2 arrested and VP Wani Igga among the list of the money laundering suspects within the presidency

JUBA – (Vaious sources) Chief Administrator in the office of the President of the Republic and an executive Chief Executive serving the president were arrested this week in a major money laundering track down that has damaged the reputation of the president in his fight to curb down corruption in his administration.

Chief Administrative officers Mr Mayen Wol and Mr Yel Luol were suspected of pocketing more than $30 million dollars in money allocated to the services of the presidency over 2 years period.

The two men were believed to have wired 25 million dollars to 5 different bank accounts in Kenya from January 2014 and May 2015. The men were arrested and pending investigation charges that could serve them many years in prison.

VP Igga allegedly implicated in the theft.

According to investigation documents provided to the Upper Nile Times, Vice President Wani Igga is among the people the department of anti-corruption is trying to investigate. the report detailed that Igga allegedly had a thorough knowledge of a $15 million dollars money wiring scheme within the presidency and authorised in signature to allow the money be deposited to one of the 5 banking accounts in Kenya.

The report said that Igga allegedly signed on behalf of Kiir late last year while the president was away from the country to pave way for money remittance to the foreign bank account.

Also under investigation are Ministers Dr Martin Elia Lomoro, Minister Awan Guol Riak and Aide de Camp of Kiir General Akok Noon.

Office of President Kiir Mayardit. June 25, 2015. The Chief Administrator Mr. Mayen Wol and the Chief Executive of Kiir’s office Mr. Yel Luol have been suspended and being investigated for corruption charges.

It is also rumored that Mr. Mayen Wol is arrested. Also vice President James Wani Igga, Minister Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro, Minister Awan Guol Riak and Aide de Camp of Kiir General Akok Noon are implicated. SSN.


  1. alex says:

    Big lairs. have you taken control of the oilfields in palatok? If you did not then the above story is the same lair as you did lied last time that you have taken control of the oil fields in malakal. You only decieve people with small heads. You have no option now. 12 top commanders from the rebels are now enjoying their life in Juba while you are still beating around the bushes lairing. Come come brother than to waste your precious time writing usless stories. Hope is dashing away soon you will be irrelevant and will be forced to beg Omer Bashir in Khartoum. He will turn all of you to be a moslems.

  2. Liyee says:

    If this story proves to be correct, then I can belief that the govt has a rotten leadership

    • alex says:


      This fools though that because of the suffering of the people, if they create a lair then those who do not have independent thinking will just run and join them without finding the truth. If you lost in the front line you can resort to durty ways of getting support. This is the purpose of creating all these lairs. The rebels are sufering from lack of man power and they need recruits and by spreading lairs and roumor they want to decive people so that they can say their goverment is bad.

  3. Neighbors reported seeing heavy deployments of the army around Juba last 48 hours but didn’t expect this and were shocked and dismayed with the amount of destruction caused by the army in the Capital Juba.

  4. Easy Money says:

    Money-laundering, is not a new vocabulary in south Sudan. For the last 10 years we have seen how the national wealth has been stolen to foreign countries by the elected government officials. If it is a lie to some of you, then you have benefited from the looting. Go to hell Mr. Alex.

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