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The Problem of Pastoralists in Equatoria

BY: Dr Lako Jada Kwajok, UK, SEPT/10/2015, SSN;

Pastoralists activities were never a major security concern to many communities in South Sudan 10 years ago. However, it had been a big problem for some parts of South Sudan bordering our northern neighbour. For decades, it had been a seasonal threat to the Dinka populations of northern Bahr El Ghazal, Warrap and to some extent the Abyei area.

The encroachments and raids mostly emanated from one or two tribes namely the Misseriya and the Rizaigat tribes of Southern Kordofan and Southern Darfur states respectively. Year after year, the encroachments and attacks were carried out in those areas and usually end when the rainy season starts.

Of course sometimes they do not attack the local population, nevertheless there is certainly an animosity in the relation between them and the communities in those areas. It was never a case of invasion and settlement as these are nomadic tribes that move from one place to the other.

We have never heard of them going beyond those areas and reaching for example Equatoria. There is no need for them to go that far as the grazing lands they require are abundant in those areas closer to their ancestral lands.

The only time that the Equatoria region was affected was when the Umbororo came to western Bahr El Gazal state and subsequently parts of western Equatoria state. But the Umbororo were just like the Misseriya and Rizaigat, they left the area by the end of the dry season.

Despite some isolated incidents, pastoralists encroachment on Equatorian community lands was never a topical issue 10 years ago.

Why did the pastoralists activities turn into a belligerent practice that poses constant threat to the livelihood of the Equatorian communities?! Is their encroachment on other people’s lands born out of necessity?! Do they really need to move to Equatoria?! Is there an ulterior motive that is driving them in droves towards Equatoria?!

Numerous questions begging for answers. It is my assertion that there is something sinister underneath the seemingly outrageous activities of the pastoralists and many Equatorians have now come to realise it. The following points will shed more light to what is in the making:

Everywhere in the world, pastoralists movements are dictated by their need for grazing lands and water for their livestock. Their life usually follows a particular pattern again guided by the whereabouts of good grazing lands and water resources.

It is a way of life that has been going on for generations. However some are lucky with plenty grazing lands and water resources in their areas. Hence they have limited movements within their areas.

Therefore it raised eye brows when pastoralists came all the way from Warrap and northern Bahr El Gazal with their cattle to settle around Juba. Others took their cattle from Lakes state to settle in western Equatoria state. And yet another group drove their cattle all the way from Jonglei state to Nimule harassing all the communities on route to their destination.

In the case of the northern Bahr El Gazal and Warrap pastoralists, there is absolutely no logical reason to make them come all the way from their home states to look for grazing land in Equatoria given the fact that they allowed the Misseriya and Rizaigat to use their land for grazing.

As for the other pastoralists, it hasn’t been known that they lack grazing lands in their areas. In fact grazing lands are quite plentiful and some were never used before in those areas.

In terms of availability of water supplies, it has never been recorded that people or animals died of thirst though people did die of hunger in those areas. In reality there is too much water in those areas and this is why they tend to suffer seasonal floods.

Therefore the pastoralists descent on Equatoria is not due to lack of grazing lands or water supplies but is part of a plan.

The people who came to Equatoria departed from what pastoralists normally do. They did not return to their lands following the end of several dry seasons and continued to refuse going back.

It is a further confirmation that concerns about the survival of their livestock were not the reasons that made them to bring their cattle to Equatoria. They came to Equatoria with only one thing in their minds which is settlement.

They are among the bits and pieces of a plan orchestrated by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) and Kiir’s regime with the aim of creating some demographic realities on the ground.

The Jieng have never been comfortable with the fact that they are found as indigenous people in all the states except greater Equatoria.

The wild dream of changing history and circumventing laws of nature is unfortunately entertained by members of the JCE and many Jieng politicians including those in the government.

In their fantasy they envisaged the Jieng becoming the majority tribe in greater Equatoria. What are they going to do with the indigenous population?! Would they stop them from procreation?!

Or we are about to see what Stalin did to the Tatars of Crimea in 1944 by removing the whole population from its motherland?!

They seem not to be concerned of the vacuum left in the Jieng lands by many pastoralists converging on Equatoria. The Misseyriya and Rizaigat could exploit the presence of vast empty lands in the Jieng areas and create a permanent settlement in them.

But does it really matter to the JCE and the tribalistic government of Salva Kiir. Abyei, Panthou (Heglig), Kilo 14 and areas in northern Upper Nile State are still under occupation by the Sudan government.

Salva Kiir regime didn’t even have the decency and courage of supporting the outcome of the unilateral referendum conducted by the civil population of Abyei. For them executing their plan in Equatoria is more important than losing their own lands to the Mundukuru’s.

In the case of western Equatoria, there are vast areas there that are known to be infested with the Tsetse flies which are the vectors of the Trypanosome parasites, the cause of “sleeping sickness”. The Trypanosome parasites are more lethal to cattle than to human beings. You don’t have to be educated to know the fundamental fact about this matter.

The villagers in Equatoria and the adjacent areas know that there are flies out there which are not good for cattle raising. This is partly why the Azande and the Moru people are not cattle owners. Those areas are also not suitable for cattle as they are not the natural habitat for them. We have not heard of large herds of cattle in the Amazon jungles.

Anyone who goes on a venture to establish a business of say, raising camels or growing apple trees in western Equatoria would certainly run bankrupt in a short space of time. It would be seen as a foolish undertaking.

Perhaps in future after eradication of the Tsetse flies and the introduction of modern animal husbandry, the Azande and the Moru people could turn to be successful cattle owners.

We do know that most of those pastoralists would value cows more than human lives. They cry in tears for the death of a cow and go into a long mourning more than they would do for their deceased relatives.

With all that in mind, how plausible that a typical pastoralist would willingly take the unusual decision of moving his cattle to western Equatoria?! Will his act not be against rational thinking?!

The only explanation is that he is executing a plan. In such a situation, loss of cattle in the short term is sacrificed for future gains conceived by his leaders.

The presence of pastoralists in Equatoria has been bad news for the Equatorian communities. Their behaviour is quite far from what would be expected from people who regard the Equatorians as their fellow countrymen.

The situation is so strange that it is the intruders who are causing problems rather than the land owners. Not only that they failed to establish good relations with the local communities that generously accommodated them but they succeeded in making themselves the target of dislike.

It is all down to their behaviour that does not respect the local norms and people’s properties. For example destroying people’s crops can only be seen as deliberate acts because we have never heard of Dinka pastoralists growing crops for the sake of feeding their cattle.

They totally depend on wild grass to feed their livestock and they don’t have to spend a penny to buy animal feeds.

The pastoralists are also armed to the teeth and spreading a wave of terror across Equatoria. The announced government policy was to disarm the civilian population which is expected from any responsible administration.

But this was done in partiality by disarming the Equatorians and keeping a blind eye for the Dinka pastoralists to acquire as many arms as they would like and covertly arming them as well.

The end result is that the Equatorian villagers are left defenceless as the SPLA and the police force would not defend them when attacked by the pastoralists. It is the malicious plan in play.

The SPLA has been shown on several occasions to side with the Dinka pastoralists. When there is friction and violence between them and the local communities, the SPLA instead of diffusing tensions or apprehending the culprits, is seen to allow the pastoralists to bring reinforcements from their areas.

The SPLA is a facilitator and an accomplice in spreading insecurity all over Equatoria. What has been happening around Juba, Nimule, Mundri, Maridi and other parts of Equatoria gives enough evidence. We have seen some of the cattle camps being guarded by SPLA soldiers in uniform. It is a disgraceful abuse of power and government resources.

