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A Professional Liar with international Audiences: A Response Eric Reeves’s concocted Saga

BY: James Nguen, CANADA, JUL/15/2016, SSN;

Eric Reeves is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Centre for Health and Human Rights and a professor of English Language and Literature at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Surprisingly, he has built his credentials as an advocate, analysis and researcher on the Sudan’ problem based on concocted lies, promoted by Eric’s self-centred hatred against Sudanese Muslims in present Republic of Sudan.

For decades, most of Reeves’s untested lies on the Sudan’s problems and who should be blame for such ordeals has given Eric leverages and exponential supports among South Sudanese not because they were truth stories but because they serves their political interests.

The only audiences unaware of this are Eric Reeves’ international audiences. Particularly well wishes Christians who truly meant to help South Sudanese people. These God’s people were lied to by Eric, BIG TIME.

In numerous occasions, it became apparently clear that Professor Reeves is feeding his international audiences relentlessly without remorse while South Sudanese continued to avoid confrontation with Eric because his lies served their political interests during the war and thus has worked perfectly well for them.

For one, Eric Reeves comes from white privileged background, and it also happened he is a professor at Northampton College, which helped masked his central hatred for Muslims in the Sudan and white lie with straight face.

Because Eric has strong hatred against Muslims in the Sudan, this coupled with the fact that South Sudanese military elites were fighting Khartoum in the 1990s and desperately needed a deceitful while American of Eric Reeves’ characters and status, to help them sell their political agenda in Washington. Eric was a perfect recruit and helped served and fulfilled such interests role for the SPLM/A.

Within short span of time, Reeves became a magnet crusader for South Sudan’s political agenda and a launch pad to galvanize Americans’ faith groups, particularly Christians supporting South Sudan’s causes based on fabricated truth. One example that stood out is the “slave children redemption project” in Northern Bhar El Ghazal in the 1990s. This project was sponsored by well wishes Christians around the globe based on loved for humanity, unaware that Eric was part and parcel fabricating it.

This tact of deception worked well following dramatized emotional charged based on lies and misinformation. Unchallenged, some unfounded lies from Eric became real truths for Eric Reeves’ international audiences.

Under this perfect marriage between Reeves and the SPLM/A, Reeves thrived and gained fame and he became a bridge, “go to man” between Sudanese and those who wanted to help them on humanitarian ground while unaware about Eric’s lie about what was really happening in the Sudan.

I must reinstate that all South Sudanese both at home and aboard were well versed about this deceitful political marriage between Reeves and South Sudan military wings. Our people were reluctant correcting Eric’s lies purposely because such lies served a strategic political interest for South Sudan rebels.

This reluctant gave Reeves ample ground to keep misinforming his international audiences with unfounded truths on the Sudan’ wars including the 2003 Darfur’s crisis where Reeves has written intensively including claimed of genocide. (

For example, on June 17, 2013, Reeves misinformed his audiences by writing an outright lie that Khartoum has no evidence that Juba was supporting the SPLA-N, JEM and SLA rebels when in fact, we the people of South Sudan have full knowledge that Sudanese rebels had and still have their bases in Unity State and Upper Nile States and still being supported militarily by Juba.

It’s unfortunate that a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Centre for Health and Human Rights and a professor of English Language and Literature at Smith College can lie this bluntly with straight face to his international audiences without allowing a room for marginal error or a possibility of being caught.

Reeves wrote:

“the Khartoum regime, including its SAF and intelligence services, has never publicly provided a shred of evidence that Juba is providing material military support to rebels operating in Sudan, neither the Sudan People Liberation Army -North (SPLM-N) or the larger coalition known as the Sudan Revolutionary Front which comprises rebels group from Darfur…JEM and Sudan Liberation Army (SLM).”

Who would believe that Eric Reeves could be lying with such a straight face? No one of course, because South Sudanese who know this lies by heart were politically sympathetic and had vested interests to Eric’s negative campaign.

Because Reeves lied too many times, for 3 decades without getting caught, on July 10, 2016, he wrote a falsified piece on South Sudan’s recent crisis, titled “A coup in the making in South Sudan – led by Riek Machar.” I just gathered that he has long retracted it after being caught lying by South Sudanese.

Because Reeves lied too many times, he erroneously thinks that he can lied about South Sudan’s affairs without being caught and held accountable. Eric Reeves is a perfect liar with international audiences and must be challenge and held accountable for 3 decades long of misinformation.

Furthermore, Reeves has claimed to have had received a “highly reliable sources” from a devious source in Addis Abba, Ethiopia that Dr. Riek Machar was leading a coup to topple Salva Kiir’s government. I like to assure my audiences that this is not accurate but manufactured truth and Eric has retracted it because he was caught lying.

In this context Eric Reeves has not bothered providing a written reference or recorded audio to help prove the lie because he believed that he is a professional liar and invincible.

All he has provided was a loose subjective statement that has no trace. And yet still think that “a highly reliable source.” The quote goes as “ a highly reliable sources—currently in the region and with extensive experience in South Sudan over many years—reports from Addis Ababa this evening that a coup in Juba is being led by Riek Machar, First Vice-President of the Government of South Sudan.”

With this statement, one cannot help but to conclude that Professor Eric Reeves is a pathetic liar. Although he has withdrawn this statement, Eric has lied to American people, the world, about Darfur and now South Sudan, therefore he must be held accountable.

Another concocted statement from Eric Reeves is his claim that “my source also informs me that Riek Machar has asked the Khartoum regime for more weapons and military assistance” by referring only to alleged August 31, 2014 published by none other than Eric Reeves himself.

Honourable people would ask where is Mr. Eric Reeves’ verification Dr. Riek talked to Khartoum on July 9, 2016and has asked for military assistance.

