11 Death Sentences passed by Kiir’s Kangaroo Wau Court: Press Release

Press Release: Western Bahr el Ghazel Community in Diaspora

For Immediate Release, JUN/17/2013, SSN;

We the people of Western Bahr Ghazal State want to tell the world today that as Mr. Paulino Wanawila, South Sudan’s Deputy Minister of Justice desperately attempts to present South Sudan as the beacon of freedom, justice, human rights, and equality as he formally submits South Sudan’s application to join the United Nations Human Rights Council headquartered in Switzerland, President Salva Kirr Mayardit and his Dinka leadership along with Governor Rizik Zakaria of Western Bahr Ghazal State, are presiding over massive human rights violations in which the people of Western Bahr Ghazal are being systematically massacred, arrested, tortured, imprisoned and driven from Wau and Western Bahr Ghazal State.

As we speak, Governor Rizik and his kangaroo court and judges in Wau, South Sudan have sentenced to death the following eleven people:
1- Mariano Fostino Jore,
2- John Angelo Dimo,
3- Arkangelo Musa Ujang,
4- Erneo Lino Julu,
5- Sebit Marko Martin,
6- Lino Paul Utu,
7- Nicola Pasquale Paulino,
8- Agustino Dominic Ugbede (Ukede),
9- Arkangelo Mangu Ukun,
10- Daniel Paulino Ugali, and
11- Joseph Jokondo Ugele.

Governor Rizik and his cronies have also sentenced Chief Martin Tiyai Vito Farajala of Farajala Village to ten years in prison and Justin Karlo Moi to five years in reformatory prison. This is in addition to Anthony Sogone and many others who are still in jail.

We want to point to the world that the alleged murders for which Governor Rizik and his cronies have sentenced to death the eleven people mentioned above, were actually committed by Dinka themselves in their intra-tribal wars in Tonj and Chuwabet in Warrap and Lakes States, respectively, and their bodies tied up, placed in sacks and dumped by the SPLA in Farajala Village in order to incriminate and frame not just the people now being sentenced to death, but entire Balanda people as being against Dinka.

The Dinka who work in Balanda’s farms in Farajala have themselves said that if the Balanda were to retaliate for the massacres of their brothers and sisters in Wau on December 8 and December 9th 2012, they as the Dinka working in Farajala would have been the first to be killed.

No such killings of Dinka ever took place in Farajala Village. Their statement contradicted the lies President Kirr, Minister of Information Barnaba Marial, and Governor Rizik have been propagating in a relentless media attack that twenty six Dinkas were killed in Farajala. They are yet to produce bodies of the twenty six Dinkas supposedly killed in Farajala.

We, the Western Bahr el ghazel community in diaspora, want to point out to the world once again that there are two systems of Justice in the Republic of South Sudan: One for the Dinka and the other for the rest of us in South Sudan who are not Dinka.

The following few cases serve to illustrate what we mean:

(1) The Dinka officers who shot and killed six unarmed civilian population who were blocking roads to Bussere and Bagari on December 8, 2012 in Wau are yet to be arrested or prosecuted;

(2)the Dinka officers and SPLA soldiers who shot and killed eleven and wounded thirty six unarmed civilian protestors in Wau on December 9, 2012 are yet to be arrested and prosecuted;

(3) the Dinka civilians President Kirr, Governor Rizik Zakaria, Governor Paul Malong Anei of Northern Bahr Ghazal State, Governor Nyandeng of Warrap State, and former Lakes States Governor Chol Tong Mayay brought to Wau on buses from Aweil, Gogirial, Warrap, Tonj, and Rumbek and who on December 18 and 19th, 2012, went on a murderous rampage attacking the people of Wau (Balanda, Ndogo, Golo, Sere, Bongo, Yulu, Bai, Banda, etc), burning three people to death in their homes, spearing one person to death, burning over two hundred houses, and displacing and forcing over four thousand people to seek refuge in the United Nations Mission Compound in Wau are yet to be arrested or prosecuted;

(4) in 2010 Governor Rizik and the Dinka SPLA officers arrested Faud Sawa in Wau, South Sudan. They tortured and eventually shot him to death and then burned his body and buried him in unmarked grave along the road to Aweil in Northern Bahr Ghazal State. Governor Rizik and the Dinka SPLA officers who committed this egregious crime are yet to be arrested or prosecuted;

(5) the Dinka officers and SPLA soldiers who murdered eleven Bari men, women, and children over the issue of land in Juba over a year ago are yet to be arrested or prosecuted;

(6) the Dinka officers and the SPLA soldiers who murdered their supposed Kakwa mother and father-in-laws along with their eleven family members in Yei in 2010 are yet to be arrested or prosecuted;

(7) the Dinka officers and SPLA soldiers who murdered in brought daylight three senior Equatorian police officers in Yambio in 2007 are yet to be arrested or prosecuted;

(8) the Dinka officers and SPLA soldiers who murdered journalist Isaiah Abraham (himself a Dinka from Bor) in his house in December 2012 are yet to be arrested or prosecuted; and finally

(9)Salva Matok, the Deputy Minister of Interior in whose house a young Nuer boy was slaughtered to death like a sheep in a bath tub earlier this year is himself yet to be arrested or prosecuted.

