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Why the SPLM must be dismantled?

BY: DENGDIT AYOK, Egypt, SEP/04/2014, SSN;

QUOTE: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Holy Bible, King James Version, (Proverbs 29: 2).

I am writing under a severe pain, after surviving a deadly attack carried out against me by South Sudanese thugs in Cairo, three weeks ago, which left my left leg’s bone completely fractured, but with hope of walking again in the nearest future. There are other serious wounds in different parts of my body.

I will remain here in bed and on wheelchair for three months or so until all the wounds are healed. The attackers intended to kill me, but the will of the life giver has overcome their evil plan. Praise God and may His name be extolled forever!

I am writing in reaction to the views of some readers, commentators and friends on my last piece published on this website under the title: “SPLM: A Party that is Awaiting Horrible and Clumsy Political Burial”.

Over the past five weeks, many persons have questioned me about the wisdom of my path in calling for dismantling of the SPLM, a party that they admire so much to the extent of referring to it as “The mighty SPLM, the liberator of the people of South Sudan”, and “founder of South Sudan nation”.

At the heart of their concerns, their inquiries have been loud: Why are you speaking against the SPLM and calling on South Sudanese for its dismantling and your father was an SPLM member? “Why are you joining the voices of dissents?” “Aren’t you damaging your father’s legacy,” they asked?

And when I hear them asking such questions, I am nevertheless greatly saddened, though I often understand the gist of their concerns, for such questions mean that the inquirers have not really known me and what I propose for the well-being of our beloved nation. Indeed their questions suggest that they do not know the world of ignorance in which they live.

In the light of such tragic misunderstanding, I deem it of significant importance to try to state clearly and precisely why do I propose that the SPLM should be dismantled, sent to the dustbin of history and made a thing of the past.

Life and history give eloquent testimony to the fact that inept, corrupt and dangerous political entities like the SPLM were dismantled by the people, for not fulfilling the ambitions and aspirations of their masses.

It is true that my late father Hon. Ayok Deng Agor, a veterinarian by profession; was a prominent member of the SPLM since 1986, when he decided to join the people’s liberation army to fight together with his comrades and fellow South Sudanese for the liberation of this land, ‘land of great abundance’, from Jallaba’s marginalization and suppression.

He remained loyal to the SPLM and the objectives of the revolution. Although he was a man in authority and bearing the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the SPLA and with numerous soldiers under his command, he never robbed anything from his poor fellow South Sudanese at gun point, as it was the case with other disloyal and dishonest SPLA commanders during the war of liberation.

He became the first Speaker of Warrap state Legislative Assembly after the signing of the CPA and he delivered to the people of Warrap their first ever legal document, the interim state constitution, with his colleagues and fellow law makers, on a golden plate.

He died in February 2011 after he had sensitized his people and mobilized them to vote for independence at the referendum. He became very glad like all South Sudanese when the results came out in favor of the independence.

Hitherto, I can say that he was a loyal SPLM member and a real patriot who didn’t like the current mismanagement of the affairs championed by the SPLM and its corrupt elite. His party has betrayed South Sudan and if he was alive, he would not have accepted this.

May those who ask me why Am I calling for the dismantling of the SPLM and my father was an SPLM member, be hereby kindly informed that the fact that my father was an SPLM member does not prevent me from calling for its dismantling and getting rid of this party that has become a source of pain and tragedy to the nation.

For those who think that the SPLM should be reformed, I say the SPLM is too deformed beyond repair, and we are deeply in need of a new way beyond this thick darkness that is surrounding us.

The SPLM leadership has resisted all the calls made by its members for reformation four years ago and the result of that resistance created internal differences that has dragged the nation into this senseless war.


1. When the greatest soldiers of our nation ignited the second armed revolution at Bor and Ayod garrisons respectively in May 1983, which later on resulted into the inception of the SPLM/A; they were led by patriotism and loyalty to their homeland and their people. Loyalty to the people of South Sudan was the engine of the revolution.

The SPLM gradually begun to lose loyalty to the cause of its people after the war was ended by the signing of the CPA and the death of its leader John Garang. By losing loyalty to the people of South Sudan whom the war was fought in their name, the SPLM has greatly betrayed them.

The SPLM has betrayed our people for not remaining loyal to the objectives of the revolution which are supposed to serve the interests of our people as articulated in its first manifesto.

2. After gradually losing loyalty to the people of South Sudan, the SPLM became very much engaged in a very dirty and detrimental business; embezzlement of public money and sending them into special bank accounts in foreign lands.

We are all aware of the SPLM major corruption cases such as the scandal of $60 million that had disappeared between the SPLM leaders when it was just coming from the bush to the city, after the conclusion of the CPA, the grain scandal, the letters written by the President to (75) officials urging them to return the stolen funds, theft at the presidency, the scandal of the transferred money from Juba to Nairobi to Dabbi Group for purchasing fire extinguishers to be used in government’s institutions. This is only at the level of the national government led by the SPLM, leave alone the state governments.

