28-States Proposal is a Myopic, Unforgivable National Disaster

BY: Kuir e Garang, NOV/29/2015, SSN;

History is supposed to be one of those phenomena that informs us about what we should and should not repeat. Unfortunately, in South Sudan, history is just irrelevant unless it serves the interest of the ruling elites.

And we’ve seen with a damning, scary reality how history has been used not only to repeat the past, but to also consciously destroy the nation.

Decisions coming out of the two sides of the political divide in South Sudan are depressing.

The rebels are intransigent; and they easily exploit government’s bad and ill-informed decisions/decrees.

And the government makes one dangerous decision after another without any thought put into how dangerous such decisions might be.

I’m going to ignore Dr. Riek Machar’s 21-State proposal because it was rejected during IGAD negotiation process. Dr. Riek too has no practical authority — unlike the president — to enforce his proposal.

Besides, 21-States proposal is another unnecessary re-division of the country.

However, the case of 28-States proposal (also known as Order Number 36/2015) is different and disconcertingly, futuristically, divisive and disastrous.

I’ll also ignore the then constitutional illegality of the 28-States proposal as it was clear the president had no legal authority to establish new states.

We also know that the vote to change the constitution to constitutionalize the unconstitutional order is something that needs no more explanation.

Undoubtedly, the country has been divided and the wounds are still fresh.

However, the primary goal of the leadership in South Sudan should be to find ways to make sure that South Sudanese come together, speak the truth about what happened, forgive one another, and then reconcile.

However, the leadership in Juba finds it expedient to further slice up the country into tribal states that’ll continue to keep people apart and close any window that’d have allowed South Sudanese of all tribal stripes to forgive.

People can only forgive if they are given an appropriate avenue to meet and talk.

Segregating tribes in their own ethnic enclaves is both myopic and disastrous for any possible future in which South Sudan is expected to reduce politicization of tribal differences.

Once South Sudan is divided into these 28 tribal states, people will have no incentives or need to travel to different states, especially between Nuer and Jieeng.

Since people are already afraid of one another because of the divisive, war generative effects, the fear of moving to other tribal states will even be worse.

For those who think that giving some tribes their own states will reduce tribal feuds, I have to tell you that these tribal states aren’t coming with Berlin Walls or Israeli walls, or would-be Trump-Wall.

As long as you don’t have walls separating these people, you should expect tribal feuds to continue to exist.

Murle will not stop attacking Twi, Bor, Nyarweng, Hol, or Lou Nuer simply because they have their own states.

Murle continue to attack and kill people in Jonglei even after the president gave them ‘Greater Pibor Administrative Area.”

We can also see in Mono-Tribal states like Warrap and majority Jieeng states like Lakes in the current 10-States system that clans continue to fight and kill one another in their hundreds.

So the advocates of 28-states system, the likes of the Jieeng Council of Elders, who argue that they proposed the 28-States to help solve the problem in South Sudan should know how ill-advised their intentions are.

When did political segregation ever work in the world? When did it ever become morally acceptable?

I also oppose the 28-States proposal because of redundancy. We can still decentralize power or federate governance within the current 10-States system.

We currently have 1 central/federal government, 10 states, 86 counties, 514 payams and over 2100 bomas.

Decentralizing power and administration to this administrative centers is better than the redivision of South Sudan into mostly tribal states that’ll further keep tribes apart and reduce the chance for people to forgive and reconcile.

Advisedly, some sectors and ministries should be given to the states. Law enforcement, education, agriculture, tourism and other appropriate sectors should be given to the states.

This will ensure that people who’d want to work in those sectors will be forced to move to the states and create residence there.

State governments can further move some sectors to counties and counties to payam.

For instance, a state government can further decentralize administration by making sure different sectors’ headquarters are distributed to different countries.

Counties can further decentralize power to different payams.

This arrangement will not only save money, it’ll bring the power to the people without any creation of more unnecessary controversies.

I also oppose the 28-States proposal because its proponents don’t have any solid rationale why they think it’s better than the current system.

