After Juba Massacre, the declaration of serial killings

By: Bol K. Rom, RSS, FEB/16/2014, SSN;

A state of emergency is a governmental declaration that suspends certain normal functions of the executive, the legislative or any other rights of the people for a period of time. It orders all government agencies to implement emergency or President plans. State of emergency always declares by dictatorial regimes. It’s necessary in countries; but, not in a way it’s being applied by Dictators, as it is the case in Greater Upper Nile.

This state of serial killing or genocide, now ongoing in Greater Upper Nile, isn’t just a mere state of emergency as we hear from President Kiir and his likes.

However, there is a hidden objective behind that declaration. This objective is none other than ethnic cleansing. An ethnic cleansing in Greater Upper Nile, why?

Greater Upper Nile is a home region to most prominent political challengers—political rivals of Salva Kiir. These rivals are Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Majak D’agot, Mr. Pa’gan Amum, Mr. Taban Deng, Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, Mr. Gier Chuang Aloung, Mr. Oyai Deng Ajak, Mr. John Luk Jok…etc.

All these leaders hail from Greater Upper Nile. Annihilation of these mentioned personalities altogether may secondarily come into the mind of Serial Killing plotter—Salva Kiir Mayardit.

But, Kiir primary objective is to wipe out Dr. Riek Machar and his ethnic group, the second larger group in South Sudan at the first step.

He made it crystal clear in one of the meetings he attended in Warrap’s Akon district “We won’t enjoy for years the total freedom in an Independent Republic of South Sudan unless Riek Machar Nuer ethnic group is silenced in their behavioral search of seeking, leadership, freedom and justice for all.

The worse thing is that, Riek now wants to take your power. The power I have. Should I give it to him? “A cie be gam “his people replied back in Dinka, meaning in English power (leadership) will not be given to Riek.

Salva Kiir thinks if Nuer becomes controllable he would govern well for life without RIEK MACHAR’s ethnic group making resistance!

That was why Juba Massacre was ordered strictly against the Nuer. Juba Massacre, the ongoing killings in Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei states are meant to silence the Nuer.

The SPLM’s Riek Machar group comprises of different political figures from different communities across South Sudan. Otherwise, all tribes including the Chollo, Bari, Dinka..Etc would have been targeted in Juba, Bor, Malakal and Bentiu. Without exception!

The state of present Genocide or emergency in Greater Upper Nile is declared for six months to complete the ambition. The ambition of having Nuer exterminated! Though, in a later date, a six months state of emergency in Greater Upper Nile was publicly announced in the month of January, on state-owned SSTV.

It was beforehand circulated to Dootku Beny forces—Kiir forces field commanders in Central Equatoria and Greater Upper Nile. It’s only a period of three months which was given, to complete Benydit’s aspiration.

“Come March the 30th, this year, I don’t want to see anyone from his (Riek) group be it a child, women, elderly or whatever”. A source close to inner circle disclosed it to the writer.

Systematically, indiscriminate killing is ongoing especially in Unity and Upper Nile states, carried out by joint foreign troops turned– government of South Sudan forces with such order in mind.

These joint operations being carried out by Kiir’s soldiers—his private army, UPDF, SPLM/A-N from Southern Kordufan and Blue Nile and JEM from Darfur. So these joint Operations are executing the order which was first issued in Juba on 15th Dec, 2013.

Col. Philip Aguer, SPLA spokesperson in his reply, when asked late last month by Journalists in Juba; over the allegations that Nuer people are being targeted by the SPLA in Greater Upper Nile.

He said and I quote “ Nuer people aren’t being targeted, and if they are, an overall responsibility could be blame on two Governors, Army Generals who are in charge of operations there.

Because, all the SPLA/SSLA Commanders currently in the field in Greater Upper Nile are Nuer, he lamented. In Upper Nile state you can find Gov. Simon Kun Puoch, Lt. Gen. Johnson Gony Bilieu, Maj. Gen. Lual Chuol and Brig. Gen. Buay Rolnyang all these are Nuer Generals now commanding the SPLA forces in Malakal.

