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‘Little chance of lasting peace in South Sudan,’ says US Defense Think Tank

By: KEVIN J KELLEY, From the EastAfrican, JAN/31/2019, SSN;

Prospects for lasting peace in South Sudan appear poor, an expert on the country suggests in an analysis for the US Defence Department’s Africa think tank.

Despite the warring parties’ agreement to end the country’s five-year civil war, the coming months carry a “likelihood of ongoing offensive operations, largely by the government,” writes Klem Ryan, a former co-ordinator of the United Nations Panel of Experts on South Sudan.

“This is particularly likely,” Mr Ryan adds, “if the Intergovernmental Authority on Development [Igad] sanctions on military operations continue to remain muted, signalling to the government of South Sudan that there is little political consequence for continued fighting.”

Igad has sought to help broker peace in South Sudan, but its efforts have proved ineffectual due in part to political divisions among its member-states.

Fighting has continued at a reduced level in parts of South Sudan since last September’s reaffirmation of a 2017 peace agreement, Mr Ryan says.

He notes that violence has been most intense in the states of Wau and the Equatorias, with government forces targeting areas considered to favour opposition groups.

“The fighting is linked to the control of land resources, but it also changes the demography of these areas,” Mr Ryan observes. “Reducing the presence of people expected to vote against the government is likely to be an additional aim of these offensives.”

Recent military offensives have apparently been conducted jointly by pro-government militias and opposition forces allied with rebel leader Riek Machar, the analyst says.

These operations, he adds, have been aimed at non-signatories to the peace agreement — specifically Thomas Cirillo’s National Salvation Front, which is active in Central and Western Equatoria.

An official merger of government and rebel troops, which the peace agreement envisions, probably will not occur, Mr Ryan speculates because of the inclusion of large numbers of Nuer. END

NAS Condemns RJMEC Double Standard Policy: Press Release

JAN/26/2019, SSN;

The National Salvation Front (NAS) is troubled by the unbalanced statement issued by the Interim Chairperson of the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC), Mr Augustino Njoroge, claiming a violation of the Cessation of Hostility Agreement (CoHA) by NAS.

Regarding the events referred to by Mr Njoroge, the NAS forces came under attacks by the South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF) and the militia affiliated to it (Mathiang Anyoor).

The NAS forces were left with no choice but to exercise their natural right of self-defence.

Surprisingly, there was no mention of the SSPDF triggering role that led to those confrontations in Mr Njoroge’s statement.

To set the record straight, the CoHA is facilitatory as well as part of the Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS). It’s not a stand-alone agreement.

Furthermore, it must be recalled that the NAS signed the CoHA in December 2017 without conducting any military operations against any entities.

The National Salvation Front is non-signatory to R-ARCSS and thus is under no obligation to the terms of the said agreement.

Notwithstanding the above, the National Salvation Front, in good faith and out of a genuine love for peace, chose to observe the CoHA in the hope and spirit of creating a conducive environment for a negotiated settlement that is inclusive, just, and sustainable.

Regrettably, we have witnessed with great dismay the numerous ceasefire violations by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), now called SSPDF, that drew no condemnations from the previous and the present Chairpersons of JMEC, Mr Mogae and Mr Njoroge, respectively. 

Early last week, it was widely reported that the SSPDF Chief of Staff, General Gabriel Jok Riak and the SPLM IO Deputy Chief of Staff, General James Koang Ranley, have resolved at the Joint Defense Board (JDB) meetings in Juba to carry out joint operations against NAS.

These anti-peace pronouncements would undoubtedly derail the fragile peace process.

To our great disappointment, the RJMEC showed no reaction and kept silent on the matter. 

The above account undermines the RJMEC stature as a fair-handed body, and as such, would not be helpful for trust and confidence building in the entire peace process.

Hence, the National Salvation Front urges the RJMEC to refrain from the double standard policy that characterised some of its acts since its establishment.

                                                                – END – 

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok
Chairman of NAS-IRC

Condemning the recent attack in Bieh State, Lou Nuer area by Taban Deng

By:  Col. Dickson Gatluak Jock , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, JAN/14/2019, SSN;

To the victimized community of Lou-Nuer:
I am truly heartbroken following the recent attack on the innocent civilians of Lou-Nuer orchestrated by individuals of the political elite within the dictatorial regime of President Salva Kiir in Juba.

