‘A government that wages war against its own people isn’t a legitimate government’

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, FEB/20/2015, SSN;

At the beginning of this month a phenomenal declaration was made by the South Sudan Catholic Bishops which under normal circumstance should have caused political tremors. However, surprisingly this extremely important event passed on without South Sudanese noting its importance as one of the most potent weapons to end President Kiir’s government.

It would be an abdication of duty to refrain from bringing this topic back to the attention of the people of South Sudan because that would be tantamount to condoning the wrong going on in South Sudan.

“Citing a Biblical passage (Mark 10: 42 – 45) in which Jesus criticizes the ‘rulers of the heathen’ for lording it over their people rather than serving them, the Bishops argued that a government that wages war against its own people is not a legitimate government.” Please see, ‘Bishops declare that South Sudan ‘has abandoned God’”. https://radiotamazuj.org/en/article/bishops-declare-south-sudanese-nation-has-abandoned-god.

This bold declaration by the South Sudan’s Catholic Bishops offers the quickest solution to the ongoing conflict in the country. However, it appears that the Intergovernmental authority on development (IGAD) has brushed it aside in its quest to see the SPLM/A warring parties share power and wealth at the expense of the people of South Sudan.

This of-course is not a solution in any way as it does not address the root causes of the conflict. It is only a postponement of the conflict to some future date.

IGAD needs to note that the government of President Salva Kiir is illegitimate as highlighted by the Bishops and therefore there is no ground for allowing IGAD to dictate things in Addis Ababa. President Kiir is a war monger. He started the war based on the lie that there was a coup. Please see, ‘President Kiir’s strategy to cover up ethnic cleansing collapsed in London.’ http://allafrica.com/stories/201402241137.html

In the middle of 2013 President Kiir recruited and formed his own personal tribal militia in Bahr El Ghazal in violation of the constitution and against advice of the then Chief of the Army, General James Hoth Mai. He then relocated this force of over three thousand men to Luri, a Bari village south west of Juba for further training around October of the same year.

In the first week of December 2013 President Kiir made speeches rekindling the emotive event of 1991 schisms between the Jieng and the Nuer in the SPLM then under Dr John Garang. This prepared grounds for the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in Juba and country wide starting from 15th December 2013 and thereafter.

The Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) in their document, ‘REMNASA: view on the South Sudan crisis and approaches to solving it’ provide the context for the grave crimes against humanity committed by President Kiir and the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). http://nyamile.com/2015/02/16/remnasa-view-on-the-south-sudan-crisis-and-approaches-to-solving-it/

Having plunged the country into a senseless war and prevaricated for 14 months President Kiir is now contemplating further violence. He confided in one of the IGAD head of the states on 26th January 2015 that “when I come back from Addis Ababa don’t expect me to obey your rules.” Please see, ‘South Sudan talks adjourned without power-sharing deal’. https://radiotamazuj.org/en/article/s-sudan-talks-adjourn-without-power-sharing-deal

“This war is evil”, the Bishops strongly stressed. This observation of the clergy is something that most people familiar with South Sudan would completely agree with. President Kiir due to his limited education seems to believe that he can do anything because believing he is a legitimate president, when in actual fact as already noted he is not.

President Kiir’s continued insistence to legitimise himself by singing: ‘democratically elected!’, ‘legitimate government!’, ‘democratically elected!’, ‘legitimate government!’ etc is simply a load of trash. It is crass and demeans the office of the presidency.

The regime has lied to itself and the people so much so that it now believes its own lies. Confronted with the fast approaching expiry of the fabricated legitimate period, they are running around like headless chickens. Initially, they tried to stage a fake election to refashion their legitimacy which did not work. With lightening speed they switched to the parliament to get legal extension to allow them to govern for two more years.

Will this work? No, it will not. The reason being the parliament itself has no powers to extend life of a government and itself. Dr Lam of SPLM-DC has already made this point clear in his article, ‘South Sudan opposition parties welcome election cancellation, condemn terms extension,’ published in South Sudan News Agency. http://www.southsudannewsagency.com/

Even if the parliament were empowered to do so, it has no legitimacy because among the MPs in the House, there are over 66 legislators appointed on the whims of President Kiir. For example the NCP (National Congress Party of President Omar Bashir) converts and others. These MPs do not have any constituency in the country. They are cronies of the president in corruption and abuse of power. They represent no one but themselves.

Further, the parliament is supposed to uphold the constitution and it has not done so since coming into life at the time of independence. President Kiir breaks the law left and right without the parliament holding him to account, for example, in the case of Panthou war and the formation of a private tribal militia funded by the state. The real test was the events of December 2013 when President Kiir committed grave crimes against humanity. No one in the parliament raised a motion to debate the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer to hold the leadership to account.

That parliament is a joke. It is a house of dummies. Whether the parliament extends President Kiir’s term or not, it does not matter. The whole government with its three branches of judiciary, parliament and executive have lost legitimacy and the South Sudan Catholic Bishops have now certified it. What more?

Dr Luka Biong Deng in his self serving or rather Jieng serving article, ‘Why government is right to postpone election is South Sudan’ tries hard to present the Dinkocratic system as a democracy seeking the right legal avenue to remain in power. This kind of antics does not wash. He and the Jieng controlled SPLM should shed the delusions and accept that their entire system is illegitimate with or without parliament approval. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article54003

Now the South Sudan Catholic Bishops have given their verdict that President Kiir is illegitimate. They unequivocally stated that “a government that wages war against its own people is not legitimate government.” These words are weighty. Churches are known for discreet ways of approaching issues. Seldom do clergy make such statements unless the issue has really reached a critical boiling point endangering the country.

The declaration therefore is very significant because the Catholic Church represents a considerable percentage of South Sudanese people. The population of the Catholics in South Sudan according to World Christian Encyclopaedia is around 2.7 million people. This makes roughly 30 percent of the entire population of South Sudan. The other Christian denominations combined could make about 40 percent with the rest being people who practice traditional religions.

In South Sudan Christians do not segregate themselves according to their sects. They socialise and pray freely among themselves. They too respect all the clergy of the various churches. This is always evident in social occasions such as birth, celebrations, marriages, death and so on. In such occasions the Christian inter-mingle freely with each other regardless of their sects. This phenomenon is Characteristic of the South Sudanese, though it may astonish outsiders watching.

So the call by South Sudan’s Catholic Bishops would practically be taken seriously by all the Christians in the country. What does this mean? It means that the Church has expressed the will of its adherents who make up 70 percent of the country. Democratically speaking the edict of the clergy translates into a vote of no confidence in the government by majority of South Sudanese.

