A Tale of Juba and the Presidency!

BY: Deng Mangok Ayuel, AWEIL, JUL/26/2013, SSN;

This is a presidential saga and its cabinet’s analogy. When twining cohesively as political family and the sons of special mother, it’s ostensibly regarded as a weakness, turned rivalry by individuals who wanted to weigh their political thermometers before the dawn of 2015 elections. President Kiir is always calm and friendly, give him your hands to let the peace reign.

When Joshua is truly busy fulfilling the promise, another challenge arises from within, incredibly, but time shall make him work perfectly. For those who started a fight within one canoe, it is invincible for them as opposite part of the crew.

The canoe is stable but never always expect a canoe in the river to be stable … and when in the same canoe, don’t laugh at those who don’t swim well because the river might also be full of creatures that can swallow even those who can swim better, believe me.

And when driving a vehicle whose rhizome is worn out in front, it is better to stop driving before it goes dark. One can’t use ordinary eyes to drive a vehicle at night, it’s a violation of traffic law and you may sometimes cause an accident.

It shouldn’t also happen by pious exhortation. The only solution is to park your vehicle on the right side of the road and lope to look for cash in order to buy its missing parts, and your missing political eyes, missing legs.

But if you are unable to get money to buy spare parts, then how did you get the vehicle? Do you possess insurance certificate, driving license and updated logbook?

The former cabinet members who made their ways to the cabinet but didn’t meet expectations, failed to deliver services shouldn’t be considered a run into the new cabinet if president is striving for change – I wish them a good stay at home with the community – khafara alekum for now!

Therefore, President Kiir is always peaceful in his doings. Hopefully the presidential advisers might also be agents of change and peace in the country, lest they shall take the geometry of peace to the wrong angle.

These advisers are like the compass needle at the magnetic pole. They travel in spaces, like a bunch of light at night until all the thoughts, evil gestures, pains, joy are dissolved into one solution in many, which is sometimes peaceful joyful, inevitable, absurd and hopeful.

Politics is an endless business. Two years had gone. Since our political wheels and the engine are newly shining and strong, it is good to ‘obamatize’ our political engine from SPLM Oyee to “Yes We Can” in order to reduce the noise and the tone, rhythm of reggae music with Dr. Riek Machar.

As a concerned citizen – one among thousands of people who live below poverty line and spend less than a dollar a day- it is my courage to urge all the people, all South Sudanese – political farmers, ordinary citizens, organized forces and leaders to take full initiative of development, avoid tribal equations of politics that lead to hatred, always carve up co-existence as one people.

Now that the new season of politics and cabinet with the new Vice President is expected overnight, it is my hope that the situation should remain calm.

Of course, my political magic is not ready to name the mass of the popular heavy weight politicians who usually bait for success to remain as the cabinet members for all the seasons. They know themselves.

I pray that Mr. President shouldn’t appoint anyone who has been suspected of corrupt cases in his to–do–list of the day. We have been the champions of our nation – all of us.

We voted for separation together during the referendum that made our history – and now wishing politicians a peaceful politicking!

Is it a nightmare politics of our time? When did Mr. Pagan Amum, who has suffered negotiating with Khartoum for South Sudan, began removing the bricks of the luak he participated in its building? Is it true?

Oh God, let the politics not be a dirty game by this time. I need peaceful SPLM and prosperous South Sudan. I hope he wouldn’t be sacked from the party.

Who didn’t want to be on the right side of history? The storm has blown over, while another season of politics has begun. It is just the beginning. Light is seen and the government is fashioning itself – it is a matter of time.

South Sudan is a beloved country with great people. When twist of hope arises, smile yearns in our faces and makes us laugh before anything goes well.

For decades – a generational age, South Sudanese fought with Khartoum against marginalization and economic fatality. It was the core of ailing for humanity when others are regarded as second class citizens in their own country.

It was a tumor which ate into the entails for change which some of us are currently enjoying its fruits. Did we say goodbye to Khartoum and began troubling ourselves within two years of independence?

It has been the best of time, extremely full of impediments. However, Juba is no longer Juba but piece of hope for change.

The nation is economically at limbo but politics took its course. Poverty is just unbearably glowing into portrayal of one man’s solitary agony while some of the leaders’ eyes seemingly on political food for egoism instead of helping Mr. President for the welfare of our society.

Austerity measures as they called it, is quivering. It’s married our pockets, left us running up and down especially those who wanted to tower our new city and towns. It increases poverty.

Nobody has a choice when oil is minutely to be shut down – how long should austerity measures continue if the solution for marketing the crude oil is not worked out?

For God’s sake, cooperation agreement – somehow, I don’t know how many agreements – raggedly dishonored by Khartoum. No doubt that Khartoum looks too old and tired of agreement since 1970s.

Getting things going especially in the era of political error with Khartoum is not a simple task but pairs of complication and fabrication of truth. Khartoum is known for its U-turns, chameleonic colours when coming to economical and political related issues.

When did our oil become economically bitter to Khartoum? God helps those who help themselves! Since Khartoum has been accusing Juba of helping Sudanese rebels, it is alarming in my mind that Khartoum is too helpless to Juba any more or the two cities became helpless to each others— the tales of two cities, Juba and Khartoum versus oil without pipeline.

While Khartoum has been extremely jealous over the flow of our oil through its pipeline, should Juba say enough is enough and find its own ways of pumping, selling the oil?

How long does it take to construct a pipeline to Kenya? I wish the presidency may make a quick better solution for our oil as he did for the cabinet?

