A new and neutral government only solution to South Sudan’s problems


Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955), the widely renowned physicist and humanist said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Sounds like a simple proposition but it is a powerful truth.

If one is part of a problem, one can not see his/her role in it. In other words it is an issue of the blind spot.

This is why when doctors are sick they do not self prescribe but consult other doctors for treatment. Similarly, lawyers typically do not represent themselves in courts when accused, even though they are able to.

However, SPLM wants to be an exception and does not believe in the concept of blind spot. Destructive as it is, it can not see its role in the crisis that has sadly engulfed the country.

Ridiculously, SPLM wants to remain in power as if nothing has happened in the country as a result of its brutal actions in mid December 2013.

Remorselessly and with poor judgement of the situation SPLM expects to continue with business as usual. Is this not lunacy?

Akol Paul Kordit, the chairman of the SPLM Youth League in an article on Sudan Tribune ‘SPLM youth Leader warns against forming interim government’ (http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article49981) rejected the idea of a new and neutral government in South Sudan as a solution to the current crisis.

He argues that the SPLM convincingly won the last election in 2010 and therefore it should not entertain any ideas of an interim administration because that would be tantamount to rewarding rebellion.

Such views are not helpful in the current situation because they are regressive and would not lead to any desirable solutions in the country.

Kordit would do better to familiarise himself with the election of April 2010. First of all, that election was thoroughly rigged by his beloved party.

Secondly, that election was held in the then Sudan under president Omer Bashir and its mandate expired on the day South Sudan became a separate country on 9th July 2011.

Note that given this view the SPLM assumed power illegally.

The truth of the matter is that the 6 month interim period between the referendum in January 2011 and the independence in July 2011 was designed to enable South Sudan to prepare a legitimate government to take power on Independence Day.

SPLM under president Kiir deliberately neglected this process to install himself as the president of independent South Sudan with the SPLM as the governing party regardless of what South Sudanese had wanted.

In the said 6 month period South Sudan represented by the various political parties had agreed a way forward which president Kiir contemptuously violated to advance his hold on the people of South Sudan.

The sad thing is that SPLM claims that the election of 2010 gave it a mandate for 5 years and therefore it had the right to continue governing South Sudan after independence.

This is not only misleading but a load of trash. The 5 years mandate referred to would have been applicable only in the event that South Sudanese voted for unity of the Sudan and remained in a united country.

But this is not the case. South Sudanese voted for secession. As South Sudan broke away from Khartoum, that mandate became null and void in relation to South Sudan.

SPLM could only claim to be democratic and legitimate if it had been voted into power in the now independent South Sudan. Without such election SPLM has no shred of any democratic legitimacy.

Therefore, SPLM is not democratically elected by the people of South Sudan. Any such assertion amounts to fraudulent claim.

In fact it is arguable that president Kiir and the SPLM carried out a kind of a coup d’etat in South Sudan on 9th July 2011 when it assumed power without consent of the people.

SPLM simply imposed itself on the people and the country.

Kordit’s argument that an interim administration amounts to rewarding rebellion is baseless. South Sudanese want an interim government as a solution to the unhealthy blood letting situation in the country.

It is clear that the Nuer can not and rightly so feel safe under Jieng leadership because of the ethnic cleansing that president Kiir conducted on them.

Equally, the Jieng will not feel secure under a Nuer leadership because of fears of revenge.

So the solution lies in the leadership going to a neutral person respected by both groups and the country at large. Such a leader can only come through an interim government of national unity.

A new and neutral government as a solution to the problems facing the country is therefore the most reasonable thing to do.

Any sensible and reasonable person with the country at heart must support this proposition.

As Onyoti Adigo (SPLM-DC) of South Sudan parliament recommended, a new government is needed to “make the political climate more inclusive and encourage reconciliation.”

President Kiir can not just continue in power as usual. He and his beloved party have ruined the country.

With the latest incident of ethnic cleansing there is just no reason whatsoever for president Kiir to continue ruling the country.

His government has forfeited its right to rule.

Kordit argues “we believed in this government. We have elected this government. The youth of South Sudan love this government because it is their government. We trust this government and we must have collective effort to protect it and encourage good wish for this government.”

This is empty rhetoric. What does Kordit mean by “we”? Who are the “we”? Does it include the people this government victimised? Does it include the Nuer? Does it include the Fertit? Does it include the Chollo people? Does it include the subjugated people of Equatoria?

Does it include the broad masses of South Sudan? Or, who is this “we” referring to?

Kordit as a beneficiary of the crooked system is doubly blind to the heinous crimes his party is committing in the country.

Anybody in their normal faculties can not shower president Kiir’s government with rosy words like he did. Only sycophants do.

It is clear the current government has served its purpose and it is time for it to go.

Thus the proposal for a new and neutral government is the right thing to do in South Sudan in order and not limited to:

1) rectify the usurpation of power by the SPLM on 9th July 2011. 2) mitigate the abominable ethnic cleansing president Kiir and his militia unleashed on the country.
3) assure the general public of their security.
4) allow for a proper preparation for the coming election.
5) enable return of peace all over the country.

Kordit must understand that this is the wish of South Sudanese and it will have to be implemented whether SPLM likes it or not.

South Sudan is larger than all the political parties combined and so SPLM as a tribal organisation will not stop the wishes of the people.

South Sudanese people now know that keeping quiet is not an option. They have to now speak out loud and clear for a democratic change with a demand for a new and neutral government.

Please wind down by listening to the panel in the YouTube video ‘South Sudan: Is Peace Possible’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y19cWNIkVlo

[Truth hurts but it is also liberting]
Elhag Paul


  1. Paul Alhag:

    Forming a new government,in the government,in the country,is not a good solution to the problem in the crisis of South Sudan.The best think for me,is that the government in the party of the ruling party SPLM,has to be DISMANTLE TOTALLY with its counterpart in NCP ruling party in the north in Khartoum.The two parties in the country,have putting a lots of suffering to the Sudanese people in the country in Sudan in general!