In every single incident listed above, none of the Dinka perpetrators of these crimes have been arrested or prosecuted. They are all walking free among us. In South Sudan, the laws and justice is what President Kirr and the Dinka leadership says they are.

We know for instance that Governor Rizik hosted a lavish state dinner for the judges who sentenced the eleven people to death last week. The question is: Are the judges who sentenced the eleven people to death impartial?

Another case of human rights violation in Dinka-dominated South Sudan involves Tarticio Ucin, the head of the “Arrows Boys”, and his deputy. The “Arrows Boys” is a local community group formed to fight Joseph Kony and the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) presence in Western Equatoria State in order to keep civilians protected from LRA attacks.

They were allegedly arrested and put in undisclosed jail in Juba three weeks ago by President Kirr and SPLA Dinka officers for refusing orders to go into Central African Republic to attack the new Government of Central Africa Republic.

Among the eighty nine “Arrow Boys” who went along with President Kirr and SPLA’s provocation against the new Government of Central Africa Republic and attacked position of the Central Africa Republic Army in Obo, Central Africa Republic three weeks ago, five of them were shot dead and thirty seven others captured and arrested. The rest scattered and the whereabouts of the thirty seven “Arrows Boys” arrested is still unknown. They are believed to be held by the Ugandan Government, which itself presents an interesting question of sovereignty and geopolitics.

Finally, we want to point out to the world that the Dinka and the SPLA are not only the source of destabilization and lawlessness in South Sudan, they are also a source of destabilization and lawlessness in neighboring countries as evidenced by the attack on Central Africa Republic in Obo.

Moreover, Tarticio Ucin and his deputy, Anthony Sogone, Chief Martin Tiyai Vito Farajala, Justin Karlo Moi, and the eleven young men from Farajala Village who Governor Rizik and President Kirr and their cronies judges have sentenced to death for a murder crime they did not commit, are all innocent.

We call upon our brothers and sisters across South Sudan and the world to stand with the people of Western Bahr Ghazal and work to set every single person President Kirr and Governor Rizik have falsely arrested, jailed, tortured, and sentenced to death free.

Thank you very much for your support on this matter of life and death for the people of Western Bahr Ghazal State, South Sudan.

Vakindi Unvu
The Western Bahr Ghazal Community in Diaspora
June 16, 2013


  1. aj says:

    what you guys waiting for? Take your chance and rescue your brothers from these idiotic SPLM representative. The government is not entirely fair since its belong to one j…. tribe.

  2. Joseph says:

    Vakindi, the recent Greater Bahar Ghazal conference agreed to vote for Kiir in the next elections yet the Balanda community of WBGS knows what the Dinka in general are doing to non dinkas. Kindly stand with the other tribes come 2015. Their majority is nothing to all the other tribes in South Sudan. Balanda Oyee, Shulluk Oyee, Nuer Oyee, Equatoria Oyee, Murule, Anyuak, jey etc Oyee. Let us disgrace this useless tribe called dk.

    • Nibs says:

      No tribe called equatoria in south sudan! You rather said didinka.

    • Malou says:

      Joseph, you’re calling Dinka tribe disgraceful and useless; would it be okay as well to call your own tribe a disgrace and useless? Aren’t we supposed to look for ways to live and coexist peacefully as South Sudanese? Or do you think your way is the best way for all of us to go? The majority is actually something; that’s why you’re highly frustrated the way you did! What you’re preaching will not suit you well, trust me!

    • Dominic Agok says:

      Hi Joseph,
      Western Gahr el Ghazal did not even participate in that conference only the Governor and his followers attended. We are being coerced into this so called region Greator Bahr el Ghazal when we know we only have ten states in South Sudan.

    • Deng says:

      Useless tribe? I don’t think there is a useless tribe in South Sudan or anywhere, even the tribe where these convicted eleven people come from should not be useless simply because of the bad 11 individuals. I like reading articles and comments here but with such minds producing such writing, I am opting to cease.

    • Majongdit says:

      You will only be left with pain in your heart when your wish… remember I didn’t say ‘if’ but ‘when’ because that project is destined to fail. If wishes were horses beggars would ride; nevertheless, wishes remain wishes! Such comments like yours tempt us to talk on equal measure but I hold my tongue because we also realize you are doing good to us by insulting a tribe.
      We unite as a tribe when you abuse us indiscriminately. It was Jalaba who discriminated us seriously saying, ‘nik fertit u aktul dinka’.
      We Dinka have a heart for the whole nation and all people. The Nuer and the Dinka have one lineage, the mundukuri and now the other tribes try to pit them against one another. If the Nuer accept again to be pitted against the Dinka, then we absolutely deny them when Pres Kiir retires and resort to supporting Cde Wani Igga of the Bari tribe if you want us to talk that tribal language.