The vacuous reasons given are mostly visceral reactions of “we now have our own state.” So?

Another reason being flaunted around is that “people in South Sudan love it.”

When did the populace develop any sense of political autonomy and informed decision-making?

We can only talk of ‘people love it’ if there’s a chance for the average person to publicly express his/her dissenting opinion.

Have we ever seen a public rally where South Sudanese expressed any disapproval of some government’s decisions?

Every public rally supports the president’s decisions however bad: “Kiir Mayardit Oyee!” What does that tell us?

The last reason why I oppose the 28-States proposal is the problem of borders.

Some tribal lands will be divided up and forcefully included in a different tribal state. This will cause tribal feuds and unnecessary deaths.

And we’ve seen that the government of South Sudan isn’t effective in preventing tribal deaths.

Why create a problem you shouldn’t create in the first place? Why create a problem you can’t help solve?

Let’s keep the current 10 states, avoid the creation of more problems and embark on a decentralized national development with what we currently have.

Kuir e Garang


  1. To: Mr.Kuir e Garang:

    What you have informed and have narrated in your written article,is for real in front of God! People who are around with President Salva Kirr in the office of the president,they are not good at all especially people like Awek Awek Teny and others as well.They knew nothing totally in front of God! They are pulling on the President Salva Kirr on a cane blindly on the way! The South Sudan government under the current incumbent leadership in his office,is now heading forward in the wrong direction!!!

    In Murle State, they.Murle by themselves alone, in their own state alone,they have divided themselves by themselves more politically!There are people in Murle with President Slva Kirr.There are people in Murles with opposition leadership in the war in the bush with Dr. Riak Machar.While there are others in them,as killers,as kidnapers,as a cattle thieves.Meanwhile their leader Yau Yau,had been promoted his former enemy President kirr.One can ask himself or herself.How possible a president promoted a civilian to military echelon????

    Remember that there are many rebels in the South Sudan in the country.They are fighting the current administration against the current incumbent leadership of President Salva Kirr in his administration in his government
    In his long time administration, it is now suffering! Departments in the government,they have gone for months without salaries! While he is planning by creating more-states. How can he creating 28 states with no resources??????!!!!!!!!

    Well,he thinks soldiers can protecting him without feeding them???? Anyway that will be up to him with Southerners in the country in the South Sudan Republic!!!!! Take care yourself! Excellent article among articles you have written so far! Back to you to the members on the floor in the forum South Sudan Nation Discussion Board!

    Sincere Saving Hard Anger!!!

    Kansas City,MO.USA

  2. David.K, says:

    Iam 100% agree with your opinion. can someone give mr president and his elders pens please to draw a map and boundry of one state with it counties and then wait for 12 month so he will see what is going to happen.

    • kondokoro says:


  3. Gatdarwich says:


    Great and laudable article pal !
    It’s seems like you’ve just unknowingly made public what is undoubtedly in Jiengs Council of Evils’ minds; kills the SPLA-IO’s noble quest for true federalism in South Sudan (21 states proposal), by creating highly non-implementable counter proposal(28 states), so as to imminently and permanently voids both proposals for good, and stick with the 10 states. You are highly very witty in deed ! Unfortunately and Sadly dude, Jiengs’ rely on deceptions and manipulations tactics to discreetly destroy populaces’ demands, are well known to most patriots-South Sudanese intellectuals. How about you boldly and patriotically tells Mr. Kiir and the JCE to immediately halt imposing 28 states implementation so that the 64 tribes in South Sudan can democratically decides or votes on whether they prefers, the JCE’s 28 states, the SPLA-IO(Dr. Riek’s 21 states), or keep the current 10 states(keep in mind though, people can only decides on their true wishes in the conducive- non-threatening atmospheres).

