A shattered hope: Revisiting the horrors of Kiir’s Juba’s massacre

By Duop Chak Wuol, FEB/22/2018, SSN;

Sometimes it is better to immerse yourself in other’s experiences to get an understanding of your own imagination. It is not rational to conclude that what you imagine is necessarily the case. However, it is logically valid that putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is a reasonable way to understand his or her inner self.

It was more than four years ago when a hopeful five year old boy was slit in the throat in Juba and died instantly. His name was Peter Gatwech Nhial. This heartrending episode transpired in front of his parents. A few minutes later, the killers shot his father and mother. Fortunately, his father survived.

Peter’s life was ended by a ruthless ethnic militia employed by South Sudanese President Salva Kiir to kill people. His death was a hope shattered: the life of an innocent child unjustly terminated, leaving his father to continue living life in pain. It was an act of violence committed against a helpless young South Sudanese child.

In January 2018, I visited one of the South Sudanese refugee camps located in Ethiopia’s western region, Gambella. The name of the camp is Nguenyyiel, and the site is also known as Kule Three. After my arrival in the camp, I asked for permission from the local authorities to be taken to a public place like a market, health center, or school.

My intention was to see, assess and experience the current refugees’ situations in the camp and compare them with the life I once lived in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. But I did not expect my tour to be overshadowed by this boy’s shocking story.

After a short walk, I met Peter’s father, Nhial Goy, at a nearby health center’s compound. I have to admit that my meeting with Nhial was accidental. When I first arrived at the compound, I saw a middle-aged man sitting on the compound with his head down. A few minutes later, his face was still leaning downward.

I then felt a moral obligation, though it was probably not a coherent choice, to greet him and perhaps attempt to ask him why he kept his head down for such a long time. It was an uncomfortable decision and my heart was, for reasons unknown to me, beating heavily.

I walked to him, greeted him, and extended my hand to him. A brief conversation transpired between the two of us — I asked him if he was well. He replied, “Yes, of course.” I then asked him why he kept his head down for many minutes. “Is there anything wrong?” I asked.

To my surprise, Nhial responded by lifting his head up, looking around, and bursting into tears. I was stunned to see Nhial’s face covered with seemingly endless tears. It was a throbbing moment — a moment that caused me to keep quiet for a while.

Astonished and not knowing where to begin, I asked him if I could get him a cup of water. Nhial replied, “No, I am fine.” I was baffled. I remember having a strange feeling in my mind that something was just not right about Nhial’s tears. After wrestling with my conscience, I decided to ask him again about his well-being and why he had cried.

Nhial had enough, tearful and determined to share his grief: “I am here to seek medical attention for my gunshot wounds,” he said. “My son and wife were killed in Juba. My only hope was shattered by Salva Kiir,” Nhial added. He explained that his wife, Nyabiey Ruon, died of her wounds a few hours after the attack.

Nhial disclosed to me that they were shot in the early morning of December 16 and he could not remember the exact time. He stated that he was waiting for his wounds to heal so that he could join the fight against South Sudan’s government, saying, “I am willing to fight against the person who took the lives of my wife and son.”

While I was stunned and did not know what to say, Peter’s father decided to take the lead and voluntarily showed me three huge permanent scars: one on his forehead and the other two on the right side of his lower abdomen — a chilling reminder of how horrifying the attack was. How he survived puzzled me, and I know for a fact that his miraculous death-escape needs medical explanation.

Nhial told me he thought he was going to die and that his rescue was God’s work. He explained that he was inside his house in Gudele with his dead wife and son when he heard the sound of an ambulance the morning of December 17, 2013 and decided to crawl out of his blood-filled home.

He said he was lucky enough to reach outside his gate before the ambulance arrived. There, one of the medical workers saw him and asked the driver to stop the car. He was then put into the ambulance and rushed to Juba’s teaching hospital.

