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South Sudan: A Country were the President trains & owns his Tribal Army/Militia

BY: John Nhomachot, SOUTH SUDAN, OCT/30/2013, SSN;

South Sudanese should forget about the Juba government. Your security is in your own hands. There is no real government but an illusion led by an oblivious, insensitive, indecisive, self-serving, delusional and think-inside-the-box politicians.

Rise up to protect yourself, rise up to protect your own family, rise up to protect your neighbours, rise up to protect your own village, rise up to protect your own county, rise up to protect your own state.

Apparently, the government has made it clear that the security of its citizens is not their responsibility.

The president (Salva Kiir Mayardit) and the de facto president (Telar Ring Deng), do not care about the lives of the ordinary citizens. This can be seen from the way the government responded to recent rebels attack against unarmed civilians in Twic East County-Jonglei State.

While the rebels were butchering unarmed civilians for two days, the government was performing its businesses as usual. It was only after four days of the attack that the government shamelessly released a statement condemning the action of the rebels.

Where in the world will rebels attack civilians and the president stays numb for four days without saying anything?

Our vision-less president who is controlled by the de facto president (Telar Ring Deng) and Warrap gangs are a burden to this country. They have turned this country into their own private property and they will do what it takes to stay in power.

In fact, the president is becoming a dictator day by day. He fired two constitutionally elected governors, he brought back Telar Ring Deng who was rejected by the people’s representative (parliament), he threatened to send the whole parliament into the street if they couldn’t approve his nominated vice president,

He appointed the speaker of the national assembly, he has powers to dismiss any member of the parliament that questions his action, he has powers to dismiss party members.

he is virtually the chief Justice, he is the governor of the central bank, he is the head of anti-corruption commission, he is everything, he is the king and no one should question him.

To make matters worse, the president has now formed his own private MILITIA/ARMY to instil fear and terror among his opponents.

About a few days ago, the president graduated thousands of his own militia. This militia comprises of only members of his own states of Warrap and Northern Bar El Ghazal.

They were secretly hand-picked from Warrap cattle camps and Northern Bar El Ghazal State, trained without the knowledge of chief of general Staff (James Hoth Mai) and the president shamelessly graduated them in the absence of the chief of general staff and he called them “Republic Guards/Presidential Guards.”

Why do presidential Guards be purely from Warrap and Northern Bar El Ghazal? Why were the chief of general staff not made aware about the selection?

Why didn’t the government pick people from the existing South Sudan army?

The answers to the above questions are simple. The de facto president-Telar Ring Deng and Warrap gangs want to protect their leadership so that they can continue looting the country.

They want to maintain a president that they will control like a remote device. Dangerously, they will use this presidential tribal militia to target opponents of the president, terrorize anybody that questions the president and completely eliminate people they think are a threat to their leadership like they did with Isaiah Abraham.

Unfortunately, President Kiir, Telar Ring Deng and Warrap gangs are not very smart but fools who don’t understand the repercussions of their actions.

They have already destroyed this nation and we must rise and stand up to these bullies. Will South Sudanese allow one region (Greater Bar El Ghazal) to bully them?

What numbers are president Kiir, Telar Ring Deng and the Greater Bar El Ghazal in general proud of? According to 2008 census, Greater Upper Nile was the most populated region with 2.91 million people, followed by Greater Bar El Ghazal with 2.73 million and then Greater Equatoria with 2.63 million people.

Greater Bar El Ghazal is only 33% of the total population. So, why do they act like they can widp out anybody in South Sudan when the numbers are against them?

Seriously, this question goes to the people of Greater Upper Nile. You have seen that politics in this country has been regionalized. The people of Greater Equatoria have mobilized themselves and spoken in one voice.

Evidently, of course, the people of Greater Bar El Ghazal have mobilized themselves and rallied behind their son president Kiir.

Now, people of Greater Upper Nile, I understand that you rejected this sort of regional politics as it will encourage tribalism. But will you continue rejecting it at the expense of your own people?

Will you allow you own leaders be bullied and humiliated by other regions that have mobilized themselves?

Why can’t you stand up to bullies like Telar Ring Deng and his gangs? If they think that they can use numbers to bully other people, then use your numbers to beat them at their game.

Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Majak D’Agot, Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Riek Gai Kok, Dr. Adwok Nyaba, Dr. Marial Benjamin, Dr. Lual Deng, Dr. Akec Khoc, Dr. Marop Leek, Dr. Diing Akol, Dr. Monytuil Wijang, Dr. Agot Alier, Dr. Dau Aleer, Dr. Ayuen Majok, Dr. Kon Bior, Justic Makuei Lueth, Kuol Manyang Juuk, James Hoth Mai, John Kong Nyuon, Oyai Deng Ajak, Pagan Amum Okech, James Kok Ruei, Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec, John Luk Jok, Simon Kun Puoch, Thon Leek Deng, Taban Deng Gai, Atem Garang de Kuek, Gatluak Deng Garang, Giir Chuang Aluong, Malual Ayom Dor, Abdala Deng Nhial, Jok Riak, Wilson Dengwek, Bior Ajang, Bol Kong, Biar Atem, Peter Pernyang, Mac Paul, Peter Gatdet, and many other sons and leaders of Greater Upernile. Where are you?

Why can’t you mobilize your region? You have 2.91 million individuals behind you, what are you afraid of?

Can’t someone tell the de facto president Telar Ring Deng that the oil money that he is using to terrorize other people does not come from his Greater Bar El Ghazal region?

Will you allow bullies to use resources taken out of your own soil to bully you? That’s my questions to the people of Greater Upper Nile.

You need to organize yourself, rally behind one leader(s) and stand up to the empty bullies. This region lost great and visionary leaders like Dr. John Garang De Mabior, William Nyuon Bany, Martin Majier Gai, Both Diu, Arok Thon Arok…. etc.

Without the visionary leadership of this region, this country called South Sudan would not have been realized. The country may need your leadership once more.

If other people think that regional politics is the way forward for South Sudan, so be it. You have everything. You have numbers, the resources are from your area and you have strong leaders. COME ON GREATER UPER NILE!

by John Nhomachot
Can be reached at

Kiir’s Neutrality on Abyei a sign of disillusion & lack of vision

BY: Mulana Deng, USA, OCT/28/2013, SSN;

As the clock is ticking on the issue of Abyei people to decide their fate on whether to join their brothers in the south or to remain in the North whereby they will be called abit (slaves). The Abyei citizens like any other ordinary citizens on this planet have to precisely exercise their rights of voting as it’s stipulated under the United Nations charter’s norms on self-determination where every citizen living on the earth has the right to decide to remain or join other states.