The illegality of president Kiir’s government is something that can no longer be disputed. His presidency from a legal point of view as well as on constitutional grounds can not stand. This view has been argued elsewhere exhaustively. However, with the church finding President Kiir illegitimate according to scriptures does not only concretise the facts but urges him to vacate the presidency at once.

Christians around the world must take South Sudan’s Bishops declaration as basis for action. The Vatican, Canterbury and others should now put pressure on their members of parliament s in their respective countries to ask their governments to cease cooperating with the ‘evil’ regime of President Kiir. This issue now is clearly more of a moral problem requiring instant action.

The South Sudanese Diaspora should now mobilise and wave the declaration of the Bishops to the clergy of their local churches as well as their members of parliament demanding their support in calling for their government to take action against the criminals in Juba. South Sudan’s Bishops recent declaration is a spiritual manifesto that no local church can ignore.

South Sudan’s Bishops declared position further means that the basis of the talks in Addis Ababa is now futile because there can be no grounds for negotiations with an illegitimate regime which basically, “wages war against its own people.”

Thus the talks in Addis Ababa should be re-opened under new impartial mediators, preferably under one or some of the eminent persons to bring all the people of South Sudan (stakeholders) to a table to hammer out an interim government with clear objectives.

In conclusion, the Bishops guided by the Holy Spirit have helped in shining light on the darkness in Juba. Now that the regime is certified as illegitimate it is up to the people to use this certificate effectively to realise a peaceful change in the country.

This said it must be remembered that the Bishops call is a duty to Christian people wherever they are to do their bit to rid South Sudan of evil. That evil is the SPLM/A in its totality.

In other words this call from the church endorses resistance against the evil doers in Juba for a humane and caring government that fears the Lord to be established to care for God’s people. So, “together let us once again make South Sudan a God fearing nation.

[Truth hurts but is also liberating]

Elhag Paul



  1. BILL KUCH says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Who else in South Sudan would come up with the legitimate government? Well, I am asking this because it seems like blame game and finger pointing is on. But I think that can not change a thing at this phase of peace and reconciliation, instead, we should be focusing on how to bring peace to our people so that we may work on good government after the peace. It is you and I who are going to change the government, but we have to be united first through forgiveness of things we have done wrongly to one another. Thanks.

    • Wani Adalla says:

      How can we bring peace in South Sudan when you Dinka are Flooding Equatoria Gardens/Farms daily with cattle. You need to accept that peaceful co-existence is impossible as you thing it may be the case. Take all these cattle back then talk of reconciliation and unity.

  2. Alier Gai says:

    You are a mendacious murderer who pretends to be cleaned as snow.
    First, you twisted bishop’s own words to suit your insult addictions.
    Where in the passage you hear bishop calling for Christ-like Christians to defeat evil kiir? Nowhere this is possible.
    Death itself is evil, crime such as lying and twisting of words are in the form of devil works that result to evils.
    One plain word from bishop stood high during the service: peace. This was the mega headlines and news, among others.
    Second, you are misusing bible on the moral stand point. Bible is not our traditional norm to punish and to glorify death, but a soul fulfilling part of a later life from Juda we all embrace after death. To force Dinka or Nuer out of Christianity in one way and accept them in other way to be killed by christains or to kill themselves as part of the christains plan, is a moral extraneous. Should Dinka-Christains and Nuer-Christains form their Christian militia armies to fight each other, since Macher and Kiir are earthly evils? No. Because Christains don’t have biblical right from heaven to form armies and kill, such as that of militia you mentioned above. Is that heavenly right to kill when you become Christian? No. Christains in the bible deserve not to kill other human being even when they are being prosecuted for their faith. It is out law in the bible? And I don’t think that you are right to say so. Stupid and immoral blood lover.

  3. HARD TARGET says:

    Thanks for your ever enlightening article Alhaz

    The Catholic bishops declaration is over due, its should have been last year.

    We all know that the government, right from the top to Boma level is illegitimate. what is killing us and the nation is us, we the people our selves. This corrupt tribal government ruthlessly manipulated the innocent masses by giving some crumbs of their loots to few dogs to support them, and pulling on the tribal card when confronted with realities of their pathetic failures.

    The Bishops played a great role behind the scenes in mobilizing the Christian world to support our course against the Muslim dominated government of Bashir, I Have no doubt whatsoever that one united voice from the clergy men and women against the sick SPLM government will see it crumbling. Even the Impotent, Museveni dominated IGAD won’t match.

    We know the power and influence that radiate from Vatican across the Globe, even USA over the ages suffered the brute of catholic whenever the government of the day wasn’t compliant

    Yes, the government is not only illegitimate but puppet of Museveni, in fact we are suffering from MUSEVENISM, same fate like DR Congo.
    cowboy Kiir, a disciple of Gen. Museveni, wanted to replicate every bit of what the devil did in Uganda, gave the Munyakore all the favors, currently the rich and the powerful are all Munyakore with few proxies across the country, same think we are witnessing Juba, perhaps more open that in Kampala.

    Its time we tell the world the truth to help us tear this monster ones and for all.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    I believe your great intellectual capacity has hit the bottom rock.A savage work of whisky or of too disoriented brain of an old man,only God knows.”The root cause…”,ofcourse,of the events of 15 December 2013 n everything that has followed to this very day,who doesn’t understand among RSS citizens that it was becouse of power struggle among SPLM/A elites?Good luck to you n your likes if you think that the solution is reinstating all the SPLM/A members back to their places so that they can misrule the country as they had done before the events of 15 December 2013.But what does this have to do with the jieng?

    Mr Elhag,I am sorry to say but you are a false professor n a great shame to RSS citizens who should have profited from your great level of education during these dark hours.Even worse,english civilization is the shining model for such most advanced societies like american,canadian,australian n many former english colonies.The disciples of the great lessons of english civilization are the world most respected revolutionaries like Washington,Ghandi,Mandela n Lenin among many others.I find it most unbelievable that english civilization has no bearing in you.That’s why you are sitting in England only boozing n dishing out rubbish.You have no slight consciousness that your writing is highly followed but sadly without any hope of getting an idea of light that could move us forward from the darkness.

    What’s the point of writing an article without an objective?If expression of hatred against ordinary jieng is what has become your objective,that’s incitation of tribal ill feelings.Universally,such an idea is vice n never virtue.Stupid n not wise.Why?the jieng ,like the rest of RSS citizens are here since the beginning of the creation.They will be here again among the RSS citizens down to the end of time.

