A Warning to Gen. Cirillo from the Nuer S.C: Mistakes Any Armed Opposition MUST not Do

BY: J. Nguen, Chairman, Nuer Supreme Council, Lawyer, MAR/20/2017, SSN;

South Sudan has been at war by itself since 15 of December 2013. This internal strife sent the new country to a new low and finally to a failed state status by all accounts. This failed state status is undeniably tragic development.

So much so, it’s a heart-rending confirmation that our peoples’ expectations and hopes during independence have been shattered. Sadly, at the moment, the same people who were so jubilant 5 years ago are now running for their dear lives.

Some are disturbingly starving to death in the north part of the country, particularly in Leer and Mayiendit Counties, Unity State, because the same failed state’s authorities denied them humanitarian aides.

It’s even more troubling to report that peoples’ hopes for prosperity and prosperous South Sudan were crushed through an ill-conceived tribal hegemony of one tribe led by Salva Kiir and his tribal group –the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE).

As such, the implications of this tribal project are enormous. For example, these implications destroyed our nation’s social fabric, which in turn rendered the new country worthless and then brought profound disgrace to the nation’s pioneers and martyrs.

During the Sudan’s second civil war, South Sudanese including Salva Kiir detested and blamed northern Sudanese’ for their marginalization policies toward the rest of us in the Sudan. But, ironically, in a reverse satanic devised policy, Salva Kiir followed similar dogma of marginalization and neglect against other nationalities in South Sudan for Dinka Community rule.

In this regard, unknowingly, Salva Kiir set up the Dinka community against the rest of South Sudanese which will take years to reverse. Salva Kiir’s discriminatory policies allowed him to deny humanitarian aides reaching those in need simply because they are not from the Dinka Community.

Salva Kiir has effectively used this card of starving innocent civilians from other tribes in South Sudan as a weapon of war, while on the other hand undeniably advocating for humanitarian aides to Dinka.

By all measures, this is dreadfully appalling and it must be condemn morally and on the grounds that all South Sudanese are one and that South Sudan shall ever be one nation, where everyone ought to be treated with respect and dignity irrespective of their tribes.

In an attempt to achieve stability in South Sudan, the agreement aimed to address its internal strife was signed on August 2015. Internationally, it was an agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic South Sudan brokered by the IGAD and the international community.

Unfortunately, this agreement formally collapsed on July 8th, 2016, ten (10) months after signature for reasons beyond the scope of this commentary.

After that brief cessation of hostilities in most part of the country, when the agreement was signed, all armed oppositions’ leaderships converged in Juba to implement the peace. However on July 8th, 2016, South Sudanese’ common men were once again forced to take up arms against Kiir’s regime in order to reduce another ethnic -driven killing of innocent civilians, raping of women and girls, looting of properties, arbitrary arrest and burning down of villages, mostly in non-Dinka areas in South Sudan.

While Salva Kiir was progressively pursuing ethnic cleansing, another policy took a centre stage. For example, military officers of non-Dinka nationalities, who sided with Salva Kiir’s regime all along fighting for Salva’s tribal agenda were now rendered irrelevant and sometime openly harass and told that their services no longer needed after Kiir consolidated and emboldened his grip on power.

Recently, this new policy forced some military officers to divorce the regime. For example, LT. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka defected and called for the removal of Salva Kiir by force while citing abuses and Dinkanization of South Sudan. On March 7th, 2017, Mr. Cirillo formed a new movement called “National Salvation Front/Army (NAS).

The NAS’s aim is to depose Salva Kiir from power militarily. Many applauded Mr. Cirillo’s defection citing that it was a right step in removing the dictator. For some, it was a good decision because it further explained and justified the Dinkanization of South Sudan led by Salva Kiir and the JCE.

Above all else, I should say, Mr. Cirillo’s defection declaration statement was a serious indictment of Kiir’s regime. The document speaks to the truth why other oppositions took arms against Kiir in the first place.

Despite these positive underpins, there are worrying signs of mistakes on Gen. Cirillo’s move. Therefore, if these worrying mistakes are not dealt with carefully and with care, they may undermine the whole badly needed possible alliance of convenience among the armed oppositions in the Republic of South Sudan.

These mistakes which I will note shortly were more or less due to lack of political foresight and experiences on Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka’s part. Precisely, Gen. Cirillo is full of himself and clearly not thinking.

Therefore, the best thing he should do now, if I may suggest, is to take a leap backward and rethink strategically of what he really wanted to do to achieving the NAS’s goal. Frankly speaking, recent Gen. Cirillo’s statements and that of his supporters are not in any way helping the NAS.

Since Gen. Thomas Cirillo declared his movement, the NAS, the move was welcomed by many including the SPLM/A (IO) as I mentioned earlier. For example, the Governors of Greater Equatoria in the SPLM/A (IO) wrote a well thought-out letter of appreciation to Gen. Cirillo.

In the letter the Governors called for an alliance of convenience among the armed opposition and with Gen. Cirillo. By all standards, that letter was welcomed news and a great way to start moving forward.

However, some shortsighted opportunists and more so Mr. Cirillo himself see this as a weakness on the SPLM/A-IO part. Evidently and wrongly so, Gen. Cirillo and others see the NAS as an opportunity to springboard the Equatorians’ “cause.”

Frankly, this is a wrong thinking and it must be discouraged strongly. As matter of fact, there is no Equatorians’ “cause” without the cause of the people of South Sudan, Equatorians included.

For example, those who jumped ship or switched sides from the other oppositions and joined the NAS, notably from the SPLM/A (IO) attacked the SPLM/A –IO and accused its leadership falsely.

These attacks on other armed oppositions, particularly the SPLM/A–IO were somehow endorsed by Gen. Cirillo himself as he detailed some of these claims on his letter to Hon. Moussa Faki, the newly elected chairman of Africa Union asking for recognition.

In my view, these kinds of thinking and action are genuinely a cause of concern. As a result, Gen. Cirillo and supporters must be called out.

They must be warned and reminded that there is no Equatorians’ “cause” without the rest of us in South Sudan. Also, it must be made crystal clear that all armed oppositions are in this together, and must work as a team if Gen. Cirillo’s intention is indeed to remove Salva Kiir from power.

Hence, as far as this commentary is concerned, the above narrative was a “cause” of this piece. It was basically intended to warn all armed oppositions in South Sudan that the prevailing undertaking is a mistake and a “NO GO ZONE” or cannot be repeated whatsoever.

More importantly, I must point out that recent Gen. Cirillo’s and supporters’ rhetoric serves no moral and military interest to any armed opposition but the common enemy.

It must be made categorically clear that all armed oppositions are victims of misrule. All took up arms to oppose the Dinkanization of South Sudan spearheaded by Salva Kiir and the JCE, nothing else.

Similarly so, I like to remind Gen. Cirillo about previous mistakes along the same vein and I would like to draw his full attention particularly to the G10 and Dr. Lam Akol’s faction.

First, the G10. This group is headed by Gen. Pagan Amum and has committed the same mistake that Gen. Cirillo is about to commit or has committed. To recap this point further, when some G10 members were detained, the other armed oppositions particularly the SPLM/A (IO) advocated for their release.

However, when the G10 were released, Mr. Pagan Amum and his group took the high road and betrayed the other armed oppositions by declaring neutrality in the war.

It was even reported that Mr. Pagan Amum went as far as saying that the killing of 20,000 innocent Nuer civilians shouldn’t be the “cause” for war in South Sudan. This was a serious mistake on their part.

Since 2014, the G10’s position didn’t only fail but prolonged the war and in reverse has emboldened Salva Kiir’s grip on power. In this light, I would think, Gen. Cirillo and supporters would take note and are smart enough to do the math.

Similarly, Dr. Lam Akol’s action was another mistake. Around November 2016, Dr. Akol’s forces attacked SPLM/A (IO)’s positions in Upper Nile State. The consequences of this miscalculated maneuver were not good simply because it resulted in unnecessary lost of lives of two brave Generals from Dr. Akol’s faction.

Such deaths were uncalled for and would have been avoided if Dr. Lam was indeed thinking at the time. More importantly, these unnecessary lost of lives were not only detrimental to Dr. Akol’s faction but more so to all armed oppositions.

As such, Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka and supporters must be warned that they MUST not repeat the same mistake.

Logically, I surely believe that as much as other armed oppositions needed this supposed holy coalition of convenience with Gen. Cirillo, Mr. Cirillo himself needed this alliance the most to prove that he is indeed genuine and not just a poor soul sent to distract brave Equatorians who are fully committed in toppling Salva Kiir’s regime by all means necessary.

However, given Gen. Cirillo’s moves in the past few weeks, the question of trust has emerged and is in everyone’s mind. At this point, I should point out that no one is certainly sure of Gen. Cirillo’s serious allegiance.

To bring this issue of trust closer to home, Gen. Cirillo has served in Salva Kiir’s regime in many capacities and for many years. Most of all, he has helped Salva Kiir’s regime in the Dinkanization of South Sudan more than any other person in the country.

For example, Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka was a point man for Salva Kiir’s arms sale and logistics for many years. Hence, all the sophisticated weaponries used by Salva Kiir’s regime today against civilians in South Sudan were approved and purchased by Gen. Cirillo himself.

Adding more doubts, Gen. Cirillo has declared his defection and formation of the new armed group in the hotel room in Ethiopia. Imagine, a person of his caliber and coupled with his position in the army has defected without a single bodyguard and has not taken to the bush, why? I leave this lingering question for military experts to ponder.

On the question of trust again, I am afraid a seed of mistrust between Gen. Cirillo and other armed oppositions is already planted.

In my personal opinion, it’s simply unbecoming for any armed opposition to attack another armed oppositions falsely and especially when their ultimate overall goal is to topple the regime of which they oppose, militarily.

To support this point, in the past weeks, Gen. Cirillo and supporters attacked or made grandiose claims about the SPLM/A (IO)’s establishment falsely and this is a cause of concern for me.

Further, against all odds, Gen. Cirillo has requested recognition from the Africa Union’ chairperson. Therefore, it’s high time for someone to tell Gen. Cirillo that no revolutionary has ever requested recognition either directly or remotely from anyone.

It’s rather wrong for Gen. Cirillo or anyone of his caliber to beg for recognition from anyone.

Gen. Cirillo must be told that his approach or strategy in this regard is flatly wrong and raised a lot of questions among many moving forward. At least for many like me, it displayed lack of self-worth and inexperience.

Moving forward, I like Gen. Cirillo to consider the following recommendations:
I. Never again ask anyone to recognize your stand, prove it to them, if indeed your intentions were genuine and for armed opposition.
II. Never attack other armed oppositions on baseless grounds, for they are your best companions in arms. If anything, cherish their successes in defeating the enemy.
III. If your intentions are genuine and for armed opposition, be vigilant and never fall prey or allow yourself to be manipulated by some hovering crooks or never solely believe in any promises. Know that promises are just promises until proven.
IV. Take a leap backwards and immediately change your tone towards other armed oppositions and formally apologize to the SPLM/A (IO) establishment for the inconvenience.
V. Call for armed oppositions’ alliances’ conference to dispel any misinformation about your loyalties.
VI. Never claim military support falsely from any other armed opposition, for the reverse rule is you would be their first target to prove that you are not one of them.

J. Nguen is the chairman of Nuer Supreme Council (NSC), South Sudanese advocate, political commentator and analyst. He can be reached at jamesnguen@gmail.com


  1. Mading says:

    Nguen is the Riek Machar’s rebel in hiding, what kind of advice are these to Thomas cirillo.?

  2. Bol says:

    Mr James,
    History tells us that Armed Resistant Movements don’t live together in the same jungle. Why would you expect the miracle to happen between the IO (your main concern) and the NAS? Gen SWAKA, and most Equatorian activists want to break away since KOKORA one and they think its the right time to try it since RSS is weaken by Kiir incompetence and Nuer’s war.

  3. tit4tat says:

    J. Nguen.
    I would like to point one by one where you misunderstood Lt Gen. Cirillo and his supporters and those that have agreed with him, https://radiotamazuj.org/en/article/top-spla-io-commander-resigns-joins-cirillos-rebel-group. I sense fear and unbecoming baseless suspicions in your long article full of rage. After all it isn’t wrong if Gen. Cirillo comes out and speak about the causes of Equatoria, Cirillo is a proud Equatorian just as you are a proud Upper Nilean and you should be proud to call yourself a Nuer, no one in particular like myself will envy you for being a Nuer, and so why are you envious when Equatorian speak for their causes? Why do you feel upset when people criticize SPLA IG or IO? Isn’t 1st VP Taban Gai a breakaway IO faction and a Nuer himself? Maybe you don’t think so deep but there is a sizable number of IO members right now inside Juba aka the sellout Nuer wews, this is where the opposition weakness lies if truth be told, http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article61916. After all Dr. Machar has been silent since his escape from death trap in Juba, who knows perhaps Kirr regime has succeeded in isolating Riek Machar from SS for good, http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article54922? How could a rebellion movement continue without a vocal leader to boost fighters’ morale? Spokespersons are not enough. Let’s be honest and clear the air here Mr Nguen; both Dinka and Nuer are using Equatorians to win the war for you, after your leadership gets to power you probably will forget about Equatorians just like the Dinka is doing. For example; when Dr. Riek was coming back to Juba he promoted many junior officers into the ranks of generals and guess what there was none new Equatorian general among them. And the reason being that there is not enough Equatorians in the IO, really come on give me a break, not long ago Salva Kirr told the media that the reason there isn’t enough Equatorian in the army is because we didn’t join the revolution in big numbers? Doesn’t that sound just the same as the IO’s claims? Now look at the state of IO in Equatoria, the only supply of arms they get is that taken from Juba regime after ambushes and roadside attacks, http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article61873 . How about the arrow boys, where are they now since they declared allegiance to IO, they have been demoralized and neutralized? Isn’t these really double standards? And what happen to Peter Gadet the former spokesperson? Are you even thinking about his whereabouts any longer when you talk of the G10 or Dr Lam etc? They are just trying different ways and there shouldn’t be any reason to feel threatened. In fact IO is not much different from IG when it comes to power grabbing techniques. http://nyamile.com/2017/03/20/who-the-hell-is-salva-kiir-threatens-war-if-opposition-fails-to-denounce-violence-and-the-proposed-national-dialogue-with-whom-and-for-what/
    I think the Equatorians have the rights to go about their business just like you Nuer are protecting your region we need first to protect ours and then look and the overall picture after defeating the common enemies Kirr and cohorts. Stop accusing Gen. Cirrillo for the failed policies of both SPLA IG and IO, both of them ran the government together since CPA until today and there is nothing new. If there is anyone you need to caution it is your own people, tell them to stop switching sides or the war will last very long.

