A High Profile Land Grabbing in Juba by Minister of Defence, Kuol Manyang

BY: Dr. LAKO Jada Kwajok, Jan/19/2016, SSN;

Two important things among others need consideration when someone decides to acquire a piece of land for the purpose of building a home. Top of the list is the neighborhood that requires a little research before he could go ahead with his project.

The points of interest are – whether the neighbours would be welcoming to him and also his willingness to establish good relations with them. Civility between neighbours is something of utmost importance as it’s unhealthy to live in a hostile environment.

Issues like proximity to workplace and presence of amenities close to the property usually take a secondary consideration.

Second on the list is to seek land acquisition legally using the available and well-established administrative process. It applies to inhabited and uninhabited land as there is, I believe, no such thing as no man’s land in South Sudan.

The case I am about to present to you is one of a kind because the culprit not only ignored the above but came up with something probably no one ever did worldwide. It’s the use of military force to own a piece of land for residential purposes.

Months ago, the Minister of Defense Kuol Manyang Juuk, sent bulldozers and graders across Juba bridge to an area on the eastern bank. He took a large piece of land, divided it among his folks and started building houses.

When the land owners discovered what was happening, they went to claim their ancestral land; only to be faced by military tanks guarding the grabbed land.

In fact, when the tanks were seen moving across the bridge, some locals thought an imminent offensive against SPLM/A-IO was in the making. The fact that he used tanks to secure that piece of land for his personal use speaks volumes of the sort of government we have.

Also, it shows he knew beforehand that the property has got owners. Therefore, he has to intimidate and scare them off.

Well, this is what the Minister of Defence can do in order to grab a piece of land in South Sudan. The big irony is that he would not dare to move those tanks into Abyei, Heglig or Mile 14 that are South Sudanese territories under occupation by Sudan.

Government and state regulations that control acquisition of land mean nothing to this guy. He has done a lot of bad things while in the bush and known for crude behaviour coupled with poverty in etiquette.

Some may recall when he was the governor of Jonglei state few years ago, he physically assaulted a very junior employee in the presence of an audience. The locals were in a state of disbelief seeing the top ranking official in the state displaying an act of thuggery.

His governorship of Jonglei state has been nothing but a total failure with widespread insecurity and communities on the verge of famine.

Anywhere in the world he would have been sacked long ago and forgotten, but not in South Sudan where there seems to be no end to outrageous phenomena. He instead got promoted to the position of Minister of Defense.

Even on one occasion, he was delegated to represent the president in one of the regional head of states meetings. South Sudan is at a significant disadvantage with such kind of people representing it in the international arena.

If he cannot handle a very junior employee by persuasion or the use of disciplinary measures and had to resort to violence – how on earth would he interact intellectually and withstand the pressure of the shrewd politicians he would be up against in international negotiations?

They would be challenging his views to weaken his position and gain an advantage. Would he slap them on their faces or beat them up if he cannot get his way?!

I have no doubt in my mind that he would be out of his league and easily outsmarted and outmanoeuvred with the consequence of South Sudan signing bad deals.

In 2005, the Bari community was split between those against and those for making Juba the capital of South Sudan. It’s hard to know which side was the majority. But it took only a year or so to make the overwhelming majority favour relocation of the capital from Juba to anywhere in South Sudan.

Why did the popularity of Juba as the capital of South Sudan plummet so quickly?! The main reason for this change of heart is the widespread land-grabbing that affected the whole community.

I remember watching a program over SSTV where the host tried to embarrass the late Dr Philip Tongun, by asking why do the Bari people want relocation of the capital that brings development to their areas?

He received an excellent answer from the great community leader that stunned him and I quote: ” Juba has been the capital of South Sudan for a while, and if having the capital is the vehicle that brings development, then the Bari people are not special to have that privilege alone, other communities should have the chance.”

The Bari community has been the target of negative propaganda as being obstructive and refusing to give land for government use. But in reality did it ever refuse a government request to relinquish land for building a school, a hospital or for the construction of a bridge or a highway?

It even gave the government a large piece of land on the eastern bank for building government departments and institutions. The government showed no interest in the offer and it soon became apparent to the locals that it wants the land without the people.

As they started to understand the whole situation, they became convinced that the aim is to relocate them from the land they inherited from their ancestors.

Subsequently, the failure of the government to curb the menacing insecurity and lack of basic services delivery, made the community conclude that it’s better off without Juba being the seat of the capital.

Land grabbing is commonplace in greater Equatoria. It’s rampant in Ma’di land, Yei area and parts of Western Equatoria state. Acts like what the Minister of Defence has done can only breed hatred and increase the likelihood of clashes between communities.

What started as a dissent from a portion of the Bari community has now spread to involve the rest of Greater Equatoria. The majority do not want the capital in Juba or anywhere in greater Equatoria.

I would say to everyone who lost a plot or a piece of land – don’t be disheartened or lose hope. Do not stop claiming the ownership of your property. Those who now think they have won by building on your lands would later learn how naive and shortsighted they have been.

They have built homes not on rocks but on moving sands. Without a doubt, there will be time for reckoning and they could be dispossessed of what they built using similar means – the way they acquired them or their illegal ownerships being made to crumble under the weight of lawsuits.

People like the Minister of Defence can seize lands belonging to others by force. But it will never confer legitimacy to the properties they possessed by the means they have used.

Calling the area Juba 2 or whatever name would not help to legitimise it, the locals will never accept the status quo.

Not long ago someone on this forum pointed out that many villages remain abandoned in Jonglei state. The MPs from those areas stay all the time in Juba and do not visit their constituencies.

Everywhere in the world people like to visit their villages and hometowns. There is nothing like having a house in your own village. It remains a puzzle why these people don’t like their ancestral land and prefer to grab other people’s lands.

The minister could have easily gotten a piece of land in Bor town without resorting to illegal possession of land around Juba. In that way, he would be contributing to the building of his hometown.

He ought to know though that the game is far from over. The land owners have just started warming up, and he should brace himself for a relentless claim on his illegal holding with only one possible result that is the return of the grabbed land to their legitimate owners..

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. Patriot, Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Lako,

    Lands grabbing by Bor of NyanKuol, NyanMakuei Liar, and NyanAguer, has been an ongoing phenomena since 1992. NyanKuol and traitorous John Garang first forcefully grabbed Madi land between Magwi and Pageri, and unashamedly renamed it Amer.

    So, it isn’t surprising for treacherous NyanKuol grabbing more Equatorians’ lands in Juba’s vicinity.

    This Jenge warlord was the primary architect of the carnage and instabilities in Jonglei during his governorship rule in that State.

    He personally engineered and executed the raids of hundreds of thousands heads of cattle from Murle, Mundari, and Nuer, and moved them to the Equatorian region period.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      There is no such a thing in Dinka language as Nyankuol. So, Nyankuol must be a Nuer. You are just a dummy who doesn’t. Know the differences in Dinka names between man and woman names respectively. Well, as a Nuer, what are you saying about Nuers taking over Akobo when it doesn’t belong to them?

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Bill Kuch,

        NyanKuol is NyanManyanydit. She used to be a man but expectedly became a commendable-Jenge model-faithful bootlicker(got forcefully wed to Muhoozi Museveni–has been a humble-slavish-bride since December 2013).

  2. kondokoro says:

    DR Lako, what are you doing are you in Juba or abroad..?
    Look you are educated stop this behavior and start working hard to help Bari community to move forward. issues of land can only be resolved when we are well educated.
    stop going like Wani Tombe who ended up not doing nothing to his people.
    crictising is not enough, nobody had chosen Juba to be the capital but it evolved automatically.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      kondokoro or whatever alias you have,
      Please, note that it’s utterly uncivilized to mention the late since you are absolutely ignorant about the causes of his demise.
      Now for your own education, let you be correctly informed that it was a delegation of Bari elders who voluntarily traveled to Nairobi and then New Site in 2005 to ‘offer John Garang the permission to settle in Juba temporarily’ until he moved to Ramciel.
      As a jieng, you should know better that Garang was not interested to come to Juba, he wanted to set up his government in Rumbek and later in Ramciel.

  3. info@southsudannation says:

    Dr. Lako,
    True as your brilliant article is, you forgot to interject one or other most outstanding and historical antecedents and acts of shame allegedly commissioned by minister Kuol Manyang who infamously and deservedly earned the epithet as the ‘butcher of Equatorians,’ by ‘foreign reporters in East Africa then during the SPLM/A war.

    According to author Deborah Scroggins in her popular book, “Emma’s War,” Commander Kuol Manyang Juuk was notoriously infamous for butchering thousands of Equatorians, in addition to Nuers and even his own Dinka, during the war.

    Notably, ‘butcher’ Kuol Manyang was irreputably and disastrously responsible for the infamous Palotaka incarceration of thousands of young boys and girls at that once famous Catholic intermediate school that once was among the best two academic edifices, along with Loka, in the country. (Palotaka is in Eastern Equatoria and Loka in Central Equatoria).