Just like Kashmir, a well known disputed territory between Pakistan and Indian. Abyei issue is an interesting issue however, it cannot be compared to the Kashmir territory in any way.

It cannot be compared to Kashmir because there are no single legitimate reasons that show that Abyei belongs to the Northern Sudan but are many so reasons that shows it belongs to South Sudan geographically, economically, politically and ethnically.

Abyei, the disputed territory was transferred to the north as many researchers like Douglas Johnson, John Pandergast, and many others have pointed that Abyei belongs to the South as they are ethnically brothers of the South Sudan Dinkas- Nilotes, who lived along the River Nile.

There are no doubts that the Abyei people belongs to the South, and the home of Ngok Dinka Chiefdom were transferred from Bahr El Ghazal Province in the South Sudan to the Kordofan Province in the North during colonial rules in 1905.

There are also no doubt that Abyei belongs to south as The Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling concluded that the Abyei land belong to the Ngok Dinka of South Sudan: The Government of Sudan V. the People’s Liberation Movement/Army case. (Abyei Arbitration)

With that there isn’t any single proof that shows it belongs or should go to the north but our leaders are being affected by disillusion and lack of vision.

They are now choosing to remain neutral and interested to let the Abyei go to the north. How can we be neutral on this issue, isn’t our neutrality not choosing our oppressors side?

I don’t see any single reason of being neutral a solution to the of Abyei as Desmond Tutu the Archbishops of South Africa once said, “If you are neutral in situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you said that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

Choosing neutrality in this case shows that our leaders have lost their vision to why we went to war with north and why we became an independent state of South Sudan.

The northern Government isn’t interested in the people of Abyei as they claimed but they are only interested in what is in the ground. This is because Abyei-land is blessed with hydrocarbons and crude oil which are very vital to the economy of Sudan and even to the economy of any country in the world.

As our leaders have their vision, getting confused, being acquainted with blood money and many becoming delusional, they came out with a heartbreaking statement saying they will reject the unilateral decision of Abyei people.

Like the minister of information and broadcasting, Michael Makuei Lueth who straightforwardly said. “The Government of South Sudan is not a part of the activities going in the Abyei. What is happening there is the work of the pressure groups, it is the work of the civil society from Abyei. It is the people of Abyei who are doing that and not the government of South Sudan.”

The minister further continued: “This is what they have said and decided to go ahead with their activities which are not approved by the government of South Sudan. What we do not know is what will happen after this decision. Can they do that without you and me? Can they do that without South Sudan and Sudan? Where will they go if the result is not recognized by both Sudan and South Sudan?”

What is this man talking about and where in this world could a government reject the will of their people unless those leaders are suffering for disillusion or have lost the vision of what you were fighting for?

Frankly speaking, was Deng Alor, Pieng Deng Majok and many other citizens of Abyei not part of the South Sudan Government? Did kiir’s Administration just forgotten about what they were fighting for, are they confused or they are bribed?

How in this world would the government reject the will of their people? Aren’t Abyei people our blood brothers? If South Sudan respects people’s choice as we have shown a few months ago at United Nations, when our leaders with the power and authority invested in them voted for the recognition of Palestinian peoples’ rights to freedom and statehood.

How then can the government of South Sudan reject the Abyei unilateral decision and accepted their enemies’ decision?

Are these people are not remunerated to do so, if not why will the government reject the Abyei’s unilateral decision?

Kiir and his kitchen cabinet have lost their vision of protecting, developing or leading the people South Sudan to the promised land of freedom and liberty.

They have failed to deliver this and they are now ready to auction the rights of the people of South Sudan and that is why they are going to reject the Abyei’s outcome.

There are some reasons that shows that he (they) have failed to do as we have seen in recently incident in Jonglei State Twic East where 78 innocent civilians were massacred by David Yau–Yau men.

President and his ministers never thought that they have duties to protect civilians and the country under the authority and powers that are invested in him as the president of South Sudan and commander in chief of the armed forces.

Nevertheless, the president, cabinet ministers, and security organ were busy unremittingly celebrated the welcoming the President of Sudan Omar El Bushier our greatest enemy. President kiir chose not to say anything about the 78 innocent civilians who were massacred in Twic East nor did he attempt to read the news about what is going on in the country.

Where in this world can the president, the most powerful man in country remain silent while people are being butchered like chicken?

Does president and his minister really care about South Sudanese? If yes, why didn’t he come out clearly like Uhuru Kenyatta, the Kenya president who came out strongly to denounce the terrorist attack in Nairobi?

Mr. Kenyatta, the beloved leader and the son of the Kenyan first president Jomo Kenyatta came out strongly to denounced the terrorist act saying. “Kenyan has stared down and triumphed… We have ashamed and defeated our attackers and that our part of task is completed.” Was Kenyatta more powerful than kiir or does this shows how much Kenyatta care about his people?

Kiir doesn’t care about South Sudanese security and that is why he didn’t mind to say or sent his security team to the flood affected areas in Jonglei state, say anything about 78 innocent civilians that were massacred by murle men in Twic East, on the contrary, the president chose to celebrate El Bashier visit over the 78 innocent civilians.

Finally, and that is why him and his bribed ministers are going to reject the unilateral decision of the Abyei people.

South Sudanese should come to treat this disillusion and confusion before it becomes severe. They should come out in a huge number to denounce such moves of rejecting the Abyei decision and to stand together with their brothers in Abyei and save the vision of South Sudan where a man’s will always to be a free man in his own land.

They should also come out to reject this neutrality because this neutrality is not helping us at all but it putting us on the side of our enemies.

Ngok Dinka are our brothers and there is no way we can be neutral in these issues. We should die together or win together, our precious land and people Abyei cannot be put up for sale.

Mulana Deng
USA. He is an International Human rights Criminal Law Student.

Traffic Police Officers spoil the dignity of South Sudanese

BY: Peter Gai Manyuon, Juba, OCT/29/2013, SSN;

This article is basically directed to Traffic Police Officers who turn to be thieves in the Republic of South Sudan, more so the context of newest Nation in the whole world.

Historically, South Sudanese were not acting like thieves since during the liberation struggle but after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), people have turned to be like wild animals, specifically, the police officers in this new nation.

We don’t know whether some people hearts become like those of animals or what? Take your time to read it and give your feedback, if the issues mentioned in the article are realities in South Sudan context.

It was on Sunday morning on 27th of October 2013, I was using one of the Minibus to shuttle to the Customs Area. On the trip, the Minibus I was using was stopped by the South Sudan police and they began asking the Driver and Conductor about their documents.