  4. Albino Liet says:

    Dear author Kuir, Garang.
    First of all, I am not in favor of creating 28 new States not because of the tribal issue but simply because the young nation is facing many things to deal with it however, I came to accept the creation of tribal State for two reasons and one is the killing of innocents civilians during the out break in 2013. Most of Southern Sudanese people were not aaware for another violent unfortunately, the families of the Dinkas in the SPLA, who were living from Ayod, county were all murderedby Pro rebels, same killing were carrying out in Akobo county, Nasir county, Fangak county, Malakal, town and Unity State as well as many others locations and that can tell you tribal State would be great than having combining all tribes in one State and no signs of unity therefore, I will support the tribal State so that they might secure themselves first and the second reason was the notion led by the late Chairman JOHN Garang that, the SPLA/SPLM must bring towns to the people rather than taking people to the towns and these 28 States means many things to Southern Sudanese people special when the war stopped. Also it is not bad to put tribal to rule themselves because they may decide their own way on how to started building their communities and they will have a rights to resolving what appears to culture problems in South Sudan. As you had mentioned Murle, tribe and more others a crossing borders to attacked others communities, this is the sign even if we combine all 10 States into one State still bad people will never stop the way they behave badly because that was the way got raise to looting others properties no belongs to them and it is good to have your own State and keep your eyes on the bad people around you and for 20 years later I hope most people are going to love the creation of 28 new States for sure.
    Thank any way
    Albino Liet.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      Mr. Albino Liet,

      If you Dinka prefer to live in tribal enclaves, it is fine with us. What is wrong with the creation of 28 tribal states is the annexation of others tribes land to your tribe; otherwise, you could segregate yourselves into your tribal cocoon with no problem. Your line of thinking that there will be no more massacre by creating these tribal enclaves needs scrutiny from your side. The war cannot be stopped by enclaving ourselves. Warrap is reachable so does the others states. If people of Unity State can fight those Warrap and Northern Bhar el ghazel, what would provide it when your 28 states is implemented? The only way to stop war is to teach our people to value peace over war. Settle our differences through dialogue instead of murdering others.

      The ISIS is in middle east and it manages to kill people in the west. If they could do this, what about our states who are just next to each others. Think maturely and reasoned like a grown-up. Peace to you.

  5. Log says:

    Mr. Kuir,
    If only we had a few people in the government that could reason like you, this country could not have been in trouble. It is said that swallow the food that is in your mouth before you take another bite. Before putting the current chaos in order we are running a head to create more problems that are going to be even more complex to solve. It is not only the leadership that is confused but also the legislative assembly. A couple of weeks ago they set in the August house and rectified a supreme document containing the IGAD peace deal. But not more than a month later they unconsciously went back to amend a constitution that has already been over ruled by the document that had rectified. Sorry may be they did not understand the contents of the peace agreement document or else they should have gone back first to reject the agreement and begin the amendment process of the constitution that they did. They create laws and they are the first to violate those including the ones guiding their sitting requirement. We are in a vacuum now, no 10 states in theory and no 28 as a result of those irresponsibly narrow minded legislators. Let God help us to bring statesmen in our next assembly that can read the past and the future and come up with positive elements that can build the nation but not destroying it out of immediate GREEDY needs of some individuals.

  6. Paul says:

    Thanks brother for helping South Sudan with coming future an solvable war, your proposal makes sense.

  7. Chief Abiko! says:

    To: Albino Liet;

    People in the tribes living accordingly,they always fighting among themselves alone by themselves in the tribes. FIGHTING IS UNSTOPABLE!!!!!!

    If the country is creating according to the tribes in the tribes,they will create with a problems!There is no pure color for politics! Politicians in both men and women,they will automatically bring bloods to people within their own people along! This is depends on trust and disbelief among themselves in their tribes settings! Never be mistaken when thinking that when the government being divided,there going be no violence!


  8. False Millionaire says:

    Masses in this forum should show honesty.
    If the idea of 10 federal states was fiine,why was it that many intellectuals went out writing and publishing articles on this website demanding another federalism up to the point of threatening the use of violence to achieve it?!!!

