Actualizing the Signs of a failed State: Another Somalia (Part I)

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, FEB/26/2014, SSN;

Tit for Tat
I’m still very optimistic that South Sudan will not be like Somalia. However, there are many grave signs that South Sudan will find it difficult to move anywhere given the mindset of the two opposing sides.

There are basically no leaders on both sides but a bunch of self-serving opportunists; some of which are either making names for themselves or settling old scores.

Aleu Ayieny and Telar Ring Deng are hitting back at Pagam Amum for having advised President Kiir to have them dismissed from SPLM in 2008. We all know why Pagan is being targeted and only a dumb law brain would not put that into account.

President Kiir is too naïve to see that Amum wouldn’t be convicted in a court of law in which real law and justice is practised.

Who doesn’t remember what Aleu Ayieny told Pagan in 2008? Who doesn’t remember that Telar and Aleu blamed Pagan Amum for their dismissal?

People like Northern Bahr El Ghazal governor, Malong Awan, who is Kiir’s very close ally, hates Dr. Majak D’Agoot with passion.

Malong and Bol Madut made a lot of noise to late Dr. John Garang de Mabior in the late 1990s to have Majak removed from Bahr el Ghazal as the area commander.

With influence on Kiir now, it’s no brainer Majak is now being set up for death or political vilification. Only lawyers who’d want to shame the profession of Law in South Sudan would convict people like Majak and Amum.

We also know the well-documented dispute between President Kiir and Oyai Deng Ajak. Their enmity goes back to their years in Operation Jungle Storm (OJS) in the 90s when SPLA was almost finished by Omar El Beshir and the fundamentalist National Islamic Front (NIF).

It’s no brainer Kiir, as the total man now in South Sudan, would want to show Oyai Deng Ajak that there’s a new boss in town.

There’s no more Dr. John Garang to help Oyai!

I don’t understand why President Kiir, a man praised by his peers in the SPLA and SPLM as a very humble man, doesn’t see that indicting the remaining four political prisoners is a dark spot on his political legacy.

The president is trying to prove his accusers right. Yes, he’s just done and good job!

We live in a world of ‘proofs.’ The case against the four political detainees is dirty. It has so much hate mixed with it! It has a very bad history dogging it! Give it up Mr. President, ku coxe baai piny! (safe the nation!)

Lies, lies, lies! Ateny Wek!
We all know that politics is about lying. Clever lying! However, there are lies that transcend that ream of livable lying.

The presidential spokesperson, Ateny Wek Ateny, who doesn’t seem to know his real role, talks without checking his facts.

He’s obsessed with the ‘failed coup attempt’ and ‘Riek Machar’ that he’s forgotten that he was hired to present the presidency and President Kiir in a respectable light.

Ateny has succeeded in embarrassing the president. Bravo Ateny! You’ve presented President Kiir with remarkable buffoonery! Why do these guys hate the president this much?

Every word coming out of Ateny’s mouth is a great embarrassment to the president of the republic of South Sudan. I urge Mr. Ateny to either research his facts before going to the media or resign.

He’s a great embarrassment to the president; however, no one seems to care because Kiir’s allies are after destroying the president and his legacy!

Wake up Mr. President! Yiin Riak! (You’re being destroyed by your close friends) Lo baai (go home!)

Lies! Lies! Lies! Moses Ruai Lat!
In the same light rebels’ spokesperson, Moses Ruai Lat, is another lies processing mind. Any town captured by rebels is left destroyed and the civil population left terrorized or killed.

But Ruai minces no words in claiming the rebels don’t kill civilians. Who then kills civilians and destroys these towns?

Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, Leer and Mayendit… all destroyed. Who actually destroyed these places if the rebels claim they didn’t?

Is God destroying these places? Is some devilish ghost doing the job?

If the rebels know their forces are destroying towns and killing civilians, then why isn’t anyone being held accountable. The rebels are projecting themselves as a thuggish and murderous lot with no political agenda.

It’s time the rebels started to act like people who say what they claim. Let’s see you protect civilians instead of terrorizing them.

Let’s see the rebels hold accountable those who commit atrocities! Let’s see the rebels being serious about inter-tribal dialogue!

Mr. Lat is very articulate and I hope he’ll tell us how the rebels can reconcile being ‘pro-democracy’ and ‘pro-destruction’ at the same time!

Blame Game!
The government blames the rebels and the rebels blame the government. While the guns are killing innocent civilians, the lies are killing the future of South Sudan and destroying any iota of hope for a possible end to this idiotic war.