This brings me to what came in the news fews months ago. It was reported in the news that 3,000 heads of cattle that belong to the president were transported to Warrap state. They were loaded onto several trucks and were heavily guarded by SPLA soldiers.

This caused a lot of apprehension along the route to Warrap as some communities in western Bahr El Gazal state were concerned about the influx of such a large number of cattle and the damage they could cause to their crops or properties.

Those who have seen the cattle said they carry presidential badges. It is likely the first time in history that the presidential title has been bestowed to animals. President Kiir will never disappoint us as a constant source of ridicule.

But on a serious note, it was the true embodiment of a blatant abuse of presidential power, corruption and destabilisation of the local communities.

In the first place, why would the president bring such a large number of cattle all the way from Warrap to the Juba area?!

And now by returning them to Warrp state, is it out of admission of poor judgement or it was a tactical withdrawal to absorb the criticism of the Equatorian communities and also to be seen doing what he had decreed over the SSTV and the news outlets?!

But Kiir is not the only pastoralist, there are thousands of them who are not going to remove their animals from Equatoria willingly because the plan is to keep them there. We have seen something similar from Kiir when he wrote letters to 75 of his top officials to return the 4 billion US Dollars embezzled by them.

As we all know they ignored him because he was also involved and hence toothless against them.

Corruption was clearly exhibited by using government resources for personal matters. The SPLA is supposed to be a national army hence should not be in the business of guarding personal properties, be it president’s property or anyone else’s personal property.

These soldiers are being paid wages from the government coffers and not from Kiir’s pocket. It is clear that the cost of logistics for transporting that large herd of cattle from and back to Warrap must have reached several thousands of US Dollars. Of course no one would believe that it was not the government that paid the bills.

The local population endured unbearable suffering in terms of destruction of their crops, intimidation and killings. Some villagers found it unsafe to stay in their villages thus had to move to Juba.

These are people who have been living peacefully in their villages around Juba, cultivating the land for whatever crops they could grow using traditional methods. With the end of war with the Mundukuru’s, they hoped the national government would provide basic infrastructure and help them with modernisation of their farming practices.

They were full of hope and optimism and never foresaw the death and carnage brought to their land by the pastoralists.

Before independence and in the early years following it, they were wondering why the pastoralists were left to commit crimes with impunity?! And why would the SPLA use brutal acts against them knowing that they are unarmed civilians?!

For example the SPLA recently used tanks in shelling an area north of Juba. Now everyone knows what is going on. It is a wicked plot that is underway all over Equatoria. The goals are to spread a wave of terror in the area, forcing people out of their lands and paving the way for Jieng settlement.

What the plotters are underestimating is the magnitude of resistance that would face their satanic plan. As for president Kiir, the sheer number of the cattle he brought to Equatoria before returning them to Warrp, justifies giving him the title “Leader of the pastoralists.”

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok

Justice versus Reconciliation: Hunting for Killers in South Sudan

By Tong Kot Kuocnin, Juba Lawyer, SEPT/09/2015, SSN;

No doubt that terrible crimes have been committed in South Sudan by the ten months old adversaries to the conflict. The SPLM/OI, a rebel group led by Dr. Riek Machar, a man who, inspired by his grandfather’s prophecy, spent the last ten months slaughtering innocent civilians, fooling innocent youth and recruiting children to fight on his side.

The government on its side, in the name of constitutionally protecting and defending the territory and keeping law and order, can’t go off the blame since a certain finger points back at it of having a hand in the mass killing at the onset.

No one knows exactly how many people have died although the UN agencies working in South Sudan estimates ten thousand people have been killed but that isn’t the comprehensive exact data of those who have been massively murdered and buried in hidden mass graves in all the areas of operation.

Due to hatred between the Dinka and Nuer, it is undeniably true that many innocent people from both tribes have lost their lives simply because they came from either of the tribes.

This is truly manifested by war songs recorded in so many videos in the territories controlled by the SPLM/OI, sung in Nuer dialect that “between us (Nuer) and Dinka, no sorry, no peace”.

Reconciliation may be a cheap tactic to embark on since it can be manipulated by the leaders but obtaining justice for the victims maybe a dream of a century to fulfill.

With the signing of peace between the government and few SPLM/OI, obtaining justice will unlikely yield its needed fruits because nobody, neither from the government nor the opposition will accept to be thoroughly made and held accountable and responsible for all the atrocities and destruction that has been caused and inflicted by their cohorts and subordinates.

This state of denial and blame-games between the adversaries will not give justice a chance to be realized but the parties may opt for a cheap path, that’s reconciliation which is important also but not on the equal merit with justice because peace and reconciliation pave the way for justice to be effected and the victims to recuperate.

While prosecuting a handful of those responsible for all the terrible crimes committed is a major contribution towards ending impunity in South Sudan, it is just a partial response to the problem but more is needed to be done to avoid slipping back to the past if the future is to be free of impunity.

If prosecution is not the best way to go, then an essential element of providing justice to the victims of human rights violations and abuses is the provision of reparation packages.

Many people are disappointed and many more will be too disappointed that no justice was done to the victims of 1991 massacre in Bor with restitution, compensation, rehabilitation, satisfaction and guarantees of non-repetition of these sad and sorrowful abuses.

Same may happen to the 2013 conflict victims for it has been done time and again by the very same people, movement and leaders.

However, a major stumbling block to justice which has shielded perpetrators of the past crimes and provided a breeding ground for militias and warlords is an amnesty or presidential pardon which the president used several times in an attempt to forge peace and reconciliation.

But no justice was ever awarded to the victims because the prerogative power of amnesty seems to outweigh the quest for and delivery of justice for the victims of conflict.

This has been done for the benefit of the notorious warlords in the past who became the culprits of today.

However, for impunity to be successfully challenged in South Sudan, the provision of Amnesty or presidential pardon must be removed from the statute books so that those who rebel and kill innocent people must pay for their evil acts.

This will act as deterrence to future militias and warlords and will provide for a long-term strategy to end impunity and build an effective justice system for the future.

Today’s culprits of all crimes must be hunted down and brought to book of justice and also to allow the recuperation of all the victims.

Tong Kot Kuocnin is a Master of Laws (LLM) Candidate at the School of Law of the University of Nairobi and a practising Legal Counsel at Deng & Co. Advocates – Juba. He can be reached at:

South Sudan Basketball Star, Luol Deng, is an opportunist

By: J. Nguen, CANADA, SEPT/09/2015, SSN;

There is nothing wrong to worship your own tribe’s ideals while respecting other tribesmen and women’s right to life. In my viewpoint, tribes are nations but abused and disparaged by imperial rulers that ruled Africa.

Thus, I departed with this idea that South Sudan’s habitants are bunches of tribes and not nations. For that reason I will not envy those who think their tribe is a nation so long they respect the existence and the rights of others to life and freedom of expression and movements.

History has taught us that nations of European were once tribes and were emancipated of this tribe basis and became nations. They are now nations among other nations of the world. Their nationhood stands firm and fortified as of others. I wondered who is out there to tell us that we are just bunch of tribes and not nations.

On this basis, we should cease thinking diminutive and not that pathetic enough not to see the logic behind this writing.

Tribes are good things but tribalists blinded by bigotry and who do not respect other tribesmen and women rights to life are bad and exposed. Thus the intent of this piece and I decided to ostracize elusive figures who think they can hide from scrutiny.