But despite the fact that the driver’s and conductor’s documents were produced and given to the two Traffic Police Officers, who were stationed between the National Security headquarters and Customs Area, they told the driver to give the money.

Ostensibly, these traffic police officers accused the driver for allegedly stopping at the distance, but the driver told them that he did not did anything wrong. The driver also added that all the documents were fine.

So what next?

These two traffic police officers then took the driver and his Conductor to their Car and began issuing them with a receipt for payment of an amount of money not indicated. I quickly guessed that it was a fake charge.

Collecting all courage, I, the author of this article, asked the conductor to give me the receipt so that I can scrutinize it closely. But after seeing it, I immediately concluded that these South Sudanese Traffic Officers are really thieves that needed serious investigation about their criminal activities against the citizens from the government of the Republic of South Sudan.

Seriously, I am very much confused always with the way people perceive other people’s wealth in South Sudan, each and every one is looking at other people’s properties with a very big heart.

However, it has apparently become very much so especially with Traffic Police Officers, as they have scrupulously violated their role and mandate.

Without any shame, some Traffic officers are using the white uniforms as something for stealing in all part of Juba.

Every part of Juba town is full of traffic police Officers but interestingly, their intention is to illegally get money from motorists through intimidation and trumped up charges and fines.

These Traffic Police are definitely not performing their national mandate and duty as police are legally supposed to protect law and order of the great nation like the Republic of South Sudan.

But unfortunately, what the South Sudanese police officers are doing is just direct stealing, others term it as radical stealing.

Most of them are having more than two different receipts, one of which is private that does not show the true amount of money paid by the drivers who are allegedly fined for some fake traffic infarction.

Since the money crookedly goes to them, these traffic police officers just falsely sign on these receipt without indicating the amount of South Sudanese Pounds paid.

Interestingly, the other receipt not produced often carries the official
logo of the Traffic police of South Sudan.

Analysis about South Sudan Traffic Police Officers: We all know that South Sudanese came from the background of civil war, and the majority of people of South Sudan have regarded the issue of Traffic Police Officers as “lack of what to eat.”

As a result, this common popular perception has created serious insecurity among drivers, because every day, the traffic officers always take huge amounts of money from the Minibuses especially and Cars that have private numbers.

Of course, the traffic police officer cleverly avoid those drivers that have Government of South Sudan Numbers, they are always free of charge or intimidation.

When you look in to the security situation in South Sudan particularly, you find that Police Officers are allegedly the ones accused of killing people at night and they are the ones who are sitting on the road side daily looking for and extorting money from the people.

Realistically, when you look at Juba particularly, you find those who are having good houses are Police Officers who always demand a lot of money from people at night. Their intention is to get rich very fast using wrong ways that are not blessed by the God almighty.

Moreover, after the Minister of Interior, Aleu Ayieny, was appointed by the President of South Sudan, he promised to deal with corruption issues that are within the police in the Republic of South Sudan and he also continued telling people of South Sudan that there are many ghost names that are in the Ministry.

Now people like me are wondering what happens next, to our beloved Minister, after he swore that he will deal with them one by one but now, he the Minister, has kept quiet without following up on what he told the public last month.

Key Recommendations:
• Ministry of Interior should revise its policies regarding the Traffic Police Officers who are on the roadside always disturbing people to pay money all the times and the money goes to their private pockets
• Traffic police office should come up with monitoring and evaluation (M and E )policy to reduce this rampant corruption that is committed by the Traffic Officers in South Sudan
• If all things are not working, the Ministry of Interior should dismiss by decree some of the Director-Generals in the Ministry, so that rule of law, transparency and accountability should prevail in the Republic of South Sudan.

Conclusively; I will reiterate by a word of prayer; and my prayer goes like this; heavenly father, God who created earth, Heaven and you created man in your own image, I ask your kindness Lord Almighty, you need to be in the hearts and minds of South Sudanese people, let them have resilience and love among themselves not stealing can be the good way of running this new nation.

I ask you oh God to look critically at the way Traffic Police Officers are misleading this great nation into the darkness, I ask you oh lord to forgive those who did wrong and may you also show to the departments concerned in the Ministry of Interior those culprits who are trying to spoil this great nation in one way or the other.

I ask you to clean their hearts and minds, so that we live in peace and Harmony in South Sudan, in Jesus name I prayer and believe. Amen.

The author is the Independent Journalist and a writer who writes extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan, you can contact him through ;

The sweet taste of oil money and the politics of unification of the two Sudans


From the bush as a rebel to president by surprise was indeed a cultural shock to the primary four president of South Sudan who rules by decrees.
Having tasted the sweetness of the oil money that was meant for the development of the new nation, his entire government plunked into looting the country in a rampant corruption with absolute impunity.

Absolutely, they embarked on enriching themselves at the expense of the ordinary populace to the extent that they clearly lost the vision to lead the new nation.

Being intelligent enough, General Bashir and his Khartoum regime wickedly chased the opportunity and held South Sudan hostage on its own oil in the hands of the weak system in Juba, which is characterized as rotten to core.

Bashir would like to see that those hardliners in Juba that are opposed to his dirty games are relieved from their duties. Indeed the game is working for General Bashir as long as the South Sudan oil continues to flow through Sudan Kiir will remain a yes-man and can not object to any of Bashir’s demands otherwise the oil will be shut down.

In the past, Khartoum has been complaining that some officials in the government of South Sudan were supporting the rebels SPLM-N, but they never implicated Kiir. The accusation was nothing but a strategic move to dismantle the system in Juba.

Undoubtedly, Bashir knew that Kiir is a weak person who can easily be manipulated. Moreover, Bashir also knew that the likes of Dr. Riek Machar and Pagan Amum are not easy people to temper with. Bashir also took the opportunity of the wrangling in Juba and convinced the yes-man to remove the two (Machar and Amum); and that indeed happened.

You may recall that recently Kiir issued a useless decree to pardon Dr. Lam Akol for no apparent crime committed, but was it really Kiir’s initiative to pardon Dr. Lam Akol?

The answer definitely is “no”, it is Bashir’s initiative to make sure Dr. Lam is reinstated.

Who actually is Dr. Lam Akol to General Bashir in the first place? Dr. Lam Akol is the guy who disagreed with Dr. John Garang in 1991 and in 1997 signed the Fashoda Peace agreement with Khartoum and later in March 1998 Bashir appointed him Minister of Transportation.

After the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement – CPA, in 2005, Dr. Lam Akol was again appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of national unity.