Concerning Unity state, Dr. Nguen Monytuil is a Governor, Lt. Gen. Bapiny Monytuil, Maj. Matthew Pul Jang are the ones running the state right now” end quote.

I just cannot understand Philip’s statement. Did he mean Nuer Generals and soldiers are the one carrying out these immense killings in Malakal as well as in Bentiu?

If he means it this way, then what is a different between a government and those SPLA’s Nuer elements within? Tangible answers to these questions must be provided!

In retrospect, in 2011 a similar statement was also uttered by Malak Ayuen after when Brig. Gen. Gatwech Gai, a SPLA Officer, with directive from SPLA Headquarters failed to kill in cold blood Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tanginye in Northern Jonglei’s Kaldak area.

And I can also quote, just for public comparison “The people of Fangak always kill their Leaders, they killed Mr. John Kulang Puot, Chuol Deng Luth, William Nyuon Bany to mention but a few. All those leaders were killed in Fangak and by the people of Fangak.

Likewise, Gatwech Gai wanted to kill Gabriel Tang on 24th, April, 2011 for no good reason. Why, what is a problem? Why people of Fangak would always wish to kill themselves? It is not good at all.” End quote.

Brig. Malaak Ayuen was trying to dismiss allegations that GoSS/SPLA ordered Gatwech Gai to kill Gen. Gabriel Tanginye. He (Malaak) said Brig. Gen. Gatwech Gai, had only a Fangak-gene of killing each other as usual.

Equally, Col. Philip Aguer was in the same token trying to vindicate that Juba government is not killing the Nuer civilians in Greater Upper Nile.

However, a question is; who’s in reality killing the Nuer, burning, destroying their homes and properties, now in Unity and Upper Nile states? Looting UN’s agencies material goods! Are they Rebels? Are these statements uttered by two gentlemen literally nationalistic, realistic and governmental?

Make your point please by answering these questions for yourself. To me, as far as my knowledge is concern, Nuer people are being killed massively. Their homes are being burned to ashes, cattle are driven away and properties are also looted or destroyed by the government forces.

Whether or not there is a different between the government and the Nuer elements within that is none of our business.

This is what is happening in Greater Upper Nile. Therefore the question of who is committing these atrocities has been clearly communicated to the world. It is the so-called national legitimate government-turned Awan Chan’s in Juba.

Intentionally, the way in which these atrocities are carrying out is very hilarious indeed.

Yes, let me dig out something a bit in regard to Philip Aguer utterance and how the government works in Juba. President Kiir is blindfolding other non-Dinka people around him, Nuer included, that what is now in Juba with its all directives to the states are national Government’s directives.

And it should be considered as government for all. This notion is illogical. The government is not a national government which is representing the interest of all South Sudanese.

Practically, if you can follow up Juba government activities you will only see Gogrialians’ interest is advancing. President Kiir’s interest in particular!

Look, the fight against SPLA/M pro-democracy in Greater Upper Nile, even in Juba is being fought by all forces including the Nuer SPLA elements. Yet, Dootku Beny or Awan Chan’s forces are given or have extra rights— privileges to kill any Nuer that they could find whether or not in presence of Nuer’s SPLA/SSLA elements who are fighting alongside Kiir’s forces.

The Nuer big gluttonous stooges that are now holding up Kiir’s illegal government have all lost people in Juba Massacre and in ongoing serial killing in Greater Upper Nile. Some have lost even their own sons, daughters, family members and relatives.

What strange stories would they be if ever told! Thousands of Nuer people including children, women and elderly are murdered in cool blood in this civil war. Especially in Unity and Upper Nile states where Kiir’s joint operations are facing less resistance.

Unity state’s Mayom, Guit, Rubkotni, Koch and Leer counties are all turned into ashes by those joint operations. Thousands of people in these counties are being killed indiscriminately here and there.

On everybody watch, including their representatives in the National Legislative Assembly! These so-called people representatives or MPs in South Sudan’s Legislative Assembly aren’t representing the grassroots populations, but themselves.

Because there is no country on earth where its people representative in the National Assembly could fail to condemn the killing of his/her people in hundreds.