Recently, I came to term that Luol Deng, the only South Sudanese Basketball star alive is a heartless tribalist and opportunist at best.

Evidently, Luol Deng does not heed other tribesmen and women rights to life and existence. This is showcased by his exhibited behaviors toward South Sudanese civil population for the last twenty one months since the civil war in the country started.

For last 21 months, Luol Deng acted bizarrely when he visited South Sudan capital Juba. To be precise, Luol Deng never condemned the atrocities committed by the Dinka led Government in South Sudan.

He did not even sympathize with those in UNIMISS camps and in harsh conditions. I am here talking about the displaced persons under UN’s care because they have no homes and they also fear for their lives if they returned to burned homesteads.

The last time I heard of Mr. Deng’s mission after visiting the suffering country was him building a basketball Court for his uncle, Manut Bol. Mr. Bol was another late Dinka basketballer, who once played for Chicago Bulls. Mr. Manut come from Luol Deng’s home region of Bhar El Ghazal.

While Luol Deng was building Manut’s court with hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions, hundreds of thousands of internally displaced children, women and elderly South Sudanese were starving to death in the UNMISS Camps across the country.

Mr. Deng chose to build a court over dying children because the man seems not to care presumably the starving children, women and elders were not from Luol Deng’s region and tribe of Dinka nation.

This is a character of amoral being. As mentioned above Luol Deng never openly condemned the Dinka led Government sanctioned massacre of 20, 000 Nuer innocent civilians.

The only logic perhaps anyone would think of is that the perpetrators were Luol Deng’s uncles from the Bhar El Ghazal region blindfolded by Luol Deng’s own father, Aldo Ajou Deng. Mr. Aldo Ajou Deng is one of the ring leaders who founded the Jieng Council of Elders.

Luol Deng’s tight lip is not a surprise but founded on this basis. Instead for Luol Deng to condemn the human rights abuses, crimes against humanity and mass execution, Luol Deng has talked about unity of the South Sudan youths without acknowledging what brought disunity in the first place.

Luol Deng didn’t acknowledge the victims and who has wronged them. Luol Deng’s position of unity among South Sudanese youths was/is not random but perfected to divert people’s attentions.

In the normal world, it’s logical that outcry of disunity must be with purpose and why people need to unite in the first place. Luol Deng has avoided answering these logical and relevant questions.

I got it and I perfectly believed that the world also got it as well. It’s Luol Deng’s father ongoing business. Luol Deng once says, “I am a Dinka from South Sudan.”

It’s true that Luol Deng is a Dinka and his home region of Bhar El Ghazal is not affected by this current civil war.

But more importantly, it’s true that those who committed the atrocities, the main perpetrators of the Nuer massacre were allegedly Mr. Luol Deng’s father, Aldo Ajou Deng’s followers.

So, why care I guess in Mr. Luol Deng’s viewpoint when dad is the designer of South Sudan’s time bomb. The de factor is Luol Deng’s own father Aldo Ajou Deng. Aldo Ajou Deng is a leading star of notorious Dinka Council of Elders organization and whose aim is to mobilize Dinka tribal young men against other tribes’ innocent civilians.

JCE came out in many instances opposing peace in South Sudan and as things stand, the group is accused of manipulating President Kiir tribally taking incorrect decisions particularly on how to run South Sudan state of affairs.

It appeared Deng is following the steps of his father. In Mr. Deng many interviews, he appeared to praise his father as a man super intellect but the opposite is true.

Luol Deng’s dad does not possess characters of an African elder. Most African elders are regarded wise but not Deng, many like him are the worse exceptions, which in my view is like son like father bloodline.

Ironically, Luol Deng has been very aggressive promoting fake unity of South Sudanese Youths in the Diaspora after seeing the fact that the Dinka Council of Elders tactic isn’t working at the international stage.

The world hasn’t bought their cheap propaganda of tribal politics of elevating one tribe status above others.

Luol Deng is now using his basketball starship to rebuild his dad’s tarnished reputation because Luol Deng himself is ashamed. Deng’s basketball’s status allowed him to meet President Barack Obama of USA.

Luol Deng himself alleged that Mr. President asked for his advice on South Sudan’s state of affairs.

South Sudanese were dumbfounded about this unbelievable turn of event. Not that Luol Deng cannot meet President Barack but the fact that Luol could offer a piece of advice to a first world president yet Luol Deng’s father was allegedly the man who drummed up and executed the massacre of 20, 00 Nuer innocent civilians in Juba is pathetic to say the least.

What can Luol Deng advise President Barack about yet the blood of innocent South Sudanese children is smeared all over Luol family tree.

As a matter of fact, I took this opportunity to remind President Barack and the rest of the world leaders not to dine with Luol Deng. Luol Deng is a tribalist and opportunist at best.

Many South Sudanese youths, both at home and in Diaspora know that Luol Deng cannot be trusted for he does not have humanitarian heart. This is proven when he built a basketball court for Manut Bol instead of helping starving children, women and elders in UNMISS based Camps across South Sudan.

J. Nguen is a South Sudanese concerned citizen living in Canada. He can be reached at

Panaruu Diaspora Community (PICC) Welcomes The IGAD Peace!

SEPT/08/2015, SSN;

PR: The Panaruu Community in Diaspora under the global-umbrella Union of the PICC leadership would like to takes this preliminary opportunity to congratulate His Excellency, President Salva Kiir Miyardit and Dr. Riek Micar for the signing of the foreign-imposed peace agreement. Please do kindly and gratefully receive our communal acceptance and welcoming of this shaky peace.

It is a tremendous step to restoring national peace, unity, reconciliation, Stability, prosperity as the perquisites toward the permanent settlement of the war in South Sudan which had inflicted thousands of deaths, and had so far displaced thousand others internally and externally in RSS.

The PICC, an acronym for the Panaruu International Coordination Commission is the global Panaruu liason leadership in charges of brokering the general affairs of the Panaruu Diaspora and back at Homeland in all aspects.

Therefore, the PICC takes this initial step to express and emphasize the inclusive views of the Panaruu citizens across the world after having conducted the intensive surveys, assessments, consultation, and statistical evaluation pertaining to peace. After the lengthy research of the public opinions of the Panaruu citizens in their respective whereabouts in every continent of their residency, the PICC came to the conclusion that they do welcome and accept the peace cordially for the sake of peaceful stability and tranquility of RSS.

However, having affirmed and welcomed the foreign-imposed IGAD-PLUS Peace Accord does not mean that Panaruu Jieeng is wholeheartedly satisfied with the signed peace agreement. The Panaruu Community accepted and welcomed the peace accord between Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Micar with much reservation and conditions as will be elaborated further in details later.
Panaruu Conditional Reservations over the imposed peace Accord.

His Excellency, President Salva Kiir Miyardit, Panaruu Community had petitioned you several times since the establishment of South Sudan in 2011 about the granting of the State for the Ruweng Dinka (Jieeng ) for many reasons narrated to you numerous times by this community.

Ruweng Jieeng in Unity State had undergone serious, suppressive experiences under the systematic-institutionalized Nuer discriminatory policies in the Unity State. The social, economic and political grievances face and encounter by the Ruweng Jieeng under the oppressive-rule of Nuer majority in Unity State is chronically untold in many forms, although most of it had been brought to your attention, and made crystal-clear to your presidential ruling elites as well through numerous petition letters in the past which were overlooked.