    In that school then occupied by Kuol Manyang’s SPLA forces, thousands of young boys and girls were allegedly subjected into virtual sex and physical slavery and exploitation right in the face of John Garang, the SPLM/A chief, who simply couldn’t do anything against fellow tribesman, butcher Kuol Manyang.

    These unfortunate war victims children were inhumanely used to look after the thousands of cows Kuol Manyang forcefully rustled from other tribes, and more tragically, these innocent young souls were deliberately starved, malnourished and died in the midst of the abundance of the proteins and calories they were forcedly taking care of.

    Besides the Palotaka child ‘genocide’ in which John Garang must now be answering to God since he abetted its perpetuation by not disciplining Kuol, Kuol Manyang’s other acts and commissions of outrageous crimes included burying suspects alive or throwing them into fast flowing rivers full of crocodiles, or just shooting people at point blank and, of course, in addition commandeering under-age girls and even boys for egregious acts of rapes and sodomization,
    an irrefutable crime of sex slavery in the SPLM/A.

    Finally, it’s no wonder that Kuol Manyang severely hated Emma, Machar’s wife, who sadly was later assassinated while pregnant.

    Then there is the unmentionable crime that Kuol Manyang allegedly committed on Bishop Paride Taban, which his Holiness would rather not mention any further.

    If there ever was a National Commission for Reconciliation or for Crimes committed during the war period, Kuol Manyang would surely be among the first people standing before it for those crimes against humanity he allegedly committed and commissioned.

    Unfortunately, the unarmed Bari can’t equally resist the aggressively deployed Kuol Manyang’s SPLA tanks and heavily armed tribal soldiers currently belligerently grabbing the lands and naming them as ‘Bor One, Bor Two’ etc….

    NB: For the doubters, before rushing to dispute the above, first read “Emma’s War or The Black Nile or The Politics of Liberation in South Sudan,”

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Dear Editor,

      Thank you so much for the extensive information you provided for the benefit of the readers. No wonder he has been dubbed ” Pol Pot of South Sudan ” after the Khmer Rouge leader who massacred millions of his citizens.

  4. Eastern says:

    There are likely to be protracted internal land/property related conflicts after the current conflict, if at all it comes to an end.

    In Juba, a lot of property repossession enmass on the stretch of land between Lou specialised clinic just touching the tarmack down to Referandum residential area. From Mangaten to Mia Saba you can see properties of people displaced by the conflict have been occupied by some other person.

    In Bor town many homes of those displaced by the war have new new owners or they have been vandalised to recover materials to build other homes by some people. People have lost movable properties like vehicles with others already sold out in the the neighbouring countries thanks to the biting economic situation in the country.

    All these property related problems are another bunch of conflicts in the waiting.

  5. kondokoro says:

    Dr Lako
    Im a real desenders of Jubek
    Dr Wani death had pain me a lot and I blamed his death on those who beat the drum of hatred to luered the Bari intelectuals into this drugnet to bring war to Bari land
    Im soo happy to see you have a Doctorate but how are you using it?
    are you going to work with governo Augustino jadalla to protect bari interest or you are going to create falls stories to creat anger toward Dinka and to isolate your self so that you don’t play a role in building Jubek state?
    who killed Dr wani? but I blamed those who are collecting welfare in US and Canada gave empty financial promises of support to Wani while pushing him to go to front line with out clear issues as a result he got killed by the very spla io whom he align with while Lado Gore kept silent fail to tell us the truth of his death.so watch out DR LAKO
    So let DR RIAKMOPOBIA not carry you away like many who are carried away Riak is worst than KIIr even NUER COUNCIL OF ELDERS

    • Bol says:

      “create false stories to create anger toward Dinka and to isolate your self ” ….That is what he and his fellow are doing here. Thanks for speaking up against these misguided fellows.

      • Nikalongo says:

        Dr. Kwajok is a bit milder in his projection. Let me tell you this, in politics, nothing lasts forever. Where is Bashier and his gang of jihadists? Did they ever conceived leaving the South one day? No. Now they are gone, and gone forever. Land grabbers, ruthless murderers, thieves and invaders masquerading as IDPs and their generations, are all targets of future deportations if the status quo continue to be what it is. Sooner than later, there will be voices calling for, not federalism, political reformation and peaceful coexistence but secession of Equatoria from what for now is South Sudan. Just like the Northern elites did, those voices will be given names and taken less seriously…………but we all know the results.

        • kondokoro says:

          South sudan had a freee economy and no one had grab Bari land but we the Bari had sold land to any one who have money like in Gudele it is Bari who sold the land even the government realized that if they requested land through community they will have to composate the natives so grabing is a gone case Bari are smart and are using their land to invest look like Rajaf John Garang police academy the natives were compasated and they are investing in farming to help locals
          Riak tried to grab land in kondokoro we rejected by demonstrating he left so why the natives of land grab by Kual didn’t demonstrate if their land is grab so propaganda always back fire look in western equatorial now the natives had to supper look in wonduruba natives suffered due to false propaganda so Lako go home and use your degree to develop Bari infact if you go earlier Jadalla can appoint you as a minister so hurry I can recommend you

        • Eastern says:


          Today you have MADE A OF SENSE in your brief discourse. The writings is on the wall!

          The Eastern Rock

        • Bol says:

          Land grabbing can’t be a good reason to incite tribal hatred leading to civil war between communities because civil move can fix it. Land grabbing is all over the country and is practice by people of authority. It js obvious, Equatorians don’t like any other people. Now you don’t want Dinka, tomorrow you don’t wants Mondari, the next day you do not want this section of Bari because they were slaves of your royal families century ago ! What is uniting Equatorians today is hate of Dinka. Kondokoro is trying to safe from yourself. Your unity to do something tangible is a dream for now….keep it alive….tell your kids to keep it alive……..one of them may be name the founding father of Jubek Federal Republic, if the warriors of Eastern and Western Equatoria allow you to be the new masters.

          • kondokoro says:

            WAAAA Don’t under mind Bari we are loving people that’s why Juba is catering for all today
            WE don’t hate Dinka but we do have proble with Dinka Bor because of cattles and Farms,
            But we also had the most terrible war between Bari and Dinka Bor in 1964 where Bari later defeated Dinka Bor with heavy loses with help from Nyangwara so that left a lot of bitterness and was imflame during 1972 Regional government when people like Ruben Mach Director General of Police in Juba supported the Cattle keepers to destroy our farms but we have moved on so to say there other Warriors who will endanger Bari I don’t think so, Im just trying to encourage our intelectuals to focus on development rather than too much tribal talks

        • Bentiu Ramaran says:


          Why don’t you go ahead and execute your plan now? What are you waiting for?

          • Nikalongo says:

            Waiting for you and your cousins to finish each other first. Going by what is happening, I may not have to wait much longer.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Bol, kon, alier, & False M,dutajenge, whore warrior, Sudandn, and kinsmen-Jenges,

        You’re the most hated-treacherous tribe in South Sudan for life. This is no secret period
        Your traitorous deeds rightfully made you earned it, but fortunately, your psychopathetical thinking-reasoning, simply just makes your likes creates more enemies at wind speed wherever your treacherous quest-adventures takes you.
        Magically, Field Marshal & Great President Omar El Bahir seems ready to issues, killer NyanKiir and the lunatic-fanatic Jenges council of Evils, the right medication—shutdown oil pipelines, because, nothing exacerbates the Jenges’ madness more than the flow of oil to the world markets.
        Pretty soon the Jenges would respectfully speak the patriots’ tongues—-Padang would speak Chollo—Bor would euphorically speaks Murle’s and Borchar’s language, Bor cattle raiders in Equatoria, would humbly and politely speaks the host communities’ dialects–Madi, Acholi, Bari, Kuku, Pajulu, Mandari, & much more—-Ruweng has for centuries mastered their masters’ tongue—-Naath Nation—they will fluently speaks the desire words!
        The foolish majority, Jenges Bhar El Ghazal, would proudly and slavishly dance while colloquially-raucously shoutout in Jur’s mother tongue.
        The eminent-spontaneous happening of these(Jenges speak patriots’ tongues & pyschopathetical thinking cured), will and shall superbly be a blessing to the patriot, Gatdarwich, and other patriots period

        • Bol says:

          Your comments reminds me of a saying in Sudanese folklores: Bedbugs had invaded a woman’s bed and one day her hut caught fire in her absence. When she returns, her neighbours were busy putting the fire out and she was standing doing nothing and laughing and repeatedly saying where will the Bedbugs go now! Your wild dreams of Revenge, Democarcy and Ngundeng prophecy are all going down with RSS. You better safe the hut and then think about the Bedbugs.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Why so defensive of the facts known. Dr. Lako is only reporting what transpired. He has not created anything of out of the blue.Isn’t it true Kuol Manyang is doing what is reported or is Dr. Lako lying to us? This should be the first question to ask. Since you just move speedily attacking Dr. Lako, this prove him to be correct on his reporting. It is not about Dinka in general, Dr. Lako couldn’t be more specific in his report, he pointed Kuol solely out. There is no incitation of Bari toward rebelling but he only urged them to remain calm and this case of land grabbing will be dealt with when proper laws are in place. Your defensiveness tell a lot about what is taking place.

