A Call for Unity among Western Bahar Ghazal People: From State Governor-SPLM-IO

Press Release, APR/22/2017, SSN;

Whenever people act in unison with one another their strength increases a thousand fold. Therefore it is advisable for the people in Western Bahar Ghazal (WBG) to stay united under the leadership of SPLM-IO, in order for them to effectively liberate their land.

Few of WBG leaders have chosen to defect from the SPLM-IO movement and join other parties. There are several questions that WBG citizens should ask those defectors, to know why they are defecting.

Is the leaderships of the joined parties better than of the SPLM-IO? What are the benefits that they brought to their community of WBG, after joining other parties? What are the benefits that other parties are offering to the people of WBG better than of the SPLM-IO?

And finally the most important question is for how long the WBG leaders will continue to be followers?

The SPLM-IO, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny, has helped and supported the people of WBG several times in the past.

It is unfortunate to quickly forget that the support that’s given by the leadership of SPLM-IO, which led the WBG people to be capable of defending themselves today, is brought to them by the leadership of the SPLM-IO.

How could the WGB leaders take the support that is brought by SPLM/IO and join other movements?

Furthermore, the Western Bahar Al Ghazal Lion Forces WBGLF is entirely organized and given ranks by the SPLM-IO.

Calling SPLA-IO generals, by the leaders and/or activists of other opposition parties, in order to encourage them rebel against the leadership of the SPLM-IO, with attention to recruit from the SPLM-IO members would only serve the interest of president Salva Kiir Mayardit, divide people of South Sudan, prolong the president term in power, and encourage the president to take more South Sudanese innocent lives.

The people of WBG should refuse the unfortunate event that happened in Upper Nile region, to happen in their region. In which Generals Gabriel Gatwech Chan, who is also known as Tanginye, and General Yuanis Okiech were killed, both in fighting with the SPLA-IO troops.

The two Generals were killed as a result of Dr. Lam Akol, the leader of NDM party, encouraging the two SPLA-IO Generals in Upper Nile region to turn their back against the leadership of SPLM-IO.

Over the last years, due to war that Salva Kiir Mayardit is instigating against the people of South Sudan, mothers have lost sons, daughters have lost fathers, and entire families have been murdered.

Tens of thousands have been killed. People are still starving in the South Sudan today. Poverty is still killing children every day. Access to clean water and sanitation is still a problem for thousands.

Unfortunately, politicians and opposition parties after years of failures still are not united to fight the common enemy and to make a difference.

We, the Government Wau Federal State in Opposition, would like to call upon the people of WBG to unite. As a minority in the South Sudan, the importance of unity among the people of WBG can never be overrated. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean and little drops of sand make this vast world.

Hon. Dominic Ukelo
Governor of Wau Federal State in Opposition

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