Every Nuer MP in the National Legislative Assembly has lost approximately about 400-500 or more people in Juba, Malakal, Bor and Bentiu Massacres from his/her constituency.

This accumulating number (s) can now sum up, more than thirty-eight thousands people in these massacres. Yet we haven’t heard about any condemnation by Nuer MPs starting from Speaker Magok Rundial downward.

Shame on those so-called Nuer representatives in the National Assembly! They weren’t elected by the people. Should this be the reason? Or is it the (Betim) oil money that rainstorm their mouths?

Moreover, in Malakal and Unity state Nuer children, women and elderly are being slaughtered in presence of the SPLA/SSLA‘s Nuer field commanders and soldiers without question.

We have just read Philip Aguer aforementioned and quoted statement. It isn’t Philip Aguer alone. Even the President Kiir is laughing at the Nuer people for they are the only people who are paying the prices of the current political violence! Engineered by him!

Salva Kiir declared the state of emergency—serial killings in Greater Upper Nile. And ordered what is happening in Unity state’s Mayom, Guit, Rubkotni, Leer,Koch, Panyijiar, Mayiandit and Upper Nile state, Malakal.

Whose stupidity is it now? Is it SPLA/SSLA Nuer elements stupidities, who are blindly executing Benydit’s directives?

Or should it be Kiir himself’s idiocy by ordering the killing of his own people whom even participated in voting him into the then regional (GoSS) office? Twisted the present bloody one! Yes, it is the SPLA/SSLA Nuer elements’ stupidities.

Because their people are being killed in the vein of chickens, homes burned possessions destroyed or looted with mass displacement while watching.

Why should you be blindfolded for such a long time without knowing the conspiracy of a beyond deformed regime against your people? If you aren’t stupid!

Or do you think it is a national government in force? Why are you accepting orders which are only targeting your tribe and not President’s tribe if it is the national government?

Is Salva Kiir an elected President? Can a President who knows he was democratically elected by the people kill the same people? Is Salva Kiir a democratically elected President of the Republic of South Sudan?

NO! Kiir was only an elected President of Southern Sudan Government and had governed Southern Sudanese as elected President for one year. Where he was later on in 2011 became interim Republic President based on South Sudan Political Parties consensus.

Read the South-South Dialogue Communiqué of October, 2010. So Salva Kiir has been a Republic of South Sudan President since July 2011, but he didn’t come through elections. Elections in the Republic of South Sudan are yet to take place, only in 2015.

Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit was rendered that power to promote the wellbeing of the whole nations. Instead, he has been using it for instigating tribalism, developed successfully a classic dictatorship which he eventually triggers against the Nuer ethnic group. Hence, invalided that July 2011 interim Republic Government of South Sudan.

Lastly and not the least, if you are among those who are in doubt or still believe that what is in Juba now is a national government then you are cheating your good self.

Please, you should change your mind now not tomorrow. Or else you’ll unknowingly hurt yourself by killing your own future legacy for nothing. As we are on this piece, should you get a chance to visit uprising affected areas and then have a critical look at Juba streets, all its deserted suburbs and the spirit in which our supposed national government is being ran.

You’ll un-intuitively agree with me that there is no Government in the Republic of South Sudan at all. It isn’t only Kiir’s Legacy that has been shattered but also the entire nations. What we are witnessing wasn’t in our minds during determinations days from 9th-15th January, 2011.

In conclusion, given the present mayhem in the country where fighting or uprising has escalated from Central Equatoria state to, Unity, Lakes, Upper Nile, Jonglei, Northern Bhar el Gazhal and Warrap states, seven states out of the country ten states. Killings continue in these seven states.

Then how could it hold water that the so-called states and national institutions legitimacies are still in place? A Government doesn’t equally provide its internally displaced persons (IDPs) with food and none food items because of tribalism.

These are IDPs of tribe X they will not be given assistance. A Government which its people have run away, about half a million flee to neighboring countries, like Kenya and Uganda etc.

Not only had that, the heart of the governments, which is the civil populations aren’t even in the government controlled towns and cities within the country.