      • Force_1 says:


        Did you notice Mr. Kondokoro saying; to rephrase his statement that “I can’t be fooled by my fellow Jubek who live on welfare in USA or Canada about what’s going on in Juba when I actually live in Juba. If someone who actually live in Juba dispute their claim; how would anyone believe those nonsense allegations.

      • kondokoro says:

        I am not defensive but im sick of the so called DRS who are well educated some of us like DR LAKO had jump into it by making themselves look like they were not supposed to pay back the community after they done education to be a DR is the highest level of education and you can do research to help your people not just Bari but the entire Republic of South Sudan.so so even though some tribes sacrificed soo much let them enjoy Kual will never over come Bari he is like any south Sudanese who can hav plot of land through legal means any where in the Republic opposition will never help you pay your school loan DR LAKO which you owed not to government but to Bari community so don’t put us down humble and help us don’t worst your energy on these

        • Force_1 says:

          Dear Mr. Kondokoro;

          All I can say is; you’re a reasonable patriot in South Sudan; wisdom is something money can’t buy and you completely possess it; you must be proud of yourself. I am saying this to you as a proud Dinka Bor man and that open no room for being bias or prejudice. You’ll truly live long to help not only your own people but the people of South Sudan in general.

  6. Itikwili says:

    Dear Dr. Jada and additional inputs from the editor
    said it all. Kuol is not somebody you would elevate into a senior position he is currently holding when evaluated on the basis of his human rights record and brutality he enlisted towards very ordinary and helpless subject be it during the bush wars or without. it is only people who are used to the culture of violence that could celebrate and elevate such a character. I hope the lessons from past senior juba civil servants help here. most of them lived in government houses for their entire working period until nature reminded that they should retire and only then they realize that they lived on a borrowed time. Kuol has his days doing what he knows best: extreme acts of violence, use tanks to grab land and call it Juba 2 in a lawless country. but how long can that be sustained? how long! “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword”

  7. Dutajieng says:

    I blame Dr. John Garang for his infamous decision to move to Juba as his set of gov’t and yet he very knew of these brainless Equatorians and their infamous kondodoro policy, he should have proceeded to Ramciel a no-man’s land and we would not have these false accusations all the time, this should be the time for brainless Kiir to take his fake and corrupt gov’t to Ramciel and leave these fools alone; am tired of their noises and lies.
    what a curse to have such p’ple in one country!

  8. Peacemaker says:

    Mr. Editor,
    kwol Manyang also assassinated Dr. Hugo Luigi Adwok, dismembered the body after beheading it and cut the trunk into pieces which he later fed to dogs.What a heartless nyamnyam!!!!.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      I sincerely regret missing out that horrific incident of Late Dr. Hugo Luigi whom I personally knew as colleague in Juba, and I closely followed his traumatic demise at the hands of this abominable killer Manyang.
      Hopefully, one day we shall have a genuine Commission of Inquiry just like that of the Second World War whereby those Nazis who were committed or commissioned crimes against the Jews are being prosecuted even at age of 90 or 100.
      Thanks again,

  9. Southdn says:

    Please don’t confuse yourself by bringing up different things. Dr. Lako didn’t even talk or mention any of issues you brought up. if you don’t acknowledge the war has come to an end due to August peace compromise 2015, then you wish South Sudan would continue fighting for 100 yrs as most Dinkas wanted to rule South Sudan 100 Yrs.
    Dear fellow Eastern, I would never agree with you. Believe it or not, Big brother is watching. if you are calling and hoping people of South Sudan would continue fighting for 100 yrs, this is superficial thinking. I hope your propaganda against people who been displaced to UNMISS in both Bor and Juba will never succeed. if I were lying go reread the Dr.Lako topics again.He was saying:
    1.Koul Manyang had failed when he govern Jonglei
    2. He bulldozed the land in eastern Nile for intention to build houses for his people.

    • Eastern says:


      I pity your level of comprehension of the English language. If you don’t see the correlation between what I have just written with what Dr Lako has written – land grabbing then, you are on the wrong forum. Better join one where the exchange is in the language you understand!

      The truth of the matter is land and other movable properties of people who have been affected by the conflict (fled into the numerous PoCs, fled to the neighbouring countries, killed during the conflict, etc) have been grabbed by the Dinka and their supporters. Why are you denying this? All this property grab will cause another set of conflict is all that I am pointing out here.

      I know someone out there would jump out and try to challenge me to produce evidence to back up my ‘claim’. Over to you Thomases!

      • Southdn says:

        Brother Eastern,
        Sorry, don’t blame me. I could see there is something bigger going on in south sudan since the war started. An unseen action is going Dinkas are planning are to exteriminate the Nuers by using all sorts of ugly tactics including agents from internal and external. Please let’s not asoult each leave, let me speak my opinion, if you disagree somebody else will agree.
        Good luck

  10. Jerad says:

    I don’t know what Equatoria call land grabbing. When people say we need a land, which is not inhabited by anyone like Ramchiel, Equatoria complained why the capital city is removed from Juba. Do Equatorias want the government to build their houses in the air? or inside the River Nile? I don’t know why our people don’t move out from Equatoria land and build the capital city in Ramciel or in Wau. I cannot waste my money to build anything in Equatoria land that is stupidity. Now Equatoria got nice road and nice city while other cities have not even tarmac road.

    • Eastern says:


      Now stop this sour graping! Nobody from Equatoria complained about the abnoxious capital being shifted to Ramciel, the sooner you take it the better.

      The tarmack road was a gift by the American to South Sudan; they are supposed to maintain it and replicate the same across the country – which they have not done. If you like, come and peel of the tarmack and plant it elsewhere to connect Gogrial and Rumbek and see if that helps.

      The Juba-Nimule road is supposed to the main artery of economic activity between South Sudan and the region which people of your mindsets have completely misunderstood.

    • kondokoro says:

      Who are you talking about Equatoria is no more .the word Equatoria is the product of fear with the thought that by coming together as greater Equatoria we might be freared and respected but infact Equatorianism had done more harm to us if you go to the Rural areas let me say Payams Bumas and counties there is much backwardness in these areas because all projects are taken to other parts of Equatoria without having one ,any projects done in Juba is not for Bari but for the entire South Sudanese who lived in the Capital including foreigners so Bari get nothing infact we were dominated by the so call cousins who some even tried to grabed our Land in Northern Bari now we are fine with Jubek state now we can develop Towns like Mangalla Rajaf Kondokoro Kworijik Bungu Mori Ilibari Nyori Jebel Lado Southern Bari ETCand more even develop the greater Kondokoro Island if possible a bridge across the Nile so Jubek is here to Stay
      Long Live JUBEK STATE
      Long Live President of RSS
      Long Live South Sudan

      • Eastern says:

        A dinka going by the name kondokoro claims that the ……the word Equatoria is a product of fear……Shame!

        • kondokoro says:

          Eastern I am not a Dinka I told you where I m from but you no body know where you are from this name is my nick name given to me when we were studying in St Joseph Primary school in Juba all my collique called me kondokoro because I came from Jezeera by boat to come to school daily.

          • kondokoro says:

            You absolutely might had got your Doctorate through wrong chanel because you don’t reflexed your PHD you got ,and you reached a level you cant recognized a Bari let me talk to you in Bari yet you might not ge ( Do a Barinit loda? kodo a Barinit ti konyen kulok ngajingaju bura kogwon Bari aje advance parik yi gwe kata ko koji nikang na Jubek yi dek nyo?

        • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

          Dear Eastern,

          You got it right. He thought using that historical name which he misspelled and mentioning some Bari towns and villages would fool people. He is an imposter and not worth the effort of commenting on his postings.

          • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:


            ” Bari aje advance parik ” – advance is not a Bari word and it’s Gondokoro not Kondokoro. It’s easy to find someone from the Bari speakers to write for you the above sentences. Your comments indicate that you are not what you pretend to be. I do have respect for genuine adversaries but not for fake ones.

          • kondokoro says:

            I am trying to save you from what you are doing to your self and your Community because you are trying to correct a man from Kondokoro and you said is Gondokoro when in reality is actually call Gandukuru not even Gondokoro is just like Juba which is actually Jubek and you are to blame you the Reasearchers by not promoting Bari Language and worsting time on dinka crictism

        • Bol says:

          The Eastern Rock,
          If an Equatorian expressed a different ideas from your pack then he / she must a Dinka …if a Nuer says things which doesn’t fit into your way of thinking, then he or she must be a Dinka (an enemy of anything good), ignorant or a benificery of Juba curropted system! Truth have become your monopoly! No one in the enitre nation knows the truth except you! Please take a minute off line and look hard into yourself….you have become anti Freedom of Speech, inches away from luantics….a real monster in the making! Wake up dude….