    “The south sudanese diaspora should now mobilize and wave the declaration of the bishops to the clergy of their churches….”,what south sudanese are you addressing yourself to?why do you shorten from making it clear that the south sudanese in diaspora to whom you are addressing yourself to do not include jieng n that the enemies they are mobilizing to fought are no longer the political misruling elites but the ordinary jieng in RSS?I have never read any event out of tribal thinking prevailing in any country under the influence of english civilization on earth.I am impatient to see the results of your foolish thinking!!!

    • Editor,

      Dinka in general are running out of words to convince others and to defend themselves politically why Salva Kiir is still legitimate president; that is why they rush to 1991 to cover up the mess they made in 2013. Now what the Dinka’s president and his cronies are doing is bribing people or kill those who refused to be bribed. These Dinka are the terrible rulers of our times.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Bentiu Ramaran,
        Look here, if yours is all about Dinka, then you should be aware that, you will not win as a tribe without Dinka and that’s a fact. Now, who could be blamed for bribing in this case? Are Nuers innocent for taking money for their benefits? Of course, not. If you have weakness in you and surrender for money then that is absolutely your fault and therefore, blame no Dinka for your mistakes. It is not something new with Nuers because they have been going back and forth as usual, and as they did between South and North Sudan before. Well, Dr. Riek took money from Arabs before against Dr. John for fake agreement with Khartoum. So, what are you complaining about?

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          Bill Kuch:

          Haaaa…haaa…haaa…haaa, you are very smart and funny, Brother. You said it all and If I add anything on the top of what you just said, it would be an insult to your intellectuality and pelpel Jaang. So I would just let the Masters of Wun Athin (Bentiu Ramaran and Gatcharwearbol) die alone naturally of shame and defeat. Brother, you have skinned those fools alive on the national forum and I’m very, very proud of you. If we don’t buy off those traitors this year, we will kill them, Brother. period. If the Arabs did it for them, Why not us? It is our turn now to teach the fools a lesson.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Bol Akuol,

            Wang dun yen Junubini dial e kon Nuer. You see, you are very happy because you see a lonely man coming to your camp. Is bribing the bravey you Jieng has been bragging about? It is very alarming indeed. Now we know that you are crying for us to return. With all the help you get from Uganda, China, Egypt, Rwanda, Burundi, and many others who came in under the disguise of UPDF. Nuer is handling you alone. You are talking about killing us when you fail miserably to wipe us out for the last 15 months even with all the world on your side.

  5. Ww says:

    Mr. Paul,

    You lied to yourself for so long that you started to believe them to be true. The truth of the matter is that You hate Dinka so much so that your head is bleeding with blood. Just state the obvious fact that you don’t want Dinka to have any role at all in the affairs of South Sudan

    You were praying for war between Dinka and Nuer. You prayers were answered but the problem is when the elephants fight the grass suffers. It didn’t occurred to you and your ardent supporters that the whole country would suffer. Yes, many of those who have lost their lives are dinka and nuer but is that good for this country? I know you would answer yes.

    So, with people like you who hate Dinka so much despite the liberation they brought you, good luck. I suggest to you to come to lubath mafii, rojale mafii, atlabara, places that were use by arabs to rape equatorians women, they are heaven now. But I know you would say arabs are better then Jenge. Good luck sir and Good luck to South Sudan with people like you and their school of thinking.

  6. Jacob Adut Mabor says:

    Elhag Paul,
    I am a regular reader of your articles basically because of the powerful command of the language that they carry. You are such a good writer. And therefore, I enjoy following your grammatical twist of sentences and choice of words (diction) in describing scenarios. However, I do not agree with your arguments literally all the time.

    As usual your analysis is deeply flawed with the tribal sentiments and hatred of Jieng community that always characterises your political commentary. From the word go, no one will ever take your points with seriousness in as far as your one-sided acrimony is concerned, even if they are not from Jieng. To many it appears as if you are being critical on an ethnic community (Jieng) rather than the mistakes of government which comprises of all ethnic communities in the country (including your own Bari kinsman who is now the second most powerful man in the country); You coined the term “Dinkocracy” to qualify your hatred of Jieng further without any substantial justification of its relevance. From this standpoint, therefore, your argument on atrocities committed during the crisis only points out and empathizes Juba killings. How that can be a just argument is hard to believe given your ground of departure and a failure to incorporate the facts about the other side committing similar atrocities! So, a safe assumption is that it looks like it doesn’t matter to you when a Jieng dies in the hands of others (Nuer: 1991 & 2013; Equatorians: Kokora times); To you rebellion is not worthy of condemnation but rather the government trying to quell down such insurgency is condemnable because you call it “waging war against its citizens” in concurrence with the bishops as you pointed out, etc, etc.

    My brother, such commentaries that highten and fuel tribal sentiments can not help solve our problems. Pointing fingers on others( ethnicities, tribes, political parties etc) for the troubles of South Sudan can not work either. Prejudiced, biased, unjust, one-sided approaches can only escalate rather alleviate our suffering. You cited lack of formal education in your article as one weakness of President Kiir, yet with your education, you don’t seem to prove yourself better than him (Kiir) in your views. It appears you enjoy singing songs of hatred, intolerance, war all the time in your writings.

    Look, if we want stability in South Sudan, there is ultimately one way to do this. The formula must be a comprehensive dialogue among all South Sudanese in their different denominations to discuss in good faith on how to solve our problems; to mutually come to a conclusive understanding that all of us, in one way or another, irrespective of whether we are in government or not, Jieng or Nuer, Bari or Murle, etc, have contributed to building the current prevailing animosity, intolerance, hatred, anarchy and failure of our state. We must be prepared for concessions, apologies, remorses and compromises to one another. Everybody but everybody: writers, journalists, politicians, soldiers, elders, young people, different communities/tribes/ethnicities, etc,etc. No one is safe! And when we do this, the best of approaches is to single out individuals rather than blindly generalizing, insulting and condemning, the communities in which the perpetrators hail from, as collectively objects for blame–a phenomenon which has constantly blurred your commentaries. Otherwise, we are doomed to eternal failure as long as we keep applying such fingerpointing and provocative writings which are profoundly flawed with the “fallacy of generalization”.