Abruptly, in UNMISS’s compounds in Malakal, Bentiu, Bor and Juba. Others who did not manage to go to UNMISS’s compounds have had fled to places away from Government(s). In the bushes for safety! Such a government is disowned, for it becomes illegal and illegitimate government.

So to save thousands innocent people live in South Sudan. Salva Kiir’s current illegal Government must be replaced with another yet interim government! Because his Government’s legitimacy is already rinsed away!

The author is a witness to all processes of President Kiir’s ploy which has engulfed the country into present abyss or chaos. And a survivor of Juba Massacre—where over Thirty Eight (38,000) Thousands Nuer are believed to have been massacred or missing. He can be reached on or


  1. Dickline says:

    I don’t understand what r you talking about Mr.Author: Are n’t tired of war? Why do you leave tribalism to overtake your national feeling? Or did u wrote this because you like to be a writer and u don,t have an article to write?

    • Majok Arol says:

      It happened that small animals from cat family conducted a meeting to discussed issues that their neighbor Manhianycieth has raised. Number one problem raised by their neighbor to be solve first before everything else was defecation on road side especially fox and unidentified animals. When their meeting was opened by their boss, everyone talked and pointed out that fox is the victim. Every animal proved that fox is guilty. When there is chance for fox to declare himself guilty or not, he clear his throat and say “First let me greet you all. My fellow animal, I have not been in any association with you so that one of you could advice me not to discharged wastes on roads. I thought this is how you have been also doing it”.
      That is that. You must peruse and learn from this story. I have been reading articles being posted by chauvinist from various areas in South Sudan and abroad supporting their leaders seems to be in tribal line. You will add me if you want because your understanding is low and will remain junior forever. Most of the articles were written by motor-mouth South Sudanese who always rush into something before identifying meticulously the root cause of the problem. Some said that president will be responsible for Juba massacre. Instead of deploring what Riek has done to the young nation, people began to support him for his strong appetites for power.
      Do you all know that Riek was not interesting in his own tribe? If he was happy with his own tribe, he would have not opted for exogamy instead of endogamy. This means he had never been doing thing conscientiously. How come for you Nuer to support such element and put your life at risk for him always? Were you born only to die for him? Is he the only man in your area? If all of you would have been wise enough, you would have not follow him this time and fight for him to this extend. Some are fighting for him on internet and some on ground which is not necessary.
      You can judge from his own words and prove that this man must be a liar. If he was force to run out of Juba has he claimed, that does not means to form rebellion and declare fighting to captured Bor, killed his electors and his forces were advancing. What will the president you have elected do? You been mentioning some civilians being killed in Juba, do you mean a civilian is somebody with gun? Perhaps your dictionary is telling the truth. This dichotomy was caused by Riek, facts must be told. Instead of taking good option to go for early electioneering, he opted for war.
      We will then witness all of us what will follow. Already some politicians were depoliticized. This must be the end. Remember that president is not a quitter. He will deal with whoever make it’s tough. Give your brother accurate advice. Don’t just fight for him because he gives you food. Some defected generals said that they are fighting for “Kiir Dictatorship” how many years/terms did Kiir spent? I must conclude that God must have some punishment for Riek because he was the one reinforced Arab in 1991. That must be case why God wanted him to taste bush life.

      • Nuer- Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Majok Arol,

        You are asking Nuer not to support Dr. Machar. It is well and good. I would like you to know that Nuer are not supporting Dr. Machar, they are defending themselves from their Enemy, which now clearly become you – Dinka. If your Government went after Dr. Machar only, Nuer would have not taken up arm against your Gogrial government. The chief reason why Nuer took up arms was because they were targeted in Juba. Their children and women were searched and killed door to door. If you did not know, this is what cause Nuer to fight your government. It is not about Dr. Machar.

        On the side note, why are you supporting Salva Kiir dictatorship? Isn’t it because he is your tribe man? Would you be happy if Nuer president would have been practicing Dictatorship? Please, think before your write. Be serious when life is serious.

        • Majongdit says:

          Hahahaha, this guy has no shame. You call yourself another Israel in East Africa? Which Israel are you when you never liberated and defended anything in history. The Struggle for South Sudan was constantly stabbed, blocked and delayed by people we know. How do people cohabit every single moment with our real enemies in the North become the Israel. To be good in rebellions does not amount to bravery. Which wars have you mr Israel won against anyone?

          • Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:


            Your cocoon is there for you to remain in. Saving you from destroying yourself and championing the right to self-determination has never been associated to anyone of your kind. What do you call a tribe fighting Uganda, JEM, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, M23 and the most coward one tribe in the world call Dinka? In my Nuer native tongue, it is call bravery. Coward cannot stand it. They have to employ mecernaries to fight their war. Israel fought 19 countries and Nuer tribe is unquestionably doing the same thing. Having George W. Bush bully Omar El Bashir to sign CPA is never an achievement for anyone to be proud of. It is the victory of American people that you want to take just like you want take the credit of UPDF of recapturing Bor and Malakal. You also took credit for JEM and Paul Jang capturing Bentiu. Do you call what you didn’t suffer for an achievement? Others achievement does not automatically becomes yours my friend. You have to earn yours in a sincere manner for credit to be given to you.

    • Bol K. Rom says:

      Dickline, Majok, Msema, bolabokit and Abel,
      You must read the situation in context. Whether you don’t understand what I’m talking about, insult, laugh or blame, all these will not help. In short, Kiircracy and Gogrial’s Presidency, for your information is ended and has gone completely. but because your cogitations are so myopic that is why you’re still talking such none senses. A chance if you utilized would be better for you should base on the following question.

      The first question to be asked in considering how any machine works is, ‘What does this machine do for us?’ When that is answered, it is usually not difficult to understand how it works.
      The same thing, once you and your family is given a chance to lead; two choices are open to you: Either to behave that in life which you will be remembered forever, depending on your deeds, by opening continual straits for next generations, or leave behind an imperishable record of infamy. A person like Kiir who sells eggs should not start a fight in the market—Presidency where national guards were situated. Kills randomly afterwards! Let’s wait and see what the future will bring to this nation! Underline my word.


  2. Msema Kweli says:

    If your perspective is shared by intellectuals from your community,then i wonder what would be the mindset of a common, un educated citizen from your community? It is time you started preaching politics of peace not hate. I live in Juba Gudelle area and i can tell you for sure that in the so called Juba Massacre, Nuers, Dinkas,and other very innocent people lost their lives. If the commander in chief decided that part of the presidential guards be disarmed,why the hell was he disobeyed?

    • Kweli, stop your tribal politics. Answer Mrs Rebecca Nyandeng when she asked, I quote “why did Kiir recruit 15 000 militiamen from his own dinka tribe of Warrap, and Aweil?” Giving a genuin and honest answer to this question would dismiss your tribal politics. You killed innocent citizens for no reason and you are playing your ugly tribal politics. You, together with predatory Kiir, don’t deserve to govern this country any longer. Inspite of their tribalism, Abel Alier and John Garang did not do what you did in 2013. You have failed terribly to unite south sudanese people.
      Whether you like it or not, greedy Kiir and his alike (Igga, … etc) will be ousted from the top seat sooner than later.

      • bolabokdit says:

        SuothSudan-Iam, Sometimes it is important to referred to the past experience and related with any events hapeninig. Tell me when Riak Machar rebel against Dr. John Garang was it a failure from Dr. John?. Again is the killing of innocent civillian in Juba happened before or at the time of the crisis?. To the best my knowledge Riak is the cause.

      • Tutbol says:

        South Sudan-iam,
        If president Kiir did “recruit 15 000 militiamen from his own dinka tribe of Warrap and Aweil” to kill the Nuers in Juba, as it was asserted by Nyangdeng Garang, to which i may be inclined to believe her. Then why did the Nuers failed to start their revenge killings in Warrap and Aweil, but started their revenge killings of Dinkas in Bor South, Akobo, Malakal and Bentiu?

        Well, the Nuers spared Bor North, to which Nyangdeng Garang belongs! The logic behind that? You guess? Nyandeng Garang didn’t up to date, publicly condemned Riek Machar armed rebellion, instead she made her self Riek Machar’s spokewoman in Juba, while her son, Mabior Garang spear-headed Riek Machar’s armed rebellion’s negotiations in Adis Ababa, here we go!