      • dear: Majongdit:

        You really deserve a word of thanks for this great article. Keep it up!

        • King II says:

          south sudan is doen’t belong to one tribe, it’s belonging to all tribes. we must understand the main causes of Wau violence that took place last year, but it was a clear massacre of innocent civilians. I do believe that Wau violence was investigated by few individuals who are trying to hold on to their powers. I don’t believe that violence is the solution to the problem, dialogue is the most powerful weapon to settle differences among communities rather than violence without coexisting causes.

    • Dau-network says:

      Brother, laws don’t jump on you unless you against law. Death penalty is existing in USA now and rest of countries, if your case is beyond a life imprisonment and capital punishment, you have to be executed. Life sentence is really costly, in USA one prison per annual does cost 90,000 USD while in Australia costs 110, 000 USD yearly thorough feedings, guarding and their treatments.
      Second to that, arrogant people need a force mechanisms like death sentence to discipline them. Don’t go against any whole tribe you will not win at all, just go after individual wrongdoer.

  3. Dear Vakidi Unvu:

    I read your letter very well and I understood what you have said.But the eleven-men who have received a death sentence of murder of capital punishment by judges. they may have been responsible for the criminal murder of the victims. The law does not touch people who do not do any problem at all. The law touches those who make a crime on things in life on people.

    Do not take those eleven people in judgement as a Dinka issue. That is a government issue. There is no law in the country to be exceptional for Dinka people only, the law is for all people including Dinka.

    I need the government not be lenient on criminals those who stealing cattle murdering humans for no good cause! at all!
    Let them go with people whom they have murdered!

    For you, Vakindi Unvu, be informed that government does not sentence people to death when they protesting on the government for their grievances.

    • Dominic Agok says:

      Dear Chief Abiko Akuranyang,
      I agree with you that those who committed a crime must pay for it, however, there has to be evidence that they committed the crime. If you say that the law is for all people including the Dinkas, then where are the Dinka soldiers who shot dead 8 protesters?

    • Dear Chief Abiko Akuranyang:

      Thank you so kindly for the comment. you are indeed the only South Sudanese who judges or comments fairly on the issues affecting our Society or Country on this SSN Forum. You always condemn Dinkas when you think they are wrong and defend the Dinkas when you think they are wrongly accused. To me, this is absolutely fairness and Justice served for all, Isn’t it? Please continue to teach those lunatics and loathsome people on how to be fair and to respect the rights and dignity of others. They should know that what goes around must comes around.

      It is very unfortunate that Some of my South Sudanese Brothers/Sisters think that Dinkas are not human beings and that they should not be treated with fairness, respect and dignity. Those of Vakidi Unvu and his likes think that killing Dinkas is simple and forgiving just like killing a Rabbit,Pig or Frog in their Backyards. The 11 members of Fertit tribes who are recently sentenced to death, are the ones who murdered the 26 unarmed Dinka civilians in cold blood in Bagari/Parajalah(Fertit area) in December, 2012. They mercilessly rounded up those 26 innocent Dinka Civilians in their Backyards and slaughtered them just like chickens or pigs and thought they would get away with their murder because they are just Dinkas and inhuman.

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for the Dinkas to say enough is enough and that the killing of their innocent citizens should not be tolerated anymore. Those cowardly and senseless killing must be put to an end now and forever. We, the tribes and Citizens of South Sudan should live in peace, harmony and tranquility. We should always regard each others as brothers and sisters rather than seeing ourselves as bitter enemies. We should bear in mind that every corner or area in South Sudan belongs to all of us and that each and every one of us is free to choose and live wherever they want in South Sudan without fear of rejections, discriminations and killings. We should all recall what the wisman, Mahatam Ghandi of India said to his people during their struggle for freedom. He told his people that An Eye for An Eye would make the entire world blind. The correct interpretation of this wise saying is that if we don’t forgive one another, we will all finish each other in revenge killings. Is this what we want to do in South Sudan Or not? You must make your own choice and be ready and willing to bear its’ consequences.

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      Dear Vakidi Unvu.
      You brought this grievance issue to the forum and its so sensitive and complicated issue in the Legal point of view.
      some questions need to be ask .
      the principle of natural justice regarding the fair trials and impartiality of judge who presided over this trial. some time the Judge pronouncing the sentence may find it difficult to follow single guideline legal criterion in imposing a sentence the gravity of similar crimes may be treated by different Judges.
      as the charges brought before court including offence against public tranquillity and offence against the state as they are alleged that national flag was burned by the protesters plus others charges .
      But the question is .
      1-Does the prosecutor have enough evidence to weigh the judgement
      2-Does our Judicial system stand as independent organ from executive as Mr Vakidi Unvu’s grievance claims, pointing a figure to Governor Rizik Zakaria and his principal.