On the other hand, the SPLM-led government has since 2005 up to 2011, received very huge sums of money from the donor countries and from the 50% share of the oil revenues designated for South Sudan in the CPA. All this money was not used for delivering services to the people of South Sudan.

All these monies have gone to the SPLM’s belly that’s never satisfied. The SPLM–led government is soaked in rampant corruption that has left the nation poor, barren and underdeveloped. The SPLM-led government has drastically failed to connect the ten states with network of tarmac roads.

Dr. John Garang de Mabior once said at the signing ceremony of the CPA that South Sudan has never witnessed the presence of tarmac roads since the days of Adam and Eve.

This happened due to foreign colonization and monopoly of power by the intruders in the former unified Sudan in post independence era under the successive governments of Khartoum; and it is the same thing happening today. South Sudan has never witnessed the presence of tarmac roads since the SPLM assumed power.

There is only one tarmac road in the entire country, the Juba-Nimule road, but it was not constructed by the SPLM-led government. It was done by the US government.

Up to here, one can say that we haven’t yet seen the SPLM tarmac roads, and if we wait, we will never see them because we had waited enough since 2005 up to 2014.

The SPLM government has failed beyond reasonable doubt to deliver basic services to the people of South Sudan. It could have built numerous schools, good modern health facilities, construct at least one huge dam in Fula area in Nimule to generate electric power for the entire country, but the monies that were supposed to be used for providing such services, have gone into the SPLM’s belly for good!

The SPLM has good strategic plans for delivering services to the civil population, but it did not implement them for being disloyal to the people and becoming self-centered.

There is a small booklet titled: “SPLM Strategic Framework for War to Peace” that was prepared by the SPLM leadership in 2004, which is the SPLM’s vision on development programs for the post war era in South Sudan.

It includes all the programs that the civilian population needs in South Sudan. It includes: developing institutional infrastructure for better governance, road transport, railway, air transport, telecommunication, town planning and public utilities, dykes in flood prone areas and water harvesting in water scarce areas, micro-dams for small scale hydro-electric generation for rural electrification, windmills for water at the sustainable homestead level, prioritizing agriculture as the engine of economic growth and poverty eradication and many more social programs.

The SPLM has abandoned all these programs and it became engaged in looting the resources of the nation.
Instead of embarking on the program of nation building, the SPLM established and entrenched a kleptocratic regime in the country. Kleptocracy means ‘rule by thieves’ and it is also defined as a form of corrupt political power, where the government exists to increase personal wealth and political power of its officials or the ruling class at the expense of the wider population.

Free encyclopedia, Wikipedia, says the following about the effect of the kleptocratic regime on a nation:
The effects of a kleptocratic regime or government on a nation are typically adverse in regards to the faring of the state’s economy, political affairs and civil rights.

Kleptocracy in government often vitiates prospects of foreign investment and drastically weakens the domestic market and cross-border trade.

As the kleptocracy normally embezzles money from its citizens by misusing funds derived from tax payments, or money laundering schemes, a kleptocratically structured political system tends to degrade nearly everyone’s quality of life.

In addition, the money that kleptocrats steal is often taken from funds that were earmarked for public amenities, such as the building of hospitals, schools, roads, parks and the like – which has further adverse effects on the quality of life of the citizens living under a kleptocracy.

The quasi-oligarchy that results from kleptocratic elite also subverts democracy or any other political format the state is ostensibly under.

This is now the real state of affairs in South Sudan.

3. The SPLM lacks good governance, democracy and art of dialogue. This is evident by its recent political differences over the issue of secret and open vote that had sparked armed confrontation in Juba between President Salva Kiir’s and Riek Machar’s supporters on the 15th of December 2013, and which has developed into a full scale tribal and atrocious war, that has devastating the whole Upper Nile region.

4. The SPLM has failed to transform itself from a gorilla movement to a political party that operates on institutionalism. Since its emergence from the bush in 2005 up to now, it has remained a group of army generals that combine politics with militarism and mix up party affairs with state affairs, a thing which has made the SPLM above the country.

Authentically and indisputably speaking, the SPLM since 2005 up to date has remained a politico-military party contrary to the international political norms and the spirit of the transitional constitution; hence it became catastrophic to the nation.

For many arrogant SPLM members, SPLM is South Sudan and South Sudan is SPLM, no difference between the two in their view! South Sudan under the SPLM rule is the only nation on earth where a party is above the entire nation. South Sudan must be above all parties and all institutions.

5. The SPLM is comprehensively responsible for the mass murder of Nuer tribesmen and women in Juba in the wake of the December 2013 political differences between its leaders, and the murder of Dinka tribesmen and women in Bor, Akobo, and Unity state as well as in the oil fields.

Lack of free democratic dialogue within the SPLM hierarchy led to a crisis that had divided our people along tribal lines. In fact, it is the SPLM’s tribal mind that has paved the way for tribal war and the killing of our beautiful diversity.