        What i have learned so far, in this President Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, Nyandeng Garang and her son, the Group (4) four still in custody and the group of (7) seven, now out of detention and everybody else in between, their respective supporters, my own humble self included; believes, when it comes to Riek Machar, nyandeng Garang and son supporters about democracy and reforms in the SPLM/A party and the whole of South Sudanese communities; they are not the best and smartest people in town and in South Sudan to bring democracy. In fact the opposite is glaringly obvious.

  3. Jeff Baker says:

    My heart aches for the loss of life…undoubtedly, thousands have been killed…literally our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. Is this not enough death? For centuries the Europeans convinced the people of the earth that we were nothing more than savages. And here we are in the 21st century, unable to quell fighting amongst ourselves…in our own country…over control of the national resources. (Yes, the fighting is over who controls the oil.) It is shameful. Rather than build a road, we fight each other. Rather than provide clean water, we fight each other. Rather than feed the hungry, we fight each other. Rather than provide electricity, we fight each other. Rather than intelligently discuss and agree to disagree, we fight each other. It is as if the only thing we do well…is fight each other. Some may view the resulting human carnage as proof of political acumen; I don’t. The deaths are the work of the myopic among us; both factions wielding tremendous destructive power without vision. There will never be a South Sudanese winner of this fight (think about that for a minute…)

    Whether they agree or not, the Dinkas or Nuers are viewed as “one people” by the rest of the world. When foreigners view South Sudan they see one black face. No tribal distinctions are made whatsoever. And the foreign whispers are getting louder…”look at them, so uncivilized they cannot feed themselves, live amongst themselves or govern themselves. Damn Savages…”

    I have tired of hearing of death, destruction, corruption, tribalism and blame. I am willing to contribute my skill to help “build” South Sudan. If you can help, please contact me and tell what you are able to do. Thank you.

    Jeff Baker
    Los Angeles, California, USA


  4. Kidepo says:

    Barvo to you Author-

    All you said is true because it is not a hiden phenomenon any more that Salvar Kiir and dinkas wants to wipe out Nuer from the face of South Sudan so that the dinkas and Kiir can announce an official dinka kingdom strating from Kiir the first king.

    Msema Kweli-
    Gudele inhabits good number of South Sudanese. Every one in South Sudan who was arround during the Nuer massacre in Juba on Dec15-21 Dec 2013 witnessed by eyes (some took pictures) and smell arround 800 Nuer bodies displayed in Gudele Jebel Juntion (Gudele 1). This is the second event taking place in this junction because during the SPLA Juba invade of 1992 80% of Jalabas were killed.

    There was nothing like dinkas and others were killed in Gudele on Dec15 2013 onward it was purely Nuer killed and executed from door to door. Many dinak army malitias belonging to Kiir went from house to house searching and asking openly for the houses belonging to Nuer so that they can killed them. Equatorians are impartial witnesses to this Nuer onslaught!

    The same dinkas are killing Equatorians these days in the same Gudele. I meant trhe night patrollers, soon dinkas will leave Juba

  5. Comrade Yaya says:

    @ Msema, you have said it all bro, that is the essence of an intellectual thinking.

  6. Anna Taban says:

    A journalist is supposed to be objective, fair and balanced. Underline BALANCED. How an article like this escaped the attention of the Editor is beyond me. South Sudanese do not deserve one sided piece like this one. From reading this article it is easy to conclude you are Nuer and would gladly celebrate if your enemies were killed. I lost a lot of neighbors who were dinka, nuer, zande, balanda and shilluk. We do not need you to preach to us tribalism, we need peace and the sooner Kiir and Riek sort out their party differences, the better for us South Sudanese.


  7. Liberty says:

    It is too long a and repeatitive. You have a point but please hit the nail on the head.