However, in October 2007, the SPLM withdrew from the Khartoum government on protest that Akol be removed from his position as Minister of Foreign Affairs, as he was accused of favoring Bashir’s biased policies towards the government of South Sudan.

Incredibly, as of the date of this article, arrangements are already in place for Dr. Lam Akol to return home from his self exile in Egypt; and who knows what position he has been promised by Kiir.

However, it will not be a surprise to soon see Dr. Lam Akol back in Juba as a second vice president or any other significant position just to execute Bashir’s plans as dictated on Kiir.

For those who followed the politics of Sudan and South Sudan closely could witness the fact that these days Bashir is bossing-up with provocative rhetoric that the year 2013 is the end of the rebellion in Sudan.

Clearly, Beshir is not proud for nothing, but because he is sure hundred percent that he is now in control of both Sudan and South Sudan, as such he is sending the signal to the rebels that he is now capable to crash them from all directions.

Some of you might have come across the allegations that these days Beshir is actually trying hard to negotiate with Kiir for a confederation; and some die-hard SPLM supporters ruled it out as a conspiracy theory.

However, we shouldn’t be taken by surprise given Kiir’s recent submissive behaviors.

President Kiir is aware that even his own party doesn’t like him any more and that South Sudanese are already fed up of him. So, come the year 2015 he has nowhere to go whether there is an election or not.

So, he is now playing dirty political game of messing everything up by dragging the South back into union with the regime in Khartoum for him to have at least a shelter to hide in.

This is the game that Bashir is badly looking forward to, so that he could use it in turn to spit on the Western Governments who supported the secession of South Sudan and to discredit them that he was always right to conclude that Southerners are unable to rule themselves.

For South Sudan, it is unfortunate that if we don’t stand up now, we will soon find that we are deeply dragged back into square one; and the sacrifice made during the longest civil war and the referendum that gave us our right would mean nothing as was the case of the innocent lives lost in Panthou (Heglig) as a result of wrong decisions.

Collins Kepa
Ottawa, ON Canada

Itto and Andruga: They’ve done it again

BY: David Kanyara Aju, JUBA, OCT/25/2013, SSN;

The duo, Ambassador John Anduga and Dr Anna Itto, who are excellent negotiators when their best interest is at hand have done it again. In an attempt to catch their own shadows, the two have gone after the community members demanding and forcing a double apology!

First and foremost they wanted apology from the community for exposing their dirty intents. Dr Anna Itto insistently denied having called Ma’di Leader Angelo Voga ‘a prime suspect’ nor having implicated Brigadier Martin Kenyi in the Killing of nephew, the late chief Livio Ajugo of Nimule payam on 08/09/13 – a statement she issued to the Juba Monitor.

To date, she has not been able to face the Editor in chief to issue a counter statement that would have done some face-saving in the community. Instead, she chose to pursue ‘the little man’, the reporter.

On the other hand, Ambassador John Anduga wants to spend some of his hard earned monies to sue for rightly quoting and airing his own voice to the public. I am not sure which of the two, the individual that sent his voice over or the You Tube company that featured him that he is after?

All in all, he is against this ‘For free promotion.’

This saw the pair, whose platonic relationship sprang up after betraying their own rounding the community in Juba where they expressed their grievances and demanded they apportioned apology from the community.

Of course with their intimidating presence, one or two community members began to feel the heat and were at the verge of giving in to their demands.

While pursuing their interest, they almost forgot to mention one other very important reason of their presence at the meeting. Which was a special message from President Salva Kiir.

It is alleged that Kiir was tipped off by one of the Ma’di neighbors that the Ma’di had insulted Kiir. That also they disliked him and his government, labelled the Ma’di as non-supporters of the SPLM. What a spin?

It can only take a selfish neighbor with a good motive to utter such incriminating remarks about the Ma’di in an attempt to either settle old scores or gain political favors. Trying to smear the name of the Ma’di or trying to incorporate an agenda into a straight forward case is only a cheap political plot, which we have seen through and are not going to fall for.

Mr. President Kiir unfortunately fell for these allegations and now finds it in his troubled heart that the Ma’di ‘hate’ him and has demanded to see them.

Is it ‘hate’ or dislike of his governance and handling of the Ma’di affairs they raised their concerns about? I wonder what gains are attained with such emotive words!

With the leaders locked up in Torit, which representative leaders will he, Kiir, have to see other than those non-representative ones led by the duo?

So, to look good, they have demanded the community apologize for ‘hating’, ‘insulting’ and lack of support for Mr. president! What a joke!

Unfortunately we as a community cannot apologize for what we have not done. If there are individuals who offended the president, their apology should come at a personal level.

Mr. President Kiir should look into other communities that insulted him for apology but not the Ma’di who have categorically presented their case to the Eastern Equatoria State Governor on several occasions in search for a tangible dialogue to resolve the issues facing them in their land.

They have presented their case to the Vice President, Mr. Wani Igga, and will continue to explore all possible avenues of dialogues.

As for the duo, they came for two apologies; one set for themselves and the other for Mr. President but how many did they walk away with?

Author: David Kanyara Aju.
“A voice for voiceless”
South Sudan

Abyei: Abandoned In Unilateral Referendum

BY: Martin Garang Aher, AUSTRALIA, OCT/25/2013, SSN;

Another summit has lately gone by without agreement between the two presidents: Bashir and Kiir, over the future of Abyei. Abyei’s question had tumbled down to a two-man dialogue from both its international and national projection as a deciding region of statehood for South Sudan and possibly Sudan. It is now an issue of table manners for the two heads of states. Since none of the presidents is ready to correct his manners, deadlock continues to rule. What is wrong in the future of Abyei?

Some people in the Republic of Sudan call it the Kashmir of the Sudans by perhaps, inaccurately, contrasting its geographical location, ethnic composition, strategic national security and resources implications and religious affiliation to the region at the foothills of the Himalayas which is controversially administered by three nations: China, India and Pakistan. A very unfortunate comparison indeed!

However, judging by the look of insanity involved in the two regions, Abyei could easily and sadly qualify had the decisive dissimilarity not been that of her history. By settlement, Abyei cannot and has never been synonymous in character with Kashmir. The notoriety of claims by Sudan through Messeriya trans-humance is the problem of the area.

Abyei is a region claimed by both Sudan and South Sudan. It sits perilously on the borders of the two deceptive enemies (South Sudan, to Sudan is the number two enemy state after the state of Israel). It has long been seen along with several other areas as a conflict flashpoint on the North-South borders of the Sudans. Its inhabitants are, according to 2005 Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement, nine Ngok Dinka and others.