    • Deng says:

      Tit4tat & Nguen,
      I think Tit4tat is a nationalist according to his analytical view compare to Nguen who talked about Dinka and not Kiir and his inner circle. You will never achieve the course for your rebellion for the next 100 years if you don’t frame good objectives that are inclusive. Many things are already pointed out by Tit. there are many Dinkas who are suffering more than any other tribe in South Sudan but they could not join the voices of change since they are victim of no cause. Equatorian have right to form their own movement because Nuer have been doing it all long and killing non-nuer who join them to fight for common goal

    • Agoro says:

      The guy is chairman of NSC Nuer Supreme Council for God sake. Could this be an Equivalent of JCE Jieng Council of Elders? There is nothing to fear from Equatorians,,but rather better Nation building attributes.

  4. Malouda says:

    Nguen, sorry to be a lawyer, your lawyerly is invalid because you one among those who are preaching the tribalism in this country, Nuer Supreme Council, noses what is different between NSC and JCE the are the same and that is why other factions do not join your faction IO you are a part for the shattering of expectations and hopes of South Sudanese people after the independence also you are among those authorities who failed this state and it is you who encourage President Kiir to be the dictator when you rebelled in 2013 before the time of election 2015. Denying the humanitarian aids not to reach the needy is also came from you as you are also a part of the source of insecurity in this country. why Equatorians do not join you because they learnt from your bad governance as what is in your mind (Nuer) is only to be a general in army , head of unit or department. Iam not Dinka, Iam South Sudanese nationalist who is looking for this country to be stabled.

  5. William Dimo says:

    The tribalism is a deadly disease in South Sudan.
    NSC or JCE are the same face on a coin of money.
    NSF will bring justice to all.
    South Sudan must be ruled by small ethnic group not by those who assumed they are the largest ethnic with the ideology of ethnocentric greedy power full with tribalism hate. The only movement that will change the image of South Sudan is NSF.

  6. Waleh Lo matat says:

    Dear bother J. Nguen,

    Dear bother J. Nguen,

    Obviously you are so upset and probably angry with the declaration of NAS, however one cannot believe that NAS letter to AU can spark all the derogatory name calling, personal insults and many lies you heralded here against Gen. Thomas. My humble analysis to your angry article after reading similar verbatim from many Nuer compatriots and IO supporters made me to conclude that the fury in your community is all about the great disappointment you all felt when Gen. Thomas decided not to join IO but establish a new NAS movement. It is a known fact that after Gen. Thomas tendered his resignation from the SPLA and GoSS, many Nuer and other IO supporters ululate and commended the move they had encouraged and highly expected this most professional, highly trained, disciplined and respected General to join IO and rescue the ailing leadership. So, the news that Gen. Thomas has established a new resistance movement with a broader national vision could not be stomached by most members of Nuer community and other IO supporters, this is the core reason for your rage, you can sugar coated it with other intellectual analogy but the bitter truth still taste the same ! Allow me also to brief you a little bit about who is Gen. Thomas since it appears the information you stated about him seems to have been concocted by some of your misguided compatriots. After the unfortunate 1992 SPLA/SPLM split that Dr. Riek and Lam engineered, Gen. Thomas personally took the responsibility of protecting many innocent Nuer officers from brutal murder by the tribally incited SPLA soldiers. Many of these Nuer officers are now senior Generals with IO, they can testify to this if they wish. Again, during the 2013 and the recent July, 2016 tribal massacre and onslaught on the innocent Nuer compatriots in Juba, Gen. Thomas protected and assisted many Nuer officers to escape cold blood murder by the JCE tribal soldiers, I’m sure they will read this comment and confirm it if they wish too. Gen. Thomas was doing that not because he want to side with one tribe against another, but for his outstanding patriotism, revolutionary spirit and the hate of injustice against any innocent South Sudanese. I have no doubt at all that many revolutionary senior Nuer officers in IO knows what caliber of officer Gen. Thomas is when it comes to the love of his beloved Country, South Sudan. But I also wonder, whether the NSC has ever criticize or rebuke with this level of bitterness the complacence of the fellow Nuer General James Hoth Mai, who was the overall Chief of General Staff standing by during the massacre of the innocent Nuer civilians and offers in Juba in 2013 including his own brother? Moreover, General Hoth Mai was the overall officer who planned and conducted the procurement of the sophisticated weaponry including T-85 modern tanks from Belarus, these same weapons were later used to murder the innocent Nuer. Gen. Thomas was repeatedly marginalized by the JCE removing all responsibilities of the relevant offices he assume, hence he was denied any role and authority to contribute in the purchase of the SPLA weapons and other materials, these are naked truth that can be substantiated and confirmed by many noble Nuer officers. I also want to correct the misinformation you stated that Gen. Thomas came out from Juba lonely without any solider, this is just a lie to satisfy your constituency. The resignation of Gen. Thomas and the subsequent steps he took was not just a disorganized, emotional day dream that may have led to massacre of innocent civilians. This was a well-planned move, almost all his loyal soldiers and bodyguards (over 800 solders) departed Juba for Equatoria Jungles before he resigned. The other bitter information you need to know is that, most of the resistance forces in Equatoria have never declared their official allegiance to IO, they started and organized themselves as community resistance forces to defend their land, properties and dignity against the atrocities of Kiir’s militia. To date, IO leadership and command never supported these community resistance forces in Equatoria with a single bullet or food contrary to the logistics and ammunition support provided to Nuer IO soldiers. Thus, IO has no any moral or administrative responsibility to declare that all the resistance forces in Equatoria are loyal to them. When it comes to leadership of South Sudan, we have observed with great sadness and concern that both our brothers Dinka and Nuer quickly agree to subjugate other non-Nuer/non-Dinkas and to make them second class citizens in their own country. This is one of the reasons that many misinformed IO Nuer don’t want to see Equatorians get organized under their own leadership to fight for their own and the interest of the Country. But this should not be the case if we really want to liberate and salvage the country from the current brutal regime in Juba , IO, NAS and other resistance movements could easily forge a formidable grand revolutionary movement that can and within a short period of time topple the regime in Juba. But this is only possible if we could all put our tribal leadership believes, power greed, selfishness and delusions of grandeur aside and decide with one voice to unite and move forward. I would also want to advice you and other NSC members to focus on assisting IO leadership since they only listen to your to review the current state of affairs in the great IO organization. Since Dr. Riek was exiled in South Africa, IO appears largely disorganized and many of the good cadres are being lured with money to return to Juba, they are doing so in droves. Moreover, there are no leadership or coordination meetings by various offices/chapters and many supporters are getting frustrated and confused. The regional and international friends who had been promised contracts if IO take over power in Juba have disappeared into thin air, don’t you think you can do IO which we all love and have been supporting a great service by providing your valuable intellectual advice and guidance? I leave this one for you to ponder on! Stay blessed

  7. King Logunu The Second says:

    J. Nguen,

    It would require a piece, the length of your article or even more, to address all the misinformation and flaws in it. The first thing that struck many is the unmistakable arrogance that took over the theme of the article. It’s in abundance but at the same time lacks substance.

    The title of the piece and elsewhere show how hypocritical you are. In your own words you opposed the ” Dinkanization of South Sudan spearheaded by Salva Kiir and the JCE “. But how could people give credibility to your message if you are addressing a ” national ” issue as Chairman of Nuer Supreme Council (NSC). How different would your council be from the JCE that you are criticizing now in the remote possibility of Riek Machar finding accommodation in J1. Would you oppose ” Nuerization ” of South sudan with the same zeal as you are now doing towards ” Dinkanization “?!

    I quote the following – ” It must be made categorically clear that all armed oppositions are victims of misrule.” The statement is clearly untrue. Riek Machar is not a victim of misrule, he is part and parcel of the misrule. Even the unsophisticated South Sudanese knows that he ended up in South Africa because of power struggle between him and Kiir. To attest to the above assertion, Riek Machar resisted the formation of a new party as suggested by a significant number of his followers. Moreover, even after the fall out with SPLM/A-IG and the massacre of tens of thousands of civilians, his movement signed the Arusha protocol for the re-unification of the SPLM.

    Again, what you call as mistakes committed by others is another display of arrogance and false belief of one’s superior capabilities and strength. It’s hard to believe that the G10 were released because of pressure from SPLM/A-IO. If that was the case, then why is James Gatdet ( Machar’s former spokesperson ) still languishing in detention? The release of the G10 was the direct result of regional and international pressure.

    Your reference to the demise of Lam Akol’s two Generals is a cheap way of directing empty threats to the new Movement under the Charismatic and vibrant leader, Lt. General Thomas Cirillo Swaka. You made me laugh by suggesting that General TC may not be genuine or was sent to distract brave Equatorians. You can not hide the fact that the SPLM/A-IO is in a state of rapid decline with numerous defections from its ranks to the side of the government. When Lul Ruai Koang, the former Spokesperson for Riek Machar defected, it raised eyebrows. But when Taban Deng Gai, Ezekiel Gatcouth and others followed the footsteps of Lul Ruai Koang, it became clear that the SPLM/A-IO, has a much bigger problem than previously thought. The fact of the matter is that food lovers are commonplace in SPLM/A-IO. Thus, being the Chairman of the NSC obliges you to work harder to keep the Nuer in SPLM/A-IO than to worry about Equatorians defecting to NAS.

    My advice to you is to avoid the smear campaign against Lt. General Thomas Cirillo Swaka. It will not work. Others have tried it but failed. Learn from Malong and cohorts false allegations of embezzlement of 10 million US Dollars. They have been silenced by facts.

    Accusing Lt. General Thomas Cirillo Swaka as being ” a point man for Salva Kiir’s arms sales and logistics for many years” – is outrageous and dishonest to say the least. If you do not know, TC was Deputy Chief of Staff for Training for several years and was moved to logistics not long ago. Now what about General James Hoth Mai, who was the Chief of Staff during the Juba massacre of the Nuer Civilians. I learned that he lost a close relative in the massacre but continued to be loyal to Kiir until he was kicked out. Again, what about General John Koang, who was the Minister of Defence prior to the Juba massacre and Governor of Jonglei State during the event. He was in Bor at the time of the killing of the Nuer civilians at the UNMISS camp and didn’t utter a word.

    So, now you want people to believe that the Deputy Chief of Staff for Training or Logistics is the one responsible for arms procurement rather than the Minister of Defense or the Chief of Staff. Don’t you see how ridiculous you appear before a well-informed audience?!

    As for your recommendations, I think they are misplaced and would likely be ignored. After all, NAS is a national Movement and as such would not welcome recommendations or advices from the Chairman of a tribal organization like yours.

  8. Waleh Lo matat says:

    Bother J. Nguen,
    We have also been informed by reliable sources that the unnecessary tribal fighting that was ordered by IO leadership against other resistance forces under the command of late General Tangyiana and others, resulted in disastrous outcome for IO in Upper Nile. Most of the Nuer IO forces in upper Nile and Unity wasted the meager logistics resources and ammunition during the aforementioned tribal madness. Kiir’s militia took advantage of this weakness, launched a massive offensive that dislodged and pushed most of the IO forces to the Ethiopia’s borders. This is a big lesson for us all that if we continue to fight each other according to Nguen and cohort gospel, we will never achieve what our desperate and hungry people are yearning for.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Waleh lo Matat,
      Beware of what is hidden in J. Nguen’s warning to Gen. Thomas Cirillo, which is that “if you disturb our (Nuer’s) predominance in the war and the benefits accruing from it, we, Nuer, will fight you.”
      Truly, the emergence of Gen. Thomas, a highly-trained and disciplined soldier, has immediately proven as a real and potential threat to the ways many or most Nuer generals, including Dr. Machar himself, have behaved all during the past by regrettably exploiting their tribesmen foot soldiers for their material and money-making habits.
      In a way, they shamelessly behaved as ‘mercenaries’ who care less how many people suffer or die or how long the war takes.
      Just typical of most jieng and Nuer top generals since the SPLA started in 1983, they have sinfully taken the privilege to amass lots of cows, money and wives, as their privileges. No wonder, many have characteristically switched sides between Garang and the jellaba Bashir or between Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. John Garang, as would suit and satisfy their mercenary interests and habits.
      Let’s hope Gen. Thomas Cirillo principally sticks to the one goal he declared, that ‘KIIR MUST GO.’ ‘Either through negotiations or by the bullet.’
      When Kiir and gang are finally sequestrated and out of power, every and all South Sudanese must sit down to re-negotiate a NEW POLITICAL DISPENSATION, with proposals of FEDERATION, CONFEDERATION OR SEPARATE STATES, as a remedy for this visibly and fatally failed monstrosity NOW called the Republic of South Sudan.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        “Truly, the emergence of General Swaka—has immediately proven as a real threat and potential threat to most Nuer Generals—including Dr. Riek!” You can’t be sanely serious! I thought you were an analytical-learned old man! Dr. Nguen have given your likes invaluable advice. Sincerely, General Cirrilos has no real military force behind him—but might have a bunch of forest gangs hidding somewhere in the Equatoria forests. He has absolutely zero–NIL military base or headquarters. So, Mr. Editor, how could an emergence of a forest gangs leader, General Cirrilos Swaka, be a potential threat to the Generals and a leader(Dr. Riek) of well-established freedom fighters moment–SPLA-IO? We don’t want what happened to the brave Generals misled by Dr. Lam happen again!
        Recklessly disregard or twist Dr. Nguen’s brotherly advice to General Cirrilos and the blind supporters, you, the Editor, and the forest gangs included–to your own, and the likes peril full stop

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Yes, it’s true and incontestable, a solid fact and reality, that Gen. Cirillo already poses a real, palpable and potential threat to Riek Machar.
          Take this, son of Ngundeng… it’s like this: how unimaginable can a private or a militia renegade pretend he is a four-star general in a true and real army?

          Now, with Dr. Machar indefinitely incarcerated and sequestrated in South Africa, who is now the leader of IO?

          Solid and proven science teaches us that “Nature abhors a vacuum.” So, as time moves on, somebody must take over from Machar or the IO would silently march back to Kiir is total surrender. This we have seen many, many times with Machar’s Nuer generals moving back and forth to the Main SPLA or the Khartoum government.