The presence of Nuer, Dinka, Acholi, Bari, Didinga, Balanda, Taposa, Kachipo, Murle, Nyangwara and all our various tribes together is what makes South Sudan South Sudan. Targeting one these tribes means targeting South Sudan.

The SPLM has killed and it is stilling killing the nation by dividing South Sudanese along ethnic lines. It is fully responsible of this war regardless of the obvious different the two of its warring factions. They were one before the split. They are both accountable for the status quo.

This makes the dismantling of the SPLM a must for all ‘great patriots’ of South Sudan.

6. The SPLM is also responsible for massive internal displacement of the civil population into UNMISS camps in Juba and in the three states of Upper Nile region. It is fully responsible for the terrible humanitarian conditions faced by the internally displaced peoples and those other displaced peoples taking refuge in the neighboring countries.

All these things happened as a direct result of the SPLM internal differences that its leaders have failed to handle wisely and peacefully.

7. By resorting to solving its differences through the barrel of the gun, the SPLM has given credibility to Khartoum analysts’ views before the independence that had claimed that, “South Sudanese cannot rule themselves; they will divide themselves along tribal lines and butcher themselves as soon as they get the independence”. It should have proved them wrong.

A party that gives credibility to prophets of doom and enemies of the nation and prove them right, though they are wrong, must be dismantled.

SPLM’s bad governance has made us a laughingstock to the world. Khartoum had laughed at us when our people started to quit the country they voted for its independence back to Sudan, the very country we separated from.
The northerners yelled at us: ‘did we not tell you that you will not rule yourselves and that you have no ability to run an independent state?’

Their writers and their newspapers have been confirming to the general public there in Sudan how far they have been true in saying that South Sudanese cannot rule themselves.

Some of our people who ran to Khartoum have even confessed our alleged inability to rule ourselves to Khartoum’s mass media. This happened due to SPLM bad governance, lack of political maturity and blind power struggle.

8. The SPLM lacks clear vision of how the program of nation building should be carried on. How the people of South Sudan should be united to become indeed one people and one nation and to have South Sudanism as their common identity and strongly embraced it.

9. The SPLM has failed to maintained security and stability of the nation. Since 2005 up to now there have been campaigns for cattle raiding and murder of civil population by criminals. We have Lakes, Warrap, and Unity and Jonglei states as good example in this regard.

The SPLM-led government has been unable to put an end to this lawlessness, deter crimes and criminals and restore law and order. The country has always remained fragile and unstable under the SPLM rule. Security has never improved over the past eight years or so.

This permanent insecurity across the country has scared the investors and prevented them from coming to invest and help revive the national economy.

10. The SPLM-led government has let down the people of South Sudan when their army liberated Panthou. The withdrawal of troops from the area was a terrible mistake that has betrayed our people.

The government of Sudan won Panthou through diplomatic campaigns in the international circles, while the SPLM diplomacy and its diplomats were deeply asleep. We then lost Panthou for good when the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon ordered President Salva Kiir to withdraw the army from the area. Noticeably, this shows that the SPLM lacks clear formulated foreign policy that serve our national interests in the international political sphere.


A new strong political movement must emerge and appear in our political arena to peacefully compete with the SPLM. This new movement must bear a clear program for nation building; it must used peaceful political mechanisms for dismantling this tragedy called SPLM.

Among the tools and mechanisms that it should use is political mobilization. It must reach out to the people of South Sudan wherever they are in and abroad to explain to them how bad the SPLM has been mismanaging the country, looting their resources, and finally dragging their country into a useless war and prepare them to participate in dismantling it.

This new political movement must be the champion of national salvation from the current terrible rule of the SPLM that has very much hurt the nation.

You and I must be members of this movement for change so that we get rid of the SPLM mess and save our people from this dangerous kleptocratic SPLM rule.

We must conduct political rallies, symposiums and seminars aimed at enlightening the people of South Sudan to see how bad the SPLM has been running the country they loved so much and paid for it dearly.

Our people must see how bad the SPLM is so that they vote it out of the office in free, fair and transparent elections which shall surely usher in a new political dispensation that will serve the people of South Sudan and keep peace and stability and turn the country into an oasis of justice and prosperity.


This new movement must be true and righteous. The Holy Bible says in the above quote that when the righteous (those who do what is right for their people) are in authority, the people rejoice. It also says that when the wicked (those who do evil things) bear the rule; the people mourn.

SPLM is a wicked party that did not make our people rejoice, it has made them mourn. SPLM is an evildoer. South Sudan is now mourning under the wicked rule of the SPLM as this senseless war rages day after day, killing tens of thousands of innocent.

This is a call for righteousness for South Sudan. This is a call for a righteous government that will make our people rejoice and prosper and live in a lasting peace.

Together, let us get rid of the SPLM and all its factions; be it SPLM-Juba, SPLM-IO, SPLM-DC, SPLM-federalism, SPLM-decentralization or any other type of SPLM.