      We also need to know when the peaceful protest turned into be violence which amounted to the loss of life.
      did the supreme court of South Sudan take any action as it’s the guardian of fundamental rights and can act as custodian to the constitution because the function of law is justice, stability and peaceful change. if such violence found was caused by Rizik he should be removed by the constitutional order.
      Second point is the capital punishment or death sentence .this sentence is awarded to those criminals in the following cases .
      1-Offenders who’re found guilty of conspiracy involving treason or as abatement of a mutiny.
      3-Dacoity with murder
      4-Perjury resulting in the conviction death of person.
      5-Attempted murder by life convict.
      Now the question we can ask did these people act under these offences .

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Chief Abiko,

      What you are saying about the law punishing only those who have done wrongs is only correct in a democratic nation. In a lawless nation of RSS, the opposite is true. Those eleven are probably being sentenced to death for no good cause but only for some politician who may have personal issue with them.

      Do not be fooled. At this stage of your life, you should be able to know exactly what is taking place behind the scene. Corrupted governments, mostly in African countries punish for no good reason but out of whim.

  4. Aj:

    They have already taken their chances and actions against the so called idiots. Now it is the idiots’ turn to either forgive them or punish them severely. Please stop instigating war between Jieng and Fertit in Wau and plan for your own safe exit from your own backyard. Those SPLA/M idiots are everywhere and are carefully watching and monitoring your every move and they will catch up with you one day at the Konyonyo Market or where ever you may be on this planet earth. Mouse, keep dancing around on the SSN while the cats are watching you and planning their next move on you.

    • aj says:

      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
      Poor you man for digging your head under the sand. You can say what you want as if you gonna scare a hell out of me but that really made me more stronger than ever. The notion that Diankas are majority and they are now bribing the few to survive will end in pitiful manner. I am former SPLM/A and if I have to spit what I learned while in the jungle will contradict today SPLM/A action. Please go ahead and tell your idiot that I will be in Juba University main gate on Saturday at 12.30 PM and I will be standing tall wearing green shirt with blue trouser and red high heel shoes. I got black grey hair and my teeth are well visible even if I close my mouth, a half my canine teeth still visible.

      Garang, I am telling you that, I am not instigating violence since your uncles and yourself had already been doing that to most and now you are trying to play a devil’s advocate, but sorry man, you enjoy today and tomorrow you will face hell. You Dinkas will never earn any good at all and you just do not see it coming but no worries, enjoy yourself for as long as your eye still moving. I Aj will stand tall against devils like you.


      • Aj:

        Why do you disguise your name on SSN if you are not afraid of the idiots, SPLA? Coward, I have just learned from the credible sources that you are living in exile. How would you be waiting at the University of Juba while you are in exile? Please go ahead and stand tall with your Red high heel shoes for your White men customers in the exile.

        Liar, any South Sudanese patriot who fought alongside Dinkas in the SPLA liberation movement would not have that much hatred against Jieng unless you are a Nyagat or a personal Bodyguard of Riek Machar. How much longer will you continue to stand tall with your Red high heel shoes for your White men customers in exile? Please come home and invest your money before the wrinkles appear on your face. I ,Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, will not bow down or have sympathy for those who sell their precious bodies for the White people in Exile.

  5. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for the newly born Republic of South SUDAN!

  6. Raan Naath says:

    Very unfortunate indeed.

  7. Choromke Jas says:

    The ICC Kiir petition drafters please note this evidence, that reported by MSF in Murle (120,000 people displaced, hospitals destroyed, Sudan Tribune, 17 June 2013) and comments such as those of lukudu gathkuoth GARANG above who boasts of such killings.
    I think the evidence is mounting and I hope Hilde Johnson of UNMISS is reading.

    • Choromke Jas:

      The ICC had already seen the videos of the MASSACRE OF Dinkas in Juba by Equatorians during the Kokora insanity in 1980’s, the ICC had already seen the MASSACRE OF Dinkas in Wau by Fertit in 1987 and 2012, the ICC had also seen the reports and evidence of the 26 unarmed Dinkas murdered in cold blood in Bagari/Parajalah by Fertit in December, 2012 and of Course, the ICC and particularly Ms. Hilda Johnson of UNMISS might have seen the evidence and videos of the MASSACRE OF Dinkas in Bor in 1991 by Dr.Riek Machar and Nuer.

      All of those Events of the MASSACRES of Dinkas are reported, documented,videotaped and put on You tube for your own personal entertainments and also for the world to see as an evidence of the suffering of Dinkas in your hands. I’m sure that Ms.Hild Johnson has either watched those videos on You Tube or on TV in the Office of Mr. Vice President Riek Machar T.Dhur-Jang.

      Undoubtedly, Ms. Hilde Johnson might have blamed Dinkas and particularly President Kiir Mayardit for pardoning and appointing the lunatic and serial Killer Riek Machar T.Dhur-Jang as Vice President of South Sudan. Certainly, she is thinking in the back of her mind that Dr.Riek Machar, Fertit and Kokora warlords should have been sent to the Hague in order to be tried for the MASSACRE OF Dinkas. I personally warn those who are writing and signing that stupid petition online against Kiir and Dinka tribe that you are putting your own lives at risk by Massacring Dinkas and turning around to write a petition accusing the orphans of the Victims of your stupid MASSACRE. Whoever is going to write or sign his/her name on that stupid petition against Dinka would be highly regarded as anti Dinka and might have been engaged in the MASSACRE OF Dinkas in 1980’s. 1987,1991 and 2012.

