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IGAD has taken sides in South Sudan conflict

BY: DR. PETER KOPLING, South Sudan, SEP/16/2014, SSN;

By her most recent move, IGAD has formally declared war on the South Sudanese people. IGAD has set in place the pretext and justification of joining Museveni in his genocidal quest not only against the Nuer people in particular, but every single South Sudanese ethnic group, including the Dinka people who have fallen victims to Kiir criminal machinery except for his inner clan mates.

IGAD essentially seeks to impose Kiir on South Sudanese by doing so:

A) IGAD is imposing a leader who has failed the last 10 years to unify the 64 tribes of South Sudan under his leadership making him the divider in Chief and a figure of disunity, but also he choose to lead a group of Robbers who have stolen from the nation’s treasury, he at least know 75 of them, he has their names on his desk and sat on it.

IGAD wants more of the same, could it be because, these thieves invest the stolen moneies in IGAD member states such as Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia etc., building houses and sending our stolen money for their wives and Children in these IGAD countries?

It is common knowledge that the thieves favor these IGAD countries for money hideaways, thus making the IGAD countries beneficiaries of thievery at the expense and blood of the South Sudanese People.

B) IGAD is imposing a tribal imperialist who oversees the largest land grabbing in the history of South Sudan, by seeding his tribe all over South Sudan in other ethnic groups’ ancestral lands, with the approval of the tribaly written interim constitutions designed to protect his tribal interest and power at the expense of the remaining 63 tribes of south Sudan.

C) IGAD is imposing a warlord, making him the chief, war and unrest, instigator in the nation, paid by national money. Kiir recruited 15000 of his clansmen for the sole purpose of ethnic cleansing against the Nuer ethnic group with clear message to the rest.

D) IGAD is imposing a liar on the South Sudanese people, making him the liar in Chief. Kiir desire to assassinate his political opponents chiefly Dr. Riek Machar, in the process he lied and unleashed his illegal militia, in Juba, killing by conservative estimates more than 3500 Nuer women and Children on the nights of 15-19 December 2013. Juba had never before, in her history, seen this many deaths of fellow countrymen in the hands of her own sons!

Now as we know and the whole world acknowledges, including Museveni himself, THERE WAS NO COUP ATTEMPT IN SOUTH SUDAN!! If this were the case then what was it? It was a criminal, genocidal political maneuver and ethnic cleansing by Kiir’s very own engineering, because the militia was his idea meant and put in place for this very purpose and the goals achieved in Juba for which Kiir has become criminal and should go to The Hague not remain in power.

E) IGAD is imposing a genocidal president on the South Sudanese people, making him the murderer in chief. As stated above, Kiir killed more than 20,000 fellow citizens during the course of the war in Juba, and other cities and villages across South Sudan.

Kiir is using the state power and national resources and international coalitions with the blessings of IGAD to wage a tribal genocidal war against the Nuer, we must not loose sight of this fact; at the other end of Kiir’s and his coalition’s gun is a single tribe, the Nuer tribe, and the traditional thorn in the side of Kiir’s tribesmen.

Kiir’s is carrying out ethnic cleansing in the cover of fighting rebels. It is Rwanda in actions in 2014, with IGAD’s and Troika nations’ blessings!

Let us look at this critically; if you agreed, Kiir armed 15000 militiamen from his clans to later commit crime against the citizens, and if you agreed Kiir lied and fabricated unfounded coup attempt by Riek and later it is proven there was no Coup attempt against him, and if you agreed that Kiir’s Militia initiated the current genocide and killed more than 3500 innocent Nuer civilian in Juba in the nights of 15-19 December 2013, while in fact those he accused initially of Coup came from many tribes, then you must agree that this war is Rwanda in action and it is an ethnic cleansing of a single tribe the Nuer people and IGAD is helping him achieve it!

Kiir has defied the call for just peace despite rampage death of fellow citizens, could this be because of, how can we forget when he declared, “This power I have belongs to you and they want to take it away, will you allow them?” and now we know it was Nuer he was referring to and how he is keeping the Dinka power by killing off the Nuer in pretext of fighting rebellions which was of his making because of his lies and desire to cling to power.

It must be highlighted that the Nuer never rebelled in the first place; the Nuer fought back and are fighting back an attempt of annihilations! The national and international army has been unleashed on them by Kiir.
Without their abilities to fight back, they could have been wiped out! If there was anything that prevents further and greater genocide through out the Nuer land than in Juba, it was not Museveni’s UPDF which only made matters easy for Kiir and UPDF was and is partakers of his crime, but rather the Nuer’s ability to fight back in self-defense!

The fact that the white army, a civil defense forces, carried out revenge killings is to be blamed on Kiir! Had Kiir not unleashed death but rather exercised the power bestowed on him by the people of south Sudan, including the Nuer people, to protect them as the leader of the nation, Then there was going to be no need for a civil defense forces to take up arms.

But he Kiir sought to achieved his evil plans by killing the Nuer people who never revolted against him to begin with, the quarrel was within SPLA ruling party, this has nothing to do with Nuer as it has got nothing to do with the other 63 tribes of south Sudan. This being the case, how can the Nuer achieve peace and healing as long as Kiir remains in Power?

IGAD has added insult to this wound by imposing Kiir on South Sudan.

Kiir’s government has used and is still using the state and national resources to Lobby the world and buy out some of these IGAD leaders to keep him in power. He uses the argument that Dr. Riek Machar is unstable and unreliable because of his fights against Garang’s Dictatorship in favor of a separate South Sudan and a crime committed by the white army not Riek’s forces, in 1991.

Riek apologized for this crime not because he gave the order for the killings against Dinka Bor, but rather as the head of those in armed conflict against Garang, for the sake of peace, unity and healing. Riek never was the head of the civil defense the so-called white army.

The White army has always been a headless civil defense forces that come together whenever there is a threat to the Existence of the Nuer people, where absolute governmental security vacuum exist or failed to protect them. Due to this, Kiir’s worshipers argue that if Machar comes to power he will commit genocide like in 1991; this is how they garnered the American Support as well as Uganda’s boots on the ground.

This is their selling point! IGAD now swallowed it! This yet is another lie well sold, contrary to the coup; most world bodies have bought into this one! Thus the only thing that function well in Juba is the propaganda machinery!

If we found it easy to accept Juba’s selling points regarding Riek Machar, How about Kiir and his Presidential guards, assembled by him, killing >3500 Nuer at onset of this conflict and Juba say was without the presidents order how comes we found it hard to believe the Nuer civil defense forces takes no order from anyone but themselves for the 1991 Bor Killings! What a double standards!

Well IGAD, your man Mr. Kiir by this same argument he uses against Dr Riek Machar, he Kiir is not fit to remain in the presidency! He is minimally educated, inept leader, a thief, a warlord, a tribalist, habitual liar, power hungry and a criminal ethnic cleanser, he has innocent blood in his hands! His sin is worse than any of Dr.Riek Machar’s, which the Dinka people only know!

In 1991, Machar held no elected position, neither the constitutional obligations, nor control over the White army to protect fellow citizen as Kiir now has! Kiir beyond doubt has committed untold crimes against the people who brought him to power, no match to any crime committed by Machar in 1991.

Kiir, therefore is a criminal who has lied and his lie has caused the death of thousands of his fellowmen, of all tribes not just Nuer. He unleashed unnecessary death, by his lies and power hunger on our Soldiers from both sides of the conflict; he is the author of this war and death! I do not recall the last time Machar ran havoc all over south Sudan causing death from Nassir to Nimule and from Kapoeta to Wau. there are tombs and skeletal remains all over South Sudan from Kirr’s actions something Riek Machar has not done! And now IGAD wants to impose this criminal on us?

I urge all South Sudanese to boycott IGAD and look somewhere else for salvation but at the same time get ready to fight IGAD should they join Museveni to deploy their forces of death in our sovereign land simply to keep their co- dictator and criminal Kiir in power to solely benefit them not us.

IGAD may be able to force the guns to fall silent, which I doubt, if the history of South Sudan is my witness and even if they miraculously caused the guns to be silent, they will never achieve peace in South Sudan as long as they keep Kiir in Juba presiding over the survivors and relatives of his ethnic cleansing. What South Sudanese needs more than gun silence and more even than peace is healing and healing is not possible as long as Kiir remains in power and at large.

Without Justice there is neither Peace nor healing! Healing which we need most shall never take place in South Sudan as long as the one who inflicted the injuries remain sited on the people’s neck. It is like asking a rape victim to remain married to her tormentor else shall face force!

That is the message IGAD is sending and by asking the impossible from us, the South Sudanese people, IGAD has declared war on us, has taken sides and fellow Countrymen, we are on our own, be prepared for another long ride to liberations!

“He who maintains silence in the face of massacre is a murderer himself.”
Dr. Peter Kopling, MD.

Only direct talks can return peace to South Sudan

BY: Peter Kleto, South Sudanese, SEPT/15/2014, SSN;

South Sudan has been plunged into civil war due to disagreement in the top leadership of the SPLM party. The disagreement on the wording of the four basic SPLM documents, the constitution, the Manifesto, the code of conduct and rules and regulations and how the theory can be implemented practically led to the disunity within the SPLM, hence leading to its paralysis and to the extent where we are now at.

The peace talks mediated by IGAD started in January 2014 with the signing of cessation of hostilities which in actual sense did not materialize as there was war ongoing and accusations and counter-accusations on each other by the warring parties was frequent.

For those who have been closely following up the peace talks in the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa, you may agree that IGAD member states were and are still engaged in trying to bring the conflict to an end once and for all.

The various committees under the auspices of the African Union such as Peace and Security Commission, the AU Assembly which forms the legislative body of the African Union is also working hand in hand with the IGAD countries to try to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in question; because south Sudan is an inseparable part of the African continent and is a member state of the African Union.

Let me say here that the goal that IGAD is playing is great and the two parties should also be congratulated for taking the initiative to present themselves to the negotiating table in Addis Ababa despite the anger that they may have in their hearts.

In the same way, IGAD has also been seen playing the role of a negotiator as seen from recent document which was full of flaws showing it was not negotiated by the two parties.

The document was prepared in unknown location and then presented to the leaders for signature. Where is the spirit of mediation and negotiation here?

Historically, South Sudanese are well known for handling their conflicts by themselves and I am sure if the two sides were to be engaged in direct talk, this conflict could have ended since January 2014 and more suffering and bloodshed could have been avoided a long time ago.

The following are some of the suggestions for the peace talks:

1. IGAD should play the true role of a mediator and not negotiator

2. The two warring parties should engage in direct talks

3. IGAD, the AU and the international community should encourage the warring parties to compromise

Without engaging in direct talks, South Sudan should not expect peace to return soon as most of the outsiders are just for their interests and not for the interest of South Sudanese.

It is only South Sudanese who can truly feel the pain of what is happening in the country.

Some of us are hoping that the current negotiation in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, will bring us joy and peace and not sorrow.

It is very important for the two delegations to think for the interest of the people and to rise above their personal interests as south Sudan is bigger than each one of them.