Ngok is a Nilotic section of Dinka broadly famous among other Dinka sub-tribes as Ngong Deng Kuol/Majok or Ngong Abyei. Historically, the family of Arop Biong through Kuol Arop and Deng Kuol or Deng Majok and other descendants in the line maintained the chieftaincy of Abyei in what was the volatile part of the last quarter of 19th Century and first quarter of 20thC. This period, according to historians with authority on Sudan such as Douglas Johnson, was when the area experienced intense slave raids.

Pragmatically, Sudanese Arabs saw venturing south through Abyei as a mission of advancing Islamization to the rest of Africa by whatever means necessary. Most of the time, it was through aggression: slave raids, trade, accessing resources or cultural conquest. Oral histories along the borders of Sudan and South Sudan bear no wickedness in stating that the coming of Arabs to Sudan has led to embittered relationships of all times.

Along the borders, the Jieng, the Naath and the Collo continue to tell vigilante stories due to unforeseen attacks. Security at the borders has always continued to be a blister needing caution even from the depth of sleep. Records reveal that an administrative transfer of Abyei to Kordufan in 1905 was a means to curtail or lessen aggressiveness towards Ngok. Aggression towards Ngok has mostly been engendered by the Messeriya section of Humr; now claimants of nativity by transhumance through Abyei.

Other inhabitants of Abyei are non-Ngok Dinka but those who have lived there for generations. These are the ‘others’ acknowledged in the Machakos protocol on Abyei. Note that ‘others’ is an ogre of malevolence and a significant term of substance in Abyei’s case.

The owners of the land, the Ngok Dinka, on own discretion cannot shed off the term even if asked to do so. From ‘others,’ we get the presence of Messeriya Arabs in Abyei who are either historically a welcome group of individual settlers among the population or those who weaved into Ngok communities through intermarriages. If you ask the Ngok Dinka what others in Abyei are, they will precisely point out that so and so over there are the ‘others’ in their region.

Ask anyone in Khartoum and the list may include the planes that fly above the region – a deliberate misunderstanding of facts. So, who are the real Messeriya in Abyei?

From the snapshot above, it should be easy to place Abyei in its rightful place. As the month of October 2013 concludes, sureness and inviolability of life for the natives in Abyei will depend, for better or for worst, on the decision that will be taken by the majority.

Indeed, emotions from failures of the AUHIP and UN Security Council have driven the citizens of Abyei and sympathizers in general to feelings of dissatisfaction, uncertainty as well as a bolstered enragement. Why would they not harbor these feelings when daily life in the region is a terrifying ordeal: full of uncertainty, deprived of natural bequest in terms of oil resources, constantly threaten by Messeriya Arabs and for unknown session, held between the two mystical states that would never ever agree on anything without coercion?

Successive deliberations and negotiations processes have stalled indefinitely leaving Ngok community as in-betweens of Khartoum and Juba. It is on these uncertainties that the citizens of Abyei have decided, stealthily perhaps, to hold independent referendum to determine their national status.

Of course there is a worry. The plebiscite is eclipsed by anecdotal evidence that the Messeriya, armed by the Sudan government and given assurance that they too belong in Abyei, may likely cause bloodbath. Also, Satellite images from Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) of the Hollywood actor George Clooney and John Prendergast of Enough Project have reported extraordinary Sudanese military activities from their bases closer to Abyei.

Sudan has a potted history of taking advantage of precarious situations. The invasion of Abyei in 2010 in which thousands of civilians were displaced serves as evidence. The killing of paramount chief of Abyei, Kuol Deng Kuol, while accompanied by United Nations Interim Security Force in Abyei (UNISFA) has further exacerbated the resolve to go ahead with the vote.

What is the position of South Sudan in this mess? The vocal push by South Sudanese politicians and notable figures had fuelled the desire for the citizens of Abyei to go forward with voting decision regardless of formal agreement on the matter. One is surprised by South Sudan government reversion in tone and support for the people of Abyei.

Whatever eventuality that the people of Abyei may encounter, South Sudan should know that it is part of it. Denial of reality is simply unprincipled and dangerous.

It would have made rational sense if the Sudans resolved Abyei’s self-determination exercise in a manner that reckons responsibility and value of human life. Leaving the inhabitants of Abyei to decide their own fate is indistinguishable from entrenching inter-state animosity between the Sudans and between Abyei and her Messeriya neighbours for eternity. It is too late now.

In answer to the question of the real Messeriya, consider that every year millions of passengers go through Heathrow Airport in the UK on their way to greener pastures anywhere in the world. If by strange happening UK votes to determine her fate, whether to go to Mars or remains on earth, it will be only the Whites indigenous and Chinese or Indian or African ‘others’ permanently based in The UK that will determine UK’s future.

Not millions of Chinese, Indians and Africans that go through Heathrow.

Messeriya on maroon cows passing through Abyei are comparable to passengers on an Airbus A380 passing through the UK. It is the transit fee that is needed to be paid.

Martin Garang Aher is a South Sudanese living in Australia. He can be reached at

Shame on political leaders and elders of Twï, Bor, Nyarweng and Hol

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CALGARY, CANADA, OCT/25/2013, SSN;

This article is highly polemical so be ready for what it’ll drop your way. It is the first in a series of articles critical of all parties involved in Jonglei’s security fiasco.

So, we supposedly have a comfortingly functional government in Juba because we have semblance of governance: structural allocation of ministries and presence of presidency. However, the government is so simple that understanding it becomes complex. It’s so functionally simplistic that one needs to sit back to study its complexity. I’m sorry if you didn’t get that!

In unnerving instances, Ministers and Members of Parliament are answerable to the president and the president is answerable to NO ONE. The constituents or electoral blocs are nobodies. Well, perhaps the president is answerable to European’s supernatural being called god, his stolen, rude son, Jesus Christ, and the timid lady who broke the basic rules of biology, the Virgin Mary.

Basically, in a word, this government is advisedly a no-go place if one wants to help the average South Sudanese. With no doubt, anyone who believes this government is going to build schools, better equipped clinics, better roads and improve security… is insane. Clearly insane!

What government in the world would allow civilians to be butchered for hours without sending in security forces? What president in the world would treat the massacre of 79 (using his figures in the press release) innocent civilians in their villages with demonic indifference?

In a world of sane personalities, the least a conscientious president would do is to stop all the functions and visit the wounded and the victims; to comfort them and to show them that their president is actually the president of ALL peoples not some people.

