A survivor: Visionless Kiir must be charged for the Crime against Humanity

BY: Peter Gai Manyuon, NAIROBI, DEC/26/2013, SSN;

For those people who have witnessed the massacre killings of the Nuer people in Juba will without hesitation call for International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Kiir and his Government officials and make them answerable for the atrocities in the entire Republic of South Sudan.

Because people like Kiir himself, VP Wani Igga and foreign minister Marial Benjamin were the very people who were sending comments that incite the violence in Juba and even in Unity State, Jonglei and Malakal.

President Kiir was telling people that those of Dr Machar and his groups plotted a (failed coup) and that word alone annoyed the supporters of Dr Machar to rise up and begin looking for Dinkas in Unity, Jonglei and Malakal respectively and he (Kiir) was also advocating for 1991 which was the misunderstanding between Dr John Garang De Mabior and Dr Machar.

Moreover, some like Wani was just fueling the current crisis of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) by saying that Dr Machar and his supporters have no support from the people in the republic of South Sudan because, if his word was realistic, how come the three States that are the heart of South Sudan were captured by the soldiers loyal to Dr Machar and his supporters?

Someone like Marial Benjamin was talking like some one who was protecting his position because what he said over the BBC yesterday Wednesday was a pure lie that does not need attention from any one.

Marial was just known as a political survival that is very weak in the administration and etcetera and people have labelled him as some one whose brain had been blocked up by alcohol because whatever he said has no basis at all in South Sudan context.

I had been analyzing the leadership of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) and Kiir’s way of leading the people of the Republic of South Sudan for long time and some elements within South Sudan have taken me wrongly which is not the case and I hope right now my analyses have become the realities and factual.

The ongoing crisis that have killed good number of Nuer Community in Juba is an indication of the failed leadership that is accompanied by a groups of crocks that lack intellectual dynamism and good will about the people of South Sudan.

However, having been in Juba for the one week when fighting started from the Presidential Republican Guards in juba on the 15th of December 2013, people thought that it was an army issue that does not need civilians but more interestingly, the soldiers loyal to Kiir Mayardit started killing the Nuer from door to door.

Many people were gathered in the houses and killed automatically without any reasons and their main agenda was to eliminate the Nuer which will never happen in the history of the world and the South Sudan at large.

Places where Nuer people were killed like Chicken:
On Monday the 16th of December 2013, the President of South Sudan announced over the Electronic Media that all civilians should remain in their houses from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

People thought may be no one will kill one another and people accepted the decision of the President and citizens remained in their places without movement.

Then, surprisingly, soldiers loyal to the President Kiir began looking for Nuer in their houses and killing them one by one which completely confused the whole situation in the Country.

And from Monday the 16th of December 2013, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th, these were the times they were killing civilians from Nuer and if they found you, you are a Nuer with some marks on the face, you will be killed.

They also reached to the extent of asking people in the Dinka Language and once you don’t know Dinka Language, you will be killed instantly.

Nuer people were killed in Gudele, 107, Manga, Korwilliam, New site and Jabel Kujur where my own relatives were killed and I was captured and taken to prison for some days in Gida (Military Hqs) near where fighting started in Juba.

I graciously thank God Almighty that I have survived from President Kiir Military Intelligence (MI) in the Juba Genocide after they killed three of my relatives.

While I was under arrest for the whole week in SPLA General Quarters (Gida), thank God, that the Intelligence disagreed with each another on whether to kill me or not. They couldn’t agree so I was released and right now I’m out of South Sudan.

More articles are on the way, just fell free to contact me through my email to explain to you the incident because I was in juba and I have seen it through my two Eyes.

The Author is Independent Journalist and Columnist for South Sudan News Agency and Juba Monitor Newspaper Daily. He is currently lives in Nairobi Kenya and he can be reached; southsudanjournalist@gmail.com


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Stay safe because we shall need people to testify against this tribal gangs who have slaughtered innocent fellow country men, women, children and the elderly simply because they are Nuer or none Jieng.

  2. Adeekdheeng says:

    I believe that you people must have opinion about the president of the Republic of South Sudan just remember Kiir did not order any Dinka to kill Nuer but Riek order Gadet to Kill Dinka at Akobo, Bentiu, and Bor what slogan are we using to take the elected president to the ICC. If you feel like following Nuer just go.

  3. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    Peter Gai Manyuon deserve the name go on blindly making statement which are baseless in Law. If international law works the way you have imported such a language in it then International law would have lost the meaning. International law has nothing to do with how we analyze the situations but it deals with facts and evidence. You read ICC Statute Articles 5, 6 and 7 and you will get what I mean. Instead you should advocate for someone who wants to take power by force to be taken to ICC for his gross negligence.

    • Coldit says:

      Mr. Gai has lot of events, evidence and facts in his post. It is up to a law educated individual to sort out this raw info. Mr. Gai is a good witness like myself. Innocent lives were senselessly lost, just because they were from Nuer tribe, at the hand of pple who supposedly shld take care for. This is unacceptable because it fits the definition for genocide.

  4. Dan says:

    Gai Manyuon ,

    For some of us to take your allegations very seriously, you will have to tell us what it was that the security forces disagreed about you? Why they did not kill you when it is alleged that they were out to kill every Nuer they came across?

