up the neighboring villages of Longu, and several bomas and payams of Mugali, but as we drove I noted the road was visibly empty and deserted.

Most of the huts along the airstrip were empty, looted while others are re-occupied by the foot soldiers and their families.

The driver who lives in Nimule cautioned me that I should not use my phone for taking photos or for making calls. I asked him why?

He told me if you are non-Dinka and not known to these soldiers, phone calls in Nimule constitute an arrest warrant and if the soldiers suspect you are making a long distance call they will arrest you and accuse you of being a spy of the rebel, and end up being tortured or dead.

As we drove through Nimule to one of the restaurants which used to be busy in the earlier days of peace, it is now mostly empty without customers, for nearly two hours we were the only customers.

When I asked the attendant why, she told me, “nowadays business is down and even some soldiers come and eat food and walk away without paying, when you ask them to pay, they will say we are here to protect you from your rebel, Martin Kenyi.”

They perceive every Madi people in Nimule as a rebel,” she added.

This narrative has given me a clear picture how the soldiers subject the people who remained in Nimule to constant harassment and dehumanizing treatments.

After dinner before 5 pm local time, I was advised to find place to sleep and never move out to buy airtime or anything past 6 pm, so I was taken by my friend to one of the lodges in Nimule. For his personal security I will withhold his name, and that of the hotel where I slept.

At around 6 pm I ordered soft drinks while sitting in the lodge’s lobby watching English premier league. Three soldiers and two men in plain civilian clothes joined to watch the game, roughly 20 minutes later the hotel staff motioned for me to come at the counter and told me that those men in plain civilian clothes were security agents and they were part of soldiers deployed in all the hotels and lodges in Nimule. He cautioned me that it might be time for me to retire to my room, which I did.

I asked him who pays for their bills for the hotel accommodation and food, I was amazed to hear the answer, he told me they eat and sleep freely, and when asked to pay their bill they can easily accuse you as being a rebel or sympathizer of the rebels, thus, they can at will whisk you away to the house of torture or simply penalize you up to an equivalent of 300 U$ to buy your freedom or else they will implicate you.

He concluded that this is happening because the soldiers have not received salaries for almost four months thus extortion of money from businesses has become part of their survival.

Demolition of houses:

The destructive ethnic war by Dinka in Madi land has its root in the plan of ethnic cleansing of the Ma’di people by displacing them to Uganda and demolishing their houses.

This is to deny the Madi people access from coming back to their houses. I have witnessed military vehicles as well as civilian numberless lorries carrying scrubs of iron sheets.

I asked another soldier from non-Dinka tribe where are the metal scrubs coming from and what do the soldiers do with them? He told me all the concrete building starting from Loa to Moli have been demolished.

He told me a shocking story, that to avoid rebel snipers because previously when the rebels spot anybody trying to remove iron sheets their snipers will take them down without a trace, in the process a lot of soldiers got shot dead or others fell with broken legs.

He said the soldiers have now become smart, they are using Ugandan contractors mainly people from Bantu origins to demolish the houses as the soldiers secure the surrounding to provide protection for the contractors.

The Ugandan contractors will be used to collect the scrubs and bring them to Elegu for a lucrative market sale.

Security in Nimule

When security personnel do not see you for a period of two weeks you are liable to be questioned, when you are coming to Uganda you have to get permit from army barracks. When your face is unfamiliar you are most likely to be suspect.

I was told by the unnamed civil servant in the office of executive director of Pageri County that the army is planning to impose tougher restrictions, and when such restrictions are imposed on the few people who live in Nimule, they will then be subjected to face tough security measures by the security personnel.

This according to him all non-Dinka residents of Nimule will be registered, and anyone above the age of 14 must be subject to be registered and should report to the military intelligence HQs in Nimule every day.

Market in Nimule

Vast majority of traders who are from native Ma’di have left either to Elegu or Adjumani inside Uganda, while others with small capital are operating in the largest refugee camp in Pagirinya, leaving a vacuum which cannot be filled by the Dinka traders who are not used to trading but being mostly consumers and money changers relying on the robbed national treasury, leave alone whether they have knowledge in trading.

Nimule main market is visibly empty, there only about three traders left with no profitable market, at time the whole day only two to five customers according to one of the remaining businessmen who asked for his name to be withheld.

He told me the numbers of the daily customers have dropped badly only two to five customers per day will visit his shop. Due to insecurity the foreign large-scale retailers and hawkers or vendors mainly dominated by Ethiopian and Eritreans all left Nimule.

In early days of peace Juba-Nimule highway, the busiest road in the country is nowadays the dysfunctional and most fragile risk road in the whole country. I saw long line of trucks packed waiting for the convoy to leave for Juba, but the problem according to security officers, the soldiers have become reluctant to escort the convoy as they have pay the price highly with their lives.

