14SEPT2013 001


  1. Albinodit says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, here we go!

  2. lilikojo says:

    this sequence will not work any longer.


  3. kikisik says:

    What is next for the people of South Sudan if there is no election?

  4. Manon JOkaleu says:

    This cartoon presented a real picture of the future of South Sudan. Just wait, time will prove, election of 2015 becomes a yesterday’s dream.

  5. Wiyual Mading says:

    Can we pray for God to do the right for our nation?

  6. John Maker says:

    One day one time God will blessed South Sudan and save it out from all crisis if we keep praying to God
    Nothing is difficult when we put God first followed by other things.

  7. Dau Mawut says:

    God please come down to south Sudan
    and speak to your people

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