Rice Reeves further claimed that there was an ‘intercepted communications, a full-scale assault by General James Koang Chuol is expected to begin early tomorrow. This will be in the addition to the extremely intense fighting that descended upon Juba today (Sunday, July 10, 2016).” Again, where is audio record that was intercepted by the alleged communicator?

By all account, this alleged “intercepted communication” is more than a lie but proved diversion strategic which essentially serves to prepare a ground for Juba to proceed with their plan to “capture or kill” Dr. Riek and his commanders.

In this case, it’s good to point out that Eric is not just a liar but an accomplice who was part and parcel of the plan to kill Dr. Riek and commanders in Juba on Sunday July 10, 2016.

In yesterday Eric Reeves’ retraction statement, he has also lied again about General Peter Gatdet’s stronghold being Leer County in Unity State.

“There are alarming reports from the ground in Juba, by those working with humanitarian operations, indicating that Leer in Unity State (stronghold of Peter Gadet) has seen a sharp deterioration in security, with significant armed clashes between the SPLA-IO and SPLA.”

This is again another bloody lie of today replacing a white lie of yesterday. For one, General Peter Gatdet Yak has no stronghold in Leer County Unity State since he part ranks with Dr. Riek in 2015. To prove that Eric is again lying, he didn’t mentioned which international humanitarian he has talked to in South Sudan because there none.

In closing, Eric Reeves is undoubtedly a professional liar with international audiences. He has been lying about the Sudan’s problems for 3 decades. It’s about time for people to distance themselves from pathetic liar.

Another important point that people must know about Eric Reeves is that he is not just a liar but an agent bribed to lie with straight face by political and military elites within the government of South Sudan.

J. Nguen is a South Sudanese political commentator living in Canada. He can be reached at

South Sudan: Ceasefire holds as external powers covet for a war theatre

BY: Chol Deng Yol , South Sudan, JUL/15/2016, SSN;

In the first place, without the influence of the international actors, South Sudan would have not negotiated for the comprehensive Peace Agreement that culminated into the declaration of independence of the Republic of South Sudan.

Following the independence, South Sudan chose to establish diplomacy with the current-running-away nations with a hope in the upkeep of peace and in the creation of positive changes. Without diplomacy much of the world’s affairs would not exist, South Sudan is not exceptional.

These countries established relationship with South Sudan, most probably, to “represent” their state’s interests and to conduct negotiations or discussions designed to identify common interests for the purpose of achieving the state’s goals and avoiding conflict.

Finding a common interest is vital in conducting negotiations because with a common interest representatives are able to devise a solution that is in the interest of both sides.

For example, in Juba, the United States State Department has been engaging South Sudanese audiences through civil societies to speak about politics, security, and their values to help create an environment receptive to US national interests.

In the aftermath of Juba’s incidence, a ceasefire between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and Vice-President Riek Machar is holding for a third day in Juba yet several countries are busy evacuating their citizens from South Sudan. Germany, the UK, Italy, Japan, India and Uganda among others have already started taking their citizens out of the country whereas the US embassy in Juba said it was organizing flights to evacuate non-essential staff and all US citizens wishing to leave.

Now that these world powers, once perceived as’ watchdogs” of peace in South Sudan, are retreating from Juba, the local populations are made to believe that the security situation in the country is deteriorating and therefore the nation state is set to collapse in the nearest time possible.

With such evacuations, the possible worse scenarios will be that South Sudan will definitely become a war theatre possibly for both internal and external forces.

In essence, with South Sudan loosing diplomatic relationship with the world, the country would be at a constant state of war, and war would in fact never end because war normally ends with diplomatic negotiations.

The possibilities are that Uganda has already begun to send troops to Juba with veiled intention of securing their market interest albeit branded in what seemed like evacuation of their so-called nationals in South Sudan. Uganda, a landlocked country, has no market penetrations in other countries as in South Sudan.

Regionally, South Sudan remains the only major consumer of Uganda produces as there is no any other nation in the region that will accept Uganda products in large quantities.

The Republic of Sudan, will not fold her arms watching Uganda advancing her economic interest in South Sudan given the fact that the oil pipes transit fees proceeds constitutes three-quarters of Sudan’s GDP. Besides, South Sudan government relies on Sudanese Oil Pipelines 100% in exporting oil to the international Market.

The Sudan Arm Forces (SAF) under the umbrella of the East African regional combating Forces will definitely take over the vital oil facilities in Upper Nile and Unity State. Chinese will send in troops as well to defense their staff, equipment and interest in the oil fields.

All these forces together with local legionnaires will join hands to overwhelm the SPLA fighting forces in pursue of their variable interests. Sudan and Uganda being the major dominating factors would definitely ensue in a protracted war linking their ever-stretched accusation of each country of hosting armed groups of JEM and LRA.

As indicated in the recent IGAD’s communique, the troika countries with Ethiopia and Kenya will send-in their mighty ground and air forces to fight the SPLA with intent to bringing down the government of Kiir, Machar and Wani Igga, at the pretext of evacuating non-essential staff and all non-South Sudanese citizens wishing to leave the country.

President Barack Obama has already sent 47 troops to Juba to protect the US embassy and its staff. Besides, 130 more personnel were being sent to Djibouti to stand ready for deployment if necessary.

Remorsefully, in what seems to be an exaggerated evacuation of staff by embassies of Germany, the UK, Italy, Japan, India and Uganda among others will circuitously pulled-in UNMISS and other INGOs operating in South Sudan, to consider similar exercise in evacuating their international staff, to safer places in Uganda or Kenya.

If this happens, there will be big gaps in the protection of civilian; humanitarian assistance including food, medicines and non-food items for the displaced persons.

These embassies/INGOs with their evacuations exercises have all the rights to do so in line with their safety procedures however they are also sending wrong signals to the very people whom they have come to support. They (Embassies) should reconsider their moves and try to engage the warring parties to re-assemble on the round table for more peace dialogues, instead of deserting the people of South Sudan.

