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Bor community has to recourse its stance from Kiir’s government

By: Butrus Ajak, AUSTRALIA, APR/29/2014, SSN;

The baseless rhetoric getting strewn on the net that Bor community is being set up by ‘Bor officials’ is rubbish and unfounded. I will not prevaricate, but get down to business. The truth is Juba’s government bears blame for setting up Bor community and leave it to her own fate.

Bor community was, and still is made the Biblical sacrificial lamb for Republic of South Sudan (RSS) regardless of her altruistic and animatedly support for the government.

In the year 91, political disagreement within the SPLA/M took a tribal dimension, several generations of Bor people, about three-quarters of its population to be exact were slain helplessly. Notwithstanding, the political fallout had nothing to do with Bor people. Arguably, Bhar-el-gazal people have different views on Bor people.

I have had numerous heated deliberations at Footscray social gathering place with Bhar-el-gazal boys and all they said, was: “THAAN COL BOR, THAAN YE ARIOC, A PAN DEN PAL NUER KU BEER” Direct translation of this clause reads: ‘Bor community is coward community, it has left its territory to Nuer and Beer’.

In addition, Muoranyar Maker, a rebel oriented Bhar-el-gazal gentleman I met on social network (Facebook) shared the same idea and the following are pukes he spewed about Bor community!

“You guys (Bor Community) seem strong and aggressive on the web when your beloved community repeatedly risks undergoing major serious image distortion. You need this aggression beyond website boundaries and face your real enemy. You need to defend your homeland, at least to assure your ‘mothers their labour was never spent in vain’.

What is the acceptable justification do you give by having your populations protected elsewhere,” writes Muoranyar.

This paper is informed by this outrageous nomenclature Bhar-elgazal boys have on Bor community. As Bor son, I set out to write and challenge this misleading and groundless fustian. Bor community is never coward, keep reading!

In the year 1991 Riek’s forces invaded Bor and uprooted civilians and occupied all towns right to Mangala in Central Equatoria. The situation reigned out of control, all the SPLA commanders were there and no one dared to face Riek’s forces. In fact most were even busy crossing borders to Uganda or Kenya.

The SPLA/M Torit faction soldiers were demoralised as no one determined to take a lead. Son of Bor community, commander Lazarus Kuol Manyang restored hope. He stood tall and did what a man could do in such dire situation. He sent out an order that asked all Bor soldiers and able bodies to report to his station urgently.

In his opening speech he said: “We got to fight Riek’s marauders with all our hearts and might, and that nobody should look back once in frontline or else he should remain back and leave the men to do the fight”.

Gen. Kuol led the fight, flanked by another Bor’s son commander Bior Ajang and our Upper Nile Dinka brother commander late George Athor Deng. Riek’s forces didn’t stand a chance.

Actually, what happened then is history and could be explained best by Riek and Bol Koang and the remnants of White Army in that particular showdown. Riek’s forces were culled by Bor community to only rise again in 2013, that Gen. Kuol has gotten old, see how this fight is being fought as of now.

If this is not bravery, what is it then? How would our mothers (Bor community mothers) who bore such sons be sorry for bearing soldiers of this splendor?

Juba’s government is to blame for Bor destruction and mass displacement in the following ways:

In 2013 & 2014 respectively, Bor Community is caught up impromptu again. President Salva Kiir Mayardit being an autochthonous Dinka of Bhar-el-gazal went into political gridlock with his then deputy Dr. Riek Machar, a Nuer native. The political deadlock deepened and on that vendetta and fateful night of Dec, 15, 2013 hell got loose.

Nuer civilians were reported by independent actors such as UNIMISS and Rights groups that Nuer were targeted and killed. This targeted killing was executed by presidential guard, infamously known as Tiger, and Tiger is populated by only Dinka Bhar-el-gazal, specifically where president hails. Bor Community was never part of what happened.

Leadership strive went on for several days in Juba until Riek slipped out of Juba. He rushed to his homeland and mobilised his year 91 militia known as White Army and Bor was invaded for the second time. About 5,000 or so were killed, and several thousands displaced.

Awkwardly, president Kiir has not up to now uttered a word of condolence to the victims of his bad leadership!

From the look of political things, it is crystal clear Juba’s government had an organised sinister plan about Bor community. Juba’s government installed Peter Gatdet Yaka, a top-class terrorist and political prostitute as head of division eight right in the midst of Dinka Bor.

And according to reliable sources, it is clear Gatdet was deliberately brought to spy and silence Bor Community on suspicion that Bor yearned to take Garang’s leadership back anytime if not given a close guard.

The same government disarmed Bor community more than twice making the community much more susceptible to her lawless neighbours who remained armed to the brim as I write.

Third, gov’t failed to aptly come for community’s rescue when Gen. Gatdet Yaka killed Gen. Ajak Yen and drove to Bor-town with armoured mounted vehicles shooting indiscriminately at anyone they saw in Bor-town. Juba’s gov’t failed again to militarily flank the enemy and take the war to Nuerland.

Instead at the time Bor was captured president Kiir ordered Bor community generals both retired and active to go and liberate their town, forgetting the marauders are coming for his head, and seat.

Majestically, Bor sons volunteered their souls to protect Kiir’s leadership, though general Jongroor and Chol didn’t make it back to Juba, this is what we in Bor call heroism! They have fallen decently. Even Bor sons who went for a visit from US, Australia and Canada never abstained to join; amongst them are Mac Achuek Mac (RIP), who left his young family in Australia and Akech Makuei Diing (RIP) left his young family in Canada.

They took part in war and lost their souls depending elected leadership from being forcefully taken by force.This is what bravery is Muoranyar! All these forfeits were happening at watchful eyes of Bhar-el-gazal sons and yet they remain in denial to give credit where it belongs. Well, Bor got to claim it by themselves.

But questions remain, how would Juba’s government initiated war become Bor community war? How would Muoranyar and his community boys miss this glaring fact that the war started by Kiir and Riek and if they were to own it, then it is for Bhar-el-gazal and Nuer?

I took this upon myself because Muoranayarand his boys avowal was never an isolated one, they have repeatedly been saying it and other communities have adopted it too, that Bor is coward. It is a white and flaccid lie.

Bor is never coward and this position can be attested by those who shared war trenches with Bor soldiers including Salva Kiir. During those tough years, it was common prevalence when war loomed, lots of officers from Bhar-el-gazal felt sick and fighting could be postponed or assigned to some officers.

Bor officers were never of this sort. Such fearless Bor commanders dead and the living are as follows:

Commander Majok Mac Aluong (RIP), commander AnyaarApiu (RIP), commander Alier-wala (RIP), commander GeuAtherkuei (RIP), commander Deng Kudum (RIP), commander MadingKudum (RIP) these are brothers, commander Abraham Jongroor (RIP),comrade MakuacAjoot (RIP), commander Deng Aguang (RIP),commander Makor Lual (RIP), commander AwanChol Lual (RIP),commander AkoiMakethDeu (RIP),commander MayenAkuak (RIP), commander MajokAyom (RIP), commander JokReng (RIP),commander Arok Thon (RIP), commander George Gai Garang (RIP), commander Deng Leek Deng (RIP), commander Deng-akutnhom (RIP), commander AyuenMabior (RIP), commander Bior Ajang, commander Kuol Manyang, commander Peter WalAthiu, commander Gabriel JokRiak, commander Wilson Amoc-Arab aka Deng Kuoirot, commander Deng GarangBeny, commander WuorMabior, commander MawutWuoi, commander AtemManyokMabior, commander Mayen Deng Lual (Mayen-adit), commander Majak Agoot, commander MalualAyom, commander Muhammad Sadiq aka PiliphAwuou Leek, commander JokAriing, commander Maker Thiong, commander NyangJook, commander AkechLoi, commander Garang NgangAbui, commander ManyangAgook, commander MathiangAluong, commander MalonyAkau, commander AlierNhial, commander AtemAguangand list goes on. It is worth noting these were only officers and Bor foot soldiers were countless.

If coward is what Bor is, the above gentlemen could have never made names in the revolution history.

Second, if Bor is that low, why was it vitally pertinent one of her own was rushed in at catch 22 period, at the moment SPLA/SPLM scaffoldings were failing apart? This alone dictates Bor is not what Muoranyarand his boys want their readers and listeners to believe.

Believe it or not, Bor Community is a linchpin of Kiir’s government and any other government that will come.

If this is not bravery, what is it then? How would our mothers (Bor community mothers) who bore such selfless sons be sorry for bearing soldiers of this calibre?

I am making all these points to empathize our mothers have actually given birth to heroes and not the other way around. Just assume Bor community was fighting to liberate Bortown from Jallaba, the aforementioned heroes would have not fallen in the way they did.

In fact, most of them fell liberating your towns. If anything, Bor community have contributed more than its population, this in turn says much more about Bor community’s bravery.

If we were to fight Murle or even the entire Nuer in the way we took the revolution war up on ourselves, I tell you we would be in better position to secure and protect our territorial borders from any external aggression. There are a lot more pretty good evidences to suggest these men were a cut above the average soldiers.

Message to Bor leaders at home, and abroad.
First things first, Bor community has to separate powers. Monopoly of powers has destroyed our community and this has to stop forthwith. I understand those of Justice Makuei Lueth, Deng Dau and Ruei Puot are doubling up, as politicians and community representatives. This takes away community interest.

Politicians are politicians and community has to be led by community representatives not politicians. Community representatives are people who will present common people interest.

Tough time calls for decisive action, this is to say Bor Community survivability has to be approached with foresight prudence and I think politicians have done all they could do and community is crumbling down.