I’d assume South Sudan is not too young for this, or is it?

Just tell me, how can the presidency, the government, and the national assembly go on with business as usual as if nothing has happened?

Beshir inconveniences South Sudan everywhere he goes. He comes to Juba and people’s lives come to a standstill. He goes back to Khartoum and he sends bombers to bomb innocent civilians. Yet our president showers him with shameless praises like a fat kid praising a mother with a cookie in hand.

Yeah, the pot-bellied ministers will take this on face value and say: “This is how politics and diplomacy works.” Shame! Great shame!

However, I shouldn’t blame the problems in Bor, Twï and Duk counties exclusively on Juba. If the leaders in these counties know the above state of affairs to be valid— the ineffectiveness of Juba government —then how the hell do the leaders in the above four communities expect service provision from such a dysfunctional government run by self-absorbed oligarchs?

If Twï leaders and politicians don’t take their people’s lives seriously then why would others be serious about civilian lives in those areas?

These three counties have ample numbers of educated citizens and can strategize on a multi-layered approach to security in their counties. Why aren’t they doing this?

As a matter of fact, the citizens of these counties have resources both at home and abroad but I fail to understand why we don’t we have any single leader who can conscientiously mobilize these resources to build infrastructure that can enable development and improve security in these counties.

You shamelessly crowd in Juba hotels while your people die in record numbers. It’s even painful to know that none of you voiced any strong condemnation of the atrocities, the indifference and inaction of the government. Why exactly are you alive? Why such cowardice?

Instead of you convening a nationally televised polemical meeting to lash at the government, you are nursing your bitterness in your rooms because you are afraid of the president. You let your people down because of your cowardice, lack of organization and leadership.

It should be clear by now that the leadership in Juba is ready to let your people die. In fact, you’re helping the government kill your own people through negligence. Shame on you!

To give you just a sample of the gross neglect and indifference: Wernyol (August 2009, over 47 dead; Jalle (December 2011, 45 dead); Duk (January 2012, 86 dead; December 2012, 7 dead); Maar (August 2013, 7 dead; October 2013, 78 dead). And this is just a sample of the attacks and deaths in these three counties of Bor, Duk and Twï.

If you don’t know how to strategize then ask for help! If your education is only on paper then ask for help! If you are afraid of the president then drop dead!

I’m not mincing words here because I’m sick of you and your forced indifference, your cowardly existence and useless education and leadership.

Whoever thinks these attackers are Murle tribesmen needs to go back to class and learn. The attackers are armed, lawless militants with a cleansing agenda. The classical Murle interest is the cattle not people’s lives. Typical Murle tribesmen only kill those people who go after the cattle.

When young children are being killed with their families in their villages, then you gotta wonder what has removed human emotions from our leaders locally and nationally.

My suggestions are these:
• Stop this nonsensical formation called ‘Greater Bor Community’ because it’s meaningless and anachronistic. It also frustrates any developmental initiatives as this artificial, nominal community doesn’t have headquarters and we don’t know where its development initiatives would be based.

We should form or strengthen powerful, knowledgeable and effective leaders and independent leaderships in the three counties. Twï County, Duk County and Bor County leaderships should then cooperate on issues of mutual interest and to exchange valuable resources and skills as far as security and development are concerned.

The above three communities have developed a bond that will always be there…and should be celebrated into posterity. A common name is counterproductive, unnecessary and frustrates development initiatives.
• Each county should coordinate pooling of resources both abroad and at home because we have resources. We just don’t have effective leadership that can efficaciously help in administering these resources to maximize their benefits.
• Start lobbying for decentralization of security services and other government services. States should be allowed to train its police force and the headquarters centered in places that have increased insecurity. Each county should therefore lobby for the presence of police force in vulnerable areas.
• Start living among your own people in order to feel what they experience. Living in Juba makes you divorced from the realities your peoples’ experience. It can also force you to improve security because your lives would be at stake. You fought during the war, why are you now afraid to die with your people?
• Stop being afraid of president Kiir. He’s your president, not some killer demon or a deranged old fellow. He knows the truth. Speak up on behalf of your people. Get fired in the name of standing up for your community and you’ll be honorable; get hated because you want your people to live in peace. You have an influential voting bloc that you can use against the president. You can influence other communities to abandon such a president if he doesn’t take care of South Sudan citizens equally.
• Learn how to be strategists if you aren’t one now. No one is going to solve these issues for us. The problem in Jonglei State can’t be solved using a single approach. We need a multi-layered approach which involves improving infrastructure in the area.

We need good roads and means to contain the flood. The area between Ajah-ageer and Akobo needs to be turned into commercial farms or habitable area. If the government doesn’t have money then it should be contracted out to developed countries that are willing and can do that and use it for 10 to 20 years before handing it to us.

Re-establish and strengthen tribal chain of accountability (see my book, South Sudan ideologically, for a comprehensive look at Tribal Accountability Model (TAM) and other models of accountability.

In the end, it’s about being organized, being courageous, being critical thinkers (outside the box) and being people who care about their own people regardless of the consequences.

Put your people first and your sorry bulging stomachs second. You have brought great shame to your communities and it’s high time you help.

Kiir’s sycophants like our dear uncles, Makuei Lueth and Kuol Manyang, should be left alone for they don’t care about their own Bor County people, leave alone South Sudanese or Jonglei state citizens.

They can however be welcome by Bor County citizens if they are ready to contribute to the development and peace in the county.

To Twï, Bor and Duk counties leaders and elders, the government has abandoned your people and it’s up to you to help the government continue to kill them through your cowardice or go home and strategize on ways to help the young ones smile again.

If you have any humanity or dignity left in you, then do something that would endure! I know your kids are safe, but your people back home are in abject destitution.

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudanese author, poet and publisher living Canada. He’s the author of the newly published book, South Sudan Ideologically. For contact visit or

Bitterness after sweet days of ululation

BY: Newton De Kuenyang, South Sudan, OCT/21/2013, SSN;

After the attainment of South Sudan independence on 9th July 2011, one thought that the twenty one years of ruin and bloodshed were enough for the people of south Sudan because when they overwhelmingly turned out to register and consistently vote for the right self-determination during the peaceful Referendum on 9th January 2011, their hopes were gathered around the birth of the now south Sudan republic which in turn they wanted to enjoy her sovereignty and all perspectives of the then deprived development.

But to my surprise and to the surprise of those who tirelessly participated in the struggle and during the referendum process, it was just in the first half of the six years of interim period that we noticed that our government is in a mess and those greedy big men and women especially those closer to Mr. president in power corridors were walking away with public funds meant for rehabilitation of the destroyed infrastructures and services deemed necessary for betterment of citizen’s life, leaving the less fortunate languishing under the scorching sun without clean water, health facilities, education, roads, security and…..the list is long.