      • aj says:

        This Garang has some serious mental illness. Anyone close to him, please send him to see psychiatry sooner. What video of kokora massacre is he talking about and where is it?
        Stop your outrageous utterance.


  8. Majongdit says:

    Vakindi Unvi,
    There is no authenticity to all instances you listed. This is all a matter of propaganda by the group of the former commissioner of Wau. the Dinka people lost their lives innocently in Wau; yet the decision to move the headquarters of Wau out of the city wasn’t made by the Dinka. But the Dinka people were targeted in a very organized crime. I want you to be mindful of the fact that the number of Dinka people in Wau is so big to wage any fight with anyone in Wau. I was in Rumbek when the incident happened and I can assure you that no single Dinka was transported by anyone to go fight in Wau. No Dinka was transported for any purpose from Aweil, Warrap or any other place. What you have said is a mere lie. It is a pity that you are writing from abroad. You don’t know anything about our communities here in Bahr el ghazal. You have written this piece based on a phone and internet conversation.

    In actual fact, we people of Bahr el Ghazal have placed the balanda people and others in Bahr el Ghazal in the center of our hearts. All our people know that we are one people. We have never turned our backs against the Fertit, balanda etc even during the days of war. Greater Bahr el Ghazal Conference was convened in Wau and was hosted by the same community to show the unity of Bahr el Ghzal.

    The eleven people that the court has handed death sentences have the right to appeal. The court in Wau handed a cousin of mine death sentence and last year he was hanged and his body transported back for burial. The judge who handed him the death sentence was a Dinka. The number of Dinka that have been handed death sentence in Wau is much more than of any other tribe. If you doubt please go check the records. We can’t say a kangaroo non-Dinka courts did that because those people convicted had committed crimes of murder, the same crimes exactly committed by the 11 that you want to defend because they are your tribe.

    Please remove your tribal hat and have a look at the issues from a national point of view. If you hate Gov. Rizik Zakaria then wait till 2015 and vote him out. Don’t try to pit people against one another and plant hatred among people to divide them so as to reap political gains for your political party, your political friends, your political self… etc. Good luck, Vakindi!

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      You snake, Majongdit! Dinkas are the worst tribalists. Look at the Dinka-led government in South Sudan and see how Dinkas have ruined the country. The economy is stinking because of a tribal drunkard in power while his henchmen loot the state coffers. At this rate, Dinkas are going to turn South Sudan into Somalia.

      • Majongdit says:

        Dinkas have saved the country from being worse than Somalia. Yeah, Dinka can be like one type of snake called ‘Anyaak’ in Dinka language. The Dinka are slow to respond to any provocation but when they do then you regret. The snake called ‘anyaak’ is big. We The Dinka are also big hearted people who don’t attend to tribal groupings rather they look at things at distance and make sure they bail out everyone safely from any national danger. I swear the Dinka and South Sudan Country are intertwined just like Siamese twins…you want me to spill fire, there you got it and please expect more you want such a useless talk.

  9. Tyson says:

    This is ridioculous and very unfortunate!!!
    It is time that the whole of South Sudan understand where the SPLM government is heading. Without due process of the law in a fair and transparent court, how do you handover death penalty? Our country has already lost a lot of blood.
    If taking towns to the villages has become a trap for killing innocent people, why respect this government?
    South Sudan constitution under SPLM bigotry protects the looters, bandits, killers, land grabbers, war mongers, etc.
    I suggest that the petition to the ICC should be expedited. I ask you in diapora to support the call for ICC to investigate these acts of the SPLM warlords.
    We pray for divine help from God.

  10. Kon kel says:

    This is unfortunate, the death sentence should have been started with that man who killed the engineer, John Luis. Secondly, it can go to that thug who murdered a little Nuer boy in his house if the legal system was to be fair and just, but Governor Rizik might have been drugged and fooled by Kirr and his companions to sentence his own people.

  11. Peter says:

    You better see the Doctor because what you have mentioned or said is creating problems between people of one State and we are not in need of things like this. please if you are in diaspora as you said so don’t intervene on what you don’t know because we are now in Wau living together as brothers and sisters.

  12. Leader says:

    Please note that calling for uprising against one tribe will not help. This tactic was used by some people during the war including your Fertit tribes but wouldn’t change the situation. What is good to do is to call on all South Sudanese to work hard to change this rotten system in Juba so that we have system which is able to listen to its people and address the issues amicably.

  13. Deng says:

    It seems the death penalty is an issue here for this writer who is not even putting forward the alternative punishment these individuals should receieve for crimes they have committed which the author doesn’t even care to mention. We must remember the days of treason are over and who ever was a traitor during the war need not to be contemplating committing such crimes and expect impunity. The mediocre and/or wishful thinking that a particular tribe will take on to the government be it Dinka or Nuer which both claim supremacy will not prevail. The convicted criminals deserve more than death sentence if there could be any penalty exceeding death.