    • johnjerry says:

      No one asked for more states it was only the type of federalism that was being asked. People want a decentralized Federalism and not the centralized federalism as it stands now. Give more powers to states period. Each state will do what they think they can do to bring development to their states with no interference from Juba or Ramciel in the future. You do not need to think up to heaven or hell to come up with a solution. Give the masses the freedom they need to govern themselves. South Sudanese are not ready for a Kingdom as yet and kingdoms are coming down very fast. The UK for example will be no more in less than a decade. Scotland will ask for another referendum,Wales will just walk away from England as New Zealand will soon become independent when the queen goes to the west and with that comes the death of the British Commonwealth.Do not not even dream of Jieng Kingdom south Sudan is not going to be the same in a foreseeable future.

    • Nyabeka Bongo says:

      I’am just wondering about your understanding of situation in South Sudan yaah Mr. False Millionaire. South Sudan with its ten states does not represent federalism, and the nature of the governance here was not under federal system.And in anyway do you still perceive the tearing of South Sudan into 28 states represent federal systems??? or it is just to allow your war lord in Juba to have their boots on civilians throats the way they are doing currently. Wake up and avoid finding yourself beneath the rabbles when the walls of South Sudan begins to collapse especially the SPLM house. Begin looking for people who will lend you a shoulder.

    • Hard Target says:

      False millionnaire,

      Known the difference between Federalism and creation of state centrally controlled

    • Nikalongo says:

      Mr False,
      Talk of dishonesty, there are many of them on this forum. At times, they are also ignorant. Our problem has nothing to do with the form of governance. We have problem with people governing our country. The ten States, we argued before on this forum is best that is. What is needed, is to strengthen state institutions and devolve more powers from the centre to the states. It takes a couple of bills in parliament, then done. But when you have professional thieves and murderers sitting in the presidential palace in Juba and others with similar traits sitting in Pagak, things get complicated.

      • Alier Gai says:

        Very true brother Nikalongo. One mystifying phenomenon is the lack of dedicated leaders who put their nation first and their own interest last. We debated ten stated to remain intact in the past although there was a demand on the side of opposition for the creation of twenty one states. Federal government has been a hot topic without how to implement it, and we the forum agreed about constitution review once these warring groups rejoined. It is in our good faith that anything set forth to expedite the good governance once the rule of law is in place while guiding human activities, already failed the test and our leaders are not learning anything form their mistakes. Riek’s camp is beating empety drum for no plans to lead while kiir is totally confused to craft ways out to lead rightly. Recent creation of 28 was done in frustration when the government faced high pressure to accept peace without any delay. Riek is now rewarded with two states to choose the governors. In revenge, the government extends two states to six so that nuer people rule themselves. However, no one is out there doing the right thing but they are only working on self-defense kind of tactics of cheating and killing people without laying reason.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      False Millionaire,

      What is your point? To me, if False Millionaire and his wife want to have a state of their own, it should be fine so as long they don’t get greedy by annexing Chief Abiko’s land to their state. This is where the issue of 28 states come to play.

  9. David Odongi says:

    Thoughtfully expressed and well articulated piece, Kuir! You rightly pinpointed the hurdles thwarting the establishment of a nation in South Sudan and their main perpetrators. South Sudan is in serious need of an informed and empowered citizenship. The unconventional act of coercion and the “unknown gunmen” scenarios must end!

  10. Eastern says:

    Dear Kuir,

    Your’s is yet another marvelous piece; keep up!

    There are no leaders in South Sudan. Can any sane person imagining members of the ‘August House’ recently voting to give Kiir MORE POWER? Are South Sudanese cursed to the extend that our own children are even known for throwing tantrum and fighting in public schools in the region? It is in South Sudan in the whole region that a non military personnel is worthless. It’s in South Sudan that women are not respected but considered as mere objects (Kuol Manyang Juuk made this an open secrete some time back). Can we make our leaders sit down and think like human beings? I will not be surprised for South Sudanese leaders to let down Festus Mogae soon!!

