A Liar and a Dictator on the Stage in Lakes State

BY: John G. Jinub, UK, JUL/02/2013, SSN;

It is a painful moment in the history of Lakes State. It is really hurting and agonizing to see an autocrat, Governor Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol (photo above), mutually with a big liar and hypocrite, Mr. Dut Makoi Kuok ruling the State with an iron fist. It pains a lot not just because their rule is an authoritarian leadership style but it’s antagonistically a harmful political history because both of them are failures in life.

Matur Chut is somebody who is green and novice in the brain. He is an illiterate person with untold and immeasurable records of clannish chauvinism. He is a person whose belief for Pan-ajuong is exceedingly important more than his belief and faith in God.

He has been a catalyst for inter-sectional feuds which ruined greater Athoi (Pan-athuoi). The humorous and valued name of our clan (Athuoi) was diminished to rubble by this giant man called Matur Chut.

During the clannish fights, he has been supplying his section of Pan-ajuong with foods and ammunitions.

What else can a hard-line patron of sectional warfare deliver to millions of locals in Lakes State? What kind of insecurity can he really subdue while he has been an architect of all the tribal wars in some parts of the state?

I wonder why president Kiir appointed this chaotic personality.

Coming back to Ustaz Dut Makoi, he is a person whose falsehoods and fabrications are incalculable. He doesn’t have the heart and mind to think – he just imagines and expresses anything on his face.

My God what a mess back home! I started mourning the immense human deaths and abuse of democratic rights of our citizens which were held hostage in Lakes State when I heard about the appointment of Gen. Matur Chut as a concierge Governor of Lakes State.

Dut Makoi has been self-styling that he is a university graduate. What was best known of him was deception and disobedience on the University Campus. In the University of Gezira, Wad Medani, Sudan – he was undergoing studies in the faculty of Education where he was discontinued because of his unhealthy and poor academic performance. He was a dishonest student with no academic credentials.

Why does he pretend to be the best of his colleagues?

In 2005, just after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) he allegedly embezzled money and some materials like computers, generators, etc, offered to Rumbek Senior Secondary School (RSSS) by a delegation from Khartoum. This was when he served as the Headmaster of RSSS.

His term in office experienced drastic setback. The food rations for students became what were consumed in the headmaster’s house. Chairs and tables were nowhere to be seen but only in the Headmaster’s house. His lips kept on dripping with lies.

A three week trip to Yei will publicly be announced before students’ parade as a trip to Paris, London and Washington – DC. Aah! Ah! Oh God!………. Dut loves boasting with lies. He used to fill the air with lies of having travelled to various major cities of the world.

Is this a type of man that a sane person can appoint as a Minister for Information and Communications? Regrettably, the two, both Caretaker Governor and the incumbent Minister of Information and Communication are of the same token.

What has thrilled my energy and awoke my resentment is the sequence of bad things happening in Lakes State. There are immense human rights violations inflicted and the unlawful ban of alcohol, looting of civilians by armed forces, collection of taxes and levies by the Deputy Governor, physical and poignant torture and bullying.

The perceived insecurity decline will be implying much more and vigorous insecurity soon or latter. I have never heard of a democratic system that’s opposed to political discussions. The system in Rumbek now is identical to the murderous and erratic rule of the then Idi Amin Dada of Uganda who left the country pauperised.

The outlawing of alcoholic drinks in the state doesn’t have a ground simply because there have never been security and media reports which showed people or persons being killed in the bar. Widows who were getting bread on the brewing of local alcohol are now going to bed with their poor kids with empty stomachs.

Most of these kids who can be able to get things by the means of their muscular strength may turn into night robbers because life has forced them to do so. Can they be blamed? No, the government is the one to be held responsible.

Also the mass arrest of civilians in such dehumanized places like Langchok and Enga-tinga are igniting more criminality than making reformation and rehabilitation to the criminals.

But why is it possible from Matur Chut’s rule that when a person is accused, he will immediately be confirmed guilty before prosecution?

I learnt that armed troops are always directed to the houses of the accused persons to go and collect every bit of material properties in that house leaving the extended family at the edge of starvation. That’s bullshit! Who will feed these families? It is negligent and ridiculous.