Mr. Ayok is reachable at

What more Evidence & Atrocities does Pres. Kiir require to sack gov. Matur Chut?

BY: Juma Mabor Marial, SOUTH SUDAN, SEP/04/2014, SSN;

Three months ago, I wrote a three series article entitled “The genesis and phenomenon of intra-clans conflicts and revenge attacks in Lakes state.” In these series, I had given account of root causes of revenge attacks and how each and every governor including the incumbent governor of Lakes state mishandled the situation, hence leading to the deteriorating and unlawful situation the state has found itself in today.

In that article, I had proposed recommendations which I had hoped the President would find prudent to apply and contain insecurity in Lakes state, months have passed by and security situation in Lakes state has worsened. My conclusions then befitted that it is either my calls like many other calls for stability to return to lakes state from many other citizens of lakes state have not reached the president, or he must have read my concerns and felt that they are not worth noticing or even still, he might have seen the substance in what I was trying to draw his attention to but again wonders of who I am to give such recommendations.

Whatever that might have been the opinion of the president, the fact now is that the situation in Lakes state with regard to insecurity has worsened.

The president’s visit to lakes state soon after the 3rd independence anniversary celebrations was a step in the right direction and as part of his peace message to the people of lakes state at Freedom square, he told them that he is going back to Juba and wouldn’t want to hear of any reports of killings.

Two weeks later, a paramount chief was killed, and as a result of this brutal assassination, 18 women were raped including an old woman who succumbed to shame, agony, bitterness and dies, another 12 year old girl was also raped and died, a young woman who was expecting a baby was raped and she lost her pregnancy. Houses were vandalized and private properties were looted in Malek-agok and other surrounding neighborhoods.

All these heinous crimes were carried out and successfully implemented with impunity and as we talk, no single culprit has been apprehended to answer for such crimes.

Before the end of the same calendar month, a daughter of the governor (Matur Chut) attacked an innocent pregnant woman and as the woman was rushed to hospital with hopes to resuscitate and save her life, she unfortunately dies with twins, meaning that the governor’s daughter killed three people at once.

Coincidentally, when one put the month in review in terms of security situation in Lakes state, you would find out without much struggle that, the people of lakes state are so shocked that the insecurity they have been informing the central government about has now reached it worse with the assassination of the paramount chief Apareer Chut who happens to be the elder brother of the governor (may his soul rest in eternal peace) and the brutal killing of an innocent pregnant woman and her unborn children planned and executed by governor’s own daughter (may the law takes its course).

It is also almost two weeks now since the national legislatively assembly debated the security situation of Lakes state and unanimously adopted a resolution to remove Matur Chut as first step towards bringing back peace and stability to the people of lakes state.

The ministers of National security, Interior and Defense agreed with the legislators that Matur Chut is part and partial of insecurity in Lakes state and therefore more of a problem than a solution by himself. It is through these deliberations that the Minister of National security Obutu Mamur Mete took it upon himself and declared that Matur Chut must go in the interest of national security and as demanded by the citizens of the state.

Matur Chut in his defence has made hysterical efforts to counter this resolution by calling the members of the national legislative assembly thieves and stupid people who do not comprehend that the issue of insecurity is not only about lakes state but the whole country.

He even went to the extent of lamenting that if there is any governor who should be sacked because of insecurity, it should be Clement Wani Konga of Central Equatoria state because thousands of people lost their lives in the 15th December, 2013 crisis.

Not only this, Matur also ordered his public service ministry to get to all the ministries in the state and record the names of all the employees and ordered them to go on demonstrations with the message of rejecting the resolution of the legislators removing him from the office, school children were also forced to attend the demonstrations such that they would tell the nation Matur is the best governor and the decision by the national legislative assembly to sack him were just but crazy ideas by those in Juba.

The demonstrations didn’t take place in freedom square as initially planned because most of the employees refused to turn up but the news that the governor had ordered that any government employee that does not attend the demonstrations would forfeit their August salaries coerced some to turn up at the government Secretariat and this is where Chut succeeded in his claims for support by state citizens for him to remain in power.

He then before these threatened employees and vulnerable school children gathered courage to insult left, right and center all lakes state members of parliament and intellectuals for masterminding the resolutions to remove him.

Under normal circumstances, politicians with few people who support them are expected to fight back when their positions are attacked and threatened.

However, the unique aspect about this particular situation is that, the people of Lakes state in all their walks of life do not want Matur Chut as governor and this is manifested in the continuous calls to remove him from office and it eventual culmination in the national legislative assembly approving the same.

Attempts by Chut to order for demonstrations in his favor or even blame lakes state members of parliament and intellectuals for having political motives and witch haunting him out of his office do not give any meaningful message rather than perpetuating his jungle commandeering rules of intimidating people to do what is not in their interest.

After all, Lakes state members of parliament at the national legislative assembly are the official representatives of the people and there is no any other better role they could play than safeguarding the lives and interest of their electorates.