    Jacob is an MBA student at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi. Can reached at: jacob_adut@yahoo.com

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Jacob Adut Mabor,
      Your comment is indeed superb and worthy of your education. However, personally, I have an issue with your concluding suggestion above that “the formula must be a comprehensive dialogue among all South Sudanese…….. and ………We must be prepared for concessions…and compromise.”
      Jacob, seriously the biggest obstacle today for any dialogue and compromise in the country is the fact that the Jieng, specifically, and others, are always deadly opposed to any suggestions from Equatorians, per se, and particularly on power devolution.
      Frankly, brother, most of the current generation of Jieng today are so mortally and mentally traumatized by the word ‘kokora’ that any suggestion of a form of governance, like federalism, or something that smells of giving more powers to provincial groups, are deadly rejected.
      Are the Dinka really seriously ready to give Equatorians and others concessions on separatism (aka federalism)?
      Not being cynical but believe you me that if the Jieng for some miraculous reason were the first people to come forth and strenuously agitate for federalism, I can fully reassure you that Equatorians and many others would unanimously and expeditiously be the first people to vote in favour the Jieng proposal.
      Finally, if only we South Sudanese would sit down to listen and accept one another, our nation would today be in peace and prosperity.
      These are my personal musings.

      • survior says:

        The notion that Jieng as a tribe is entirely against others and their ideas ; is the biggest misconception circulating around Jenub. If you truly pay attention, you would see that journalist (jeing by tribe) are arrested regularly, beaten, and even killed. And this is because they are pointing out the ills of the government and they are in support of these new ideas of dispersing power and wealth amongst the people of South Sudan.
        To be more precise, the people that seems to be against these new ideas you speak of are those in the government who stand to loose everything. And these people aren’t Jieng per se. they are politicians from all tribes and walks of life from South Sudan. It jus so happen that their leader, Kiir Mayardit is Jieng. Otherwise, the policies and everything this administration does are entirely own.

      • AGUMUT says:

        Please i am against Federalism,but not because i am TRAUMATIZED by the word Kokora. I am not a Jieng,but i hate Federalism more than Kokora and SPLM. Change or Federalism will come,it’s need to take time because most of our people live of their own.

        • Agumut,

          Please stop lying to Editor. Who does not know that you are a typical power hungry Jang. You go fool people some where else but not on this web site.

          • AGUMUT says:

            I practice. Actually what i gain and what i got from South Sudan? I went to Adult school,but i was paying my own school fees and Later i attended Imatong Senior secondary School in Omdurman for a year,but Imtong was divided into two,so i went again to Mardi Senior School in Khartoum for one and half. This is me who never sat Sudan’s examination.

          • Agumut,

            Going to Adult school, attended Imatong Senior secondary School in Omdurman and latter attend Mardi Senior School in Khartoum and paid for your own school expenses do not make you an Equatorian. Do not make fake arguments and claim that you are an Equatorian while you are a typical liars of Jieng. Another prominent liar of Dinka participant called Alex, used to say he is an Equatorians but I proofed beyond doubt that he is a terrible Dinka liar like his tribal chief Salva Genocide.

      • Eastern says:


        Talking of the word Kokora, I think many a jieng are not comfortable driving on Kokora street in Juba connecting Malakia and Hai Amarat, just trying to chip in some humour.

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          Bentiu Ramaran:

          At least Agumut is smartest and better off than those of you who purchased your University degrees with Omar Al Bashir’s bribery money in East Africa. Buying a degree does not necessarily make a fool smarter at all.

          • Bol Akuol,

            First, I would like to tell you that I never been to Khartoum. I never see Khartoum with my own eyes up to today as I am speaking with you. The SPLA that you think you own I found for it more than you and Agumut together. Second, Nuer do not buy degrees at all because Nuer feel shy when own degrees they do not deserve.

            In fact, a degree earned in Sudan is more valuable and trustworthy than a degree awarded in Kenya and Uganda because in Sudan, high school Certificates and college degrees are not sold. I believe anyone who earned a degree in Sudan he or she actually worked for it and there should be no question about that.

            However, anyone who earned a degree in Kenya and Uganda should be strongly investigated because Kenya and Uganda sell degrees in Markets. Even someone who do not know A, B, C can earn a bachelor and a master degree in the above countries by paying for it and that is why more than half of Dinka got fake degree from the above countries.

            Nuer are respectful and honest unlike Dinka who are disrespectful and dishonest. For example, Dinka president liars to South Sudanese and to the world that there was a coup while it was a tactic to suppress the opponents. Again, Dinka president has shown his dishonesty by buying a PH.D from Nairobi University.

            Many Dinka intellectual bought their degrees online like college textbooks. For example Majak Agoot bought his PH.D and Deng Nhial bought his own Ph.D as well. For instance, Majak has never left South Sudan. I was with him in Kompoeta, Pageri, and there was not Internet access at that time in South Sudan. How come he earned his PH.D online? Same thing to Deng Nhial. Deng Nhial left South Sudan in September 2005 for Europe and come back after 9 months with a Ph.D. What kind of Ph.D a person can earn in 9 months? The hard workers and full time students can earn their Ph.D in minimum of 4 years. I totally wonder why Dinka are getting their Ph.D in 9 months.

            Dinka are not only lying to people on earth, but they are also lying to God. For instance, at the time a man is ordained to be a catholic priest, you take an oath that you will never get marriage and will never practice sexual intercourse. However, Dinka catholic bishops and Dinka catholic priests have wives and children. For instance, father Matong and father Benjamin Madol have children and wives. You see Dinka lie to God without fear.

            Name any catholic priest or bishop from another tribe that has wife and children. You see all of you proved it beyond doubt that you are brainless community and natural liars human being.

          • Nikalongo says:


            Keep the catholic church and her priests and bishops out of the tragedy that the Nuer and Dinka politicians who are all liars, have landed this country in. What you have said against those two gentlemen in the service of the catholic church amounts to character assassination. As catholic, I feel offended by you Ramaran. The solution to Nuer and Dinka hooliganism is for them to put down their arms and sue for peace. Is that more difficult than targeting the catholic Priest and Bishop?

          • Nikalongo,

            You sold your soul for money and you are always beyond any evil who has money. You always teases those poor South Sudanese who are being prosecuted for their right by dictators such as Kiir and Wani Igga, yet you pretend to believe in God.

            You strongly support the massacre of Nuer else in South Sudan, yet you call your self believer. Jesus said pray for those who are being prosecuted for their rights, however, you do the opposite you laugh at those who are being mistreated. Where is your love for Jesus then? You and Dinka Catholic priests are not only materialistic, but money hungry human beings.