    • Jemmy says:

      You article is absolutely garbage as your writing, so it is a waste of time to read.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      I see the new phase of the Kirr propaganda coming through. At first he himself said all officers found to have killed innocent civilians in Juba will be punished, this was design to fool the public and the international community that he Kirr did not give orders for such killings and it was done by officers who shall be punished, what he forgot is as the commander in chief, the buck stops with him.
      And Now, next phase of the campaign is to deny that no such killing took place, and the very fact that you question. this is an insult to those killed under Kirr and their families, until this touches you, you will not know what it is, please do not laugh at the sufferings of other people!

  5. Bentiu today says:

    you never came across one person who survived among many people in your life time?
    kirr is not a leader at all, how on earth you talk about reconciliation and again reminding people about what happened in the past? Rebecca has advised him not to talk against about 1991 mess because it happened in the home town of late John Garang but John have never talk about it in an occasion simple because it seemed you remind people to hate each other not to stay as one nation that is unacceptable reminder.
    Dinka will never civilize in this modern world, their minds has no difference with that of pigs.
    you kill Nuer but you will regret that, just wait and see.

  6. Bentiu today says:

    it was just confusion that many people think it was government issue, even RIEK Machar left his own son Teny Riek and advised many people to stay at home that will solve the problem.
    i don’t know what motivated the president of Republic to Kill his civilians that he is claiming to rule as their president?

    • Jemmy says:

      Why Riak advised his coup-plotters to stay at home and he sneaked out at night? Can you explain that too because those of Pagan, Majak, and Giir are asking themselves what was the real plan of Riak Machar?
      Do you think Majak Agot, Giir Chuong, Pagan Amoum and the rest would go and mobolize Nuer Youth (White army) to attack Dinka? Riak blackmailed people and he (Riak) signed his own death warrant.

  7. Mr. Gai Thanks god you have survive but can you agree with me that we should denounce the atrocities on both sites rather than just undertake prey game. We all know that the numbers of Nuers who were killed in Juba are presumed killed by presidential guards which I think they will be held accountable for their actions. But what about those who were lynched in UN’s compound in Akobo? UN tried to downplay the number to 20 defenseless citizens to avoid provoking the tensions. And over 200 vulnerable ordinary citizens who were working in various fields not in the military from Dinkas majority were from Bahar Elgahzal who were been massacred in Bor, some were allowed to make a last phone called to their love one before they were murdered. In Bantinu according to South Sudan’s Red Crescent on Radio Tamzuj 82 bodies were taken from Wadkona to Bantinu hospital and 32 bodies collected from Bantinu town in addition to 75 SPLA soldiers that were been disarmed and executed because they were Dinkas by tribe, the big number of unarmed Dinka’s civilians were killed in Malakal I don’t have the figures yet. Frankly speaking Dinka were slain in eight out of eleven counties of Upper Nile state, all counties of Junglai state, and all counties of Unity state, that is to say, there were more Dinkas who lost lives in this unfold turmoil than Nuer,because Nuers were only killed in Juba. But they were not killed in Greater Bahar Elghazal as Greater Bahar Elghazal’s governor were tough on their citizens not to killed Nuer such as care taker’s Governor of Lakes state who had signed the law giving law enforcement agency to instantly execute any Dinka who killed Nuer in Lakes states. So if we are talking about ICC then who is going to take responsibilities of those who were killed in Junglai state (Akobo, Bibor, Bor,)? And Unity State (Bantinu, Mayom, Rebkona and other counties)? And Upper Nile State ( Malakal, Nasir,Tunja)? If we assumed that the authorities in Juba will be held responsible of the killing Nuers in Juba?

  8. Bentiu today says:

    there are more than 50000 dinka inhabitants in unity state’s two counties of Abimnon and Parrieng Counties, but no one killed them.
    why, simply because they are people of unity state not that they have power to defend themselves from seven counties occupied by Nuer communities.
    yes some few dinka was killed but those are ones from Bar el gezal region who’re believed to be behind the killing of Nuer communities in Juba and some kirr supporters which included the government chief whip Martin Machot Deng, a Nuer from Mayom county was killed with other kirr supporters.
    Defence minister and information minster talked about killing of 20 dinka but they don’t mention any killing of hundreds of Nuer in Juba. how tribal the government one can see and watch?

  9. malith Alier says:

    Your name is Peter (borrowed name means rock), Gai (wonder) Manyuon (confusion) that is what you’re.

  10. MAJUR JOHN AGUTO says:

    Fellow country men, let us avoid war of words ( pelemic war) for it is more dangers than the war of guns. In my own analysis i have come to conclude that few South Sudanese lack analytical skills because when they go beyond the boundaries of South Sudan, they think they are safe, forgetting that not every body have crossed the border and by writing inciting statements they are fueling tension which may impact negatively on the people who have not crossed the borders.I have taken my time to read the messages posted by people in the diaspora and some of their messges depict that, they writters have not pick any diplomatics ideas from the countries they have visited . I kindly request all the South Sudanese to be preachers of peace because if we don’t do that, we shall kill ourselves and the land plus other resources that we claim that they are ours will be taken by stranded neighbours. Happy new year to all the South Sudanese.

  11. @ Gai, I don’t believe in your fake story, you know what, you guys need to go down to your villages and start reconcilliation, tell them that it is time to reunite South Sudan, I think the problem is not the mere Nuer in the village, it is you pseudo intelectuals who are confusing the uneducated. ICC will never intervene in your coinup stories.

  12. Garang deng says:

    Gai which kind of journalist
    you supposed to give rights information to
    Public instead of wrong information.anyway you are not professional writer

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