A Country of the Laziest Never Prospers: A case of South Sudan

By John Adoor Deng, Australia

SEPT. 02/2012, SSN; Almost countless articles get posted daily on South Sudan news channels, the question is, are these articles being read widely? If they are read, are their messages internalised or are dust-binned?  Whether affirmative or not, it is still an obligation to many writers to continue talking their minds to the masses.

This article is intended to highlight triggers that seem to precipitate our national backwardness.  The independence of South Sudan comes with tasks for building a nation from scratch to complete settlement. This scratchiness of our country calls for the spirit of hardwork, diligence and togetherness.

However, current indicatives in the country are pointing to a disastrous direction. Majority of our population are ignorantly lazy even to put food on their tables.  They sit daily under shady trees to just play cards, play jokes, and talk politics immaturely and in the evening crowd homes of the few working individuals.

Although many money-earning jobs are available at their disposal in the form of construction, building of houses, waiter jobs, cleaning and other manual jobs, this category of people will tell you that these are not jobs for them! Despite the facts that they hold no qualifications, they want ‘office jobs’ with no idea of what is done in the office.

These utterances are very economically poisonous in our national rebuilding. Brothers and sisters in this dark category must know that the country of the laziest never prospers. For example, the reason why communism failed was because lazy people did nothing while getting the same wage that non-lazy people get. So the non-lazy people said, “why should we work if they’re getting paid to do nothing!”

Again, in the recent crisis in Greece, economists are referring to Greece as country of the laziest. South Sudan will never prosper if this uninformed mentality is not eradicated. Job is job; people must appreciate any opportunity that earns them money for living.

Also, on a government level, the state of the country is symbolized by a lack of discipline within the system and deep-rooted corruption within the bureaucratic maze of the country.

Our founding fathers had envisioned an Independent South Sudan which was free, transparent and corruption free. Greed has seeped in so much within certain sections of society that this has become an endemic disease.

Despite the valiant efforts of the Anti-corruption movement, there is a long way to go before we eradicate it from our society. The basis for the solution lies in having discipline inherent in our day to day affairs. Our forefather’s centuries ago were known for this, now we are known to be lacking in it.

It pains me deeply to write about triggers that precipitate our national backwardness. I felt it had to be written to come to terms with realities. It is not a rant nor is it a piece to gain attention.

I am a proud South Sudanese as anyone could be. However, I want South Sudan which stands up to all those ideals that our forefathers had set it out to be. I want South Sudan which has pride in its identity, its multiple cultures and treasures, the numerous languages that it has been ordained with, and a nation of hardworking men and women.

As much as we would love to have these, the reality seems that we are far away from these ideals.

The Author is John Adoor Deng, MPRL & Director of South Sudan Support Foundation. He can be reached at: johnadoordeng@yahoo.com.au

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author(s) and do not represent those of the website.

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  1. Lupai says:

    You have just called a spade a spade. This is the bitter truth that our people do not like to hear. They pretend everything is OK when things are completely bleak. We have a misplaced optimism that is based on nothing. We are pompous while good for nothing. Unless we accept this reality we can not change. The euphoria of the independence is over and instead of getting down to work and face the reality, we have gone to a deep sleep. Our people are hard headed, arrogant, lazy as you rightly mentioned and above all pretenders who do not want to face their realities head-on. Many of us leave in fantasy day dreaming all the time and building castles in the air. It is time to change and start working seriously each in his capacity because actually we are not rebuilding a country ruined by war but building a nation that did not exist in history from scratch as our leaders like to say. Our economy is being taken over in all its sectors including the service sector. Hearing that oil may resume neighboring governments are sending their citizens to study petroleum related disciplines because they are dead sure they will control that sector in South South. Can you imagine!!!!

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