More than 40 people lost their dear  lives on December 6 attacks and more than 80 persons were wounded. It’s very sad that such attacks are piloted by our own Nuer brothers against the innocent population to sabotage the peace in the country. 

These individuals have for long been acting violently due to unprecedented pressure from Kiir and his Dinka’ monarchy.

To begin with, this plan to attack Lou Nuer has been in place since July, 2017 by General Taban Deng, Petroleum minister Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth and General Thoi Chany.

Vice president Taban  has never been happy seeing Akobo uncontrolled and has been trying so much to convince David Yau Yau to mobilize the Murle Youth to carry out this attack after the fall  of Pagak; a plan David Yau Yau used to downplay. 

Taban should be held accountable for this deadly attack and must bear all the responsibility for the loss of lives.

Taban for long has been talking to General Hassan, the son of Ismaeil Kony, the Paramount Chief of Murle community, and to General Paulino Jiji to carry out coordinated attacks against the Nuer of Akobo while the now-renamed SSPDF (formerly known as SPLA) was to attack from behind Akobo through Waat.

All these efforts didn’t work  as planned because we were against it. Taban up to date is misleading Salva Kiir especially when he surrendered his forces through an illegal process which he and his cohorts called  integration into the national army which is not the case.

Apparently, he  is still operating  independently. Two months ago, General Thoi Chany went to Pibor for this same mission, so indeed this is not a surprise or unplanned attack. 

From the same angle, Mr. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth has been and is still the source of funding (Finance) and this is exemplified with the types of new weapons the Murle had used during this recent attack which included brand- new machine guns [Russian made].

In the case of Pagak, Minister Ezekiel Lol masterminded the operation, bought the massive  military hardware, transported them to the site   including all their spare parts from Dubai to Paloch, and later on to Mai-wut for operation; such roles have been well noted and documented by human right watch-dogs.
And now with peace being signed and a chance of forming a new transitional government underway, Taban Deng Gai and his cohorts are not sleeping, they are working day and night towards sabotaging this R-ARCSS so as to provoke Lou-Nuer so that a full-scale war could return back.

This can be seen from what Taban Deng Gai and Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth are doing in Bentiu which is not isolated from the case of Biel payam in December attack which I was completely against such arrangement especially when he ordered Gen. Dor Manjur to attack Biel without the knowledge of Bilpam GHQS. 

Dor Manjur ordered Major General Riek Riek to attack SPLA-IO forces in Biel payam of Guit simply because Taban feared that Angelina Teny, wife of Riek Machar, was gaining mass support from the Jikany Kiir of Guit.

He had even distrusted the UN assessment carried out in the area for the food to be dropped by World Food program or WFP . 
I congratulate the brave Lou-Nuer Youth for defending their position.
By:  Col.Dickson Gatluak Jock 
Tell: +251929484417.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

President Salva Kiir declares SPLM/A crimes “a normal process” of creating an ethnic state

BY: ELHAG Paul, South Sudanese, JAN/13/2019, SSN;

Last month on 15th December 2018, the people of South Sudan commemorated the 5th anniversary of the Juba ethnic cleansing of the Nuer people by the Juba regime.  That was a very tragic event that shocked South Sudanese to the core. 

No one in their wildest of dreams ever thought or expected that a South Sudanese government would be able to do such horrific things on fellow South Sudanese. 

The history of this country under the Sudan had conditioned them to expect such things from the Arabs of Khartoum.  For similar events carried out by the Arabs on 8th July 1965 in Juba and within that very week Wau and Malakal the other two major towns in South Sudan were also subjected to the same fate. 

South Sudan lost a huge section of its intellectuals and civil servants in these carnages with a big number fleeing into refuge in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Congo, Central African Republic and Kenya.

The madness of 15th December 2013 brings memories of the carnage meted out against the then southern Sudan vividly to the mind of the people who experienced it.

Shock, confusion, disbelief and despair hit the people of Juba in particular, and South Sudanese in general, sending the entire country into a state of helplessness. 

The sight of military trucks in broad day light ferrying the dead with limps dangling as if these murdered beings were animals traumatised the public.