As we continued our conversation, I noticed a continuous flow of tears from his eyes: it was one of the most painful moments in my life — my heart was bursting with sadness, I had to end the discussion about the tragedy.

Nhial later revealed to me that he was snicked out of the hospital to a UN-run camp in Juba by humanitarian aid personnel after he was told by a doctor that he was free to leave the hospital. The doctor advised that he should seek further medical attention in another hospital as Juba’s hospital did not have the right medications for his head wound.

He said he did not know whether his wife and son were buried and that he kept thinking about what happened to their bodies. In the back of my mind, I also knew that there were countless numbers of people who probably experienced the same cruelty.

Nhial was lucky enough to be snuck out of the camp by his relatives and escape to Kenya before his final destination, Nguenyyiel refugee camp.

Nhial’s horrifying story kept me thinking for three weeks and helped me to understand what Salva Kiir’s leadership is all about. It was a tough and touching experience for me, but it was an account that I would embrace even though it echoed the pain in my soul.

This narrative gave me opportunities to cry and laugh. But there are times when I get enraged with the level of brutality inflicted on Nhial’s family – especially when emotions get the best of me.

I tried my best to separate my personal feelings from the brutality Kiir’s regime inflicted on Nhial and his deceased family. What enraged me the most about this particular tragedy was the fact that none of Peter’s parents had blood relations with any of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement’s (SPLM) senior political leaders, whom Salva Kiir accused in December 2013 of plotting a coup.

Nhial, Nyabiey, and Peter were all innocent civilians who were living the life of ordinary South Sudanese. They were not active in South Sudan’s politics and had no known records of supporting any particular political leader or party.

Kiir’s ethnic militia targeted Nhial’s family simply because they were of Nuer ethnicity. Peter and his mother were brutally murdered due to tribally-motivated political madness — it was, indeed, a hope shattered.

The author can be reached at duop282@gmail.com.


  1. mading says:

    Duop Chak. This is the kind of situation internet warriors like Gatdarwich, Deng Hanbol, Toria, and N .Nguen want to see in our people go through when they keep preaching hatred on the webs. So sad stories to happened after we freed ourselves from real Arabs enemy of black Africans in then Sudan.

  2. Abraham Deng says:

    This article makes me cry while reading. Sad.

  3. Payteth Wiyual Gai says:


  4. ElizabethNkong says:

    Duop, your article is painful to read but our leaders not Kiir alone brought us to this level of shame. I am sorry this terrible inciudent happened to our people. Kiir will one day recieve his punishment. May God bless Peter father.

    May God bless our country.

    Thank you.

  5. Peacemaker says:

    Very painful and heartbreaking! Surely this monster Kiir will face justice sooner or later.

  6. This is just a concocted story to preach more hatred. 2013 is too far for some one to mourn the way this poster described it. Selfishness and hatred will take us no where.
    Frankly speaking, we know ourselves very well we South Sudanese people, that on one can have that heart to kill an innocent child who does not participate in War.
    So Mr poster, post something better than this which can bring peace to our people. Riek Machar did it in Bor in 1991 and was forgiven and again in 2013 and 2016 and he still has room to be pardoned.
    Peace peace peace.

    • Kieth Ding says:

      Blind gov supporters talk the way like you. You are a poor Salva Kiir supporter.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Toney Matot,
      For sure, with your jieng mentality as expressed in the comment, there will never be peace in the country. This article has painfully narrated a true story that happened to this particular family. The December 2013 massacre was wholly planned by Kiir and Malong and the entire jieng leadership and followers.
      Preponderance of evidence clearly showed that the jieng murderers were targeting the Nuer specifically as they raided their homes in Juba. Maps were used by the jieng murderers as they specifically picked on Nuer houses.
      The same massacre was repeated again in 2016. So, there is nothing to deny in this painful and sad story of this Nuer family.
      I can bet you that the next massacre is already planned by the jieng if the IO and those of Cirillo ever come back to join the Kiir government in Juba.
      Kiir and his jieng murderers are sworn to kill Riek Machar for the 1991 alleged Bor massacre and this will happen any time Machar comes or is lured to come to Juba. Kiir, Malong, Macuei and the rest are psychopaths.