This is a ticklish moment, Bor Community has to recourse its political stance from Kiir’s government, this requires join forces from community representatives, youth leaders and politicians.

This community cannot have it both ways, standing for a government and at the same time being labelled names by the same government it respects and protects. Bor community is being scornfully mocked as if the war was of her own. It doesn’t have to be this way!

I know Bor community can be mocked because it has no numbers, but I am very sure we can swing, and bolster any elections results. For this, I am calling on our young leaders to act, especially our young leaders in the person of Madol Chie Anyang, the Bor Youth Leader in Australia, Deng Lueth MayomAyiik, the Bor youth leader in USA, and those at home.

I suggest you really bury our differences deep and let’s start sending delegates home for sensitization and consultation with our people. Let’s consolidate and solidify our conformity as this will assist in denying our opportunists within and outside the wherewithal to downtrodden Bor community vulnerability.

Nuer, Murle and Dinka Bor community have lived with vengeance against each other, particularly cattle rustling and no community has ever disposed each other. What is it this time? Juba’s government has invisible hand in Upper Nile’s predicament.

Thanks Deng Lueth, I came across your following witty call for Bor community.

“Dear Greater Bor People, by now, each and every one of you should have a very clear understanding of this conflict in South Sudan. It has affected us beyond description. However, we must remain resilient and do what spares our love ones who are still alive and the future of our community and country. Therefore, we must understand that:- We are part of Upper Nile region not Bar-el-ghazal region – Lou/GaweerNuer are our neighbors; we cannot scoop our land in Jonglei and move it elsewhere for safety. We must, together with all communities in Jonglei, find ways to peacefully co-exist together. Salva Kiir government does not care about Bor communities – chronic insecurity in Jonglei prior to the conflict and government was not doing enough to fight it.”

Go on, ya comrade, Deng Lueth. Precisely, what you have narrated is exactly what it is; all you need is to take it to another level. Bor youth leaders in diaspora have to have a task to dialogue with Nuer leadership and find some commons ground for our communities.

It is time our people understand these egoistic politicians have, and are continuing destroying our communities. It is we the common men who are hit the hardest. Leadership can never be obtained through aggression or killing people so as to stay or usurp power.

In recap, Bor community survivability lies in her hand. Old politicians are not helping the escalating situation. I suggest Bor youth leaders take a lead and implement change, or else the ripple effects of this political strategy will be the nail in the coffin of Bor community.

More and more mass migration is yet to come. This is a world of allies and this community cannot afford to have allies who never care about its existence. It was understandable when this community suffered because of Garang’s leadership in 90s, how about now?

Bhar-el-gazal community needs to know you can’t have two at the same time.If you choose to stay put to power, you got to depend it then. Cowards is when you have four states at the time of budget allocation and have those who can’t persistently depend the gov’t when war strikes. It is about time Ngok Lual Yak community and Bor community can never accommodate Bhar-el-gazalmess anymore.

Finally, by the look of shambolic politics in RSS, especially this loosely talk without ethics both in media and on the street, it is obvious citizens of congruent feeling with me will feel ashamed for doing everything they can to make sure the elected government stays in power until its tenure elapse.

Butrus Ajak is a health professional who resides and works in Australia. He holds MPH, MHP &BBus from various universities in Australia.

Kiir blames foreigners for South Sudan rebellion

By: JOHN NGIRACHU, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, APR/27/2014, Daily Nation, Kenya;

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has claimed that foreigners who helped the country attain its independence are now backing rebels in the bloody conflict that has killed thousands since December last year.

President Kiir said the foreigners, who he did not name, feel they helped the country secede from Sudan but were not “compensated” for their contribution.

In Summary:
Outsiders funding rebels
because they did not get
contracts, says President
Kenya and Rwanda pledge
to send troops to Juba

He told the Tana High-Level Forum on security in Africa in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, that the on-going fighting in South Sudan is all about the abundant natural resources in that country.

He said since the country got its independence from Sudan in 2011, several people, presumably foreigners, have sought to stake a claim there because of their contribution to the protracted struggle.

“People have come to fight us indirectly by saying they haven’t had a slice of the profits yet they “brought the independence” while the South Sudanese actually fought for and got their independence,” said President Kiir.

“They are backing the rebellion we are fighting now,” he added.

He said the rebellion led by his former Vice President Riek Machar is backed by people who stole from South Sudan and have resisted attempts to get back the money they acquired illicitly when the government of Africa’s youngest state was set up.

“They go make agreements and say, ‘The day we take over power, we’re going to kick out those people who have the concessions for oil and bring you in.’ That is what they want,” he said.

Fighting broke out in Juba in December 2013 between troops loyal to President Kiir and their colleagues allied to Mr Machar.

It eventually spread to other parts of the country and took on an ethnic dimension, with thousands killed and both sides implicated in war crimes and gross human rights abuses.

President Kiir accused Dr Machar of being behind the alleged coup in December but Dr Machar denies the charges and refers to the President as a genocidal leader.

The South Sudan government last week released four senior politicians accused of treason and inciting the initial break-out of fighting but charges against Dr Machar remains. He is in hiding.

Talks between the two sides have been going on in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo told President Kiir that because he is still the Head of State, the buck would at the end of the day stop him.

Speaking separately, Kenya and Rwanda’s foreign ministers said East Africa region will not sit back and watch bloodshed continue in South Sudan.

Both Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed and her Rwandan counterpart Louise Mushikiwabo pledged that their countries would send peacekeepers to Juba.

“The killing of innocent civilians is unacceptable and we are disappointed that the parties fighting did not live up to the peace deal. We are committed to see an end to the butchery in our region. We have already sent in a battalion in the country to assist quell the violence,” said Ms Mohammed in Nairobi. END

The New Chapter on the Journey to Peace

By: Abraham Deng Lueth, B.S. and MPA, USA, APR/26/2014, SSN;

Our nation has been put to test by the devastating conflict that is ripping the country apart. To go direct to the point, I want to begin by thanking President Kiir Mayardit for releasing the four political detainees today. Deep in my heart, I knew that President Kiir was not the cause of their detention and throwing of our country into the mess we are in today.

However, because he is the leader and had his best chance of rejecting the bad deeds that were planned and executed against our people, he fully bears the yoke of who to blame. His great courage (which was way overdue) to releasing the G4 has a saving factor for our nation.

The crowd that stormed the court room and its compound earlier today comes from all walks of life in South Sudan. The people who cheerfully lifted up on their shoulders some members of the G4 did not just hail from their respective communities but from all walks of life in South Sudan.

If there was a doubt in any South Sudan government official’s mind that the citizens were losing it day by day, then it must have been cleared today. South Sudanese people know that the government was deadly wrong to put these people in prison. The people of South Sudan know that there was no coup.

Dear fellow citizens, we cannot change the past but we can surely shape our present and future. The war in South Sudan must end. To end it, all South Sudanese must learn the following songs and they must be the only ones that we all sing.

Ending of the crisis
It is imperative that the crisis be ended immediately. The words of Pagan Amum today sent a very moving spirits across all sorts of waves in the conflict. It was a message of peace and it was indicative of what him and his colleagues could have done if they were released during the early days of the conflict.

President has set his foot on the right path and he must continue to push for ways to resolve the conflict. Dr. Machar, on the other, must also mimic what Juba did today. He must put down his guns. The sounds of guns must be silenced. We want to hear only war of words and eventually, soothing words.
The political detainees, the G4 and G7, will have very critical roles to play in this process. They are the bridge or liaison between the government and rebels. The government, rebels and all people of the world must use them wisely to help successfully bridge the two warring parties.

Last but not least, South Sudanese people must be awakened and actively involved in the process of ending this crisis by holding people accountable who make the process of successful cessation of hostilities impossible.

Military families (any family with a son or sons fighting in the frontline of this senseless war) must organize and start taking charge of their own children’s lives by holding accountable leaders who are sending them to harm’s ways on both sides.

All other South Sudanese civil society organizations must start to organize rallies for peace and sensitize our people around peace, unity and truth and reconciliation.

I don’t mean that they rally and sing President Kiir’s name like the previous, irresponsible, rallies but to call on both Kiir and Riek to stop the war and sit down and talk.

Truth, peace and reconciliation among our people
The process of truth and reconciliation must begin now. It starts with recognizing what was done wrong by both sides and focusing on what can be done right moving forward from this point now.

Therefore, both sides must send people to the peace talks, who are willing to say to each other, yes, that was done wrong by my party and we are willing to change things for the better and vice versa.

The manhood or bravery that is being portrayed by people on both sides of the conflict is primitive and cannot help the nation of South Sudan to recover. The momentum that the release of the G4 set in today must not be misused.

The language of peace must be what is sung by all people and institutions. The rhetoric of beating up more war or intensification of war is uncalled for.

Therefore, both President Kiir and Dr. Machar must instruct their military leaders to slow down military operations and give dialogue in Addis Ababa a chance. The two leaders must know that there is no military solution to this conflict.

They must know that when they send their forces to fight each other in the name of defeating each other, they are not fighting each other, individually, but rather, making those armies fight each other!

More military operations are just simply meant to destroy our resources and loss our precious lives of the armies on both sides and civilians.

Unity of our people
The need to unite our people is urgent. The nation is polarized communally and regionally. This is a very dangerous situation that must be corrected very soon. There should be no marginalization of any people or region in this country. Doing that defeats the very purpose of fighting the Arabs in the first wars.

Pumping chests up and calling or boosting about how one group of people is historic, brave, own the government, peace-loving and etc is an act of primitiveness and backwardness. We must be all proud of our country and be united by our citizenship.

If the president feels that no one else can protect him better or fight the war better other than having to put in place of power his Dinka tribesmen, then that is a very bad sign.