    Why are our so-called leaders playing circus? Why should somebody in their sound mind attack a widow in church (it’s reported that Rebecca Nyandeng was attacked in a Juba church). Why would women who understand the pain of childbirth be denounced from showing their soliderity to the process of implementing the just signed peace (it’s reported Michael Makuei denounced women group in Juba for their intention to welcome SPLM-IO advance team to Juba). Is Makuei actualizing the frustration he showed in Juba during the signing of the accord by Kiir? Why don’t patriotic South Sudanese condemn such people instead of castigating messengers who don’t mince their words like Kuir and Elhag Paul?

  11. Peace maker says:

    Did we get it right, when we voted for independence? Please help me to articulate the pitfalls. What a a MESSY NATION.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Peace maker,
      Something crucial was missing then.
      What should have taken place before the vote for independence in 2011 was that there should have been first a National Constitutional Conference whereby all representatives of the political spectrum would have decided on the exact political system for the impending nation.
      The prevalent choice then popularly demanded was ‘Federalism’ and as such the political representatives would have drawn out the best modality and this current mess would have never happened.
      However, the biggest obstacle then and still up to now, is the GREED within the SPLM/SPLA. Everyone of them, specifically the non-jieeng members are just pawns of the domineering jieeng. Be it Lam Akol, Riek Machar, Lado Gore…. are like dogs who will keep licking Master Kiir’s feet until the food (corrupted monies and privileges) are cut off and then these dogs of greed start rebelling against the SPLM/SPLA monster.
      I am keeping my fingers crossed, however, even when SPLM-IO comes back again, things might just continue as usual until…….
      The Nyandeng-John Luk-Majaak and company are already salivating like some mangy dogs for the positions pres. Kiir is dangling in their faces whilst in Kosti Manibe’s own backyard, hundreds are silently being massacred.
      Indeed, the country is in a messy predicament!!!

  12. Bol says:

    Guir e Garang,
    Did you ask yourself why is the government not taking the obvious and sound choice of power devolution instead of creating more tribal states? The answer is simple {COLD WAR} has just started……Denying opponents financial revenue (Oil) and free-access to human resources (Dinka Minorities in Upper Nile) is the first step……More facial slaps or attempted slaps by angry mobs against their perceived enemies are real hazards all over the Country. This society is deeply polarized almost beyond repair! People should prepare themselves for a possible break up, where you will be forced to became a national of Jeingland Republic, or Naath Nation citizen, because His Highness, King Ladu, the first, of Bari Kingdom won’t take a chance of having some Predator Gene roaming among his loyal and discipline subjects, even if these Predator Gene’s Couriers were recommended for Bari citizenship by the Editor, El Haj Paul or Dr Kwajok!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  13. James Droma says:

    Salva Kiir is very stupid dinka president, why not to give chance to good Nuer or good Dinka to lead this Country instead of Mad man Kiir.

    I am a Ugandan national.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. James Droma,
      There are 63-plus tribes in South Sudan including the two you alluded to.
      For your info, almost all the others would rather prefer someone else other than the two.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Editor,

        While I agree with you on giving someone else from other tribes a chance to rule this nation, I see no point of putting us in the same box (Nuer and Dinka). For your information, it is high time to give Nuer a chance and see if how they will rule this nation is similar to Dinka mirule. Then you can safely place them all in the same box thereafter. The, Nuer, with their weaknesses like every human are always on the move to shape this nation for the better. It was them who stood firm in separation idea when many others tribes where comfortable with Jalaba rule. It is the same Nuer who came out strongly in condemnation of Salva Kiir dictatorship rule which led to their genocide in December 2013 and led to the subsequent civil war that we are in right now. If some of us sit comfortably without saying enough is enough, why can those who say enough is enough can’t be given the opportunity to rule and to proof whether they are for the common good of all or are as selfish as Kiir and his Dinka Council of Evil?

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. James Droma,

      Instead of calling Kiir names, you should start from your backyard by telling Museveni to stay out of South Sudanese’s affair. It is the intereference of your army that made things worst in South Sudan. Hadn’t your President ran to Kiir’s rescue, South Sudan would be under the leadership of someone else right now, perhaps, someone better than Kiir. So confront Museveni first before you jump on Kiir’s throat.