Some few descending voices on the need to remove Matur from governorship have alluded to the fact that, removing the governors in lakes state is not the solution to its insecurity. Yes, this is a logical argument and any reasonable person would agree with it from face value as so many governors have been removed because of insecurity in lakes state but no long lasting peace has been achieved.

However, looking at it critically and objectively, one would agree that, unlike the other governors who were before him and those expected to come after him, Matur is not the best leader to be a governor in any state leave alone lakes state, why, whereas, the previous governors tries with the few number of law enforcers and meager resources to apprehend criminals.

Matur Chut has declared the state of lawlessness in the state by telling people that “ your legs are your police and Texture, (the police patrol vehicle)”, meaning therefore that you have to be strong to survive in lakes state and that, if you are attacked, you must run as fast as possible since no police will come to your rescue.

This could also explain his reluctance to ask for reinforcement from the minister of defense as stated in parliament by Kuol Manyang Juuk. Not only this, the second reason why Matur is not the best governor for any state is because he has never seen a classroom and even get the responsibility of controlling a class of 45 students as a monitor.

This is why one of the legislators was quoted as saying that; “Matur is a man who cannot rule a Payam leave alone, a state”. I know some of Matur’s supporters and beneficiaries are already cursing me and that legislator for bringing this bitter fact forward but I believe that with the way Matur is responding and insulting everyone even dogs that barks (although of course for a reason) when his convoy passes shows that, this man has no control over his emotions and this certainly cannot be a leader to anybody leave alone a state.

Dr. John Garang once said and I quote “an eye for an eye will make all of us blind”, Matur taking on and insulting everyone that has an opinion contrary to how he is running the affairs of the state and particularly insecurity will not help the situation. Two wrongs do not definitely make right.

In conclusion, enough lives have been lost in lakes state, enormous suffering and anguish has been experienced by families and relatives of the deceases, consistent injustices are the order of the day, shame and embarrassments are slapped across the faces of citizens of lakes state every day, intellectuals, chiefs, civil society organizations, politicians, religious leaders have all called for the leadership of this country to pay undivided attention to the situation of Lakes state and just like every day, no tangible action is forthcoming.

I know and everybody understands that the president could in this particular point in time be thinking that even with the resolution by the national legislative assembly to remove Matur Chut from governorship in lakes state, the priority now is not the removable of any governor but stopping the crisis and rebellion that has engulfed the country.

The situation of Lakes state may according to the president, be handled later as these people are just crazy people who are killing themselves for no apparent reason, this could be true because Lakes state problem is a man-made self-destruction and instigated problem but again.

Let’s assume that the situation remain the same for the next few months, what do you envisage would be the consequence because today in lakes state, a day can barely pass by without two, three, five, ten people dying not by natural causes but by revenge and criminal activities. This has become a norm and any citizen of lakes state is very much alive to this fact.

Secondly, the situation may escalate into something more than revenge killings and street robberies because, if for instance, today in lakes state, civilians are more armed than the government and they can as well carry machines guns while some of them have designated themselves with the title of ‘governor’ without any constitutional authority to be called so, then, what would happen if these armed civilians decided that they are well-off being themselves and not under no-body. That should be a food for thought to all of us…

Finally, I wish to request and inform the president that, Lakes state is now under two people and that is HIM and GOD because, the legislators have done their parts, intellectuals have raised their concerns, the church has prayed, civil society has condemned the atrocities committed, countless number of people have died, the children have been orphaned and women widowed, everybody except the PRESIDENT and GOD have decided that Matur Chut must go and a new page be opened to address the plight of the people of lakes state.

So please, Mr. President, listen to the concerns of your people and let this man go and serve you in other capacities. The evidences for atrocities committed in lakes state are too overwhelming for you to waste any more time.

The sovereignty of the people is what you’re sworn to protect and here they are; the people of lakes state through their national parliament have spoken and said without fear or contradiction that “Matur Chut must go”. May God save the people of Lakes State?

Juma Mabor Marial is a concern citizen of Lakes state and reachable at:

James Wani Igga: You’ll always be victim of SPLM politics, but not the right target

BY: Chuol C. Puoch, SOUTH SUDAN, SEP/04/2014, SSN;

Voices are coming out that you (Igga) would quit your position again for the second time and to the same person (Dr. Riek). In your recent comment refusing the rumors and the proposal that you would actually step down, only wishful thinkers will ever try to wrong you.

In fact, if at all you will succeed, I would strongly encourage you to never ever accept that proposal, what so ever the case may be. But you know what; you will still be the victim though you are not the target. I am coming back to this shortly.

It was just in 2005 when you patriotically accepted to vacate your position for Dr. Riek Machar, after a hostile refusal by Gen. Salva Kirr to let Dr. Riek occupy the second position of the moment after their agreement and reunification ahead of 2005 as it was supposed to be.