Since the current peace was imposed against the will and interests of the South Sudanese generally, Panaruu Jieeng believes that her people would be the severest loser of this peace more exceptionally than all the stakeholders for many reasons to be illustrated.

Panaruu Community, having critically and analytically evaluated the peace accord, came to the anonymous general consensus through numerous series of intercontinental teleconferences conducted to measure and collect the public opinions (popular consultation) that Panaruu and Aloor (Ruweng Jieeng) in Unity State will no longer be part of the Unity State under the upcoming interim State and National Unity Transitional government under Taban Deng Gai and Riek Micar respectively.

Panaruu Jieeng had undergone through several eras of Nuer imperialistic, institutionalized tribalism, and oppressive marginalization silently for four decades in Unity State. This exclusive Nuer’s discriminatory policies toward minority Jieeng of Aloor and Panaruu (Ruweng) had been entertained and continues to be harbored habitually today by Nuer ruling elites.

The practical manifestations and illustrations of these suppressive Nuer policies can be attested by the summaried narratives of the following grievances of experiences by the Ruweng Jieeng:
1. The first Phase of Silent, tribal Massacre of Ruweng Jieeng started in 1980s under Dr. Riek Micar when he was the SPLA Zonal Command of the Western Upper Nile (Unity State old name by then).
In 1986, Dr. Riek Micar denied the inalienable rights of the Ruweng people to the humanitarian medical supplies and clinical treatments of their patients during the Era of Kalazaar epidemic in Unity State by then in 1980s.
Riek as the zonal commanding officer chose to concentrate all the medical clinics and dispensaries in his hometown areas of Leer and Duar, and denied the erections of mobile clinics in Panrieng and Biemnom areas as a matter of his discriminatory policy against Jieeng in Unity State by then.
Thousands of Ruweng patients died miserably under an appalling medical conditions of Kalazaar epidemic in the areas.
This was the initial mayhem.Dr. Riek Micar also didn’t hesitated to institutionalize the systematic demotion of all the Ruweng serving military senior and junior officers in the SPLA under his zonal command by then, despite their outstanding performance in various military operations they had carried out successfully through the courses of their selfless services in Unity State.
For instance, Simon Ngor Choc, who was the three-stars Captain in the SPLA ranks and Files was kept demoted, in spite of his successful series of military operations against the enemy garrisons by then.
It was late Ngor de Choc who was the operational senior officer under Riek’s zonal command who made the historic-military legacy for Riek in the SPLA history as one of the most successful military commander during the SPLA Bright Star Campaign Operations.
Unfortunately, Riek kept all Ruweng heroic military cadres like Ngor, Mayiik, Lubo and others under constant demotion due to his systematic tribalism toward Jieeng.

2. When Dr. Riek Micar later defected from the SPLA and SPLM in 1991 while still in charge of the zonal command of the Unity State, he continued to blockade and deny the Kalazaar patients access to the medical care and treatments in Duar and Leer.
As the result of his oppressive denial and segregative tribalism toward Panaruu by then, thousand patients more died with Kalazaar epidemic while those who had attempted desperately to trek on foot to bring their loved ones to Nuerland for medical treatment were later arrested and massacred in cold-blooded summary execution mercilessly.
Some patients who made it to Duar and Leer were left on clinic stretch to die alone. When majority of Panaruu declined to pledge the military supports toward Dr Riek Micar against his factional split toward SPLA, Dr. Riek Micar unleashed his forces and White Army to invade Panaruu and massacred innocent women, children, handicapped disables, burnt them alive and scorched to ash all their properties and traditional huts.
Raping and looting was rampant and synonymous of his forces constantly throughout the conflict. This was the second phase of Dr Riek Micar ‘s systematic massacre.

3. Institutionalization of Bentiu, Unity State as the Nuerland ensues: During the intensity of the conflict throughout 1990s after his defection, Bentiu Unity State was therefore declared as Nuerland, and that the State shall be named as Liech State as a justification that it is the cradle land of all Nuer descendants and ancestral origin.
Therefore, an exclusion of Ruweng Jieeng was justified and overriden with overwhelming majority. In Unity State, every Nuer believes in the exclusive policy of segregative isolation of Ruweng Jieeng.
This stereotypical-prejudice of Nuerism is self-manifested in some Nuer who enchant and entertain that Nuer supremacy and superiority over Ruweng Jieeng is an acceptable policy worthy practical promulgation throughout Nuer dynasty in Unity State. Ruweng Jieeng had endured, persevered, and tolerated it in silence for a decade.

4. During the gubernatorial tenure of Nguen Monytuil and Taban Deng Gai in Unity State from 1997 to 2002 when they were still under the successful collaboration and treason with Sudan regime, political assassinations against the Ruweng Jieeng prominent intellectuals and politicians was rampant and holistically horrendous under both successive Nuer governors. Militias under late Paulino Matip was responsible for carrying out all these heinous criminal acts against the ethnic cleansing of Ruweng Jieeng under Taban-Nguen.
When both Nguen and Taban were successive governors of Unity State, under the Sudan regime, they were able to confine state-budget developments to Nuerland only with the exclusion of Ruweng counties.

5. Following the post-CPA and post-Referendum or independence secession of South Sudan, Taban Deng Gai was re-appointed as the State Governor of Unity State. During his tenure from 2005 to mid 2013, his first preliminary priority was to continue the oppressive marginalization of the Ruweng Jieeng and expanding the Nuer imperialistic superiority against Ruweng by grabbing their indigenous land and occupied it for his Nuer resettlement and occupation.
He forcefully occupied Wanh-danluel and later annexed it to his Guit County as fertile land for commercial farming as well as reserving some plots for his future mansion and real Estate business.
During his gubernatorial tenure he recruited and trained thousands of Jikeny-Nuer White Army and deployed them locally in Manga to deter and keep away Panaruu Jieeng local natives whom he grabbed and occupied their ancestral land illegally through his power abuse.

6. During the gubernatorial tenure of Taban, the educational scholarship program was established to award the Unity State students who had performed excellently and exceedingly with academic excellence for further higher studies elsewhere.
Ruweng Jieeng students were excelling exceptionally in educational institutions. Unfortunately, when those chances came, Taban did not abode by the State policy to award the scholarship programs by the merits of student performance, and so he resorted to the discriminatory policy of sponsoring only Nuer Students including those who had under performed poorly in the State education system to the secondary schools, colleges and universities in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malaysia.
No single Ruweng Jieeng Student was ever awarded a scholarships under Taban State Scholarship Programs due to his Nuer institutionalized-discriminatory Policy.

7. In the State Workforce, employment discrimination was rampant and ubiquitous during the tenure of Taban Deng Gai. The professional hiring policies which stipulate that every job applicant shall be vetted and hired in accordance to his and her qualification and competent experiences merits was abused and appallingly ignored by Taban Deng Gai, as he is indoctrinated to propagate his systematic, chronic Nuerism marginalization policy and segregation toward Ruweng Jieeng minority to keep them downtrodden and poor institutionallly throughout the State. The few who made it were lucky few who were accommodated by their Nuer friends in the State ministerial portfolios. The hiring nondiscriminatory policy by the competence of meritocracy was thrown away.