Noticeably, on the day of the 5th anniversary neither the newspapers nor the government made any reference to this dark event in the history of the country.  However, the social media was awash with articles of remembrance. 

In all those articles none said “Never again”.  Without a clear stand against the prospect of such horror taking place again, it does not bode well for the future. 

Without emphasis and belief in the phrase “Never again”, it means most South Sudanese still have not committed themselves to a violence free future.  It suggests a large section of the society may be contemplating revenge at a certain point in the future. 

In ‘The Storm of Change Gathering to Sweep Kiir and JCE from Power’ ( we learn how the feelings of revenge can be suppressed by the victims in their time of weakness in anticipation of pay back. 

This is why it is all the more important that the perpetrators of the Juba 15th December 2013 horror be brought to book, so that society as a whole holds them to account in order to take away and put to rest any feelings of revenge. 

The enlightenment thinkers worked out long ago that nobody remains powerful forever because nature itself through the cycle of life dictates that from birth to the grave people go through phases of change: at the time of birth, one is helpless and vulnerable and so one is looked after and cared for.  

When one grows into adolescence one becomes strong and stronger and continues with strength until they hit 50s for the down ward spiral to set in.  From this point degeneration kicks in together with weakness. 

So, the fallacy of remaining strong is stuff of utter short-sightedness.  The realities of our life cycle dictate that everybody will experience strength and weakness in their life time. 

This same process also is applicable to societal affairs.  No human group remains powerful forever. 

It is for this reason that Jean Jacque Rousseau, the French enlightenment thinker, coined the concept of social contract where people pool their whole resources together to protect each other all the time, in strength as well as weakness. 

This concept is what gave rise to the development of states and governments as we know them now.  

In theory the government in Juba has a duty to protect everybody, citizens and foreigners residing in their territory alike. 

Unfortunately this is not the reality with South Sudan as played out on 15th December 2013 as well as other incidents.  It suggests that the SPLM/A party of blood-spillers may not actually understand what a state or government is. 

This in itself raises the question of the viability of the state of South Sudan. 

Unless South Sudanese respond to the abuses of the current regime in a matured manner, this country is likely to remain unstable for the foreseeable future with the state being abused constantly by various tribal cabals.

Why then is the Juba regime committing ethnic cleansings? Initially, everybody attributed it to the political wrangling in the party of the blood-spillers: the SPLM/A. 

With the benefit of hindsight now, it turns out that the SPLM planned the current chaos back in 1980s.  President Salva Kiir whether knowingly or ignorantly revealed the secret in Lobonok in his speech during the blood-spillers retreat over there. 

Careful studying of the period from 5th March 2013 to the implosion of the SPLM/A in December 2013 indicates the regime in Juba seized the political turmoil in the movement to implement its overall central plan of creating an ethnic state. 

So the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in December 2013 was the start of the implementation of the policy of panel beating South Sudan into an ethnic state. 

According to President Kiir, the cleansing of the Nuer and all the crimes going on in the country is a “normal process” to shape the state. 

This phase in the plan of the party of blood-spillers is earmarked to take 15 to 20 years from now.  Please see ‘President Kiir’s speech at the SPLM Retreat at Lobonok, South Sudan’. (

Shaping a nation in sociological perspective simply means construction of a country to certain ideological characteristics.  President Kiir’s use of the word confirms his JCE’s obsession to establish an ethnic state with them being the masters.

The evidence is everywhere in the country.  Look at the army, security services, judiciary, higher education, ministries and Foreign Service is 90 percent replete with the president’s kith and kin. 

This filling of government offices with the President’s ethnic group has nothing to do with qualifications and merit.  Semi illiterate people are just promoted and appointed to fill offices to ensure proper domination.  

In a sense President Kiir is creating and normalising their construct in the country.

No wonder, chaos is everywhere in the country.  This chaos makes sense because it is crucial if the other ethnicities have to be subjugated, displaced and replaced by the expansionist agents of President Kiir.

Basically, the President is talking about the establishment of a Dinkocratic state in South Sudan. 

Unfortunately, Dr Riek Machar who could have provided a patriotic leadership of the people of South Sudan regressed into the very tribal politics of President Kiir and the JCE. 