The situation was so malicious and the moment was almost shaking to fail. Was it not the response made by Dr. Riek Machar and Gen. George Athor Deng (May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace) to convince your current boss (Gen. Kirr), and more importantly, your gentle acceptance of letting Dr. Riek occupy your then position, we wouldn’t have had the CPA inked and not to talk of implementation.

Politically you lost, but nationally you won at a greater average at that time. Not to forget to mention that you were not supposed to be the victim of that reshuffle and reintegration, but unfortunately, all landed on your head and your only choice was to accept quitting your position.

The intention of writing this short article is only about outlining the truth and giving the right to those it’s due to (especially you), and not about giving direction to those touched by this article.

As an experienced politician (Igga) who, at the same time, had been a freedom fighter, you will cook your mind and the right solution will come not from any other human brain, but that of yours. I am advocating neither for your relieve/vacation nor your stay in that office – it’s only a wake-up call.

Coming back to the point, you are absolutely and even badly going to be the victims of our Country’s upcoming political changes.

So far, I am very sure that you know the political and personal status of your boss in spite your strong standing behind him.

In whatever ending this crisis will be, Salva Kirr will and has already been considered by South Sudanese as a murderer; a criminal and visionless person who actually massacred his own people and he doesn’t any longer deserve to not only lead the Country, but also not to ever be seen in making and running of the affairs of our Country.

The current situation that we are in is likely allowing the possibility of ending this conflict in a military manner.

In the recent hoodwinking gathering of the IGAD head of states where some bloody resolutions were secretly made in undisclosed location to be signed by the two principals in the conflict, it’s clear that the region is not certainly in the position of solving and bringing a lasting peace to our Country.

In lieu of that, they are exactly and indirectly telling us that your problem will not peacefully be resolved by us for some couple of reasons:
— one of which is the fact that we are much interested in positions more than achieving and allowing the citizens’ aspiration;
— the second is the hatred within and among our political groups and individuals, which has gone beyond a reconcilable stage.
— The third one, which is actually the most important factor, is that IGAD is also telling us that, They (IGAD) are dictators in their various countries and they can’t help bring up or give a right to a democrat of another Country if they are humiliating them at homes.

Should the conflict end militarily with your defeat, I guess you may perhaps imagine how you are going to be victimized by the situation.

You may argue that you are not going to lose militarily, but I want to tell you that, “rights” and “truths” are always as they are; you cannot and will never change them or permanently deny them to who deserves them.

You may hold them away from owners only for sometime before they destroyed your integrity and favored their owner (s) to SUCCESS & VICTORY. SPLM/A-IO is going to win this war if it is going to be ended militarily, because it’s true that the war was imposed on them and as a matter of fact, they are fighting for their rights.

Or, should the conflict be ended peacefully, The Transitional Government of National Unity is going to be established; reintegration will take place where Salva Kirr will not be illegible to lead that government, and if he is imposed onto, he will not be able to have more powers and chances to contest in future election for any political post.

The decision to remove or abandon you in that position will never come from you or Salva Kirr or whoever you think in South Sudan, but in negotiation table.

Should you refuse to step aside as may be proposed, sanctions are just at hand from US, UK and other regional and international community against those that are obstructing peace in South Sudan.

Remember that, you have lost your political foundation in Equatoria region. No one in Equatoria, man or a woman sees you as a national and influential political figure from Equatoria.

I remember the other day some people were calling you “the high ranking” political figure of Equatoria, but I would rather/had rather said that you are the “high risking” disgruntled politician of Equatoria region.

No single son from Equatoria ready to follow your kind in bushes of South Sudan, not to even mention the fact that you are finished and incapable to manage bush life. What next? You will absolutely be the badly affected victim.

As mentioned earlier on, I am not going to provide any suggestion/direction in which you can take. I am not, in any case, going to have a pity of you for staying out of South Sudan politics and state affairs and to say the least, you are among the liabilities in South Sudan Sir.

That is the situation, stop shouting insolently, understand the situation before it’s too complicated for you to handle.

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness” ~ Martin Luther King

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Museveni holds the key to peace in South Sudan, says Garang Mabior

Publish Date: Sep 04, 2014,, KAMPALA, Uganda, SSN;

Below is a full interview conducted by Messrs. Samuel Ouga and Raymond Baguma who caught up with Garang De Mabior of the opposition, SPLM/A-I-O of Dr. Riek Machar.

Question: You have talked about Uganda’s presence in South Sudan. To what extent is it a destabilising factor?