In conclusion, it is shameful for us to be fighting each other when we have been fighting for democracy, freedom, justice, equality for close to 200 years and we should expect others to laugh at us because our leaders have just forgotten the true mission of the liberation struggle for other things.

We need a country where every citizen is equal, a country where all are happy and are proud of, a country where you can freely pursue happiness without thinking of being killed, intimidated or harassed.

A country that sees all of us as South Sudanese and children of one flag and not on our little ethnic groups.

I hope the delegations look at this matter deeply and come back to their various destinations with peace.

Thank you.

Peter Kleto can be reached at

Ten reasons why Pres. Kiir should remove Governor of Lakes State

BY: Johnson Makuac Makur, LAKES STATE, SEPT/15/2014, SSN;

Lakes State is a place in deep chaos. The problems of Lakes State are just too many. Revenge killings, road ambushes and cattle raiding have become synonymous with daily life and the news of death is all around. But the worst about it all is that leadership is just as bad as the rogue criminals that are terrorizing the State.

From the first day the Governor of Lakes State, Matur Chut Dhuol declared himself “the Governor, the police, the commissioner, the law maker, and the chief,” it was imminent that we would come this far: a near total collapse.

Under the current Governor the insecurity in Lakes State has just kept deteriorating and the Governor continues to add fuel with his usual insults, abuses, rude unconstitutional orders…and so much more.

The Jieng National Council of Elders has been conducting long meetings in Juba in an effort to find solutions to Lakes’ problems. But what these elders and any other person need to know is that the Governor of Lakes State is one of the problems in the State.

If you count the problems of Lakes State then never forget to include the Governor.

The Lakes State representatives both in the National Legislature and the State Assembly concur altogether that the first thing that should be done about the situation of Lakes State is addressing the question of the State Leadership.

The civil society, chiefs, youths and women equally echo the same plea. This appeal has been made many months ago and it was seriously given a thrust by the resolution of the national assembly for the removal of the Governor.

The buck now stops with the President of the republic of South Sudan. The President should seriously consider acting now upon that resolution by putting into use one more time article 101 of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan.

The President should note that he is not doing that for the National Assembly but for us the common people on ground in Lakes State. We have given many reasons all along why we want Matur sacked but still I can offer even more:–

First, the Caretaker has allowed himself to be in the mix of all crises of the State. His public statements and actions have appeared to incline to support some warring clans over others. That he is an Agaar whose relatives have disputes adds weight to suspicion that he is not all free of the state crisis.

Matur now stays dangling between clans and it is alleged that he is receiving bribes of cattle from clans so as not to be harsh with them. Is it why there have been no arrests of culprits? No one knows.

But generally, as stated by the National Minister of Defense in his address to the National Parliament, the Governor has lost the trust of the people. New wine, new glass!

To embark on the solutions to Lakes State problems, there first must be a new Governor who should start on a new slate. All the other things would then follow.

Secondly, under the current caretaker Governor the rule of law has fallen to its lowest point. Cases are never tried. Police is not free to do its work. Those jailed for murder cases are released under the orders of Commissioners and the governor himself.

Instead, it’s innocent people and relatives of the culprits paying so heavily. I attended a rule of law workshop in Rumbek and I was amazed this issue of Governor and commissioners’ interference was raised by Head of Prisons management, the Deputy Police Commissioner and a member of the High Court in the State.

In a case of Kok clashes, it is believed that one of the murderers who is at large up to today was first arrested but the Governor was convinced to let him out since he was an in-law to the Governor’s family. There are so many cases of this same nature. This led to people not handing over the crime suspects.

The third reason is that the Caretaker Governor has killed all the important institutions in the State. One of these is the State legislative Assembly. Matur makes his own laws out of the Assembly. Any initiative by the Assembly is frustrated and brought down by him.

In one of the instances, a committee for peace and reconciliation led by Hon. Malek Machut was frustrated to an extent that they were not allowed to meet chiefs. Instead, the Governor convened the spear masters to conduct rituals in Akonbuoi. The result was all out clashes across the whole Agaar and Gok within same week.

The fourth reason is all about the chiefs salaries. The payment of chiefs salaries was stopped from the moment the Caretaker Governor took office. This has slowed the commitment of chiefs and has equally wounded the cooperation between chiefs who are the custodians of the people and the government.

Chiefs’ salaries have always been contained in the budgets passed by the State Assembly under the Ministry of Local Government. Why they don’t get their money only Matur knows.

Fifth reason; the Caretaker Governor has sidelined the SPLM office in the state. Yet, this is the right office from which his policies are supposed to be scrutinized and improved to meet the public demands before they are implemented.

Leave alone a question of cooperation with SPLM; he instead leads one of his own. Those in the SPLM office who do not listen to him are told to stay in Rumbek at their own risk.

The sixth reason is that the character of Gen. Matur Chut as a Governor does not marry up with an identity of a solemn leader. He is applying very harsh laws that are not workable. He does not know that harsh laws make harsh people.

His Langcok prison was a failure. His Arms Control Law passed by the State Assembly was broken within one week by not any other person, but him.

He registered arms within one month, collected people’s money as registration fees for arms and within same month he collected the guns back and refused the people’s money.

Seventh, apart from the fact that the Governor is illiterate, he also possesses no single quality of leadership. He is not calm. He does not listen. He does not contemplate on issues. He does not analyze. He is simply too full of himself.

His nature of throwing insults cannot convince any Dinka community to accept his leadership. Dinka people are never led with an iron fist. To do that makes them even more aggressive and arrogant. What you need is simply the rule of law– fair and free for all. Period!

The eighth reason; the Caretaker Governor has not laid down any system of Governance at all since he took over the leadership of the State. He runs the State without any policy. In the modern day leadership, you cannot wake up each morning and be driven looking for what to do, rather you need to plan and design what you want to do and what direction you want the State to take.

The Caretaker Governor does not have any single security policy for Lakes State.

The ninth reason; the Caretaker Governor of Lakes State is a champion of corruption and nepotism. All the State institutions do not get their Capital and Operation Costs.

The two construction projects – the fence around Freedom Square and the Secretariat General – cannot be the reason millions are taken every month. Funds used for development must equate to what is being done. The money of the poor university students that were officially released for studies – 474 of them – is being taken every month.

The discontent has grown against the government as a result and cooperation became another victim within the institutions he leads.

The tenth reason is the 2015 General Elections. With elections said to be held in April next year, there will be a reason to fear that SPLM may be in serious shambles. President Salva Kiir has visited Rumbek two times this year.

If the President did not use the opportunity to smell the coffee and read the mood of the people of Lakes State, then he should order for the minutes of the two day meeting held in Nyakuron by Jieng National Council of Elders with Lakes communities.

Maybe that can be the last avenue from which the President might get the proper knowledge about what is happening in Lakes and all the justifications why Matur Chut should go.

It is true the President may pass elections without Lakes voters, but it will pain and kill pride in people like me that it is our State that leads the shame, simply something so small was not done: removing the Governor.

The President may not know the people of Lakes State very well, but he knows Matur Chut. He knows his stories in the army. He was one of the generals upon whom soldiers celebrated by shooting in the air when they heard that he was taken to the reserve list. Behold, this was going to be the burden of Lakes State people.

On several occasions the President acknowledged that “Matur Chut does not listen”. Yes Sir, Matur Chut does not listen to anybody. Now the President should also listen and act fast by removing the Caretaker Governor.

If he heeds not to people’s call then we shall have the Caretaker Governor who does not listen, the President who does not listen and the people who will never listen. So, let’s listen!

Johnson Makuac Makur is a South Sudanese citizen. He works in Lakes State. He can be reached at

SPLM former political detainees & Civil Society shouldn’t be in Transitional Govt of Nat. Unity

BY: Juma Mabor Marial, JUBA, SEPT/15/2014, SSN;

As peace talks in Addis Ababa resumes today Monday, September 15, 2013, the attention will be drawn to transitional arrangement with formation of the transitional government of national unity topping the agenda.

As already is the case, the IGAD intention is to form an all-inclusive and a broad-based government that would include the two warring parties, other political parties, other stakeholders and of course, the SPLM Leaders Former Political Detainees (LFPD).

The intention here is to ensure that inclusivity, meaning collective involvement and responsibility by all the south Sudanese stakeholders to implement the reform agenda that would be framed in order to circumvent future crisis.

Now here comes the question of eligibility of who and who is not suitable to participate in the transitional government of national unity (TGONU)?

For me, the intention of IGAD to include all the stakeholders in the TGONU arrangement is a brilliant and comfortable idea because, national affairs have to be collectively addressed with stewardship of all members of the society.

It is because of this reason that I am buying the idea of all, except SPLM Leaders former political detainees and members of the Civil Society participating in the transitional government of national unity (TGONU).

I have therefore in my opinion, accepted that, both the warring parties i.e. the government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS) and SPLM/A in the opposition (SPLM-IO) must participate in the government of national unity on equal percentage no matter how small; the political parties must also participate in the TGONU, the youth, disabled and women must be represented in the TGONU.

But the SPLM leaders former political detainees and the members of the civil society should not participate in the transitional government of national unity, why?

Here comes the reason, one, I object to the participation of the SPLM former detainees in the TGONU because of the personal analysis of the status of these so-called former political detainees and my case against these guys is comprehensive.

However if I were to give lengthy details about the short comings of each one of them, some of them would take it personal and I wouldn’t want national issues to take that trend as my intention has always been to contribute to the welfare of this country without any baggage of personal grudge.

That said, the reasons why I wouldn’t want the former political detainees to participate in the forthcoming government are simple:

First, these people are of course veteran soldiers turned politicians and their contribution have made great positive impacts in this country including the achievement of independence, they are as well the contemporary politicians that this country has and their participation in the country’s affairs cannot be easily downgraded.

It is by virtue of their contribution to the freedom struggle that successively enabled them to form part of the government both in the government of national unity in Khartoum and government of southern Sudan since the inception of the comprehensive peace agreement in 2005.

But it is also because of their consistent salvage in the government that has enabled them show their true colours to the people of south Sudan by looting the meager resources from the people of south Sudan and establishing their empires here and abroad.

The former detainees, if I am not wrong and with the exception of the one former governor that is with them, were among the 75 government officials that were alleged to have squandered 400 million dollars from the citizens of south Sudan.

Other corruption scandals like the most recent Fire Safe Scandal were perpetuated by and had benefited some with them now, the cases of corruption are just a tip of an iceberg.

The other case I have against these former political detainees is their role in the on-going crisis, when they were arrested here in Juba and some of them charged with treason.

The sentiments in the streets of Juba as to their fate varied from one group of citizens to another, some said they were guilty as charged, others said they were innocent.

Others said they should be killed while others felt they should be castrated for having looted the country and lit the fire to kill the innocent civilians while they had hidden their families far away in foreign countries.

Some of us who went to schools and learnt the rules of analysis said everything should be left to the law to take its own course and we also added personal views that these are our brothers who had sacrificed their lives to bring this country to where it is today.