A Senior South Sudan army officer who got hit with bullet on his left side of his forehead during the last ambush in August, said the rebels are well organized and determined to execute their agenda, he added he lost colleagues and brave soldiers during the ambush.

He recounted that it was around 11:20am after they had driven halfway to Moli area when the bullets began to rain on them.

He added that before they could reorganize to respond and have clear point to see from which direction the attackers were firing, more than 15 soldiers were dead instantly.

He said the attackers had sophisticated military methodology in their ambushes. That is why they lost a lot of colleagues within shortest time and before they could reorganize themselves the enemy forces had deserted their position after they had achieved their mission.

He narrated in details saying the level of threat they face in Equatoria has proven the rebels have achieved high level of training and discipline.” This is a group well-organized with high level of training and discipline and it indicates the level of threat our forces are facing along Juba-Nimule road and in Equatoria at large than the three-year war in Upper Nile.

“It is a guerilla war we have not seen before” he concluded.

As I concluded my visit to Nimule after spending three nights of secret mission, I then realized the senseless new war of Dinka imperialism is meant to create fear and drive non-Dinka away from their ancestral land.

But at the same time the war of Kiir with his tribal associates has also traumatized his ethnic Dinka. As I crossed into neighboring Uganda, I have seen the anxieties on the Dinka faces.

They are talking of being most hated by other tribes and even Ugandans. The few I talked to in Alere camp told me they are crippled with fear for their lives even in Uganda for they feel unwelcome by everyone.

An elderly man who seems in his late 70s told me they, the jieng have been generalized but majority of them are victims themselves because of crimes committed by Kiir and JCE.

He concluded by saying he wish Kiir will quit and save his people the Dinka from such shame and hatred.

While such voices are heard here and there, the Dinka elites without the Materia prima, the Jieng young villagers the Jieng populace provides, Kiir as a single Dinka cannot achieve the destruction of South Sudan.

Maybe the time has come for the Dinka Populaces to say enough is enough and deny Kiir the fuel on which the burning of South Sudan requires, the blood of young Dinka village boys unplugged from their villages and brought to be sitting ducks in Nimule which shall surely pay even if the last of Ma’di Ajugo drops.

The most secret of our weapons are the Gods of the land and many enemy soldiers can testify their terrifying, unexplained and invisible encounters, however many did not live to tell their stories.

David Aju Kanyara

A voice for voiceless


  1. Malouda says:

    Aju, rubbish we will form self-defense force to protect our selves because we should not allow our selves to be slaughtered by equtoria sons daily along the equatoria area roads simply because the president is coming from Dinka ,yes we will allow non-Dinka to be the next president and we will start immediately doing the same of killing an innocent civilians because of being from the ruling tribe and we see how this country will be in the future. thank for your incitement in to the violence message.

    • Steve John says:


      Jaangs belong to kraals and it was a terrible mistake to allow them to squat in Nimule in the first place. They are setllers, useless creatures that have invaded Madiland like pests. They should be sprayed and wiped out from Equatoria. They fled the Nuers and Murles in Jonglei and came to disturb peaceful people in Madiland and Equatoria. Eqautorians must stop this jaang nonsense. We strongly advocate for revenge. Blood for blood and eye for an eye. Mixing with jaangs is like having unprotected sex with a HIV/AIDS infected woman. Equatorians MUST shun these jaangs and NEVER mix, associate and share anything with them. The risks are high and deadly. Keep off and you are safe, associate with them and you are dead.

  2. Dinka Enclave says:

    David Aju Kanyara
    Stop beating the drum of war that you will never win.Why can’t you use your true name. A true journalist should always use his/her true to ensure that the story in the subject-line is authentic. This is just another Nyamilepedia fake news. This shit will only stop when you stop targeting innocent Dinka along major highways in Equatoria including the Juba-Nimule highway. Last year, one of my cousin, as he was travelling from Nimule to Juba on a landycruser, was stop, singled out among many, dragged out from the car and shot dead on his head by militant Equatorians just because he was a Dinka. This was so crazy and brutal because this boy was just 22 years old and had nothing to do with the Kiir government. Call on your uncle Joseph Lagu, the cheif of Nimule to condemn the barbaric killing of innocent Dinka along Juba-Nimule road. Cheif Gen. Joseph Lagu should come out and clearly condemn this terrorists and the hatred propaganda by people like yourself against the innocent Dinka people. Again, do not blame the evil deeds of Kiir government on the whole Dinka and stop calling Dinka MTN otherwise the party has just started. May God bless our beautiful South Sudan.

    • Eastern says:

      The same way you should call out Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey openly de-link the nefarious JCE from involving itself in messing up South Sudan.