The latest appointment of Malong Awan and Marial Nuor are welcomed with mixed feelings and the South Sudanese people must monitor the behaviors of these individuals and the institutions they will lead. It is my hope that they will work hard to prove that they were not appointed to protect a man and a leadership but to work for the nation and its people.

(Disclaimer: The information in this article reflects that of the author and does not represent any organization that he is leading.)

Struggle between democracy & barbarism in South Sudan

By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, KAMPALA, APR/26/2014, SSN;

Democracy is the antithesis of human rights violations. Those who violate human rights with the aim of restoring democracy are actually destroying democracy indirectly because violation of human rights is a direct violation of democracy.

In this Article, I will try to be as simple as possible in order to expose the intention behind Riek and his rebels’ fighting in South Sudan using the recent killing of 200 people in Bentiu and other incidents that have never been reported as case examples with the intention of showing that in real sense the intention of Riek is not to restore democracy in South Sudan but to create Nuer’s hegemony or Nuerism.

On April 21, 2014, the action of the rebels came into light when it was reported on SudanTribune that the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said that over 200 civilians were massacred in Unity state through targeted killings.

What do the targeted killings mean and what does it explain about Riek’s democratic and political ambition? Is Riek in the bush to restore democracy? What is the difference between Riek and Kiir? In real sense, democracy under Riek is worse than dictatorship under Kiir.

Democracy where people are targeted because they are not South Sudanese or because they are not Nuer people is worse than dictatorship that preserves lives. So, the question again is: what are targeted killings?

It means the premeditated killing of an individual or groups by a state organization or institution outside a judicial procedure or a battlefield.

The definition appears to exclude rebels but in actual sense, it includes rebels who have the intention to destroy a specific group or enemy. Such advanced plans are carried out to achieve a certain goal by destroying any obstacles that deny the groups to achieve the goal.

In order to understand why it is a crime, there is a need to define the word “premeditated”. Premeditated means something done deliberately or planned in advance.

Therefore, if what happens in Bentiu was to be investigated, it would have been found out that such killings was planned somewhere before the killings was carried out.

Nevertheless, even if there is no any investigation into such massive killings, the plan to kill such innocent people even when they ran to God can still be established through circumstantial evidence.

The evidence is that after capturing Bentiu, the rebels started using Radio Bentiu to spread tribal hatred through hate-speeches as reported by the UNMISS.

Hence, targeted killings are a method of frustrated groups who do not have any hope of achieving their goal and in this case rebels see Sudanese as obstacles to capturing power in South Sudan; hence, the only hope for them to achieve such a goal is to destroy anybody that come cross their path.

As understood from the definition above, targeted killings is used by many people not only rebels in South Sudan.

In order to understand the extent to which targeted killings are used and in which places, it is important to use examples of some places where these killings have taken place. This means that it is not only in South Sudan where it is used but in other countries as well.

They were, for instance, employed extensively by death squads in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Haiti within the context of civil unrest and war during the 1980s and 1990s.
Furthermore, targeted killings have also been used in Somalia, Rwanda, and in the Balkans during the Yugoslav Wars.

Currently, the US government practices targeted killings semi-publicly, as with the killing of Osama Bin-Laden and Al-Awlaki. Targeted killings have also been used by narcotics traffickers.

Today, the use of targeted killings is done by conventional military forces which are a commonplace in Israel during and after the Second Intifada, when Israeli security forces used the tactic to kill Palestinian opponents.

Though it has been in use for a very long time in the world, targeted killings are unlawful when directed against non-military objects. In narrow sense, non-military objects under humanitarian law are civilians who are not participating in combat.

Once, non-military objects are targeted by warring parties, then, such an action can be considered as war crime or crime against humanity under ICC statute depending on the way it is conducted.

The gruesome nature and seriousness of this type of warfare explains why some human rights groups and ex-CIA station chief in Islamabad, Robert Grenier, have criticized targeted killings and compared them to assassinations or extrajudicial killings which according to ex-CIA chief are illegal within the United States and under international law.

Having discussed the targeted killings above, we do back to the question whether Riek Machar is in the bush for democracy and reform? If he were there for democracy and reform, why is Riek allowing uncouth militias under him to kill innocent civilians?

Not only what happened in Bentiu but in some other places. In fact, the killings have never abated since the war started in 2013 why?

Why the killings go on continuously may be explained by the fact that Riek does not care about the lives of the people of South Sudan and also he does not have any control over his group.

When Late Leader Dr. Garang was a rebel leader, there was a true government as it was characterized by the rule of law and respect for human rights in liberated areas. That meant that Garang had control over his rebel which Riek actually lacks.

Riek is not interested in saving lives but he is trying to apply the principle of end justifies the means. To Riek, it does not matter whether people died in large numbers or not provided that he gets power.

As I have stated above that killings have never stopped since two 2013, killings of people by rebels have been going unreported because the international community did not have any interest in people who were killed by rebels.

It was only after the killings in Bentiu the world became active yet the world has been keeping quiet simply because less important people were being killed. How many people died in Bor?

The report by the government shown on radios and TV indicated that about 2700 people were killed in Bor by rebels but no international community pointed finger at the rebels.

Yet when government complained of the way the UNMISS was conducting itself in relation to the rebels, the UN responded swiftly by condemning South Sudan of harassing the UN officials by calling government of South Sudan uncivilized.

What is uncivilized in complaining about the violation of one’s right? The UN members know.
Again, when hundreds of people were killed in Bentiu and Malakal, the International community took no step to investigate the matter. This prompted SudanTribune to question the inability of the UN and the international Community to respond to such grievous human rights violation.

On January 17, 2014, for instance, Sudan Tribune newspaper was reported to have asked a fundamental question “why are the UN and the international community maintaining silence over these unwarranted and disheartening atrocities caused by the rebels lead by Riek Machar in Bentiu, Bor, Malakal, Bailiet, Akobo, Jalle, and Kolnyang?” This was a good question but it went unanswered.

As the saying goes that there is no smoke without fire, the malicious actions by rebels against humanity was now revealed in a day light in Bentiu. The rebels as we all know are pathological liars. They have been committing atrocities and denied accountability putting all blames on government, which is a bad sign for the group fighting to restore democracy.

The rebels’ habit of denying all atrocities they commit every time they capture town was rebutted in Bentiu when they massacred 200 Sudanese traders at day light.

As their habit of carrying out an act denying responsibility as the same time, rebels even try their level best to deny the accusation by claiming that government soldiers were the ones who killed them. A story that a reasonable person cannot believe for three reasons:

Firstly, why are soldiers from the government killing Sudanese traders at that particular time yet they have been trading in that town since it was recaptured from them some months back?

Secondly, why government soldiers kill their friends who support them in fighting the rebels as Rebel leader, Riek Machar claims? One of the claims by Riek Machar is that Rebels from Darfur are helping South Sudan government to fight him and his group. If that is the case, why is government killing them?

Thirdly, the UNMISS was an eye-witness when they were butchering such innocent civilians in front of God. Let their souls rest in peace!

In light of the above three arguments, it is hard to believe that government soldiers were responsible for the mass killings in Bentiu.

Besides the above arguments, even in President Obama’s statement when he was condemning killings he succinctly stated that rebels were responsible for the killings in Bentiu when he said that rebels betrayed the trust that he had for them. Why did he trust them is unanswered question.

Being pathological liars, rebels have got used to lying to the extent that they have forgotten that the world is watching every step they take. They were finally exposed beyond a reasonable doubt by the massacre in Bentiu.

In killing such innocent people in cold blood, the intention and plan of the rebels with their leaders have been exposed. Their intention and plan is not to restore democracy but to destroy South Sudan in order to rebuild South Sudan of Nuer tribe only, a policy of Roman Emperor which is very impossible.

It is impossible because South Sudan does not belong to any particular tribe. It belongs to all as provided for by Article 9 of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan.

Article 9 (1) of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution provides that South Sudan is built on the rule of law as a result of covenant among the people of South Sudan and between them and their government at every level and a commitment to respect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in this Constitution.

According to the provision of the constitution above rule of law is the cornerstone of social justice, equality and democracy, which implies that whether people fight for change or anything for the development of South Sudan, for it to be successful, it must be agreed by all tribes in South Sudan. Otherwise, the success will never come if one tribe tries to destroy other tribes.

The desire to destroy other tribes comes because of the lack of moral integrity and fear of God by the leaders and their supporters as shown by the rebel group behaviours. This was revealed by the recent killings of 200 people in Mosque by the Rebels.

The action of rebels was incomprehensible and madness. Any sane person cannot kill a person in front of God. It therefore appears that rebels do not have any morals or fear of God at all, because any normal human beings with normal human values cannot kill another human being who is not a threat to him or her. Moreover, who has sought a refuge in the house of God?

Such high level of immorality indicates that South Sudanese rebels do not have morals at all and is very dangerous to other citizens. It is the defect in the foundation of civilization of South Sudanese people.

South Sudanese have built their civilization on the graveyard of barbarism, meaning that barbaric acts are an enemy of civilization. It was because barbarism had been eradicated that is why civilization is able to be built not only in South Sudan but in the world at large.

Civilization or civilization (in British English) refers to state polities which combine basic institutions, having one or more of each: a ceremonial centre; a formal gathering place for social and cultural activities, a system of writing, and a city.

Hence, civilization means being in community to build one another and serve one another without destroying one another. In other words, it means going by reason but not by instinct.

Having explained above, it is important to point out that democracy and civilization are related in one way or the other. They are related to each other because democracy is rooted in the respect of human values, love and prosperity.

Hence, democracy means observing the rule of law by all whether in power or having power. There is need to differentiate the two terms: having power and being in power.