8. When Taban Deng Gai was relief by Salva Kiir ‘s presidential decree in mid 2013, he was summoned to Juba and stay there until the crisis of political calls to transform the SPLM party democratically within the inner circles began to heat up in Juba, and Taban was suspected to be among the ringleaders behind the calls for the removal of Kiir.
While Taban was politically disgruntled and upset by his removal by President Salva Kiir, he started to issue dubious order to his Jikeny-Nuer White Army which had already trained and equipped prior to his gubernatorial relief by Kiir to unleash a tribal attack and terrorism against the local natives of Panaruu over the land he had grabbed forcefully and had occupied illegally.
Taban ordered his militias to wreck havoc in the villages of Manga and Agarak, resulting in his militias to kill women and children in May 2013. Tension flared between the southern Ruweng Payams and Jikeny-Nuer of Taban until Nguen Monytuil who succeeded Taban came to rescue and curb the tribal tension.

9. December 2013 later emerged as the SPLM party political inner dispute over the leadership and the call for the democratic transformation. The party feud dragged on until it later escalated into a violent eruption in Juba. When Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai later escaped to safety, they later ordered the reserved local forces of Jikeny-Nuer white Army in Guit County Unity State, which was trained and equipped during Taban gubernatorial tenure to unleash an invasive attack against Panaruu villages of Agarak surprisingly on short notice. 38 women and children were massacred indiscriminately in a single operation.
Panaruu was not expecting any attack since the issue which broke hell in Juba was seen as an isolated incident to the national capital. Among these massacred women was a pregnant woman whose womb or stomach was cut open and his fetus infant baby taken out and similarly cut into pieces as a symbolic gestures of Nuer antagonism toward Jieeng irrespective of location.
This gross human right violations sent a cruel and barbaric radical extremism of Nuer across South Sudan.
This attack was done in coordination of the defection of SPLA Division Four commander which attacked towns of Panyang and Panrieng and killed dozen more civilians. In late December 2013, the initial massacre of Ruweng Dinka started in Tharjath where all the teachers and intellectuals of Ruweng Jieeng who were working there as State employees were tied up and slaughtered and buried in mass grave somewhere in Koc County of Nuer, located south of Bentiu town.
Later when the SPLA liberated Bentiu from the rebels occupation in January 2014, Peter Gatdet later recaptured in April 2014 from the SPLA, and massacred thousands more civilians of various nationalities including Ruweng prominent officials who were working for the Unity State government. If there is any Jieeng who had survived that day, then it was a miracle.

10. Given the overall statistical mayhem of Ruweng deaths ever since the era of Kalazaar in 19980s, 1991-Riek Defection era, Nguen-Taban tenure eras of governorship under the Sudan regime, systematic-political assassinations of Ruweng prominent politicians, and the overall summary of the 2013-2014 ethnic-cleansing genocide of Ruweng Jieeng, the tolls had heavily reached a climax of genocide, and it continues to threaten and endanger more lives of Ruweng Jieeng today should they continue to share and co-exist with Nuer in the Unity State.
Compelled by all the summarized grievances above, the people of Panaruu and Aloor ( Ruweng) are eventually determined to live in an exclusive isolation from the Nuer prior to the upcoming transitional government in the State of Unity under Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai.
Given their civil liberty and constitutional rights, Ruweng people are therefore propelled and invigorated forcefully to seek their own State free of Nuer so as to avoid the further ethnic massacre by Nuer counterparts in case of future war or political conflict.
Given the citations and justifications narrated so far, chances are minimal for Ruweng people to be forced to live under those elements of oppression who harbor the habitual mindset of harming and terrorizing them on tribal basis in event of any national crisis.
Ruweng is therefore appealing to Salva Kiir prior to the implementation of the accorded peace to grant us the State of Ruweng before the pending deadline expire. The time is now to award the State of Ruweng to us before you form the transition national and State government with your political opponents, Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai.
This request is critical for the sustainability of the signed peace in Unity State. Ruweng are law-abiding, peace-loving people who have great passion for unity, integrity, humility, tolerance toward the Nuer counterparts in general.
But, given the underlying chronic conditions and impulsive threat and recklessness, madness poised against them by Nuer, it is inevitable to deter their secession from the predominantly-Nuer State of Unity for all the aforementioned reasons justified in the previous illustrations of this letter.
This makes our case more exceptional and unique to be given an urgent priority of immediate consideration and positive action under your presidential leadership now than later. It is a reflective nightmare scenario for Ruweng people worldwide and in South Sudan in particular to be denied this opportunity at this critical movement. Finally, Ruweng reached a binding Resolution not to be combined with other Nuer counties.

The PICC concluded by endorsing the general activities of the delegated commission by the community in South Sudan to vigorously pursue the Statehood for Ruweng until it is granted. Enough is enough, and Kiir should listen to our dire plea for the self-rule quest.

The Ruweng people do not wish to make a unilateral declaration for their areas as self-rule State free of Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai without the backing of Salva Kiir Miyardit, but it is likely that Ruweng will not submissively succumb to the gubernatorial leadership of Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai, and Ruweng shall opt out unilaterally from Unity State and rule itself as Jieeng State.

This is a political plebiscite by the people of Panaruu Diaspora globally. We will not accept to be united as one State with any other Nuer clans in Unity State.

The PICC looks forward to hear the positive consideration and outcome of this request. Thank you abundantly in advance for your cooperation and urgent action Bany Kiir.

Cordially Yours in friendship,
Panaruu Community in Diaspora.
Signed by:
Simon Miabil de Minyiel (The lnterim President of the PICC ).
Michael Abot Tor ( The President of Panaruu PCA in the USA).
Simon Tor Deng ( The President of Panaruu PCA in Canada).
Charles Chol Dau ( The President of Panaruu PCA in Western Australia).
Kiir Mayiik (The President of Panaruu PCA in other part of Australia).
Guor Kiir Kuacier ( The General Secretary of the PICC) .
Contact the PICC at for further correspondence for any concerns.

US wrong peace will be a fertile ground for future unending conflict

BY: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda, SEPT/07/2015, SSN;

The absence of war does not mean the presence of peace. Peace is the product of understanding by the warring parties in corporation with all citizens. Therefore, it does not matter how long the peace is imposed externally unless it is accepted by citizens, it will never hold.

The same applies to South Sudan… unless the people of South Sudan understand each other, the lasting peace will never come to South Sudan. Thus, I wonder when I see the USA doing something contrary to the real meaning of peace in the name of bringing peace.

The real peace is achieved through negotiation but not force or sanctions. Hence, the USA is devoid of logic and acting like a child. How long will the USA push the UN against South Sudan?

Has the UN become another USA in disguise? I am really appalled with the way the USA is approaching the issue of South Sudan.

It appears that the government of the USA has ulterior motive, which she is implementing and can only be achieved through destroying South Sudan.

In fact, the way the USA is approaching South Sudanese conflict is unprecedented. The USA is showing to be unfair and unjust yet it stands on the principle of liberty, democracy and human rights. Her approach to South Sudanese conflict shows that the USA is hypocrite.

The USA is hypocritical because she has adopted entirely different approach in bringing peace to South Sudan for her own expedience. In the case of South Sudan, the USA is proving to be very autocratic, tyrannical and bullish.

The USA is operating on Machiavelli principle of the end justifies the means, which is very dangerous. It is dangerous because the USA has ignored the principles of nature justice of fairness and rule against bias.

The principles of natural justice according to Wikipedia were developed in English law. Thus, natural justice according to English Law is technical terminology for the rule against bias (nemo iudex in causa sua) and the right to a fair hearing (audi alteram partem).

The principles of natural justice are summed up in one phrase as “duty to act fairly”. “Duty to act fairly” is found in the right to a fair hearing, which requires that individuals or states should not be penalized by decisions affecting their rights or legitimate expectations unless they have been given prior notice of the case, a fair opportunity to answer it, and the opportunity to present their own case.