          • Nikalongo says:

            Ramaran Bentui,

            I know u are not Catholic and for that reason alone, you feel empowered to dish out shit against the Catholic Church, her bishops and the Priests. The Bishop and the Priest you mentioned are not politicians and have no hand in the killings of neither Nuer nor Dinka civilians. You are picking on them because they are Catholics in the service of the church. The people you should hold responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians are the greedy Dinka and Nuer politicians.

            Ramaran, keep religion and the church out of the conflict. Let the Catholic church deal with her errant priests and bishops. The Catholic Church is not stupid as you seem to suggest. That is my advice.

          • Nikalongo,

            Please stop lying that you are a Catholic. An evil person who cheers the death of innocent people like you cannot claim to be catholic. You and the Dinka’s catholic priests are just consuming the resources of South Sudanese in the name of Catholic. Do you really have a catholic spirit? What bible says Christians should not be happy when someone’s life is at risk? Now you are doing the opposite.

            God said pray for the dead and those who are being prosecuted for their right, but you are laughing at the dead and poor Nuer who are murdered in every corner of South Sudan. What catholic spirit do you have in heart? Those who were murdered in Juba majority of them were catholic and you did not share sympathy with their families, yet you claim you are a Christian.

            Your comments indicate that you are catholic only for money, but not to serve God. These Dinka’s priests I am talking about I know them physically. They are more evil than Kiir and Wani Igga. In 1989 and 1990, these Dinka’s catholic priests arrested Nuer catholic catechists in the catholic church and sent them to jail for months. Is this how catholic church work? You are totally evil and blood sucker and money hungry Christian. And remember that what goes around comes around. Keep laughing at poor Nuer that are being killed every where but your enjoy will one day turn into lasting sadness.

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          I think you have been living in exile for many years and not aware of the reality on the ground in Juba. Compatriot, the truth of the matter is that the Mighty Jengie (Jieng) are not only driving comfortably on the Kokora streets, they owned them and live on them, and the people of your type/kins are deadly afraid and ashamed to remind them of Kokora, leave alone the federation. Please come home and check the reality on the ground in Juba for your records. Has General Martin Kenyi reached your destination yet?

          • Eastern says:

            Bol Akuol,

            I am right in Juba. You have not understood me at all. What I am saying is the government of Central Equatoria has recently branded all the main streets in Juba. There is a street locals here call Kokora street. It has been branded with a green plague with white lettering. You jenges ashore the word and there I am insinuating that you shiver when on this street; because we in Equatoria still see that as another possibility! The plague is both a reminder and a guide for the future.

      • Jacob Adut Mabor says:

        Dear Editor,

        Your little response to my comment above greatly demonstrates how a mature leader views issues of national concern. And therefore, should not go unattended to. I personally believe in independent views. Your site here has been very effective in ensuring that. It presents diverse and liberal views from all the South Sudanese…..and this is the essence of freedom. I like that and it has been very informative to me since I started visiting it first time in 2008 hitherto.

        I agree with your final remark there, “Finally, if only we South Sudanese would sit down to listen and accept one another, our nation would today be in peace and prosperity”. As I mentioned in my little comment above to which you have alluded to, dialogue is the only way forward. And so, the fundamental question should be how do we achieve that? Let’s build trust among ourselves and cease identifying with our tribes but with the nation just as Rwanda has successfully done during their post-genocide era. We can always peacefully and honestly discuss what system of governance will best fit our aspirations as a people of one great country, not divided tribes and ethnicities.

        We are all aware of the beginnings and simmerings that led to the current bloody war raging on in our country: SPLM big shots vying for party chairpersonship and, of course, the attached presidency that would easily acrue to whoever would become the chairperson (party ticket bearer) had the convention been conducted. So we are not shedding blood today because of Equatorians’ demand for a federal system of governance. Even Dr. Machar himself only capitalised on this idea later on after the crisis had broken out just to leverage popular support for his personal cause. Initially, it (federalism) was not part of his “Six-point criticism” when the wrangles started within while he was still the VP. So, I am saying if federalism, for which all South Sudanese fought against the Khartoum regimes, is being reneged on, then for fairness’ sake, let’s blame the regime rather than Jieeng for it! Moreover, we not fighting today, basically because of a popular demand of Federalism by South Sudanese people.

        This is how I see it!!!

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Mr. Jacob Adut Mabor,
          I don’t disagree any bit with you on the essence of dialogue and acceptance of each other’s view.
          Just if we look at neighbor Kenya today, they haven’t gone to real war against each other, specifically, Kikuyu versus Luo, because they have shown some semblance of political maturity, acceptance and concordance, even if their system isn’t that perfect yet.
          Our problem today isn’t the Dinka hegemony, per se, but this born-again SPLM monstrosity which transformed itself into the biggest thief ever seen in
          Africa within the shortest life span of any government in the world, perhaps setting a world record ahead of legendary Nigeria.
          Why do I say so, because if those of Riek, Lam Akol, Lado Gore or Pagan, had that legendary bravery shown during the struggle to speak up when Kiir starting gravitating towards corruption instead of abetting him- Kiir- evolve into what he is now, our nation and people would have been saved from the current tragedy.
          What do you think, Mr. Mabor, if these SPLM devils agree on the Arusha-negotiated modality and come back into their previous pre-war status, do you think things will really change for the better for the impoverished citizens across the nation? I doubt very much.

          • Jacob Adut Mabor says:

            Dear Editor,
            You are absolutely correct, but how do we prevent that when the focus now is trying to bring peace to the country and end further suffering (live deaths from fighting, deaths from such dire humanitarian conditions such as diease and hunger facing our displaced–both within the country and without) of the common man. Of course this does not stop even with peace. As you put it succinctly, they re-unify as a party to loot and plunder; no service delivery as usual; no development etc etc. South Sudanese continue to writhe and languish in abject poverty come peace or war. This is what the “SPLM factions” always do even during the last war with Khartoum, you know that. If they are in agreement, then there is no war but then they plan to bully, together, the other parties and continue to plunder, plunder. Mr. Editor, I am not being pessimistic here, but I believe the solution to this SPLM dominion can only be acquired one day when the opposition parties have the necessary clout to mobilize, sensitize and educate the South Sudanese citizenry and liberate them, first, not from the abuses of the regime but from, IGNORANCE! For I believe, an enlightened society cannot allow oppression to grow!