  14. Peacemaker says:

    I think the “Constitutional Amendment Committee” which is established under the Compromise Peace Agreement should give this proposal by Mr. Garang the attention it deserves.Let us stop being unscrupulous and give this notion of further dividing the Country into more units a second thought.

  15. Justin Ambago Ramba says:

    Dear Kuir e Garang

    You have produced yet a brilliant well thought piece of argument here. I congratulate you for that as I join you in opposition the re-division of South Sudan into mini-tribal enclaves.

    As unconstitutionally as Kiir’s 28 states stand now, one wonders how the president and his team of the Jieng Council of Elders plan to implement continue with the imposition of the most unfortunate and unpatriotic tribally motived project ever thought of in South Sudan.

    I hope Salva Kiir’s learns to listen to voice like yours and many others who have the interest of the country a heart and avert plunging our into yet another cycle of ethnic confrontations as you rightly stated.

    We should all be glad that the chairperson of the Joint Monitoring and evaluation Commission to oversee the timely implementation of the Peace Agreement, Former President Festus Mogae has already stepped in Office.

    It’s my true belief that Mr Mogae will do everything in his powers to make President Kiir understand that the every article in the Peace Deal he signed on 26th August 2015, is clearly supreme to these ill-advised presidential decrees.

    The easiest way to defeat president Kiir’s illegal 28 states project is to start implementing the peace agreement.

    This simply so because whichever way it is argued, once we start the implementation process, the peace agreement can ONLY be translated on the ground on the basis of the agreed Ten (10) States.

    So either President Kiir choses to retract his 28 states’ dreams or face humiliations when they are finally declared null and void at the point of implementing the Peace Agreement!

    “A sad thing it is to not have friends, but even sadder must it be not having any enemies; that a man should have no enemies is a sign that he has no talent to outshine others, nor character that inspires, nor valour that is feared, nor honour to be rumoured, nor goods to be coveted, nor anything to be envied” said José Martí.

    Thus it’s time we talk our head and we talk it loud and clear for all to read and acknowledge.

  16. Abiko! says:

    To: Editor!

    Watch your words on your comments!Do not be using an offending words in your comments! Your comment words to Maker,they are not appropriate!

    As editor,distant your tongue from offending words! They are belonging to the commoners! Back to you! Thank you!

    Sincere Saving Trouble!!!


  17. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Ramba,
    You are among the intellectuals who mislead the masses into an idea of federalism beyond the ten states.
    U should have the courage never to behave as if u aren’t aware that public pressure born out of your conducts has heavy bearing in Dr Riak’s 21 and Kiir’s 28 states federal propositions.
    It will never do any honor to your great level of education as crowned by the title doctor to refuse to float with the wind of the two propositions and negotiate to obtain from them what may suit u instead of coming up with a surprise to support Kuir’s notion of 10 states which u had long denounced.
    Every one knows that u and your likes don’t like nuers and jieng in Equatoria and that u are only up to mislead while preparing for an opportunity to inflict a nasty KOKORA federalism to the exact image of James Tambora’s South Sudan’s division into three regions.
    But be riminded of preparing a tragedy sir.
    That’s why u should come on board with Riak’s and Kiir’s propositions for an acceptable out come by way of mutual consensus!!!

  18. Onyi Itara says:

    Ya Kuir,
    While we appreciate your writing art, some of us still doubt your motive on Federalism asked for by every citizen across South Sudan. Your writings always reveal your “Dinkaic” attitude against opposing views such as those of Dr Riek who calls for Federalism based on 21 States. So that your beloved Dinka tribe can go and rule themselves alone in their own land. What is wrong with the 21 Federal States? We would appreciate Kur if you next time write and market Federalism not Decentralization that you have fast-track in yo imagine world. We hate it (decentralization) because it is one that has brought us to this tough end. Write more about the need for Federalism and we shall thumbs-up you!!!

  19. Peacemaker says:

    What is wrong if somebody intended to travel from point A to Point B and then in the middle of the road he makes a U turn after discovering there was a danger on the way. Dr Justin offended no one. Rational judgment of opinions is what Dr. Justin is teaching us here. Bravo Dr. Ramba.