      • Mor-amook says:

        This is sad story, and I personally appeal to my countrymen Nuer poster not to keep posting such things. You are against peace and wanted war to continue by still preaching hatred, it is a mobilization for war. Brothers and sisters, let us desist from reminding ourselves such things.

        Even 1991 Bor massacre can be forgotten, but should not be denied like my brother editor mentioned that it was alleged massacre. Riak himself apologized in Juba and went to Panyagor to apologize. It is known worldwide that the entire Bor community from Duk to Bor was invaded and displaced by marauding Riak malitias from Nuer.
        Nevertheless, it can be forgiven for the sake of peace in our country. Those who died will never come back even if we continue fighting, it will continue to be addition of losses.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Okay, if you’re now accusing me of preaching hatred, I see no difference from your comment that you too is reminding the world about the alleged Bor massacre, which is the reason that you, the jieng, always bring forward in your everlasting killing of the Naath.
          Murderer Kiir and those brain-less jce are perpetually inventing ways of the total elimination not only of the Nuers but of the Baris, Shilluk, Toposa, Madi, Azande….etc… of that the whole land of South Sudan becomes their endless grazing land.
          Currently what the jieng terror regime is perpetuating across the country is nothing but clear and undeniable GENOCIDE.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        How would you react if I tell you that Dinka people are allegedly occupying or residing in Equatoria region, Nuer were allegedly killed in Juba? Or Dinka cattles are in Equatoria allegedly? You were saying that Dinka mentality expressed in comment, and you added that “there will never be peace in the country.” How would peace come if you don’t tell the truth? I know you think you don’t have responsibilities even though you are running your own website. You are practicing system of prejudice against Dinka as an Equatorian. But that is not going to do good for you because if there is no peace in the country; still you are going to be the loser. And I say this because you can not protect yourself as an Equatorian and you would not save Riek Machar either. And if you believe that spreading lie and hate can surely bring peace then you go for it. And as far as 1991 goes, that alleged killing in 1991 is still being regretted for those looters because it did not satisfied their covetousness!!!!

  7. Tyson says:

    What lesson have the Naath learned from their massacres in Juba? Absolutely none!!!
    Because of blood-money, each naath is on the throat of the other, while the Jieng are celebrating.
    I believe no situation is permanent if there is true commitment and resolve to change the status quo in South Sudan. This can happen sooner than later!
    The ugly preparation to massacre the naath in Juba and other places was planned in the watch of fellow naath (the thief Hoth Mai). He was busy syphoning the loot to purchase his mansion in Australia.
    The absolute thinking of the naath is shattered, many will now be killed under the guidance Taban Gai and Ezekiel.
    It is a shame indeed.
    I have sympathy for the innocent naath who always pay the price of sin committed by people like you and me.
    May God have mercy and protect the innonent. May revenge be the work of God and may the criminals take the opportunity to repent NOW.

  8. BILL KUCH says:

    You are a liar and nothing is going to change. It will not work either. You caused all of it to your people. I am glad you realized that everything you looted is no longer useful at this time. I have no sympathy for your made up story of massacre. If one has to be blamed, then Nuer people themselves should take the blame other than pointing fingers to someone else. Riek, Taban, and Lul Gatkuoth are responsible for all. Why should you guys be refugees in Ethiopia since it is your country. Your fraudulent behaviors of bravery are now counterproductive, and now you are fabricating things to support yourself. It will never work as well.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Editor,
      I am for peace not preaching hatred, because fighting is an endless game and expensive. I am also reminding you that what happened in 1991 should not be denied as,” alleged massacre” it was reality. Nevertheless, it should not prevent peace to hold south Sudanese hostage. Because peace is the only way to come together. Let us first call for peace, and all those who committed crime against humanity from 1991 to 2013 will be taken to book.