            This is how I see it!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Jacob Madut Mabor
      You state “So, a safe assumption is that it looks like it doesn’t matter to you when a Jieng dies in the hands of others (Nuer: 1991 & 2013; Equatorians: Kokora times)”. I am sorry to tell you that you are an outright lair. Equatorians did not kill the Jieng during Kokora time. From 1975 on wards until the time of Kokora the Jieng dominated the police force exactly like now in Juba. The police force was led by a Jieng from Bor called General Ruben Mach who tribalised the force. Abel Alier in exactly the same manner like President Kiir created his own militia called Defaa Medani (an exclusively Jieng police force) which set out to abuse the Equatorians. This force plus Jieng tribalism and corruption led to Equatorians to call for Kokora. The national army of the Sudan was well disciplined and they did not get drawn to politics. The ensured there was peace throughout without taking any sides. So no Equatorians killed the Jieng. It was the Jieng who killed Equatorians using sticks while being defended by the Jieng police in Konyo-Konyo and Tongping. Most of the casualties during Kokora was extremely in small numbers which did not reach even 30 people from all sides. Therefore, stop lying that the Jieng were killed by Equatorians. How could that be when you the Jieng controlled the police? If you truly want to solve South Sudan’s problems you need to be honest in your reporting.

      • Jacob Adut Mabor says:

        Dear Elhag Paul,

        I just read your short comment above. Although, I do not find this a right forum for us to initiate a serious debate, I am obliged to respond in a few lines. First of all, I am Jacob Adut Mabor. Not Jacob Madut Mabor. Trivial as it may appear to you but identity matters greatly. You characterize me as “an outrigth lair”, I suppose you mean, a “liar”. If that is so, I respect your judgement of my character because you are entitled to your opinion. And therefore, you do not need to be “sorry” for what your opinion tells you. Moreover, it worries me not because I know I am not one.

        But I wonder how free you are from the same vice of lying. Here is what you had to say: “It was the Jieng who killed Equatorians using sticks while being defended by the Jieng police in Konyo-Konyo and Tongping. Most of the casualties during Kokora was extremely in small numbers which did not reach even 30 people from all sides”. Isn’t this extremely laughable? First of all, where did you get the statistics of less than 30 casualities (not clarified whether this represents the dead or the injured or both either)? How could a few Jieng civilians, who were either business people or visitors to relatives in juba or came to Juba for some other reason, have overwhelmed equatorians in their numbers in their own territory, even if you talked of Jieeng police supporting them? But how come that a “disciplined Sudanese Army” would standby seeing the Jieeng Police support their kinsmen without intervening? Furthermore, who is unware of the fact that the likes of James Tumbura, Joseph lagu actively mobilized equatorians and agitated for the massacre of Jieeng? Yet another question, how come you did not refute or agree with the 1991, 2013 Jieeng massacres in the same statement about which you referred to me as “an liar” or is it the same prejudice of judement I accused you of in my ealier comment? My brother, to live in a state of denialism, constant distrust of other people and intellectual dishonesty in one’s arguments is the worst of all vices. Such a person can not only be characterized as a liar, but also as a paranoid. It fits in very well that you can not and will never trust the Jieeng people whatsoever. They are your number one problem on planet earth; you find no fault in any other community in the country but it is always Jieeng. You confuse the mistakes of government with Jieeng. It is the Jieeng who killed Nuer, Equatorians, etc. It was/is Jieeng police who mistreated/mistreat Equatorians, they established the Juba White House (for “Sudanese Army was highly disciplined” and wouldn’t do this); etc. What is this state of mind referred to? Oh, I would refer to this attitude as “Dinkophobia/Jieengphobia” just to coin a word that can best describe your preoccupation.

        Finally, in my opinion, you have used your writing skills in the most unfortunate manner—advocating for tribalism rather than human freedoms unlike many writers. And for that matter, you have lost direction of what constitutes a sound and creditworthy political critiquing and commentary.

        This is how I see it!

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Jacob Adut Mabor

          You seem to think that you have a case on your baseless allegation that Equatorians killed Jieng in Juba. You can continue to dwell in your delusions. The very questions you posed to me regarding authenticity are what you do not see as applicable to you in making your grand lie that Equatorians killed the Jieng. Where is your evidence to support your claim? As with regards to Nuer killing the Jieng in 1991 I am free to comment or not to comment, however, the incident of 1991 was unfortunate. Now with regards to 2013 it is President Kiir and his militia who committed grave crimes against the Nuer. The Jieng led by President Kiir started this unfortunate thing. You can not turn round now and try to make a capital for the Jieng out of it.

          Let me be very specific with you re your bogus claim that Equatorians killed Jieng. I lived through the whole period of the Kokora saga and I witnessed for myself what happened and it is what I conveyed to you. My personal experience of course can be seen as biased. But for the sake of truth I challenge you to speak to Kuol Manayang Juuk, Ambrose Ring Thiik, Aldo Ajo, Abel Alier, Aru Mann and others who were not only witnesses but participants in creating the atmosphere that led to Kokora. It would be good for you to hear their side of the story and then let us have a real debate on the subject of Kokora. It is long overdue and it should be had now for the benefit of all South Sudanese. I can assure in advance that the things that triggered Kokora are the very things that are tearing our country to pieces and the very people responsible are in the current Jieng Council of Elders.

  7. Francis says:

    Dear Elhag,

    Kindly tell me if there is a country call South Sudan and what makes it so?
    Please, leave London and go down to South Sudan. Or go to Addis and be part of the negotiation there. What will set South Sudan right is not in opposing the process and unless you do not believe in democracy. The Catholic Bishops have deliberated and came out with their own position. Mind you some of them are not good leaders in their churches. They represent the faithful but are obsess with tribal sentiments as the like of those who talk of tribes. The church as such is holly, but the ministers in it are tribal to the core. I am sure you know what I am saying ahahaha. I think the right way for us to go forward is not to sing this or that but come down to reality.
    What can be done to set South Sudan on its right foot if that one is there at all?
    Revisit all the laws in South Sudan and follow the process of rectifying them, the best thing for the South Sudanese must be home-grown. Solutions will not be obtain and unless we admit that failure is by the so called intellectuals who preach tribalism and believe in getting rid of the other whether Nuer, Dinka, Collo, Bari , Jie, Jur Biel, Zande etc… rather we have to learn to live together. We have to learn to sort for redress in the court of law. We have to learn to play politics in political parties not by mobilizing and antagonizing the citizenry to hate each other. While you are in foreign country you do not spread hate among the populace if you are educated or claim to be one.
    I tell you what the catholic Bishop came up with is politics that adds more fuel to a burning fire. They have a right to express their views but as people who help guide the faithful they have failed in their mission to transform the mindset of their faithful just as the leaders of South Sudan have failed. All the politicians who are now killing the innocent are their faithful, if the faithful failed then the one who is in charge of them have failed to show good example in leadership. There are many challenges with their own priests. Let them solve those ones because they too deserve to be treated well and led well too. let us agree that we have all failed this nation, then together forge ahead a new path for this nation. But if we continue to talk the way you have been talking then you or even the Bishops have nothing to bring to this nation. The countries you say have to be mobilized themselves have interest in South Sudan. If those interests are not met there will be no peace e.g Troika and their IGAD led initiatives.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Personally and factually, I like to agree with your reply to Elhag, that’s our bishops have incontrovertibly failed the people of South Sudan just like the hopeless SPLM politicians aka…”leaders.”
      Sometime back last year I wrote an article and a succinct point I raised was why should Archbishop Paulino Lukudu and the Kator Catholic diocese in Juba giving Kiir and Wani Igga the privilege of talking rubbish SPLM propaganda from the most holiest pulpit of the Kator Cathedral?
      These two monsters, Kiir and Wani Igga are failing the nation of South Sudan every minute, they are killers of the people, they are looters of the nation and they promote sectarianism and tribalism.
      Indeed, Francis, you have a very important point. All of them have failed this nation.