Indeed the worse thing about these is that Mr. president is turning a deaf ear and blind eye to such malpractices and the gross record of corruption taking place in his administration and sometimes attempts to harbor those aides from facing justice.

Instead, he abets them in retaining the stolen public funds and their recovery of money injected into foreign accounts for their personal satisfaction and families’ luxuries outside south Sudan.

That’s clearly an act of selfishness because since they know these funds are for millions who had suffered assault for so long. They should have felt pity and spent the money here so that the poor could be able to get from them even penny from their extravagant wives and children instead of transferring them abroad.

I feared they would experience someday later the same fate of late Mobutu of Kinshasa who had all his wealth impounded after his death because they belong to public.

Another surprise to me is from Mr. President Kiir himself after knowing that the resources were becoming scarce, he put it for public consumption that he wanted to create a leaner government but in my view as a concerned citizen, I analytically thought Mr. President was having an intention of doing one of the followings:

1: safeguarding more resources for his campaign for 2015
2: opening a new doors and windows for his aides to continue enjoying public funds in small numbers
3: Elimination of his political opponents from power corridor as clear indication that he kicks the ball of power struggle himself.

As a concerned citizen, I believe in the ideology of truth telling and way forwardness when it comes to affairs of the country, therefore allow me once more to draw your attention that our president made a fateful mistake when he removed his long serving vice president along with other prominent members of SPLM leadership including the party’s secretary-general on the accounts that are best known to him and begin to boast about it in some public occasions as if it was something good to-do as head of the state.

Here Mr. president was read domestically and internationally crystal clear that he has surely been swallowed by power and forget even some simple principles and causes of our struggle, but because of wrong advice from his elites he deadly think eliminating iconic leaders like Dr. Riek, Deng Alor, Kosti Manibe, Taban Deng, Pagan Amum, Nhial Deng, Oyai Deng, Rebecca Nyandeng, and Luk Jok was a solution to the widely preached power struggle in the SPLM leadership.

However it is fresher eras of total hovering of which he Mr. President shall paid dearly democratically and not war as he and his aides intended.

Finally, but not the least I am very much worried of the directions of this vast nation at the hands of Mr. president and would like to give him and his merciless advisors who deadly advise him to do destruction instead of development.

For God’s sake if they have nothing to bothered about the living what about the spirits of the fallen heroes and heroines? Shall they not hold you accountable for all the mess on behalf of the living? Here then whether power struggle or not.

I am advising you to take advice from the 5th class citizens rather than from the people who do not wish you good but want to see your drastic disappearance with shame in 2015.

Simply because you did not render anything on the public interest so still you have golden chance to seek reconciliation first with the public by returning back their stolen resources and delivering basic tangible services.

Secondly, with all your comrades in the party by mending all wounds and granting those you sanction a freedom to stay like any other citizens in the state.

The reign of president kiir humiliates the Almighty Father‘s children. The wonderful citizens of south Sudan by not giving them the services they need.

Lastly, reconcile with yourself and stop governing the country from outside but rightfully do your administration in consensus from inside.

May god bless south Sudan!

The writer is a former Red Army, former chairperson of South Sudan Referendum sub-committee and an active eminent member of SPLM since 1987.

Jongulie people: Stand-up for yourself

BY: David Kuol Arok, AUSTRALIA, OCT/23/2013, SSN;

It is an appalling situation to experiment on your own people. For many years now Jongulie region has been a safe haven for terrorist elements, yet no single step that President Salva Kiir’s government has taken to improve the bloodshed.

If we are genuinely honest about the future for South Sudan, if Kiir is willing to involve himself in a community disagreement in the Bhar el Ghazel region, a home of his birth, why is he turning a blind eye on Jongulie if not because he feels destabilisation of this region is in his political interest?

There is never a moment Kiir has ever viewed Jongulie situation as national security issue but rather a Nuer and Bor people problem. Whether Kiir knows it or not, without Nuer–Bor people South Sudan will not stand on Bhar el Ghazel region alone, as you need all these different communities and Equatoria for South Sudan to exist.

But, the president is seeing this problem in a short term political benefits and in the end we all will pay the full price for his being ignorant and irresponsible.

President Kiir may be politically irrelevant but some of his allies keep him well informed that anything destroying Jongulie – this political power house – meant long term clinging to power for him and no one could possibly challenge him because their base is in total disorder.

Such approach is an indirect plan on the part of president to expunge the entire region but it also means South Sudan is slowly dropping back into the hands of Khartoum government.

Let’s not forget that it is this very same region that has endured such unprecedented destruction during the struggle and instead of protecting them to rebuild and repopulate, they are left to die in a situation that could be controlled.

If Kiir is less concerned in solving the problems of Jongulie people, why are the sons and daughters of this wonderful region turning a blind eye on their base?

Where they not sent to parliament to address the concerns of their people? When have we lost the war on principles and refocusing on our own personal benefits only?

Do you understand that no one among you could have been in parliament if not because of the very same people you now allow to be cruelly killed by Yau Yau factions?

Let’s be serious, the representatives of Jongulie people are gambling with the lives of their own people by appeasing Kiir to offer them short term political benefits.

Here is the reality. President Kiir gives these cowards positions because they still have a strong base to appeal to.

Now to demonstrate these realities, let’s us compare out situation with those of Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol, they are both politicians and all have aided the enemy during the war for freedom.

Dr. Machar has even committed more atrocities in comparison to Lam Akol but he is still relevant in national politics because he had a strong support from his political base.

On the other hand, Lam Akol who has spearheaded less destruction is not recognisable in today’s political context because he has no strong political backing from his base.

These can happen to anyone, these can happen to Jongulie representatives as well if their strong holes are deserted. Besides, the primary reason why any representatives would ensure that their base is populated is for election purposes?

The more people in your electorate, there will be more seats allocated to you by electoral commission and the more members you got in the parliament, the quicker it is to bring development to the region.

The electorate are not allocated because of the land size; they are distributed according to the number of people. Therefore, if you allow your areas to be depopulated, in the end your districts are going to be consolidated and you will have less representation in the parliament.

Who among you want to be followers for the rest of life? It may sound ridiculous, but that is the reality you become if you fail to protect your base and that is what Jongulie will become if we do not act now.

