A Short Film Series – ‘IN MY TRIBE I BELIEVE’


Calgary, AB – September 23, 2014 – Telling community’s stories in a manner that reflects the actual voice of the community and in a manner that helps the community tackle its problems fosters the community’s positive standing in any socio-political arena. A community should be known by what it offers not by the perennial negativity in the media.

In Calgary, Alberta, a group of South Sudanese, led by South Sudanese author and writer, Kuir ë Garang, have decided to initiate a series of short films to tackle different issues in the community. The first topic the group started with is TRIBALISM, a topic South Sudanese are very much familiar with.

However, the films don’t deal with the obvious aspects of tribalism but on the subtle aspects of tribalism we usually ignore and which keep the evil of tribalism alive.

The series, “IN MY TRIBE I BELIEVE,” follows the story of the rocky relationship between Duku and Yar in relation to how young people exploit tribe in relationships without knowing that they are contributing to the very problems South Sudan is facing.

The films are meant to help South Sudanese communities all over the world to look at themselves and see how they are contributing to the evil of tribalism and how they could help in combating it. With no doubt, we tend to subconsciously discriminate based on our tribes; however, we deny it unless our actions are clearly pointed out to us.

The first two episodes of the series are now available online. Anyone can watch them on
• YouTube: www.youtube.com/kuirthiytv
• On the producer’s website: www.kuirthiy.info
• On the films’ blog: http://tribalprejudgment.blogspot.ca

The films are written and produced by Kuir ë Garang, a South Sudanese author and writer living in Calgary, Alberta. They star the following young South Sudanese: Julia Daniel, Ruth Waiwai, Nyabuoy Gatbel and many more as the series develops.

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