From 15th December 2013 to date, Riek failed to show any patriotic leadership.  He has ended up dividing the Nuer igniting Nuer on Nuer violence that is the whole mark of the current conflict thereby complicating the dynamics of the struggle. 

The wars going on in Upper Nile is Nuer on Nuer carnage supervised by President Kiir through his commanders on the ground.  Most Nuer up to this point have not yet worked it out that they have lost the war with President Kiir and JCE emerging victorious. 

Some people may dispute this fact – the regime of blood-spillers has won.  But if one carefully analyses the divisions within the Nuer and the greed over political posts, evident with their scramble to Juba for jobs; it becomes apparent the Nuer have lost while Kiir’s agenda reigns supreme.

Riek’s capitulation to sign the Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA), which is manifestly worse than the Agreement for Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan of August 2015 (ARCSS), is the concrete evidence of his total surrender to the regime in Juba. 

It must be noted, it is not Riek alone who surrendered to the regime.  All the opposition parties that joined him and affixed their signatures to that worthless document equally surrendered under the slogan “We want to bring peace to our people.”  Really?!! 

How can legitimising President Kiir’s rule for 3 more years and granting him total control of the parliament in R-ARCSS to continue with his violence be called “peace”?  

How can blessing President Kiir and the JCE to ‘shape’ South Sudan into an ethnic state be called working for “peace” and “development? 

Am I going mad or something is wrong here with those who surrendered?   Something obviously is amiss when all those people who signed their rights away in R-ARCSS do not see the bigger picture.

Perhaps their action is in some form a herd mentality responding to the carrots of political positions dangled by the party of the blood-spillers.  What a shame and disgraceful act?

The shameful capitulation of the opposition under the banner of peace now means the resistance and struggle for a bright future in South Sudan is left to the South Sudan National Democratic Alliance and the People Democratic Movement under Dr Dario Hakim.

This behaviour of the signatories of KPA should not surprise anybody as such behaviour according to literature is associated with oppressed and subjugated people who have lost hope. 

It has been proven beyond doubt that oppressed peoples as in the cases of domestic violence and hostage-taking in a weird way develop sympathy for their abusers (Stockholm syndrome). 

No matter what advice or persuasion is given to such people it is met with irrational excuses.  Therapists know the hard work and the long time that must be invested to save people from that state of mind.

Sadly the oppressed (politicians masquerading as leaders) who have lost total hope will choose to joyfully serve their oppressor in the false belief that they are doing something helpful and in the worse case as that of the KPA they may even think that they are fighting their oppressor. 

They wilfully shackle themselves blissfully.  They will irrationally give a lot of excuses and baseless justifications for their sorrowful actions.  

Just think about the signatories of KPA. Some of these people were jailed and abused by President Kiir as recently as in the Autumn of 2017 and yet in delusions they joyously take photographs with President Kiir expressing feelings of pride. 

Ironically, they have the cheek to point fingers at those who are resisting their abuser as ‘spoilers’.  Do you see the madness being displayed here?

Abuse does wonders to the mind of the abused.  It is unbelievable with all the experiences (ethnic cleansing, displacement of people, mass rape, killing of women, children and the old people) of what the party of the blood-spillers have done already and what they are planning to do – hitting the opposition once and for all, the abused flock to sit near their abuser like sitting ducks waiting to be shot.

This behaviour of the signatories of KPA unfortunately sends messages of hope to President Kiir and the JCE that they are succeeding in their callous plan to construct an ethnic state.  So they may be thinking that they are on the right track with their murderous policies. 

Hence, President Kiir’s statement that what is going on in the country is “normal process”.  Luckily, these very messages that give the regime of the blood-spillers hope equally to a large extent is misleading to them. 

The hope they have will turn out to be a false hope for something that is still working its way in the collective pyche of the people of South Sudan. 

Many people have not noticed that South Sudanese have been in a state of shock for the last five years and this has disabled them.  This shock is now ebbing away and it will be replaced by anger as is the case in all situations of catastrophes. 

Therefore, the collective is just emerging from this shock and confusion.  The intense anger that is now building in the South Sudanese community against the regime will be such a force that will sweep everything in its way. 

This brings us back to the point that there is a need for a scheme of comprehensive accountability for all the crimes committed in South Sudan since 1983. 