Therefore, castrating, killing or even convicting them should be replaced with their release and forgiveness, our voices, although in the minority ultimately took precedence over all other wild voices.

But little did we knew that their numbers would turned into a political party (G-11) or famously known now as (SPLM leaders former political detainees).

The now SPLM/A in the opposition plus the members of international community where these guys had connections also gave the government sleepless nights by pressurizing it to release the detainees.

Unlike south Sudanese (some of us) who had wanted these guys released because of their past good deeds, members of the international community who wanted the guys released thought that the arrest was not because of the alleged attempted coup but was entirely an attempt by the government to slab democracy.

Therefore, their detention was a straight forward case of war against democracy in Africa, the SPLM/A in opposition on the other hand were of the view that their comrades were put behind bars by a dictatorial government and considering them heavyweights in their opinion, the detained leaders have to be released as a precondition to start peace talks since their presence on their side would add both national and international backing to their claim.

Although with lesser hope of being good old friends again, the government had also thought that by releasing these guys, it would groove two or even three important points.

One, it would bargain the international community to its side that, yes, I can listen and therefore, I have to be applauded for being a good listener.

Two, I can morsel and therefore, anybody who thinks they can do anything and abscond will not do it unless I have consented, this was particularly to the detainees.

Thirdly, the government had hoped that these guys would be more appreciative and ask the government to allow them back to its side after they have been missed by a whisker.

All these hopes and desires whether from the citizens like us who had thought after their release, the guys would be remorseful to the people of south Sudan and ask for forgiveness and be good boys.

And to the international community which had thought after their release, the boys would be the champions of democracy in the country.

And to the SPLM/A in opposition which had thought the guys would join them and make them strong through their Political constituencies in the country and the international connections or even the government which had thought, the guys would come back and say thank you for forgiving us after the sins we committed against you were all wrong.

Instead, the guys went out and attempted to outsmart the citizens, the international community, the SPLM/A in opposition and the government by declaring themselves a neutral group.

The international community and IGAD bought into their idea because they thought this intention had been made in good faith, but the three groups, us the citizens, the SPLM/A in opposition and the government, felt that this was a first signature in the divorce papers between all of us and the so-called SPLM/A leaders former political detainees.

The reason the three groups accepted to sign these divorce papers is because the political detainees thought they are the only gifted people in this country by first looting the country, agreeing with some in the SPLM/A in opposition to overthrow the government, remain behind after the coup failed and when arrested and released, betrayed their brothers in the opposition, failed to appreciate the government that released them and failed to show-case to the international community that advocated for their release that they are now part of the solution.

They instead put themselves as the “clean people in all the crises that have engulfed the country.”

The intention here as is now realized by all the groups is that these people that have hurt everyone think the leader of the transitional government of national unity should come out of their group.

This is not my own assumption, you would all recall and agree with me that soon after their arrival in Addis Ababa for peace talks, the group convened a press conference and declared their position as being neutral and wanted to be considered as a third block in the talks.

This pronouncement derailed talks for sometimes until their case was resolved and they were accepted as third party to the peace talks.

It is because of their insistence that opened the flood-gates for multi-stakeholders style of the talks as IGAD wanted to provide a win-win situation for all south Sudanese stakeholders.

Secondly, Pagan Amum out of his own desire and volatility came out with a paper that was also published in the public media outlining how he would resolve the crisis between the warring parties.

His intention was quickly interpreted by some of the citizens that responded to his paper as being intended to putting himself as the interim president if and when the TGONU is formed.

Not only these, recently….and this is what has provoked me to share this opinion with the citizens, the SPLM leaders former political detainees published a forty three (43) page position paper, a paper that I named ‘SPLM Leaders Former Political Detainees Manifesto’ outlining or rather copy pasting the transitional constitution and other laws of south Sudan to tell people that whatever they had written is what should be done when and if the transitional government of national unity is formed.

The language used there is a straight forward indicator of the fact that SPLM leaders former political detainees want to head the transitional government of national unity.

Something they seem to express better in forty three (43) page position paper than at the round table at the peace talks in Addis Ababa.

The reason why some of us are convinced they want to lead the transitional government of national unity is that, throughout their statements in their forty three (43) page position paper, they have this common phrase of ‘WE’ will do this and that.

When you put this paper together with that of Pagan Amum and shuttle diplomacy that they are undertaking, then you would immediately know that they are the ones who want to be given the TGONU.

The question then that quickly comes to mind is, where were they for the last 10 years, of course some of them were governors, others prime ministers (cabinet affairs minister), all of them ministers, why didn’t they do all these things they think they can do now?

What will be the magic to bring ‘We will do’, or was their first phase for corruption and establishing dynasties and now if given a second phase, they will do this and that for the people of south Sudan?

I still haven’t gotten better answers for their “We will do” slogan and I need some help in that.

Again, recently when President Kiir and other IGAD head of states signed the protocol on transitional arrangement and Dr. Riek refused to sign the agreement, the group of eleven condemned in the strongest terms possible the unfairness of the protocol and made their grievances similar to those of the SPM/A in opposition.

Again, this takes us back to the drawing board of asking ourselves, if they (SPLM leaders former political detainees) have one reasoning or position with the SPLM/A in opposition, then why are they not joining hands and working together?

The only impression one expected they should have made was to suggest solutions on how the stalemate on the protocol would be resolved instead of repeating the same argument as put forward by the SPLM/A in opposition.

Let’s finalize our argument about these guys later on in the conclusion.

Now why should the civil society not be part of the transitional government of national unity?

Simple again, although I know most of the people see civil society as a gateway to politics, we have to be mindful of the future of this country.

It is not strange that some few self-centered characters started as civil society activists but as soon as they are appointed to political posts, they immediately toss out the advocacy clothes and swear never to represent the voiceless.

However, a border must be drawn here and now, the members of the civil society that are participating in the peace talks in Addis Ababa and those here in the country should not participate in the TGONU.

This is because the TGONU is not going to be business as usual, the politicians will head and manage it, yes, but it also needs a strong, independent and viable civil society to act as watchdog in the implementation of the reform agenda that shall be given to TGONU as a blueprint.

The civil society should be there to correct and supervise those who think looting the resources is what only replaces violence.

They, the civil society, should be there to ensure that the TGONU delivers the basic services that the people of south Sudan have been denied for quite too long.

The civil society should be there to ensure that all south Sudanese have the right to live and enjoy the fruits of independence of this country.

In conclusion, the SPLM leaders Former Political detainees have not captivated anybody with their tricks to come to power through the backdoor.

Yes, their contribution to the freedom of this country is acknowledged, their reigns and political strength are known, their intellectualism and generational ability are also known.

But it is also fresh in everyone’s mind that they have been in the government of this country since its inception, they have also looted enough from the citizens at the expense of development and service delivery;
— they have mismanaged the affairs of this country through omission and/or commission;
— they have not repented and said sorry to the citizens that die because of their political ambitions in this country;
— they have failed to meet the expectations of the SPLM/A in opposition;
— they have disappointed the international community and they have declare useless the government that released them from prison.

Here they are, thinking that they know everything out of all these groups yet they have betrayed everybody that has done everything to ensure their release.

Yes, they are south Sudanese, they are still prominent politicians and they are still connected but no, they cannot be part of the transitional government of national unity because I am afraid, should they be returned to the government, it will be business as usual.

They will go back to their old quarters and do what they are known of doing best. These people should be left like any other ordinary citizen.

Let them go back to their people and ask for a fresh mandate and come elections, they shall have the right to contest and if they win, then, they can come back to politics.

SPLM Leaders Former political detainees were supposed to bring solutions to these crises but did they do that, no!

They are busy scheming on how the mediators and international community should get rid of everybody and make them the caretakers of the transitional government of national unity.

This is why I think their conspiracy has now become crystal clear and therefore, they should not be allowed to be part of the TGONU which is now the only hope for south Sudanese to bring the long awaited and lasting reforms. END

Juma Mabor Marial is a Trainee Advocate in Juba & Reachable at:

Daidit-e-maa & Amer Mayen hyperventilated & fallacious writings against Bor County shouldn’t go unchallenged

By: Wunchir Atong, South Sudan Mission in UK, SEP/13/2014, SSN;

As custodian of this great and esteemed people of GREATER BOR (Bor Twi and Duken), I have always thought washing our dirty linen in public is the least thing we can do. Unfortunately, and to my utmost mortification, my TWI people aren’t thinking or mindful about this great trepidation.

The recent intolerable nincompoop and slurred articles written by the above mentioned duos and previous convoluted and unabated avalanche of attacks by the so-called ‘TWI EAST COMMUNITY’ in the United States against Bor county finally broke the camel’s back. There seems to be no constructive condemnation coming out from Twi East community; therefore, it is likely the appraised writers are presenting the stand of Twi East community.

Given Bor county integrity and dignity were and still being attacked relentlessly it is time to expose Twi East what it truly is. In this paper, TWI EAST is renamed as ‘TWIKENUER’ as that’s the trajectory the community inclines to.

TWIKENUER needs to be demystified to their last smidgen and I will do this! Plug on your seat belt TWI-KE-MAA, it is going to be some long, rough and nasty ride.

First thing first, Bor county had no other problem (s) with Riek Machar and his unruly Nuer people apart from what Riek did to Dr John, and South Sudanese Movement in ’91. When Riek rebelled and waged war on the SPLM/A for 11 years, a war he was mandated by NCP, Khartoum based organisation to kill Dr John.

Riek wanted to kill Nyandeng (Garang’s wife) famously known as ‘NYANDHOM’ in early sixties, he wanted to kill Mabior, Chol, Atong and Gak (Garang’s kids). He wanted to kill South Sudanese aspiration.

As people of Bor county we stood with Dr John through thick and thin. With the rest of other Jieng Communities, we fought Riek’s insurgency with all our might until Dr John survived being run over and possibly beheaded by Riek’s tribal militiamen.

Comrade Salva, Peter Wal Athiu, Lazarus Kuol Manyang, Malong Awan, Garang Mabil and many other Jieng generals didn’t allow Riek to take leadership by force. Instead, Riek was defeated and had to surrender back to Dr John in 2002 in absolute shame! Bor county did not hate TWIKENUER, it should not have fought this war.

Dr John escaped in Bor 1983.
Fast forward, at the time Dr John made coup to Jaffer Muhammed Numeri, he was first sheltered in Bor county. The county welcomed him by slaughtering a white bull for him and those of 104 and 105 battalions soldiers at Makuac Payam.

Had there been hatred sung by TWIKENUER, this reception should not have happened. As Dr John was munching on (RIING MABIOR-ACHOT) ‘white bull’s meat’, Bor county’s sons in the person of Alier Mangardit from Kolnyang Payam, Garang Ngang Abui from Kolnyang Payam, Manyang Agook Aliet from Makuac Payam and Aguek Aguto from Makuac Payam were busy fighting the enemy at the outskirt of Bortown from catching up with Dr John.

At last, the defending soldiers were defeated. Jallaba was all over Bor county Payams looking for Dr John and his escapees. No one including children said anything about their whereabouts. This showed an enormous love the county had towards Garang Mabior Atem de Aruei.