Now that everyone is fatigued of the South Sudanese politics and her people, the ball is now left to the South Sudanese leadership to take courage and sail the country forward.

With or without the external powers, our land and its endowments will always remain ours and with this in mind, I called upon the Presidency comprising of President Kiir, Dr. Riek and Wani Igga, to unify their ranks in salvaging the image and integrity of this beloved country.

Foreign troop’s interventions in Iraq, Syria, Mali, Libya and Somalia have shown little successes but only protracted wars that have either resulted into new uprisings in the forms of ISIL, and El-Shabaab in Somalia. We cannot accept such interventions but only political dialogue in South Sudan as we are the only masters of our own destiny.

By Chol Deng Yol, South Sudan
The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer.

South Sudan: Vice-pres. Wani Igga vs First Vice-pres. Riek Machar

BY: Malith Kur, Canada, JUL/15/2016, SSN;

The events of the last few days in South Sudan call for some reflections on the contributions of those who are now active on the political scene and have been influencing South Sudanese politics since 1983. But we shall leave out President Kiir for now and pay attention to two politicians, Wani Igga and Dr Riek Machar.

A brief examination of the political careers of these two politicians is important because it allows us to understand assess their contributions to peace building, political stability in South Sudan, and their capabilities to lead our country in the future.

The purpose of our focus on Wani Igga and Riek Machar is twofold. One of these men is likely to succeed Mr Kiir should he decide to retire. In addition to that, the political decisions these two men have made as members of the SPLM is of greater interest in South Sudanese politics and in the future of South Sudan as a nation.

Let us begin with Dr Riek Machar. As most South Sudanese may know, Dr Machar joined the SPLM/A in 1984 shortly after graduating from the University of Bradford in England. He quickly became a prominent member of the SPLM/A for two reasons. His academic background played a major role in his rise to high position in the movement.

When he joined the SPLM/A, the movement was already facing stiff resistance from Nuer politicians such as Gai Tut and others. The members of Nuer community were the majority when the struggle started. They felt that since they were the majority, they had the right to lead the SPLM/A.

As a result, there were constant armed confrontations between the SPLA guerrillas and members of ethnic Nuer in the areas lining the border between South Sudan and Ethiopia.

When Riek Machar joined the SPLM/A, John Garang saw that as an opportunity to win Nuer’s support and avoid using his soldiers to fight the unnecessary battles. This is how Dr Machar rose quickly to a high position in the rank and file of the SPLM/A.

As a member of the high command, Machar led the SPLA fighters in Western Upper Nile for some time. But his position in the SPLM/A leadership did not persuade some members of Nuer community to stop hostilities against the movement.

Machar’s commanding of the SPLA fighters in Western Upper Nile was the only positive contribution he had made toward the liberation of South Sudan before he gave in to the demands of his ethnic interests in 1991.

The coup that he led against John Garang in 1991 and the subsequent attacks of his forces on civilians in Bor have defined his political career among South Sudanese. It became clear to most South Sudanese in 1991 that Riek Machar had decided to undermine the aspirations of South Sudanese for a stable, independent state.

In fact, he turned all his efforts into fighting to eliminating the SPLM/A faction led by John Garang. His forces ensured that the SPLA forces led by John Garang did not capture Juba in the 1990s.

Those actions led John Garang to suggest at one point that Machar and his group will be remembered as people who “stabbed South Sudan on the back” while fighting the enemy.

When he failed to oust Garang from the leadership of the SPLM/A, he signed a bogus peace agreement with the National Islamic Front in Khartoum in 1997. He was promised a referendum that never happened.

As part of the regime in Khartoum, he facilitated the demolition of villages in Upper region to clear the way for oil companies to extract oil on behalf of Khartoum’s government.

In 2002, Machar returned to the movement he once tried to destroy. Two things precipitated his return to the SPLM/A in 2002. He saw that the SPLM had made a concrete progress in the negotiations with the Sudanese government, which later brought the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) into being.

In addition, he never won the trust of the government in Khartoum. The Sudanese government trusted Paulino Matip Nhial more than Machar. Based on these perspectives, his political future was already in jeopardy.

The best option for him then was to return to the SPM/A to benefit from what the negotiations in Naivasha would bring to the then Southern Sudan.

We all know that the Naivasha negotiations guaranteed the self-determination to the people of South Sudan, not the Khartoum Agreement of 1997. Machar and his supporters, however, have attempted to claim credit for the self-determination process that occurred in South Sudan in 2011.

But this claim makes little sense. The clause of self-determination was inserted in the CPA because it was a persistent demand of South Sudanese. It neither had anything to do with John Garang’s political vision in the Sudan nor has it anything to do with Machar’s recent claims.

What we are all aware of is the fact that Riek Machar, in his political moves between Khartoum and the SPLM/A, had tried to form several militia groups. But they all failed. He began with the SPLM/A Nasir faction, which he later abandoned in favor of South Sudan Independent Movement (SSIM).

It was not long before he formed another group known as South Sudan Defence Force (SSDF). Once more, before returning to the SPLM/A led by John Garang, he established another militia group called Sudan Democratic Front (SDF). All of these groups are now debunked.

That is the glimpse of what Riek Machar has done for South Sudan.

Looking at Machar’s political undertakings above, he lacks national leadership principles. All he wants is power at any cost including violence. Machar is not, therefore, a kind of leader who can lead South Sudan into a better future. He needs to leave South Sudan alone.

Now let us take a look at Wani Igga’s political career since he joined the SPLM/A in 1985. Igga is an economist, with a modest background. He has been the member of the SPLM/A for the last 31 years. I believe he will remain a loyal member of the SPLM for the rest of his political life.