        • Deng Monymor says:


          What a mode of thinking you have? Do you always see anything that doesn’t appease your nerve-racking nature as something coming from Dinka? As is obvious, Kondokoro was making his point when he uttered those burning words. If you think he is wrong, why don’t you counteract his line of thought by showing us how the statement he made was unfounded. so far as your attitude shows, he is more than right, unless you conspire against him like you all did on Yien Mathews. Unlike Yien Mathews (who was thought to have identity problem), the man is a treat grandson of King Jubek. I hope you won’t have any cover up stories to make when you are in your conspiracy room, debating on his fate.
          Otherwise, not ever biting truth comes from Dinka; your own see your hypocrisy and empty shouting while sitting behind computer, doing nothing to our people.

          • Eastern says:

            Now do you think you have made any sense? Wondering in the bushes of Equatoria during the 20 plus years war won’t make you Equatorian either.

            Grabbing Equatorian women and siring children with them, grabbing land and other properties, renaming places, issuing presidential decrees to change state names, etc won’t make you an Equatorian! Learn to leave with this truth.

            The Eastern Rock

          • Deng Monymor says:


            “Wondering in the bushes of Equatoria during the 20 plus years” shows that I was doing real liberation at your backyard while you were nowhere to be seen. This, in any nationalistic view, should make me a real Equatorian because what is Equatoria seems to have wrong meaning in your head. Equatoria is a piece of land, not a tribe; therefore, anybody who struggled for its liberation or resides in it is legitimately an Equatorian. As of this definition, my cousin, Gatdarwich, though he did not contribute anything to that effect could become an Equatorian despite his multiple marks on his head because of his real cousin’s great contribution, me.

            If you happen to have nephews due to our glorious “20 plus years” in your bushes, be thankful, it is a sign of our people love and togetherness after having been liberated from the tyranny of Khartoum. Moreover, the fact that you have not left us any nephews anywhere in our country’s geography shows your poor contribution to the cause. People who did a lot to this nation have their bones and blood everywhere, including their scattered children. Now have I made sense?

            Deng Monymor

  11. Kwajwok,
    Why do we need to go that far in searching for an enemy when we have many enemies like you around us? So we better get rid of our worst enemies within and we shall go for our far enemies in Abyei and Panthou (Heglig) after we ‘ve addressed your problem amicably.
    Who is an enemy?
    Is someone that works day and night to make sure that any bad luck or deeds happens to you.
    Is the one who describes you using any sort of bad descriptions.
    Is a devil that denies your recorded achievements.
    Is a devil that fabricates and creates lies against you in order to tarnish your good reputation for no reason.
    He/she is a person who runs away and leaves you to face the common enemy alone and he/she comes back day after and starts to rewrite, alters and make up the already sealed historical facts thinking that they will have a chance of squeezing their dead brains in the well archived history.
    Is a fool who loves to process and research or sell a land to Ethiopia, Eritrean, Kenyan, DRC, Sudan, Ugandan and other foreigners more than his/her country-mate.
    Is a slave-minded fool who refers to Arabs in the North to be much better than the very person who fought for 20+ years to rescued him/her from slavery and returns you from refugee life in exile.
    Is a traitor who hates a freedom fighter like Comrade James Wani Igga for having not accepted to betrays South Sudan like other typical enemies in your backyard.
    Lets first finish with Wanne thin Nuer and soon we will come for you fools.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      J. Chin Jacob,

      Nyagatization is already finished. Have you ever heard the so-called White Army anymore? Wanne thin Nuer is a squirrel in hibernation, waiting to be buried forever. Let’s our eyes to new direction, history is repeating itself.

      • Dutajiengdit says:

        Hahahahahahaahahahahaa hhhahahahahahahaah hahahahahaha haaahahah this is really funny mn wanne thin is done for now they should go produce more children

      • Gatdarwich says:


        White army have been militarily trained and strategically stationed around Bor, Padang, Ruweng, and the foolish majority-Bhar El Ghazal backyards—awaiting order to unleash hell on your traitorous cowards butts!
        You Jenges have absolutely zero chance in hell of getting away with the massacred of Nuer women, sick, children, and the elderly in Juba in December 2013.
        Decisive-castratrophic vengeance is imminent!
        Your likes-Jenges, unmistakably sensed it imminency wherever you are globally period

        • Deng Monymor says:


          Are you talking about the so-called White Army I fought and had captured some of them or are you talking about different ones? If you mean the ones I dealt with, Cousin, then you are fooling yourself. The ones I fought were primitives and civil let alone been well trained. They don’t even speak good Naath language; I had to used Thok Naath matot (language of small people) when I was doing interpretation for them. They were fooled and so they died as fools and ignorant; Riek Machar will forever be hunted by their innocent souls.

          I’m in Nasir, Latjor State, and I don’t encounter them anywhere near let alone been deployed around Mighty Padang areas. Too much fooling yourself will do what it had done to the so-called White Army. They died like flies, Cousin, when we shown them real war. Be real about this because fighting war on internet is completely different than fighting it on our swamp arenas. When one wakes up at dawn with poison snake looking right into his eyes, one is really doing war, other than that one is just dreaming after having had some intoxication in his bloodstream. Stop having too much of that.
          Don’t even mention Bhar El Ghazal, for that name scares White Army to the core. Mentioning of Lual Jiernyany alone could make them surrender without a gun being shot.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Deng guacmor,

        Equatorians’ lands belongs to the Equatorians period.

        You or Gatdarwich have your own ancestry lands– in Nuer’s or Jenges’ lands.
        You, Jenges have zero right to forcefully occupied Equatorians’ lands period

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Please alight from the jungle vanwagon and leap into the same bed with the evil man u name Nyankiir in Juba to be able to hurriedly make out with a big post before everything disappear into the nature.There is no tribalism in money making machines.So stop fooling ordinary nuers into believing that u have a cause to fight against jieng!!!

  13. GatCharwearbol says:

    Deng Monymor,

    There is nothing wrong with dreaming.

  14. Isaac Deng says:

    Dr. LAKO Jada Kwajok, I’m very skeptical about your published story that claimed the Minister of Defense Kuol Manyang Juuk grabbed a large piece of land across Juba bridge and divided it among his relatives and friends. For the sake of argument, let me assumed it is a true story, how comes Gen. Thomas Cirino Swaka, Gen. Augustino Jadalla Wani, and many members of Bari community serving in powerful positions in the government are silent about it? The problems with you the Bari is that your chiefs and land brokers sell your land to some corrupt senior government officials and businessmen from Jieng to get rich quickly without the community approval or knowledge. But when the land buyer started building house, the poor community members who were not aware about the backdoor deal will start crying land grabbing, land grabbing, land grabbing. You need to blame your corrupt politicians, chiefs and their young brokers. It was not secret that your chiefs were bribed to give President Kiir and his VP Riek a huge track of land to Riek without anyone knowledge from the villagers. In Juba many young Bari men and women without well paid jobs are driving good cars bought with land sales money. It is obvious that the source of money used for buying those cars come from selling out their lands. True or False?

    • kondokoro says:

      Isaac Deng
      don’t start blaming Bari because of tricky clever worded destructive story created with the purpose of dividing people against people, if we don’t give land how can Juba the capital developed
      it is not Bari manufacturing the land grabbing theory but is a well thought technique developed by those who ran a ground in the politics of south sudan what Bari did was a genuine human exercise to allow forces of development to dictates how much land is needed and where.so keep out but if you a nationalist fight your media war with out damaging the grass root now that Dinka are moving to their states to develop their land look what they got after fighting the war of independent and dying in thausands?an developed land jungles no roads no structures no access to towns no schools while el haj and so call Riak followers here are only focus on Dinka to rob them of the pride they got when they join war of liberation in big numbers for the sake of freedom

    • Bol says:

      Isaac Deng,
      I was a victim of one Bari youngman years ago.Same story happened to some of my friends! Anybody buying a land in Juba have to check with neiboughers before signing a deal. Our angles are not they claimed!

  15. False Millionaire says:

    Bravo Issac Deng and happy new year to u and your family.
    I know something about your story and I lost a tooth in the confusion!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      False Millionaire and Isaac Deng
      If your blatant lies are to be believed, can you explain why Kwol Manyang has to come with Tanks and battalions instead of the sale documents? You now can do whatever you want but remember that the “state of nature” you the Jieng have constructed in South Sudan will eventually swallow you. In the state of nature nobody is for ever powerful. Read the works of philosopher Jean Jaque Rousseau for you to know that you are building castles in the sand. The Jieng will be brought to their sense when the right time comes which will surely come. Good luck for now.

    • Toria says:

      False M
      Hahahahaha, very funny mr land grabber. Why don’t you go and grab mosquitos infested swamps in the jungles?