The government is not able to protect Nuer in Juba. MPs are in the UN compounds and Nuer ministers sleep in fear. Yet the government is lying to us that it’s in full control.

Everyone would be at home in Juba with no one in the UNMISS compound if we had a government.

The government claims they’ve arrested over 100 people who committed crimes against Nuer civilians in Juba! We need to know these faceless people and we need to know who commanded them to kill.

Otherwise the government isn’t serious and Nuer people will not take the government seriously!

The Rebels have too committed atrocities of unspeakable magnitude but none of Riek’s supporters has ever called the media to address these issues!

Ruai and Gatdet Dak should address the atrocities committed by Rebels in order for the public to know they are serious about ‘democratizing’ South Sudan.

How can you blame the government if you are committing the same atrocities with mindless banditry and savagery?

Stop being bandits or stop the ones among you who are committing atrocities! Show that you care! Show that you are not some puppets and mindless loud speakers!

I also urge President Kiir to get out of the compound and talk to the people. Let the lies stop. As you hide in your mansion in Juba, Aleu Ayieny, Telar Ring and Makuei Lueth are busy destroying your legacy!

The world now sees you as a mindless, dictatorial president because of these people! Wake up or you’ll end up in prison! Free yourself from the likes of Telar!

One Ethnic Group as a fighting force
I have no any idea what Riek’s end game is. Riek had a genuine political case until he supported a rebellion.

While I agreed with Riek and his colleagues in the SPLM’s Political Bureau that change and transparency was important, I don’t agree with the current rebellion regardless of what it’s being claimed to represent.

Civilians are being killed and Riek is not even showing any iota of remorse. I’ve never seen or heard a single press release sending a message of condolences to South Sudanese of all tribal and political stripes.

How does Riek think he cares about South Sudanese? When does Riek think he’ll start being a national leader?

A national leader doesn’t rely on one tribe! If you can’t convince other tribes to join you then give it up! You are destroying Nuer!

Riek should know that using a uni-tribal fighting force removes any veil of any fight for a national agenda.

If other tribes aren’t supporting the rebellion then it’s time for a rethink of that step.

Relying militarily on one ethnic group is to condemn the Nuer who support him to total annihilation, just like Riek said of John Garang’s tribe in 1991.

What’s Riek’s end game? He let his colleagues in the SPLM down by supporting a rebellion. He’s now seen that the released political detainees have refused to join his group in the peace talks.

It’s time Riek stopped projecting Nuer people as a nationality prone to rebellion. It’s time Riek stopped using innocent young Nuer people for his political agenda.

It’s high time Riek calls his own sons and daughters to come and fight alongside him and stop using poor Nuer sons and daughters for his selfish interests.

Stop! Stop killing young Nuer people! Who will develop Nuerland if you’re sending innocent Nuer to go and kill innocent civilians?

Who’ll develop Nuerland if you are sending young Nuer sons and daughters to be slaughtered by paid Ugandan mercenaries?

If Riek cares about young Nuer sons and daughters then he should tell them to lay down arms and come to the negotiating table. The sooner Riek stops the bloodshed the better.

As much as I still remain optimistic, I’m afraid South Sudan risks being another Somalia!

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudanese author, poet and writer currently living in Canada. For contact visit


  1. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear brother Kuir e Garang:

    Thanks as you usual!My dear,save your energy well from being talking SPLM politics! Sudan politics is rotten like a rotten onion from onions in the sack when tied up inside! People are dying on Meaningless fight in the South! South Sudan government under the current leadership of President Kirr,do not have empathy for the suffering of his people he is now ruling! The same thing with the rebel leader Riak Machar himself.Why he is killing civilians he would like to rule in the country! Why he is destroying burning places on fire while destroying important government places.Where is he going to find money to rebuild those places! The places they are not soldiers.They should leave them alone! They should live there.Instead to demolishing them!

    President Kirr,should release the four people from the jail.There is no good reason to keep them in jail.They are not plotters! Kirr should bring a good evidence for the cases including a photograps and videos to prove them in the court of law! Leaving them in jail for long,it will turns against president Kirr himself,and his legal advisers team! The South will not move forward at all at this point in front of God

    Like I have said many time that in my previous comments that the two parties in the country SPM in the South and NCP in the north,they need to be DEMOLISH TOTALLY because they are elevating more suffering to the Sudanese people in the country in general!!

  2. flora says:

    Well balanced analysis. You have killed it!