As a member of the high command of the SPLM/A, Igga led the SPLA fighters who liberated many towns and villages in Equatoria in the late 1980s and in the beginning of 1990s.

Besides his unwavering support for South Sudan’s independence, he is a staunch advocate of unity among South Sudanese. For instance, he openly deplores any form of division among South Sudanese. After the split of 1991, he tried to convince Riek Machar to return to the movement.

Indeed, Igga is an effective peace ambassador, but he will always be remembered for his ability to make compromises for the sake of South Sudanese national interests.

He has made two important political decisions—you may compare them with Riek Machar’s political decisions to see the difference— to give unity and peace a chance in South Sudan. In 2002, when Riek Machar rejoined the SPLM/A, Igga relinquished his position to accommodate Machar in the SPLM/A hierarchy. This move allowed all South Sudanese to pursue their independence under one banner.

Again, Igga has taken the same step in 2016 to give peace a chance by giving up his position as Vice President to allow Riek Machar’s return to the country to end the current crisis.

Given the political backgrounds of Mr Wani Igga and Dr Riek Machar, South Sudanese have a clear choice of who may lead them should Mr Kiir decide to retire from politics in the next few years, I think Mr Igga has what it takes to unite South Sudanese and lead them to a prosperous future.

Igga can do this because he is not a man after power or political fame. He believes that the success of South Sudanese lies in their unity and their coexistence as one people. His political slogan is “one country, one people.”

This is the man who can possibly succeed Mr Kiir and build a new South Sudan where tribal identity may become less important.

Malith Kur
London, Canada

Salva Kiir and his Chief of Staff Should be held Accountable for the Fighting in Juba

For immediate release, JUL/15/2016,

The SPLM/SPLA-IO Mission Office to the United States of America, strongly condemns the recent return to war triggered in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan, by the SPLM/SPLA –Juba faction of President Salva Kiir- with the malicious criminal attack on the bodyguards of the First Vice President of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar, at the Presidential Palace on Friday July 8, 2016.

This unfortunate incident criminally perpetrated and carried out at the highest vestige of authority in the whole country (The Presidential Palace); speaks volumes of the evilness and viciousness of the governing tribal cabal and cohorts around Salva Kiir and his SPLM/A and their sheer disregard of any semblance of rule of law and order; our people’s sovereignty, and the sanity of political process deserving of the dignity of every man and woman in this country.

This incident and the four-days war that ensued; was indeed a desperate attempt by Salva Kiir, his Army Chief of Staff Gen. Paul Malong Awan, and his tribal cabal of the Dinka Council of Elders (JCE), to annihilate Dr. Riek and his limited troops of only 1370 men in order to drive the last nails into the casket of the peace agreement and then bury it for good.

In this juncture, the SPLM/SPLA Mission Office to United States of America, would like to assure all our members and supporters, and the International community, that the SPLM/SPLA is still committed to the implementation of the August 2015 peace agreement despite the recent clashes, and farther welcomes in principle; the call for creation of a regional force under the mandate of the United Nations with expanded powers to enforce peace keeping in South Sudan, that would preferably be drawn from countries other than Uganda due to its negative role at the onset of the conflict in 2013, and that all meetings of the presidency should be held under the joint protection of this force to prevent the return to war.

The SPLM/SPLA further calls on the U.N. Security Council to impose an arms embargo on South Sudan to prevent any farther continuation of war in the country.

In addition to that IGAD should strongly support the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), to verify and ensure partial demilitarization of Juba by the SPLA-IG and to help the parties to the agreement create and operationalize cantonment sites for SPLA-IO in Baher el Ghazal and Equatoria regions, and to steadfastly demand the govt. of Salva Kiir to immediately suspend implementation of the 28 states and revert back to the original 10 states in South Sudan because it’s an issue that continue to divide and threaten peace and stability of the country. End.

Mariano Mawien,
SPLM/SPLA- Deputy Representati

Machar’s SPLM-IO forces withdraw from Juba: The end of government, peace and a resumption of war?

Various Sources, JUL/13/2016, SSN;

Both the UN and the Al Jazeera reporter in Juba have reported today that Machar’s SPLA-IO forces who were settled in the so-called ‘cantonment’ camp in the Jebel outskirts of Juba town have withdrawn and are reportedly somewhere in the vicinity of the Juba-Yei road and surrounding areas.

This was also confirmed today by president Kiir’s spokesman, Ateny Wek, who laughingly stated that Dr. Machar and his troops’ whereabouts remain unknown. It’s very obvious that the government in Juba that was made up of Kiir and Machar is practically dead as Dr. Machar and his appointed ministers are now far away from Juba with all his supporters.

Additionally, United Nations peacekeepers have reported that SPLM/A-IO opposition troops that came to Juba under the terms of a peace deal have abandoned their bases at the foot of Jebel mountain on the west side of Juba.

This follows government attacks on the opposition bases including shelling and aerial bombardment over the weekend.

According to Herve Ladsous, head of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York, which oversees UNMISS, peacekeeping patrols, have verified that SPLA-IO troops have left the Jebel bases.

“Government troops appear to be in full control of Juba but opposition forces remain around the west of the city and “further clashes cannot be ruled out,” Ladsous said.

Both army and rebel forces are mobilising around parts of Malakal in Upper Nile region and Leer in Unity state, fuelling worries of fighting there, he added.

In a prepared statement to the UN Security Council today, he said, “The mission has established that both SPLA in Opposition cantonment sites on the west side of Jebel Mountain have been abandoned.”

Ladsous added, “Reportedly, Opposition forces are currently scattered around the areas of Jebel and Yei road while SPLA troops are setting up defensive positions along the Yei and Gudele road. Further clashes, therefore, cannot be ruled out.”