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Elhag,
    We are talking about business,mafia,money and sell out.
    May be some body f…. up Kuol Manyang and that’s why he lost his mind and roled out the tanks forgetting that he was abusing public authority.
    Criminals are every where brother.Be watchful if u have a car in England.U may wake up one day finding that some one has done an act of a witch on it and u will be forced to lose your mind into wanting to get a gun and go rampaging like Kuol Manyang in Juba.
    So now u can just understand that that is a league apart therefore it becomes an imperative responsibility to spare the ordinary jieng and bari masses from the hell fire that you are threatening!!!

  17. Isaac Deng says:

    Elhag Paul, I was expecting a person of your caliber who portrays himself as a critical thinker shouldn’t give Dr. LAKO Jada Kwajok a clean pass without raising questions and doubts about his unsubstantiated claims. What I did was simply throwing the ball back to the author to fill in dots. For instance, had the author attached pictures of tanks guarding the alleged grabbed land for the world to see it with their naked eyes, I think nobody in his right mind will seek further clarification from him.
    The unanswered question to you remains, how comes some very prominent Bari Generals like Thomas Cirino and Augustino Jadalla cannot confront their colleague Kuol Manyang Juuk over this serious alleged large track of land issue. Why have the land owners or Bari in Juba not protested and stage daily demonstrations in front of those SPLA tanks to expose the saga and shame the devil?
    False Millionaire is right when he stated this is all about supply and demand, it is about business, mafia, money and sell out. Interesting secret gentlemen backdoor agreement by few corrupted Bari politicians, chiefs and young land brokers making lucrative land business deals with few corrupted Jieng politicians and Generals exchanging big money with some corrupted Bari leaders at the receiving end. Who to Blame?

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Isaac Deng,

      It’s laughable to ask for pictures of tanks guarding the grabbed land or that the landowners should have demonstrated in front of the tanks.Exactly what do you mean by ” to expose the saga and shame the devil.” Do you mean the media would have covered your suggested demonstration?! I will regret wasting my time if that’s what you think. Have you forgotten what happened to a peaceful demonstration by unarmed civilians in Wau in December 2012? To refresh your memory, 25 people or more were killed in cold blood by the SPLA. The locals are not stupid people – you do not put yourself in harm’s way if it’s futile. They will wait patiently for their time and they know at the end of the day the land will return to them. You are not seeking the truth but creating doubts about the truth. It’s just a matter of defending your tribesman regardless of the facts. While you are accusing me of unsubstantiated claims, what are your evidences that some Bari politicians and chiefs took money in exchange for land? But does the truth really matter to you and your cohorts?! Nevertheless, if it occurred to you one day that knowing the truth is a good idea then contact someone by the name Arop Mathiang Amiyock Chan, the National Director for Repatriation and Relief of IDPs. He will tell you why the Bari Chiefs rejected his request to be given land for temporary settlement of Padang IDPs which turned out to be a trick for land robbery. Among the many reasons for refusal is that elements of the SPLA have grabbed lands at a gun point including the area they called Juba 2. And it does not end there, they sell the illegally acquired lands to others.

  18. Deng says:

    Jieng is causing really so much troubles to all nation and that’s what we notice from Abil Alier’s time. The scenario is still functional but the worst than the former Alier. Dinka have to think twice this time while there’s still chance for them to humanize themselves like the rests

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Strangely Dr Elhag is so disconnected from the reality that all what he has is the name of his tribe named Bari.
    Think of a congested head of an old lion in a cage in exile far far away from his mother land and you are more than correct to predict an affect of hallucination burning in him.
    So on and so on.Nothing more to expect of him than repetion of the name of his tribe in his head.
    In the morning,it’s Bari.In the evening,it’s Bari.At night it’s Bari.And then the speedy wheeling of Bariiiiiiiiiiiii sacrificing every single window of logic,reasoning and understanding that are the universal chracteristics of human rationality.
    Is there any surprise why he sees the chicken thieves as,”angels”,and proceeding on the top of it to promise hell against jieng?!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millionaire
      Thank you for honouring me with the title of doctor. However, I am not a Dr and I do not want to claim something that I have not earned. I am very comfortable with who I am without the title of doctor.

  20. False Millionaire says:

    Dr kwajok,
    I agree with u.The SPLA,”sell the illegally acquired lands to others”.
    But could u quess,”why the bari chiefs rejected”,Arop Mathiang Amiyock Chan’s,”request to be given land for temporary settlements of padang IDPs”?
    It’s becouse Arop wanted to be given the land without paying.
    Please wake up sir and learn to bear up with the reality of the hour however bitter it tastes.
    It’s all about money and fantastic good life.
    for money,no matter what’s being sacrificed,the end justifies the means almost every where today in RSS!!!

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      False Millionaire,

      You don’t know what you are talking about. It was an official request using the official channels and he received the reply through those channels as well. Saying that he was refused the land because he wanted it without paying, makes you a liar. It’s not all about money and fantastic good life as you have asserted. You will never understand the importance of land to those folks because you are from a background that values the cow more than the land. Clearly you have no clue about this matter. Why don’t you let it pass and rest? Do they pay you to do this?!

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Dr
        It is a known fact that where land grabbing is an issue the Jieng lie through their teeth. Just see their blatant lies about Malakal being a Jieng land. The Arabs chased them from their traditional land in the Sudan and shamelessly they want to claim other peoples’ lands. Let them experiment with the ‘state of nature’ yet, it will certainly end up in tears and painful regrets. The Baathists of Iraq and the Gaddadfa of Libya learnt it the hard way and they are paying for it dearly. Our Holy Book tells us to do unto others as you would be done by. This verse simply admonishes humans to be aware that what they do to others will be done to them. It is upto those who do not want to heed the words of wisdom. Good luck to them

  21. False Millionaire says:

    Let the capital moves to Ramciel.
    In that time,I would like to be the lord of every thing.
    The land,the trees,the masguito infested swamps,the waters of the Nile River that runs along it,the sky and the breathing air will all be in my grip.But never dispair already.The objective will be to put an end to the theory of no inorder to say yes and of yes inorder to say no bari business dealings.U wouldn’t need to call me papa or make the prove of understanding arabic to be able to get what u want as is the routine of affairs in Juba!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      False millionaire
      Ramciel is the meeting point of the three regions of Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile and Equatoria. Even here in Ramciel the southern third of this supposed city is an Equatorian land and we will certainly demand to have law and order in it. Or we can make it like Geneva administratively to ensure that each part is managed locally. How about this reality and naked fact?

    • kondokoro says:

      False millionaire
      you wants the capital move to Ramchiel so that you can start dominating Juba I think this is the strategy of El hag, False millionair. Eastern and more other crictics of dinkanism who are all talking about Land grabing theory which don’t exist but is used as a pretext to hate Dinka and promote Equatorianism to dominate Jubek State

      • kondokoro says:

        Eastern Im sorry I mention you by mistake you are a great guy

      • Toria says:

        I have never replied to your comments, but you are a disgusting piece of a worthless homosepien. If you truly claimed that you are a Baria as you always do, then you must be the most useless and wasted person to call yourself a Baria. No Bari person will write any nonsensical garbage like you always do. Stop contaminating the great name of Bari. But off course we all know you are just another jenge in a sheep skin, you are just ashame to call yourself a Dinka.

        • kondokoro says:

          who are you and where are you from?
          You all are ganging up after bari land in Juba where is your land why cant you go there to protect your land we know what we are talking about genuine bari will not be stupid creating enemity among people, you know peple like the younger mayor of Juba plus Jadalla and more are there they are busy building South sudan and you and your troika are busy talking nonsense including the so call Dr don’t make Bari dirty by instigating nonsense to join rebellion is it not your motive?

          • Deng Monymor says:


            Toria is a Ma’di man, possibly from Nimule who deserted the Movement around 1994 when things were hot and became refugee ever since. He has not recovered from shame of selling out. Please pay him no mind.


          • Toria says:

            This is not about me or Bari people, but about South Sudan. There are rotten elements in the midst who are traitors like yourself. You switch sides to whoever is in control, Equatorians will come together once again to resist oppressive regimes just as we did since colonial time. Do you know the names of all those dying for their freedom in Mundri, Lanya, Yambio, Torit, Nimule, Upper Nile etc? No, you don’t, that’s because during revolution names don’t matter but only victory in the battle fields. Be warned that beneficiaries of land grabbings like yourself will come to face the consequences of your actions soon or later. Enjoy corruption when it last.

  22. Toria says:

    False M.
    Obviously it’s your nature in the whole of your tribe to lie and distort facts as proven by many others, fabrication is in your DNAs. But liars have short lifespans and yours is approaching. As far as Ramciel, I am not expert of its geographical location but it seems like Elhag Paul has clarified that part. But even if you want to own everything there so be it, as long as Jenges move away from Equatoria I for one don’t care a bit, anywhere free of barbaric Jenges is like heaven. So, what are you waiting for mr falsifier? Just move there now. And just for the sake of debate, I bet you Ramciel will never develop if left for Jenges alone. You people only want to grab ready made things, the truth is you Jenges hate yourselves so much to your guts, you only unite when you have common opponents, but when left alone you will kill each other just as you are doing in Lakes States or Rumbek area etc. Just give an example, where have you ever seen or heard a place is developed by Dinkas? None.