  14. Issack Deng says:

    I personally see the death sentences as politically motivated, and if justice is to be fair regardless, the families of those killed in broad daylight during Wau demonstration at the hands of SPLA soldiers or security must also receive the same Justice. I don’t give a damn whether they are SPLA soliders or Governor’s order. Vikidi has a valid point but got it wrong when he blamed this unfortunate decision on the Dinka tribe rather than Kiir’s dysfunctional government.

    Many innocent civilians are being tutored and killed every day by the same security forces or angry soldiers in Lakes state and Jonglei and we have not seen a single man arraigned in court or receiving death sentence. Those militias commanders who continue killing unarmed civilian have been receiving presidential amnesty and promotion every year.

    The harassment and beating of journalists in Juba are known to all, yet no single person has been cross-examined by the law enforcement agencies or the failed justice system in South Sudan.

    The killers of Isaiah Abraham are known to this government but the culprits never been apprehended to serve justice.
    Murle continue to abduct our children and kill their mothers and this same government never arrested a single criminal or prosecuted them in a court of law.

    Yes I don’t agree with Vikidi’s generalization but he has every right to cry for fair justice on behalf of his people because this is the first time in the Republic of South Sudan that a large member of suspects from the same tribe has been sentence to death because of ethnic clashes, yet it’s happening all over the country and there is no single day that passes by without hearing cattle wrestlers from such a clan raided and killed many in South Sudan.

  15. James SSNTL says:

    I wonder why South Sudan failed to win the war on Northern immigrants in which they now claim almost 68% of our Nation. There is no rule of law in South Sudan. Government is so weak to tackle these crimes.

    Instead of improving it, we kill ourselves. Instead of defending our nation, we turn against our brothers. Instead of having Soldiers intercede, they end up killing unarmed civilians, and when police try to get into it, they get killed by Soldiers who are supposed to join forces with police to fight crime.

    What a mess!

    Are we animals? Even monkeys co-operate.

    Our leaders sniffing into any wealth that is suppose to build a nation and create some concrete security system through development of Federal Government system with a discipline police and military.

    Can we all come together and fight tribalism. There is no one else to look after us as a nation but us Citizens. Wait for the National Army? They are none existence in South Sudan. All those millions in SPLA are full ignorance and I pray to God if our Military leaders can at least offer some rules please. They act in a totalitarian manner where killing civilians is everyday normal way of life. There are no military laws/courts in place. The Commander in Chief must sit in his office must open his eyes before these abuses of human rights goes to the next level.

    Brutality, killing of civilians by police, military, and tribal thugs should not be tolerated by all means. Soldiers can never shoot to kill their own citizens unless they are shot at. They should not shoot to kill protesters but detain and release to clear government facilities or public places and markets for getting damage.

    Soldiers are to protect Civilians than acting like animals. I urge my President Kirr to open his eyes and bring peace to all tribes of South Sudan than putting more pressure on some than the rest. Those few rotten eggs in each tribe must be isolated and punished equally in a court of law with valid evidence than murdering them cold blooded without jury or defense lawyers. There are no law firms set up in South Sudan who can defend plaintiffs in case of any law breaking. No jury or confession of culprits. Death sentence should and must not be imposed until judicial system is fully set to meet the international guidelines except for those seen doing it in public like what SPL/A soldiers are doing.

    God safe the land of SUD and May God bless and safe its people.

    Lord have Mercy and may those who their precious lives are taken out daily without reason rest in Eternal peace no matter which tribe they are from.


  16. What diminutive minds from the Lawyers to unlawfully sentence death penalty to 11 innocent people of Fertit? S.Sudanese need to take serious action against SPLM to stop that rampant killing and other atrocities committed by incompetent Kiir Gogrial Mafias.
    This terrorist organisation (SPLM) since it was incepted brought ruthless death to South Sudan and things became worse.
    Our country now in fragile situation and the organisation doesn’t represent the right of our Citizens who are dying 24/7/365.

    I cannot condemn the whole Dinka tribe because not all of them are Food Lovers and Power Hungry. There are small sections of Dinka who do the right things and believe in universal human rights as them. Those born fact denials are the worst Dinka. And I urge you to refrain from that embarrassing act.

  17. Wau says:

    How many people were actually murdered in Prajalla area? According to the court documents there were six bodies recovered, four (4) men and two (2) women but the media and the government office are saying there were twenty six(26). Can anyone make this clear? I know both can not be right and both can not be wrong.

  18. Gatkuoth says:

    Dear writer

    We should not always advocate law and justice and when the law and justice is served we retreat from it just because our brothers and sisters should not be subject to the rule of law. What a simple minded is that? Let me tell you, first of all Governor Rizik Zakaria of Western Bahr El Gazal is not dinka and I appreciate his judgement because that is the only way he can restore peace and stop tribalist like you. I am sure most people who think this way don’t contribute positively in their communities, and if I go deeply I will find out that those are government militias who killed innocent civilians during the struggle.