The cantonment site in Jebel was one of only two areas in Juba where SPLA-IO fighters were allowed under the terms of a negotiated security deal. The rest of the city was de facto controlled by President Salva Kiir’s troops.

Most of the fighting in recent days in Juba has concentrated in the two areas where SPLA-IO is based. By Sunday, the SPLA-IO said government troops had overrun their base in Jebel. Shortly after, Kiir announced a unilateral ceasefire. Celebratory gunfire was heard throughout the city.

Yesterday, army spokesman Lul Ruai confirmed in an interview with Radio Tamazuj that their troops successfully overran the SPLA-IO base in the Jebel area of Juba, claiming they drove their forces out of the city.

“We chased them from the city… and they ran away far,” he said. Lul’s statement amounts to an admission that SPLA forces waged attacks on the SPLA-IO cantonment site.

These ominous developments pointedly signal the end of the so-called transitional government of national unity between the SPLM of president Kiir and the SPLM/A-IO of Dr. Riak Machar as per the August 2015 peace deal.

More fighting could break out in South Sudan despite a two-day ceasefire that followed a major flareup of violence in Juba in which almost 300 people were killed, the United Nations peacekeeping chief has warned.

Herve Ladsous issued the warning on Wednesday, as Germany evacuated about 100 of its nationals from the war-torn state, where tensions remain high despite a break in fighting.

“We remain very worried about the potential for the resumption of violence and spillover into other parts of the country, as we have seen in the past,” Ladsous told the Security Council, in New York.

The UN’s worries come as Vice President Riek Machar urged the organisation on Wednesday to establish a “buffer zone” between his forces and government troops who are loyal to President Salva Kiir.

Machar’s forces have fled the capital to an undisclosed location. A spokesman told Al Jazeera that the vice president “does not feel safe” enough to return to Juba.

The UN is considering an emergency request from regional leaders to send an intervention brigade to Juba that could secure the airport and separate the warring sides. END


For immediate release:

By Kueth D. Yul, July 11, 2016

JMEC, TROIKA, IGAD, and the rest of international community had dramatically failed to help finalize the peace implementation for the world’s youngest nation. These aforementioned international bodies must immediately vacate the South Sudan and leave the vulnerable world’s youngest nation to handle its own business without its help, whether it is a war or peace.

There supposed to be a good reason for international community’s involvement in South Sudan peace process. Every South Sudanese citizen was hoping for a better result of this peace agreement under the guardianship of these international bodies.

Unfortunately, these international organizations turned to be primary enemies for South Sudanese leaders. They intentionally plan to put the two rival leaders in the same hut and leave them unsupervised in order to have chance to kill each other.

The failure of the international community from condemning the act of intimidation inflicted by SPLA army units, under the commandership of President Kiir against their SPLA-IO partners, under control of Dr. Machar, shows that JMEC, TROIKA, and IGAD had a deadly hiding plan either to kill both or one of the South Sudanese leader.

The SPLA army units under control of President Kiir has committed a number of peace violations in the close watch of JMEC, TROIKA, and IGAD, and nothing has happened to them.

It was these three international organizations that pressured both President Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar to finalize the peace agreement to end a two year conflict in the world’s youngest nation. JMEC brought Dr. Riek’s over 200 advance team members to Juba and arranged for their accommodations.

It was JMEC leadership that brought Dr. Riek Machar to Juba, and pressured President Kiir’s leadership to arrange Machar’s resident.

The deadly hidden plan behind all this process was to bring the two enemies in close contact so that they can easily find ways to kill themselves.

Last Friday July 8, 2016, both President Kiir and Dr. Riek were inside J1, presidential palace meeting hall, when their bodyguards were clashing outside the unit and killed a number of innocent South Sudanese armies both sides. This is a clear indication of deadly setup. There were over 20.000 UN troops in South Sudan, who were brought primarily to help monitor the peace agreement. If that was not a deadly conspiracy among these international organizations, how would the bodyguards of the two known rivals be allowed to guard the palace when the two leaders were meeting inside?

There is a clear biggest picture to the problem in our Country, and that is the deadly International community of JMEC, TROIKA, and IGAD.

May God Bless South Sudan.

Kueth D. Yul
“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” —Proverbs 29:18

Malong’s plan to massacre EQUATORIANS — An Alert to all!!


Reports coming out of Juba today point to a probable plan by SPLA Chief of general staff, Paul Malong, to start a sinister and devious plan of targeting Equatorians, especially, with the intent of killing as many as possible.

It’s reported that Gen. Malong is embarking of this killing spree because Equatorians are generally perceived as not being supporters of the Kiir government, as this plan, if executed, will send a warning message to Equatorians.

Reports are now emerging of Equatorians being killed during the weekend fighting in Juba. Several incidences have been reported of Equatorians being stopped on the streets and then asked in jieng language and failing to answer appropriately, they are shot dead on the spot. Several young men needlessly lost their precious lives just because they can not speak the jieng language.

As we write, the UN Security Council is now meeting in New York, with sanctions on South Sudan top of the agenda.

This is a public alert by Equatorians in Juba who have requested the Editor to publish this message to forewarn their fellow Equatorians.

Fatal Reality: Painful Independence, Failed Leadership!

By: Alma Ettore- Concerned Equatorian citizen in the diaspora, JUL/12/2016, SSN;

The second civil war which broke out on Sunday the 10th after being triggered on Friday 8th is an all too familiar sad story of how the incompetent and totally out of order government of South Sudan is operating. This is the second civil war in only 5 years of President Salva Kiir’s “Reign of Terror”.

The hapless Salva Kiir with 2 other useless Vice Presidents are just like something out of a horror story: A myth that does not happen in real life, but happens only in the land of the bewitched gullible which is South Sudan.