    The rebels in the South Sudan under the leadership of Dr.Riak Machar who is fighting the administration of President Salva Kirr,he has to do the right-thing to avoid another fight in the South in the government in the country! There are very many challengs lying ahead on the roads!

  2. John Yugu says:


    You seems to have missed the point! What does NCP has to do with South Sudanese affairs. The current tragedy is caused by the SPLM not NCP in Khartoum.
    The problem with us South Sudanese is that we are fond of blaming others for our own shortfall .
    Kirr arrongance caused this uncalled for civil war…….
    Instead of humbling himself the dictator thought his mighty ‘SPLA’ can coerce everybody to worship him,sadly is not to be …
    Is now a matter of when he has to exit or face the music like others! This greediness for power will take you nowhere Mr Kirr but will hasten your days to the grave yard.

  3. Tyson says:

    I am surprised with the understanding and critical analysis of issues by these criminals of the oyee party. The SPLM has failed as a party and government (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary). If the executive was barely good, nothing would have happened; if the Legislature was good, it could have alerted the executive from sinking into the abyss, and if the Judiciary was good, it would have tasked the government to respect rule of law and rights of all South Sudanese.
    Those who are parading that Kiir led government should be protect are just dreaming. These people have been scooping the resources of South Sudan for their own benefit. Now time has come to make them accountable at any cost.
    Indeed, South Sudan needs an independent interim government to among others, fulfill the following:
    1. Stop the war and ensure peace returns to our country
    2. Assist the displaced and refugees to return to their areas of origin
    3. Reconciliation, healing and truth commission to address root causes of the problems in our country
    4. Review the constitution
    5. Conduct proper disbarment, demobilization and re-integration
    6. Re-organize the arm
    7-Re-organize the Judiciary
    6. Conduct census
    7. Conduct credible elections
    8. Provide social services to our beloved citizens

    These just some of the issues to be addressed by independent and credible government. Members of the interim government should consist of competent South Sudanese intellectuals not hired job seekers from neighbouring countries. These people was there to ensure their payroll is well maintained. South Sudan can be built by South Sudanese. There are many qualified people but the Oyee party chose mediocres so they continue stealing.

  4. jay johnson says:

    Mr. Paul,

    neutrality is a subjective word. What you may deem neutral may not be a neutral to others. And by the way, there is no neutrality in politic.

    Interim administration or neutral government will remain a mere dream. The fact on the ground speak for themselves. The rebels should not call for an interim administration when they face military defeat and continue to be diplomatically isolated from the international community.

    So what you talking about?

  5. Mohd Adam says:

    Alhag Paul, as I have earlier stated, I have been and I am still a routine reader of your writings. The call for neutral or interim government has been the language of the rebels lately. Why was Riek silent in the past eight years and only rebelled when he was sacked last July? I think you need to disassociate yourself from the rebels, Mr. Alhag. If the seven so called political detainees, can reject Riek’s killing spree and disowned him in Addis, who is Alhag Paul in London, to echo the rebels in lawless Nuerland? I think up to this point, re-examine your stance and keep writing as a south sudanese intellectual rather than leaning towards devils, who kill our people with impunity in Malakal, Bantiu, Akobo etc!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Mohd Adam
      I am amazed by your insinuations. However the questions you have posed are directed to a wrong person. As I am not Riek, I have nothing to say to you. You need to either write to Riek directly or through his representatives in Addis Ababa to get answers to your questions. The separation of the 7 senior members of the SPLM is the inside job of IGAD to isolate Riek in favour of Kiir. To me it makes no difference because they are all SPLM like you who together have driven the country to this place, hence the need for an interim government of national unity which will steer the country well clear of the SPLM mess. If you want my position – my position has always been with the truth and the voiceless people of South Sudan. Therefore, my condemnation of president Kiir’s lies about the coup is not an association with Riek but grounded on the truth and evidence. I do not have to condemn Riek or anybody else on lies because I want us to build a workable, peaceful and fair society. Riek like everyone has rights that must be respected regardless of what one feels about him.

  6. Kanya Gogo says:

    Bravo Elhag Paul,

    You have spoken clearly and loud. Those who don’t want to hear can go to hell. Whether we like it or not Interim Govt is the only best solution for this nation now. I want to ask those opposed to this view by asserting that the current government was an elected govt and so must stay put. Was Omar Beshir not an elected president of Sudan when he accepted an interim govt? Why did we take that offer in good faith and today we are saying such an idea is unacceptable

    Mohd Adam,
    Riek broke his silence about the mess in govt long time ago. Right from the onset of the drafting of the current transitional constitution. It is not correct to say that he came out to oppose the ill-happenings of the sitting govt after he was sacked. In fact if you don’t know the only for his sacking was his demand for reforms and doing things professionally and transparently. It’s this same mentality you are portraying here that caused problem for South Sudan. If someone shares a view against this govt you rush to conclude that such a person is a rebel. That is the reasoning that led to the massacre of innocent Nuer in Juba because you and your dinka government believed every Nuer is rebel. Adam do you know that we all deserve respect as human beings?. For you to think that the 7 detainees are better than every body including you is baseless. Instead of treating Elhag Paul, come to Juba and tell Kiir that he can only survive if he accepts interim govt. Shame on you to preach only the killing in malakal, bentiu and Akobo yet you massacred people in Juba on broad day light. As far as I am concerned, Riek can be a better devil compared to Kiir who is a worst Devil.
    Kanya Gogo,
    Nimule, South Sudan

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