          Now, don’t you think that you URGENTLY needed a true SALVATION, precisely, a NATIONAL SALVATION at this precise time?

          • Gatdarwich says:

            Editor and other Equatorians,

            I, Gatdarwich, I am hundred percent supportive of your General Swaka’s movement, but the name National Salvation alone or without real fighters in frontline shouldn’t caused euphoria because General Swaka left Juba with zero soldier. You should be cautioned why a supposedly renowned General defected without a single soldier. Fellow Equatorians—blind Cirrilos followers. You should atleast ask yourselves these simple questions before trying to challenge others who have actively been in this deadly war for nearly a decade now. when General Cirrilos left Juba, What happened to the thousands of his bodyguards? Did the regime he rebelled against ever initiated any attack on his bodyguards he purposely left behind in his residence in Juba or Not? If so, when? If not, why?
            For your information Mr. Editor, Dr. Riek is not in incarceration anywhere. He remotely still run day to day command activities of his movement. His forces have military bases all over the country, and constantly do militarily engages killer nyankiir’s militias plus their mercenaries on daily basis. His headquarters is still in Pagak—fully operational. So, General Swaka can never be a threat to Dr. Riek’s movement. In fact, if General Swaka have any forest gangs fighters hidding somewhere in Equatoria forests, then, SPLA-IO forces in Equatoria region are undeniably providing protection to Cirrilos’ forest gangs. Mr. Editor, General Cirrilos’ current status as he stands now—he is a hotel room General–forest gangs leader. So, he is completely irrelevant to those who are determined to deposes killer nyankiir from the power—Until he establishes his movement headquarters, militarily engages the enemy, and prove to us that isn’t a detractor sent by killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime to deceptively caused confusion in Equatoria region.

            Peace and Ngundeng bless,

            Patriot Gatdarwich

          • survivor says:

            mental imprisonment: you can’t truly liberate someone, if they are perennially stuck in a state of deep mental penitentiary, the notion that “I” know it better, or in particular case “my guy” knows it better. It’s this mental block that majority of South Sudanese suffer from. unless we quickly find a cure. South Sudan is going to be perpetually stuck in this-Hamster wheel-political system. This ailment is easily deciphered in this J Nguen article, sternly warning of General Cirrilo Swaka. This type of warning is akin to the one constantly heard from the radical Islamic fundamentalist “there is no other true God but Allah and Muhammed is the only messenger” this article is in fact J Nguen rendition of this ideology. the only difference is that J Nguen replaced the religious part with rebellion/quest for democracy, and Riek Machar being the only messenger. A rather dangerous mindset!
            educating our citizenly with the foresight to see beyond the established tribal boundaries is the key, possessing the objectivity to be critical of not just the opposition, but to be able to see the ills in those that are within one’s realm. clearly, our dear brother J Nguen, though educated, he still lacks the ability to see beyond tribal association.

        • Bol says:

          “the forest gangs”…..This sounds better than MTN Hunters!

        • Deng Hanbol says:

          For your information, both Editor and General Thomas Cirrilos hail from Bari Tribe. For this reasons, Dr. Peter has switched side and joins Swaka new movement. Good Luck Editor with your new faction.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Deng Hanbol,
            How preposterous and inappropriate to hastily equate my supposedly presumed support for Gen. Cirillo to a tribal affair?
            Many years of my work on this website have loudly and persistently proven my track record as someone against misrule, corruption, killing and terrorism by the ruling SPLA/M Regime under Kiir.
            My insinuation is that perhaps and truly, Dr. Machar might have reached the end of his political life and he needs to quietly step aside and let new champions take over the leadership so as to accomplish whatever needs to be achieved. That’s all I meant.
            One excellent and outstanding characteristic of the Bari, if I may presumably tell you, is that they don’t like creating and perpetuating God-like personalities for too long a time. A person like Machar, with such a bloody and catastrophic record of failed leadership would not continue in the limelight for this long a time. The Bari, perhaps among the nation’s tribes, don’t like creating mini-gods, the likes of Machar. He would have been deposed of long time ago.
            But, please, don’t divert us from the struggle to rid the nation from Kiir’s failed dynasty. This is the war we all must fight together. Cheers!!

          • Gatdarwich says:

            Deng Hanbol,

            Superb observation Deng. Our Editor is now Cirrilos’s internet warriors command! It becomes abundantly clear from their reactions to Dr. Nguen’s wise advice that General Swaka’s main goal is to dismantle SPLA-IO in Equatoria region. After that mission is accomplished, then General Swaka would handover the Equatoria region to killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime in a golden plate. Pure typical survival tactics of all formers Jallabas golden-boys. General Swaka milked Jallabas during the liberation years by using Equatorians to fight SPA forces in Equatoria region. The man has never spent a single day in bush. He knows absolutely nothing about what means to command guerrillas warriors. He is killer nyankiir’s agent purposely sent with a specific mission–go and decieve non-informed Equatorians that you rebelled from Killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime, and that they should your non-existent Salvation movement—and make peace with killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime and the Jenges Council of Evils. General Swaka has called for a peace talk with killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime recently–already implementing the mission he was purposely sent to faithfully do full stop

          • Nikalongo says:

            Forget about the inconvinient lunatics in the IG and IO machineries. It is through their blind support for Kiir and Riek that South Sudan and her people are on their knees. Gatdarwich, Nguen,…..etc like their Jieng cousins think the politics and leaderships of South Sudan belongs to them, and them alone. Nine years of Kiir and Riek brought nothing but bad governance and planted seeds for the present conflict. That is what blind apologists in the IO and IG should be adressing and not down-dressing Gen. Cirilo. It is a shame we share the Country with such flawed characters.

          • Kokora II says:

            Gatdarwich and Deng Hanbol,
            Equatorians don’t switch sides like you Nuers do. We stand for our just causes and Editor has every right to support the more intellectually upscale beings than wasting his time with those who hate peace and progress like Nuer and Dinkas.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Thanks for the advice to these two. We have a real problem in South Sudan with these two major tribes and peace will forever remain elusive in the country.

          • Deng Handbol says:

            Dear Editor,
            First, contrary to what you say,Dr. Riek Machar is going to be in his HQ before the end of May 2017. Mark my words. Second, when did Dr. Wankomo join freedom struggle? What we know is that you’re anti Dr. Riek Mahar from day one Aren’t you? Any way, we musn’t let you prejudices blind us in other words, in spite of the fact that you’re maliciously against the people movenment leader, the IO supporters estamate that you comrade.To sum up, to prove that you are hostile to Dr. Riek, your previous statement is as follows:
            Dr. Peter Wankomo (Chief Editor of SouthSudanNation.com)
            South Sudanese have been and are continuously being cheated, yes…. horribly being screwed by these unrepentant and unscrupulous gangsters who by their very role in the ‘Liberation’ have presumed the title of leaders of the nation in the ruling SPLM/A.
            This is no exaggeration but a true expression by most South Sudanese of their current disgruntlement as there is palpably widespread anger in the country.
            The entire SPLM/A Movement is now regretfully being remembered these days more for its awful inequities and scandals than for its now-fast-fading-from-memory heroic liberation struggle achievements.
            After months of political infighting and instability, Dr. Riek Machar, the dismissed vice president, has unfortunately reared hishead, once again, as the contender amongst the gang vying against current president, Kiir Mayardit, for the SPLM leadership.
            Without any doubt, Machar and gang are nothing but opportunistic and myopic hypocrites who think that they can just easily exonerate themselves of the horrible failures of the SPLM and shamelessly stand up as the ‘new saviors’ of the nation.
            As leader of the gang of disappointed kicked-in-the-butt victims of Kiir’s decrees, Machar’s own complicitous political criminality over the last eight years in the failed and murderous government under the once-adored Kiir, doesn’t justify his pretentious re-incarnation.
            These people, Machar, Nyandeng, Pagan, Lado Gore, Deng Alor (I thought he is in prison by now, remember the fire equipment scandal?) and all, while serving as ministers, governors or top party bosses, actively and conscientiously abetted their very nemesis, president Kiir, in the absolute misrule of South Sudan.
            Let’s be serious, all ye ‘comraiders’ of the SPLM: who amongst you ever raised your feeble voices against Kiir just one time when you were all malevolently enjoying the raping of the nation as ministers or as SPLM SG or top generals at Bilpham?
            With the rare uniqueness of the likes of Lawyer Peter Sule or Professor Nyamlele Wako, who amongst you, ye SPLM/A money lovers and political prostitutes, had the balls to confront Kiir when he blackmailed you in the list of 75?
            Now, since we all unanimously accept that President Kiir and the entire SPLM/A have completely failed the nation’s governance, services delivery and security, among many failures, the question being frequently asked is what was Vice-President Machar doing all those long years as things were ‘falling apart’ in the GOSS?
            Moreover, as we sadly remember slain patriot, Isaiah Abraham on his blatant state-sponsored assassination, what did Machar, the now-holier-than-Kiir, or any in the gang do to bring those allegedly apprehended suspects to trial or in the well-publicised murder case of Engineer Lewis allegedly by the Major-General Marial Jok of CID, why has he evaded justice and all ye ‘comraiders’ did nothing?
            Again, when the 4-billion dollar scandal was revealed by none other than president Kiir himself, what did Machar do to expedite the recovery or prosecution of the thieves of the peoples’ money by his own SPLM/A ‘comraiders‘?
            Incidentally, wasn’t it the same Machar who on a visit to the USA strenuously refuted that it was less than 4 billions that might have been stolen by his own ‘comraiders?’
            Come on, ye ‘comraiders’ of the SPLM/A, sincerely speaking, none of you has the moral compass or personal integrity or simplest humility to stand up and challenge Kiir since you are all collectively the same despicable rot that is surely and expeditiously killing our nation.
            Machar was one time the minister in charge of the Juba Power, but after eight years, Juba is a village with no light or piped water…what an absolute debacle.
            Nyandeng was once minister of communications in charge of roads building but was kicked out after dismal failure……still potholes on the roads in Juba and non-existent roads in the rest of the country…. but perhaps not surprisingly, she is questionably excelling only in her own family businesses.
            Would it not have been more sensible and patriotic if she had built her schools in her own restless and depraved Jonglei state for those martyrs’ children whose fathers were first coerced by her husband into the SPLM/A in 1983 instead of her educating the progenies of the SPLM/A thieves and the aliens in Juba?
            In all frankness, the biggest question that must be asked again and again is how CLEANER is Machar or any and all in the SPLM/A rot in comparison to the already and allegedly corrupted and failed Kiir?
            If anything, all preponderating evidence indisputably reveals that Machar himself is seriously a close or perhaps even a better contender to Kiir himself as allegedly being one of the richest personalities in the country.
            In fact, the SPLM/A is now an exceptional club of dollar multi-millionaires who’ve became very rich in a record short time unimaginable, including many of those Machar ‘comraiders’ now posturing as saviours of a nation they have collectively and rapaciously gang-raped.
            The evidence is all there in Juba: the multi-storied buildings, hotels, banks, V-8′s and businesses they own and/or in collaboration with their criminal partners from the Arab Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa, Gulf Arabs, just name any…..
            Furthermore, so many egregious crimes have been commissioned and committed by the combined Kiir-Machar regime in the eight years of their callous and untenable collaboration that should utterly negate Machar’s acclaimed innocence in the rotten system.
            Today, the freedom we had yearned for and millions had died for over the many decades, is quickly dissipating, along with the vision of Garang.
            More citizens are now wallowing in utter state of depravity and state of insecurity even in Juba, now the leading murder capital of the nation, whose scared men and women at night would rather defecate and piss in cans in the bedroom for fear of being killed going outside to the toilet.
            In all frankness, the problem of our country is the entire ruling SPLM party which admittedly has lost and subverted the vision and goal of the liberation war.
            As Frantz Fanon et al, stated on Africa, “that independence represented the capture of the State by local political elites who then used power to accumulate wealth.”
            Questionably, this party, the SPLM/A, duplicitiously and criminally accorded itself millions from the national treasury as if it was their divine right.
            Today, the SPLM/A party is sinfully and literally living off the blood of the cheated people of South Sudan, with thousands in the party machinery being paid by money looted from nation it has unforgivably immiserated.
            Inevitably, whilst the SPLM/A is now on a self-destructive course and sooner rather than later, it’s going to self-implode with dire and fatal consequences for the country.
            Interestingly, Machar has this eight-year cyclical leadership paranoia, an obsessive mental delusion that’s exaggerated by self-importance and presumption of leadership entitlement and posturing as if something divined unto him.
            First, after exactly eight years of SPLM/A founding in 1983 under Garang’s leadership, the impatient and tired of waiting Machar, launched the infamous 1991 Split in the Movement that led to gross patricide and devastating retardation and fracturing of the SPLM/A.
            Now again, it’s exactly eight years since 2005 when Kiir became President and SPLM/A leader, and now Machar is itching in his paranoid delusion for the leadership, as if predestined by some powers above, by leading a revolt against Kiir to become, by any means possible, the nation’s president.
            There is cause for trepidation in the nation as the SPLM/A is facing a possible splinter and deadly revolt, once again, that might possibly torpedo our country into another repeat of tribal war of cataclysmic proportion.
            Whether for Machar, Kiir, Pagan, Nyandeng or the entire SPLM/A rot, let’s pray no innocent blood be spilt again for the devilish ambitions of political reincarnation of these rotten SPLM/A personalities. END
            Adwok Nyaba’s response to Dr. Peter Wankomo
            Dear Peter,
            I had expected the Editorial to chart a direction. Not all the heavy words you used put together will change the volatile political environment that is emerging in South Sudan. We need something concrete, tangible and perceivable by our people. Dr. Mansour Khaled some years back wrote “the Government they deserve” that was immediately before the demise of the May regime. Mansour and others tried then to put right the faltering May regime. Looking back at what is unfolding today in South Sudan, I would say the same that we, as South Sudanese deserve the government we now have. Why?
            The political climate obtaining now has always been the same. We cannot dichotomize between now 2013 and the beginning of the SPLM in 1983, the aftermath of Yei crisis 2004 or following the tragic death of Dr. John Garang de Mabior 2005. The political elite or the common person on the streets in South Sudan have always behaved and reacted in the same way conforming to the status quo. People complain and indeed agonize, like this editorial, but nobody makes a departure by way of a counter organization suggesting that they can put up with their government bad as it may be.
            Transposing this on our context, in the absence of any meaningful alternative political party, the change of necessity must come from within the SPLM whether or not the drivers are devils or angels. That is why I disagree with you because you seem to suggest in the barrage of negative adjectives that anybody who participated in SPLM government is incapable to initiating a process leading to transformation of the oppressive condition obtaining in South Sudan. Revolutions are started and driven by those who have been involved in the oppressive regime. By virtue of their intimate knowledge and interaction with it they kick start the process. Neither the passive one nor the absentees can alter what is going on in South Sudan.
            I believe that Riek Machar’s Press Statement, which punctuates this political drudgery of agony, is better than the deceptive political calm that has characterised South Sudan since July 23rd when President Salva Kiir decreed the changes in government. We can reject the initiative launched by those who were part of the rut or stasis. That is the dynamics of life and politics. The NCP thugs have turned round and the ones running the show in the SPLM, because the SPLM leaders and cadres have since 2005 following the tragic death of Dr. John Garang been fighting themselves, blocking and short changing each other in the contest for power, influence and wealth. Many people did not see what was going on in the SPLM or decided to ignore it because they were more focused on the exercise of the right to self-determination and the referendum for independence.
            The SPLM internal crises have now come into the open and nobody can afford to be indifferent as to be blaming or complaining. Whether we like it or not it is our common obligation to put things right. As I said earlier, those who think they will pick up the pieces are deceiving themselves because there will be no pieces. We should strive to put the SPLM on its feet in order to put South Sudan on the right track of nation building and state building. It is in this context that I supported the call to begin the political discourse within the SPLM.
            It is the SPLM to clean its mess, reverse the trend towards ethnicization of politics in South Sudan and repair the social capital that bounded our people for centuries, which the war and conflict disrupted. It is therefore imperative to revitalize the SPLM through re-organization and institutionalization of its relationships. This is the only way to prevent the emergence of dictatorship. Kind regards
            Peter Adwok Nyaba