  8. Ww says:



    • Ww says:


      • Manoon Thonchol says:

        Those initiated this violence in Juba are not killers but our beloved innocent Editor is accused to be a killer here? What a lunatic ghost of Bhar el Ghazel.
        There’s no way you are trying to shy away from this shame, you brought it upon us and you have to own it, whether it is painful or not.
        This was expected that when the leadership Accidentally fell in your hands South Sudanese would experience shame and will live with this same for some years.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Please go to your drinking cocoon and stop bothering the Editor since you do not know what a freedom of speech is. Your Dinka dictator must be exposed to the wider world. I am advising you to intensify your feet licking skill before your husband, Museveni deserted you. Go have fun with that my Dinka Cousin! Let the freedom of speech takes it course and since you and Kiir abhor freedom of speech, it is better for you to recruit another Private Army because the one you already recruit does not match up to the White Army.

    • Kidepo says:

      The author was given space in the same manner you were given to utter your lunatic arrogancy…..son of b…………………….such that you wrote f………………. and sh……………it

      • Ww says:

        Look who is crying now you brainless suckers. Dinka today, Dinka tomorrow, Dinka forever. Don’t like it? Find yourselves another country. Your foolishness will finish all you, the few that will remain will be Ethiopian citizens. As for the Ugandans, why not we have the money and we buy them to fight on our side. You stupid bastards are not intelligent to know that no matter how strong one maybe you need allies. Ask Americans, they will tell. Nuer is a curse to this nation. They only live hand to mouth.

  9. bolabokdit says:

    Mr. Boi.K
    Your article is a piece of garbage and you feel ashame for posting this kind of article. Riak is a disaster in Suothern Sudan this including Nuer community. Differences between Nuer Lou, Nuer gajak, Gajok so on and so forth will appeared, and Nuer as a community will not be at peace.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Any your point is? Truth is killing you and it will keep killing you for very long time my friend. You are no match to Nuer by all standards. Nuer are not greedy as you. Nuers have been living on earth for God knows how long and we live in peace. And when have your Dinka Community becomes peaceful? There are always war going on between your Dinka sub-clans or you think we do not know about, numskull!

  10. Abiel says:

    Bol your article empty with the truth .you mentioned that Nuer have been attacked by the government forces and their houses burned and theier properties has been looted.I’m surely that is a lier why because the government forces did not attacked Nuer counties until now only Nuer attacked and destroyed a greater Upper Nile headquarters Malakal.Bor Bantiu .Nuer made genocide when they attcked Baliet county and killed more than 370 innocent people and looting more than 355’000 some happened in Panreng country in unityand are keeping propaganda.finally I believe this war will not ended if the government forces not entered inside the Nuer counties because this war led by the Nuer commissioners.

  11. Alier Gai says:

    I don’t get it when you are saying that Kiir should step down to give peace a chance. Giving peace an opportunity would be through the dialogue which should come with constitutional review and provide a clearance on the reformation process to nominate party’s runner on 2015. The ongoing peace initiative in Ethiopia is expected to lay a crossing bridge so that racing army is halt by all measures. The political differences which spilt bloods on December 15 should come by the mean of an organized framework policies to end power struggle among the political elite in the south, with some constitutional supervisions and mandate in place. We need guiding rules that are more to governance in their execution. Kiir and Macher not the law in South Sudan to dictate citizens’ desire. Nonetheless, your opinion is swaying in the direction of current problem with no fruitful outcome. Your demand of this kind is premature and impossible because it is dictating our common sense co-existence. Kiir must step or otherwise no peace is a demand that is too harsh to accommodate other conditions of peaceful means. No one is going to takeover unless democratic processes are met orderly. 2015 is the only leeway that compromises future union of our tribes. Let give peace a chance in our minds instead of decomposing it somewhere. Here is my take: Macher has to come back and join the SPLM party or if not interested, he has the right to form his own party.
    Interim government is a waste of human energy and you leave It there alone. Why do we debate it while it has no room?
    The upper Nile’s sons where not planners of the plan B in the premeditated crime committed. If they knew it, they would have been in the bush with Taban, Riek, and Aledo by now. But the plan A which Upper Nile’s sons of Majak, Amum, and Oyei stick with it turned out be a political scheme. The chimera Macher played a tricky game in holding one hand in front of them while hiding the other hand behind his back with no one knowing what is in the front hand; a diplomacy dialogue or a coup to war. It was just a guess game to them with an exception of Taban Deng knowing what is in both hands. They were expecting diplomacy hand to be folded in front of them, but it didn’t come out right as they wish. It was a coup. The sons, therefore, served plan A and B by deception, and that is why the circle denied the coup. Peace first than any other outrageous opinions destroying peace and unity of the people of South Sudan.