      Both Salva Kiir and Riak Machar and their respective commanders should answer what ever happened during those days. So, let us not stand on the way defending them on tribal lines.

    • Apieth Chol says:

      Confused as you are, the only hope in South Sudan is remove people like from RSS to gain a lasting peace. If you don’t want truth then get a rope and finished your own life. Sorry for you and the like of you.

  9. Lul Pon, Maiwut, Upper Nile says:

    Thanks Duop Chair. We have to expose this monster to the world to Face the full power of icc and South Sudan justices.

  10. Agutraan says:

    Now that image proves that no civilians were killed in Juba on December 2013 by the way you see them all in uniforms! Isn’t the propaganda of civilians being massacre proven wrong by that image? Great image by the way for us to have long a lasting peace.

  11. Okuc says:


    Jieng shouldn’t used state to avenge the killing of Bor’s Jieng in 1991 when Dr Riak and Dr Lam split from the mainstream SPLA/ SPLM to form Nasir faction. Those who were killing in Bor by Nuer militias during the war with North Sudan was an act of revenge by Nuer because of killing meted against them by SPLA/ SPLM in Nuer land and it is well known facts that Nuer were subjected to inhumane treatment by SPLA/ SPLM soldiers because they were perceived as an enemy of the movement by APLA/ SPLM leaderships.
    If Jieng wanted to avenge the killing of their fellow Jieng they should have done that during the war in 1990’s when South Sudan is not yet an independent state. You can’t argue that Nuer were killed in 2013 because of the events of 1991 by the state in which they participated and sacrificed for its independence from Sudan.
    The South Sudanese are cursed to have a president who hailed from Jieng because you people are void from universal values of justice and what entail to be in position of authority. you can’t kill innocent people because of events which happened during struggle for freedom from Northerners and most of Nuers who were killed by Kirr’s regime in Juba had nothing to do with killing of Dinka’s Bor nor they were Riak militias as was alleged by regime to cover up its crime in December 2013.
    State apparatus shouldn’t be used by one ethnic to suppressed the rest of ethnicities in South Sudan to advance their agenda at the expense of the rest and expect those being suppressed to succumb to injustice and abused of power by Jieng. Peace will prevail only when there is Justice and rule of law and otherwise on-going war will continue for un foreseeable years.

  12. Deng Hanbol says:

    Bother Doup,
    the good news is, because of Nuer-Dinka fighting, Shilluk-Dinka fighting, Equatorian-Dinka fighting, Murle-Dinka fighting as well as Fertit-Dinka fighting, Dinka’s ship is sinking. The fate of Jaang regime is ending badly. Their plan to rule South Sudan for 100 years is a hallucination. Their (Jaang) nasty policy of using the Arab adapted son, Taban Deng/ Mohammad El-Hassen and Ezekiel Lol the Anuak man simultaneously against Naath is fruitless. All his (Mayar) complaints are in vain.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      Deng Hanbol,

      What you have described as good news for you and your daydreamers is not new at all. It is the same thing we have been dealing with through the historical making of this nation. At the liberation time, were you not aware of the phrase that “SPLA/M is a Dinka movement?” I hope you are not that young to remember your Nyigatization spirit which plagued you so bad against the Movement from its foundation to the current moment. The same was true with Equatoria and Fertit. In fact, our good Editor of this website and Elhag Paul are suffering from this long self-infliction wound of the above mentioned phrase. In Fertit places, however, the situation was worse than in Equatoria, so don’t be excited about this because its fruition would make you and your kinds permanent dwellers of Gambella for the rest of your lives. Sadly though, things are getting worse in Ethiopia than they are in South Sudan, but that picture is not clearly painted to the world (even the CIA’s mouthpiece, Sudantribune.com, is silent on it) to see because the US is masturbating on Ethiopia’s worse case scenario of all in the horn of Africa. The Oromo region, where Gambella is located, is burning.