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Deng Handbol,
            First, thanks for reminding me about that article.
            Second, as I read it over again, my very words have truly and almost exactly turned out and proven very prophetic but at the same time sadly tragic. Machar and company have become political vagabonds, kicked out by mafia godfather Kiir Mayardit, from the Garden of Eden, the political and economic paradise of Juba that was then only exclusively reserved for the SPLM veterans.
            Third, today after Machar went back to the bushes, all those comrades deserted and abandoned him on the highway. This plainly proves that either Machar is absolutely unfit as a leader or that those comrades-cum-gangsters cannot reconcile their varied personal interests for the common good of the oppressed and depraved people of South Sudan.
            Finally, in the fast-changing dynamics of our politics, let’s look elsewhere for a better leadership alternative. Let us give a chance for new leadership, the likes of Thomas Cirillo or Bakasoro, perhaps they will be a better lot than them that once were the SPLM/A dinosaurs….. now sadly extinct or slowly going into extinction.

  9. Lualdit says:

    My Equatorian brothers,
    Please calm down. What J.Nguen narrated has great truth and wisdom in it. The opposition aim at this point should be to confront the common enemy in Juba. Not to plant seeds of discord. Equatorians have a right to seek independence if that is the path you want, but the current situation must be confronted first.

    • johnjerry says:

      Lualdit, it is very clear that the Opposition aim is to confront the common enemy in Juba, if they can do that from a different angle and meet in Rome that will be great because all ways lead to Rome and there are many ways how to kill a rat.Let me give you an example during the Zimbabwe war of liberation. There were two major rebels movement ZANLA the Zimbabwe National Liberation Army of the incumbent President Robert Mugabe and ZPRA of Joshua Nkomo who later formed a merger ZANU-PF.

      The first thing is to remove the dictatorial regime of Salva Kiir and come to a negotiating table to form a government that is respected by the people and for the people. Real Federation not like a totalitarian one like in juba now, Confederal or semi-autonomous states and not to held by a chain of JCEor NSE.Then and only then shall real peace return to this loving nation of ours.Give a chance to NSF/NAS of Thomas Cirillo or form a merger with SPLM-IO under a different name as the SPLM/A have destroyed our Unity.Many fingers clap better than one finger.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Kokora II, Nikalongo, and Editor,

      Go liberate South Sudan with your–Mr. Swaka’s jungle gangs–high travellers fighters that are nowhere to be seen in engaging the enemy in frontline. Why not go ahead and liberate South Sudan now from your perceived troublemakers and “flawed characters?” Liberate yourselves old-boys! It’s high time to be men among men, RIGHT!

      You have Gatdarwich’s blessing in your endeavor.

      Pleace and Ngundeng bless!

      • Nikalongo says:

        You think you talk sense, you are not. The Riek that you support and fight for, is as brutish and savage as Kiir. Before talking down Gen. Cirilo, talk about the Naath women being brutally raped and burned alive by the Monytuils, Pulnyangs, …etc Naath dominated and commanded forces in the heart of Bentui. Keep your mouths shut on Equatoria. How many Naath Generals and foot-soldiers are fighting to keep Kiir in power? You are a disgrace to yourselves.
        Equatoria will liberate herself and the day it does that, all of you including those lying in their graves will be deported. That day is coming, and coming faster than you think. Keep you superstitious blessings and Ngundeng to yourselves. We have no need for such. Idiots.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          Very many self-fish individuals from all the 64 tribes in South Sudan are fighting to keep Killer NyanKiir in power–not Minytuils or Puljang alone. We have Mamure of Otuho, Luis Lobang of Toposa, Wani Igga of Bari, Wani Konga of Mundari(all are Equatorians). Also, do not forget that General Cirrilos Swaka was the man in charge of logistic–supplying arms to these Naath and Equatoria Generals who keep killing, and helping Killer NyanKiir displaces Madi, Acholi, Bari, Shilluk, and other defenseless tribes from their ancestry lands. Trust must be told. Killer Nyankiir has many self-fish Naath and Equatoria Generals “who are fighting to keep Kiir in power.” Plus, General Cirrilos Swaka is still in Killer NyanKiir’s darling list–He is still, and is Killer Nyankiir’s agent purposely sent to confused Freedom Fighters with non-existence-fake NAF–Salvation movement. He was sent to collect and handover Equatorians fighting in the bush to Killer Nyankiir and the Jenges Council of Evils in a golden-plate. You might ask–How? Through fake peace deal–he (General Cirrilos) has already called and initiated a process for peace talk with Killer NyanKiir. Believe it or not, Cirrilos’s Salavation movement will, and shall militarily engage-fight-shot a single bullet at Killer Nyankiir’ forces in frontline anywhere in Equatoria region full stop

          • Nikalongo Sanduksanduk says:

            Just keep your mouth off Cirilo and concentrate on the home grown rapist in your backyards. You can ask ngundeng to pacify their souls. The Equatorians that you enumerated have never raised their hands against any South Sudanese. Betrayal and hooliganism is an Upper Nile syndrome, it is not Equatorian. Arms acquisition was never procured through the office of Gen. Cirilo.
            What Gen. Cirilo and NASF does and his method of choice is entirely his and nothing to do with SPLM-IO.

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          Welcome back to the forum! I hope all is well with you. Sir, let me pass it by you that Equatoria, the no-go zone, has caught fire since July 2016. I have yet to understand what happens to Museveni who supposedly was in South Sudan to protect Equatoria? Any idea?

          • Nikalongo says:

            I can see you taking pride in the conspiracy by the Naath and Jieng militia generals to transfer their hooliganism to Equatoria. It all happened after the August agreement in Adis. Museveni was forced by the terms of the agreement to withdraw from the frontline in Bor. The withdrawal was a mistake and the consequence is the large refugee population in Uganda.
            After the Adis agreement, Savage Kiir and Brute Riek agreed to maintain a ceasefire in Upper Nile but moved the fight to Central Equatoria (Lainya-Wonduruba triangle). Equatoria is slowly regrouping. Time will come for you GatCharweabol/darwich and your Jieng cousins to be pacified or be pushed out. Bashir and Arab North eventually left, didn’t they? It will be no different for you either. For now you can go on beating your bonny chest.

          • Eastern says:


            You must be dumb to believe that Museveni fought SPLA-IO to “protect” Equatoria. If you sit in the SPLA-IO advisory committee/politico-military council, the lucklustre performance of the organisation is attributable to your ineptness you have displayed here!

            Museveni doesn’t mean will for any person or organisation he engages with, Museveni is for himself only; he doesn’t want another Museveni-like leader in the region (since Museveni has this false believe that he’s the best leader subsaharan Africa has….).

            Go and put on your thinking cap so that you reason and discern issues better….

          • Gatdarwich says:


            Welcome back Wutnuer. Superb question to nyanthin Nikalongo. It’s seems like the poor and coward mrs. Nikalongo want UPDF back. Too late coward. You can’t claim to depose traitorous-killer nyankiir from the throne militarily without fighting his traitorous Jenges militias.

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            Be aware that Equatorian and Nuer are the victims of JCE and Juba regime. If you recalled, the so-called Nikalongo used to bragged that Museveni was in South Sudan to protect Equatoria. Clear minded Equatorian knew why Museveni intervened. Even Mr. Eastern knows why Museveni intervened; his mission is to keep Kiir in power so he can manipulate him at will. Far be it from me that I’m happy for what is taking place in Equatorian and else where for that matter. I was only mocking Nikalongo for thinking through his **s rather than his brain. Take it easy, pal.

          • Nikalongo says:

            Unknown to you, it is yourself and your Naath compatriots that you are mocking. People who think through their brain do not commit the kind of barbarism that the Naath and Jieng militias are doing. Go and tell the Puljangs, the Gadets and the Monytuils to refrain from raping and burning the Naath girls and castrating the boys in Bentui before opening your mouth on Equatoria.
            I never said Museveni and UPDF were in South Sudan to fight for Equatoria. But as long as the UPDF was stationed in Bor, Nuer and Jieng hooliganism was kept and contained far and away from Equatoria. If Museveni had not been misled by greed accruing from hosting refugees and the Adis agreement, he wouldn’t have probably withdrew from Bor. The result of the withdrawal is the close to a million refugees in Uganda.
            For your information, Equatoria knows that Museveni’s support for Dinka Kiir just like for Dinka Garang before is particularly linked to the politics of Uganda, not South Sudan as you falsely think. The belief by the Naath and IO demagogues that Museveni support Juba for trade purposes or for some other ulterior motive is ridiculous. Take this from me. Jieng and the Naath must pacify or South Sudan as currently constituted will be no more. Arab North was warned……………and South Sudan was born.
            Nikalongo sanduksanduk@hotmail.com

    • deng handbol says:

      Please, be constructive and respectful. Don’t use derogatory comments based on ethnicity. Naath is actually ally to Bari or Equatorians at large, Chollo as well as the people of Western B.Ghazal. For example, stay away from Machar and gang, they are opportunistic and myopic hypocrites. Once again, don’t use too pejorative terms.
      Thank you for your understand.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Deng Handbol,
        There is no disrespect when someone projects a criticism of a leader, or someone purporting to be a leader of a nation or people.
        Read Dr. Lual Deng’s book, “The Power of Creative Reasoning,” where he boldly criticized Kiir’s unsuitability as a “Joshua” for the nation, and yet he is still alive in Juba.
        There was nothing derogatory in my criticism and Dr. Machar rightly deserves plentiful of criticism for a leadership style that has definitely and inarguably proven lacking.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Don’t exclude these duo (Thomas Cirillo and Bakasoro) from SPLM organization. They’re part of the lot and not different from those you want to demonize. Both of them participated in Juba genocide of Nuer civilians. They also participate in unknown gunmen fiasco that continue to consume many non-Dinkas in Juba and surrounding areas. If we are to look for alternative, these duo are not the alternative. If you have a better plan, you got the job since you have no relation to those monstrous organization. Be the champion for the change we have been longing for.

      • deng handbol says:

        There are two reasons why sensible people in South Sudan would never support Gen. Cirillo’s movement.
        1. he never did anything to thwart his master Kiir from killing innocents Nuer civilians in 2013.
        2. he kept quiet when his home town man and South Sudanese statesman man lawyer Peter Sule was assassinated
        by Malong and Kiir

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Deng Handbol,
          Just some words of wisdom:
          1- The December 2013 ‘mini-war’ between Machar and Kiir became a complete fiasco due to Machar’s leadership incapacity. In my editorial piece on that incident, I explicitly made the crucial points that, one, Machar’s lack of leadership was a most important factor and two, the absolute lack of Nuer intelligence, given their then domination of the SPLA, the Military Intelligence and other vital organs, detrimentally and fatally contributed to the massacre.
          2- The SPLA and the SPLM are best known as conglomerations of tribal entities which were dominated by the jieng and Nath (Nuer), and it was predicted that sooner than later, the two tribes, already locked their horns, would fight it out, with disastrous outcome.
          3- Hence, during this time, the Equatorians and so-called minority tribes were anxiously awaiting the final Armageddon. Neither Gen. Cirillo, nor the others like Jadalla, Mamur etc.. could do much but silently await the outburst.
          4. Finally, be it the case of lawyer Sule or Isaiah Abraham and many others being killed by pres. Kiir, time will come when he will finally be made to accoufor these crimes, Machar also will be made to account for them, since some of the crimes were committed when he was vice-president to the killer, Kiir.

  10. Hoiloom says:


    Some of our Equatorian brothers see this as an opportunity to break free at last but I am afraid an independent Equatoria won’t be realized if all oppositions do not unite ranks and files. The good news is that the message we are receiving from Equatorian commanders from the field is supportive to the national cause. Let us wait and monitor the next move of general Swaka.


    • Gatdarwich says:


      Stop being a pathetic liar like your in-laws, the traitorous Jenges! Yes, the Equatoria Generals serving in killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime are enablers of the current chaos in south sudan. “They”have raised their arms”, not only against non-Dinka people, but specifically against the their Equatorians. Yei and Kajo-Keji are burning right now because of their help. Innocent Equatorians are displaced from ancestry lands because of their help. Madi, Bari, Mundari, and Acholi lands are presently Dinka cattle keepers’ safe haven. The traitorous Jenges cattle herders have permanently displayed the poor farmers in these areas with unreservedly full blessing of Equatorians serving in killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime–they are sold out for few bucks–$$$$! Chiefs and those against the displacement of people are either now in refugee camps in Northern Uganda or summarily executed. Trust must be told. The Equatorians serving in killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime have “raised” their higher arms in support of the Killer nyankiir’s and the Jenges Council of Evils than any others in South Sudan. Their arms are more than bloodiest than the Minytuils’.