  8. Batali says:

    Thanks Elhaj.
    You nailed as much as it should reach to the core of the issues. There are many here who are blinded by their tribal sentiments of attempting always to lie, intimidate, cause confusion when truth is revealed and that finger points to those who call themselves Dinka. When will Dinka admit the truth?
    They (Dinka) who are filled with such sentiments will pay the price soon. They are just thorns in the skin of South Sudanese tribes. Who will these people control when everyone has the right to breakaway?

  9. CAMKIWADU says:

    The Catholic Church had failed the country by giving Salva Kiir chances to speak in the church his political views which are rubbish. There is no where in this world where political party is given flat form to speak in the church. Church is for prayer not for political views. Shame on them these rotten politicians.

  10. The Jackal says:

    This is according Elhag Paul “That parliament is a joke. It is a house of dummies. Whether the parliament extends President Kiir’s term or not, it does not matter. The whole government with its three branches of judiciary, parliament and executive have lost legitimacy and the South Sudan Catholic Bishops have now certified it. What more?”

    Well Paul; where is your government that you successfully manage compare to South Sudan government? Are they dummies because they are in charge of the government? The dummy that’s in charge of something is better than the hopeless dummy that only makes noise.

    • Eastern says:

      The Jackel,

      El Hag may not have a government of his own to boast about, but what any sane South Sudanese must not condone is impunity and illegalities.

      Kiir’s tenure at J1 expires on July 9, 2015.

      Anything done to extend Kiir’s stay in power is nugatory and hence a nullity and must be resisted by all means!

  11. jok lual says:

    ehy all of you brothers and sisters from 64 tribes we have to unite to push awy so call Riek machar and mabior nyandeng and we need our gov to bring back the history mans like Pagan Amoum Majak Agot and Deng alor back to splm south sudan si not been develop with out those we know very well what Pagan Amoum doing no one can forget that

  12. Abiel says:

    Elhaj Poul:
    Completely egocentric and will die in exile.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    “There are many here who are blinded by their tribal sentiments of attempting always to lie,intimidate,cause confusion when truth is revealed and that finger points to those who call themselves dinka”,what truth are you taking about?If you have become a spokesman to the war monger named Elhag,you are up to your neck in the mud without knowing why.I advise you to limit your behaviour to the boarders of the following distinctions:
    1 Ordinary dinka citizens who have nothing to do with politics.
    2 Dinka individuals constituting political elites among whom is Kiir.
    Whom among the two camps are you having a fit aginst?If you say the first camp,explain for what reasons?
    If you say the second camp,what prevents you from making it clear as such?

    Mr Batali,with due respect to you,I am very sorry to say but you are a victim of ignorance.That’s why brother Elhag has succeeded to blackmail you with stupid ideas of his foolish thinking.He has managed this so well becouse as he is a highly educated equatorian of a bari tribe,inciting tribal ill feelings against dinka as a tribe,you have chosen to accept such a dangerous war without knowing that he is misleading you to hell.That is for no other reason than,presumably,the simple fact of your being equatorian n perhaps a bari tribesmen like him.It’s tribal war against dinka that you are up to.

    Under such gravity,what are the universal virtuous of honest judgement?Our fellow citizens from all our tribes have their origins in our country rooting to the first day of our creation.It means they belong here as they will be belonged here to the end of time.Among them are those from dinka tribe.Refusing to declare war against dinka misruling elites but instead twisting the fit to mean that your fight is against dinka as a tribe,what political or national ambitions do you want to achieve?

    Speaking of the SPLM/A misruling elites,they include dinka tribesmen n others from other tribes.Among them is our elder bdrother Wani Iga.In our struggle,he is among our enemies.But what comment sense would we have if we also declare war against his ordinary tribesmen who are also suffering from Wani’s misrule in much thesame way as the other citizens?We would be very foolish becouse they are innocent n have not misruled any body.

    You n your likes must understand our position today.We stand under obligation to mobilize brother Wani’s tribesmen as fellow citizens among our ranks in our struggle against Wani n his misruling comrades.This is our universal position for the best as for the worst.It applies to every citizen of any tribe in RSS.Justice n honesty come before anything else.No revolution can ever succeed out side this context.

    Be aware of brother Elhag n his likes.He is some body who has wasted 8 years of his life working for the UN.Doing what?Handling difficult responsibilities?That’s most unlikely.For he would have been a great help for us in our struggle.His behaviour forces us to think that his position was one of a water boy.It’s like having a truck turn boy with a responsibility to load onions n charcoal bags on the truck.He is using such thesame mind set in the most dangerous n delicate political,social n economic affaires of RSS.He has no single clue that he will end up provoking lose of many lives one day!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      False millionaire
      Qui Je suis water boy. Allez!

      • Muony Bor says:

        Paul; you want to tell us that you speak French when you only know how to spell two words! If you truly know how to read and write then you should at least do better than that!

        • Muony Bor says:

          Paul; vous voulez nous dire que vous parlez français quand vous ne sait comment écrire deux mots ! Si vous avez vraiment savoir lire et écrire, alors vous devriez au moins de faire mieux que cela!

          • Elhag Paul says:

            Muony Bor

            I thought it was the Congolese like me who speak French. I never expected a ‘true’ South Sudanese to speak it. Does it make sense Sir?