    • Toria says:

      Deng Monymor
      I was on special mission abroad in late 90s but now back in new revolution, this time we will change the course of this country for good. My family contributions in national services have surpassed every efforts and will never be distorted by liars in Jenge tribal camps. Rest assured that real changes are on the horizons.

      • Deng Monymor says:


        Congratulation for your mission to “change the course”, but you first have to come home, in South Sudan’s bushes, survive its “infested swamps” and snakes and after that face Mathiang Anyor. It won’t be like 1990s my friend, crossing border is a one-way return. I’m already an Equatorian, so change your lexicon for a mission, would you?

        • Toria says:

          Deng Monymor
          What if I ask you to meet me in South Sudan as we speak. But off course you won’t make it, because people with crooked mentalities like yours are not allowed here. Hahaha……You really are so thirsty to call yourself Equatorian? So, being Equatorian makes you feel so elevated? You are suffering from a disease called inferiority complex, I strongly advised that you seek psychotherapeutic alleviation asap.
          FYI, it’s not just by calling yourself Equatorian that gives you the status but rather living and acting like one is, but so far you haven’t qualify, you are still a raw jenge. And so what if you become a naturalized IDP ticks? What if Equatorians change their future country name? Will you also bend over and kiss our arses again and again? So sad to hear you are mentally enslaved hence denying your own identity.

          • Deng Monymor says:


            I’m in South Sudan, and so I don’t know which South Sudan do you want me to come to. Of course, this is a kind of statement people usually make when they are sitting in front of a computer screen. I am, however, in Upper Nile right now but the way things are going with our ending war of kicking our assess with my cousins here, I might be deployed in Equatoria soon. You see, being away from home for too long causes mental disorientation. Equatoria is a territory of South Sudan and being Equatorian is not like making a case for resettlement in the West where a lot of you lied to get there. Unlike the West, Equatoria is a land I helped liberated and I think nobody with their right mind, unless former cowards like you, can say anything about South Sudanese who wishes to live wherever he/she wants to live. I told you already, even the confused cousin of mine, Gatdarwich, is proudly an Equatorian. Don’t be surprised when you see him using his clueless brain in your local politics.

            Countryman, try to live in real world! You and me have already shared neighborhood. You may whine as long as you want but it won’t change anything. Oyee me and you!


    • Kondokoro says:

      Who is a traitor?
      it is you who is an partriotic and not resfecting the new nation who is only two years then start by flaming bitterness among tribes you are a traitor because when we were with jalaba you instigates Equatorians to join so call Equatoria defends force let by your uncle martin kenyi,you are traitor because you instigated your community to vote for unity when our people want independent, you are a traitor because you only agree with those who want war or supporters of Riakmabobianismo so are angry because we are free now you and riak when back to khartoum and get weapons to destroy our independent hard earn nation but you will never win this

      • Toria says:

        You are a disgrace. What freedom are you talking about? Which part of South Sudan are you living in? Obviously you are not in South Sudan to be such an ignoramous being. Go ahead and sing “baba ja, teringli”, until I will free you once again from your blindness and mental bondage.

        • kondokoro says:

          To Toria
          Were you alive when we were under Jalaba? or you were chain down, were you blind were you ear less in that time? Now that you are freed you start raising your voice where were you when jalaba were torturing our people even slaughtering them like sheeps and throwing them in the River?where were you when Samsadiin was killing people in Juba? you are a disgrace your self and you are still in slavery and is over my friend throw your chain off the price is paid for your freedom get up and go. You loved to be with Jalaba so that you put on jalabia.you are in hiding your self waiting to be hunted down soon

          • Toria says:

            You are a loser. Your empty threats are nothing but barking like a mad dog. Go and hang yourselves before I hunt you idiot Jenges down.

          • kondokoro says:

            To Toria
            you are a hunter heee great but since you are in the jungle you lack civilized world behavior we are all hunters but for God sake you don’t believed in democracy you believed in your gun waaaa we had track you down and know exactly where you are but is not important because we have no time for tribalist people you have a tribe why hates other tribe? what is your problem with dinka or Jenge? you will never get ride of Dinka from friend unless you get ride of God himself

      • Toria says:

        Deng Monymore
        So now you are in Upper Nile? Just look at how stupid you sounded. From being Equatorian to Upper Nilean? That’s what bastards do. Go ahead and call yourself Equatorian so you feel better but until it last time will tell. What Upper Nile are you at, liar? Bentiu or Bor, where there is no electricity let alone no network? Even a child can reason better. Half of your time is spend either lying or making useless comments on SSN, that doesn’t really sound like battle fields, does it? Give me the name of your commanding officer if you don’t mind.

  23. False Millionaire says:

    Fantastic.I agree with u.
    In fact I have Johnny sleeping in my stock.It’s so sad we couldn’t sit to waste it off like in the old days.Though I don’t kick that road.
    But let’s wish each other good health.Hopefully that day will come in our life time!!!

  24. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Kwajok,
    I got my arm twisted in the custom while clearing a truck I had bought from abroad for development effort in RSS.
    I was only lucky to be saved by a friend who knew something about that league.Official documents are never really what settle matters in RSS.That’s why u must accept back door work and be wise to understand arabic if u know what I mean.That’s how I managed to get my truck out.

    But coming to the case at hand,I agree Arop ought to have made,”official request”.But the mistake he made was that,he sat down to eat his loot alone hoping that the official request would frighten the chiefs and force them into approving the land.Corrupt elites like Arop are too foolish and never sophisticated to understand how things work in their own league.So the hungry needy poor chiefs knew what to do with the greedy sefish man:they showed him the middle finger in the dark and proceeded to reject his request in a broad day light by the due way of,”the official channels”.

    Speaking aboat the value of the land while in exile makes of u a disconnected great doctor from the RSS’s affairs of the hour.The former centeral equatoria governor,Mr Clement Konga,who campaigned so much about federalism without meaning what he said is a retired rich man today.But he would never have been one if he hadn’t trafficked on land at times he was in power.Others have taken the relay and will sell every inch of land in Juba to make sure they become as rich as Konga.I am taking about equatorian elites here.

    I have witnessed most difficult moments of existence in my life but it’s always work effort and moral sincerity with others that save me.
    Why do u think some body has paid me,”to do this”, when I am only a concerned citizen contributing to expose the cancer that is eating away our society?
    It’s a maladie sir that will never be wished away by the mere elegance of your writing.
    Uganda was a victim of the same illness before Museveni and the patriotic front took over.
    FYI,forgery of documents and illegal sale of lands are crimes punishable by life imprisonment in Uganda.
    Better campaing for a government that will be ready to impose such a low!!!

  25. False Millionaire says:

    Before the independance,the jalabas of north sudan now a sovereign Sudan owned the majority of businesses and houses in the most developed neighbourhoods in Wau.The grecs were second to them followed by jieng and a very few number of jur chol elites but without a single equatorian or fertit citizen.
    But during the days of the CPA leading to the independance,the majority of jalabas and grecs liquidated their belongings to jieng.
    Now go see and u will never miss to comprehend that Wau has become a jieng town.

    As u are an internet rebel,it may be interesting to u to know that,fertit urban masses are unhappy about Wau business centers and developed neighbourhoods being owned by jieng.
    That’s why they have joined Dr Riak Machar and the SPLA-IO.Their dream is to kick out jieng from Wau by force and take over those business centers and developed neighbourhoods they have never worked for to earn free.
    Does that make sense to u?!!!

    • Nikalongo sanduksanduk says:

      Mr. False,
      Are you crazy! What work are you talking about? Hard work is for losers. Real men and women steal. The Fertit may be right after all in pursuing the Jiengs for the businesses and the neighbourhoods. The liquidated properties were purchased by ill gotten wealth. Kiir is holding the cow by her horns so that clansmen can milk in peace. If you think the Fertits are fools in Joining SPLM-IO, you are in for a disappointment. In my country, there is no space for honesty. You have been hunting crocks all this while, when are you going to get rich like Gov. X? Stop the nonsense and join the thieves.

    • Toria says:

      False M
      Really? Another one of your chronic lies. Even Nikalongo called you crazy. Just read your first two sentences again. Yes you are correct that the Jalabas and Greeks own every businesses and nice houses, but not Jenges, after all Wau is not a Dinka land, you migrated to Wau after independence of Sudan, post 1956. Why would Equatorians go to build houses in Wau? Wau has always been known as the lands of Balandas, Jur etc, but not a Dinka land. Why didn’t you mention Rumbek, Gogrial, Bor etc, why aren’t they developed? And that is exactly what I was saying, you went to Wau to claim what was already there, Dinkas never developed any place in South Sudan or anywhere else.