  11. Bala says:

    I’m not a rebel or a sympathiser of the rebels. It seems the IOs want Dr Riek Machar as the only C-in-C. Any other rebel camp wanting to overthrow government is welcome aboard,as long as its leader has not in any way ranked himself C-in-C rather than being seen as a senior commander that is allied to the IOs under the Chairmanship of Dr Machar who initiated the revolution. In other words,it means there must be no other commander in chief running a parallel Chairmanship against Dr Machar in the revolution. The choice lies between the devil and deep blue sea.

  12. Martin L. says:

    Isn’t it ironic such an advice is coming from a Chairman of tribal council!

  13. Kokora 11 says:

    J. Nguen, Chairman of Nuer Supreme Council, Lawyer

    Sorry brother Nguen, I think you are taking the wrong route. If there are any group of people that you Nuers should be proud of and thankful for are the Equatorians. I don’t know when were you borne, but since 1955 to 2017 no Equatorian has ever target or gone against Nuer and vice versa, instead we see you as allies in these battlefields. After all Equatoria is made up of many different ethnicity but we celebrate our diversities. And that is why both Dinka and Nuer will never understand we operate. I think the main reason you are beating your chest is the fact that you hear many Equatorians are finally calling or demanding to breakaway from South Sudan, and you can not stand fact. Believe you me, there will be another referendum for the poeple of Equatoria to vote to stay or depart from SS. Hence; that means Nuer and Dinka will be left to share the remaining puzzle, and soon you will have no one to defend or intellectually advise you nor your frien-emy aka friend/enemy your cousin the Dinkas. And both of you are afraid of Murle that is why you think Equatoria will be your safe-heaven to hide after denigrating each other.
    Well your fears are becoming real now and be ready to accept Equatorians as equal partners on the next negotiation table. Gen. Swaka is not the one who call for this but like other commenters said above here the call we have made since 1982 during KOKORA -1 was loud and clear and will continue until we reach our goal.

  14. J. Nguen says:

    Dear all:

    I read your comments with great interest and learned a lot from them, particularly the deep seated hatred harbors by some of us toward each others. I will not in any way mimicked your resentments, rather, I will only repeat that there is “no Equatorians’ cause” without the cause of the people of South Sudan. Should any Equatorian out there think this remotely, then, that person is deadly wrong ten times, because such shortsighted vision is NOT feasible under the sun.

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      J. Nguen,
      You directed your concerns and worries at the wrong individual and community. If you real care about the well being of Nuer People, you should be very concerned and disturbed about the actions of Taban Deng Gai. I think he hates Nuer People. This self centred called Taban Gai has done serious damage to the SPLA / M – IO than any other individual. Slowly, he is picking a part the SPLA / M – IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar. Do not ignore his actions or under estimate his ability to dismantle the SPLA / M – IO. Frankly, you should focus your attention on Taban Gai. He is working against the cause of all South Sudanese People. He silenced vocal Nuer individuals including the spokesperson of Dr. Riek Machar and encouraged and participated in ethnic cleansing in Equatoria region, Western Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile. So, you be wise, do not pick a fight with friend. You make peace only with an enemy. If your intentions are genuine that you want to get rid of the genocidal regime in Juba, then you need to build bridges not break them.

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  15. Abel Magok says:

    Mr. James Nugen,

    This writer with his endless tittles has no right at all to accused anyone for tribalism as he himself a tribal man, typical village Nuer minded with western education. I have stated before in one of my commentaries what he said during 2010-2011 referendum and the statement still ringing in my mind like a bell.
    Mr. J Nguen said that if the Dinka do not change their attitudes, South Sudan will be like Rwanda, and released this statement before Machar’s war. Can anyone think of other characteristics of tribalism than those words or position stated by Mr. Nugen,? It is not fair for him to talk about tribalism.
    The writer was holding degree of International Development studies then according to him and has new tittle now of being a lawyer, we hope the new field of studies would shape his tribal views to become a nationalist.

    On his advices for General Thomas Cirillo, the writer might not understood or ignoring Equatorians, objectives clearly stated earlier by Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok, and general Thomas seems lading to the same direction, the objectives that fundamentally different from what Nuer’s war-lord generals pursuing, Equatorians wanted their region separated while Nuer wanted to see Dr. Riek Machar president of South Sudan, two different things and advices for general Cirrilo from Mr. Nguen won’t work here.
    None of Nuer’s war-lord generals ever talks about division, a position they share with Dinka, for South Sudan stay united, just the country need Nationalist leader capable to establish country of law and democracy where all are equal under the law including president and the system can fight those against the law, the nationalist needed of course won’t be Riek Machar.

    • J. Nguen says:

      Is South Sudan not more than Rwanda now Abel Magok if I can take it from your fabrication? If you have a brain, you would be appreciative that someone noted what was to come. Note, you should check with the Sudan Tribune, South Sudan New Agency, Nyamile and the Upper Nile Time, if what you will see here what is on the title about the NSC and being a lawyer. You must know that editors have their ways of twisting things so people like you can fell prey.

      • Abel Magok says:

        Nothing fabricated, it was your statement and the best thing an intellectuals can do for misspoken words is an apology and the worst thing is denial which take us to another level, being a liar.
        South Sudan is not more than Rwanda, Mr. Nguen and if that the brain as you talked of brains then I am sorry for such brain that does not differentiate between what happened in Rwanda from what in South Sudan.

        Rwanda’s war started and ended with ONE DEFINITION, THE GENOCIDE which is not the case with current situation of South Sudan. I believe you mean genocide when you stated your statement that if Dinka do not change their attitudes South Sudan will be like Rwanda. The statement was a tribal one.
        You are not a lawyer, why keeping silent unless you like it, you should have write a commentary for readers to know that something was twisted in your article, so you deny facts and let go wrong things that might benefit you, amazing.
        I have been for a long with this website writing commentaries but what I have observed, they don’t edite anything like other website for example Gurtong, rather they just publish what you have send like it is even spelling mistakes and some other issues like grammar, they do nothing on it.
        Yours might be exceptional if really something twisted in your article by the editor.

  16. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Dear Equatorian brothers,
    The message in J. Ngune article is that the SPLA / M – IO is dominant , superior and Equatorian and other South Sudanese must follow the SPLA / M – IO lead. J Ngune might have a point about mistakes made by Juba’s elites but his point took a back seat once he displayed dictatorship behaviour. Let us take a deep breath and observe how things develop. I just want to remind everyone that the enemy is sitting in Juba.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  17. Dhong says:

    Somali two.believe it or not

    • Loberito says:

      Roberto you made valid points. I agree with you that if the war does not stop in South Sudan now, South Sudan will become like Somali. God forbid, let us hope that the current war stops. James Nguen made some points, but he seems to base his view points on assumptions. For example, he assumed that Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo is lacking of “political foresight and experiences,” Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo is well recognized military soldier in Equatoria and South Sudan at large. James Nguen should know that Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo protested to fight the regime in Juba which brings the country and her people down completely. I was wondering if James is an expert in military and politics to become an adviser to Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo.

  18. BILL KUCH says:

    You go ahead do what pleases you and disregard the Nuer Supreme Council. What different would the NSC make in South Sudan? It is the second JCE of the Nuer community only. He wishes Gen. Cirilo to follow Riek Machar who was doing running his movement in the hotels of Eastern Africa. Riek and his NSC failed and they hate someone like Cirilo who formed his own party. If Nguyen was so smart, then how did Riek fail to do well? Why did Riek go against Garang and formed different party while Garang was still a rebel leader? Where were you then and why you did not give those advice to Riek in order for him to follow Garang since there was no Nuer cause?

  19. BILL KUCH says:

    You go ahead and do what pleases you and disregard the Nuer Supreme Council leader. What different would the NSC make in South Sudan? It is the second JCE of the Nuer community only. He wishes Gen. Cirilo to follow Riek Machar who was running his movement in the hotels of Eastern Africa. Riek and his NSC failed and they hate someone like Cirilo who formed his own party. If Nguen was so smart, then how did Riek fail to do well? Why did Riek go against Garang and formed different party while Garang was still a rebel leader? Where were you then and why you did not give those advice to Riek in order for him to follow Garang since there was no Nuer cause?

  20. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Nguen

    Just a reminder, please read what you wrote back (quoted below) in January 2014 about Equatorians in “Frabricated coup and Equatorians’s cowardice” published by SSN and your current article.
    The Equatorians’ silence and fault-line

    I personally applauded few Equatorians who publicly came out and articulated their stances so well. These courageous individuals went as far as stating what the region as whole should do in this opportunistic time.

    Sadly, I’ m partly disappointed by the silence majority. This is what I called the Equatorians fault-line in this crisis.

    For the last 8 years, from far east of Kibese bordering Lokichiogio of Kenya in the Eastern Equatoria State to far the west of Western Equatoria State bordering DRC, Equatorians YOUNG AND OLD have been furiously complaining of land grab, outright looting, all sort of abuses by Kiir’s machinery and wanted change.Fortunately, when change represented itself on December 15th before them, they cowardly coiled and hid for cover.

    Some Equatorians shamelessly called peoples’ uprising as Nuer vs Dinka war. As I write, some Equatorians are now in concubine like status with the same monster (government) they previously detested for abuse.

    The Equatorians held a conference early this month and their position is that the stand with Pres. Kiir’s government.

    What a shame! And one wonders what the heck just happened to yesterday’s brave men and women who wanted change?

    Maybe I forgot this: the Dinka and the Nuer’s claim of Equatorians’ cowardliness and possession of character of women-hood. Part of me questions that stance all along. Therein, I would like an Equatorian to convince me and help me fill-in the gap.

    For years, I have disputed the Dinka and the Nuer’s claim about Equatorians’ cowardliness but given their recent stand in this crisis, the claim appeared to be making a perfect sense.

    In so far, if the Equatorians cannot perfect the needed change in their reach, can they really free themselves from the predated bondage?

    Would they really get back grabbed lands from Kiir’s failed government without a fight? And do they really think someone else will come for their aid than their own and give them their grabbed lands in golden plate?

    I have no answer to these questions but Equatorians might. However, one thing is certain and clear, the Equatorians will not obtain their freedom and grabbed lands even though change comes to South Sudan if they continue to stand behind the rotten government of Pres. Kiir.

    In closing, I must state that the current crisis in South Sudan presents a golden opportunity for all Equatorians included.

    If truth be told, after this crisis, Equatorians don’t stand a chance of getting back their grabbed lands or liberating themselves from bondage.

    The Equatorians’ silence in this crisis is a misgiving and placing them at disadvantage. Their silence validates their consent to status quo or calls for no change. Also, Equatorians’ silence gravely proves alleged cowardliness and women –like -characters.

    J. Nguen is a South Sudanese living in Canada. He can be reached at nyolgaar@yahoo.com

    Now Mr Nguen, if you are an Equatorian, how would you feel about the arrogance you displayed by calling Equatorians cowards and women? Are Equatorians now wrong to stand up for themselves? Don’t you think that the Equatorians have right to stand on their own two feet? Nevertheless, you are right, Equatorian cause can not take precedence over South Sudanese cause and this is why you must not look at General Thomas Cirilo Swaka, the person as Equatorian but as a true South Sudanese patriot who has emerged to provide a solution to the mess in our country. Please, read the General’s resignation letter, his declaration to save the country and the latest statement to the country.
    General Swaka has referred to Dr Riek with full respect as his elder. He respects Dr Riek and has no ill feelings towards the Nuer. Those Nuer who worked with him will attest to this fact. So please do not wreck the existing good relationship and bond between the Nuer and the Equatorians including the other South Sudanese.
    Given the current situation, all the indications are that Dr Riek can not free the people from the tyrannical regime in Juba. However, General Swaka has the real potential to dislodge the regime. So I suggest that you carefully analyse the situation and hopefully you will be able to extend a hand of friendship and support to the General. Best wishes

    • J. Nguen says:

      Elhang Paul,

      First thing I must note is the fact that, I will never hide my intentions and identity. I shall always express my feelings as I so duly pleased. Second, I have must admit that I have great respect for People of Greater Equatoria, and more importantly those who advocated for the right of every man/woman in South Sudan be respected. The country is ours and no donkeys should be allowed to wreck it while we sit on the fence. If we have to burn it, be it. let’s give what belong to Cesare to Caesar.

      Third, I do not objects Equatorians standing up for themselves but I objected those Equatorians who think that Gen. Cirillo defection is wholly for Equatorians “cause” only. This is wrong and it’s what I objected strongly. I will oppose this shortsighted thinking always not only from the Equatorians but everyone who might wrongly think that their community is BIGGER than South Sudan.

      Fourth, another thing that I also objected Mr. Elhang Paul, some opportunists from the Equatorians who so far divorced from SPLM/A IO, trashed the movement as if it was an enemy to them or the problem that brought us here in the first place. I must say this is one of the core reasons I wrote that piece to Gen. Cirillo. To inform him that IO is not a foe but potential ally.

      People can twist and turn my piece as they pleased and I’ m not offended and I shouldn’t be. I have written many articles regarding South Sudan that put people off and I bet this will not be last one.

      For Abel Magok, if I have to say anything to you, I have no problem calling Salva Kiir’s failed government a Dinka government. Should you have any problem with that or remotely think I am tribalist for that matter, be it or go hang yourself and die alone. So much so, I have no respect and I will always calling out a bigot Dinka like you.

      • Abel Magok says:

        Mr. James Nguen,

        Hang yourself, what a cheap word, I never have problem with anyone criticizing government if you follow all my commentaries on this website, I believe government should be criticized constructively to function well.
        My problem with tribalist individuals and those with small brains who do not distinguish between Dinka or Jieng as a tribe and a person in government who happens to be a Jieng or Dinka. There are millions of Dinka out there who do not know what is going on with government in Juba.
        Dr. Riek Machar was in government for 8 years as second man in the country and Mr. Nguen never talked about Kiir’s failed government until Riek’s exit in Dec. 2013, and if there are failures there, then Riek and others were part of it and has nothing to do with millions of Dinka who are not aware of what in government.
        They are suffering like others and I believe nobody can govern South Sudan without any help from other tribes.