  3. monychol says:

    You got it Kuir, these thugs of Aleu Ayeny, Kuol MANYANG, Telar Deng,Makuei Lueth are the ones who plotted that failed assasination attempt.When their entire plot failed to materialize,the big thugs turned around, rounded up their opponents, murdered civilians and shamelessly called it a coup .

    • Kuch, William M says:

      I am sure Kuir Garang did not say a thing about Kuol Manyang. Secondly, Kuol Manyang was given a job held by other South Sudanese and in this case, he is just doing his job as usual. So. Please, tell us more on what Kuol should had done better. Do you think he should have joined rebels side? Is that what it’s? Thanks.

      • monychol says:

        Kuch, this position of ministry of defense had been held by many and soldiers did not fight why at Kuol Manyang’s time?Do you think he had a role or he was set up by those of Marial Chanuong?I suggested Kuol because ofthe way that he has failed Jonglei state he ruled where he set up everybody against everybody .Now at the national level he is bringing the same tactics, irritating,annoying and hosti!le attitude to Juba.

  4. Amock says:

    Yes Kuir keep writing this article is alittle bit ok but tell your friend Riek and your advises to the president that this war is sensless and baseless that would not help Nuer or those advisers who are fooling our president. You also point out the issue of fucken Ateny Wek or Ateny Guij I don’t know how to call him but he is another fool but we will deal with him sooner reather than later here in Juba. He has to go back to UK or else leave alone the president.Late the So call HRD continue with its bais reports but Fucken DR. fool will never rule this country niether his remained eaters Like mr. Gai will or Deng you call you can role this country or get any position again

  5. Kuir,
    I have agreed with you on South Sudan issues. The rebels don’t have integrity in everything they do as we know their claims of fighting for people to be free from bad rule of laws in the new nation. I am sure they killed their supporters of Dr. Riek. They are totally confusing their agenda with such destruction and looting and Dr. Riek might be wondering why political detainees would not join him. That’s simply because of their messes. Thanks.

  6. The current South Sudan conflict needs a holistic approach to address it. Finger pointing make sense, however, its obvious that it will never solve the problem.

    According to how I look at the current crises it has followed so many stages: bush amendment of the SPLM constitution which has never been democratically reviewed and that has let to over powering of the chairman of the movement, rebel fighters-turn-parliamentarians which most of them never had chance to engage in politics so far and this has led us to be blindly represented by them, Kirr’s use of force to defeat his political opponents, ethnic cleansing in Juba (a.k.a Nuer massacre in Juba by President Kirr), escape of Riek Machar to join rebellion of Gatdet in Jonglei, ethnic targeting in Bor, Malakal, Bentiu, Parieng, Rupkotna, Nasir, Akobo and most constant ethnic killing in between PALOC and Melut in Upper Nile State, continues violation of the secession of hostilities agreement, hostile propagandas from Makuei Lueth, Ateny W, Kok Ruae and the likes, turning public institution to tribal institution, esp. SSTV, mobilization of youth of equatorial by the VP Igga, dominating SOUTH SUDAN YOUTH UNION by one tribe (DINKA) and that goes to all the institutions of the government just to mention a few of the event.

    Looking at the above mentioned events, its abvious that it’s a chain of worse and unwanted events following each other in one way or the other, and this chain is full of chaos and atrocities, lets call it “ a chain of chaos”
    So, for us to solve this conflict we need to look at all the above mentioned issues. Holistically the conflict will be solve:
    Blaming salva kirr alone will never end the conflict,
    Blaming Riek Machar alone will not end the conflict”
    Blaming Gatdet alone will never solve it
    Blaming Ateny and Lueth will do nothing
    Blaming Nuer an Dinka youth involved in ethnic targeting will never solve a problem,

    Coming to Nuer being the exclusive supporters of Machar’s movement. I think its very obviose in which people like you Mr. Kuir E Garang, their families were killed in Juba simply because they are Nuer, how do you expect them to response. So, Riek and White Army and fighting alongside base on their various grievances, simple example. In Dec 2011 when Lou Nuer White Army were fighting the Murle people while at the same time government was fighting them, Lou Nuer devastated the land of Murle while the government was killing people as well in the area, did the accountability put on the government?

    Ofcourse NO! they were fighting different war at the same time to the same people, the same scenario with Riek and white army at the movement.
    Chuol C Puoch

    • bolabokdit says:

      Mr. Chuol Chot
      you are right for that matter, however, in this crisis the culperits of this masscare will not be llet loose. I am completely disgustedwith the fact that a person found guilty of the brutal killing of innocent civillians is being let loose. Why United State fought Lord Resistance Army in Uganda is it not because of barbaric act on civllins?. What is the different between L.R.A rebels and Riak Machar rebellion?
      Where is the Justice in this world? Where is the justice for the dead innocent civillians and thier family and the public?