      When was the last time you heard from the retire Gen. Joseph Lagu discussing national issue?

      Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey is deeply immersed in national politics – he’s failed to see the line separating his roles in the Council of States with those at the JCE.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Just a point of importance that I need to point out here.
        Gen. Joseph Lagu can’t be equated or compared to this notorious and treacherous traitor known as Aldo Ajo.
        Gen. Lagu is and will always remain the number one national hero of this nation called South Sudan, a man who gave up his military career to go and organize the Anya Nya freedom fighters and lead them to the freedom achieved in 1972.
        This semi-illiterate Ajo, meanwhile, was a jellaba collaborator during the first war; and then again during the SPLM/A war, he’s an Arab agent who went to hide in Britain.
        Further, his membership of this nefarious Jieng Council of Evil (JCE) only portrays the sinister face of this man. The massive theft and the un-development of South Sudan only plainly exposes the terrible and destructive role of this jieng elders-betrayers.
        Let’s leave Gen. Lagu in peace in these uncertain times our nation is going through.

  3. The Dinka Defender says:

    Next time you come to Nimule you will never incite again. Mr. David Aju Kanyara you are hater of Dinka who should be arrested and never allowed to spread your lies. In the early 1990s majority of Madi left their home land for Arab and Dinka to fight until the Dinka win and chase Jalaba to Juba. After the peace you cameback then the Nuer start to fight Dinka in Juba and the mardi hear the news and run back to Uganda. stay there and stop talking nonsense. The Gods of your land are captured and are now the Gods of Dinka. If you ever come again we will use these Gods to finishes you up.

  4. mading says:

    David Aju. What a garbage ? We Dinkas don’t talked the way you try to fake it for your rebels to like your garbage. Malouda. I agree with you 100%, our people have the right to defend themselves, these internet warriors think that fighting is like writing trashes on websites.

  5. Luka Sinto says:

    The well articulated report by pronment writter Aju did not talk about the President, he rather talked about the destruction caused by envied jieng militias in madiland, this report can be supported by the one of the freedom fighter commanders, Martin Abucha well placed interview with American journalist who visited madi land. I advise you to visit the well reported destruction by American journalist who visited Loa in the recent days. then later go back and read careful Aju’s report.

    Mr. Mading,
    Dinka have created for themselve invironment that they will not live to enjoy to coexist with other ethnic groups being it inside south sudan or neigbhoring countries, Aju balanced his report well, he talked about the suffering, fear and disillusionment the Dinka are facing in Alere refugee camp in Adjumani. Under the stupid Kiir section of Dinka Bor have suffered incredibly.

    Mr. Dinka Enclave,
    why is the killing of you relative along Juba-Nimule road so painful to you than the beheading of women in Yei by dinka militias? the killing of unarmed civilians in Loa last october? the killing of children in Kajo-keji, the brutal murdered of a priest in Mundri? etc etc.are the blood of Dinka previous than the Equatorians? go to hell, let Thomas Cirilo start the really war i will be joining him.
    I wish the freedom fighters should unite their ranks so that the really killing of jieng should commence, this is going to be an eye for an eye, till jieng will go back to their primitive cattle camps and leave us alone to develop Equatoria.

  6. Eastern says:

    What is emboldening the JCE-led government in Juba is Museveni’s lust to remain in power till death. Museveni is already covertly planning with Kiir on deploying on key southern borders towns of Nimule, Kaya and Kajo Keji his Special Forces Command (SFC) an elite force drawn from the UPDF especially tasked with the roles of protecting him and key installations in Uganda.

    There is this recently signed agreement to extend electricity to the above mentioned towns but what will follow is, as is the norm, for the SFC to deploy to safeguard the electrical installations with the primary role being that of watch these key towns. This move has been preempted by the recent media outcry in Uganda about a new rebel group with red headband operating in the border with the objective of scuttling Museveni’s bid aimed at lifting the age limit, currently cupped at 75 years, from the Ugandan constitution.

    So regardless of how the JCE-led regime in Juba treats South Sudanese, so long as it does Museveni’s bidding that sees him remain in power, anything can be done by the regime in Kampala to give support (militarily) to the former by keeping it buoyant.

    This is the catch-22 situation South Sudanese and Ugandans yearning for change find themselves in. Ears on the ground!

    • Chol Tambura says:

      Be cool guys and let us live in peace

      • Eastern says:

        Chol Tambura,

        It’s important to live in peace so that ALL of us who work hard to prosper but that shouldn’t be excuse for tribal hegemony. Every South Sudanese must be involved in national affairs. The face of the Nimule border post is not representative of the South Sudanese diversity. The same applies to Juba “International” Airport, Foreign Service, etc.

        The politics of Museveni and UhuRuto based on tribes and numbers must not be allowed to set roots in South Sudan.

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