      Cousin, you and I are in this shit for the long run, so stop accusing Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth as an Anyuak and Taban Deng Gai as an Arab for they are trying to tame your Nyigatization spirit for a permanent peace in the Country. Just join Toria and let’s see how it will turn out.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Deng and Okuc,

      from 1991 to 2002, the same tribes you mentioned were fighting against Jieng, plus Massireya & Rezikats in Northern Bahr el Gazal and part of Warrap and Abyei, but we are still alive, they never finish us. So, don’t mobilize others cowards and hide abroad.
      You never tested physical war one day in your life time. You are websites warmongers. The war you are calling for is not a solution, but continue suffering of others. By the way, you want people of south Sudan to continue suffering because you are not part of it. You are American stooges!!

  13. mading says:

    Deng Hanbol. There is no good news in fighting Dinkas, the tribes you mentioned above some of their members are fighting government, and some are part of it. If you want to fight Muonyjaang, go to their villages the are not hard to find. Okuc, White army civilians were Riek and Lam Akol army in 1991 who killed many un armed Jieng in Bor, Yirol, Rumbek, Bailiet, and Warrap in the 90’s. So it is hard to called those who were killed in the fighting pure civilians

  14. Bol Abokdit says:

    There will be no change sooner in South Sudan until those with a small brain learn to differentiate between Dinka and government and that change need effort of all not one group. If this situation you are encouraging continue to exist than don’t be surprised when more lives lost

  15. Bol Abokdit says:

    Mr. editor
    I don’t think the situation in South Sudan will improve very soon because if others are still mobilizing their own tribe then the situation will escalate further. Furthermore, be wise enough to differentiate between what Dinka did as a community and the action of government. To be honest with you change need effort of all people in South Sudan not one group or two

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Nyagats,
      There is no permanent enemy and friend in politics. H.E Taban Deng Gai and Hon. Ezekiel are wise Nuer, although you denied them. They are not warmongers, pompous and power hungry like your uncle Dr.Riak Machar. They are for peace in this country. That is why I said earlier that not all Nuer are bad, the bad Nuer are those calling for war when they are abroad in USA, Australia…..etc. If such elements like you the Nyagats are eliminated, this country will be in peace forever.

      I just got an information that, those of you (Deng Hanbo, Elhang, Editor..etc) are not Nuer of South Sudan, you are Nuer from Ethiopia Gambella region, So don’t spoil our country please, idiots.

  16. Aliapkerec says:

    These are good memories for our people and not to be bias, what about the massacre in Bor committed by the io, i wish that it is also displayed to the world

  17. Hoiloom says:

    Mur Mok,

    Stop writing rubbish here. Since your new darling boys, STD and Lol made a coup against IO what exactly have they achieved in terms of peace? Instead the war has intensified and economy has collapsed. Keep praising them but Machar is still a pain in your butt even under house arrest in South Africa. Some of the people you are calling names are in battle fields. Don’t tell me we don’t have access to Internet in opposition controlled areas. Get this in your empty skull;South Sudan will never achieve peace without justice, reforms in security and financial sector, rule of law and a total federation system. It is not over till it’s over….


    • Mor-amook says:

      Rubbish, who are you to call for federal system? You are just rebels! Who mandated you to represent the people of South Sudan to for something on their behalf? You are not elected opposition members in Parliament to call for something on behalf of the people of South Sudan. I know you are being spoon fed by America or the west to say this and that.

      You may be brought to power by the west as you hope, but if you don’t surrender everything to them, and always say, “Yes sir, Yes sir” you will still be trouble.

      Hoiloom, you are a liar. Which rebel control area has internet? Maybe Akobo in INGOs compounds. You are outside South Sudan if not Africa.