  7. Ayub Ben says:

    Bravo Mr Kuir, as much as you are a Dinka Bor, you always present your arguments without bias. You have the heart and the audacity to call a spade a spade and I am your number one fan. Sincerely our president is being ill advised by his false friends and this is very unfortunate

  8. Daniel Deng Makuer says:

    Mr. Kur, you are a true citizen. if all the citizens of South Sudan have been having the same agender like yours, believe me, the killing would have finished long time.
    here in South Sudan, People are just supporting without looking at the other side of the coin. very useless demonstrations have been made without mentioning any solution to the current crisis. only blame after blame. am tired and fed up of all these politicians.

  9. upiu says:

    Talking about lies and you conveniently left out Aguer (SPLA mouthpiece) – perhaps being a home boy buffers your criticisms. Good for you, man.

  10. Alier Gai says:

    Another somalia is laying where our opinions rest. Opinion writers are the ones creating hell by feeding southern masses with their decomposed knowledge they don’t feel ashame to dispose. They are contributing negatively to the current problems we are facing than the development we all wish. Dissatisfication is among the things not bearing fruit to that particular withered tree called peace in their minds. Hating anything good is another magical force used to lure the rain to fall, but it does scare the rain away for good. Hope we find solution sooner than to put endless blame on our leaders. Peace and unity first.

  11. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Dear Kuir ë Garang

    You have produced very strong arguments about how Salva Kiir and his rival Riek Machar are both fighting a senseless war. You maybe also be right that both have surrounded themselves with propaganda mouth pieces. Unfortunately a good chunk of the South Sudanese population seem still to rally behind these two politicians. The truth of the matter is that people from both camps seem to enjoy what has been going and I don’t see why you are optimistic about South Sudan not going the Somalia way?

    My brother, we have all lived enough to understand why people go to wars, why they become easily blinded with hatred, why each side thinks it is the other that is on the wrong, and above all why we often chose to shut off logical thinking.

    Now we are complaining about what this war has done to our country, because it has taken away so much from us. However the real challenges are yet to come when the active fighting is finally stopped. Only at that time will we realize that the destructive element in a war is not what it has taken away from us, but rather it is what it leaves with us for the rest of our lives. We are now suffering from what the first war left behind among us but not what it took from us.

    To borrow from Riek Machar, as long as our people continue to fight mental battles, the real ones are not to far to engage in!. well, I can see the effects of the last war quite vividly in your writings and especially so in this particular article. But that’s just the way things are in societies traumatized by one war after the other.

    Your maybe balanced, but any real hope for the country in the absence a true revolution, is bleak. If we don’t want revolutions, then let’s wait for evolution which is likely to take us another three centuries before we value ourselves.

  12. Alier Gai says:

    How come you don’t stay in the army during the two decades of war to finish it at once with no more arm rebellions to be retaken against any tribe? That is easy said language than a real war. Better to fight a war of knowledge in reading books instead of a physical war you are impelling at your own voilation. Macher was so charged with feelings of winning with unwavering energy in directing his own tribe to fight his suited interest, however, three months went by with no juba in the vision’s glimpse. Juba is just a dream while still in the bush. How easy it was for his army to get to juba was a mere word; but the action is still trying to prove itself. Maybe you will be lucky this time to remove kiir. Good luck with your rebellion!

  13. Hurry Robert says:


    Please know that Juba should have fallen in Mid January immidiatly after the second fall of Bor had it not been for the deployment of over the 40,000 UPDF soldiers .Even as we are talking UPDF are the one controlling Bor and the surrounding areas with limited number of the SPLA which alone cannot even defend Bor town.In Bentiu and Leer the JEM and Kiir Solders are the ones in charge but the SPLA of Kiir cannot defend themselves without the JEM forces and the militias.Let us be honest Juba is 70% in the hands of UPDF not SPLA.The day UPDF leave S. Sudan Kiir must go with them or else ,the already demomorlised SPLA will be defeated.In a reallity this was a reactionary rebellion which was not planned but the SPLA was badly beatten twice in Bor and thrice in Malakal.Now tell me without UPDF in control where would Kiir be at this time?
    To be hoest Kirr is relying purely on Museveni otherwise he has no military strengh to stand against the rebels.

  14. somali was once better in the whole africa, And it will regain it is power, so my friend never compare south sudan of 2011 and the somalis of 1960

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