In other words, the mere fact that a decision affects rights or interests of individuals or state is sufficient to subject the decision to the procedures required by natural justice.

The principles of natural justice have been adopted by different regions through regional laws. For instance, in Europe, the right to a fair hearing is guaranteed by Article 6(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights, which is said to complement the common law rather than replace it.

Furthermore, the principles of natural justice is represented by the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (French: Déclaration des droits de l’homme et du citoyen), passed by France’s National Constituent Assembly in August 1789, which is a fundamental document of the French Revolution and in the history of human and civil rights.

Also, America has the same natural law on the right to be heard known as due procedure. Why the natural justice is important in conflict resolution? It is important because it is the basis of the rule of law, which dictates that culprits should be punished and innocent, should be vindicated.

However, when it comes to the issue of South Sudan, America is adopting archaic and outmoded method known of collective punishment contrary to the modern concept of human rights.

The current approach to punishment is that the wrong doer must be identified before being punished but not that when one throws a stone within the group the whole group is punished because of individuals.

The results of such punishment will be arbitrary, unfair and unjust. This is because the innocent will be punished while the culprits will be set free where they continue to wreak havoc on the community with impunity.

Exactly as pointed out above, the USA is applying outmoded biblical method of collective punishment. For instance, as the report indicates, the USA is now pushing for the sanctions to be passed by the UN Security Council resolution imposing them on South Sudan based on reason that the Government of South Sudan is not ready for peace.

How? The USA does not explain how South Sudanese government is not ready for peace. This is because the USA is not willing to listen to the other side; the side of the government.

The USA is just pre-occupied with the need to punish the government of South Sudan for unknown reasons known to the USA only. In my opinion, the government is ready for peace since it has compromised her sovereignty for the sake of South Sudanese.

However, the USA government under Obama is too blind to see this because her intention is to eliminate the SPLM government or to cripple her beyond revival in order to install the puppet government that will serve her interest.

It is because of the above reasons; the USA does not even see wrongs done by rebels as it always busy blaming the SPLM government even where the rebels are clearly on the wrong.

For example, when Riek Machar signed peace, there were some rebel leaders who clearly told the world that they were not going to respect the peace agreement but the USA was keeping quiet about it.

However, when the same rebel leaders attack the government positions but instead of condemning such rebel leaders or factions, the USA is quick to point at South Sudanese government yet the facts on the ground show that rebels have remained as trouble makers.

Instead of finding a rightful solution to the problems of such rebels in order to bring true peace, the USA is busy sanctioning South Sudanese government just to weaken her. One thing the USA has forgotten is that South Sudan is very much polarized at the moment, which means that there is a need for peaceful and right solution to her conflict.

Otherwise, if the government is overthrown today the whole country will be thrown into anarchy, of which Somalia and Central African Republic will be better than South Sudan.

Nevertheless, the USA does not foresee such dangerous future by the name of bringing peace to South Sudan, even though it is through wrong means. What the USA has forgotten is that the wrong peace proves always to be a fertile ground for future unending conflict.

The USA is trying to ensure that her own interest is fulfilled at the expense of South Sudanese and it does not matter what will happen after achieving what she wants to achieve because the end justifies the means.

In summary, though I always do not like the way government of South Sudan does her things, the way the USA is treating South Sudanese government now is annoying and contrary to the principles of natural justice and I am not happy with such an approach.

The government should not be treated like rebels; it must be given some benefits of doubt and guided to implement the peace according to the interest of South Sudanese.

Otherwise, if the USA aims at overthrowing the government of South Sudan in order to install the government she wants, then, she is wrong and she will regret it in the future like the way she regretted it in the case of Somalia in 1990s, which is not desired to happen to Americans in South Sudan.

The USA government should listen to the government of South Sudan for the sake of South Sudanese and future stability and peace of South Sudan.

Peace is a culture which is acquired for a long period of time, though imposed it must be implemented according to the needs of citizens and not according to the needs of outsiders.

The Author is a South Sudanese Lawyer residing in Kampala Uganda and he can be reached through: ; +256783579256

Peace on the Paper or in the Heart: The Cry out for Justice

By Tong Kot Kuocnin, Lawyer, Nairobi, SEPT/07/2015, SSN;

Peace and Justice are two different disciplines but some people wrongly think that peace may lead to the attainment of justice which has been proven otherwise. However, improper and non-strict application of laws as pillar paradigms of justice may, in certain circumstances produce untold suffering, hardships, detriments and even serious miscarriage of justice to those victims whose rights have intrinsically and blatantly infringed upon.

As the application of law is imperative on judges or courts, the proponents of justice became rude and indignant to see that justice is awarded to those who deserve it and not to those who incurred injustice.

The serious violations of laws and customs applicable in an armed conflict within the established framework of international law tentatively amounts to a serious violation of Article 3 common to the four Geneva Conventions to which acts committed against persons taking no active part in the hostilities and those placed hors de combat by sickness, wounds or any other cause are murdered in cold-blood substantially warrants a call for accountability and liability to answer before the courts of law.

The extensive destruction and criminal appropriation of properties not justified by any military necessity but carried out unlawfully and wantonly by disgruntled armed groups warrants for the establishment of criminal responsibility to which any party whose hands are tainted with blood of the innocent must be made seriously accountable before an open and duly constituted court of law.

The intentional and targeted attacks on civilians and civilian objects which are not and have nothing to do with military objectives also warrants for initiating a criminal charge and responsibility against the rebel leaders and their subordinates who were in command in various fronts.

The intentionally targeted attacks directed against buildings dedicated to religious purposes and hospitals and other places where the sick and wounded are collected and which are not of military targets and objectives, as witnessed in Bor Hospital where poor and vulnerable sick people in their hundreds who were bedridden and unable to run for safety were mercilessly murdered by rebels without shame and remorse.

Such action strongly provides substantial evidence for bringing to book of justice whoever that was in rebel’s command to answer very clearly as to why those paupers fell victims and mercilessly murdered in cold-blooded.

However, in light of the foregoing, the concrete question which remained to be answered in this regards is that, “who have the guts to bring justice to all the victims of the conflict and recover all the properties so far looted?

Who is going to be made accountable for such heinous crimes committed against innocent people?

Who is going to be made and held accountable for such untold devastation and destruction and pillaging the rebels carried out in Greater Upper Nile which fell prey under the hands of ruthless rebels who were motivated for nothing but to kill and loot properties?

Now that the parties to conflict have signed peace agreement, are the victims going to be awarded justice or would their cause be betrayed for the sake of the so-called peace which is being preached by everybody including this Author, a conflict which had made our people poor and homeless, left with no schools and health centers?

Am so sick of all such fake peace shields in the coat of quest for self enrichment at the expense of our poor and vulnerable people who bore the burden of injustice numerously inflicted on them in every occasion.

However, we must remember here that no peace will ever be realized in south Sudan without awarding justice to anyone who deserved it and no justice will ever prevail without proper and strict adherence to the doctrine of the rule of law and not rule of men when everybody is tied down under the yoke of injustice.

To have lasting peace and stable society, we must sharpen the teeth of the law so that it could bite anyone who is in conflict with the law.

Let the law bite one or two or even more this time for the hundreds of people murdered mercilessly during this war.

Remember, justice delayed is justice denied. Many of us are sick to see that our politicians who quarreled for the reasons best known to them shake hands, hug, dine, toss and make useless smiles simply because their greedy selfish interests have been fulfilled.