  12. Peter Madual says:

    Dear all, would you please read on this important quotation from our hero gen. Alfred Lado. Here’s a bit of news that will cheer us up.To:;;
    Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 10:46:05 -0500
    Subject: [Gajaaknetwork] Justice will be served in Equatoria, said by Alfred

    {Forwarded quote from one the army Generals in frontline}

    “I’m more compelled to be part of Dr. Machar’s army resistance, and we are more compelled to succeed. It’s an honor and great privilege to be part of these brave Generals who have knowledge of what they’re fighting for and we will prevail. I believe that justice will soon be served in four corners of the Greater Equatoria, and so to the entire nation.” Said by, General Alfred Ladu.

    Buomkuoth Met,

    Sent from my iPhone

  13. Mr. Nhialic says:

    Dear Readers;

    Do you know that Dinka set the flag of the SPLM part as they provosed the Dinka flag to be the SplM flage?

    The world know what you are doing now as the greedy leaders and coward. There is too much fighting now in South Sudan

    and the foolish coward major Dinka are inviting the Ugandan troop to kill only one tribe is it fair?

    But for good Dinka fail to rule the South Sudan new nation. What I know your problem was somebody who want to lead the

    country like Riek Machar deserves to lead Southners because you were very greedy and coward enough your dump fool

    Dinka president turn the guns to kill Nuer with oil money to pay Uganadan troop. I want to tell you to be honest you Dinka fail

    to lead and the only one thing you know was to be GREEDY AND FOOLISHNESS as the FOOLISH MAJORITY in South

    Sudan.You are nothing guys and fail the country any where.



  14. Jeff Baker says:

    Apparently, there is no end in sight to the madness…

    When the smoke clears and an accounting made of the bodies strewn over the landscape, it will matter little that the person was Nuer or Dinka. The decedent will forever be dead… The stark reality is you are fighting each other…each other. Every dead man or woman denies the country of any and all contributions to the building of South Sudan. Is that not the greater goal, the greater vision…the building of South Sudan? Some comments reek of an inconceivable degree of hatred of “the other,” and the other is his African kin. Tribal hatred blinds too many to the larger issue of nationalism. There is a reason why there is greater access to a gun than to a textbook; why every political disagreement leads to armed violence, why the most prevalent occupation of young men is soldier. Several foreign influences are waiting, watching, counting as you kill each other…and their intent is not benevolent.

    What will you do when all the sons of South Sudan are dead, wounded or disabled? Contrary to the bravado exhibited in some comments, there is not an inexhaustible supply of South Sudanese men to send into battle. In some lucid interval you will be forced to concede that the young child killed in battle should have been in a classroom. Better to applaud a student’s accomplishments as a scientist, teacher, engineer or doctor than their death on a battlefield. Which outcome truly benefits South Sudan? The romantic notion that there will be a South Sudanese winner in this conflict is delusional. This is a fight of attrition…the ultimate cost of this conflict will be forever immeasurable.


    • upiu says:

      Good point Jeff.
      A lot my brothers have gained notoriety as sensational tribalists and hate possessed as you correctly put. Decimating Nuer or Dinka, or other tribes in the land should not be the greatest endeavour of our nation. Our politicians know what buttons to press in their quest for political power and even a lot of supposedly educated S. Sudanese have turned to playing cheerleading, to the detriment of our nation.
      The citizens who are dying daily are important resources for nation building, just as important as the oil they are fighting over in Upper Nile state, if not more.
      The fact that all tribes of South Sudan live together make them one country, but they are not a nation by any measure. True nationhood will take generations to be realized in South Sudan. A nation is above any personality or ethnicity.
      Instead of focusing on development that the world is fascinated with, we are hell bent on destruction. It’s a big shame!

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