10September2013 001


  1. Nyiktule says:

    This cartoon is nice!

  2. Dak Marial says:

    He ought to speak for us, a reason he was trusted the presidency……good cartoon.

  3. Kuko says:

    The president has a strong shield more than what you think to be stronger, this shield is the “SPLM” as SPLM is everybody’s boat likewise the president assumes to be everybody voice despite his constitutional mandate and rights.

  4. Lual Kech says:

    South Sudan president Salva Kiir has had been committed to the peace ,but the people who advised him make him loss his visionary to lead the country to peace and co_existence of the hatreds that exist among leaders.They are lost ,shameless,criminal against their owned peoples fo
    rgotten our enemy laughingly at US.

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