Deng Mangok Ayuel lives in Aweil, South Sudan. He can be reached via mangokson@gmail.com


  1. Deng Mangok Ayuel,

    Praise your idiot tribe president but you guys will feel sorrow one day. I learnt from trustworthy source that the constitution of South Sudan were written by one person in South Africa from Aweil and forwarded the constitution to president Kiir first and then Kiir handed over the constitution to South Sudan judicial without allowing them to ask any questions or make revisions.

    The constitution gives President Kiir all rights to do anything he wants to anyone he does not like. The citizens of South Sudan have no rights to impeach a president under any circumstances under this constitution meanwhile the president has all rights to fire anyone no matter how good or how hard he or she works.

    Shame on you those who support the president’s foolish actions because he is from your tribe. I believe this kind of constitution will give president problems one day or the constitution will mess up this young country so much in the years to come.

  2. Bari Boy says:

    The idiot called Malong annouced himself as minister, shame on Aweil People

  3. Big people come together, don’t describe yourselves, every one of this nation has own history like the date we’re born, we were born on different dates. it is time for Mr. Kiir and his own story and some of you will have own history.
    Let me remind you about Israelites is history, who is the first king in Israel, yes is Saul but king of the kings was David who was won favour in Israel.
    So all of you, you are in same shoes, who is going to lead this Country it’s a matter no body knows, so don’t waste your time with bad language. This nation it is very important in the eyes of God, it needs good constitution not shallow constitution which best for one person instead. Wishing you good luck to win favours from almighty God in this world.
    You can reach me though thiraanjohn@yahoo.com in Fangak the place of Nuer law.

  4. wau nar says:

    the removal by kiir of machar is not a problem but will he be able to remove him from election next year? will he be able…. the answer is NO. let election come kiir will see. he and his dinka will be poor people rejected in south sudan.
    your behaviour is not allowing me to even think of loving you at all…… wau nar

  5. Francis says:

    Let us be calm and wait for the new governement. There is no man for all seasons.

  6. Bangshoat says:

    Dear young people of S.Sudan.

    I did notice that you are very young people, because it sounds like that.
    Tribalism will drive our New born Nation back to Arabs if we keep behaving like this way abusing each other.
    If you are a Nuer person, you are not better than Dengka. And if you a Dengka also you are not better than Nuer.
    All of you one people one soul, one spirit when we were liberating this Nation.
    All the others South Sudan tribes are watching what is going on now.
    President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar were very good friends during election time.
    These people they work together for 8 year, what happened now they started pointing wrong finger to each other?
    I know Nuer, Shuluk and Dengka like fighting the enemy very hard, but they don’t like working together, why nobody knows. Also in the North Sudan, Shaigie, Jahaly and Dongolaway they like fighting their enemy and also they don’t like working together. What are we going to do with these 6 tribe?
    South Sudanes people are going to divid themselves into three parts now. One part is going to acts like al Mahadi Family in the North and the second part is will acts like Margania in the North. the third part will be acting like Turabia Family in the North. that’s what going to happen now in South Sudan.

  7. King wa Nyamlel says:

    You guys seem to be crazy about Dinka. Yeah, Dinka is Dinka. You can’t change anything but let’s hope that Kiir is not a Dinka but your PRESIDENT.

  8. Chol Wek Chol says:

    Dear All

    I was not interesting in this article neither commenting anything, but some of your comments drove me to speak out what I know about Kiir political move. Kiir plan was to pull the country into tribal war whereby Nuer will Fight against Dinka and the consequence of that will affect Riek or Pagan in the Election. secondly, Kiir is just making Suicide as the matter of fact that, he is not reaching 2015 leave alone contesting for the Presidency.
    Kiir plan is to make Dinka Bor to collide with Nuer like the case of 1991 and then get vote from Bor which he doesn’t know that youth and cattle keepers are well aware of.

    Thanks Stay afoot

  9. Kong atem says:

    People are crying bicoz Riek was removed from his seat but according to Ngundeng prophecy some years ago, ngundeng said Riek will be out from Fire, which means Kiir is nearest to be gone soon.

  10. Chol Wek Chol says:

    Dear All

    Our Country will soon turn into Zimbabwe number two under the leadership of Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual and followed by a spring similar to one of Egypt where the President was overthrown by the people and arrested by the law. Thanks, America, for their support to our Diplomats.

    • Chol Wek Chol:

      Please be prepared to face the outcome of Kiir’s political and presidential decrees. You are not immune from anything that comes out against Kiir. Let us be realistic when addressing the national issues. Kiir, Did not remove Riek Machar from the Vice president Position when he slaughtered the Dinka soldiers in his command and ordered the massacre of Dinka civilians in Bor in 1991. Please move to Gambella if you are afraid of Riek’s Reaction. I personally applauded Kiir’s decision to fire Riek Machar. Let him revive his former SPLA United/SSIM and make it an opposition party instead of wasting his time campaigning for the SPLM leadership.

  11. King wa Nyamlel says:


    will you go to the roads and start chanting? I am not sure. Egyptians are Muslim. They die for what they like. YOU Christian in South Sudan can’t go to the street to call for the removal of a leader.

  12. Chol Wek Chol says:


    Everything is possible as far as we are concerned.

  13. emma says:

    We need be calm in addressing some of country’s issues and keeping in mind that the country is not fertile for proper politics. Let’s pull, challenge and make some adjustment in tribes who do not understand but claim to be knowing more than other tribes in south sudan.

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