South Sudan has been greedily eyed by nearly every other African country around it as a luscious, sweet and juicy fruit that can be easily plucked without any questions asked. Some countries have shown and practised a more overt, brazen and open-interest trend in South Sudan, which is absolutely shameless and demeaning.

Others (more sophisticated and developed countries) have developed a more covert approach to join hands with the brainless and corrupt government in order to rob the South Sudanese people of their resources and take over their country.

The fact that South Sudan is so much endowed with natural resources is a blessing and a curse at the same time because as time has shown, if such resources fall into the hands of criminals and mercenaries, then God help the people of South Sudan and it indeed has! A very sad fact.

Right from the beginning nearly every South Sudanese man, woman and child has said that they do want either President Salva Kiir or Riek Machar to lead South Sudan after their shameful and deadly operations in December 2013 which killed more than 30,000 mainly citizens, rendered more than 5 millions homeless and needing urgent medical attention and devastating nearly half of the country.

Many experts agree that there needs to be a total overhaul of the government and fresh leadership for the country to move forwards and regain peace and stability but the AU and IGAD PLUS who are now to blame for the bloodbath that is occurring in South Sudan insisted to do it their way.

Who the hell do they think they are to meddle so much into our affairs and ruin our country? They are the same busy bodies that ruined Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and the list goes on and on. One day the same will happen to them.

They created another useless and lame system called the TGoNU (Transitional Government of National Unity) and insisted on bringing the two war criminals to head the government!!! What a total farce. If it were here in Europe, these two leaders would have been handed over to The Hague a long time ago but because African lives do not matter to these people, we are thrown to the wild dogs.

The AU and IGAD PLUS are made up of countries who have direct interest in South Sudan and who want the 2 corrupt and deadly leaders to be at the helm because it is in their own interest.

Now that the South Sudanese people are being killed by helicopter gunships and run over by tanks, loaned by the Ugandan government, leading the AU none of them is saying any bloody thing. WHY? Because they want South Sudan to be in the total grip of the most brutal regime as long as they benefit.

IGAD PLUS, the AU and TROIKA and the UN have betrayed the people of South. If they cannot help us let them get out of South Sudan and leave us sort out our own problems the way we want.

South Sudan has many capable and good people who have the capacity and experience to run the country but the corrupt systems of international meddlers are helping criminals to lynch, kill and devastate, as they want. These same demons that have taken the mantle of peacekeepers have stopped good people from leading South Sudan. One day someone will pay the price.

We will have to know that God does not sleep nor slumber. He sees everything even before it is done. He will one day judge us all. END

IGAD-PLUS and UN’s “We condemn & call on both sides” unnecessary Language: Causes of the Latest Flaring War!

By: Bol Khan, South Sudan, JUL/12/2016, SSN;

Unsurprisingly, the 8th Friday foiled attempt turned yesterday Sunday July, 2016 to be all out-war on innocent South Sudanese People. South Sudan is set ablaze yet again by the same leaders of 15 December 2013! In short, whether we term it intentional or unintentional the IGAD-PLUS imposed Compromise Peace Agreement (the ARCISS) offered a window of great opportunity for South Sudan’s destroyers to continue the war on innocent South Sudanese innocent people. Why?

Firstly, because that agreement has permitted the same people who planned, instigated, conspired, committed, abetted, participated and executed 15 December 2013 deadly incident in the heart of national capital, Juba, to rule the country again in this deadly defunct Transitional period.

Palpably, Justice was delayed and nobody knew as to when it would have taken place. Secondly, all the national or regional blocs including the JMCC, CTSMM, JMEC, IGAD-PLUS, the International Community and the UN were not doing enough to end the sufferings in this country.

Instead they have been all along resorting to this verbal language of “We/I condemn in the strongest term possible & urge the two parties to the agreement to respect this and that” without naming exactly the responsible person (s) for December 15 2013 war or who was really violating the later imposed compromise peace agreement.

These two things encouraged and gave criminals/peace violators strengths to kill, violate the agreement in broad day light and go away untouched in the presence the above national, regional and international institutions. That was before and after the so-called Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS).

In fact, legalizing the lifespan of the same leader (s) in power, through an agreement, so that he remains seated in the Presidential Palace was entirely against the majorities’ wills of South Sudanese people.

It was only good news for those devils in details that are standing out there. For the agreement awarded them bachelors and masters degrees for successful killings they carried out in Juba in 2013, later on in Greater Upper Nile, Greater Equatoria, recently in Wau….and now all over South Sudan. Unluckily, the gunmen with their recent legalized and intrigue—now sinking political leadership have had high hope that they would continue carrying out their deadly games for next dysfunctional transitional period of thirty (30) months up to 2018/9.

This will not happen; since they have set the national capital on fire again yesterday Sunday 10th July, 2016.

The IGAD-PLUS before imposing peace on South Sudanese people needed to recall that, on the outset of that 21 months senseless war the press Officials in the Palace could vow that all culprits who physically involved in massacring the pure innocent civilians in various parts of the country had been identified, apprehended and arrested.

And that very soon would appear or be taken to military court of justice. Did that happen? A big NO must be the answer! We haven’t seen them being taken to court for trails. That was palpable impunity in action!!

And that was the main reason why all, during the peace talks in Addis Ababa, South Sudanese civil society organizations, faith based groups and grassroots were appealing to peace mediators that bringing back the same person (s) who ordered 15 December 2013 mass killings, on top of the government, would be tantamount to carrying on the war.

In this, the IGAD member’ states, other regional and International partners could not listen to those concerning voices. Instead, they intentionally ignored the calls from the people of South Sudan who knew very well that the SPLM ruling party leaders had miserably failed the country.

With a total failure beyond repair! Now here are the people being flared again, what will they do to safeguard the lives of those innocent people?