Garang’s Answer: I don’t want to be misunderstood. It has become a destabilising factor but I believe in the intentions of Uganda when they went in. Uganda has been there for South Sudan during our liberation. I don’t think Uganda had malicious intentions when they went into South Sudan.
They went in with the intention to avert genocide and State collapse. They also went at the request of several international actors and Government of South Sudan.
But there is always a difference between theory and practice.Although Uganda intended well when they entered South Sudan, unfortunately the Government of South Sudan has abused the goodwill of Uganda.
The destabilising factor is not coming from the intentions of Uganda; but from the misuse of the Government of South Sudan of Ugandan goodwill towards our people. The presence of Uganda gives the Government of South Sudan an incentive to continue the war. So, this is how it has had a negative impact.
But at the same time, we don’t have to always look at the negative. If we look at how Uganda’s presence can be positive, 80 percent of the forces of South Sudan have defected to the opposition. The effective force that is propping up the regime in Juba is the UPDF. The UPDF’s presence can be utilised by the Ugandan government because it gives them influence on the Government of South Sudan.
Uganda has the ability to persuade the Government of South Sudan to negotiate in good faith since they are the ones propping up the regime. If the Government of South Sudan is not serious about peace, then Uganda can say, ‘We did not come here to prop you up. We came here for the people of South Sudan that we have been standing by ever since the liberation.’

Question: You have had interactions with a number of officials including the Presidential advisor on security, Gen. Salim Saleh. Have you shared this with him? And what has been the outcome of the discussions?

Answer: I don’t want to give too much because this is the initial stage of our coming to Uganda. But like I said before, the presence of UPDF in South Sudan is one of the obstacles in the peace process right now. In seeking peace, we come on a mission to have dialogue with Government of Uganda on how we can expedite the peace process and move forward.
What is preventing us from signing the matrix is the presence of Ugandan troops. So, we come to discuss bilateral issues between the Government of Uganda and our SPLM.

Question: Would you say that the outcome of the meetings has been positive?

Answer: Definitely it has been positive. The atmosphere has been very friendly and it is reminiscent of our past relationship with Uganda as brothers and sisters in the struggle. The children born of the same womb sometimes have misunderstandings and quarrel but will always get back together and find a way. So, this is what we are trying to do and the atmosphere is there.
So, we are hopeful that we shall continue with the dialogue and we shall find a way to overcome the obstacles that are right now in the peace process. We believe Uganda has a big role to play.
And we want Uganda to come on board because Uganda has been involved at the level of Heads of State of IGAD and the council of ministers. But we have been rejecting Uganda’s presence as observers like the other IGAD countries are because our argument was that Uganda is part of the conflict.
So how can they come as mediators? But seeing this impasse of the withdrawal of UPDF, the presence of Uganda in South Sudan is a reality that has to be dealt with.
So, we want to find ways with Uganda to see how we can break this impasse and move the peace process forward. We recognise highly that the important role that Uganda could play in bringing peace.

Question:Do you think it will happen?

Answer: I am confident it will happen because everybody wants peace. Uganda wants peace in South Sudan. I don’t think Uganda is in South Sudan because they love war.
So, anything that will bring peace is what we all want. We are hopeful this relationship will only grow.

Question: The Uganda government spokesperson in a statement said that you had accepted the UPDF presence until the IGAD force is deployed. Is this true?

Answer: It’s true; but it is not something that we discussed here (in Kampala). It’s not an outcome of our dialogue in Kampala. It is something that is enshrined in the agreements that we have signed in Addis Ababa.
We accepted that Uganda would withdraw as soon as the hybrid force of IGAD is deployed and Uganda would withdraw immediately so that a gap is not created where chaos can recur.

Question: After all these fits and starts at the talks in Addis Ababa, do you still believe political dialogue can work given the differences you have with the Government of South Sudan side?

Answer: Dialogue can work; but the intransigence of the Government of South Sudan right now is because of their belief that UPDF will be in South Sudan forever. But if Uganda begins to use their influence, it will break this intransigence and South Sudan will negotiate in good faith.
By bringing Uganda on board in the peace process, it will move the process forward.

Question: The sanctions by EU and US, what effect are they having on the search for peace in South Sudan?

Answer: It’s not having a lot of effect because the people who have been sanctioned are of little consequence in decision-making and financing of the war. These are low level people. For example the commander who has been sanctioned on our side does not travel. So, by saying that you cannot come to America, he does not go to America anyway.
The other army general on the Government side is not the big fish. What would work better would be if countries like Uganda and Kenya came on board. A lot of these people who are big fish in South Sudan have assets in Uganda and Kenya. They have billions in bank accounts in Kenya. If the Government of Kenya wants to make targeted sanctions against selected individuals, then it would have a bigger impact.
We welcome the sanctions to be equally applied on both sides because we on the opposition side have nothing to hide.
We welcome it, if it will speed up the peace process. But if it is sanctions that are going to hurt the people and not have an effect on the major players, we would not want the people to suffer sanctions for the sake of their leaders. We want the leaders to be sanctioned.
NEW VISION, Kampala, Uganda

The Dirty Politics of the Governor of Lakes State, Matur

By: Johnson Makuac Makur, RUMBEK, SEPT/02/2014, SSN;

Upon the passing of a resolution by National Legislative Assembly to have him removed by the President, the Caretaker Governor of Lakes State, Matur Chuut Dhuol, has immediately launched a wave of scathing attacks on the Honorable House. In a bid to try to weave something out of nothing he also embarked on very dirty politics of deceit and trickery.