He was housed convivially and facilitated by us (this author included) to the border of Ethiopia and massive mobilisation kicked in. The recruit resulted in Koriom battalion which was almost composed of Bor county people.

This battalion gave Garang an upper hand for destroying 10,000 troops of Jallaba at the battle of Panwel Abiryai, adjacent Kolonyang Payam under selfless and fearless commander Makoor Lual from Jale Payam.

The destruction of these troops shook Jaffer Numeri and the INF regime in Khartoum. The showdown depicted really well that Dr John wasn’t a factor to be ignored. Bor county was never against TWIKENUER or Dr John in particular. In fact, first rebellion towards Dr John was waged by Twi member.

First rebellion against Dr John was done by his TWIKENUER!
As Dr John consolidated and nursed his wounds after mysterious absconding from Bortown, first rebellion against him was struck by none other than the TWIKENUER where Garang hails. The man who went against Dr John’s leadership was Akuot Atem Mayen from Twi.

Akuot in collaborative Nyagatism with Nuer incapacitated the premise that Dr John become leader of the forthcoming guerrilla Movement. Akuot protested and those of Abdhala Chuol amongst many others joined his rebellion and eventually took arms against Dr John and those supporting Dr John.

Akuot’s rebellion waylaid and killed many potential SPLM/A recruits in Nuerland on the way to Bonga or Bilpam training camps inside Ethiopia.

Akuot who initiated this mischievous act was never from Bor county but a TWI against other TWI. Fortunately, a fight over leadership followed and disgraceful stories ensued in Akuot’s camp. Akuot was eventually killed.

He passed on a shameful death, mind you. He was tethered at a tree like a he-goat and those of Abdhala Chuol, Gatwech Wiyual, Ghai Tut, Koang Biel and many other NUER gathered around him. Before they slaughtered Akuot, his names were ritually spelt until he peed at himself, and finally poo-ed or defecated for that matter. Is this what TWIKENUER wants?

Is this what NUER is better than Jieng for? Before you all know, Akuot’s episode is what will happen to Mabior Garang (John Garang’s son) very soon.

For those online, you must have heard/read what Koang Lul Ruai, the SPLM-IO spokesperson said about Mabior couple of weeks ago or so. That, and I paraphrase, ‘days are gone when dictator (Dr John) and his two boys (Mabior and Chol) were killing and running peoples’ movement like theirs,’ he went on to say, Garang and his sons’ behaviour couldn’t be tolerated in Riek’s rebellion.’

This is a true revelation of what awaits that Cartoon-like-boy. What was done to his uncle Akuot Atem until he defecated will be done at him anytime Riek wants.

TWIKENUER rebelled too in the church.
Though it will be a discussion for another day it’s worth going briefly over it. TWIKENUER rebellion was even taken to the church when Rev. Peter Bol Arok, Rev Garang Thil and many TWIKENUER young men/women who were groomed and brought up by the most revered and charismatic leader HIS Lordship Bishop Nathaniel Garang Anyieth all rebelled against Him. One would never comprehend how Twi thinks!

Bor county and her ultimate service to the SPLM/A from the inception to this day is ineffable.

We, the Bor county had been linchpin of Garang’s regime even at the time our fathers, uncles and brothers were falsely targeted and killed for fear of unknown.

Late Martin Majer Gai, a son of a paramount chief in Anyidi Payam, was killed for being analytical and objective. Martin was brought up in a house and family where things are orderly done. His brotherly suggestion that Koriom battalion waited Muor-Muor and other recruits for a better mix and representative took his dear life.

As this generation is good at fabricating lies, it is of significant importance that records are set straight.

Justice Martin would have been a last man to rebel against Dr John, and Dr John being an absolute TWI, he was thinking just like other TWI. Garang felt inferior despite the ultimate support he enjoyed. Martin’s differed opinion was viewed a threat regardless of his oversight intelligence and impartiality.

Like I mentioned, Martin grew up in a hut where laws that governed Juor-Piol and Anyidi Payam at large were enacted. He was never thirsty of the leadership but because Dr John never tested leading people, he thought his new found leadership was being eyed.

This is a fact, because if we go to Awulian of TWIKENUER section where Dr John hails Biar Abit’s family are Awulian rulers. This means if the SPLM/A leadership were to be determined by such social order, where on earth will Mabior Atem’s son take leadership in presence of Abit’s family?

Dr John’s family was incongruent with Martin’s family and as such, son of a chief was shamelessly slain in cold blood and Bor county army officers were falsely identified as rebels when they weren’t.

Bor county officers were all collected in their respective stations and jailed. While in detention, they were mercilessly beaten each morning and evening for about eight months until two officers passed on. The dead were Akuak Kudum from Baidit payam and Majok Nyieth from jalle payam.

As the torturing persistently went on, a lot of them sustained internal and external injuries for example, officer Agaany Aguto’s knee-cup broke at the time he fell down in the neck-breaking chase and lots of other officers are now disabled or dying because of the injuries inflicted in them.

When this happened, Bor county people nearly took law into their own hands but our elders cautioned that, if this had to happen, Southerners will never achieve their aspiration and Riek will win over Dr John.

Altruistically, uncles who sustained injuries were the very people against a plan to retaliate the dead and their injuries. As Bor county is excellent at analysing and digesting things, the youth eventually listened to elders and resorted to bringing Dr John to book after South and North war.

Fortunately, he is nowhere to be found. God solved the problem!!

As lies are being manufactured by TWIKENUER in the person of Amer and Daidit Maa that Bor county rebelled in the past, it is simply untrue. Also, officer Akem Aluong Kaang did not join Riek’s rebellion in 1991. The same is true to Justice Dengtiel Ayuen. Like Telar Riing Deng, they got trapped in Nuerland.

Akem Aluong was commissioned to Riek’s zone by Dr John and therefore got caught up by the infamous split in Nuerland. They didn’t rebel and calling them rebels is about being naïve and unfamiliar about ’91 rebellion history.

Familiarise yourself with books, consult with SPLM/A veterans before you write. It is despicable wasting time writing for things you are oblivious about and more often than not, such writer/s become a loony imprudent.

It is worth noting, Dengtiel Ayuen Kur was targeted by those who killed Justice Martin Majer. As this became clearer, he chose to keep low profile and away from the killers as he was in the top list of ‘wanted individuals from Bor county’. If in doubt ask Salva Kiir, Dengtiel and those mentioned above weren’t rebels.

For sake of records, let me underscore Akem’s case. Officer Akem was a commander of a contingent of Adiit battalion which was based in Eastern Upper Nile. With the rebellion taking a toll on non-NUER soldiers, Akem planned to outwit Riek and save his about 1000 to 1200 soldiers.

He did not want a confrontation with Riek’s forces as he was in the Nuer heartland. He planned a safe exit towards Ethiopia and then Murle land without a fight. The plan didn’t succeed.

Akem made the plan known to his solders, but regrettably, a junior soldier (Name withheld) from Ngok section who was part of Akem’s soldiers was reported to have leaked the whole plan to Riek group. Suspicions were running high and Akem was summoned by Riek the following day.

Having planned no confrontation, he went with only 4 bodyguards to look harmless. On arriving to Dr Riek’s base, he was brutally attacked by Nuer officers and hacked to death in the presence of Dr. Riek, Dr Lam, Dr Adwok and all seniors’ members in the base.

This was an act of sheer savagery on a respected SPLA commander. If still in doubt consult with Dr Adwok, or read his books about Riek acrimonious crime.

Akem and Justice Dengtiel were never rebels like Majak, Nyandhom and her cartoon-like boy (Mabior) who together staged a posthumously coup against the dead Dr John.

Besides, calling general Malual Ayom Dor as good-for-nothing is off-putting and factually misplaced. This is a general who sacrificed himself to go defend Greater Bor (Bor Twi and Duken) when civilians were displaced and killed in Bortown.

In the meeting chaired by Kiir, gen. Hoth and gen. Kuol Manyang with all Greater Bor generals, Malual Ayom, late Abraham Joongroor, Kuol Malith and Mabior Lual Machar volunteered to go and fight Riek and Nyandhom insurgents. General Malual now is in charge of operation in Jonglei and this was out of his will. He was never assigned there.

‘Good-for-nothing’ is when those of general Bior Ajang and many other TWIKENUER generals cowardly masqueraded ranks they can’t deliver in.

Bor county supports Republic of South Sudan (RSS) constitution, if this is synonymous to Kiir’s government so be it!!

Like Bor county stood with Dr John’s movement, the county stood again with Kiir’s government. Bor county thinks it is inconceivable to forcefully dethrone general Kiir unconstitutionally.

This county thinks if Kiir becomes of no use, he should then be voted out in the next elections (2015). It doesn’t need the army taking or setting ablaze our infrastructures and dropping off our civilians from their villages.

If this is what it takes to call my county ‘BORKAZAL’ for standing with a constitutional government and not calling it ‘BORTWI’ at the time of Dr John, then this qualifies the idiocy and foolery widely claimed to have possessed TWIKENUER.

If anything, then TWIKENUER owes Jieng communities an apology for conspiring with Jieng’s enemy at the expense of Jieng. In Nyandhom’s rebellion, all Jieng communities were targeted with exception of TWIKENUER communities where Nyandhom hails.

Isn’t this shameful for a community that thinks it is a Jieng by ethnicity?

TWIKENUER villages were left untouched by marauding White Army. This in itself is telling. TWIKENUER who were killed were those in the army and in Bortown. But it should be made clear to general audience that TWIKENUER were circulating an information stating their residents left Bortown to their villages in Twi as soon as possible, so those killed were disobeyers and ignorant.

This top-secret was leaked in Bortown three days before war erupted in Juba in December 2013. This could be another lead in piecing together whether there was a coup or not.

So what do TWIKENUER really want? Yesterday TWIKENUER forged unclear relationship with TWI-KE-MIYARDIT and now is TWIKENUER. What happens to the re-union that was to happen between TWIEAST and TWIWEST?

Daidit maa and Amer need be told there is nothing to be jealous about TWIKENUER. There is nothing with Majak to be jealous about. He was Kiir’s houseboy yesterday, and he remains a houseboy to this day. Shouldn’t it be mistaken that PhD changes people? NO, it doesn’t.

Once a houseboy is always a houseboy, and once a demon worshipper remains a demon worshipper. There’s totally nothing to be jealous about TWIKENUER. In fact, it was goodwill of Bor county members that Majak made it out safely without being “hung by the neck until he dies” and these TWIKENUER aren’t giving credit where it’s due.

Bor county saved the traitors. I will take you through how Majak and his other three traitors survived. The conspirators would have perished if Bor county wanted!!

First, Kuol Manyang as defense minister and an influential post-military general in Kiir’s government would have done the unthinkable if Bor county had the virulent hatred TWIKENUER littered the Worldwide Net with.

Second, Justice Makuei Lueth talks the talk and he had never walked the TALK. Had he walked his talk, this Majak TWIKENUER talked earth and heaven would have been a decomposed by now.