  20. False Millionaire says:

    U are very disappointing in defending Dr Ramba as,”offended no one”.
    Really,aren’t u an african fellow to behave as if u are unaware of social structures of which doctor Ramba is a party?
    Apart from his elderly place in his family,his great intellectual status make of him a role model to follow in RSS in general and in equatoria in partticular.
    I am obliged to waste my time sir to rimind you that in the middle of last year,there was a hot debate on federalism in RSS and it were equatorian intellectuals among whom was Dr Ramba inciting the masses into uprising to achieve it.
    Out of that,unfortunate incidents broke out.One of those incidents in Maridi lead to the death of a brilliant young intellectual who is said to had just graduted from Makereré University in Uganda.
    So u want to tell me that it was fine that the young man died for Dr Ramba’s fantom federalism and that Dr Ramba is now an angel to defend in having made the,”U turn”,to accept the same ten federal states which were the thorn in the flesh that compelled him into inciting the masses into uprising inorder to replace them,don’t u?!!!

  21. False Millionaire
    Intimidation will never work this time. The desire of federal system of governance is a legitimate desire of all South Sudanese less Dinka. South Sudanese demanded it since 1947. And now is the time to achieve it. Dr Riek Machar has tabled it and he has the backing of all South Sudanese.
    Equatorians fought for federal system to be implemented in the Sudan since 1947. They waged war against the government in Khartoum for more than 17 years till a regional southern sudan government was achieved in 1972. To talk about KOKORA you better ask your uncle Abel Aleir the pioneer of Kokora to tell you the causes of KOKORA.
    Federalism is necessary for the stability and unity of South Sudanese. Equatorians are sick of you Dinka. Nuer are innocent. Dinka have destroyed Equatoria. Equatoria does not welcome you. tolerate the Naath Nation. Thinking that Equatorians want Dinka and Nuer out of Equatoria, yes Equatorians want Dinka out of Equatoria but not the Nuer. What is the wrong the Nuer did to the Equatorians? So, Mr Millionaire don’t include the innocent Nuer in your dirty boat. Die alone and leave the Nuer, the people of the people, alone.

  22. False Millionaire says:

    I am sorry not to have a language that I can use to make u understand that u have not understood a single point in my dispatch to peace maker.
    The best advise is,read again the text and u will come to the conclusion that no single phrase in it that implies my opposition to federalism.
    Secondly,u appear naive,ignorant and u and those who may be under your influence will end up paying very dearly.
    If equatorians,”tolerate the naath nation”,as u claim,why was it that the naath were kicked out from equatoria with their jieng cousins during the events of KOKORA?

    Today u are deep to the neck in a struggle against jieng in the hope to achieve a kingdom of naath nation in RSS as it’s said to have been predicted by prophet ngundeng.
    If the first days of the conflict in which your forces had captured Bor,Malakal and Betniu gave the impression of the final success to take the power in Juba,it’s the very reason why certain equatorians among whom is general Goré had symbolically joined u.
    There hope was to see u destroying dinka so that they would be able to turn around and fight u without dinka with u.
    But that as that scenario has failed,the compromise peace agreement is another golden opportunity to exploit.
    But before that,the SPLA-IO is in it’s weakest military position today and it’s only equatorians who can reinforce it.
    Of course that can never be free and u will be forced to fight to achieve equatorian objectives and to see yourselves getting dumped off at the end.

    There are those who think that elder brother Dr Riak is a foolish politician.But me I disagree.He seems to have understood the order of things.That as much as there will be no naath nation in RSS,there is no longer any need for him to accept getting blackmailed to sacrifice naath citizens for equatorian wishes.
    In brief,he is coming back to square one.That is mobilization of all citizens to fight for common interests that aren’t exclusively jieng’s,nor naath’s or equatorians’.
    Think about it brother and just stay tuned.
    The appointment of a dinka citizen as secretary general for the SPLA-IO couldn’t have been an accident.

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