Being in power means being in position or authority while having power means holding something that can kill or scare or controls someone. It is actually associated with force and destruction.

The presence of these two components defines a strong society. That is why we have the president and army. The present is in position of the authority while the army is having power and it can actually destroy the people.

However, the society can only be strong when we employ these two components through caring and protecting each other. This means that to live in such a society, there is need for forgiveness and humility. This means that we can live in harmony in the society.

In order to be in community and co-exist peacefully, we must learn how to use power we hold and power we have for the benefit of all members without exploiting the ignorance of masses and their weaknesses for our own advantages. In other words, we must respect law and rule of the society that protect people’s lives.

This means that further means that there is a need to respect rule of law whether rebels or government. The rule of law means to adhere to universally acceptable principles of good governance, democracy, observance of human rights and social justice.

Article 9 of the Constitution as explained above gives us the important of what the rule of law is: a cornerstone of social justice, equality and democracy. When we talk of governance we mean that there are some values such as human rights and social justice that every person must observe whether rebels or government.

Without the observance of these two fundamental principles, the chaos and anarchies will be the order of the day in that society. In fact, Rule of law is one of the basic requirements to be fulfilled first by any person who claims to be democrat, for instance, like Riek Machar and his group, before being considered so.

A person cannot claim to be practicing or fighting for democracy if he or she does not know values of humanity. I have never been convinced by Riek’s claim of fighting for democracy because Riek himself has never been a democrat.

He has never been democrat because he does not know what is meant by democracy as his behaviour shows in many occasions whenever he broke away to form his rebels. If you do not believe in what I say here, read a book entitled, “An Insider’s view” by Adwok Nyaba and you will understand my assertion.

The book in summary discusses Riek leadership during Nasser coup in 1990s. In that book, Nyaba regretted for joining Riek because Riek preaches to the world what he does not practice. Such leaders are very dangerous to the new societies like South Sudan which needs trust and commitment in order to get united and progress.

The way Riek behaves whenever he is a rebel leader shows who he really is. There is a saying that what one does in privacy shows what that person really is. In the same way, the way Riek behaves whenever he is a rebel leader shows exactly what he will be when he takes the leadership of the country. God forbids.

Riek is even worse than Kiir because he does not have an ability to control the situation. What does that mean? It means that he is likely to become very serious dictator in the future when things are not going to be easy for him.

He will only seek refuge behind the status apparatus that will be out there to silence every dissenting voice and opinion against him.

The question the behaviour of Riek and his group begs is: is Riek Machar really for democracy or he is fighting for Nuer hegemony? This is a fundamental question which seeks answers from every person that will be reading this article.

If the person reads this article, he or she must answer it in comment after reflecting on the behaviour of Riek and his rebels especially their conduct in respect to human right respect since the war starts.

Another question that needs answers is: is Riek a substitute for Kiir? In my opinion Kiir’s dictatorship in Juba as many claims is better than Riek’s democracy in the bush.

Riek and his rebels claim to be fighting in order to restore democracy in South Sudan which Kiir’s government and his dictatorship have destroyed. What I can say on this claim is that it is a good claim but implemented through wrong intention by wrong groups led by wrong leader and try to win the war through the use of wrong methods.

I have asserted in the aforementioned paragraph that it is a good claim but implemented through wrong intention by wrong groups led by wrong leader and who try to win the war through the use of wrong methods because all South Sudanese loves democracy but it is wrong intention because Riek and his group are not in the forest to restore democracy but to impose Nuer’s hegemony not only on Dinka but on all tribes in South Sudan and to run the country according to Nuer’s aspirations and thoughts. In other word, they want to plant Nuerism in South Sudan and destroy other tribes.

It is spearheaded by wrong groups because the group is out there to destroy everything call South Sudan including human beings.

This was shown in the recent killings of 200 people in Bentiu and other massive killings that had gone unreported since the conflict began. No person without future ahead of him or her who can lead a country.

In the same way Riek and his rebels do not have any future because they would have not taken the mission of destruction as their mission.

The rebellion is headed by a wrong leader because Riek is not patriotic enough. His mission of being in the Bush is not to restore democracy but to get power and the rest will be history.

Riek is simply infatuated by the greed of power monger and he is in the bush to do anything to get power whether by crook or fair means. This takes me back to the title of this article whether Riek is for democracy.

What makes methods used by rebels wrong is because rebels have adopted impunity methods of war which has striking similarity between LRA like methods of war.

However, even LRA in Uganda was better because there were survivors and infrastructure was not destroyed completely; the way our rebels destroy every town that they capture. I can only compare the rebels of South Sudan with locus who eats whatever grass found in their ways.

South Sudanese rebels do not know anything like saving lives. They survive on the policy of extermination and destruction. This is shown by the fact that every town captured by rebels is always found destroyed beyond recognition.

What does this imply? It implies that Riek did not take up arms to restore democracy but he took up arms due to the frustration since he badly wanted to rule the country, which he failed so far.

Unfortunately, Riek exploits ignorance and ingrained tribal hatred of many Nuer people as a means achieving his narrow political ambition. I do not think whether he can achieve such ambition.

I do not think whether Riek will ever be successful in getting power because South Sudan is inhabited by more than sixty tribes and in order to rule the country, a person must have at least agreement of the three quarters of those tribes.

Even the Dinka President would have not ruled South Sudan if he did not seek for the consent of other tribes. Let me be clear here: there is a difference between ruling in peace and ruling but with many troubles.

Although someone uses force to get power, he or she will never be in peace unless people endorse him or her in that power. Power belongs to the people as Article 2 of the Transitional Constitution provides.

In this case, without the consent of other tribes, Dinka president would have not led the country to independence and beyond. But because other tribes agreed that Kiir is their president that is why up to now Kiir still a president.

NB//The Author is a fourth year Law Student in Makerere University and he can he reached through the following contacts:; +25783579256

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Kiir’s Success in Pulling the wool over the eye of the White House

BY: Dr Peter Kopling, South Sudan, APR/25/2014, SSN;

The Juba government has been pulling wool over the eyes of its subjects the South Sudanese as well as the international communities but the US government in particular, which tend to fall for the deceptions coming from Juba each time. It is thus very thinkable that the US did not see this conflict coming and if they did then they have let down the suffering people of South Sudan.

Partly it seems this is stemming from the White House’s shock due to the horror news coming out of their brainchild new nation and wanting to believe the baby they hatched, finding it hard it could commit such abominable atrocities.

The US finds itself with the syndrome of a mother who will condemn vigorously a crime committed by someone else’s son but speaking only timidly when the very crime is committed by her very own son, the very one that comes from her bosom.

Thus it is no wonder so far the US has fallen for each of Juba’s lies and deceptions because of this Mother-Son Syndrome. When will she learn that this son has now turned criminal thus not all that he says and does must be taken at face value?

We have learned today that the remaining four political detainees are pardoned for their alleged coup. They have been dragged through dirt, their lives threatened; family members murdered and humiliated and they endured a kangaroo court and the revelations in court carried no water.

Rather than the court ruling there is no evidence to say the four attempted coup, by default this will also imply Riek did not attempt any coup, however in keeping with their signature politics of deception, they pulled the pardon card.

What it really means in their twisted minds is, that yes it remained shielded forever that there was a coup but the “generous peace-loving president pardoned these coup plotters”.

This is a huge lie, It has been leaked that the court was prepared to rule, there was no evidence of coup produced during the trial if it where left to act independently.

Kiir government have been informed of the Court’s findings and their intended ruling. Instead of facing embarrassment and apologizing to the nation for taking us in this path of bloodshed on false pretends, they instead pulled the Pardon card.

By doing so, they have in essence still insisted there was a coup but they have pardoned these particular plotters.

What are the implications of these political moves by Kiir?

Well in essence now these are pardoned criminals rather than falsely accused and exonerated patriots Vs. Kiir the benevolent peace lover.

Now these our great patriots are tainted as criminals simply for being Kiir’s political opponents, thus their political carriers are killed. What a shrewd dictator.

I hope here that the international bodies see that, this government triggered this war on false pretence and has caused the lives of our fellow citizens simply for trying to rid himself of political opponents.

The sad thing and the real tragedy for South Sudanese people is, this deceptions which should have received wide condemnations specially from our Mentor country the USA felt in tight lips among its politicians and the White House could have made a difference by telling Kiir as it is.

When the coup was announced the US came out hurriedly condemning what it called individuals trying to “take power by force,” instead blaming the victims of this con artist while failing to see they have been lied to.

Consequently, the US missed to see the problem was and still is one who is trying to remain in power indefinitely by force, and that tyranny is fully born in South Sudan.

It is and should be very evident that the Oppositions did not choose to fight but rather they were forced to fight for their lives and that of their tribesmen by extension the nation.

This war was not made into ethnic by the oppositions but rather by Kiir himself when he massacred Nuer women and children in Juba at the onset of this conflict but there was no outrage from the White House about this horror out of Juba, rather than a timid generic mention of “atrocities were committed from both sides”.

The US was dubbed into these hurried judgments by again another lie told to them about Riek that he is a murderer and would come to massacre people in Juba if left unchecked.

Thus it was the US, according Museveni’s version that asked Uganda to intervene in South Sudan to prevent revenge massacre but yet a massacre and a genocide of a People have been carried in the capital city at the doorsteps of the US embassy in Juba.

In their erroneous preconceived ideas about Riek, they, the US, protected a genocidal President Kiir and did not up to now come out with a strong language of condemnations against the Juba massacre as we see of the languages being used concerning the alleged Bentui killings by the oppositions.

Again the Mother-Son Syndrome, what the son says is believed easily without hard questions only to be embarrassed later as the truth comes out but still remaining mute.