+Third, General Mach Paul Kuol was able to let go his post to save Majak and his other comrades from being beheaded by the RSS government. Had he had this ‘TIEL’ (hatred) TWIKENUER accused Bor county with, this Majak house boy would have been a history.

Bear in mind general Mac Paul Kuol is an immediate cousin to Late Justice Martin Majer. Had he had hatred that TWIKENUER are making online community to believe that Bor county hates and despises Twi, he would have lied in the court and Majak, Pagan, Oyai and Lol would have been slaughtered like chicken and Twi or TWIKENUER would have done nothing. And, I mean nothing!!

If TWIKENUER community loves Majak really, you would have glorified, espoused and worshiped these three men (Kuol, Makuei and Mac). TWIKENUER would have known Bor county is never an enemy. When are you TWIKENUER backing off from this sheer ungratefulness?

Sit back and think of these three gentlemen and how they are holding the sword-of-death and that of life. Thank God they haven’t resorted to this cheap talk of TWI and BOR. Thank God they have shown rare leadership that is never found in TWIKENUER!!

Without slight of compunction TWIKENUER go around dragging Duk county into their shameful political prostitution while great people of Duk could be commended for not trading off their JIENGSIM to Nuer.

The county stood tall in all odds. While this is the case, it is in Bor county interest, that Duk distances itself from this TWIKENUER lunacy. This means Duk county needs to begin speaking for herself.

Duk can’t allow to be misrepresented, or is Malok Aleng’s orotundity coming true? That Duk county is yet to bear a leader who will represent her! Until Duk county can’t allow clueless TWIKENUER speak on her behalf, otherwise Bor county and other Jieng communities will validate Malokdit’s words.

Back to Amer, I learnt she got disowned by a Bor county’s groom after series of exhaustion and therefore she is a furious tigress. Well, Amer should have known ‘a runaway groom’ isn’t Bor county.

Farting an “obnoxious fart” if have to borrow your words into your own relationship and attacking the county of a fellow victim is reckless thing. With such behaviour, it is likely predictable that you will continue to pimp until you will lose counting of passing-by men.

Apologise and you will save your plunging girl-child in you. Those cheering you up are doing you too much of un-repairable damage. You’re already a patient suffering from psychotic and neurotic disorders, and you have yourself to blame.

The thing is, accept the reality that the groom has taken off at a long stride and move forward, you could be poignant as you are but he is gone. Go shopping for next victim!!

Unlike weakling Daidit Maa, Amer deserves appreciation for not concealing herself. This is what an accountability is about. Daidit Maa is a coward who attacks under a ghost name; this is a typical character of MUONY-TWIKENUER. They are faint-hearted.

In recap, Bor county is still Bor county. It can and will never be called Borkazal. It is defamatory for a county Dr John could count on during his unpredictable years. Dr John kept close to himself those of general Peter Wal Athiu, Kuol Manyang, Jok Riak, Jok Reng, Majok Mac and many other fearless generals for reason, and this is, they will never rebel.

Who in TWIKENUER would Dr John trust apart from Chol Lual, Jok Riak, Kuol Manyang, Wal Athiu and Majok Mac (RIP) to defend him both from Riek Machar and NCP?

Tell me who would have protected Dr John from TWIKENUER apart from the aforementioned generals? Bor county saved Dr John in ’91 and will continue to protect general Kiir until his constitutional term is over.

Wunchir Atong is on RSS government mission to United Kingdom, he can be reached at

The case of SPLM-Juba: Devils acting quickly with a messy disappearance at the end

BY: Chuol C. Puoch, SOUTH SUDAN, SEP/14/2014, SSN;

I would rather say it is disgusting having this turned-criminal political group calling itself a political party and insidiously run the affairs of the Country. SPLM party has failed beyond reasonable explanation, and its failure has absolutely been our severe pain that we have been enduring for the last 9 years after the CPA.

SPLM is a party of former rebel commanders who have acquired little civil leadership system apart from their commanding political ruling. Really disgusting!

It’s worth mentioning that when you walk with a thief, it’s obvious that you can become a thief. The same applied to walking with criminal, murderer and so on; you would sooner than later become criminal and murderer or whoever you follow and walk with.

Most of the SPLM members and leaders are patriotic, but have been affected by their walking together silently in gullible manner. As we speak, there are those greedy and corrupt ones calling themselves SPLM-G9, and the other disgraceful group running the Country calling itself the SPLM-Juba.

There are also the transformers under the name SPLM-IO. Not to forget to mention that there are also SPLM-In-neutral and SPLM-in-nowhere. All the above mentioned groups are currently in hostile and bloody confrontation politically and militarily.

As stated above, not all are bad in the SPLM, but most are really not only bad, but also worse.

The most dangerous group is the SPLM-Juba which has the resources of the Country in their hands, deceiving the world and the ordinary citizens that they are the government of South Sudan, claiming that they were democratically elected.

In this article, I am only going to narrate my heartfelt disappointment by the arrogant acts of the SPLM-Juba and their allies in the government. I have tried as much as I could to make this article very short and brief, in spite the fact that the bad deeds of those people that needs to be mentioned are numerous

Right after the outbreak of the incident of December 15th in Juba, the SPLM-Juba has chosen a deceiving politics over the world and South Sudan; bloody propaganda, war mongering and war escalation is in their utmost interest.

They tried as much as a human being can do to sell their coup narrative almost all over the world, but fortunately no single person or Country ever accepted their version; they have always been coming back to Juba with embarrassments.

The Salva Service Television (SSTV) (as its broadcasting explains) has been used to sell their coup version to the citizen of South Sudan in the Country and abroad. They use their unfounded statement like “One People, One Nation” Guffaw! are we one people?

How can we be one when you disgracefully massacred our families and relatives in Juba? How can we be one when our innocent civilians are suffering in UN bases while you keep shipping in some more deadly machine guns to kill us?

How can the nation be one when you are denying education to our Children in Akobo, Maiwut, Leer and Fangak?

A devil in an action is just as fast as its messy disappearance at the end of its action. That is exactly the case of our brothers in Juba. We should and must understand that they are working messily toward their ending. They will do as worse as they can to utilize and destabilize this Country before their last minutes as it’s always the case with devils.

They have currently hired some youths and adolescents from the streets to go and collect the names of oblivious civilians in their villages as SPLM members.

Especially in greater Equatoria, it’s clear that once you refuse to submit your names as a member of the SPLM and a supporter of Salva Kirr, you are suspected to having a link with the SPLM/A-IO and your life will be in danger.

In greater Bahr el Gazel, it’s done on the basis that Nuer want to take our leadership and we must all register to vote for Salva Kirr in 2015.

It was just few months ago when Salva Kirr himself came up and openly said that the election wouldn’t happen in 2015 as scheduled, due to the security situation facing the Country. It was accepted because it was/is the only choice we should choose about the election schedule.

How possible it’s to conduct an election in this destabilized and unfriendly environment? Are people going to vote only in Bahr el Gazel and not in Upper Nile? Is it a means to loot and waste the Country’s resources or a trick to get rid of SPLM-IO?

In Juba, innocent civilians are disappearing almost every single hour and especially at night. Who is kidnapping and killing people? Why kidnapping and killing them?

Ask anybody in Juba and they will only tell you that; better those days of 1992 when they were under inhumane torture from the Khartoum regime during the struggle. Why victimizing our very own people inhumanly like that again this time?

Innocent Nuer civilians that are scattered almost in the whole of South Sudan are subjected to frequent harassment, detention, torture and killing.

The security agents of the government ask them some ugly questions like: Do you know Riek Machar? Do you know Taban Deng Gai? Do you know Husein Mar Nyuot? And do you know Charleman Chawaj?

Most stupidly, they expect you to say NO! I don’t know any of them before they can let you go. Frankly speaking, those serving under Kirr’s government are nihilistic to any other thing in this universe with an exception of money, alone.

As a matter of fact, there will never be an election in 2015 and the SPLM-Juba is finally coming to its ending. It’s you and only you who will say enough is enough! So that killing, torture and kidnapping of our innocent civilians are stopped.

Our children and women are badly traumatized by the government we call ours; they are hopeless and helpless with tears dropping daily and uncontrollably from their eyes.

The above mentioned points about what is happening to our people are obvious indications that the devil is finally coming to its ending.

However, I would like to also stress that there has never been a shortcut to freedom and democracy from any form of system a Country or society undergoes through like dictatorship.

Look at how South Africa was finally freed from apartheid by Nelson Madella and take a look at the story of Tanzania as well. Liberia is enjoying democracy after long struggle for independence and self governance which was followed by bad governance.

We can say by now that freedom and democracy are just a few miles from now. The devils are disappearing messily as soon as you would imagine. We will then practice the real and honest expression like “One people, one nation”

Chuol C. Puoch is a South Sudanese living in South Sudan; he can be added/follow on Facebook with his name mentioned above, on twitter @ChuolChot and via email: . You can also access and follow his words on

IGAD is unfit to mediate in the South Sudan’s conflict


Since the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) assembly of heads of states and governments held in Nairobi on 27th December 2013 arrogated to itself the mediation role in the conflict in South Sudan, it was clear that it would be difficult for it to perform this self ascribed role with impartially.

Collins English Dictionary defines the word impartial as “not favouring one or the other”. In other words it means being neutral; that is not taking sides with any of those in dispute.

The literature on the concept of mediation places impartiality at its heart and makes it abundantly clear that mediators must be impartial if any success is to be achieved.

The glaring and overwhelming reasons for disqualifying IGAD’s mediation were surprisingly overlooked by Mr Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nation who lent his support to IGAD as suitable body for the task. This was then followed by the Troika and others.

Contradictorily, the Troika has a firm policy not to deal with indictees of the International Criminal Court (ICC) like President Omer Bashir of the Sudan. With this policy the Troika should have known that they would indirectly be endorsing President Bashir, contrary to their policy, in his role as an IGAD head of state through their support of the regional body.

They seem to have forgotten about this policy by lending open support to IGAD as a mediator where President Bashir plays an influential role.

With the blessing of the international community IGAD was set to fail in its task and thus the people of South Sudan.

Had the international community paused to scrutinize IGAD’S self appointment to the mediation role, they might have realised that due to several conflicts of interest IGAD would not be fit for the job and hence a different option might have been sought out.

However, at the time the international community appeared anxious and wanted a quick fix or an immediate solution. This oversight was likely due to the international community’s lack of in-depth knowledge about IGAD itself.

A number of reasons disqualify IGAD from the role of mediation it arrogated to itself as a regional body. The first is the history of IGAD’s involvement as a mediator in the Sudan conflict which erupted in 1983 and ended in 2005 with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

For over a decade and half IGAD was completely ineffective in coming forward with a solution. The talks drifted from one year to the other endlessly until President George W. Bush of the United Stated intervened in 2002, when the CPA was brokered. So it was clear that IGAD’s record of mediation and peace making is decimally poor.