    • Deng Monymor says:


      Machar has never been a “pain in butt” for anybody except on Naath people. If there is anyone who has an empty skull in this political confusion of yours who lacks understanding of reality, it would be you and your confused internet warriors. It should so far be obvious to you that Machar’s leadership ambition has killed many in this nation. Is that what your kinds call political reform, Cousin?

      When you say Machar is “under house arrest in South Africa,” who has arrested him? Certainly it is not us because if we did, we know where we would have put him. It would had been the end of Nyigatization in this nation forever. And if that is not us, what does this say about him as a rebel leader……Joseph Kony of South Sudan? But to let you know the secret, Machar is not in any house arrest by anyone; he is just in bad shape but the America and her 1884-5 Berlin Conference on South Sudan allies (Troika) don’t want you and his supporters to know because that would end their dream of resources control in our country. They are doing this in order for them to search for who will replace him. According to them, the potential replacement is Thomas Cirilo but their dilemma is that Cirilo is plagued with many political diseases which will not him make any serious rebel leader. As things stand out, they might end up having a Jieng replacing Dr. Machar very soon. You may be surprised to realize what False Millionaire has been lecturing you on about Yankees and Brits intentions could be true. I know you are too dump to know this because CIA’s mouthpiece called Sudantribune.com has been preaching different thing for you in order to keep fire under your Nyigatization pot while they are trying to figure out what to do next.

      For Hon. Ezekiel Gatkuoth and Gen. Taban Deng, they have known Machar for a very long time to realize that he has been a curse on Naath nation, and so they decided to bring peace to the country so that we end the madness of killing ourselves for someone’s ambition for leadership. Progressively, they have already started bringing peace that is why your confused militias don’t control any village in South Sudan. If you need more information on this, Deng Monymor is on the ground, I can feed you more good news on how Gen. Taban Deng and Ezekiel are doing for permanent peace in our country.

      Come home, Cousin. We will do our normal reconciliation. Dr. Machar is a curse for the nation and will always be…..the West have now realized.

  18. Bala says:

    Wau women of the IO men are now selling their bodies to West African men under the guise of the UN. Hope their men of the oI who advocated the deployment of the RPF are satisfied. A Dinka man would only share a bed with a wau woman by marriage that the woman’s parents and relatives approved. Ever since we became independent, AIDs and other STDS are wiping out our population in Equatoria. Such diseases never affected our people when we lived under the governance of Sudan. These diseases are not widespread in Sudan or Arab Worlds they. The Republic of South Sudan needs to pull out from the East African Community, because our people are get the bad diseases,as a result of interactions with people in those community.

    • Eastern says:


      Save yourself the embarrassment of this grand display of ignorance. If you checked your facts right, you will be sorry for this reckless utterance.


      • Bala says:


        I——have —-the facts, already.Please read even the latest news from the VOA’s and Gurtung Trust news articles published today on (March the 4th,2018). I am an unable to copy and paste to which the texts that mentioned the ongoing cases and causes of deaths in Yei River State, as well as sexual abuses which have been committed by Ghanian policemen under the UN at the PoC site. The reasons I can’t copy and paste any textual sources of evidence to you is because I don’t use any computer but my mobile phone. The mobile phone that I am using right now is quite basics. It is. Not a state of the arts. Some apps allow the user to copy and paste,yet mine doesn’t for some reasons and in particular- the websites, including this one. Back to the topic, the causes of the deaths in Yei River State are HIV,AIDs and Hepatitis B, as well as the frequent skirmishes between Dr Riek Machar’s Nuer dominated SPLM-in Opposition’s fighters versus the soldiers who make up the National Salvation Front Army, led by General Thomas Cirillo Swaka that occasionally fight the government troops too, but the point of the asking is whether there Is a any correlation between the the diseases that are killing the people in that part of Eqiatoria and similar diseases that may spring up in Wau where sexual abuses have been committed by Ghanian policemen from West Africa and the presence of RPF,UN troops and the Western led NGOs in South Sudan,as well as mixing with East Africans? Yes , there is the correlation. Before Sudanese exists, such deceases were never on our land. In 19 hundreds, the deceases were not available. In ,1955 to 1956 ,1972 to 1983 and 2002, all Sudanese were way healthier with exception of tropical deceases such as maleria,diarrhoea, flu, scabies, and chickenpox which leave you alone in a matter of a day or two weeks if you have always maintained a healthier lifestyle as most people from the former Southern and Northern have always had in every region. After we gained the independence from Sudan during the referendum of 2011,which led to our indepedence and introd the coming of East Africans and some western nations, particularly the United States of America, Norway, Ireland, Britain, Germany and arrival of the United Nations dirtiest’ multiethnic groups of countries into our land out of the experienced metropolitan Sudan of which we were under. White people of the UN, White people of the NGos, East Africans with we trade with, and then Ghanian policemen who have been now reported to have asexually abused other women from our land. They were deployed as protectors of the threats that were not there. The coming of other Africans and white people onto our motherland is equitable with those deceases.