    • Guet A. guet says:

      Mr. Gatkuoth,

      Your comment(s) is absolutely correct to the point … It’s Ironic, all inbreed buffoons from these little tribes can commit murder and blame it on the entire Dinka tribe. The Dinka tribe is not prefect, but they follow the rules/laws and everyone must do likewise, and these little tribes must quit belly aching.

  19. Teargas Gatluak says:

    How about the Dinka of Bor who rounded off and killed unarmed Murle in Bor hospital in December 2008, when will they face the death penalty?

  20. Akich Martin says:

    Dear, all. What we need is unity of non-DINKA, and do not think that this regime will solve your problems even if one of your tribes working this regime s/he will be acting as stooge or spy of Dinka Kingdom against your tribe. so please do not be foolish enough and support this regime and we know this regime is only supporting Dinka tribe. why should we wait to be destroyed by tribalism regime?
    If you do not act now believe me Dinka Government will finish you one be one and some whom survive will be Dinka Slaves. And do not think that there will fair election any more, Dinka regime will use gun points in order to rig the election, just take example of Uganda President and Zimbabwe President (Robert ). Otherwise with no any threat from all of us as majority tribes than Dinka tribe Kiir as Dinka Man or Chief will not step down. And do not wait and watch on what going on in Murle and Shilluk tribes is going to happen in each tribe in south Sudan, please do not wait, you must act now than being cut-up by surprise later.

    • Gatkuoth says:

      Mr. Akich Martin
      You sound like a coward. Why do you call people to act? start it yourself and the people you are calling will follow. Don’t fool others, please.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      I support you, Akich Martin. Elhag Paul warned us about this DINKOCRACY. It’s time non-Dinkas rise up because the Dinka-led government of Salva Kiir has failed to deliver on anything. Dinkas are just fond of food but don’t know how to grow or cultivate it.

  21. Akich Martin says:

    Mr Gatkuoth, i am not a coward, maybe you are but it is reality in the ground there and i am sure you are not a Nuer man, but you are using a Nuer Name, shame on you who are still supporting this evil regime, which has murdered many people in our all Ten States, particularly in Murle and Shilluk lands and other minority tribes. i am not against Dinka as people i am certain that there are some good DINKA, but they are keeping silent because Dinka Man is a head of the Government, it is disgrace on them they should speak out like other people, maybe some of them are happier because this regime is supporting them in occupying, stealing and killing owners of lands in the Great Equatoria regions and Murle, Shilluk and Western Bahr Gazal.

    Our border is clear and there is a map as evident since 1956, now we do have any war in south Sudan, however any one should go back to where s/he was before 1983 applying with the border map 1956. And please do not mislead yourself thinking that you are safe there because regime is supporting you. It is a matter of time if you think you that you can use government as tool to destroy others and murder people, you time will come sooner rather than later and will be a painful one.

    This message goes to brothers and Sisters Dinka and others tribes whom are still supporting this government. As long as Mr Murder Salva Kiir, still ruling and not stepping down for his own and family legacy as first President of South Sudan, believe me he will learn a lesson and die with no one will remember him. I am a young man, I want him to stop people whom are misleading him now whether from his tribe or other tribes if he wants a legacy to be remembered in the south Sudan history. We have more than 50 years we were fighting with Jallaba Sudan, we do not give up. Now we do not want or need any so called second Jallaba in south Sudan. long live south Sudan without Mr Murder Kiir and associates.

  22. SPLM Rotten Head to Tail! says:

    The current government is a Dinka government. It promotes the interest and welfare of the Dinkas only. If something is good for dinka, then it is also good for for the entire South Sudanese, and vice-verse!
    In other words, South Sudanese National interest is measured by reference to dinka’s well being (interests).
    The slogan of unity is sung in Equatoria to soften the hearts and mind of Equatorians for easy and soft resettlement.
    Without Equatoria, there is no South sudan. Alternatively, if Equatoria rebelled now, South Sudan would be considered as a failed State and its people would be considered as Stateless.

    The dinka and nuer are sheltering in Equatoria just because they could not live to anything that resembles a civilised life. They cannot emulate the civilized way of life in Equatoria and elsewhere because of their dependence on revenge.
    We are looking for a time when Equatoria will raise again as it did in 1980’s and tell these tribes called dinka and nuer to behave like humans. Equatorians must get rid of themselves from these Dummies.

    Balanda and non dinka tribes in Bahr el gazel are truely Equatorians and must be annexed to western Equatoria to liberate them. You cannot mixed the Balanda with dinka in order for you (dinka) to claim some kind of civilisation!! That will never work, has never worked before and will never.

  23. SPLM Rotten Head to Tail! says:

    For those in the Splm, don’t think that there is hope for reforming this deformed party. Bringing the dinka butcher, Riak Machar to power on SPLM ticket is worst than Salva. Riak is a dictator and a blood thirsty person with a non-genuine smile or face. This time, we must choose a leader not a tribe if we want a true charismatic leader not khartoum dummies like Riak.