Secondly, when IGAD arrogated to itself the right to mediate in the conflict in South Sudan, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda already had intervened in the conflict in support of President Salva Kiir‘s genocidal operations against the Nuer people.

Ugandan forces at the time were already heavily involved in military operations in Jonglei state with President Museveni threatening Dr Riek Machar with defeat within 4 days.

President Museveni had declared during his visit to Juba that all of them (IGAD member states) would go after Dr Machar and his group:

This was unfortunate because President Museveni made this statement out of ignorance of South Sudanese culture. He should have known that South Sudanese do not take kindly to threats.

The Khartoum establishment tried it and backed it up with violence ceaselessly in vain during their occupation of South Sudan from 1955 to 2005. Threatening South Sudanese is an invitation for trouble.

Uganda’s involvement was deep. Not only did it provide political and moral support, but it rained banned cluster bombs on South Sudanese civilians as well as the resistance fighters. With such a level of intervention, Uganda had already ruled itself out as a neutral country to qualify as a mediator for the conflict.

Thirdly, there was the issue of the relationship between the member states of IGAD. The Sudan and Uganda are not in good terms. Sudan is alleged to support Lord Resistance Army (LRA) while Uganda similarly is alleged to support some of the Darfuri liberation movements.

The intervention of Uganda in support of President Kiir was thus seen suspiciously by some of the IGAD member states raising alarms. This opened up the ugly possibility of South Sudan being turned into a battle field. This may already be happening subtly if one thinks about the regional dynamics and the poor relationships among the member states of IGAD.

For example, Ethiopia and Eritrea do not see eye to eye, Uganda and Sudan do not see eye to eye, and Eritrea and Sudan are allies and so on. The poor ties between the member’s states of IGAD thus show IGAD is unsuitable for the task of mediation in South Sudan.

Fourthly, there was the issue of interest of the individual members of IGAD in South Sudan. Please see, ‘IGAD’s inadequate strategy in South Sudan’.

Fifthly, the role of President Salva Kiir himself creates a serious conflict of interest. Kiir wears three hats at the same time:
1) By virtue of being President of South Sudan and South Sudan being a member of IGAD, he automatically sits with the Heads of States (of IGAD). Therefore, as a result this puts Dr Machar and other stakeholders at a huge disadvantage because President Kiir would have already formed favourable relationships with many of IGAD’s heads of state;

2) By President Kiir’s ongoing position, by default he automatically wears a hat of a mediator invisibly. This accords him huge advantage to influence things in his favour against his adversary/rival and;

3) Abominably President Kiir wears the hat of the accused head of state who has taken genocidal actions which triggered the crisis. He is a major party to the conflict.

Sixthly and finally, there was the problem of varied political cultures in the region. Uganda, Eritrea, South Sudan and the Sudan are dictatorships with Ethiopia and Kenya to a certain extent being subtly repressive.

Some leaders of the IGAD countries have open cases where they are accused of grave crimes against humanity at the ICC which they are vigorously attempting to dismiss by all sorts of obstructions and intrigues.

These vital factors should have raised alarm bells sufficiently enough at the beginning to rule out IGAD’S self appointment as a mediator. After all, the business of mediation is a voluntary one where the warring or disputing parties agree to be helped in reaching a settlement.

SPLM-IO should have been the party to distance itself from the IGAD sham because it is the aggrieved party. How did it sleep walk into this morass is anybody’s guess. Its lapse in foresight and thinking has now allowed it to be portrayed wrongly and unfairly as an intransigent party.

But for anybody who knows the lacklustre style of Dr Machar’s leadership this is not a surprise. It is expected since he is not known as a man of diligence and a thorough thinker.

His performance on the crucial case of Abyei and Panthou in yesteryears at The Hague speaks for itself. Nevertheless, this still can be corrected if only they can take the right decision now with full explanation to the people of South Sudan.

IGAD’S role as a mediator can not stand and it will not resolve the conflict in South Sudan due to its overt prejudice emanating from the factors mentioned above. If IGAD were truly neutral and an impartial body then it would have been able to facilitate the resolution of the conflict satisfactorily.

The proof that IGAD is totally unsuitable can be seen from its latest protocol which has correctly been described as “biased” by Dr Machar with the SPLM-G10 calling it “unfair, biased, and unjust”.

Please see, ‘Rebels accuse IGAD mediators of bias as talks adjourned.’ and ‘Former South Sudan detainees say IGAD proposal “unjust”.’

The rules of mediation make it abundantly clear that a mediator must be neutral and their language too must be neutral, both spoken and written. Mediators as neutral can not impose their decision on the parties.

The decisions must flow from the positions and wishes of the disputing or warring parties. This makes the recently signed protocol by the heads of states of governments of IGAD a total nonsense (Protocol on Agreed Principles on Transitional Arrangement Towards Resolution of the Crisis in South Sudan 25th August 2014. file:///C:/Users/Rosemary/Downloads/Protocol_signed_25_Aug.pdf).

IGAD in this protocol is not helpful at all. It does not work to bring peace. It prescribes and imposes President Kiir (an ethnic cleanser) to continue as the president of the interim period. In a nut shell IGAD is trying to impose more of the same: Dinkocracy, promotion of corruption, ethnic cleansing, and lawlessness.

No wonder the editor of African Arguments has been scathing in his commentary about the IGAD mediated peace talks:

Because IGAD is not neutral it ignores all the rules of mediation. It does not listen to the people of South Sudan; it does not use material agreed in the course of mediation; it does not play an impartial role; it does not use neutral language; it threatens; dictates and imposes its will contrary to its role.

This should not astonish because essentially IGAD is a club of dictators and what dictators know best is to threaten, bully and impose their will regardless of the views of the aggrieved or rather the warring parties.

In other words, the sham mediation now indirectly exposes the corrupt and oppressive nature of IGAD itself and the type of leaders it has rather than truly solving the problem of South Sudan.

The real problem in South Sudan is SPLM’s dysfunction and the genocidal actions of President Kiir that fades away in the mediation process of IGAD. With the seriousness of South Sudan’s situation being reduced to a quarrel over positions in government.

How can the killing of over twenty thousand people in Juba alone in December 2013, the imprisonment of over a hundred and fifty thousand people in the UN Protection camps, and the displacement of over one million seven hundred thousand people internally within South Sudan, and externally to the neighbouring countries be down played is beyond any reasonable person’s understanding.

Where is the justice for those criminally killed en masse in Juba? Even the controversial governor of Lakes state General Matur Chut Dhoul acknowledged President Kiir’s crimes. Please see, ‘Lakes governor hits back at over no confidence vote.’

What gives the SPLM factions the right to cause such an upheaval and yet IGAD sees patching them up and handing them power on a golden platter as a solution for the country. Let us not forget that this has since the beginning of the mediation been the plan of IGAD.

Please see, ‘IGAD’s inadequate strategy in South Sudan’. The link to this piece is already provided above.

If the international community truly are desirous of peace in South Sudan then IGAD must throw away their hopeless objectives and plans, better still if the mediation is transferred to one or more of the eminent persons like Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

SPLM is the problem in South Sudan and it needs to be confronted on the table and held to account.

The Netherlands has taken the right step to distance itself from associating with human rights abusers. Ms Lillianne Plouman, the Dutch minister for foreign trade and development announced on 4th September 2014 in Juba, “We have decided to stop cooperation with the government (SPLM) at this point.”

“One of the reasons that (we) have been very worried about is about what happened on December and after that. For example in Malakal in April has to do with violation of human rights. There is no reason at all why innocent women who were in a hospital had to suffer the way that the(y) suffered.”

This is an honourable and ethical stance that must be praised and commended. It is hoped that many other countries especially the Troika will follow suit. Please see, ‘Netherland cuts aid to South Sudan.’

IGAD has whole heartedly bought President Salva Kiir’s nonsense of “democratically elected president” “elected institutions” capped with “red line(s)” as credible. These are shouts of shameless liars.

President Kiir and the SPLM usurped power from the people on the eve of independence. Their election in April 2010 lost validity on 9th July 2011 with the break of South Sudan away from the Sudan.

But even if President Kiir and the SPLM were elected by the people in the right way, he and they have forfeited their right to rule by committing grave crimes against the very people who allegedly voted him and the SPLM into power.

This serious crime overrides their empty songs of “democratically elected”. South Sudan can not afford to have a person who conclusively is a danger to himself, the people of South Sudan and the region to continue as the interim president.

The club of dictators is trying to save one of their own through their dirty protocol at the expense of the people of South Sudan.

Neither President Kiir, nor Dr Machar, nor any of the infamous SPLM-G10 should be president of the interim period. They have disqualified themselves by the sordid criminal behaviours of the last 9 years.

Therefore given the above, IGAD’s partiality and its biased strategies should spur the Secretary General of the UN and the United Nations Security Council to transfer the peace talks to one or some of the eminent persons.

IGAD has on its own discredited itself. After all it’s self-appointment was to protect one of its own, whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent South Sudanese.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul

Kiir’s Dictatorial Tendencies may cost him Lakes’ loyalty come Elections

BY: Maciek Gabriel Gum, JUBA, SEP/11/2014, SSN;

As the National Assembly is ringing the warning bells of elections, there is high need for President Salva Kiir Mayardit to be concerned. President Kiir’s legitimacy, according to the Interim National Constitution that brought him into power in 2010 will end in April 2014 and as a result, he will have to seek the approval of the Citizens of South Sudan if he is to continue as the most powerful man in South Sudan.

To do this, President Mayardit will first have to ensure that there are no leaks or loopholes in the Dinka barricade under which he hides. But will this wall be as intact as it was 5 years ago? This is the million dollar question.

In 2010, when the countrywide elections were held, President Kiir went to most of the States and Counties of South Sudan and campaigned for his election and that of all the SPLM candidates contesting for various political positions.

He got a hero’s welcome in every State and County that he went to with bulls falling at will at his feet and ululations filling the air announcing his arrival and welcoming him to a successful campaign.

People placed their hopes on him so that he could lead them well, the first South Sudanese to be elected President to lead the South Sudanese.

In Lakes State, the Incumbent President Kiir Mayardit won by over 90%. Over 90% of the contesting SPLM candidates (whom Kiir campaigned for) were elected into office “that there was even a saying that even dogs with SPLM tickets could win these election”, and indeed they did.

This brief account of events is to show how overwhelmingly Lakes State contributed to electing President Kiir into power. It should not be forgotten too that during the struggle, Lakes stood as the stronghold of SPLM/A and as such acted as the movement’s headquarters.

It’s citizens fought bravely, selflessly and unconditionally during the war so as to liberate the country to what it is today. Of course every other State contributed, but my focus remains on Lakes, at least for the time being.

So when these very citizens who made history by first fighting a liberation war and later on electing Kiir into office, suffer from the cruel hands of a cruel, ruthless and irrational dictator, and they cry out pleading for help from the last person they have put all their trust in (by voting him into office), they expect their ills to be nursed but instead they have been quarantined and forgotten like people suffering from a contagious incurable disease.

Lakes has been suffering since the onset. Even before independence, we have had successive handpicked Governors who have failed miserably in fulfilling their mandates of serving and leading the citizens.