  26. Isaac Deng says:

    Dr Lako Jada Kwajok, what I mean by ‘to expose the saga and shame the devil’ is for the land owners to fight tooth and nail using all kind of resources and means to reclaim their forcefully alleged grabbed land. Few people may end being sacrificed but the bully will be exposed and shamed. Therefore, playing timid and victim will embolden the land grabbers more since it has never work in a militarized society like South Sudan.
    I agree there are few corrupt powerful Jieng individuals grabbing Bari land in Juba and so do some corrupt Bari chiefs and powerful politicians, and young land brokers colluding with them. I know couple of rich Bari friends who sold over hundreds of plots and public spaces in Juba to corrupt powerful Jieng politicians and connected businessmen.Why are Bari intellectuals silent about this land corruption by their well known land cartels’ selling illegally every piece of public land and government assets in Juba. The former Governor of Central Equatoria, Clement Wani Konga and some of his Bari cabinet sold out most of the public spaces around old Juba town. Who did the Bari intellectuals blame?

  27. Alier Gai says:

    The cheapest writing ever. Let us pray for peace to take effect now than this endless women war.

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Dr.Lako Jada,
      I know you might be in diaspora crying. If i were you i will take up arms and fight Kuol Manyang then making noise outside South Sudan.I can not trust u Equatorian any more to claim your right is not to cry and make noises use the correct procedure where a really man can get his right full stop.

  28. Nikalongo says:

    That is foolish talk. You feel invincible just because your community are armed to the teeth and unscrupulously grabbing land. That situation will be corrected and the land restored to rightful owners without Dr. Lako firing a short. In politics, nothing lasts forever.Where is Bashier and his Jihadist gang of murderers? They once bragged the same way you and your cousins are doing now. They are gone and gone forever. That is the fate of Manyang Juuk.

  29. Isaac Deng says:

    Dr Lako Jada Kwajok and Elhag Paul, you should take note of Yien Mathew’s sarcastic generalization of Equatorians as noisemakers and crying babies. Yien Mathew I know is not that ordinary person by all account but he was once powerful spokesman for the SPLM who defected to Dr. Riek to become his spokesperson. Yien Mathew is sending a message to you Equatorians intellectuals in diaspora to be careful. Dr. Riek and his white army are not your political savior the way many of you may be thinking otherwise. But I wholeheartedly agree with Yien Mathew only in one thing if it is true that Kuol Manyang Juuk has grabbed a big piece of Bari land across the bridge and renamed it Juba 2 then Bari intellectuals have right to take a legal action against Kuol Manyang and let the land owners fight back like a real man using all kind of resources to reclaim back their land. I hate all forms of corruption practice in South Sudan.

  30. False Millionaire says:

    Happy new year to u and your most dear family sir.
    It has happened that many childhood friends from the red army who got rescued and repatriated abroad for resettlement in USA,Canada,UK and Australia sent money home to legally acquire properties from the liquidated belongings.
    That is without shortening to say that there were already well established jieng business elites with hard worked for economic means long before the SPLM/A came to exist.They are the ones who bought the majority of the products in liquidation.
    I agree with u that some of those properties could have been bought with stollen money by the corrupt elites in Kiir’s government.
    The saddest thing ofcourse is the fact that such golden opportunity came finding our fetit fellow citizens without economic means to take their chances.

    Never be concerned about me.The true good life is to work,be able to have a roof,a family in it and the best will to raise the childern and prepare them to pursue principles of honest life.That home work couldn’t be so difficult to achieve if the pretender bears the mentality of a hippo and croco hunter.U would’nt bribe a crocodile female with fish to allow u to kill her male to eat it’s meat,would u?Childern brought up under such harsh honest conditions may never miss to have human outlooks of the likes of general Lagou and John Garang.

    If u are well informed as I believe,there is an SPLA brigade presumeably composed of Abyei jieng that was stationned in Abyei area that has just defected and joined the SPLA-North.
    That should be the proof to u that,”the cow”,Kiir is holding,”by her horns”,is not really for the ordinary jieng to milk than for a very handful elites.
    Please believe me to be sincere with u.The collapse of RSS is more than evident.The begining of that is jieng disintegration as Abyei is showing already.So hide yourself some where in a church with a bible and preach honesty and the hour will not last long before seeing survivors,of the explosion,in great numbers joining u with heartfelt delight in doing so!!!

  31. False Millionaire says:

    Go jump into a lake for a good shawer.U are a waste of time and effort!!!

    • kondokoro says:

      He should not just jump into the river but get drown he don’t know how to swim he is the lost sheep and full of hatred these guys will die in opposition thank God for Riakmopibianism which gave relief to those who were sick in opposition they eat oposion drink it sleep with it even opposed their own what in the world is these group or generation lost in opposition only talked shiit about Dinka like Dinka are the only tribe in south sudan yes they are majority but they cannot be elebated by this tribalist loosers who fear Dinka to show up invisible on internet with names disguised as dinka or equatorians names to confuse reall south Sudanese on internet eastern Juba composed of Garbu Rajaf bilinyang plus kondokro in the north and gumba in the east plus nesitu Riak tried to grab in mori Buma but was resisted and he left eastern Juba Kual knows how sensitive is land with Bari but he can buy for his family not to grab so you troika of kwajok who might be related to me because the name is familiar mostly used in Greater Island of kondokoro or in Kworijik area but I request kwajok to do better go help our people we are struggling specially the farmers around Juba

  32. Toria says:

    False M
    The TRUTH is bitter to swallow. I do not have to jump in a lake to shower, if you even understand the meaning of shower. I will go to a lake for a swim. But you go to dirty muddy mosquito infested swamps and wrestle with crocs and hippos. Do you know that poaching is illegal? You will have to answer that in a criminal court in due time.

  33. Toria says:

    Welcome to the bright side, bro.

  34. False Millionaire says:

    Thank u for giving me an opportunity.
    Listen to me:
    Rumbek sinior secondary school is in Rumbek.Dr Riak Machar,Dr Nyaba,Dr lam akol,Dr John Garang and many highly esteemed south sudanese intellectual elites among whom are equatorians were educated there.
    In Tonj,there is a techinical hig school,a teacher training institue,and many highly reputed primary schools.Many intelectual elites among whom was John Garang and Wani Iga were educated there.
    Wau,the capital of the greater Bahr el Ghazal is a well built town.May be far better structured in terms of conditions of hygiene than Juba,the capital of the greater equatoria.

    If u consider greater Bahr el Ghazal,u are talking about Yirol,Rumbek,Tonj,Gogrial,Aweil,Wau and Raja districts.
    If u set your sense of ignorance apart,u have a mathmatical reality of proportionality of five pure jieng districts against one single fertit district that is Raja and Wau that was a co-district to both fertit,Jur chol and jieng.
    It was in the context of such proportionality that the english administrators collected taxes from citizens to build the district capitals and finally the provencial capital,Wau.
    Assumed that those taxes were collected by the rate of 1$ per person as of today’s calculation standard,it’s easy to sea that the jieng in the 7 districts to one single fertit district are the ones who had financed the construction of the whole of Bahr el Ghazal,Wau included.
    If u aren’t a conglese than a mere south sudanese citizen who hardly went to school,there is no way on earth for this reality to escape u.
    In principle,Wau belongs to every citizen from the greater Bahr el Ghazal.
    But under the logic of financial proportionality to bulid it,the jieng can claim it in a broad day light.

    Now I venture to inform u that I am an adventurer from childhood to this very day.
    Apart from Eastern equatoria begining from Torit on ward,I have traveled in many places in RSS.

    • Toria says:

      False M
      What happened with; “U are a waste of time and effort!!!”? I am not happy to see you wasting your time. From now on, you need to stop lying, I will never waste your time again if you start telling the truth. You might even earn yourself a new name, “True Millionaire”, isn’t that much better? Pardon me for my ignorance. But I am glad to hear that Jenges do have developed lands such as Yirol, Rumbek, Tonj, Gogrial and Awail, so why are you people wondering like Murahileen?
      Off course Jenges would like to stick their noses in every corner where they got no business, Wau and Raja are both non Dinka lands, Juba, Yei, Maridi, Yambio, Nimule, Kayaya, Chukudum, Narus, indeed whole of Equatoria are non Dinka lands, so why are you grabbing our lands? Are there Equatorians grabbing lands in those places you mentioned, let alone buying? You did mentioned about Rumbek Sec. School, which was supposed to be a blessing, but instead it turned out to be the curse of the nation, look at all the so-called leaders it produced, bunch of lunatics, barbaric bloodthirsty monsters and thieves, I have always wondered that was what they taught in Rumbec Senior Sec. School. Now, I do understand in some international institutions there are faculties of Criminology, Psychiatric studies, and Economic studies, but the graduates from those fields come out to help their societies to improve and develop their nations. Unlike in ours, instead they come out to be criminals, psychotic and thieves. What a waste of human resources?
      Mr False. Here is a quote of the day for you.; “you can take a horse to river, but you can’t make it to drink from the river”.