  24. SPLM Rotten Head to Tail,

    I hate to say this but I will say it anyway. Whether you believe it or not, without Dinka and Nuer, there would have been no South Sudan independence. Hundreds of thousands of Dinka and Nuer died in Equatoria towns during liberation periods more than Equatorians who die in Equatoria during liberation. Dinka and Nuer liberated their towns but Equatorians would never taken even a single town from Arabs government. Sorry my friend, we liberated equatoria from Arab and we are not going anywhere.

    If you are ready to take up arms against Dinka and Nuer, then do so and you will see the consequences of your actions not from ICC from Dinka and Nuer. Remember, that no equatorian men who died in Bar-el gazal or greater upper Nile regions but hundred of thousands people of great upper Nile and great Bar-el-gazal lost their lives in coward states of greater equatoria.

  25. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear brother Bentiu Ramaran:

    Watch your tongue! Which towns you have liberated in Equatoria during the liberation struggle since 1983?? Again, who have told to you like that there were no people in Equatoria who have died in Bahr El Ghazal and Upper Nile?? There were very many people from Equatoria who have died in those places you have mentioned! I have my brother Tiberio Apari. He was an officer. He was killed in Jikou in Upper Nile, he’s from Otuho tribe in Eastern Equatoria States (EES) in Torit and others as well.Some killed in Southern Kordofan in Nuba Mountains.

    For you, you believe very much that only two tribes Dinka and Nuer, they are the people from other the tribes who brought independence in the South Sudan. Do not mislead young generations to come that Dinka and Nuer are the people who brought independence in the South Sudan! Let us live in peace among ourselves in the motherland in our own places.

  26. Yeah, that a good comment brother Dau, this not a war between Balanda and Dinka, but justice for any criminal.

  27. Choptiel Manyara says:

    It is not healthy to talk about tribe(s), it’s bad of it, one thing we should know as South Sudanese citizens of the soil, we should blame who did wrong by pointing him/her particularly based on individual acts.

  28. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    In response to the Press Release, Western Bahr el Ghazel Community in Diaspora, I would like to tell them that they are fighting the war that they will never win because in any war, a person or group of persons need allies even within the enemies. The Western Bahr el Ghazel Community in Diaspora should know that tribalism is a common enemy to all the people of South Sudan even within the Dinka Community. However, as I put it that even in the enemy you need some people among them. If the Western Bahr Ghazel in Diaspora took all Dinka as enemies to them, then they will never win the war.
    In such a scenario of alleging that the government is violating the rights of the citizens, the people alleging that the government has abused human rights must produce concrete evidence to prove against the government. Listing the name without more is as good as not complaining at all.
    The international community governed by the international law and the international human rights law allows a state to limit the rights of individuals if the individuals are endangering the welfare of the country and her people. Article 4 of the International Covenant on civil and Political rights allows states in time of public emergency which threatens the life of the nation and the existence of which is officially proclaimed to take measures derogating from their obligations under the present Covenant to the extent strictly required by the exigencies of the situation, provided that such measures are not inconsistent with their other obligations under international law and do not involve discrimination solely on the ground of race, colour, sex, language, religion or social origin.

    In addition, Article 6 of the same document protects the inherent right to life, which shall be protected by law and no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life. In countries like South Sudan which have not abolished the death penalty, sentence of death may be imposed only for the most serious crimes in accordance with the law in force at the time of the commission of the crime and not contrary to the provisions of the present Covenant and to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. This penalty can only be carried out pursuant to a final judgement rendered by a competent court.
    Looking at these provisions of law, it is not enough to list the names of people on death-row without more. The international human rights law is not concerned with how many people are sentenced to death except in case of genocide but it is concerned with how the person is handled and reasons for execution. To succeed in such cases it must be proved that the country is practicing genocide or there was no emergency publicly declared by the government.
    What I want to tell every person is that they should do away with Arab mentality of calling people according to tribe. That was a policy intended to solely benefits Arab and destroy Southerners. Many people are not interested in the business of tribes but they remained attached to their tribes because they do not get many associates outside their tribes because most of the people who are still in old Sudan divided and rule policy are less receptive. Let’s change the colonial attitude to build tribe-less society.

    4. Anyone sentenced to death shall have the right to seek pardon or commutation of the sentence. Amnesty, pardon or commutation of the sentence of death may be granted in all cases.

    5. Sentence of death shall not be imposed for crimes committed by persons below eighteen years of age and shall not be carried out on pregnant women.

    6. Nothing in this article shall be invoked to delay or to prevent the abolition of capital punishment by any State Party to the present Covenant.

    2. No derogation from articles 6, 7, 8 (paragraphs I and 2), 11, 15, 16 and 18 may be made under this provision.

    3. Any State Party to the present Covenant availing itself of the right of derogation shall immediately inform the other States Parties to the present Covenant, through the intermediary of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, of the provisions from which it has derogated and of the reasons by which it was actuated. A further communication shall be made, through the same intermediary, on the date on which it terminates such derogation.

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