Equally or sadly, the UN’s unnecessary impartial language of “WE/I CONDEMN IN THE STRONGEST TERM POSSIBLE AND URGE TWO PARTIES TO THE AGREEMENT TO RESPECT THE AGRREMENT” without naming the exact obstructers plus its soft stance towards South Sudan’s obvious perpetrators was the second reason which indirectly encouraged the perpetrators in South Sudan.

This very language was allowing the leaders to hide their subordinates—the culprits or perpetrators in the pockets. Now that the South Sudan is set ablaze again by those so-called legitimate and democratically elected people in the Presidency; will JMEC, IGAD-PLUS and the UN continue acting even-handed towards South Sudan’s peace violators and civilians serial killers?

As stipulated in Chapter VII 2.7 of ARCISS, JMEC was supposed to:
(a). Monitor and oversee all aspects of the implementation of the Agreement;
(b). Monitor and oversee the mandate and tasks of the Transitional Government of National Unity, including the adherence of the Parties to the agreed timelines and implementation schedule;
(c). Oversee all work of Pre-Transitional and Transitional institutions and mechanisms created by the Agreement;
(d) Break deadlocks within the TGoNU, as per the provisions of Chapter VII, Article 6 of the Agreement;
(e). Publicize its work, conduct public outreach to the people of South Sudan, and ensure that the progress of implementation of the Agreement is widely disseminated;
(f). Report regularly to…., the Chairperson of the IGAD Council of Ministers, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, and to the Secretary- General and Security Council of the United Nations on the status of implementation of this Agreement, as provided for in the Agreement;
(g). In the event of any non-implementation of the mandate and tasks of the TGoNU or any of the Pre-Transitional and Transitional institutions and mechanisms created by the Agreement, or any other serious deficiencies, recommend appropriate corrective action to the TGoNU, and/or remedial action to the national and international institutions named above and in Chapter VII, Article 5 of the Agreement;
(h) In the event the TGoNU fails to take such remedial actions, the Chairperson shall report such matters with recommendations to the other bodies as stated in the “1 (h and i)” of this TOR.

Despite all these international back-up responsibilities bestowed on JMEC by the agreement, the JMEC was unable to break the fierce stalemate between the two main warring parties. And it was unable too, to follow the process as stipulates in Chapter VII Article 2.7.5 of ARCISS.

Even the substantial key issues which should have been implemented earlier had to hang up all behind scheduled. This substantial keys issues include but not limited to determination of number of States; reinstatement of Civil Servants, identification of cantonment areas in Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazel regions, the expansion of Transitional National Legislative Assembly, the security arrangement in cities like Juba, Malakal, Bentiu, Bor, establishment of Hybrid court…etc.

Contrary, without interruption the peace violators were so busy arresting peace observers, killings innocent civilians in Wau, targeting individuals in Central, Western and Eastern Equatoria States and all over the country. With high impunity, the certain individuals in TGoNU have been obstructing and impeding peace process yet the JMEC, IGAD-PLUS & the UN could not be able to point even a single figure at those obstructive group.

The devils were continue organizing themselves and start shooting civilians in front of JMEC, IGAD-PLUS, UNMISS and other International Community without punishment. And once these regional blocs, international community and the UN saw killings happened to civilians all of them would run to their computers and write condemnation Press releases always carry titles:

“I/we condemn……in the strongest term possible…..I am/we deeply alarmed……I/we call upon the parties involve….I am/we’re very concerned….I/we urge the both warring parties to refrain…..immediately stop hostilities or stop targeting civilians…….etc. Should these press releases help the subjugated innocent South Sudanese civilians from the hands of perpetrators? If the press releases can save lives as we speak, then let them save the lives of South Sudanese innocent people!!

Nowadays, the truth of the matter is that. Juba gunmen are now targeting everybody including the international members from the family of “WE CONDEMN IN STRONGEST TERM POSSIBLE”. Thousands of South Sudanese are now displaced some into UNMISS camps in Juba with other more displaced into the bushes, other stranded indoors all without basic services.

The December 15 2013 and this latest war’s starters are not sparing this time all 63 tribes’ members including those who have been in allies with them.

Does pointing figures at Peace violators become partiality?

“If an elephant has it foot on mouse tail and you said that you are neutral then the mouse will not recognized your neutrality” Desmond Tutu.


Sadly, South Sudan’s peace failed because, all regional and international bodies namely; the JMEC, IGAD-PLUS, AU and the UN who supposed to tell directly Mr. X, Y, Mrs. Z (Peace Violators) that you have violated the Agreement or you are wrong here or there had been just keeping quite.

They could not tell exactly who was obstructing the peace agreement in Juba. They all would just resort to an unnecessary impartial—obliging language of “We/ I condemn in the strongest term possible or urge all parties to refrain from this and that.

To me, that tragedy happening in South Sudan was beyond impartiality! Acting even-handed in a situation where the perpetrators in one way or another are slaughtering the innocent citizens can be considered as choosing the side of the oppressors.

What had happened in 2013 should not repeat itself yet again in front of the International Community and the UN. The leaders’ power to protect their citizens is no longer with them. If the leaders had political will to protect and save the South Sudan’s ordinary citizens’ lives, then they would have done that since, in 2013, in Wau and last week in Juba.
In conclusion, for the world to help correct the past mistakes, the IGAD regional bloc should urgently form neutral forces from the IGAD neutral member states and send them as Deterrent forces to separate the fight or protect Civilians.

The killings are now concentrating in Juba and escalating as well to other areas as it happened in 2013. African Civilians Defend Forces (ACDF) should have been in place earlier as ready deterrent force. These forces must be mix now with UNMISS forces to help protect the civilians that are being slaughtered by that sinking dying horse in Juba.

Because in today South Sudan’s situations; people are no longer talking of how many thousands of innocent civilians have been displaced into the bushes or died in the past hour (s) or so, rather people are now talking of how many have remain alive & sound waiting the death. Everybody is waiting for his her turn to arrive.