Sometimes leadership means taking risk for the greater good, let’s just assume that the current situation in Twic region of Bor was happening in Warrap today, the home state of the President Kiir, there are high possibilities that the defence Minister, Mr. Kuol Manyang Juuk, would have ordered unilaterally a full military retaliation without Kiir’s orders as a precaution of protecting his position.

But, surprisingly, when people he is representing are being killed in cold-blood, he could not acknowledge what is happening, leave alone using force against the gang elements. When will you have the guts?

Let’s now breakdown the Jongulie situation rather by addressing it inclusively. When he [Kuol Manyang] was a governor of Jongulie state he had never taken any killings in the region seriously.

That is because 90% of these killing were occurring in Bor-twic and Nuer regions which are not his base while the remaining 10% happening in his base and in Murle land.

This is common sense, although 10% is still a significant number, there is no way you could possibly ignore 90% killing if not because you see those affected as less of your concern.

Since his elevation to governorship, the majority of the people had mistakenly praised him as a face of stability while in reality he is just similar to Kiir, the only different is that he is not the president but he also practised divisive form of governing to the extreme.

Definitely, Kiir cannot allow his region to be destroyed and keep silent, but Kuol Manyang is just a big gun without use.

He is just a political puppet who throws his support where his mouth is, and he must be disowned along with any other representatives that fail to genuinely represent our interests if we Jongulie people are to witness the bright days ahead of us.

Whether it is the death of 10% or 90%, we must all stand-up and challenge our representatives to show strong leadership and govern inclusively. No more sugarcoating!

David Kuol Arok

Does this Clueless and Directionless Leadership in Juba care about the Lives of its Citizens?

BY: John Nhomachot, SOUTH SUDAN, OCT/23/2013, SSN;

I am sometimes amazed by how naive, ignorant, clueless and direction-less the Juba government is. For the last 8 years, Kiir and his government have never shown any true leadership on many issues to the people of South Sudan. One thing that is obvious to the world in general and South Sudanese in particular is that, Kiir government is incapable of managing the country’s affairs.

If South Sudan is not a failed state yet, then it has some symptoms that might qualify it as a failed state in the near future.

I understand that the phrase “Failed State”, is one of the things that is hated by South Sudanese and which offends a lot of people when it is mentioned in relation to South Sudan. I absolutely agree with them.

Failed states has a negative connotation and nobody would want to be associated with it. But it is sometimes good to be realistic.

How many people are truly and honestly confident in Juba government? How many people believe that Kiir’s government has a vision for this country? How many people believe that South Sudan is in a right direction? How many people are still optimistic about Kiir’s leadership in general?

According to Wikipedia (not appropriate to reference but will reference it anyway), failed state has the following common indicators: a state whose central government is so weak or ineffective that it has little practical control over much of its territory; non-provision of public services; widespread corruption and criminality; refugees and involuntary movement of populations; sharp economic decline etc.

You may dispute it but our country has most of those indicators. There is only and only one country in this world that is run from hotels and it is none other than South Sudan.

It was recently reported that the newly appointed (rubber stamped by the parliament) speaker, Magok Rundial, moved into a hotel with his 9 body guards, occupying 10 rooms.

Majority of, if not all ministers and some generals live in hotels. All these unnecessary expenses are paid for by the government of South Sudan while millions of ordinary citizens are living in abject poverty.

While the government is baby-sitting ministers and generals in Juba, our people in the villages are facing brutal and unforgiving enemies (Hunger, Flood and Insecurity).

Over 6 states are currently affected by the flood. The flood has killed people, wiped out crops and left a large size of the population vulnerable to starvation. Over 20 people have so far died of hunger in Unity State after their crops were mercilessly wiped out by the flood.

But still our president and his government have no plan to help those who are affected. They have not shown leadership whatsoever. I am yet to see the president of South Sudan on a national TV addressing these natural disasters.

Bany Kiir Mayardit, this is the time that the president should stand with his people, this is the time that you should show leadership to your people, this is the time that you should tell the nation that you are feeling their pain.

It is very unfortunate that the only thing you seem to care about is power rather than your role as the president. You have been busy lately appointing and dismissing government officials.

The only time you are seen on a national TV is to either appoint or dismiss somebody through your infamous decrees. Is that all you care about Mr. President?

Mr. President, the recent incidents in Twic East County-Jonglei State have just given me enough reasons to give you a vote of no confidence.

You have again shown no leadership. Innocent civilians, devastated by flood were attacked by rebels fighting the state. Over 70 people died, about 24 children abducted, over 140 houses burned, and several other people injured but the president has not release even a single statement about the incident.

That’s how insensitive our president is. He seemed not to understand his job description. He does not understand that he is the top representative of the people and his words matter a lot.

It is very unfortunate that the president can’t condemn such a heartless killing of innocent people. I am gutted, annoyed, angry and embarrassed by the level of ignorance of our president.

While all these things were happening in Jonglei State, the president and his government were busy preparing for the arrival of president Bashir.

Isn’t this the time to focus on internal issues that are threatening national security rather than receiving a foreign president? Why wasn’t it possible to delay Bashir’s visit and pay attention to the victims of rebel attack in Jonglei State?

While the UN, USA and other countries were condemning this massacre, the president completely ignored it and he even failed to mention it during their joint press conference with Bashir.

Instead he had this to say; “Bashir is here with a wide heart. He is a brother who cares for victims affected by flood in South Sudan.”

Seriously Mr. President! How do you feel when leaders of other nations condemned massacre of innocent civilians in a country that you lead and you cannot condemn or think about it?

What does that say about you as a person and as a president?

Mr. Bashir must be a happy man at the moment. He has outwitted, outmanoeuvred, bullied and defeated Kiir diplomatically on Abyiei issue.

He made it clear that he wasn’t happy with hardliners in South Sudan government. President Kiir responded in kind and appointed a cabinet that was widely celebrated in Khartoum.

President Bashir called the people of South Sudan insects/cockroaches and today he enjoys maximum respect from South Sudan.

When he visits, the capital-Juba is locked down, businesses and other important institutions are locked down, school children urged to line up the road to cheer Bashir.

Yes, I understand that South Sudan like any other country should provide maximum security to any visiting foreign presidents. But that does not mean locking down the whole town.

President Kiir visited Khartoum recently but was it locked down for his arrival? Did Bashir order school children to line up along the roads to receive him?

Mr. President you are the face of this nation and you should represent us with dignity and self-importance not with subordination/inferior status.

With this kind of leadership, I don’t know whether the people of South Sudan will employ you again as their president come 2015. This mediocrity and indecisiveness is too much to bear.

By John Nhomachot
Can be reached @