          • Muony Bor says:

            Français n’est pas une langue congolaise mais la France; assurez-vous que vous savez pays ou le peuple propre la langue correctement !

  14. Gatnyaphom says:

    To all those tribal men.
    This war is not between Dinka against Nuer like Salva Kiir wanted to be.The stupid president used the old version of colonial rules “divide & rule” that why he had Killed Nuer in Mass number so that stupid Dinka like him can follow him,but if you are following the cattle herder president of yours.you make sure that you are loosing the entire nation of south sudan.Yes of course the war is tribal on Salva Kiir side,But it is not tribal on our side because we freedom fighters are demanding for a complete change of the government system and we are doing so with the voices of all tribes of south sudan including Dinkas.Not all Dinkas who are supporting that bloody regime of Kiir in Juba.

  15. False Millionaire says:

    Brother Elhag,
    Ok but please forgive me for the words of lack of respect.I will not repeat them again.But it was most urgent to drow your attention.
    I am sending you this dispatch from Juba.I have known Juba in pariticular n equatoria in general since I was a young boy.To say that I am equatorian or not,doesn’t make a difference.I am well integrated among our fellow citizens of all tribes.Being an ordinary citizen n not a trouble maker,I am home with everyone.So I cannot say that I am unhappy in my stay in Juba.
    But that doesn’t mean that the security situation isn’t so grave.It’s only a matter of good luck if one day passes without cases of death either by targeted acts of assassination or out of random acts of violence becouse everyone has become an outlaw preying for the weak.

    We have heart breaking cases to cite as examples.How so much do you know juba,it’s surrounding areas n it’s population of many different ethnic groups?I don’t doubt it.Juba ought to be your home.I had defied all logic against odds as a young man,going out for drinks in girl houses in darkest hours of nights in such hot spots like Mahata Yei,Haya Sora n Atalabara neighbourhoods.All without ever suffering any act of security infraction.How would you feel when today,in an independent south sudan,the mundari tribesmen who were never known to be violent in our history,have inflicted savage acts of violence upon bari innocent people forcing them to abandon their homelands?They are now sheltering in Juba one high school under most mesirable conditions.I encourage you to investigate this very urgently for confirmation so that you shouldn’t take me for a liar.Does this have something to do with politics behind which there could be inciters,for example,like you on the side baria n governor Konga on the side of Mundari?I hope not.If this could be the case,with good will from your parts,reconciliation could be managed limiting farther suffering.That’s all what we are saying.Communal violence should explode under circumstances that have nothing to do with politics n far away from the influence of ill natured politicians.

    But you personally have constituted yourself as an object of criticism.I wonder if you really know the difference between ordinary dinka citizens n dinka politicians among the misruling elites in the government that include Salva Kiir.Me I know the difference between governor Konga n the mundari ordinary tribesmen.In much the same way,I know the difference between Elhag Paul n the baria ordinary tribesmen.That’s why if brother Elhag Paul has become a witchcraft,for me to get rid of you,what right do I have to go around inciting hatred against the baria ordinary tribesmen when in reality,the evil person is only you?This is where your behaviour becomes an unbearable insult to any person of good conscience.
    What intentions do you n your likes have for our country n society?What makes your struggle against Kiir n his misruling elites to be also a struggle against dinka ordinary tribesmen?That is exactly what you imply in every article that you write.

    Why is your behaviour so irritating,dangerous n irresponsible?Never tempt the devil n suffer no consequences.With your high level of education,you are a model for so many citizens me included.We only discover the content of your articles to be rubbish after reading them.It means no one resists to read your articles.But as some of us may be disposed with the capacity to dismiss your ill preachings without any further after thoughts,others aren’t.Under this context,little by little,you are in great progress building a war front line against dinka.If the devil may have it according to it’s own way,violence is likely to explode one day in the context of baria against dinka.The question is,if the present communal violence between baria n mundari is a hell tragedy,what makes you think that the one between the baria n dinka would be a walk in the avenue to paradise?Would that please you if you are alive to see?!!!

  16. elhag I prefer to be in your clase as student ….thanks very much I learn a lot from you.(wau)

  17. alex says:

    I think it is useless to respond to people like Elhag. This are inmature self proclimed politicians and there work is to induce hatred among South Sudanese people. A sane and civilized human being will know that life is a precious thing. Whether it is one person killed, a person in his right sound mind will value that life lost. Where was Elhag to critise Omer Bashir when he was killing South Sudanese people in Juba and Khartoum.
    If people lacks sound judgment it is better they become mad and we can know they have become made already. Is that a freedom of speech when you are inciting tribal hatred.Is that the democracy you people are talking of or it is lack of political matuarity. People are trying to repair the damage and the suffering of our people while some of you are working day and night to prolong the suffering of our people because they need only power and positions andf they need to overthrow the goverment so that they become leaders. How will you enjoy leadership got out on your own people’s blood. If there is no freedom as some of you lie today I think some people will be in prision or have been forced to flee the country. Your urgument even raises question and makes some to suspect that some of you are working for Khartoum goverment. If you are a South Sudanese who love your country and people why would you continue to preach hatred and inciting people to hate each other. The claim by some of you that you are South Sudan citizens is really questionable. Unless it is bad spirits tomenting people’s mind that is why they are working to push the people to kill themselves.
    Elhag try to respect your self and be informed that there is nothing on this earth that is important like having your own country. Brother if you are tried pack and go where you can feel at home and leave the peace loving South Sudanese people to short their own issues. Elhag I think if your brother , sister or a relative have really died or was killed when fighting for the liberation of this country, you wouldn’t be jocking with the future of this country like this. You will know what South Sudan and having a country mean alot to you. Unless you are working for the destruction of the independence of our country. There for to be brief brother Elihg be informed that the libertors will not and will not let mad people like you to create havoc in South Sudan. We need peace preachers but not madness in the name of free media. Who are you to speak on behalve of equatorians and who gave you that authority to speak for equatorians. Equatorians love their country, their brothers and sisters in South Sudan. You should speak about the deep rooted hatred which is in your family not even talk of tribe because we tribes of S. Sudan hate war and we are one people who are bound for a purpose in life which is to make sure that our children have a country. They should not suffer the way we were mistreated by the Arabs.

    You need digest your words or els you will make people to ignor you.


  18. Robert says:

    Reading all your comments above gives me one clear impression…..the tribal hatred in South Sudan has reached the peak and well NEVER be broken. Let’s go on. Damned Junub!!!!

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