        I am urging you to correct what you think is twisted by editor in your articles so that readers know that you are not a lawyer and others are now coming up giving you another title, “Dr. Nguen.”
        You may need to confirm or deny that also though some readers might know who you are and what title’s truly yours in many titles you have written in different articles.
        I think Mr. info@southsudannation.com or editor is a democratic minded person and a very passionate man even commentaries against his personality are published and like I said he does not edit anything other than dates you sent you wrote and the date your written appeared which makes sense as time is different around the world, even within one country and I think is a good policy because people may claim their articles or commentaries are twisted like you did now.

      • Eastern says:

        J. Nguen,

        Fighting oppression is not a one-person’s struggle; Gen. Cirillo has offered himself to fight the oppression meted on South Sudanese and he’s complementing what others are already doing. Why all the fuss?

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      Elhag Paul,

      I support Equatoria movement 100% against tribal regime of Kiir. However, Cirillo group should not recruit from SPLA-IO as it would create conflict between the two rebel groups. The Cirillo group want to do exactly what Lam AKol has done, whose his objective was to defeat SPLA-IO first before starting to fight with the genocidal regime in Juba.. If the goal of the Equatoria movement lead by Cirillo is to fight Nuer rebels then they will not succeed and the IO will not succeed either. It would be better if the two rebel groups find a better way to fight the common enemy. But good luck if the Equatorian want to fight first.

  21. Bodmas Emmy says:

    Stop writing, there are combatants in the field of war, if you were to be in the front line it would make sense. you better eat in the hotels where ever you may be. One word is enough for a wise man.

  22. Hoiloom says:


    Some of our Equatorian brothers might not like your sincere talks but I definitely agree with everything you narrated above. The learned Editor and the rest should be cautious about General Swaka’s motives. A three star general cannot defect without soldiers but let us wait and see if we will witness another Lam Akol in making. Some of these briefcase or hotel movements are there to delay our ultimate victory against JCE led regime. Swaka assumed that once he announce his movement the Equatorians will rush to support him blindly, forgetting the commanders in the jungles of Equatoria are IO loyalists.


  23. Alex says:

    If you lack a vision, you will always be in problems. I saw this coming and I wrote about it but Mr info was trying to put me down together with Toria. What happened in Upper nile will soon happen in equatoria. I think Cirilo now understand it well. He thought it is easy and if he is not careful, he will meet his Mecca soon. Taking someones’s wife has a consequences and I pity you for having been mislead by those in diaspora. These people have no vision and they only depend on believe theory. The diaspora have no scientific knowledge of researching things and they have now pushed you to the running water current.
    You have a choice now to either to try to swim across the river or you have to retried. The bushs in equatoria are infected by lions and mind you do not listen to the advice of people who are far enjoying life without knowing what is a gorilla life. So choose between life and death. If you undermine this advice, you will regret the whole of your life. Those who argue a lot must stand up to face the situation but not sending you alone.

  24. False Millionnaire says:

    It’s à pity to seem to have learned nothing about equatorians yet.
    It isn’t less irresponsable to accept to be mislead by the conducts of contradicting fools like Alhag and King Longunu who are out of their minds to show sticking fingers to such nuer Fire brands like Dr ngun and Gatdawich.
    U would never be wrong to bet that invisible intelligent equatorian forces have already cooked the carrots.Well organized,discrete and effective in actions,général TC is their chairman and commander in chief by merit of consensus.Why would u think he hasn’t soldiers when the whole equatoria that’s the 3rd of RSS is for him?
    U will be forced to bite raw carrots without ever wanting to if u don’t stop that attitude of seeing him as a hôtel movement’s chairman and C-I-C.It’s à life long home work that has already undone Dr Riek with the next targets being Kiir,the JCE and the jieng to complet the suprime objective that’s the RSS’ helm of power.

  25. Toria says:

    Look at this stupid Alex, same old rhetoric while the country is sinking deeper and deeper everyday. You have never matured and still think that you can convince people to join or rejoin your rotten uncle’s murderous regime? Shame on you pal. Have you heard the saying; “it’s better to be free but poor than be rich and a slave on your own land?” Do you really think South Sudanese are that dumb? The people who opened your eyes from the beginning and today you are enjoying the fruits of the labor that you Jenges hijacked while we faced the Jallaba enemy you were busy crafting evil ways to loot SS? Indeed that was where we the original liberators failed, not realizing you Jenges are snakes and wolves in sheep skins. But now it’s apparent and since there are no more Jallaba to fight but only you are the targets. Mind you; your advice to Gen. Cirilo felt short, he already was in the bushes before you, and his older brother Peter Cirilo was in Anya nya one even before John Garang and Salva Kirr knew about rebellion war. Again, the reason we want the war to come to Equatoria is to disrupt the base of the Jenge regime in Juba. Since it is not in Equatorians hands as of now but that is about to change, I can reassure you that the future of SS is in our hands. Do you remember what I promised you? Our calls for rebellion started small few years ago but it’s now growing like wildfire, each day more rebel groups and there is no more returning to status quo until we get what we want. One by one, we are changing mindsets. Alex; the true and final liberation is on the rise, and for sure there will come a time every South Sudanese will know the problems of SS is no one but the Dinka elite’s stupidity. Just listen and watch this prophesy long before independence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrAAZUXgAZk. You are a hypocrite to call others “enjoying life without knowing what is a gorilla life”. Are you really that dumb? Who is enjoying life? IF YOU HAVE BRAINS TO COMPREHEND; NO SINGLE SOUTH SUDANESE IS ENJOYING LIFE, WE ARE ALL SUFFERING BEING IT PHYSICALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY. Except for you the murderers and thieves, you may be enjoying the stolen monies but that is a short lived luxury http://www.latimes.com/world/africa/la-fg-south-sudan-corruption-20160912-snap-story.html. The blood money will soon run out and you will face real justice in due time. Just watch this video here and see how stupid your people are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIxsVxG4iaw
    Alex you are destined to burn in the Fires of Hell.

  26. Toria says:

    Hoiloom and Gatdarwich,
    You really need to be careful of what you are asking for. Please think of the twenty or so thousands of Nuer murdered in Juba on December 15, 2013; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6WoL2jVcOQ. I can personally testify to you that we had some Nuer families hidden in our house on that darkest day which we will never forget, those families are very grateful to us to date even as we speak they are living in UN Protection for Civilian Camps. Do you even care about your people or all you want is the so-called Stupid Leadership? I read Lt Gen. Cirilo’s letter of resignation and his manifesto; he did not say anything against Dr. Riek or Nuer. Just to let you know Equatoria is not Upper Nile or Bahr Ghazal, indeed we are very distinct in the ways we live and if the people of Equatoria say they want to go their way it’s there call, no matter even if Dr. Riek or Taban Deng Gai becomes the next president. This is the call just like when Southerners asked in 1955 for independence from Sudan, it took us 62 years to get our independence. And so we too understand that ours will not come overnight just because Gen. Cirilo rebelled and declared NAS in which he never mentioned anything about Equatorian secession but rather salvaging the country from total disintegration. But let me make it clear to you fellows; at the end of these there is gonna be a referendum just like South Sudan did in 2005 and now Abyei is trying and so shall the people of Equatoria will vote to part or stay, I personally promise you that the vote will be leave this damn mosquito infested lagoon and YES to INDEPENDENT EQUATORIAN NATION.

    And to Mr. Nguen
    I think your fear is that Gen. Cirilo will take over IO supporters, yes that is a good reason to fear, because IO could be anything today. Do you mean the leader-less IO in the bush or the Juba-IO? They both have hit a dead ended road. Dr. Riek is permanently exiled in South Africa; actually I would agree with you if IO would invite Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka back to take the leadership of IO, I respect him more than many other Nuer generals. So; why not look at a new strategy and perhaps let us aske Gen. Cirilo and Gen. Peter G. Yaka to join hands and that could help to revive a new united resistance movement. My advice to you fellows is that; for now let us not worry about leadership rumbling and stay focus.

  27. Gatdarwich says:


    Dr. Riek has not “permanently hit a dead end” or politically dead like what Mr. Editor said. Plus, you must ask yourself this simple question. What would make the forces behind Dr. Riek to simply kneel down and say HAIL To SAVIOR Cirrilos even if they ovewhelmly refused to do it to the prominent figures like Taban, Lol, and Gatdet who left Dr. Riek, and now cannot set foot in their own birth villages?
    Good luck with Cirrilos’ National Salvation. I hope the salvation forces start evicting those who have been forcefully occupying Bari-Madi- Acholi(Equatorians’ lands) since 1991. Don’t you think that these oppressed Equatoria communities deserved to taste the first fruit of Salvation! Hahaaaaa.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Your sarcasm might not be welcome by supporters of the NAS. Many or should I say most supporters or sympathizers of NAS have or are still supporting the Machar’s IO and they respectfully deserve some support.

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      You have been spinning in a circle for so long. now, you are dizzy and unconscious. You do not know what happens in your immediate surrounding. Taban Gai, Lol and other from your community are doing Kiir’s dirty work. They are helping Kiir starve innocent Nuer to dead. when are you going to free members of your community who have been starved? Just remember those who fight IO in unity state and Upper Nile are Nuer.

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  28. Agoro Tuwa says:

    To my Comrades,

    South Sudan belong to us, whether your Equatorian,Nuer, Jur, Dinka, Chuluk, or Madi. Junub is our land. As an Equatorian we supported Riek Machar in so many ways. However, Dr. Riek has undermined our support and continue to marginalized as he has always since Nasir Movement. However my point here is not about we Equatorian being marginalize , but instead it’s about the vision for south Sudan. whether you agree with me or not, Equatorian cannot rule South Sudan alone, Nuer Cannot rule south Sudan alone, Dinka cannot rule south sudan alone, there will be no Peace. Therefore, we need to look at our difference as a strength not a weakness. As evidence, this very South Sudan existence should be a testament to that strength. Dinka did not fight alone, Nuer did not fight alone, Equatorian did not fight alone, It took collective sacrifice of all the distinct group blood to cement our national foundation.

    FYI: we’ve been blaming Salva kiir for the mess and we forgot the mastermind behind the curtain… Abel Alier. The true enemy of South Sudan and of peace. During the liberation struggle he was the top advisor to Bashir on how he can exterminate Southerner. First by introducing Kokora in southern Sudan, Divide and conquer. and now he provoked very much the same sentiment… the divide-to-rule policy that he masterminded in Khartoum…What a shame…These are people that should be burned alive when captured so that they feel the pain they have caused society.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      At the end of each and every article, there is a place for writing your comments.

  29. Lokosang says:

    Brother Nguen,
    if you were wise enough, you would have judged general Cirillo based on the content of his resignation letter but not on what others say. Have you heard from the general that the objective of his movement is to liberate Equatoria? If not why all these worries. Every South Sudanese has absolute right to form his independent movement provided that the objective is the same to topple the regime in Juba.
    The notion that every one who is against the regime has to come under SPLM-IO is wrong. It is this believe that caused all this problem in South Sudan.
    Salva Kiir didn’t want Dr Riek to express his intention for the leadership. In any election no any senior member has right to contest in any democratic election except him Kiir. He wanted Dr Machar to remain his deputy till he died or when something terrible happened to him then Dr Riek has to take over. It is the same concept you want to bring to opposition movements.
    Instead of standing against the National Salvation Front, we should welcome it with open heart and work in alliance to defeat the common enemy.
    This is what I have mentioned in my advice letter recently to all opposition movements.
    Because of worry and fear we forgot to direct our criticism to the regime in Juba, and instead we direct our criticism to each other. What a shame!

    A wise successful business person is he who don’t put his eggs in one basket but diversifies them. If something went wrong with one still he survives. All the mess in our country and the suffering of our people is the creation of SPLM/A because it failed to fulfilled the objectives that it was fighting the regime for the last 21 years. Therefore the name SPLM/A has become a nightmare to our people. Even the international community believed that SPLM/A failed South Sudan. Wether international community or our people, all fed up of SPLM/A. They want to see some thing new that can bring a change not the restoration of the same failed party.
    The fact that SPLM-IO is lead by Dr Machar, doesn’t meant that it is a Nuer movement. The same with NSF though it is being lead by a Qualified general who hailed from Equatoria doesn’t meant it is only for equatorial. We should remove
    these rotten tribal ideas and work together in a national spirit to bring a total change in our country.
    Finally my advice to those shallow minded Equatorians and Nuers who are preaching wrong message that Equatorians are planning to break away! please stop this nonsense other wise you will be accountable for the damages that may arise as the result of you illusive propaganda.

    • J. Nguen says:

      Brother Lokosang,

      I wonder what would it takes to be that “wise” man or women? Note, I offered my views and I would be very please to read yours too.

      As for my Muslim brother Abel Magok, I referred you to those websites so you see it for yourself what title (s) I penned and indeed the title of this article as well. But because you are so fixated on your Khartoum con-men’s mentally, you chose otherwise. Therefore, I wonder how can I hep you, then?

      You know being an MD or the doctor of philosophy is a nice title to have; and so that said, I will sign it under my name if I carries either one of them. My brother Gatdrwich thought I was MD Joseph Nguen Monytuil, which is easy to confused given the fact that I signed J. Nguen.

      Note, in my world, I believe I am a very credible man and I know my limits it comes to this question of know how. I may ask, are you a Dr. Abel?

      • Abel Magok says:

        Mr. James Nguen,

        I don’t know what you talking about, am I a Muslim? how you determine that or arrived into such conclusion that I am a Muslim? guessing, hearing it from someone or my name Abel could tell that I am a Muslim?
        I can come out with some conclusions in your talks Mr. Nguen.
        first you are carrying Christians name James, but never read the Bible, otherwise you have know the name Abel is there in the Bible and has no synonym with Islam names.
        Second you seem confused lost your mind just release any word came into your mouth and I could understand the amount of pressure and criticism you found yourself in from Equatorians, over what they named an arrogant or unthoughtful article and their hard criticism overwhelming your thinking and small brain of yours leaving you senseless to release any word just coming to your mouth.
        Moreover, i am not in Khartoum and when you become divorce with Khartoum? while you wrote an article before on this website suggesting that South Sudan peace should be entrusted to president Al Bashir, in Khartoum and he is the one capable to bring peace in South Sudan than other countries of IGAD.
        am I Dr. Abel, silly question, i don’t know what brought such question in your mind? I never wrote any tittle for myself on this website and no any person wrote giving me such tittle or any other tittles like what happened with your article and commentaries from others telling readers tittles you are not possessed and keep beating around without denying or confirming them and if not my commentaries, readers would have take you being a lawyer or Dr. Nguen.
        Calm down my brother to get back to your normality so that you can not release words without clear thinking.