We need justice to prevail this time. We are tired of standing up and observing one minute of silence in remembrance of our dearly brothers and sisters killed ruthlessly and mercilessly by thugs when all doors leading to the gate of justice are obstructed by peace meant to only serve the interest of its instigators leaving out at large the victim’s rights to life and owning property unrecuperated.

Give justice to persons who deserved it this time. We sincerely need peace but justice must be awarded to those who deserve it. Let’s not betray our brothers and sisters because Peace on the paper isn’t what we need for it will aggravate the worsening situation.

But peace in the hearts of our leaders that will salvage the deteriorating situation and heal all the wounds of injustices incurred by each and every South Sudanese is needed.

Yes it is not either the Koran nor the Bible but for the sake of those children, women and elderly South Sudanese who have suffered enough and are still suffering as a consequence of the war, peace need a place in our hearts not on the paper, likewise justice must be given to the victims in order to restore them to the same place before the war.

It is incumbent upon our leadership and all peace loving South Sudanese people to give peace a chance and to quintessentially give justice to people who deserve it.

Tong Kot is a Master of Laws (LLM) Candidate at the School of Law, University of Nairobi. He is also a practising Legal Counsel at Deng & Co. Advocates – Juba. He can be reached at: Email:

Equatoria Community-UK: Response to signed Compromise Peace Agreement

Press Release
Equatoria Community in the UK

Date: 31st August 2015

Re: Our Response to the Recent Signed Compromised Peace Agreement

The Equatorian Community in the United Kingdom congratulates IGAD PLUS for their relentless efforts to bring the warring parties to a negotiated settlement of the conflict in South Sudan.
We welcome the peace agreement signed by President Salva Kiir Mayardiit on behalf of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan; Dr Riak Machar Teny, Chairman of the SPLM/A – In Opposition; Mr Pagan Amum, Head of Former Detainees and Representative of Other political parties.
We urge President, Mayardiit to drop the list of reservations and to fully implement the agreement as per signature and schedule stipulated in the document.
We expect the power sharing ratio allocated to each party to reflect the three South Sudanese regions of Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile, as per Section 10.5.2 of the agreement. This is the only way forward for a sustainable peace and development in our country.
We call upon the UN Security Council to implement sanctions against any party that undermines the peace agreement.
In conclusion, we urge IGAD PLUS and the United Nations to continue supporting the people of South Sudan by ensuring that the signed peace accord is fully implemented as scheduled for the common good of the people of South Sudan and the region.

Federico Awi Vuni
Chairman, Equatorian Community in the UK,
Contact email:

Open Letter to the UN Security Council: When will Sanctions & Arms embargo take place?

By Daniel Amum, SEPT/05/2015, SSN;

The United Nations Security Council, United States of America and international community had been singing the song of sanctions and arms embargo for long especially in relation to the case of South Sudan. It seems that the biting drama was meant to pressurize the warring parties to sign Compromise Agreement to end the criminal and baseless war, which was waged to accomplish personal ambition and for establishment of an Empire for a certain tribe.

This was in order to dominate public and political affairs in South Sudan on the illusive claim that they were the liberators as if they were the only community that shed precious blood in destructive war between North and South.

The Government reservation in the Compromise Agreement had surfaced clearly these days: first after signing the agreement and announcement of cease-fire, the government continues to send barges and boats loaded with soldiers and weapons to terrorize its subjects in Upper Nile State.

That was clear indication of violation of cease-fire, which they declared to the world. They were supposed to stop the movement of armies to different locations after cease-fire, but they never respected what they proclaimed, maybe they thought the world is blind and not watching on them, forgetting that the world is a small village, for what happening in any corner can be known within a minute.

Second, when the South Sudan government lost its barges and boats to Opposition Forces, they brought in gunships using cluster bombs to bombard western side of Malakal town, which is populated by civilians, who were forced to evacuate the ghost town to village areas for safety such Tonga, Watjwok, Lelo, Detang and Waw Shilluk.

As result of intensive criminal and cruel bombardment carried out by mercenary Ugandans, the survived people from Malakal massacre were compelled again to desert those areas to run into bushes for their dear lives.

Certainly the hungry and thirsty animals will accomplish the government elimination project, because Chollo are not wanted people to live, for the South Sudan Government wanted only their land to be occupied by the president Kiir’s community.

Third, the Government by moving its forces to Lelo and Detang, may mean runaway people will have no access to water.

In fact those notorious SPLA soldiers were kidnapping civilians around UNMISS Protection Base in Malakal and murdering them in daylight, and then in remote areas what will they do with runaway people? I think the answer is the cleansing.

In case the United Nations Security Council wishes to save the remaining people from the barbarous Government of South Sudan, they must implement the sanctions and arms embargo on South Sudan government and Uganda Government respectively because Uganda was the one that support president Kiir to kill his own citizens.

Indeed, no logic to treat symptom of disease without eradicating the disease, the disease is Uganda and the symptom is Salva Kiir.

The United States of America must accept the blame that their winning child called Salva Kiir had become more disobedient, and should recall how many times he lied to them and never did anything to correct his silly behavior.

Despite the crimes he committed in broad daylight, American government continues to support him. In this case, are you not a part of such crimes being committed by your wild child?

Recently, Secretary Kerry spoke with President Kiir and expressed concern regarding recent cease-fire violations, a senior State Department official said. “President Kiir confirmed to the secretary that he is committed to the implementation of the peace agreement and the cease-fire.”

United States of America must ensure southerners that the imposed incompetent president had really changed his attitude, for people are fed up with empty promises.

At this moment you shouldn’t be mislead by president Kiir signing of the Compromise Agreement, because Kiir still killed his subjects in Upper Nile State.

Indeed, I wonder how come Kerry underscored that the United States would work to support the implementation of the peace agreement and continue to provide humanitarian aid. And president kiir never changed his ideology of elimination of certain communities in South Sudan.

To confirm that Kiir is not serious, you could observe that from the speech given by vice president James Wani Igga, when he reiterated that the government must drop out reservations for the sake of peace, and he stressed that the government has never done a lot to ensure the peace, because there are some groups didn’t want peace. He gave this remark in the Labor ministry when they were launching smart cards for foreign workers in South.

Another example, the United Nations has confirmed that helicopters carried out attacks in western Upper Nile State on Wednesday, as earlier reported by the SPLM/A-IO rebel group.

In press statements, the rebels said that they were attacked by government helicopters at their bases on the west bank of the Nile, near the state capital Malakal. Does the United Nations Security Council need more evidence to convict or impose sanctions and arms embargo on the South Sudan Government?

Stephane Dujarric, the Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, commented on Thursday, “In response to questions that were asked at the briefing on the situation in South Sudan, I can say that the UN Mission (UNMISS) is reporting that two attack helicopters were firing rockets in the direction of the west bank of the River Nile in Malakal in Upper Nile State yesterday.”

“Heavy explosions, including mortar shells, as well as heavy artillery and small arms fire were also heard coming from Malakal towards areas located on the west bank. UNMISS also reports instances of firing in Malakal earlier today.”

In conclusion United Nation Security Council must take swift decision against the government of South Sudan not just condemning them in strong terms as usual. The shallow-minded people need action not words for they never listen but they just see by their eyes.

The United States of America must pressurize their merciless president called Kiir to implement the Compromise Agreement or face consequence of being out of leadership by all means.