      • Mary Juan Pierino says:

        From Mary Juan Pierino 3 February 2016
        To Kondokoro
        The family of the beloved late Professor Wani Tombe and I are shock and devastated and in disbelief and are morning his sudden death. In Bari culture, we respect the dead (whether they are famiyl or strangers, equally) !
        This is especially to you Mr. ‘Kondokoro’. You may not appreciate him on a personal level’ or even his works,but you are in the minority. His contributions to society through education are extensive and substantial. Whether this is to the South Sudanese Community, the Sudanese, the English, Scottish, Ethiopian Universities he lectured in and also his various extra-curricular helpful activities. People like the late Professor and their families worked extremely hard, making countless to accomplish what they have.
        The truth will set you free.

        From Mary Juan Pierino 3 february 2016
        To Isaac Deng
        South Sudan is NOT a playground! People from certain tribes should not ‘run’ and complain to their ‘fellow’ tribesmen in government! What about the other tribes without representatives in government positions?! Is that how do you want South Sudan to be govern? The Government should treat everyone equally! And they are rules we live by in a civilize society.
        The truth will set you free.

        • Kondokoro says:

          To M J Pierin
          Well Mary I agree for his contribution but We the Bari community had invested soo much on all those who are educated including DR WANI to be a help to our community through their knowledge but unfortunatly our educated not all but few and mostly those in higher profession like to get fool into oposition instead of being in goverment to bring balance between other educated tribes in parliament ,wani died and iam in a grief mourning and pain that Bari had lost great person who died with all the knowledge but Wani since the CPA loved to go against the spirations of his people instead sided with jalaba like some of our writters like toria and others in CES who are trying to destroy another Bari DR Lako Kwajok who is trying to pick up a fight with the minister of Defence of the RSS if Bari land is taken by some heavy weight people you who is educated go and organise the community whose land is grab and lead them to fight for their cause not you using this issue to creat hatred toward the whole Dinka tribe which might not lead into a solution that means our DRs are not leading thier communities but playing with equatorianism which had undermind Bari from the Leadership Thank God to those who are leading us now
          Long Live Jubek State
          Long Live Kojina Bari
          Long Live South Sudan

        • Deng Monymor says:


          Professor Tombe used to criticize Dr. John Garang and his philosophy when in fact Garang was a dead man. So, if Bari culture “respect the dead,” was that only for a dead Bari or how was is it? Can you help us out here? Also, can you lecture these Bari critics on this website about this culture, please?
          I might become a Bari or Baria if implementation of this culture succeeds.

  35. False Millionaire says:

    Rampaging without providing a backround is a waste of time and effort.I understand you are trying very hard to prove to every one that u are an intellectual to do with.But u have failed that criteria so miserably.
    If there is any grain of hope lingering in your disturbed head forcing u into seeing yourself as a credible pretender to fool others into believing that u are representing the wishes of the equatorian masses,this too u have failed it so terribly.
    The best for u as is the only best thing that u can do is ,leave the forum for the well to do equatorians like our half God the editor,Dr Ramba,Elhag Paul,Dr Kwajok and many more others.
    That of course would never mean that u couldn’t be useful beyond the forum as a human being.So go care for cassava and banana plantations far away from media attention please!!!

    • Toria says:

      False M
      Hahaha! What a piece of crap. Leave the forum? Now you want to claim SSN is a Dinka propaganda tool like SSTV, hurting etc, so you could just lie and fabricate nonsense on here and expecting no correction? Sorry but you are wrong. I am happy for those you abominably claimed to be your “half gods” to express their views as they wish. Off course you have no understanding about the nature of God, you being an animist and worshippers of cows no doubt you are blind to to see. There is nothing call “half god” you are s blasphemy. For your info. I have never indicated or have the desire to be called an intellectual or a doctor, mine is just a common sense. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon or PHd holder to comprehend that the nation has collapsed and it needs rescue. It is this stupidity like your type dragging the country into its grave. Very sad to share a country with animalistic culture. The only solution is disintegration and yes this is where we are heading.

    • Eli says:

      False M and Toria

      Happy new year, it’s been a while since we last exchange views. I happened to wander on this site once again, still the same people with same old views.

      Pardon me for interjecting into your motions. I usually don’t like to interfere with personalized arguments, but I got to say that you fellows will one day hopefully make good future parliamentarians.
      As long as you leave out the name callings and use discent languages. South Sudan does need people who can brainstorm without resorting into abusive derogation or physical altercations.

      Mr False
      With due respect I would like to disagree with your motion, if I may. As much as I can understand; when a country like South Sudan fully engulfed in tribal civil wars every option is on the table. There are many routes to waging a war. You of all people shouldn’t tell others to “leave the forum”.
      Your advise to Toria doesn’t make any sense, there are no particular Equartorians nor South Sudanese who should be the chosen to wage the war as you suggested. You mentioned great individuals who are contributing to bringing sanity and good governance into the system, but we are all in this together and every ideas must be evaluated before discarding them.

      I got to say, you have touched some nerves, no one on this forum does excite the arguments as you do. You speak your mind and you are telling as it is. However, my advise is, to focus your intellectual ability more into nationalized issues. To be honest some of these commentators are not worth wasting your valuable time with, just my p.o.v. They are the same people with no new ideas but only like to criticize and lye.
      Good luck to all and let the Struggles continue.

      “Long walk to Freedom”. Nelson Mandela

      Eli Wani

  36. BILL KUCH says:

    Dr. Lako,
    You are wasting your time here online making noises when you know very well where Kuol Manyang Juuk is. He is always around 24/7. Go, get him and take your land back!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Bill Kuch,
      Please note that people like Dr. Lako and most of Southsudannation.com commentators don’t have that primordial inclination to resort to physical and lethal resolution of problems. Nonetheless, the message do get to those of Kuol Manyang who once infamously earned that despicable epithet as “the butcher of Equatorians” from the Nairobi foreign correspondents.
      Today, the SPLA under minister of defense, Kuol Manyang, have started incinerating Nuers in metal containers, perhaps, ironically, to save his bullets!
      Most despicable is the use of chlorine in Amadi state to eviscerate the innocent citizens there.
      These are crimes against humanity and deserve immediate prosecution of Kuol Manyang and others.

      • Deng Monymor says:


        Are you also buying this propaganda of Chemicals being used, too? Oh!!!! by Margaret Akulia’s name, this would definitely make Toria a suicide bomber soon.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Deng Monymor,
          Sudan Tribune, Radio Tamazuj and Al Jezeera International, all widely reported on the use of some chemical, probably speculated to
          be chlorine by the typical and clinical symptoms reported by NGO’s, to have been used by Kiir’s government forces around Mundri town in the newly created Amadi State.
          Tell us, are these sources not reliable enough?

        • Toria says:

          Deng Monymor
          All options on table. This isn’t the first time that you and your coward grandfather Witch Dr killer Kirr used chemical arsenals, by the help of UPDF they also used cluster bombs, an internationally disbanded weapon. All these are being recorded. Be aware the criminal court is awaiting for your likes.

  37. Kondokoro says:

    To info@southsudannation
    waaaa you see the isue is not about Land in Juba but to loured Bari into oposition so that we can bring destruction to our land but we will not accept it.We are in control with the few military background politicians we will keep the peace while protecting our land and people but all this talks of containers and what what are bullshiit in democracy you can demonstrate we did it in Kondokoro and we kicked Riak Machaar from Kondokoro when he tried to grab land in Kondokoro bordering Bilinyang why not him do the same

  38. BILL KUCH says:

    All you wish is all welcome and I am not here to obstruct justice if you could do so. Or nor did I tell you not to take action. So, please, go on. Equatorians are not innocent when you claimed their suffering as severe when you can not justify their rebellions.

  39. False Millionaire says:

    Happy new year to u,our sister and the rest of your familly.
    I thank u very much for the correction.Certain of my views are abstract and could never have a binding in any Way.
    As our fellow cousin Toria appears not to know Rumbek,Tonj,Wau and what they represent in the general administrative and services structures of south sudan,it’s very natural to assume that he doesn’t even know Juba.
    But I bow down in respect of freedom of expression.The next time a congolese imigrant go on a rampage,he will deserve so much respect and tolerance for his sense of ignorance from my part.
    Thank u again and have a good weekend sir.

  40. Yien Mathew says:

    i Readers,
    I appreciate the comment of some of u.What i believed to be making us fail in our movement many of those who joint us in the bush are individuals job seekers who do not have support on their back.A case example of those of Lado Gore,Dhieu Mathok,Mabior Garang and many more are taking us back to square one.Our really motive of taking up arms is to provide a good system of governance in the country,but p,ple do n,t like change i can see some people like Collo MP instigating war with in and they do n,t want to joint us in the bush if this is the kind of support we are getting then it will be difficult to change the regime.We are now making lobbing to weed out those individuals who joint us for the sake of getting jobs.Comrade Yien Mathew

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