At the root of these crimes, which also is the root cause of the problems in the country, is the conviction of the JCE that they are superior to all others and the country should be shaped to their liking. 

President Kiir has declared this intention clearly in Lobonok.  What is taking place in the country as far as President Kiir is concerned is a ‘normal process’ of shaping the country. 

So the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer, mass rapes, mass murders, mass displacements of the various ethnic groups, and wilful distribution of the country’s resources to the benefit of President’s ethnic group etc, are done so as to cause the vision of an ethnic state to become a reality on the ground.

It is sad that President Kiir and the JCE have not learnt anything from the history of the world. 

They would have benefited from the wise observation of Frederick Douglass, the American social reformer and abolitionist who preached in his Speech on the 24th anniversary of Emancipation in 1886 in Washington DC that, “where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails and where any one class is made to feel that society is organised conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them neither persons nor property will be safe.” 

In short, the project of ethnic supremacy which the regime in Juba is pursuing at all costs, is likely to end in disappointment.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


Gen. Cirillo’s NAS International Relations Committee (IRC)’ Response to Kiir’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From: Dr. LAKO JADA Kwajok, NAS Chairman of the IRC, Jan/05/2019, SSN;

Further to the statement by the SSPDF (the South Sudan National Army) Spokesperson regarding the recent clashes between the National Salvation Front (NAS) forces and the regime forces in Goroum in the Luri area near Juba, the Kiir’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation came up with a statement of its own carrying the same unfounded allegations and lies against NAS.

The IRC would not dwell into the matter any further as the facts were explained thoroughly in the statement by NAS spokesman yesterday.

It’s, however, outrageous for the regime to accuse NAS of terrorism when all the indicators point towards brutality and State terrorism brought by the government upon the citizens of South Sudan.

The regime committed hideous crimes against communities in the Pibor area between 2010 and 2013. In December of 2012 it shot 25 innocent civilians in Wau town while exercising their constitutional rights of peaceful demonstration.

That was the reported number of the victims by the controlled press. The fact of the matter is that afterwards the regime forces went on a killing spree for three days that caused the death of unknown number of civilians.

It also caused mayhem in Malakal town in 2014 that led to the loss of innocent lives and utter devastation.

Furthermore, in February 2017, the regime pursued its war against the communities in Upper Nile region by the bombing of Wau Shilluk village that left many civilians dead and resulted in extensive destruction and famine.

It’s worth mentioning that the Information Minister, Michael Makuei Lueth, the Chief of Staff of the SSPDF, Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak, the Deputy Minister of Defense, Gen. Malek Reuben Riak, and the Commander of the Ground Forces, Gen. Santino Deng Wol, are all under the UN sanctions for committing or instigating atrocities against civilians.

Hitherto, the whereabouts of Dong Samuel Luak and Aggrey Idri remain unknown. The two were kidnapped by the regime agents from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya on January 23 and 24, respectively. The above examples show that State terrorism in South Sudan is not speculative but a reality.

The African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan (AUCISS) report in October 2015, is in keeping with the above conclusion as the atrocities investigated by the Commission were deemed part of State policy.

Whilst Pres. Kiir’s regime talked about Christmas and the New Year celebrations in an environment of false peace – it wouldn’t spare a thought for the tens of thousands of innocent lives that were slaughtered in Juba in cold blood in mid-December 2013.

A responsible and considerate government would have dedicated a day in commemoration of the victims of those horrific events. Of course, the regime would like the memory of those who lost their lives forgotten.

The National Salvation Front condemns in the strongest terms possible the belligerent acts by the regime against the local population and the continuation of its scorched earth policy in Equatoria and other parts of South Sudan.

Untold suffering and crimes were inflicted upon the local populations in Yei, Wonduruba and Parajok. The regime uses this policy to punish the community of any dissident leader.

They did it to the community of Gen. George Athor before he got liquidated. The same happened to Dr. Riek Machar’s community in the Leer town area in Unity State.

We call upon the UN and the humanitarian relief organizations working in the area to be on alert for the unfolding humanitarian tragedy in the aftermath of the clashes.

It’s ironical that the government is now calling upon the CTSAMM, UNMISS to look into violations it claims to have been committed by NAS forces.