This has been entirely the President’s fault in not identifying leaders who could lead well. Others may argue that the citizens of Lakes State will never go down well with any Governor but I argue otherwise.

It is probably the wealth-eyeing, semi-literate and nepotistic leaders that don’t go down well with the citizens.

When the president took Justice Telar Ring (the current legal Advisor) as Caretaker Governor, Lakes enjoyed a spell of peace and progress; this renders the above argument baseless and thus cannot be used to derive conclusions.

Another scenario where the citizens of Lakes State liked the Governor was when Eng. Chol Tong Mayay was elected as the Governor of Lakes State. The people had a sense of ownership of the position and believed that the new Governor would listen to their woes and bring about security, which would lead to peace, prosperity and development.

And indeed, Eng. Chol Tong Mayay was progressing really well before his short-termed termination. He encouraged women and Youth as peace agents, encouraged Education by sponsoring Lakes State capable students and infrastructural development (a goal he was pursuing when he was a Minister of Agricultural in the previous State Government).

Although he was removed because the Insecurity was escalating in the State, he was not given much time to address the situation. Instead a swift move was made and a decree aired out announcing his removal.

This, sparked mixed reactions from the State citizens but the majority of the population was pro-Mayay and thus didn’t like his removal at such a short notice without giving him a chance to prove himself capable in handling the situation.

Instead Kiir appointed Military Caretaker Governor Matur Chuut Dhuol to address the insecurity in the State and has failed tenfold compared to the removed Governor or any other Governor before him for that matter.

Dhuol’s reign in Lakes has been a complete nightmare to the citizens of Lakes State and all the other residents of Lakes. When appointed, Dhuol completely sidelined the State Legislative Assembly in any decision making issues.

His decisions were made without consultation. His decree concerning the ban of alcohol in Lakes State for example, has caused a major economic decline in the State. This alcohol ban led to closure of businesses and lack of investment in the state reducing money supply.

The reduction in money supply ultimately led to high commodity prices which the State Citizens cannot afford. This led to poverty and starvation for the same people he wants to rule. This was in complete contrast with the policies of Mayay.

His decision also to cancel all the capacity building programs (including programs concerning released employees for further studies) was a very great miscalculation on Dhuol’s part.

Most students who were released under Mayay’s regime dropped out of school. This is a complete undoing of the progressive steps that Mr. Mayay took.

Dhuol has been quoted as saying that no government sponsors people for further studies and if anyone wanted to go back to school, he/she should consult his/her parents. This lack of enthusiasm in education encouragement in Lakes State will lead to backwardness and economic stagnation or decline adding to the existing poverty and lawlessness in the state.

Dhuol’s atrocities are numerous and uncountable including the creation of torture centers like Langcok, his daughter turning into a murderer, forcing students and employees to demonstrate, enforcing a pay cut of 5% to those employees who didn’t clean the airport and so many more that went unmentioned.

All these costly mistakes that Dhuol made affected the Lakes citizens in one way or another thus prompting the call for his removal. But President Salva Kiir, the only person in South Sudan responsible for his appointment and removal has been dragging his feet.

A while back he was quoted as saying that anybody who didn’t like Dhuol should leave Lakes State. This clearly demonstrates that the president of South Sudan disregards the will of more than 600,000 Lakes citizens, of whom a great percentage voted him into office.

And that his will to keep Dhuol in office supersedes the wish of the more than 600,000 Lakes citizens who want Dhuol out of the office. This clearly is dictatorship in its crude form.

The citizens of Lakes are a very patient people but they have had enough of this suffering. 2015 will be their chance to demonstrate their will by voting into office individuals that will fulfill out their wills.

It’s high time that they look beyond the Dinka or SPLM (whether in opposition or proposition) walls where bad leaders tend to hide. They should and will look deep into personalities and identify leadership qualities that will bring national unity, peace and economic development not leaders who fill their accounts with blood money and exploit the majority of the South Sudanese citizens who contributed wholeheartedly for the liberation of South Sudan.

And this time round, I doubt whether the incumbent president will win by over 90% in Lakes State. Of course, his support will not only decline in Lakes alone but in other states too. But it would have been comforting for him if he had the total support of his tribesmen come elections.

So, Mr. President should do something within the short period of time that he has before elections to ascertain the loyalty of Lakes citizens and all the citizens of other states if he wants to retain his current position, else he will lose it.

Maciek Gabriel Gum
Juba South Sudan

Is frequent removal of governors in Lakes State a misguided policy?

By: John Bith Aliap – Australia, SEP/07/2014, SSN;

There’s a say that says – “whoever digs a pit in the dark for his brother or sister – finds it difficult to avoid falling first into the same pits when surprised suddenly” Are the Lakes State’s politicians digging their own pits which they won’t avoid falling into in the future?

The above quote seems to go well with how the Lakes State’s politicians – particularly those based in Juba conduct their politics. Brother – enemy concept is what defines them. Hatred against each other is in their DNAs – and if this isn’t thrown away – it will continue to be their major source of impediment – especially in politics.

The behaviours of Lakes State’s politicians have made the State – once regarded as an angel by many to become a death trap. Lakes State has been a scene of sectional conflicts – and the politicians in question often think that outside intervention could always bring the needed solution to their man – made crisis.

In their thinking – the state’s leadership cannot handle the situation without external forces (presidency & national parliament) – and if these forces do nothing – the situation could go off rail. In most cases – the causes of conflict among political elites in Lakes State are countless – but Lakes State’s youth should amount series advocacy to educate those “good – for – nothing” politicians to learn how to solve their own issues without shopping around for help.

In my view – “unity” – not “disunity” could built a sense of responsibility in ourselves – and if the state’s politicians who are supposed to solve the problems affecting their people keep knocking on foreign doors for help as it’s currently the case in Juba – this implies that our political leadership cannot handle the situation in its own which to me is a blatant lie – but in an environment where gossiping – hatred – sectionalism – corruption – nepotism – greed and self interest among others become daily norms – could anyone expect peace – love and unity? You may however have a differing answer to this question – but to me – it’s absolutely no.

In the wee hours of 26th August 2013 – a report entitled –“Lakes State caretaker governor voted out by the national parliament” – written by a self proclaimed journalist – Manyang Mayom – called on the president of the land – Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit to unseat the current caretaker governor of Lakes State Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol following allegations that the later failed to curb the violence in the state.

Dhuol’s removal drive came to light after the disgruntle semi – politicians from Lakes State in Juba successfully lobbied the national parliament to move the motion of no – confidence vote – which authorises the president to look into the insecurity issue in Lakes State with the view to get rid of governor.

Following these allegations cooked in the kitchen of Lakes State’s disgruntle politicians – the national parliament didn’t hesitate to unleash its anger on Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol for the reason [s] best known to them and their cronies.

During the parliamentary debate – Jadhallah Augustino – Deputy Minister for Interior described Lakes State’s insecurity as a “cancer” – urging the lawmakers to approve Dhuol’s removal.

Mabuto Mamur Mete – Minister for National Security also joined the podium – dubbing insecurity in the state as a lack of unity within state’s leadership – noting that a culture of revenge has taken root as more unauthorised arms fell into the hands of pastoralist youth – resulting to breakdown of law and order – but to Matur Makuer Gol – the author of no –confidence motion according to the report – swiftly urged Kiir to issue presidential degree to remove Dhuol from state’s power.

To him – Dhuol’s removal would be in the best interest of both state and national security – suggesting that in order to realise security stability in Lakes State – the change in the state’s leadership should be an option as called for by state’s citizens.

Not only these folks – Dhieu Matuet – Chairman of Lakes State Caucus in the national parliament – further threw his tongue in high gear – telling his honourable mates to immediately approve Dhuol’s ousting so that a conducive atmosphere is created to solve all security – related issues in the state. Magok Rundial – Parliamentary Speaker accepted the motion – urging the president Salva Kiir Mayardit to issue a degree for Dhuol’s removal.

However – although insecurity is widespread across the country – the honourable members of parliament seem to be keeping their heads in the sand that frequent ousting of governors in Lakes State could improve security situation – but is this approach not a misguided policy? This question is what now hangs on our lips – but three governors: John Lat – Daniel Awet Akot and Chol Tong Mayay have already been removed and security situation in the state hasn’t improved as expected.

People wonder as to what prevents these politicians from seeing the writing on the wall. The frequent removal of governors is unworkable – and those wanting to bring change in the state should explore other options.

The honourable members who ranted for Dhuol’s down fall should feel sorry for themselves because what they called for – “Dhuol’s removal” is worthless which shouldn’t worry anyone. How could they squarely fault Matur Chut Dhuol for insecurity which is not by definition his individual’s making?

If you closely look at the above statements – dripping out from honourables’ mouths – you could see that the honourables have one thing in common: Removal of caretaker governor if done – would improve security situation in Lakes State. Are the honourable members of parliament realistic in their call for governor’s removal?

These people should clearly be told that their frequent desire to have governors removed in Lakes State is a misguided policy – which can’t bring any realistic change in the state. It’s rather sinking down the state.

The rampant insecurity in Lakes State isn’t Dhuol’s making as the honourable members of parliament would want us to believe. The nature of insecurity – insecurity dynamics and causes of insecurity in Lakes State shouldn’t rest on one individual’s neck as it’s currently the case in Dhuol’s context.

Since the inception of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) – Lakes State has been the flash point of inter – and – intra communal conflicts – starting from the era of John Lat – Daniel Awet Akot – Chol Tong and now Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol.

People should know that insecurity in Lakes State isn’t a new thing. It’s been there as far as we know – and its main sources often stem out from political – economic and socio – cultural factors – and some of these factors could be beyond individual’s capacity.

The politicians in Juba should acknowledge what these men [John Lat – Daniel Awet Akot – Chol Tong & Matur Chut Dhuol] have done in Lakes State. Their work is laudable – and it’s their moral duty to give them their due credit – but call to remove the caretaker governor Matur Chut Dhuol – based on the alleged insecurity claims – doesn’t stand the test of honesty and transparency.

If insecurity could unseat the governors – then Kiir would end up dismissing all the governors of ten states. However – what we know though in Lakes State’s case is that – Juba which now serves as the shopping mall for power – is jam-packed with Lakes State’s politicians who know nothing else apart from worshiping their big tummies and cultivation of division and hatred among their own people.

Insecurity is everywhere in South Sudan and if anyone salivates for Dhuol’s remove because of insecurity – then that person would need to urgently see psychiatric doctors.

Death has now becomes people’s best friend in South Sudan and opponents of Dhuol’s administration should disclose to the public – the motives behind their unwarranted call for his down fall.

To waste no time – call for Dhuol’s ousting is politically motivated – and i would like to tell everyone that nobody will ever be good governor to people of Lakes State – particularly Agaar community. Whoever is coming to be the next governor – would face the same criticism from the same group – even if he/she is doing right things similar to what Matur Chut is doing as we speak in terms of security and development. Those who enjoy his removal would soon regret in the nearest future. His removal is not of his own – but it would affect the entire State in many ways.