  19. Hoiloom says:

    Mur Mok and Deng Mony-liel,

    What is this ranting about? Please spare us with this JCE mentality and confusion. The rest of us have a clear vision for this great nation. Enjoy the economic boom in the sin city. Ironically, I am in a place called Mandeng (at the bank of Sobat river) where a plate of food still cost 10-15 SSP. Aluta continue!


    • Deng Monymor says:

      If a plate of food costs 10-15 SSP where you are, then we are not doing badly after all. This is very amazing news from you. I say so because not far away from where you are, in Gambella, a plate of food cost 11.50-17 Birr a month ago. Don’t worry though, it will cost less than very soon when your Nyigatism eliminated in South Sudan for good. Support Gen. Taban Deng and Hon. Ezekiel Gatkuoth efforts for peace.

      • Mor-amook says:

        Is Riak Machar the only educated Nuer with PhD? Is Riak the only leader Nuer can listen to? The reason I am asking these questions, is that some of empty skulls like you and the rest still following Riak even if other Nuer leaders emerge. When will you learnt reality? That is why we (Monyjang) always say Nuer know only wana thin (let’s go). Most of you, but not all Nuer do not examine the reason to take decision. One foolish Nuer can lead them to unnecessary fight and no one would dare to question him. You only listen to one person, you don’t ask yourself why do I need to do that?

        You are really diehard of Riak. You want to follow him up to the grave. I believe even by the time he died nature death, you would still say, let’s wait for Riak even though you know people do not come back.

        Please leave Riak for now, let us support Gen. Taban and Hon. Ezekiel and the rest of leaders to bring peace. Let us face reality, let’s support peace. Riak is a southerner, when there is peace and election, he can contest if he wishes to continue his ambition and people will vote for him, even me, I can vote for Riak if he convince me in campaign with his program. I can’t say he is Nuer.

        So, please understand things from another angles not static brain. Imagine, how long he has been in South Africa? Who confined him there? Ask yourself and analysis. Do you know when he would be release? Let us look at our people in UN and refugee camps, not continuing with war for Riak to get to power by force.

        • Eastern says:


          You just clearly illustrated how the dinka people behave, being educated aside: is Kiir the only dinka leader? Is it not the mentality of maintaining the status quo of having Kiir at the helm using all means possible at your disposal, the reason we will not have a peaceful South Sudan? Both two rounds of the IGAD HLRF have failed and the next round is destined for the same, thanks to the dinka thinking that holds the state power and are the majority?

          Now, a fool like me knows what Taban and Ezekiel are up to.

          It is very naive to insinuate that Dr. Machar is in self-confinement and the regime in Juba has no leverage in keeping him at bay. It is puerile to rally the masses to follow Taban and Ezekiel to “bring peace” because we don’t know when Dr. Machar would be released from his confinement. NOW TO BE RELEASED BY WHO?