The way the Caretaker Governor is vigorously fighting back against the Assembly and the hoax games he is already applying to hold to position indicate that he is not only part of the security failure in Lakes State but he also justifies the overwhelming claim that he is a harsh, ruthless and dirty man.

The National Legislative Assembly passed the motion for his removal out of public concern. The motion to have him removed was authored by a Member of Parliament representing Rumbek Centre in the National Assembly.

So, it is imperative that proper research and grounds on moving the motion against him were evaluated before it was finally tabled before the Assembly.

Secondly, the same motion for his removal coincided with reports of the three Ministers for Defense, National Security and Interior who visited Lakes for fact findings. The three ministers are the people entrusted with the security affairs in the entire country. That their reports coincided with the debate of a motion in the Assembly is nobody’s but God’s making.

One of the key things about the reports of the three ministers is that the Caretaker Governor has completely lost the trust and confidence of people. He has allowed crimes to happen. He is not fair with himself, with God and with the people he rules.

It is a known fact even to the Governor himself that when he talks of disarmament the people of Lakes think of other things because they know under him there can never be any even and comprehensive disarmament.

Since the start of the conflicts within the Agaar community he has remained in the list of those accused of taking sides. People believe that it is not logic for the same guy who had a hand in the delivering of guns and ammunitions to be the one collecting them.

Does being a Governor change anything? It is a big No! If it happens with Matur then a leopard can change its spots.

Now it’s his close relatives and in-laws that run his government. So, where do people place their trust? “He is the same same Matur Chuut Dhuol” that is what the people believe.

He proves it every day that he is the same Gen. Matur Chuut that used to be a ruthless commander who paid no mercy at a sick soldier. He has poured insults everywhere. He has threatened everyone. And now he has gone back to what he does best – the dirty games of holding on a position at all useless cost.

Regardless of valuable advice from the Country’s President Comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit to stop all these vices, he blatantly and publicly responded in his face in the freedom square in Rumbek that he is not going to relinquish his habit of abuse and insults.

The biggest mistake he has now committed is when he ordered school children last week to come without school uniform to demonstrate on his behalf against the resolution of the National Assembly. According to me, such an act is an abuse to our children.

The young children are our future. They are innocent about politics. That they be brought out in a hot sun for free is a big abuse. If nothing is done about the use of children to wage wars then it will set a very bad precedence for everyone that shall rule Lakes State.

The Governor’s attempt to force the civil servants through the orders of his Minister of Public service failed since the people opted to lose their jobs than obey him. He had to turn to very young children to stage demonstrations under a threat that they may not be allowed to sit exams if they didn’t comply.

The Head teachers were threatened to rally the children or they face the sack. But most teachers and older students in secondary schools and upper primary refused to turn up. It was only small children who turned up against their will.

They marched on the orders of the Boss and presented a letter written by his own cabinet members to him. It was cheap and comical that a letter written in the Governor’s office goes to the children and presented again to the Governor.

It reminded us of Napoleon Bonaparte when he took the crown in his own hands and placed on his heard announcing himself the ‘Emperor’ of France. That is what they call politics in Lakes state.

By the end of the day the children went home hungry and the Governor with his entourage headed straight to Cedars Hotel for wines and barbecues.

As a leader the day you are removed is as important as the day you are appointed. Leaders are known at times of difficulties. The vibrancy with which the Caretaker Governor of Lakes fought the Assembly’s resolution portrayed his weak personality.

He abused the National Assembly in front of small children who would take no message back home. He forgot some of those children have their parents and grandparents in the same Assembly that he abused.

Lost like sheep in the wilderness, he fumbled and hurled abuse with no restraints. In doing so, he landed himself in another problem. By saying before his young audience that, “20,000 civilians were killed in December in Juba” I don’t know whether he was aware of the version he has supported.

If he knew what he was talking about then he should tell us if the civilians dying in Rumbek are a result of rebellion.

In the same week, he removed from office so many people including the State Secretary General, Mr. Chuut Nhom Lokou and Director General for the Ministry of Education. The two were appointed barely three months ago. The Director of National Security in the State whom he accused of sending the reports to the Minister of National Security has run to the city of Wau for his dear life.

Meanwhile, the Governor has sent a team of Ministers to Juba to go and plead with the President not to append his signature on the resolution passed by the National Assembly for his removal.

But the decision was made by the people through their elected representatives in the Assembly. Lakes State caucus meeting of members of three houses National Assembly, Council of States and State Assembly was held in Juba prior to the debate of the motion and it was unanimously resolved that the motion for the Governor’s removal must go through.

The writing is already on the board. People have made their decision. The choice is now with the President to either stand with the popular opinion of people or stand with one person, Matur Chuut. For us here on the ground in Lakes State our message is clear: Matur must Go!

Johnson Makuac Makur is a citizen of Lakes State working in Rumbek. He can be reached at or 0924164720