Dhuol’s oppenents think that he’s an obstacle to peace in Lakes State – but the people of Lakes State don’t really know that they are problem to themselves. They’ve allowed themselves to become prisoners of their own attitudes.

Matur Chut can go today – but peace won’t prevail if people don’t change their attitudes of unforgiveness – revenge – gossiping – sectionalism – corruption and hatred among others – and see themselves as brothers and sisters from one boma, one county, one state and one country and work together in nation building to change their circumstances.

What these politicians do not know yet is that their frequent calls for governors’ removal are killing all hopes in the state – their hunt for governorship has been a source of failures in Lakes state and they’re now seen as people chasing the ghosts and they’ll soon realise that they’ve done a great mistake by assaulting people’s interest.

Matur Chut isn’t just a governor per see. He doubles as a commander of Lakes State’s security forces/governor. He’s an artery of Lakes state – particularly at this critical time when Riek Machar’s rebels are just at the corner in Unity State.

Appointing someone with non – military background would be more catastrophic to the people of Lakes state. Removal of Matur Chut amounts to granting Machar’s rebels opportunity to destabilise the state. This shouldn’t happen because of few greedy individuals who are addicted to power.

Allowing these forks to grab state’s governorship post is more catastrophic than allowing caretaker governor Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol to cling onto power until security situation improves and election conducted.

There’s no any way Dhuol could relinquish state’s power to egocentric individuals who are acting against people’s interest. This won’t happen. The Juba –based politicians – who are now crying loud for Dhuol’s removal have a decade from now on to prove them that they really love the people of Lakes State.

Unfortunately, these forks are now doing more harms to show the people of Lakes State how much they hate them – by calling for the ousting of the governor which could potentially leave security vacum in the state already struggling to maintain law and order.

Matur Chut should remain governor of Lakes State for a while and whoever doesn’t want him in power should throw him/her self into the sea.

What we’re seeing is that – talks of governor’s removal in the few coming days will be thing of the past – but the Juba – based politicians – particularly those who hail from the Agaar community are yet to recover from their political cancer and excessive hatred against each other.

They must first receive some sort of mutation – and when the process succeeds – this is where they might again think of state’s leadership. These politicians do not love people of Lakes State at large and their freedom.

I would love honourable members – now banging their chests that they’re capable to lead the Lakes State’s government amid insecurity to answer this question. If Matur Chut indeed steps down from the state’s power – who’ll replace him? You? God forbids!

I’m sure all of you would simultaneously be making your way to that single post – and this is where the Lakes State’s problem lies. You’ve to accept that one person can lead at a time.

The trust of people of Lakes State is with Matur Chut Dhuol – and i don’t think that you can give your child’s milk to repentant thief to take it home!

Why you’re so desperate to get governorship – while you’re already serving in the national parliament is pretty simple: To loot with impunity!

But you’re however advised to think well and support Dhuol’s government if you’ve interest of Lakes State as your priority.

Matur Chut is an icon of hope to people of Lakes State and they’re all looking up to him to bring them that wanted liberty, security and quality of life which they’ve seen for so long.

Matur Chut – to people of Lakes State is the best servant they have now on the ground – and this means that they don’t have any obligation to deny him serving them because of the corrupt political system people have been dancing with around. Dhuol is the only one who will continue to lead the people of Lakes State with good heart.

Those calling on him to relinquish the power should stop and leave the guy alone! Matur Chut has shown to the people of Lakes State and South Sudanese at large that he’s a typical leader who can serve everyone equally regardless of where they come from and this can be seen in the followings:

First, during Machar’s Juba revolt, the rebelling forces – commanded by Tanganya – a Nuer warlord, penetrated Lakes State’s territory through Awerial County with intention to capture it and make it their launching pad to attack Juba and other surrounding areas. With looted items from Juba – the rebels ended up fleeing for their dear lives – leaving everything behind after Matur Chut mounted counter offensive against them when he temporarily relocated his office to war zones of Greater Yirol counties including: Yirol West – Awerial and Yirol East.

Second, when his elder brother Paramount Chief – Aperer Chut Dhuol was assassinated by Maker Mabor’s son – allegedly for his father’s death who was killed by Aperer’s son – a case that dates back in 2002 – Matur Chut didn’t speak the language of revenge – but he instead called for calm and restrained his own family and clansmen not to take the law into their own hands. He clearly told them that the assignation of his brother is an individual’s crime and authorities would do their best to apprehend the person who committed the crime.

Third, when his daughter – Along Matur Chut Dhuol inadvertently killed a pregnant woman – allegedly that a deceased woman had allowed her goats to roam her farm – Matur Chut saw the case as an individual crime and asked the law enforcement agencies to take charge and his daughter remains behind bars as i write this article. Is this not fairness? How do you define fairness and transparency in your own world?

Fourth, as insecurity tops the list of issues facing the people of Lakes State – Matur Chut has rolled out a massive disbarment campaign and 560 Kalashnikov rifles have already been collected in Rumbek East County and about 20 heavy machine guns have also been collected in Rumbek Centre. This step is laudable!

Fifth, unlike other governors who served before him – Matur Chut made a significant difference in term of development. He has constructed General Secretariat Office and renovated the old office – where the other three governors served in uncaringly.

Don’t give up yet. He has also constructed fence around freedom square – and everybody including those who are now yearning for his down fall are harvesting its fruit – and this calls into question that – if this man could achieve enormously like this in a short period of time – what would he do to the people of Lakes State if he’s given more chance and support? I sincerely urge Lakes State’s politicians to put their people above politics.

Matur Chut has set an example of good leadership beyond anybody’s doubt – and there’s no any other time than now for Lakes State’s politicians to roll back their sleeves and throw the needed support behind their state’s government.

Lakes State’s insecurity requires everyone’s effort – and to reduce it – the state and national governments are instantly required to undertake the following measures:

I. The national government should reject the recent vote of no – confidence passed by the National Parliament against the caretaker governor Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol. This would allow him to complete his measure task of security provision.

II. The national government should immediately ask all the Lakes State’s members of parliament – currently serving in the national parliament in Juba – to go back to their respective electorates. This would give them opportunity to initiate peace building initiatives with people who elected them to the parliament. Their continual stay in Juba – while their people are butchering themselves is a measure contributing factor to the crisis raging in the state.

III. The national government should send in the national army to seal off the Unity State – Lakes State border and conduct a comprehensive disbarment campaign in all eight counties of Lakes State including state’s capital Rumbek – but this disbarment campaign must be locally driven that aspires voluntarism. It should not generate further insecurity through the use of force which the national army is accustomed to.

IV. State and the national governments to set up Independent Court – headed by professional judges drawn from other parts of South Sudan to speed up unresolved murder cases and bring to justice individuals responsible for those murders.

V. The national government under the Interior Ministry to review the state’s police – because Lakes State’s police in its current sharp is highly disorganised with elderly and women topping the list. This makes the force unable to respond to security challenges. Reviewing it – as well as providing the needed equipment such as radios and cars would make it a formidable force that can respond to security challenges when needed.

VI. The state’s government together with Lakes State’s members of parliament serving in the national parliament in Juba – church leaders and civil society organisations to conduct state – wide reconciliation. This needs to be done as urgently as possible to allow the feuding communities to embrace peace – love and unity and denounce the current entrenched culture of revenge killing and hatred.

But now with vote of no–confidence bill sitting on his desk – Kiir is caught between a hard rock and a hard place. If he removes the governor Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol to reinforce the behaviour of Juba – based politicians – “frequent removal of Lakes State’s governors” – many people in the State including this author would be angered by such decision – and if he dumps the vote of no – confidence bill into the rubbish bin – he would then likely be in trouble with those greedy politicians – but I would advise Kiir that being at odd with few greedy politicians is more better than being in trouble with the entire state’s population.

John Bith Aliap holds two Bachelor degrees in Social Work & Social Planning. He can be reached at

No to Ethnic Federalism in South Sudan

BY: Kuir Garang, CANADA, SEPT/06/2014, SSN;

Federalism is not a bad governance system as long as those leading it have the interest of the country at heart; and as long as the mindset leading it is selflessly conducive for development programs.

My only concern, and the word that I’ve always passed to fanatical proponents of federalism, is that ‘Federal System’ in itself wouldn’t change things unless our inter-tribal relations, inter-personal relations and our understanding of leadership and government change.
People’s attitude inform the system not the other way round.

While I’d welcome the Federal System of governance in South Sudan as long as it’s conscientiously structured, I’m gravely opposed to any form of ‘Ethnic Federalism’ … like the ones in Ethiopia or Nigeria.

Many misguided South Sudanese believe that South Sudan Federal system can be modelled after the ones in Nigeria and Ethiopia. While there are presumptions and face-value indications that some people love the system in Ethiopia, one can’t be certain that it’s an advisable, exemplary system of governance.

In a world that’s increasingly moving towards acceptance of diversity, it’d be a bad precedent to move South Sudan toward statehood that exist as pockets tribal homogeneity. We can’t unite a country by compartmentalizing it into pockets of tribal exclusivity.

While it’s a feel-good proposal for some people, it’s a destruction of the country based on parochial presumption of ‘We-ness.’ We, the Nuer! We, the Jieeng! We, the Bari! We, the Kachipo! We….We…We….

While many Ethiopians were happy with Meles Zenawi’s idea of Ethnic Federalism in order to get rid of the Amharic face of the country in what some call the ‘De-Amharization of Ethiopia’, one can clearly see that the example of Ethiopia is a stone-age example South Sudan shouldn’t copy!

The Nigerian example is badly self-explanatory that one can’t even think of it. It’s a disaster!

While it might sound very ambitious, it’s in the best interest of South Sudanese to work toward the creation of a ministry (Tribal Affairs) that should work out long-term models of inter-tribal understand in South Sudan.

Making Tribal leaders, Elders and grassroots part of the governance system in which each and every tribe feels included and heard is better than ethnic fragmentation of the country.

This would help the people in understanding the role of government in their lives. In the long run, it’d bring the government closer to the people with deeper appreciation of their local leaders; thereby making it hard for greedy politicians to mislead them.

Tribes don’t fight because they want to. They fight because they feel marginalization and insignificant. Besides, some fight on behalf of leaders from their own tribe because they don’t understand what government actually means. In South Sudan, we don’t just have ‘individuals’ but ‘individuals from a given tribe.’

Practical Federalism, not Paper Visual Federalism, can bring people closer to those who govern them; however, we have to resist attempts to ethnicize South Sudan any further.

To further tribalize a new nation with no sense of unique, clear and understandable sense of ‘NATIONHOOD’ is to be hellishly irresponsible.

We have to first create an understandable national Identity before we gladly or mischievously disperse into our tribal enclaves in the name of ‘Ethnic Federalism’ or more appropriately, ‘National Destruction!’

We’ve been divided fatally enough! Let’s unite while accepting our differences!

Kuir Garang is the author of ‘South Sudan Ideologically’ and ‘The Pipers and the First Phase (novel). For contact, visit