And more importantly, the world must be , therefore, informed that what is happening in South Sudan is not far from terrorism activities being executed by Boko Harram in Nigeria, Al Shabab in Somalia, IS in Syria..Etc. For that reason, the IGAD-PLUS, AU, EU, the UN and the whole of the International Community should immediately expedite a very quick multiple responses to mitigate the South Sudan second genocide, in making, otherwise South Sudan would be a country with less than half of its civil population.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese. He can be reached at

Direct from Juba, South Sudan Reality: Painful Independence, Failed Leadership!

By James Okuk, PhD., JUBA, JUL/12/2016, SSN;

Thank God that some of us are still alive and are able to communicate from Juba today after being confined in a prison-like and imposed hunger situation since Friday 8th July 2016, the very day six years ago when I wrote the article “South Sudan Paradox: Joyful Independence, Sorry Leadership”.

As we reflect back down the memory lane, the proven reality these days could be summed up as “South Sudan: Painful Independence, Failed Leadership”. This is what is being said in the the internal and also the external arena.

Even the Korean UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, who sang jubilantly on 9th July 2011 with the fashionable “SPLM Oyee” which was considered synonymous to “South Sudan Oyee” by then is now totally frustrated by the senseless recurrency of the man-made bad news of massive killings and displacements in the Republic of South Sudan.

May I pay my sincerest condolences to each and everyone of us (nationals or foreigners) who has lost their dear ones and valuable properties in these extraordinarily terrible days in Juba. Also I wish a quick recovery to those who became sick and were unable to receive medical attention in time due to severity of the situation and safety isolation.

Internally, the military calm is back to Juba this morning after our ears have heard the shots and sounds and our eyes have seen fire smokes and night colours of every type of weapon (heavy and light) available in the country and put on disproportionally deadly use.

However, the political heat is still high and the official media outlet (SSBC/SSTV) together with some sectors of private social media are unrelentless in promoting this uncalled for heat. The Radio stations (especially the credible Eye Radio) are back life on air and able to balance the information and sift the propaganda by bringing in as well the direct voice of the First Vice President and Chairman of SPLM/A-IO, Dr. Riek Machar, and others for the better judgment from objectivity.

Ceasefire has been announced by both leaders of the warring parties and civilians are told to resume their normal life.

Despite the above, the civilians are still terrified and disgusted by the irresponsible behaviour of their top opposing SPLM/A leaders who could’t honour their pledges to work together for restoring peace in all corners of the country.

Most people (including the church leaders like Msgn. Rev. Roco Taban) have totally lost trust in such kinds of leaders who are not true to their words and who can’t build trust in the needed collective responsibility.

More dire humanitarian situation has been created to add to the already-difficult economic situation in the country. The Churches, some Embassies (e.g. of DRC in 107) and UNMISSS camps have been filled up again by the innocent civilians.

Some vulnerable civilians (women, children, adults and elderly) found themselves nowhere but fearfully hiding in the bushes with wild animals whose risks were seen less deadly than the armed human beings of South Sudan.

The tolls of the casualties from the man-made four-days war of SPLA factions (IG and IO) inside the civilian residences have been very high. Many of the dead have remain unburied for hours and rotten with no dignity of the final rites.

The spree of looting has been terrible in many shops and homes. A very painful internal despairing scenery, indeed!

Externally, the IGAD’s Council of Ministers has decided in its extraordinary meeting of 11th June 2016 in Nairobi to put Juba International Airport under UN Trusteeship. The frontline states of the IGAD-member countries have also decided to send to South Sudan a well-armed regional intervention forces with attack helicopters and gunships to boost the UNMISS peace-keeping capacity, protect the civilians and scare the bloody and insensitive violent military and political leaders from massive displacement of civilians from the dignity of their serene livelihood.

If the worst of the continuous war is not averted soonest, Kenya and Ethiopia may be ready to avail a quick response as from now to next week. Uganda has already deployed its troops heavily at the borders with South Sudan, waiting to enter again for any eventuality.

Khartoum has also offered to contribute a batch of quick emergency soldiers to the regional forces, probably alongside the Ethiopian segment of intervention forces.

The UN Secretary-General has described President Kiir and First Vice President Riek as “failed leaders” and called upon the the UN, the region and the entire international community not only to invoke “the Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) but also “the Responsibility to Act” (R2A) in order to rescue the civil population.

He recommended for Armed Embargo and more sanctions blacklisting to be enforced on South Sudan as soon as possible.

Since the time he took up the duties of the UN General Secretariat, Mr. Ki-moon has not been seen talking in a very tough and warning language on peace and security issues the way he has done it recently on the worrying situation South Sudan is undergoing.

He is now a very angry man because all his diplomatic efforts and shuttles on resolving the conflict in South Sudan seem to be going to waste at the time he is about to end his UN office tenure.

It is already serious and South Sudan might become a regional and international war theatre in addition to the internal war situation we are in.

All these external interventions are happening due to intransigence of our top SPLM/A leaders who are commanding deadly independent armed forces respectively. They have refused to listen to good advices for peace.

Now they are in big trouble (e.g., for war crimes and other crimes prosecutable under international law). The external intervention has become real and taking a toll on our sovereignty.

Both internal and external fronts are almost erasing the credibility and trustworthiness of the SPLM/A-IG and SPLM/A-IO from their good records. I don’t know what face has remained from the messing factionalized SPLM/A top leadership to be kept for a dignified future. Only the days, weeks and months ahead will tell.

Shame on our unwise and uncaring leaders!

Nevertheless let’s wipe our tears of sorrow and keep high the hope for a rising nation as the paradox is being resolved, be it through internal pressure or external intervention.

Dr. James Okuk is a lecturer of politics reachable at