The “others” alleged crimes are condemned loudly while mute about the sons very same known crime leave alone alleged. This is where the White House finds itself.

The Government of Kiir has to date made criminal moves and waged propaganda war of lies from the start of this war. They initiated political purging, took lives and caused loss of our fellow Citizens on the premises of lies.

The highlights below should bring to bear the modus operandi of this Kirr government. We got here; they took our country to the precipice because of:
1) The illegal Militia recruited majorly from Kiir’s tribal men in target of Dr. Machar and Nuer people.
2) The twisted report of the in fight among these militia triggered by government discriminated disarmament of Nuer members of the Militia as he planned to unleashed his criminal intent of silencing his political opponents and eliminating Riek.
3) The declarations of the now, known false and non-existent coup. He silenced the oppositions.
4) The massacre of Nuer women and children in Juba, with or without Riek, the Nuer would have fought back because of this massacre of their women and Children. This is the genesis of the war for the Nuer, for them it is a war of survival; Kiir gave them no other options. This point must not be missed. There were close to 15 other people with Riek in his opposition to Kiir from numerous tribes to include Kiir’s very own, how comes it was only Nuer targeted in Juba? He started the ethnic element of the conflict.
5) The bringing of Ugandan Mercenaries in the Conflict, he regionalized the conflict.
6) The initial denials that the Ugandans are involved. Habitual liar.
7) The use of Ugandan jet-fighters and cluster bombs. Practicing unconventional war.
8) The massacre of Nuer Civilians in recaptured towns of Bor, Malakal etc. Gross human rights abuses.
9) The false accusations labeled against The UN that it was smuggling arms for the Rebels. He globalized the conflict. This is not a peacemaker.
10) The mobilizations of government supporters, mostly its paramilitary in “sheep clothes” of civilian Youth, to protest against the UN.
11) The presence of SPLM north fighting alongside the Kiir’s men.
12) The UNMISS camp attack and killing of Nuer IDP in UN camp in Bor. He crossed every line.

The above are some of the few deceptive and criminal acts through which the Kiir government has been waging this war. They have lied in all of these cases, as the above points now are very evident.

The opposition first called them out on this and each an every single time the opposition turns out to be correct.

Now consider the Bentiu Saga, Bentiu has fallen to the Rebels at onset of the war, the government took it back, then the Rebels came and took it over a matter of few months.

Essentially Bor, Malakal and Bentiu have constantly been war zones, changing hands to and from since the onset of this war not like Juba.

Even Juba where the war started, in the beginning most foreigners left Juba and even now not fully returned. Why is Bentiu very different, and now we are told was flourishing with foreigners although being a war zone with constant change of hands, we are now led to believe that there were vibrant such large number of foreign civilians trading in Bentiu, trading to and with who if most locals are displaced and war ravaged?

Why is the world so ready to swallow the lies of Kiir yet again that these Darfurians killed in Bentiu are Civilians rather than the very same ones, the like of the Ugandan forces that have been fighting and killing the oppositions along side Kiir’s army all these times as the towns of Bor, Malakal Bentiu changes hands to and fro?

The war was looming for days and active fires went on more than two days, Civilians fled and to the UN camps. These Darfurians who claimed to have fled from war from Darfur would be the first to run for safety but the truth is they are there in combat and died in combat.

Today in the protest arranged by Darfurians in Juba, High government officials in the likes of Kuol Manyong, the Defence minister, came to give condolence.

Have we ever before heard a single condolence from Kiirs government to the communities massacred in Juba, Bor, Malakal as is to this purported Civilian Bentiu massacre? Something is fishy.

Consider the timing of the release of the four detainees perfectly to ride this wave of success of public opinion against the opposition, essentially the success of their lies, I can only see in closed doors they are grinning and tossing to it!

How on earth does this young country learn the evil art so well and so very quickly?

This should be clear by now that those dead were SPLA North who died in the battle field in support of Kiir, thus his henhmen men came out to condemn this loudly while remaining mute about the rest.

The UN and the world and the US in particular fell again for Kiir lies and rather than restraining Kiir, again they, the US government, is by this selected outrage helping a known genocidal president Kiir at the expense of his victims, the South Sudanese people.

When will they realize this horror is born by Kiir and will end with Kiir?

It is said you can fool some of the people some of the time however Kiir’s has succeeded to fool the international community all the times.

However, as our African saying goes “You can fart under the water, but it shall eventually come to the surface.”

The tragedy for our nation is that the world has refused to see the bubbles of Kiir’s repeated large and loud farts at the peril of his victims, we the people.

Dr Peter Kopling, MD.

Salva Kiir’s Govt: From tribal to regional government!!

By: Weirial Puok Baluang, RSS, APR/25/2014, SSN;

The government of Salva Kiir Mayardit has been a tribal government for the whole of its term since the then autonomous government of southern Sudan in 2005 till 23rd of April 2014 when he reduced it from the tribal government to the regional one (Bhar el Ghazal Government).

The case of Gen. Hoth Mai and Gen. Mach Paul:
According to the decree read on Juba regime owned TV known as SSTV on 23rd of April 2014, Salva Kiir Mayardit the president of the republic relieved Gen. Gathkoth Mai and Gen Mac Paul and he replaced them with Paul Malong Awan and Gen. Marial Cinuor respectively.

The fact that the two former leaders hail from Greater Upper Nile and the newly appointed leaders hail from Greater Bhar el Gazal qualified that President Kiir has shifted his government from the formerly Dinka dominated government to Bhar el Gazal Dinka dominated government.

Therefore, it is still going on in an increasing move to be a Clan government that will be dominated by Rek Dinka of Warrap where our president comes from as long as the deal between Yuweri Museveni and himself (Kiir) is still active militarily.

The proverb of “What goes around comes around” became true. Last year of 2013 December when the made-up coup erupted in the national capital Juba, 17,613 innocent Nuer civilians were murdered/massacred by Kiir’s and Malong’s militias; therefore, the world described the move as a ‘Tribal War’ which many politicians including Kiir himself denied. Now it has proven itself alone.

The removal of a man like Gathoth Mai has a little but not big affect on Mayardit Government. But replacing a man who’s been cautioning the army against tribalism and politicizing the military with a man who has a private, tribal militia he pays with state funds instead of the national fund is just plain dangerous; a very unfortunate precedence that will drag not only himself (Malong) to the ICC but Kiir and Museveni too.

One of my friends, Kuir E Garang, a political commentator, asked a question on the social media about the removal of Gen. Hoth which goes like this: Malong Awan, the newly decreed-in COGS (Chief of General Staff), was involved in the operations of the three nights when thousands of innocent Nuer were slaughtered.

What message is the president sending to the Nuer community with or against the government??

To me it is a very good question since Gathoth Mai did not even condemn the deaths of his brothers and relatives if not all Nuer during the Juba Massacre for fear not to lose his job should he quote of why his tribe is being killed on his watch?

For the case of General Mach Paul:
Gen. Mach Paul is a man of all the people due to the fact that he tells the truth though it hurts many people in our country. If Mach Paul could have rubbished the made up coup d’etat since the beginning of the fight he could have been respected more than the last time he rubbished the fabricated coup.

However the removal of Gen. Mach Paul did not surprise me more as that of Gathoth Mai, because of the statement he made.

According to the Citizen Newspaper report, Mach Paul told the court that the four political detainees have nothing to do with the alleged coup and the subsequent armed rebellion in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity states.

“The SPLA Director of Intelligence, Gen. Mac Paul, told the Court that he, as an intelligence officer, has no clue that the four suspects were behind the attack but pointed out that he believes there were some political problems within the SPLM party which started way back before the incident of December 15.” End of quote

Gen. Mach Paul is a truthful leader like Dr. Machar to criticize or tell truth even though in the system without fear of loosing the job. That is a spirit of nationality and togetherness which has got no room in our country under president Kiir.

Many of the Kiir government officials are aware of the failed assassination attempt against the reformists on 15/12/2013 but could not talk because they don’t want to loose their respective job as happened to Gen. Paul innocently.

Therefore my message to the current Kiir’s officials is that: if you need to survive politically use the tactic of Marial Benjamin, Makuei Lueth and the likes by praising Kiir all the times and tell more lies that please Kiir.

My brothers and sisters, who does not know that the current government is the combination of self-imposed president, Yes-Man Vice president together with some of his puppet governors/Ministers and members of parliament who were rejected by their constituencies?

That gave birth to the most corrupt government the world has ever seen in the 21 century, as tribalism, nepotism, insecurity, robbery, and terror are used to keep opposition out of their club because the government was designed to please the president and not for social service delivery to the country’s citizens.