The Deputy Governor, Mr. Mabor Achol Kuer becomes the controller of the Revenue Accounts. What Gen. Chut doesn’t know is that Mabor Achol is not assigned a portfolio of the State financial administration.

Then if it is how it has happened, the State Finance Minister has to be urged to resign from his position or else the Deputy Governor is additionally given the portfolio of the finance minister so that he becomes Deputy Governor, Minister of Education and Finance.

Dut Makoi, why did you shut down Good News Radio FM 89 and directed for suspension of the Program Manager Mr. Peter Mapuor Makur? I was thinking your fabrications and fraudulence will remain in the lecture theatres in the University of Gezira when you got discontinued in second year. This is unethically against our constitution and against the personal ethics of the one who has one day climbed to the top of education’s height.

Worst dictators come and go but history doesn’t forget them. I do not see a reason of intimidating those who make corrections to the government. If the government is not criticized, how will it know its failures and successes?

Just put away from your limited brain that everybody will preferably be a flatterer and nonentity to your failed and autocratic government. What you need to do is to develop your belly, fatten your account and send your families to Kenya or Uganda.

We need elections in Lakes State……. We want a person who will come through by popular vote to administer the affairs in our beloved state.

DOWN…… DOWN …… DOWN …… Matur Chut. DOWN…… DOWN….. DOWN…….. Salva Kiir. DOWN………… DOWN……… DOWN………. Riak Machar………
I do not want these three people. They’re cancerous ills of South Sudan.

John G. Jinub


  1. Dhaal Mapuor says:

    This article has gone deep into personalities. I hope that people should criticize constructively.
    Thanks for understanding!


    • Gatluak Gatkuoth says:

      Mr. Dhaal Mapuor
      i think you were struggling to be reinstated in your position when the new tribal caretaker took over and uprooted all those not associated with him including students released with pay for studies. Matur is the typical human whom you can help and later told you which part should i bite off?, let it be personality or whatever you call it but let it alone, the way he lied in freedom square last time that, Lakes state youth leader took 4000 USD which was mearnt for Rumbek Central peace and diverted it for Governors welcoming.
      if he was a literate person, he should have asked for financial documents or if he was sensible person, he should have called UNMISS concerned personnel and investigated the case rather than roaring in public supporting liars who gossip to win daily bread.
      please, you can one time look for leadership, let Matur Chut end up like Gadaffi alone

  2. Dhaal Mapuor says:

    Dear Editor and Gatluak Gatkuoth,

    I understand.

  3. Malith Alier says:

    If people of Lakes are suffering as we understand, then let them vote not for Matur or Kiir comes next election. The so called Matur has not brought peace to Lakes as envisaged. South Sudan may go amok on Museveni “advices”

  4. Santino Deng says:

    The security in Lakes State have improved, that`s the fact. We must appreciate others, I understand Mr. Junub got a personal problem (clan otherwise) with both the Governor/minister of Information. Cde Dut Makoi is a great national activist during his youth time, even NCP Islamist in Khartoum can prove that. He lives his life in security cells in Khartoum before he joined the struggle, denying his contributions to the liberation is troubling!! even Gen. Matur is not educated!!! but he has wisdom more than so called intellectual. Including the author, we must disagree to agree, otherwise…..nobody’s prefect.

  5. General matur hasn’t spent much time yet, let’s first of all be patient for him to exercise his powers then we judge from there.

  6. Wyles Mengistu Maker says:

    To: John G. Junub
    The author of this article is a delusiac (delusional + maniac ). U are a psycho who’s filled with jealousy and the envy to have what Dut Makoi and Matur Chut have sweated and dodged bullets to be where they’re today… If u think u alone single-handed can bring change to Lakes State and S. Sudan as a whole, then why don’t u show the public, instead of running your raving madness here on public media— and probably we’d vote for u as the next S.Sudan president, unless cuz You’re just a failure who’s always struggled but in sinking 10 metres deep to Hades.. If u can’t think of something better, then why don’t u shut up? And by far, anyone can witness that there’s been peace since Matur and Dut got into the government, unlike the manslaughter that was raving the State during Chol’s reign.. R.I.P!!!

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