        • J. Nguen says:


          Come down my Muslim friend. Why running away now while it was good when you were dinning with our Muslim brothers in the Sudan before independence and during the war? Sorry, I exposed your Khartoum’s con-men character. I loved it!!!!

          • Abel Magok says:

            James Nguen,

            Some people when they find themselves defeated, and Mr. Nguen seems to be one, they just throw out words randomly, to satisfy their confused brain, go ahead Nguen if your confused brain got comfort with the word Muslim.

  30. Bol says:

    New reality,
    Its evident from these comments that NAS will soon start targeting Nuer and their Equatorians allies such as Martin Kenyi ( if he is still alive) with Domino Effect consequences where a (forest gang) would be chasing another (forest gang) all the way from remote villages to J1 ! ….Gatdarwich miltary activity is now confined to kidnapping of Pakistani oil worker and long internet war rhetoric … Kiir is damn lucky to cash in this new reality….

    • Gatdarwich says:


      NAS movement of General Swaka have absolutely no real fighters anywhere in South Sudan( in Equatoria Region). SPLA-IO forces in Equatoria region won’t target General Swaka’s forces(when Swaka recruit and train his fighters). Their ultimate main goal and our is the same–depositon of Killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils from power.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      The Pakistani-Taliban trainer which killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils hired to provide terrorists’ training to Malong’s militias, was not, ” an oil worker”, and was not kidnapped, but captured in the battlefield while actively providing a field training to the killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime troops with how to practically apply six tactics of terrorism–indiscriminate bombing of non-Dinka towns-villages, hijacking delivery of humanitarian aids to non-Dinka areas, arson–burning down to ashes non-Dinka towns-villages, kidnapping of SPLA-IO officials in Nairobi, keeping hostage of non-Dinka civilians in UNMISS camps. Killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils have expanded these six terrorism tactics to nine–assassination of the Killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime opponents in Uganda(A.Sule), ambushing and killing of humanitarian aid workers(80 people already dead), robbery of non-Dinka bussiness personnel(daily committed by what are famously known as “unknown gun men in Juba”).
      Cousin Bol, killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils have been undeniably implementing terrorism tactics since the beginning of this deadly tribal war in December 2013 to the present. In other word, killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges Council of are evidently running an endemic terrorism organization in Juba.
      I challenge any Dinka who read Gatdarwich’s factual comments to provide counter or evidence-based argument.

      Peace and Ngundeng bless,

      Patriot Gatdarwich.

  31. Samuel Atabi says:

    This debate must be seen as a test of coalitions and alliances that have ranged against the tribal regime in Juba. But the debate must not be allowed to break these alliances simply because the debaters cannot restrain themselves. For those who watch or read international news, you should have by now seen how restrained are countries like Germany and Britain in criticizing the disruptive utterings from their number one ally, President Donald Trump. The two sides to this debate must take care, lest they push each side further away. For Equatorians, you need to be observant, as some have already pointed out here, about some of the Nuer leadership who are bent on pulling the rest of Nuer back to their century-old bitter-sweet alliance with the Jieng. A Jeing wag once told a gathering of Equatorians the following: “Our brothers the Nuer do not understand that the Equatorians do not know the difference between the Jieng and Nuer; they call of all of us ‘Jenge’, whether you are a Jieng or Nuer”. If the Equatorians go over the top with their criticism, they will only help Taban Deng Gai to capitalize on this sentiment to gain the remaining Nuer members of the IO for the dictator in Juba. Personally, I think that this is a serious possibility the longer Dr Riek Machar stays away from the political discourse in South Sudan. When this happens, the losers will be the suffering South Sudanese of all tribes. Conversely, Equatorians are very proud people and despite their phlegmatic reaction to insults and provocations, the harsh words, such as those from Nuer like Gatdarwich and Nguen, can make Equatorians in IO to migrate en mass to Gen Cirillo. There is nothing Dr Machar or any other Nuer can do to prevent this move. If this happens, again the losers will be the brutalized South Sudanese.
    We have said enough and the enemy is rubbing his hands gleefully as we mutually disembowel ourselves like chicken cannibals.

  32. Hoiloom says:

    Samuel Atabi,

    Thank you for for this noble advice. Your message is loud and clear. All the opposition members need one another.


  33. Bentiu Ramaran says:


    You are praising a weak commander who advanced to higher position through Affirmative Action. Cirillo had never attacked a town or captured a town anywhere in Greater Equatoria as he does not know any other part of South Sudan.
    Educationally, he is naive educated man. Cirillo has never been a strong commander since he joined the SPLA in 1992. I was one of those who welcomed Cirillo to the SPLA outside Juba in 1992.
    When the SPLA captured some parts of Juba and nearly captured Juba entirely, Cirillo joined us outside Juba. He thought Juba would be captured that day.
    Understand that Cirilo is not a threat to Riek and he will never be a threat to Riek and Nuer in general.
    However, I support anyone whose goal is to overthrow Kiir. I do not mind whether it would be an Equatorian or someone else..

    • Nikalongo Sanduksanduk says:

      What have the Jieng and Naath gained from brevity? Nothing. Your number in strength is an instrument of barbarism, not progress. See Pal, the Naath and Jieng nations measure strength and bravery by how many civilians are killed, how women are raped, how much destruction to property is done and how much loot is robbed. Gen. Cirilo and people of the belt (Equatorians) on the contrary do not commit such barbarism to be considered strong. My advice to Riek’s hooligans like you (Ramaran), Gadarwich, Nguen and others hiding behind the superstitions of ngundeng is to hurriedly go and rescue the Naath women from being raped and burned alive by the Monytuils, Pulnyang, Gadets,..etc commanded Naath forces. Concentrate in saving yourselves from yourselves and leave Gen. Cirilo alone. There is a log in your eyes, remove it first.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        If Equatorians are visionaries, fighters and great politicians, then where are the the Equatorians South Sudan Democratic Front and REMNASA movements, if I may ask you? They dispeared like waste dropped in the dumbsters.Your Cirillo movement will disapear soon like gas release into the air in the same way those two Equatorians lead movements diminished.

        • Nikalongo says:

          I have an answer for you and your likes. Equatoria know where REMNASA and SSDF movements are. The Naath dominated IO and the Jiengs IG have been jiterry over Cirilo for good reasons. IO think they have forces in Equatoria, they don’t. Likewise, IG think they have Equatoria in their pockets, they don’t. You see, we are a lot wiser. While you believe in numbers, brute force, raping your own women, castrating your boys, confining your own people in UNMISS camps, we don’t do that kind of barbarism. We believe in quality and civility, not hooliganism.
          Do you know why even in peaceful times the Jieng and Naath leave their villages for peaceful Equatoria? There is a kind serenity that Equatoria provides that can never be experienced in Jieng and Naathland. Peaceful coexistence as exemplified in Equatoria is the result of our visionary leaders and politicians. If Brute Riek and Savage Kiir only had an iota of the Equatorian vision, SS would be the Hongkong of Africa. Stop talking about Gen. Cirilo, go to rescue the women of Bentui from the carnage of the Puljangs, Monytuils, Gadets, ngundengs,…etc.

          • J. Nguen says:


            Are you advocating for Gen. Cirillo to fight other opposition or the regime in Juba? If your campaign is indeed for Cirillo to fight other oppositions, then, you have no different with satanic enemy in Juba. And in fact you are the first enemy to be neutralize.

            My point in the above piece is to advise my brother Cirillo not to get confuse but form alliance of convenience with other oppositions. “Convenience” in this sense means he would only agreed on things that may not harm NAS in the long term. However, some shortsighted Equatorians took this literally as if I am asking Gen. Cirillo to join IO ,which is wrong and will never do..

          • Nikalongo says:

            That “confusion thing” you are talking about is not Equatorian, it is a Naath and Jieng syndrome. You want more knowledge about confusion and how it looks like, look no further than your backyards. Confused people do not bult the kind of peaceful and forward looking existence you find in Equatoria. Gen. Cirilo is not confused nor is he short-sighted. He knows what he is doing. He has no reason to fight anybody but hooliganism and violators of citizens’ civil rights.
            If you have advise to offer, give that to the Gadets, the Monytuils, the Puljangs,…etc who are working havocs on the dignity of the Naath ladies and denying future Naath people by castrating young boys in the heart of Naathland.


          • Deng Handbol says:

            Deng Handbol’
            Just for a reminder, Nikalongo is 100% a Dinka man. His mere intention is to divert attention from the tribal regime problem. Therefore those of James Nguen, Ramran,Gatdarwich and Hoiloom from Naath Community should completely ignore his comments. I would also like to alert our comrades from Greater Equatoria that Nikalongo is a Jeinge. And as I mentioned earlier that his intention is to divide and rule.

          • Deng Handbol says:

            Deng Handbol’
            I would like to let you know that Nikalongo is 100% a Dinka man. His mere intention is to divert attention from the tribal regime problem. Therefore those of James Nguen, Ramran,Gatdarwich and Hoiloom from Naath Community should completely ignore his comments. I would also like to alert our comrades from Greater Equatoria that Nikalongo is a Jeinge. And as I mentioned earlier that his intention is to divide and rule.

          • Nikalongo says:

            Deng Handbol,
            Equatorians are no fools, your advice will quietly be ignored. Beside, where Nikalongo comes from is really not important, it is what Nikalongo says that matters. If there are forces peddling divisive politics and policies in South Sudan, they are the Jieng and the Naath communities. They (Kiir and Riek) seek alliances to support their selfish interests and those of their tribes, clans-mates and families not the interests of other tribes and the country. Before Dec. 2013, the Jieng and the Naath dominated both the security and civil services. Is that not so? Did other tribes matter when the going was good? Why now?
            Deng handbol, only blind government, rebel and tribal apologists and habitual fools buy into claims that Riek is any better than Kiir. The status is out and finished. Do not think the Jieng and Naath are invincible. They are not. Take this from me. If there will be no change in attitude toward a humane co-existence, SS as currently constituted will be buried and a totally new one will emerge from its ruins. The losers in that drama of death, burial and rebirth will be the Jieng and Naath.

    • Eastern says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,

      Modern war requires tact but not displaying to others that you are the chief warrior the way Gabriel Tanginya and others in his league are doing. Dr Machar has been demonised by many in the SPLA-IO for his slow approach to issues instead of launching an all-out war with Kiir.

      This nonsense of weak general, Equatorians are weak, we captured this town, I participated in that battle, Cirilo never attacked a town or captured a town anywhere in Greater Equatoria, etc is good to be shared over a bonfire, a cup of tea or a bottle of beer during your leisure or free time with your contemporaries, if you don’t mind.
      Such backgrounds do not contribute to the outcome of the monumental task Gen. Cirilo has at hand!
      The general was not dismissed, he had planned for his exit from the tribal kleptocrats – it is a calculated move. Those peddling lies that Gen. Cirilo resigned and left SPLA-Kiir as a loner without a single soldier accompanying him to the bush are entitled to their opinions. The most important thing is, Gen. Cirilo has offered to lead the masses to dislodge Kiir and cohorts.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Bentiu Ramaran,

        Welcome back Wutnuer. Let the truths be told to the cowards by the bravest and the mightiest men in South Sudan.

        Peace and Ngundeng bless bless,

        Patriot Gatdarwich

  34. Hoiloom says:


    I think you misunderstood the point GatCharwearbol is driving home. Some years ago Nikalongo said on this very website that UPDF came to South Sudan to protect Equatoria fron brute Nuer and savage Dinka. Another point GarChar is making is the fact that Nikalongo also mentioned Equatoria is civilize, peaceful and would never catch Dinka-Nuer fire. I guess a lot has changed since 2013 and counting….


    Welcome back brother! Mathiang Anyor has not yet reached Pagak as FM and Bol assumed . The dry season offensive has miserably failed as IO stood firmly on its defensive positions. Those who thought Dr. Machar was the problem are the ones running to South Africa to consult with him. Without Teny Dhurgon there won’t be any meaningful peace in RSS.

    Hoiloom .

    • Eastern says:


      How did I misunderstand GatCharwearbol? What Nikalongo said some years back was his opinion and it has nothing to do with Equatoria as an entity. Nuer and Dinka are just part of the 64 or so tribes of South Sudan.

      You argue that without Teny Dhurgon (with the blessings of Ngunden, I guess), there wont be peace and it at appears you forgot the Equatoria factor in the scheme of things! Any body who want to rule a peaceful South Sudan must know that there is a group called Equatoria, about 50% of the 64 or so tribes of South Sudan.

      From henceforth, change your thinking in terms of numbers!

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Thank you for clearing the murky air. It is sad that you can’t say a thing and it is already distorted before you finish saying it. Comrade Eastern has rushed to the defensive mode when there is no ill directed towards Equatorian as whole. I was only mocking the shallow minded, Nikalongo for uttering nonsense in 2013, which you correctly stated. Let the wishful thinkers (Bol & False Millionaire) continue with their usual propaganda. SPLM-IO will stay until permanent peace is attained.

  35. Onyi Itara says:

    Join hands rebels!

  36. Nikalongo says:

    I said Museveni and UPDF was there to preveent the war from spilling over to Equatoria at a time Equatoria wasn’t in position to defend her borders from marauding Naath and Lieng militia soldiers. That the war spilled over to Equatoria is a conspiracy by the Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riek and their militia generals.
    Is it not true that Equatorians are more civil that you and your Jieng cousins? Those disturbing peace and robbing commuters on the roads are hungry Jieng militias and reminants of Naath militias displaced after J1. Barbarity is an alien concept in Equatoria.
    Just keep on beating your bonny chest, we will throw you and your dead on our soil out when that time comes.

  37. Bol says:

    Thanks for reminding me about Mathiang Anyor failure to enter Pagak which is disgraceful and painful. Congratulations to the White Army for putting an end genocidal regime. It did dry tears in many eyes….Is there anybody out there who still doubt Nguendeng’s prophecy?
    Gat…bol, welcome back. ….This has been a long one, I thought may be the” active pick up season’ might have silenced some annoying canons! Silly me.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      It caused Billion dollars to park Dr. Machar in South Africa. It had also caused Billion dollars to picked up the outspoken Dr. Machar’s spokesman, James Gatdet Dak. I’m very sure it would have caused Trillion Dollars for Kiir Mayar to hire Kenyan authority to pick me up for deportation. Too expensive I’m… Go borrow more money from China or wherever you can.