My dear readers, to confirm and believe whether Salva Kiir’s formerly Dinka dominated Government has changed to the worst one which is the regional government that would take the country into a blood bath (Bhar elgazal Government), we need to go through the below Cabinets and the Top Government posts as per the regions and tribes:

Salva Kiir Mayardit (Bhar elgazal Dinka)_ president of the republic of south Sudan
James Wani Igga ( Greater Equa.)_ Vice president
Paul Malong Awan (Bhar elgazal Dinka)_ Chief of General Staff
Four deputies of Chief of General staff ( Bhar el Gazal Dinkas with the exception of Ayom Door the Dinka of Upper Nile))
Barnaba Marial Benjamin (99% Bhar elgazal Dinka and 10% Nuer) – Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Martin Elia Lomoro (Greater Equa.)- Cabinet affairs
Kuol Manyang Juuk ( Greater Upper Nile Dinka) – Defense and Veteran Affairs
Telar Ring Deng – ( Bhar elgazal Dinka) Justice
minister in the Office of the president ( Bhar elgazal Dinka)
Obuto Mamur Mete (Greater Equatoria) – Office of the President for National Security Service
Aleu Ayeny Aleu (Bhar elgazal Dinka)- Interior and Wildlife Conservation
Aggrey Tisa Sabuni (Greater Equatoria)– Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning
Kuong Danhier Gatluak (Graeter Upper Nile)- Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development
Michael Makuei Lueth (Greater Upper Nile Dinka)– Information, Broadcasting and Telecommunication and Postal Services
Riek Gai Kok (Greater Upper Nile)– Health minister
Beda Machar Deng ( Bhar el gazal Dinka) – Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Animal Resources, Cooperatives and Rural Development
John Gai Yoh – ( Greater Upper Nile) Education, Science and Technology
Jemma Nunu Kumba – ( Greater Equatoria) Land, Housing and Physical Planning
(Bhar elgazal Dinka) minister of Electricity, Dams, Irrigation and Water Resources
Simon Majok Mijak ( Dinka Upper Nile)- Transport, Roads and Bridges
Stephen Dhieu Dau (Dinka Upper Nile) – Petroleum, Mining and Environment
Ngor Kulang (Bhar elgazal Dinka)- Culture, Youth and Sport
Awut Deng Acuil (Bharel gazal Dinka)– Gender and Social Development


Paulino Wanawilla Unango (Greater Equa.- Justice
Jadala Augustino Wani (Greater Equa. – Interior and Wildlife Conservation
Mary Jarvas Yak (Bhar elgazal Dinka) – Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning
Kengen Jakor-( Bhar elgazal Dinka) Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning
Rebecca Joshua Okwaci ( Greater Upper Nile) – Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Postal Services
Nadia Arop Dudi ( Greater Upper Nile Dinka) – Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Animal Resources, Cooperatives and Rural Development
Bol Makueng (Bhar elgazal Dinka) – Education, Science and Technology
Deng Arop Kuol (Bhar elgazal Dinka)- Land, Housing and Physical Planning
Martin Daku (Greater Equa.)- Transport, Roads and Bridges
Elizabeth James Bol ( Bhar elgazal Dinka) – Petroleum, Mining and
Ateny Wek Ateny (Bhar elgazal Dinka) _Presidential spokesperson
Akol Paul ( Bharelgazal Dinka) SPLM youth league leader
and so on and so forth from Dinka Bharelgazal Leaders in the national level.

In conclusion, the so called regional government of Salva Kiir Mayardit with the help of president Museveni of Uganda would not make it to August this year due to the fact that those Nuer SPLA members and militias fighting alongside the ruling of Kiir for life will be hopeless because Malong Awan is the worse night killer South Sudan has ever get.

Because Kiir’s power depends on J.E.M, UPDF and Puljang’s Militias as Bentiu was captured when Puljang withdrew for his life, there will be a little to be achieved through Paul Malong unless to kill the remnants of 15/12/2013 and 17/4/2014 Juba and Bor massacres survivors respectively who are now seeking the safe haven at UNMISS across the country.

Otherwise his appointment is to spray on Nuer lands the cluster bombs and other chemicals that kill both human and animals which could not be allowed by the former Chief of General Staff Hoth Mai.

God bless South Sudan!!!

the writer/author is reachable at

Pres. Salva Kiir ceases not to De-escalate the Conflict

BY: David Kanyara, Juba, APR/24/2014, SSN;

It is apparent to intellectual communities but more so to the masses in South Sudan that there is only one single person who holds the key to peace and has every avenue to halt the bloodshed in the Republic of South Sudan, our beloved bleeding nation. This is no other than the President of the Republic, after all, are not all the roads in South Sudan passing by his desk?

Doesn’t he appoint and fire governors and ministers? Didn’t he bring in renegade generals in the past, not once but multiple times and made peace? Is there anyone in the country he cannot fire and is there anyone or group of people in the country able to undo what he does?

Is he not a man in his own league?

Is it far from the truth to say, instead of using his enormous authority to deescalate the conflict, for peace and a lasting resolution, what we have seen so far is he, the President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, escalating the war rather than using his power to halt the war, with less loss of lives as soon as possible?

It is very concerning that Kiir is not taking any advice from anybody except the views of his inner circle and that of President Museveni, his teacher.

Could this be because Kiir has not felt the bleeding of our nation and has no loved ones among the children living under harsh conditions?

Was it not under such spirit he sent his security agents to dismantle the bathing facilities and the latrine pits constructed by United Nations outside its compound to help the people living in displaced camp in Juba?

The absence of this latrine pit means the condition of sanitation will get worse and this will result into outbreak of cholera.

Any sensible leader and a President of a nation will be vigilant about this because any outbreak of cholera will not spare anyone including those who are supporting the President.

Using the latrine pits as collective punishment of the displaced Nuer civilians who since 15 December 2013 have taken refuge in UNMISS and denying sanitation facility for those IDPs, it’s immoral and it is not peace making.

Please examine with me, the clear indicators that Mr. Kiir is not working for peace but rather escalating the conflict day in and day out.

We recall repeated calls from our proven and friendly nations that supported us in our quest for nationhood chiefly the US, the EU, AU and the IGAD, a call for the President to show true faith of leadership and release those detained to include the four who are now facing the court whose outcome carries the death penalties.

But all these appeals were ignored by the President and his inner circles, this act in itself is a declaration of war on those who do not sing songs of praise to his Excellency Mr. Kiir.

We now heard, this week on Wednesday 16 April 2014, Dinka youth mob justice, attacked Nuer displaced civilians in UNMISS camp in Bor, this event by many expert’s view is in keeping with the hand signatures of information minister Muchael Makui and other closed inner circle of Kiir, the likes of interior minister Alue Ayieng, and defense Minister Koul Manyang.

These individuals are the worse cobras sleeping among green snakes, this is violation of Geneva Convention and abuse of universal human rights and not peace making.

On 19 April 2014, joined statement were released by the failed foreign minister Benjamin Marial Barnabas and interior Minister Alue, saying South Sudan will not renew the mandate of UNMISS without the ratification by south Sudan national legislative assembly.

Now mind you, this is an assembly that has been toothless and does what kiir wants. It also should be mentioned that a good number of MPs are either massacred in Juba or have fled the country, as such the legislation assembly lacks quorum and is constitutionally incomplete to be able to carry its work other than serving as a rubber stamp for the dictator.

This very statement from the foreign minister is yet another clear indication that south Sudan under Kiir leadership has not ceased its hostility against the world’s body, and shamelessly they are talking in the media as if South Sudan is able to fill the gap of UNMISS, should the parliamentary ratification refuse to renew the mandate of UNMISS to operate after July 2014.

This is not about seeking the parliamentary mandate but Kiir is trying to remove UNMISS to pave ways to massacre more Neur or to extinct them from South Sudan.

Given recent rapid changes in battlefield, Kiir will do anything to destroy the country before exiting from power. This move against the UN is not peace making.

On 23rd January 2014 the two warring parties under the direct guidance of IGAD bloc have signed the Cessation of Hostilities /CoH and more importantly for the true peace to be realized in the country IGAD had agreed together with its partners and the two warring parties to implement these two important items immediately to pave way for real roadmap for a lasting peace:-

a- The immediate redeployment of Uganda People’s Defend Force/ UPDF and other invited armed groups by both sides to exit South Sudan. But Kiir refused to implement though his head of delegation have signed this document and it has become an agreement that is binding.

b- The two sides have also agreed about the release of 11 political detainees held by Kiir in Juba after what is referred to as the failed coup masterminded by Dr Riek, a claimed refuted by Dr Riek and his group, instead they accused Kiir of silencing his opponents and desiring to assassinate them by this allegation labeled against them.

On 29th January 2014 as a sign of good gesture, Kiir has decided to release the group of 7, and refused to release the remaining 4, instead his justice minister brought treason judges against them. And the group of Troika reiterated their calls to release the four remaining detainees to join the talks in Addis Abba.

So, my fellow countrymen/women, it is self evident that Kiir is interested only in escalating the conflict to achieve his goal of ruling South Sudan unopposed like his mentor Museveni of Uganda.

He was quoted saying that he stands for peace and reconciliation, but his deeds show the opposite, his words are simply cheap politics and lies.

The fact that he rejected the participation of the group of 7, former political detainees from taking part in the ongoing peace talks in Addis Abba added to this concern of Kiir wanting only force and adding to our national nightmare, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

If Kiir is for peace and true reconciliation, to end the bloodshed and loss of lives, he will bring on board the views of all southerners for the sake of lasting peace.

The wider views from our clergies the spiritual fathers of our nation from different churches have openly called for the inclusiveness of the church, and the civil society who are the main stakeholders but the government is afraid and this too they opposed because they know that this will strip Kiir of the absolute powers he now enjoys at the peril of the nation.

The participation of civil society will reduce the future power on any President because the civil society is calling for the complete overhaul of the “defective-at-birth” constitution that will give more power to people rather than the presidency like Kiir.

This valuable piece of advice from our clergies is seen by the government as great threat to remove some powers from Kiir, who by now is intoxicated by power.

This attitude is detrimental for reconciliation and if the churches view is seen as a threat by the government, then what is the meaning of the government own initiative, the so called commission of peace and reconciliation / CPR chaired by Bishop Daniel Deng Bol who was appointed by the President although of recent there has been growing calls for Bishop Deng to step down from the post because like the President he too has blood on his hands.

Another clear and flagrant agitation rather creation of peace in the country is the move taken by the President to remove the University professors from their posts, is clearly interference by the President to destabilize our country’s learning institutions.

The removal of the vice chancellors from different universities by the President is meant to terrorize everyone in the country so that they can be loyalist to him rather than expressing their views to bring the much-needed democratic reforms.