It’s the same government that has been all along intransigent to the peaceful settlement of the conflict and had committed numerous ceasefire violations.

The recent shameful and criminal abuses against some members of the CTSAMM in Luri underpins a pattern of behavior by the Juba regime against some foreign entities. It includes harassment of foreign nationals involved in relief operations, the killing of journalists and rape (Terrain Hotel incident).

The National Salvation Front has repeatedly reaffirmed its position of full support for a peace agreement that would be inclusive, just and ensures the realization of FEDERALISM and the establishment of a process of full accountability.

The Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) has fallen short of tackling the root causes of the conflict, hence, isn’t a recipe for lasting peace in the Republic of South Sudan.

Nonetheless, NAS would continue to work with our brethren in the other opposition Movements and organizations to coordinate our efforts for the resolution of the conflict and the benefit of our people.

At the same time, NAS would value any engagement with IGAD, the AU, the Troika and the UN towards achieving sustainable peace in South Sudan. END

SIGNED BY: Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok, Chairman of the IRC

SSNMC: Joseph Bakasoro is still the leader, NOT Vakindi Unvu

SOUTH SUDAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, SSN, 03 January 2018 Contact: Daniel Zingifuaboro Position: Secretary of Information and Official Spokesperson of SSNMC Phone: +61 474 047 016 Email:

Press Statement: The South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC) would like to respond to media statement issued by the so-called “Leadership of SSNMC” on 01 January 2019. Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro is the only legitimate leader of SSNMC to date.

We strongly repudiate the assertion that he was “officially dismissed as the Chairman of SSNMC”. We had rebutted this assertion before, but we wish to make it categorically clear once more.

The individual officials making the claim were appointed by the authority of Chairman Bakosoro, acting on behalf of SSNMC, appointed Vakindi Unvu as Deputy Chairman, Kwaje Lasu as Secretary General, Abraham Wani as Chief of General Staff of South Sudan National Army for Change (SSNAC) and other officials in accordance with the powers vested upon him by the SSNMC Constitution.

The individuals appointed accepted their appointments and thus recognized the legitimacy and powers of the Chairman as valid.

Under which authority then did they claim powers to dismiss Chairman Bakosoro and continue to make illegal pronouncements in the name of SSNMC?

Such a claim is unsubstantiated and does not merit any consideration. SSNMC, chaired by Bakosoro, is a member of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), which is a partner in the R-ARCSS.

To the contrary, the group now calling itself “SSNMC Armed Forces” defected from SSNMC on 20 September 2018 but continue to use the name SSNMC.

The group is chaired by Vakindi Unvu; the Secretary General is Kwaje Lasu (all residing in USA) and the Chief of General Staff is Abraham Wani.

This group is also part of South Sudan National Democratic Alliance (SSNDA), which does not support or subscribe to R-ARCSS.

The group refuse to recognise the R-ARCSS; however, claim they are committed to Cessation of Hostilities Agreement. The R-ARCSS provides a whole range of measures to bring about peace to South Sudan.

First, if their claim of commitment to Cessation of Hostilities Agreement is true, why the group not use the instruments and mechanisms established to report those violations?

Why are they not collaborating their “intelligence information on the ground” with that of UN or challenge the UN evidence?

Second, if the group is sincere about their commitment to Cessation of Hostilities Agreement only, then they are not serious about peace in South Sudan.

The group’s statement is indicative of their desires to continue to undermine the RARCSS through violation of ceasefire and cessation of hostilities agreements, incitements and character assassination of those who subscribe to R-ARCSS.

Commitment to peace cannot be piece meals. It has to be in letter and spirit, if the group want to claim that they 2 SOUTH SUDAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE are committed to the interests of the people of South Sudan.

SSNMC, under Chairman Bakosoro, believe that peaceful resolution of the crisis in South Sudan is the only viable solution; therefore, peace must be given chance. SSNMC’s resort to bring peace to South Sudan is unwavering.

We have resolved that the interest of the country and the people of South Sudan must come first.

We are determined to work with R-ARCSS partners, IGAD, AU, UN, Troika and peace lovers/actors to implement R-ARCSS in letter and spirit and to fully abide by the ceasefire and cessation of hostilities agreements. ####