  38. Hoiloom says:


    Take it easy brother as we may need one another and if not then good luck with Republic of Equatoria. Although it will take more than well articulated articles on SNN. All the best!


    • Nikalongo says:

      Well articulated articles on SSN is part of the process. Do not worry of how we will get there because there, Equatoria will get. All we need is for people like you to stop dressing down Gen Cirilo and Equatoria. Equatoria have no hands in the killings of South Sudanese. You will do well to concentrate on building Naath brotherhood so as to rescue yourselves from Naath on Naath carnage.
      Remember that You and your cousins were once cleansed from beautiful and peaceful Equatoria. It will happen again if you do not know how to live in peace.

  39. Hoiloom says:


    Thanks Bol for acknowledging that the White Army is a force to be reckon with. Indeed the Eastern Nuer and Lou are enjoying some stability compared to the Western Nuer whom you have successfully managed to bribe and divide. My own mother just arrived last week to Ethiopia for medical treatment and she lives 20 km away from Nasir where Mathiang Anyor are confined to their trenches@ Wech Yar Adiu (5 km from Nasir) while our Bentiu folks have been scattered into swamps and surviving on water lilies. Imagine if the Nuer have a bit of logistic support, you and I know the head of Mathiang Anyor, Kiir Kuethpiny wouldn’t be sitting in J1 now but his time is coming slowly but surely.

    One more thing; how is the peace implementation coming along with STD(Stephen Taban Deng)?


  40. James Minge says:

    jieng council is wrong ideology from it foundation. idea came like black evil across to equatoria. before they came there was peace. but now is like a hell. Thomas wanted to bring south sudan together…. big thanks to him

  41. Hoiloom says:


    Stopping twisting comments of others, please. Where did I mentioned that we don’t need Equatoria region in peaceful South Sudan? I am against bigotry of Nikalongo and nothing more, don’t complicate matters.


    • Nikalongo says:

      I thought you enjoyed twisting comments of others. Before Dec. 2013, 70 % of SPLA foot-soldiers were Nath and 70 % of the SPLA commissioned officers were Jieng. Was that tribal chauvnism or bigotry? I am proud to be a bigot for Equatoria. . Listen and listen carefully. If Naath and Jieng do not end hooliganism, there will be no South Sudan. Kokara once cleansed you and your types from Equatoria, it will happen again if you do not change. Not Ngundeng, not Museveni or any other force will prevent it.

  42. Bentiu Ramaran says:


    Go ahead to execute your elemination of Dinka and Naath in Equatoria now stop Blah Blah Blah without any action. What I know your words are stronger than action. Equatorians are well known big tongue field commanders. They usually fought the battles harder with their mouths.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Why eliminate you? We respect life. Only idots go around killing others. In Equatoria, we do not do that kind of barbarism. Talking is part of the process. What have you Naath and the Jieng gained from fihgting? Nothing. You should be ashame praising your mights. 80 % of the jieng and naath war dead during the war of liberation died fighting intra or inter communal battles. But I am glad you understood, and understood me correctly. For now you can brag about your might or hang around like ticks in beautiful Equatoria. When that time comes, you will get a marching order or be marched out. Do you know when Bashir and his gang of jihadists will come back to South Sudan? That is your fate if you do not change to live like how humans ought to. Mighty Idiots.

  43. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr Garcharwearbol,
    Welcome back to the forum my friand.
    The legacy of Chenua Achebe’s writing about the tribe being like à lizard that loses a taile and have another growing in it’s place has come home to stay.We have countless numbers of chairmans now à days every one of them seuing for legitimacy as cic of your stool. Where have Bol and False Millionnaire become your problem under such circumstances of the context?
    RSS is a hectic headache Mr Chairman and I hope u won’t end up like Okunkou in the struggle to get back your stool.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionnaire,

      On the analogy of the unfolding political situation in South Sudan (talk of Juba really) with Okonkwo’s dilema, after he was forcefully sent to exile to maternal village of Mbanta after his gun exploded during a village dance and killed a lad – talk of the situation Dr. Machar is in after the July 2016 gunfight and his subsequent forced exile to South Africa!

      When Okonkwo returned to Umoufia (talk of Juba, South Sudan), the whiteman’s influence on Umoufians was overbearing. Peaople lived in fear and were submissive to the outsiders, especially the messengers (Kiir’s security apparatus) of the District Commissioner who had no respect for local authorities (dissenting South Sudanese).

      One time when the District Commissioner sent five messengers to stop a community meeting which Okonkwo was attending (stifling dissent by Kiir), he could not take the audacity of the messengers conveying an order from the District Commissioner that the meeting be stopped – Okonkwo, overtaken by rage lept forward and beheaded one of the messengers. Unkown to Okonkwo, Umoufia had changed during his seven year’s exile in Mbanta (Juba, South Sudan has become a centre of intrigue and selfservice, self enrichment, greed, etc). It dawned on Okonkwo that his villagemates of Umuofia will not support him in waging war against the District Commissioner (how individuals within opposition forces help Kiir by defecting to his camp, neighbouring countries help in arresting and deporting to Juba those opposed to Kiir, etc). Okonkwo was subsequently arrested and jailed.

      The whiteman brought along his new relgion which further weakened the community as the ancestral bond of kinship was weakened. The new christian converts (those who defected to join Kiir or Taban) only further weaken the bond of kinsmenship since their new religion does not allow ancestral worship.

      In the face of this grand onslaught on Umuofia and villages beyond, Okonkwo just fizzled out (he later committed suicide which was an abomination in his culture….).

      RSS may be a hectic headache, like you put it, there are many Okonkwos emerging in the political scene. It would have been a different case in the District Commissioner (Kiir) was facing more than one individual of Okonkwo’s (focused and pro-people opposition forces). Umuofia, Mbanta, and the surrounding villages (Africa) would have fought back colonialism. Weak individual leaders at the village level promoted colonisation of Africa. The colonialists were able to buy support of local leaders using souvenirs, walking sticks, looking mirrors, etc just as Kiir is buying off weak opposition members using money, jobs, etc.

      I like the literal power held in Chinua Achebe’s writings.

      • Bol says:

        Brilliant analogy….Why are new Okonkwo(s) insist to follow the footsteps of the old Okonkow with the well known outcome? The Okonkow family ( Eastern Okonkow, Thomas Okonkow “last born” , Dr Reik Okonkow”first born” ,Dr Peter Okonkow aka editor) should have learnt a thing or two form grandpa Okonkow suicide mission……

  44. My dear brothers in South Sudan, you should not claim being Nationalistic when you support war you yourselves are not participating in. Your support to rebellion and rebellious activities result to nothing than prolonging the rule of a leader who may not be a choice of the people. Those supporting war and rebellion are not doing it for the people of South Sudan. They do it because they want positions by means of crook.
    Worst of all, the current war is waged against Dinka community instead of that bad Government of Greedy politicians and Army Generals of all tribes. War against Dinka is different from war against Salva Kiir and his Government. War against Dinka and Salva Kiir means Salva Kiir will rule for life. Many Dinkas do not support the current Government of Kiir and like. Hence they are ready to join any meaningful opposition not armed rebellion of power hungery.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      James Kuek,
      You got it completely wrong, the war is not against Dinka, per se, it’s against Kiir’s misrule.
      Unfortunately, most of the security personnel in all branches are jieng, so it’s they who are giving a wrong representation of these security agencies.
      Certainly, most of those opposition armed groups will willingly welcome the jieng into the rebel groups, if any is now ready.

      • Bol says:

        Where did you get that certainty ? These Armed Groups especially in Equatoria are there to kill Dinka not to welcome them as their primary motive is to drive the Dinka (MTN) out of the region. Have you or did anyone heard any story from a captive Dinka who was release? NO…..Please don’t deceive people to their death.

    • Eastern says:

      James Huyai Kuek Lual (name too long!),

      Kiir will go! If some delusional dinkas get attached to him, they will follow him; this was seen in Iraq when the Fedeyiin vowed to fight till the last man defending Sadam Hussien; they fizzled out before the Americans reached them!

      if you don’t join Mabior Garang, Kuir e Garang, Nyandeng Garang and other moderate dinkas, the same situation will befall you!

      In the new confederate South Sudan, job placement formual will be allocated as follows: when number one slot is taken by Equatoria, second can be taken by EITHER Upper Nile of Bahr el Ghazal, no job placements can be done without taking into account one’s ethnicity or the region they come from!

      Let’s get our heads out of the sand!!!!

  45. GatCharwearbol says:


    Please don’t fall into this bogus claim. There is no single Dinka against Kiir’s misrule. Their celebration upon hearing the slaughtering of innocent South Sudanese speaks for itself. Those pretending to be down with opposition are merely secret agents whose mission is to collect sensitive information needed by the regime to increase their chances of winning this war. So far, this plan is working well.

  46. False Millionnaire says:

    If truth should be told,Riek and Kiir are relics to the painful past.The hour is now and the chalanges to be tacled are those of now.General Cirilo desrves his chance. But unfortunately as is the usual case with the third world révolutionaries,one can never rule out the probable influence of a third party.That in such à case,giving economic interests which that third party would be seuing to loot being scatered every where throughout the entire RSS’ territoories,general TC would be forced to carry the cross in the name of every citizen including those of the naath and jieng. At such context,the rule of proportionality with regards to numbers will still favor the naath and jieng inflicting another sense of injustice against equatorians.That’s Why there shouldn’t be any need to fight two wars meaning one now to only overthrow Kiir and another one later to get back equatorian rights.General TC should keep calrifying his intentions instead of keeping silent.The ground that’s his seems already hijacked and the more he is invisible,the more the overgrowth will transform it into an environment too strange for him to tame.

  47. Nikalongo says:

    Crock Hunter False,
    I like your observations. Riek and Kiir are relics of a painful past. Gen. Cirilo’s silent is worrying me too. He should be out selling himself and his NAS outfit to the people. In the modern age of technology, he does not need to assemble hundreds of regimented units to scare the hell out of Brute Riek and Savage Kiir. All he needs to do is winning the minds and hearts of the South Sudanese man and woman.
    People, including the Jieng and the Naath are fed up. Why is Northern Bahr el Ghazal emptying out when frontlines are hundreds of miles away? In recent months, poor Jieng toddlers barely in their teens have been sported, captured or killed on frontline duties far away from home. With their parents encouraged or forced by circumstances to move to Sudan, their children becomes Kiir’s properties to do with as he wants. Sad.
    Crock Hunter False, I suggest you take an active role in dramatising the NAS far and wide. The Gen. need some extra hands on the key board to penetrate the public space.

  48. False Millionnaire says:

    U have got the point and the events of the Last two weeks are the prove of the dark chapter the masses and the country have gotten into.It’s wrong to think that things will get any better soon.
    If one could dare to look around us,there is no one single angel but thieves and blood thirsty murderers who inspire no single grain of trust.
    To get to your point,general TC has no visible stain of innocent’s blood in his hand.The question is,is it a choice by conviction that he has made in founding NSF?
    But even if that was the case,the silence from his part has brought him to doubt.Until he has outlined his objectives,declaring support to his movement would appear like shooting into the dark.He risks disappearing into oblivion as events are runing their course in the speed of light.
    Universality in human affairs dictates necessity of support for bearers of principles notwithstanding their ethnic,religious or racial backrounds.As u can comprehend the Ball is in his court.

  49. Eli Wani says:

    Nikalongo and False Millionnaire
    You two amigos have been proven wrong, the end will never come until you two see me marching in Juba as a hero. My plans are working, from economic to insecurities on hiways, there are many ways to bring the elephant down and Juba regime is going down. Watch and learn from the Masters, friends. Take care.

  50. False Millionnaire says:

    Road insecurity is due to target killings of innocent jieng travelers.U are an MTN hunting apologist if u couldn’t produce exemple of one single incident in which your forces have confronted and defeated government forces.
    But coming to Nikalongo,u are invited to re-read his comments and u would easily take notice of the fact that he talks about the naath,the jieng and the rest of the masses in conjonction to a possibility of bringing them togather under the leadership of général TC. That’s a leaque that’s too far from the narrow tribalistic drive you are in.
    Apart from those in the govrnment,the rdinary jieng have not mobilized to counter the evil that u do.But that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t do it.
    Nikalongo has very good reasons to campain for support of général TC. He is a fellow who has no visible innocent’s blood in his hand.Too different from the murderers of your likes.
    Evevts are moving faster and it’s good to know that,even if u walked on Juba.u could never be sure if will have achieved what u want becouse to capture the helm of power is exactly what other rebel forces under so many numbers of chairmans are seuing for.Please take that context very seriously and leave the likes of Nikalongo to toy with such ideas coming from the haight of visions of atainable objectives.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millioanire,

      The road insecurity has greatly affected your and your illgotten wealth in Equatoria. You seem to think that a country can wage war and at the same time spare the roads and highways. Do you want to eat your cake and have it?!

      When SPLA fought against the government of Sudan; SPLA didn’t spare the river berges and roads. All road networks throughout southern Sudan were cut off – in a way to assert itself to the successive Khartoum regimes. Now you are whining about the road insecurity, which you claim only targets MTN, whatever that means, forgeting the runaway inflation, the mass exodus of the civil population in the countryside, famine, etc. Kiir is facing armed opposition groups and you can’t expect those loitering around the belligerent parties to be spared. The is what Domic Santo Chol of the SPLA said on the incidences of Pajok and Wau – innocent civilians were caught in crossfire!

      So, False Millionare, avoid loitering around lest you get caught up in crossfire!

  51. J.Nguen
    You are just idiotic. Nuer have started the war in 2013 with Dinka and the same Nuer have abandoned the reasons they chose war. They are surrendering to Juba, headed by Taban Denga Gai on daily basis. The Nuer are fighting Nuer in favor of Dinka. All Nuer Ministers in Government are there for the stomachs and unable to stop their women being raped and killed by Anyoors in all areas. The best way is for NAS of Thomas to be backed up. After all, he is based primarily in Equatoria soil and we could not deny him as our dear son. We can easily expel Nuer elements of IO from our region. They must go and preach solidarity among their frustrated sons and Ministers defecting and siding with JCE including Tut Gatluak, advising Kiir to kill Nuer. He acts as a license to kill Nuer.

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