The removal of the Professors is unconstitutional and this will breed more hatred towards Kiir’s presidency and will create fears and anxiety in the intellectual community which should be independent and from which the president should seek advice rather than bullying them.

Mr. Kiir wants to show everyone that he has the power and can do anything to anybody who opposes him, no one absolutely no one is safe not even the Professors from their posts.

Are there no disciplinary bodies in every university that are empowered to remove anyone who misbehaves, those bodies have the mandate to act accordingly on whoever is found guilty of criminal and corruption within the universities.

This forceful decree issued by Kiir to remove the professors is unconstitutional and an agitation rather than Creation of peace.

President Kiir and his cabinet and SPLA youth league launched countless negative campaign against the UN which culminated with attacks against United Nations Mission in South Sudan/UNMISS while the so called youth demanding the exit of the UN while it is providing for starving poor people of our nation who voted for Kiir during his landmark election in 2010. This is an act of agitator not that of a peacemaker.

Kiir and his crook ministers and SPLA want to exit the world body who came to save the people of South Sudan because they think UN is acting as an umbrella of protection to Nuer civilians who have congregated in dire situation in UNMISS camps since mid December 2013.

After a joint investigation the so called UN trucks caught by SPLA security agency in Rumbek turned out to be the most embarrassing uncooked fabricated story created by less Mindful people for the world to believe indeed that UN is supplying the rebels with weapons.

These lies against the UN just like the lies of the coup, is an agitations of war not of peace making.

The UN & South Sudan joined investigation found out that the weapons in the containers were indeed destined to Ghanaian peace keepers who arrived in the country after the massacre in Juba, and the serial number and barcodes of those weapons confirmed the UN’s claims.

Shamelessly without apologizing to the UN and especially to UNMISS head of Mission Ms Hilde Johnson, they the government in Juba decided to release the containers with the weapons to UNMISS, this is clear violation against UN and this incident has shamed us the people of south Sudan in the eyes of the world.

We are looking shaky and stupid at world stage because of uncivilized act of one man in the lead and this one man who barks like a wild abandoned dog is the interior minister Michael Makuei Lueth.

Mr Kiir is deliberately inciting the conflict by using people like Michael Makuei who have no concern for the country whatsoever; this is another clear indication that Mr. Kiir is by no means close to deescalating the conflict just so as to prolong his time in office even if he is unpopular.

In Juba Kiir’s security agent continue to target the Nuer civilians, their houses were confiscated, assets like money in banks are seized by the government, in Bor and Upper Nile those who risked to leave the UNMISS camps in search of food for their family end up being tortured or in most cases disappeared without trace, this is clear violation of human rights and actions of one escalating the fight.

The Nuer civilians in the camps have got nothing to do with the so called failed coup attempt and they have not taken arms against the government of Kiir, It was Kiir who shot the first bullet at them.

It must be pointed out that the Nuer like their counter parts from Dinka tribe deserve better protection from Kiir’s security rather than tortures and abuse. SPLA army loyalists do not spare not even young girls and elderly women.

Last but not least, Kiir’s government is picking a quarrel with the Obama administration for signing an executive order to slam sanctions on those who are obstructing the effort to bring final peace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and those who have bloody hands in violation of human rights.

The rhetoric Juba is using is “Obama is interfering with the internal affairs of south Sudan,” this is laughable, is Kiir out of his mind?

Has he forgotten that when he hurriedly rushed to Uganda to bring the UPDF to fight a war that has erupted in one political party the SPLM in which Kiir is the chair?

Is this not an internal affair of the ruling Party, which they needed to resolve amicably within their party? How comes he involve foreigners in it?

If there is anybody who interferes with the lives of South Sudanese and loss of lives of South Sudanese, leave alone their internal affairs, it is Kiir himself and his government should stop blaming the Americans for his mess.

As they said the good you do with will remain with you, the evil you do will also follow you, which is exactly what is now happening to Kiir,.

He is trying to run away from the genocide he provoked, he started the massacre and loss of lives in Juba, thus the war and it is him who is also prolonging and escalating it while continuing to lie to us and the world with our eyes open.

You can fool the people some of the time but not all the times and the truth has caught up with him.

David Aju Kanyara
Juba, South Sudan

An indisputably Failed State: Savagery, Genocidal Attitude & the Soulless Leaders

Kuir ë Garang, ALBERTA, CANADA, APR/25/2014, SSN;

Pathetic and excruciatingly sad! That’s what I’d say about what is happening in South Sudan. I’m sorry for only a small number of South Sudanese will like this article.

No one in South Sudan can assume a moral pedestal. While some people/tribes may carry more blame than others, it’s not presumptuous or erroneous to say that we are all to blame; one way or another!

And I’m going to be unprecedentedly harsh to everyone in South Sudan. I’m going to offend people I shouldn’t, perhaps, offend.

However, I’d want every South Sudanese to know that this is now our problem.

Initiated by the weak and incompetent leadership of President Kiir and exacerbated by Riek Machar’s ambition for power, the problem has now become an inconvenience or a fatal danger for everyone.

Some Jonglei State residents are now in the Equatorias and causing inconveniences to the local residents; Nuer people feel insecure in areas controlled by their own government; rebels are slaughtering civilians like chickens, and the government has absolutely no interest in either ending the war or protecting civilians.

Those who know a little about South Sudan, its historical struggles and inter-tribal relations will agree with me that almost all tribes in South Sudan are wretched tribalists.

All tribes in South Sudan have this strong sense of cultic significance of one’s own tribe. Opinion writers from all tribes exemplify this. And I bet you the response to this article will prove that to you.

Physical Savagery
The Jieeng and Nuer people have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are capable of unspeakable savagery. With indisputable facts, they’ve slaughtered women, children, men, elderly and the sick in cold-blood.

Yes, the Jieeng proved their savagery in Juba after December 15, 2013 mutiny where they slaughtered innocent and unsuspecting Nuer civilians in their hundreds.

Only the closed-minded, destructive tribal die-hards among the Jieeng would deny that such a savagery took place.

And the recent incident in the Jonglei State capital, Bor (April 17, 2014), proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Jieeng people are capable of savagery of unspeakable proportions.

Admittedly, the storming of UNMISS compound and the cold-blooded murder of unarmed civilians is a savage and cowardly act we should all condemn.

Well, a few who’ve shelved their brains would see this otherwise. And we can’t blame them! That’s the mentality of the savage!

In which country on earth do you see ‘peaceful demonstrators’ carrying guns?

Why couldn’t the youth know that those in UNMISS compound are there for safety and any angry crowd approaching the compound is regarded as hostile?

Those in the compound are being protected; what part of protection is difficult to understand? Memos are delivered to decision-makers in the UNMISS leadership not to the ‘safe-hub’ shelters!

And Nuer people are not to be outdone when it comes to savagery. In the same manner, they’ve proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are also capable of savagery of equal proportions.

With no doubt, the Nuer people have proven in Bor, Akobo, Bentiu and Malakal that they can be skilled savages like their cousins, the Jieeng!

The Jesh Meboor (White Army) obliterated towns and massacred innocent Nuer (they believe support the government), Shilluk civilians and Jieeng civilians.

Chief among all the savagery executed by Nuer was in Bor and Bentiu where elderly women were burnt inside the churches; the sick raped and murdered in cold-blood on their hospital beds.

What human being would rape and murder patients on their hospital beds?

And these patients were not just ordinary patients but elderly patients who couldn’t escape. Only a savage mind would do such an unspeakable act!

And some Nuer people are quick to argue that the killing of Jieeng people couldn’t have happened had the government armed mercenaries not massacred Nuer civilians in Juba!

That sounds like a reasonable argument! But why kill innocent civilians instead of the soldiers who carried out the heinous act in Juba?

Whatever the motivation, the act was still outright savagery.

Psychological and Attitudinal Savagery
While other tribes in South Sudan want to claim a Moral Pedestal, it’s prudent to remember that they are not any better.

I admit these tribes have not fallen into the Jieeng-Nuer kind of savagery. However, the opinions, comments on social media and the general sentiment on the ground among these tribes in South Sudan is nothing but authentically psychological and attitudinal savagery.

What’s the conceptual difference between the Nuer and Jieeng who want to butcher themselves to a finish and someone else who wish these two tribes do exactly the same?

A person who’d want to see the two tribes kill themselves is as savage as the ones killing themselves.

Given an opportunity this person would do exactly the same thing. Spare me moral self-righteousness!

South Sudan is composed of more than 60 tribes and what are these tribes doing to help save the nation? Are these tribes so helpless that they can’t do anything to help ease the tension?

If these tribes are tired of Nuer and Jieeng and want to stand by and watch as the two finish themselves, then they shouldn’t assume any Moral Pedestal.

They are, to a good extent, as culpably savage as the murderous and genocidal Nuer and Jieeng people.

Many tribes in the three southern states of South Sudan always assume being civil, amiable and more peaceful than Jieng and Nuer. Some even use the word ‘civilized’ to describe themselves.

What’s ‘civilized’ in standing by and letting your fellow South Sudanese kill themselves?

What’s ‘civilized’ in wishing that two major tribes massacre themselves to a finish?

What’s ‘civilized’ in being unable to act as a mediating voice in drafting ‘peace models’ to bring the two tribes together?

Where are the esteemed tribal chiefs among the ‘civilized’ tribes of the southern states? Why can’t they be vocal and exude their civilization in bringing in the two ‘savage tribes’ to peace?

Stopping the war might be difficult but saving innocent lives is something the chiefs can initiate.

The sooner South Sudanese realize that savagery has gripped us like a viral malady, the better things would be for us.