The America people shouldn’t forgot the people of South Sudan in heart, for whom they toiled and supported to gain the independence that was hijacked by selfish leaders.

International Community and friends to people of South Sudan, we are aware that you have contributed so many resources, facilitated and even endangered the lives of your own people for sake of the devastated and destitute people of South Sudan.

But the truth of the matter is this, pouring in resources without challenging the chronic problem is just a waste of resources, time and energy, which will not give a tangible result.

Deploring recent Equatorian Governors’ Dismissal by Kiir

To: H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan
From: Equatorian Community in the United Kingdom
Date: 31st August 2015

Dear Mr. President,
Subject: The Recent Dismissal of the Equatorian Governors
We, the Equatorian Community in the United Kingdom, deplore the dismissal of former Governor Col. Joseph Bangasi Bakasoro of Western Equatoria State; and former Governor Rt. Gen. Clement Wani Konga of Central Equatoria State.

We condemn, in the strongest term possible, the manner and circumstances under which Honourable Bangasi Bakasoro was arrested on 16th August 2015 in Juba. This apparent politically-motivated dismissal from office is an unwarranted humiliation and a serious violation of the freedom and human rights of a man who was lured into Juba to attend a so-called governor “solidarity meeting”.

The humiliation of the former Governors also reflects on the whole of Equatoria, who elected them, in light of no apparent reason for their dismissal. The duty of candour, demands that your subordinates are treated fairly and in a transparent manner but regretfully this noble procedure was not followed.

It is expected that an acceptable government reshuffle at this stage would have come about as part of implementation of the current peace agreement.

The above-mentioned former Governors were democratically elected by the people of Central and Western Equatoria, just as you were. In addition, the terms of office of the Governors were renewed by their respective State Assemblies for three years, along with that of the President. Therefore, using the same yard stick, their removal from office in the above manner, is a violation of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan. Further, the people of Central Equatoria State and Western Equatoria State had not called for their removal.

If the Governors had committed any act/crime that warranted their dismissal from office, this should have been brought before Parliament in order to decide on the matter and/or it should have been taken to the court of law in the country. None of these happened.

We are also deeply concerned about the daily killing of people in the country, especially the murder of James Bage Elias, the Speaker of State Legislative Assembly of Western Equatoria State on 21 August 2015; the killing of journalists; abductions and killings of people at night in Juba. We urge the government to improve security across the country and bring those who commit these heinous crimes to justice.

Finally, with great deal of trepidation, we want to express our deep concerns about the dismissal of the two former Equatorian Governors at this critical time when the people of South Sudan are anxiously yearning for unity, peace, tranquility, and reconciliation in the fabrics of our country. Such inconsiderate and unfair decisions can stir up adverse reactions; thus, causing further political tensions and insecurity in our country. We therefore, call upon their re-instatement into office.

Yours sincerely,

Federico Awi Vuni
Chairman, Equatorian Community in the UK,
Contact email:

Kiir’s anguish on peace deal…. it isn’t a victory for you!

BY: Dr. Peter Kopling, MD, Juba, SEPT/04/2015, SSN;

The few days leading to the signing of the South Sudanese peace compromise deal, was very revealing to the keen observers. President Kiir went through significant agony, which is a manifestation that something of great proportions, grave and uttermost importance to him, was at risk. Never before have we publicly noticed Kiir in such agony and dilemma.

Kiir tried to cope with this dilemma by at first sending a letter of what amounts to rejections of the peace deal, when IGAD plus did not back down but rather stepped up their pressures, the Jieng council of elders landed him their hands by putting out their own press release outlining how dangerous the particular path to peace was.

The next maneuver by Kiir was to go through his political mentor, Mr. Museveni in Entebbe where they sought to derail the Blueprint by IGAD, this too failed to trick IGAD plus.

Then Kiir threw the ultimate tantrum and refused to show up at the IGAD plus set date, August 17th 2015. By some press report, until Museveni called Kiir, which he must show up in 3 hours, Kiir ended up showing up at the 11th hour.

To most of us, we thought there was no more cards left in Kiir’s hand to play against the peace deal and we were wrong!

Kiir sought to delay or avoid the signing of the peace deal all together and refused to sign it instead return to Juba empty handed without delivering peace to his people as timely as planned.

The Agony then revealed itself, Kiir declared, “We have reservations”. Because of these reservations, Kiir would rather not end the blood bath for that is the direct implication of refusing to sign the peace deal.

To Kiir and his cohorts, because of these reservations; let death continue to reign on South Sudanese. Mind you being the president, Kiir is the Chief of those who even rebelled against him one way or another.

It seems if he had the abilities to kill off all his people who did not agree with him and rebelled against him he would do it rather than compromise!

He would rather have death continue to claim the lives of fellow citizens from both sides than sign the peace, simply because he has reservations.

Mr. President, I have news for you, if you didn’t have any reservations, then it would not be a compromise peace deal!

You have a hell of tough time to, not because the peace deal was horrendous, you had hard time because for the last 10 years you never compromised, the interest that only mattered to you is that of Jieng and let the rest rot.

Yours was the first and the last word, you have never learned to compromise. Like a true Dictator your color came through and you agonized more over areas of the compromise peace deal that strip your powers than over the death of thousands of your fellow Citizens whose lives hang in your hands!

You literally have the power to give life and to take life as we saw it the last 21 months. For 21 months you have not agonized over the loss of lives of fellow South Sudanese but over power, you do!

The truth is out; actually the most power hungry person in South Sudan is you! You strip 8 out of 10 elected governors off their Citizens-given powers, you fire and appoint at will.

It was you who triggered the war by lying about a non-existent coup and releasing your Illegal Militia on fellow Citizens in Juba and it is fitting you should be the one to end the bloodshed. You started it and you alone can end it.

You said, “The Peace deal is a reward for rebellions.” Well Mr. President, Look how much some of us have reservations against you but had to swallow it.

We know you lied about the Coup, so we have a lying president. We know all the deaths that resulted from this war is on you because you were the author of the war by killing democracy and lying about an imaginary coup which lead to thousands of loss of lives.

Thus the blood is on you. We know on top of this, you committed targeted genocide against your own people. We know because of you, there are more orphans in South Sudan and the number illiterates has increased.

So this is the view of majority of South Sudanese, minus most Jiengs, about you. This being the case Mr. President, by IGAD plus, putting out a road map, keeping you as the President of this nation, the very one you let down and led into blood shed.

Indeed, we too have some serious reservations about this peace deal as it is rewarding a Liar, the one who committed genocide and ethnic cleansing, a tyrant and a corrupt and inept leader!

We think your place is not at the presidency in Juba but at ICC, but nevertheless, IGAD Plus have rewarded you for Killing your fellow Citizens. Those of us who think this way had to swallow our bitterness for the sake of stopping more loss of lives and must compromise.

Mr. President, it is a compromise peace deal, it is not a victory peace deal, but more importantly, it is life saving peace deal, which gives us the opportunity to learn to compromise and solve our issues through words not through bullets and deaths.

I wish to see you anguish more about the loss of live than the loss of powers. You have revealed that what matters most to you is power, all your reservations have to do with reduction of “this power that belongs to you and they want to take it away, would you let them?”

For the next 18 months, Mr. President, put your country’s interest first, not that of Jiengs and its Council of Elders that have failed you and South Sudanese miserably.

If you so do, you shall have a second chance to redeeming your legacy. For it would be said of you: you delivered your people a country and you also delivered them from utter destruction and gave them rights to life and liberty.