          These are some of the initial preconditions:
          1. Kiir shouldn’t lead any future transitional government.
          2. The current regime contraption in Juba be dissolved (security setups, parliament, number of states, etc).
          3. The national dialogue, which is an UNNECESSARY NUISANCE, should be put on hold until a peace agreed by all waring parties is signed and being implemented.

          If you look at the above preconditions, then you know where the country is headed after the next round of the HLRF: either the regime in Juba stands down from its high horse by making GRAND COMPROMISES and the country ushers in sustainable peace or IT REMAINS INTRANSIGENT and the country disintegrates…..

  20. Hoiloom says:

    Mur Mok and the likes,

    Why don’t you start asking the same questions about Salva Kiir if he is the only smart Dinka alive. For your information this war has nothing to do with Riek Machar but the massacre of our people carried out in December 2013 by our Dinka cousins and that is exactly what this article is all about. When Riek was removed from his position as a VP with the entire cabinet in June 2013 did you see any Nuer protest? Sure I was in Juba then and if my memory doesn’t fail me he briefed the nation that the president has the constitutional rights to remove him. Why then would you target us if your problem is Riek Machar? For you to grasp that this war is not Riek Machar’s war he’s confined in South Africa for almost two years now, nonetheless the war continues unabated and we’ll keep fighting until the JCE monster regime is dismantled for good.

    STD and Lol are nothing but traitors who sold the blood of our people cheaply but once they’ve no value in JCE system they’ll be dumped like used condoms. Where will they go then, Warrap?

    Deng Mony-liel

    Please look up the meaning of negate(Nyegat) in Amharic….it’s a business man/women or a trader. Jaang’s greed and barbarism has destroyed RSS beyond repair. Your time in the throne is coming to an end, no matter how long this struggle takes.


    • Mor-amook says:

      My dear Hoiloom and the so called Eastern.

      You have clearly illustrate your objectives in disguise of regime change in Juba. You have stated clearly to audiences that, your objective of the current fighting is to revenge the alleged massacre in Juba. You are fighting to get power to totally extinct and wipe out Jieng in the land of South Sudan. My cousins, it is only God that can extinct human beings. You will never achieve your objectives. You have naked your objectives to the world, and for that, we cannot surrender ourselves to be eliminated, instead we shall continue to fight back until you clear us all. So, it left to you to imagine how long it will take you to extinct the whole tribe on earth.

      Clearly, this way you don’t need a single Jieng in your rebellion/army. There is no Jieng in your areas of control. Please revisit your objectives and be inclusive. No common enemy in politics and no friend.

  21. Bismark says:

    May their souls rest in peace. The remains and the names of our dear ones who were brutally killed by the government that was suppose to protect and defend them in times of danger should kept so that in the future a memorial place will be built to remember them for death that was made a punishment for their innocence but being guilty for having been created ethnically different from the ethnicity of the ruling class of the government of South Sudan.

  22. ibrahim Juma says:

    Dear Duop,

    Your article is tribal , let’s not focus on tribes when addressing national issues. when genocide happened in Rwanda , they never keep on revisiting the horror of 1994 but instead they used it as a lesson to abolished tribalism . Rwanda now is the most promising Africa country with strong system of governance where their unity is a centre of their development .

    • Duop Chak says:

      Telling truth is not tribal. You assertion is exactly what tyrant Kiir wants the people of South Sudan to say or talk about. Kiir owns those atrocities and he and his supporters should not pretend as if nothing happened. If you are for peace, as you seems to be, then I suggest you tell Kiir to admit that he is/was the one who committed those crimes. Peace will not be a achieved in our country if Kiir and his admirers think the way you just displayed.

  23. I feel pain and tears welling to my marrow of the bones upon reading this article. Nuer–Equatorian and the rest of the tribes should wake up and confront Kiir Jeing republic. These JCE republic should be removed

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