You might not be savage in your actional processes, but your thoughts, opinions and wishes, can just be as savage.

Jieeng and Nuer have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that their savagery can bring about an end to this nation. It’s high time the other tribes initiate grassroots level peace initiatives through chiefs and local members of parliament.

Among the proven ‘savages’, there are eared and souled saints.

The Soulless Leaders
Conscientious South Sudanese would agree with me that Dr. Riek Machar didn’t start the crisis.

And I‘d assume too that some of you would agree with me that this crisis was exacerbated by Dr. Riek’s rebellion and his alliance with the white army.

One can assume he ran to save his life but one can’t comprehend the obliteration of towns and the senseless massacres of innocent civilians by Riek’s forces.

And Riek has no decency to express regret for the lives lost. He has pledged to continue fighting even as civilians continue to die. That’s soullessness!

We all know that President Kiir’s refusal to convene the Political Bureau meeting, his attempt to manipulate the election of the party chairman and all he did to sleep on the demands of the members of the Political Bureau caused the current crisis.

That still gives Riek no excuse to pay no attention to the death and suffering of South Sudanese and to take us back ten years.

And the government of President Kiir is as equally soulless as the leadership of Riek Machar.

Displaced Nuer civilians are living in squalid conditions in the same town the president lives in. They are insecure in their own National Capital from their own government.

It’s hard to imagine a credible government that can’t protect its own citizens; a government that isn’t initiating credible modalities to end the war.

The government
• Is only interested in the protection of oil installations to fuel the luxurious lifestyle
• Has no interest in protecting the civil population as they continue to die
• Is unable to assure the security of the Nuer civilians in Juba, the very National Capital
• Has no internal, strategic plan to end the war and create inter-tribal understanding and trust-building
• Believes, like the rebels, it will win militarily as exemplified by the appointment of Malong Awan as the Chief of General Staff of the SPLA
• Is not serious about ‘Peace Talks’ while it continues to pay lips service to being ‘serious’ as shown by their reluctance to go to Ethiopia for the next round of ‘Talks.’
• Continues to air inflammatory statements while calling for ‘peace!’

Until leaders who care about lives of South Sudanese; leaders who can actually express condolences and speak directly to the bereft, come up, the current soulless leaders (government and rebels) will continue to endanger civilian lives, fuel genocidal attitude and savagery, and bring the country to complete failure.

The sooner we see it as ‘our’ problem rather than ‘their’ problem, the better things will be for us.

Kuir ë Garang is the author of “South Sudan Ideologically” and “Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful?” For contact visit

Dictator Salva Kirr Must Resign for Nation’s Interest

By: Laku Modi Tombe, RSS, APR/23/2014, SSN;

Unfortunately, the claim that South Sudan is one nation, one people, and a nation which respects democratic principles under the leadership of dictator Salva Kirr who is asking citizens to defend its constitution and his legitimate government is misleading that only cheap and unfocused people can buy it.

President Salva Kirr has been behaving undemocratic since he became president of South Sudan transitional government. The fact that people were silent when he manipulatively imposed himself to lead in South Sudan interim transitional government with the help of his notorious bloody thirsty friend Lt. General Koul Manyang who supported him to establish an autocratic regime in that new country, does not mean he is smart and that people didn’t know what had happened but they were only interested in peace and success of an independent South Sudan.

Kirr falsely signed Juba Declaration to bring all rebel groups operating outside SPLM main stream to Juba under his leadership in bad faith and has abused some of these peace loving forces which he thought he lured them to his totalitarian government.

Having confidentially assumed to have consolidated himself into power among the various groups under his regime, Kirr exposed his dirty face during Sudan’s general election when he started to divide and discriminate his party members between SPLM loyalists and non-SPLM loyalists in which he denied the latter their democratic right to context in elections of president, governorship, and parliament.

Despite the fact, most of these so called non-SPLM loyalists were more popular in their constituencies than the president’s hand-picked members, to say the least.

Even when the non-SPLM loyalists decided to run in that election as independent candidates, the same Kirr with his personal army undemocratically rigged in his favor all the elections of presidency, governors, and members of parliaments who were ready to defend and protect his position instead of the country.

It is the combination of self-imposed president together with some of his puppet governors and members of parliament who were rejected by their constituencies, that gave birth to the most corrupt government the world has ever seen in the 21 century, as tribalism, nepotism, insecurity, robbery, and terror to keep oppositions out of their club because the government was designed to please the president and not for social service delivery for country’s citizens.

Since GoSS was designed to protect and defend president and not the provision of social services delivery to people; personal enrichment, extravagance, luxurious life style, and competition of wealth accumulation among government officials became the order of the day while the country sunk dip in poverty, illiteracy, diseases, hunger worse than during Arabs regime because the corrupt government squandered billions of dollars meant for nation development.

Although we cannot sympathize with ministers and parliamentarian who helped passed nation’s unpopular constitution that centralized government and empowered Kirr with unlimited powers to appoint, dismiss, dissolve entire government as he likes, the way he has been treating them is unacceptable as he’s falsely using his illegitimate constitution to justify his autocratic actions and failures.

When the appointed ministers and other junior government officials started to rise up demanding for democratic reform in the system in order to promote justice, equality, freedom, development and economic prosperity which is overdue, president turned against his former hand-picked government officials and accused them to be responsible for government shortcomings and its inability to perform and provide social service delivery to South Sudanese for last 9 years.

Come on, Mr. President, when the electorate did not vote for all the governors and members of parliaments you forced on them, do you think they were stupid?

No, our electorates knew your failed ministers and members of parliaments were incapable to deliver them services that is why they rejected them not to represent them in public offices in the first place.

Beside, how can vice president, ministers, and other government officials be responsible for government failures especially when the appointed officials were hired to praise president even on wrong things if Kirr and his supporters are serious?

All over the world, the president is the only person responsible to the success and failure of his or her government because he’s expected to have the ability to employ the right people in the right places and is capable to identify those unable to perform to either improve or be removed.

Because president is ignorant about politics and who believes in dictatorship since he became president, now he made these unwanted government officials heroes in their constituencies.

The assertion that December 15, 2013 incident is a coup led by Dr. Riek Machar Teny who wanted to overthrow a democratically elected president is cheap as those who are preaching it.

If Dr. Riek and his group were power thirsty as the accomplished Kirr robots want us to believe, he would have fought president when he deprived his wife’s, Dr. Angelina Teny governorship election victory in 2010.

The same way General Alfred Lado Gore would have fought Kirr when he denied him his democratic victory to bring development to the nation’s capital and the future of South Sudan independence would have been uncertain.

But since these patriotic democrats and revolutionaries were not greedy and bloody thirsty like president who’s ready to sell or destroy South Sudan because of power, they kept cool for the sake of our country’s independent state which our forefathers fought for more than hundred years, that’s why they let Salva to intimidate and bully them before people’s independence.

It should be made clear that the current political crisis in South Sudan did not start on December 15, 2013 incident which cost 20,000 lives of Nuer tribe in Juba when president Salva Kirr private militia massacred them from door-to-door as some people within government would like to mislead citizens but it began since president Kirr took power during South Sudan transitional government in 2005.

We condemn president’s Salva Kirr desperate undemocratic attempt to use December 15, 2013 incident which his private militias massacred 20,000 Nuer tribe people in Juba alone as a way to sideline his political opponents in the country as he has been doing in the last 9 years.

The massacre of peaceful demonstrators in Wau, the murder of Equatorian police officers in Yambio, the killing of one family in Yei, and the genocide that took place in Komiru, and other atrocities done in the country by the president’s forces of evil, are inhuman acts that he needs to account for and face justice.

Forget your bogus argument that you’re a democratically elected president. In fact, you are not and will never be the type of president South Sudanese have been looking for in the last hundred years.

The people who voted for you are your Warrap Dinka. Voters in the other states in the country, were forced on gun point to vote for you. An action which de-legitimized your presidency in South Sudan up to now.

Stop your empty talk of peace and national reconciliation and healing because you and your government are immoral, bloody thirsty, mafias, thieves with devil hearts who have no regard for humanity other than your greediness.

If there’s any peace and national reconciliation, that initiative will only happen in your absence.

The concept of “ One Nation, One People” which you don’t know its meaning, doesn’t fit you in any count. All the government officials you sent to all ten states were Dinka and some few Nuers who are Dinka puppets.

These two tribes were not representing South Sudan other than their two tribes. So don’t think you can any longer use two tribes at the expense of other 62 or more tribes.

You better rewrite your slogan to divided nation, two people/two tribes, as it is seen in your SSTV campaign.

By all account, Kirr is problematic by nature who’s allergic to peace, unity, democracy, justice, freedom, equality, law and order as he controls the executive, judiciary, military with his Warrap Dinka who are causing chaos in South Sudan in it’s everyday-ness.

Anyone who thinks South Sudan will attain peace, unity, democracy, justice, freedom, equality, dignity, development, law and order under the disgraceful leadership of dictator Kirr who ruined our country since 2005 without shame and now trying to deflect his weakness to someone else as responsible to our national problem, must be joking.

The proposed interim government without Salva Kirr is the only way forward for peace, unity, democracy, justice, equality, freedom and above all national reconciliation and healing and South Sudan prosperous future which dictator Salva Kirr is unable to establish since the day he manipulatively and undemocratically took power in South Sudan interim transitional government.

To conclude, Kirr, his mafias and his mercenaries in the country which they set on fire, must not think they will get away with the war crimes they have instigated as usual and make people have confidence in him to led anymore.

This time, it is either him with his Warrap Dinka or a peaceful South Sudan without Kirr; that’s why it is important for him to resign for the interest of the national bleeding in broad daylight. END